Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Boob Greed & Bump Its - full transcript

A woman with four implants in her chest seeks Dr. Dubrow's help to remove them while a transgender patient from Australia wants to add two implants on top of her head to replace her Bump It...

In the last four years,

Ive spent nearly
$200,000 transforming

from a male to a walking,
talking Bratz doll.

I need an implant
in my head, like two boobs.

I often have patients
that want bigger breasts,

but not more of them.

The doctor was like,
"How would you like
a boob job too?"

Two for one!

Gag me with a spoon.

Every portion of her
nose has a complication.

Theres risks
with the surgery,
so Im scared.

I have two sets of breast
implants in my body.

Two implants?


Its forbidden.

Thats a lot
of breast implants.

This is all cadaver skin.


This is super weird!

My names Jolene
and Im from Australia.

In the last four years,
Ive spent nearly $200,000

transforming from a male to a
walking, talking Bratz doll.

Thats cute. Yeah.
That ones actually cute.

To achieve my goal,
I need to have my nose fixed

because my nose is way
too large for my face,

and I just want it
to be as close to

a dolls nose as possible.

Thats cute.

Before I was Jolene,
I was Joseph.

Id always watch Baywatch
with my grandfather,

and identified
with Pamela Anderson

and not so much
David Hasselhoff.

And thats when
I realized that

I was born in the wrong body

and needed to pursue
becoming a woman.

And then I became all of this.

Ooh. That ones good.
Oh, I love that!

That is so cute.
That is everything.

Ever since I started
transitioning, Ive had

hormone replacement therapy,

and Ive had
about 15 surgeries,

six nose jobs, my boobs done
twice, my ears pinned back.

When I was 16 I did forge
my parents signature

so that I could get lip filler,

and my lips did look like
big swollen sausages.

But I was totally
obsessed with them.

I got my first nose job because
I was having sex with a guy

in the back of
his dads Mercedes

in the basement of the Luxor,

and he was wearing
a gold chain,

and it kept hitting
me in the nose.

I found out a week later

that it had entirely
fractured my nose

and my septum, so I had
to have it repaired.

And while they were in there,

I did ask them just to
straighten it up a little bit.

Give me more of, like,
a doll-looking nose.

After I had my first nose job,

my nose was still a little
wider than Id liked.

So in the last five years,

Ive had six nose jobs
in total.

But, Im still not
happy with my nose,

I just feel like my nose
looks like the head of a penis,

and I do still want
another nose job.

Im pretty confident
Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif

will definitely be
able to help me out.

Im a huge fan of Dr. Dubrow.

He is one of my top
celebrity crushes.

If hes available, so am I.

All right, so thats
whats in me right now.

Like this, right here.

My name is Brittany,

and I bring a whole new
meaning to double Ds.

I have two sets of breast
implants in my body.

I have a set here,
and I have a set here.

My breasts look deformed.

They look like saggy breasts
and Im in a lot of pain.

I guess you could
say Im stacked.

When I was eight
or nine years old,

I was super skinny.

As I got a little older,

I had scrawny arms
and no boobs.

I did not like the
way my breasts looked.

It definitely bothered
me emotionally.

My sisters were filling
out really nicely

and they were having

and I thought that,
more curves were better.

Thats just what I
related to beauty.

Do you remember when
that was all I had?

Could you imagine?

Finally I met
my husband Justin.
One day, I was like,

"Ah gosh, I just really
want a boob job."

Justin seemed to be
automatically on board.

It of course made me think
theyre probably really bad.

I immediately started to
look up plastic surgeons.

And I found this one had
great before and after photos.

My first augmentation
I went with the 600 CCs

and everything was wonderful.

About ten months
after my surgery,

I ended up going
back to the gym.

Immediately, I knew
I messed my boobs up

because on the right side,

my breast implant started
poking through my skin.

The surgeon didnt have
a definitive answer,

but he did say that he
wouldnt mess with it,

so I decided I was
going to look elsewhere.

I felt like, if we were
gonna have it done again,

I wanted to go bigger.

I definitely wanted
an hour glass figure.

I do have "boobgret."

Like how did we not know
that was ridiculous?

I wanted to go 1,300 CCs.

Every single doctor told me
that they would not do that

because it would give me
all kinds of complications

and it took me five
or six consults

to finally find the
doctor who gave me these.

The doctor suggested
that we could stack

the silicone implants

and also fix my implant that
was poking through my muscle.

So I went in for surgery
and when I woke up

I had my big boobs
and I was happy.

But I was in a lot of pain.

Pretty quickly I realized
that it didnt go so well.

I noticed a puzzle piece

where the right side of
my cleavage dipped in

and the left side
followed that.

It made me really

I just knew Id made
a horrible decision.

Its been 10 months
since my surgery,

and in more ways than one,

I am still paying the
price for these boobs.

Having these strap
marks from my bra.

I hope Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif can give me

one set of implants.

Because the back pain from
my boobs just kills me.

And I want the opportunity
to redo this mistake.

Here you go, I want my
boob to look like that.
Here, Ill--

Do you want to
compare it to yours,

how yours are double stacked?

Im a little late today

so you know why?
I know.

My daughters school
called and said,

"Theres the underclassmen
award ceremony.

We think you
probably should come."

So, they start, "Okay
next were gonna give the

student of the year awards."

And they start
with the freshmen.

Its funny because Im so
not emotional, you know?

Youre never
emotional, Ive never seen you.

So she goes, "The freshmen
student of the year award

goes to Max Dubrow."

And I go, and I lost it.

And so she goes down
there and gets this award

and took a picture
and I just was floored.


Look at me, Im such a wuss.
Its good.

Its great to see
Terry getting emotional

and not just joking
or ragging on me.

I go up to her and say,
"Im so proud of you.

You work so hard and
youre welcome for the DNA."

Yeah, you had to
throw in your...

Well, it was nice
while it lasted.

All right, our next
patients named Brittany.

And when you look at
Brittanys breasts,

theres a lot of
upper pole fullness,

yet theyre kinda bottomed out.
So how do you get...

And theres
fullness there too.

Usually its one or the other.

Lets bring Brittany in,
find out whats going on

with this shapes issue.

Can you please send in Brittany?


Dr. Nassif.
Very nice to meet you.

Hi Brittany, Terry Dubrow.

Im super nervous to tell
Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow

that I have four implants in.

It kinda feels
like telling my mom

that I did something
wrong when I was younger.

So take us back, tell us about
the genesis of all of this.

Okay, my first boob job
was 600cc under the muscle.


Immediately after, my implant
was actually poking out

of my right breast.
Oh really?

Yes and my doctor said
that he wouldnt touch it

and it wouldnt be worth fixing.

So I decided to seek
out other doctors

and do consults,
and at this point,

I knew right away
I wanted to go bigger.

You thought, "If I
have to get this fixed,

I might as well go bigger."
While youre there.

Thats exactly what I thought.

So what happened?

I met a lot of great
doctors who turned me away.

Highly expected.
And I had a very
specific number in mind and...

Which was what?
It was 1,300 CCs.

Silicone implants come
in a maximum of 800 CCs.

Anything larger than
800 CCs puts the tissue

under too much tension

and predisposes you
to thinning of the skin,

atrophy of the breast tissue

or significant
capsular contracture.

Its like putting a bunch
of people in an elevator

that meets the weight capacity.

You can do it, but do you
want to be in that elevator?

He said we could stack
silicone implants.

Stack two implants?

Each side?
Stack implants?

- You have two implants in each breast?
- Yes, I do.

One above and one below
the muscle.

Right, so ones
below the muscle.

You go to the implant
company inserts,

it specifically says,
"Do not stack implants."

Oh, my God!

Its forbidden.

And is it causing back pain?
Oh, yes.

And a lot of neck pain

because the sports
bra would just dig

because my boobs are so heavy.

Lets face it,
theres a reason

they dont make bigger than
800 CCs.

I see this and they
are very right.
Thats one of the s--

Walking around with four
implants inside of me,

I just feel like its
my dark little secret.

It makes me feel embarrassed

and Im very desperate
to leave this

very poor choice behind me.

What do you wanna do?

I personally would
like to go 800.

To replace 1,300 CCs.

Above and below,
the stacked situation.

All right, so lets go
and do a physical exam,

figure out whats
going on, okay?

All right.

He mutilated me.

It may not be fixable
at the end.
Dont tell me that.

I definitely 100% need two
breast implants on my head.

Like, two boobs.


Okay so, this represents the
on top of the muscle implant.

This is the under
the muscle implant.

But this has to come out.

What do you have
breast implant up here?

You know, breasts doesnt start
from the clavicle,
the collar bone,

and go down like this.

Okay, we can take them
all out, put a new pair in

and do some kind of
lifting procedure,

which means scars.

That will decrease the
distance between here and here

that will give you
a smaller breast envelope.

Youd need to be reduced
both in this dimension

and this dimension.

Okay, I dont know if
I wanna take that risk

having all those scars.

I think Id be okay
with the one under here,

I dont think Id be
okay with the one here.

It may not be possible
to do it with just this.

They may have to have
a vertical component.

I know it may be
necessary to have scars

in order to come out
better than I came in.

But that scares me a lot

because I just feel like

I wont see my breasts
as beautiful anymore.

There is one other option.

I can staple up, just this.

In other words, simulate
by bringing these together

and not doing this,

what it would look like,
and if it looks way superior,

I will not give you
vertical incision.
That would be awesome.

Yeah, I like that idea.

There are three kinds of lifts.

A donut lift, which goes
just around the areola,

which gives you a little
bit of tightening.

A lollipop, which is around
the areola and vertical,

and then the full-blown
anchor lift,
which has all three.

But I wont know
until Im in surgery

whether a horizontal or a full
lollipop will be required.

Does that sound
like a battle plan?

That sounds amazing.

Its been a pleasure
meeting you.

Been a pleasure
meeting both of you.

Great pleasure meeting you.

Are you ready to
make some pudding?
What are you doing?

Are you literally just
making, like, the implant

to see if it fits in your head?

Yeah, I guess I just
have to make my own

and see what kind of size
I need.

So well just have to
do it ourselves then.

Along with my nose job,

I want two breast implants
on the top of my head

to give me that Bratz doll look.

Making my head look
bigger at the top.

I was just thinking
the other day,

how annoying it is
having to do my hair

every single morning.

I could be married by now

if I didnt have to do
my hair every morning.

Like, literally.
You know?

Oh, my God,
you literally could!

Hopefully this is my
last time in a kitchen.

Oh, my God, I literally
dont know how, like,
women in the 60s did this.

What if I do this?

Oh, my God,
thats such a good idea.

Sometimes you just gotta
hold it open to get it in.

Oh, my God, this is harder
than getting a man in there!
This feels familiar.

There we go, is it in?
Its in.

Every single day,
I put a Bumpit into my hair,

and I thought,

"What if we just have it
in there permanently?"

Oh, my God, I am so excited
to see what this looks like.

Like, look at that, I love that.
Its perfect.

The implants on the top of
my head and a smaller nose

will definitely get me
a little closer to my goal

of looking like a doll.

You know how youre
always talking about

how your heads like always
smacking against the headboard

when youre having sex?
Like that time
I got knocked out?

Yeah, this is gonna be,
like, a pillow protection.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God,
like two in one.
That is like perfect.

Hi, welcome!

Can we taste some cheeses?

Whatve you got,
anything from Wisconsin?

My name is Norina and my
nose looks like a ski lift.

You can see my brain from
looking at me straight forward,

and theres bumps on
the bridge of my nose.

I definitely would want it
to be down, cute, button nose.

I grew up in a big
Italian family.

We all had big Italian noses.

Looks like a meatball
on the end of your face.

Thats the typical Italian nose.

But unfortunately, I took home
the trophy for biggest nose.

"Hey, Ma, theres
a cannoli on my face."

We used to tease
each other a lot.

I used to call my sister Nina,

Nina wiener cheese ball cleaner.

And she called me ski lift nose.

At the time, we didnt know
the teasing and the pranks

would have such a long lasting
emotional effect on me.

19 I got engaged and I wanted
to get this nose job done

before my wedding.

And nobody was gonna tell me no.

Which is why
I didnt tell anybody.

In my family thats
a huge no no.

Everybody knows everything.

So I saw a commercial
with this jingle,

it was awesome, I was like,
"These guys are professional.

This is the doctor I need."

Who knew that a good jingle

meant you were a
professional doctor?

The day of surgery came,
the doctor never came to see me.

He never marked anywhere.

And when I woke up,
I was mortified.

There was scarring,
my nose looked crooked.

All I could think about is,

"Im gonna have 150 person
wedding in three months

and Im gonna have
deformity on my face."

He just jacked me all up

and I know its not
gonna be perfect

but I hope that Dr. Nassif
can take away

most of what the other
doctor did to deform my face.

After the surgery,

my mom saw my face
and broke down in tears,

started cursing in Italian.

I was so mad that I would
do this, one without her.

Two, change a perfect face
to her, that she made.

I definitely felt
disappointed in myself

because it would just hurt
me to know my daughter

felt, like, so bad about herself

that she felt she
had to change herself

and that she couldnt tell me.

This was part of
my decision to contact

Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif.

Dr. Nassif is my last chance
to hit the redo button.

Its the redo button
for our whole family.

Right, it is.
You know.

And its my chance to fix that.

Say goodbye to the nose!

I already held a funeral
for it, its done.

Theres risks with the surgery.

So Im scared.

Oh, God, look at that.

This is all cadaver skin.

Is this surgery or
Silence of the Lambs?

So you know how into

Instagram, Twitter,
social media you are?

We always had about 100,000
followers difference between us.

So weirdly,
in a 24-hour period.

I jumped. Yeah. Yeah.
Youve jumped 50,000 followers.

So either youre
dating Kylie Jenner,

or something else is happening.

Okay, something
else is happening.

Kind of like that.
Yeah. So you...

First of all remember,
not everyone knows who I am.

But when you see
my incredible stories

that Ive put together,
they love them.

Your incredible stories,

is how I fall asleep at night.

Terrys just jealous

because after they see
some of my content,

how funny and how
good looking I am,

great surgeon,

of course they
want to follow me.

So what do I have
for you this morning?

Take a guess, its a...

Complicated nose I bet.
Complicated nose.

Norina had a rhinoplasty.

So shes now got that
typical overdone tip,

and now shes got
that piggy look.

This was considered widely,
not to be fixable.

Oh yeah.
Lets see her.

All right.
Can you please send in Norina?

Norina, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.
How are you? Dr. Nassif.

How are you?
Nice to meet you, Nina.

Sisters. Yeah.

Please have a seat, welcome.

So tell us about your journey
and what happened?

Growing up in
a large Italian house,

my whole family teased me.

Teased you about what?
About my nose.

We teased her but I mean,
it wasnt serious.

So I went in
and I saw the doctor,

and he was like,
"Nose job.

How would you like
a boob job too?"


Two for one!
Gag me with a spoon.

You should never bring up
an unrelated procedure.

Youre basically not a
surgeon, youre a salesman.

So what happened,
whatd you get?

You said, "No, Im not
into the breast thing?"

Yeah, I said,
"Im too young for that,

I wanna wait."
Cause I wanted to have kids.

The whole appointment
lasted five minutes.

And then I never saw him again.
Ooh, jeepers.

You didnt see the surgeon
the day of surgery?

No. They prepped me
for surgery, that was it.

No marking.
So you never saw the doctor,
you were under anesthesia?

Right, yes.

He mutilated me.

You can see the scarring,
you can see stitches.

And the second I took
the bandages off at home.

What do you mean?
You took your own dressing off?

I did. Yes.
He told you that was
the thing to do?

Thats a nightmare.

Yeah, it was.

So did you go back to
the doctor for a post-op check?

They werent there
when I went back.

The place had been shut down.

I was trying to get my files,

to see if I could get
a revision from somebody else.

I couldnt get anything.

Your nose the way it is now,

was it exactly
the way as it is now,

or over the years has this
gotten worse and lifted up more?

Its definitely gotten worse.

By the way, if you look
in plastic surgery textbooks...

...the chapter on
this is very short,

and it ends with the,

"It may not be fixable"
statement at the end.

Dont tell me that.

So, youre goals to repair
your nose would be what?

I dont want it to stick up.

And I dont want you to
be able to see my brain

- when you look directly into my face.
- Right.

You want to
basically get your nose

looking more normal?

- Correct.
- If possible.

So I think at this point
we need to examine you.

It really stinks
to see Norina hurting

for so many years now,

as a consequence
of all that teasing.

And so I want to
be here for her

and cannot wait
for it to be behind her

so that she can feel
confident again.

Okay, lower your chin for me.

Very thin skinned here.

Long medial crural, thats a
piece of your cartilage.

I mean, usually
its never exposed

but because the nose
has rotated so much in her.

Your septums
deviated to the left,

- everything has collapsed.
- Yeah.

Norina has a over resected,
short, crippled nose.

I need to leave this
long and this is tight.

Her bones are asymmetric
and deviated.

Her middle vault is asymmetric.

Her tip has no shape.

Her septum is deviated.

Almost every portion of her
nose has a complication.

This is gonna be
the key point here.

Adding that extension
to lengthen your nose.

Theres risks with the surgery.

And the more
I pull on your skin,

the more risk for compromise
and infection and bleeding

and scar formation.

I dont know what Im gonna get.

The fact that the best of
the best is telling me,

this may not ever end for me,
this nightmare, is terrifying.

I do a lot of short noses
and hes seen me.

Theyre bad usually
but not as bad as yours.

So Im scared.

So basically
youre saying that

youre gonna have
to walk on water

to fix this? Miracle.

Well I do have a plan.

So you wanna do this?

I wanna do this.

Well, you passed the scare test,
I can tell you that.

I know itll be great,
I really do.
Pleasure, nice meeting you.

Great pleasure meeting you.

Wait one more time,
you have the softest hands.

You know what they say?

Great hands, great nose surgeon.

Its now or never.

When we get home,
Ill take you skiing.

How are you?

Im very good, how are you?
Its good to see you.

So, you know we have this
expression in plastic surgery.

You never wanna be interesting.

You are totally interesting.

Okay, do me a favor,
sit up for a second.

Because question is,

will you have a lot of laxity
in this direction

requiring a scar
to tighten it up, like this?

Or can I just get away
with a horizontal scar?

Its just the lollipop or
the anchor scar that scares me

but if thats going to produce

the absolute best results,

- Im would be okay with that.
- Okay.

For Brittanys surgery today

were going to first remove

the two sets of
stacked implants.

Then well insert
a single pair of 800cc implants

and try to determine
whether or not

Brittany will need
both horizontal
and vertical incisions

in order to give her
the breast lift that she needs.

Okay so, exactly where are
Brittanys breast implants?

Thats her
muscle right there.

her muscle right there.

I dont know,
lets take this one out.

Take that one.
Oh, God.

Look at that.
Look at that, Heidi.

No way, what did he do?

Sew down the muscle?

What a bizarre idea.

This is super weird.

Trying not to give
her a vertical scar.

Is it fixed?

My favorite
Australian word is "no."






Lets take this one out.

Oh, God, look at that,
what did he do?

Sew down the muscle?

Is it completely closed off?

Yep, he took cadaver skin
and extended the muscle.

Oh, my gosh!

This is all cadaver skin.

Seeing all that cadaver skin,
I think to myself,

"Is this surgery
or Silence of the Lambs?"

He lifted the muscle up

because the muscle wouldnt
cover the whole implant.

He sewed a piece of
cadaver skin in as a shelf.

Keeping the upper one under
the muscle,

way up here.

He gets 10 points
for creativity,
thats for sure.

Look at this thing.

Lets go to the other side.

Okay, here it is.

This is the one on top
of the muscle,

and this is the one inside.

Isnt that incredible?

Thats a lot of breast implants.

Okay, so lets put 800cc.

Brittany wanted an 800cc
implant to give her
the volume that she likes.

Fortunately thats almost
exactly what I need

to give her the contour
that she really wants.

Now I just hope I can
give Brittany a lift

without vertical incisions.

Because I know Brittany really
wants to avoid those scars.

Lets commit to some
lower incisions, ready?

Wow thats a lot
of skin removed.

Okay, weve taken off
two large ellipses

from the bottom
part of each breast.

Trying not to have to
make a vertical incision.

Lets see what it looks like.

Dont wanna give her
a vertical scar.

You know what?
We can always add a scar
but you cant take a scar away.

- Right?
- Right.

Although I can
probably give Brittany

a little more of a lift
by doing a vertical incision,

knowing that she really
doesnt want a scar there,

its not worth it.

And its probably a better idea
to leave good enough alone.

Lets close.

We have a patient
who is transitioning.

This is Jolene,
and Jolene has done

breast augmentation surgery.

Looks pretty good, right? Yeah.
Looks pretty good.

And has concerns about her nose.

So why dont we see if
we can help her, okay?

Can you please send in Jolene?


I hope you fellas love
chicken cause Im serving

breasts and legs today.

Whoa, hello.
That was good.

Hi, lovely to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Hi, Im Olivia,
nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Interesting outfit.

- Oh, thank you, I picked it myself.
- Yes.

By the way, do you have
a little sticky there

to make sure it doesnt open up.
I sure do.

I can get rid of it
though if you like.

Well, you are sassy.
I try to be.

Im pretty convinced that
Dr. Dubrow likes my outfit,

but whether he can
help me out or not,

I dont know.

So, are you Australian?

I sure am.

What is it, a 15-hour
flight from here, right?

I think its a little
longer than that.

I think its 16
coming back, yeah.

My favorite
Australian word is "no."



Not no.

Nar. Nar.


How do you say it?

We say "no."







I really cant hear
the difference.

Okay so we wanna know
about the journey.

Tell us about how
that process started.

Yeah, well I think it
all started when
I was around nine, ten.

The Bratz doll show came out,

and I just thought
that was so cool.

That inspired me so much.

I wanted more of a doll look,

so around 18, 19 I started
to feel like how I was feeling

wasnt like how every
other gay man was feeling.

So got on HRT and I was
in and out of surgery

getting my nose done,
getting my face done.

And just the more
and more I did it,

the happier I got.

And I havent
looked back at all.

So how many nasal
surgeries have you had?

I have had six total.

I would like more
like a doll nose.

Closer to the face
from the profile.

And a tight little tip.
Okay, so you project.

And with no breathing?

Im okay with that.

A big issue between a
dolls nose and a humans nose

is that dolls dont
really need to breathe.

We do.

Dolls are to be
used to play with.

Not to be used as an inspiration
for body modification.

How much have you paid so far

for all of your
surgical procedures?


I would like to cap
it at a million.

How much more
could you possibly have?

Good question.

So a few things I want
is a trachea shave,

a brow bone shave,

I would like my jaw shaved,

I definitely 100%
without a doubt

need an implant in my head.

So it would be two breast
implants on my head.

Like-like two boobs.

I often have patients
that want bigger breasts.

But not more of them.

I feel like it would
definitely help

in the dating department
to have more boobs.

You must attract an interesting
variety of men, correct?

Yeah, I definitely prefer
men with eight figures

and ten inches.

So obviously you
know that theres

certain things that we wont do?

What are you coming out here
to see us both for?

I definitely want you
to check out my nose.

Also, my head, because
Im always bumping my hair

and it just takes so long

and I just dont need
that added labor.

I think without further ado,

we should go to the exam
room and have a look

and see if we can help you.


Lets go do that.

All right.
Lets do that.

Dont be a pioneer testing
the limits of surgery

that could kill you.

I guess if you say
theyre dangerous,

then thats probably true
cause youre, like, a doctor.

I noticed that this

isnt exactly an Egyptian.

Oh, you brought your own gown.

Look at that, came prepared.

So looking at your nose,
its pretty narrow up here.

They sure broke your bones
in one of those six surgeries.

So now looking just at your tip,

I want you to take the Q-tip

and tell me exactly
what youd want.

Maybe, like,
just bring this in.

Breathe for me.

Keeping breathing like that
for about a good 30 seconds,

tell me how you like it.

You wanna do that to your nose?

Now thats damaging
or deforming your nose.

I dont do that.

I usually reverse that.

The Bratz dolls nose
is pretty much nonexistent.

It looks like a little slope,
but its so small,

it looks like pretty much
having no nose.

Its just not gonna fit.
Its not gonna work.

Ive got a question
about your scalp.

Whats underneath
there right now?

Its like a little cushion.

Can I touch it?
Yeah, of course.

So thats what you want to put
the implants underneath for?

Oh, look at that!
Boing, boing, boing.

It protects my head
against the headboard.

Banging of the headboard.
Headboard. Boing, boing.

Okay, I get that.
Okay, thats good.

You might lose all that
beautiful hair of yours though,

if you put an expander in
the back of your scalp.

This alsos a mistake.

Yeah, Im so happy that
there are certain procedures

that are designed to
take you to the next level.

The bone shaving,
the jawline refinement

but dont be a pioneer
testing the limits

of surgery that could kill you.

You buying that?
Thats fair.

Thats fair, right?

I think its
a lot to consider.

I like your nose.

I think you have a nice nose.
There we go.

Do we think some of the
things we said are dangerous?

I guess if you say
theyre dangerous,

then thats probably true
cause youre, like, a doctor.

But I dont care what she
Okay that...

...cause its whatever
she wants to do.

I hope we dont see you
back in this exam chair

because youve damaged
yourself here.

So, pleasure meeting you.
Thank you.

Take care.
You too.

I dont think
Im gonna take all

of Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassifs advice,

but I am totally
obsessed with them.

I dont think they
were expecting to get

so much personality
in the office today.

I definitely will
take a bit more time,
looking at my options.

Yeah, I mean, I think, you know,
youll still definitely go ahead

with a few of the things,

but at least, youve got
more information now.

Yeah. Yeah.

I cant wait to see
what it looks like.

I hope its not like...

I did put a request in
but he didnt listen.

Im ready for
a new start

without insecurity in
the back of my head

always telling me that
Ill never measure up.

And I cant wait to get
this done with someone who

actually knows what
theyre talking about.

Good morning.
Good morning, how are you?

How are you?
Doing good.

So lets talk
about a few things.

This is the main point,
right here.

If I can do that Ill actually
do a dance for you and Dubrow

at the same time.

I am a better dancer than him.

Our main goal with Norina
is to lower her tip

so you dont see
inside her nose,

and the tough aspect
about that,

its not adding cartilage.

Adding cartilage
to her nose is easy.

Its is the tip
gonna stretch at all.

If it doesnt,
were in big trouble.

The more pressure
you put on the skin,

the higher the risk goes
for the chance of necrosis

where the skin dies.

For Norinas surgery today,

Im gonna start by taking
cartilage and skin

from her ears
while my team harvest rib.

Then I will open up her nose,

straighten her deviated septum,

add a septal extension graft

and open up her airway
with spreader grafts

that I will take from
her rib cartilage.

After that I will use
composite grafts from her ear

to lower her nostrils,

and hopefully Norina
will no longer say

that people can
see up her nose.

So heres a composite graft
from the left ear.

Skin on this side,
cartilage here.

You got the rib?

Yeah, I got the rib.

And how
long is that about?

Four and a half to five.

Thats perfect.

When you are doing any
reconstruction of the nose,

especially when you
need sturdy cartilage,

we need to take rib
to reconstruct the nose

and to lengthen it.

With all this,

we hopefully can do some,
some magic.

Okay, so that bones
pretty mobile.

So its this part here thats
still crooked, a little bit.

Okay, so this was
a little unexpected.

I did not think wed have
to fracture the bones

but to get that nose straight,
I think we have to.

All right, lets go ahead
and do a little--
fracture the bone.

A little osteotomys next.

The dorsum, this part here,
was deviated to the right.

So the only way to get
everything to be recentered

is by fracturing
the nasal bones,

and thats what we
need to do for Norina.

Called osteotomies.

Now the composite grafts
are gonna be

some of the final touches.

So lets make sure that the
skin side goes inside the nose.

All right, thats a long one.

Since you can see inside
Norinas nostrils,

were gonna first lower
the tip,

but the nostrils are not
gonna play it with us

and come along for the ride.

So we have to add tissue
to lengthen the nostrils.

Thats what the ear
composite grafts do.

Im very, very happy.
Finish up?

Ill see you out there, thanks.

All in all, went very well.

Got her nostrils down
and got her tip down.

And the nose is
a lot straighter.

- You ready?
- Im really ready.

Got the scar cream
and everything, just in case?

I am very curious
to see what hes done.

I am very excited
and a little terrified,

but I think
I kinda came to peace

with whatever method
he had to go with.

But still nervous.

There was this sort
of unknown element

to all of this, right?

Because, who has experience
fixing complications

from "stacked" implants?

This is what you had.

How did your surgeon
keep this up here

without it falling down?

Kinda brilliant.

He took a giant
amount of cadaver skin.


So I knew I was gonna
do some tightening

of the vertical skin.

So, can I do it without scars?

That was the big thing, so.

I got it!

Booyah. Right? Huh?
Oh, my gosh.

Thank you so much.
No vertical incision.

Oh, my God.
Lets take a look.

There we go.


They really do look normal,

Dr. Dubrow completely
pulled off my surgery,

and my boobs are sitting
where they should be.

I feel amazing already.
Im so happy.

I really just wanna thank you.

Like, oh, my God.

He cant really hug you,
and I cant either.

You can hug me.

Youre welcome.

I know theyre just boobs,
but its a big part
of who I am,

and for Dr. Dubrow
to have helped me with that,

it means a lot to me.


Im just really grateful.

Keep healing, well keep an eye
on all the incisions
and everything.

Well make sure youre good.

Thank you so much, thank you.
Youre welcome. Thank you.

The nose looks really good.

Hey, it matches
your shirt color, its perfect.

Dont make me laugh,
my rib hurts.

Right now with my nose,
I sound like a squeaky toy,

every single time I swallow.

But I really feel,
like, better than
I did the first time around.

Hey, how are you?

Good to see ya.
How are you?

Im doing much better
than I should be.

How are you?
How are you?

So what is really
gonna matter to me

more than anything,

and not what position
your nose is,

what is the quality of skin?

Norinas nose was
very complicated,

and even though
the surgery went well,

Im still concerned
about her healing.

Simply because
we had to do so much.

Lets look at her
composite grafts.

You really get the cover here.

Looks good.
Skin looks good.

Now I just hope to God that
you continue to heal as well.

The skin looks great,
its pink,

so definitely feel very
excited to move forward

and to leave all that
pain in the past.

Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.

I wish that I
would have realized

I didnt need boobs that big.

Look at you!

Howd ya like my new nose?

Its beautiful!

With my new boobs,
I am happy to report

that I do not have any more
back pain and shoulder pain

and crazy marks when
I take off my bra.

Looking back on this decision

to go forward with double
stacked breast implants,

I wish I wouldnt
have touched them

and that I would
have realized that

I didnt need boobs that big.

Hey, babe.
Hey babe,
you look great, wow.

Thank you.
Do you like it?
You look good.

Yep, looks good.
Im super excited.

Its been forever since
we took our last hike.

Think you can handle it?
So. Yeah.

Little less implants in ya?

A little less weight
which is wonderful.

Thinking about having
four implants in my chest,

it makes me feel really gross.

Ill never make a stupid
decision like that again.

Thank you for sticking by
my side and for supporting me.

And going along
with the crazy idea.

Yeah, and then suffering
the consequences with me.

Before my last surgery,
I literally had four implants

stacked inside my chest.

I was extremely
regretting that decision,

and I wish I never did that.

Now since my surgery
with Dr. Dubrow,

I look a million times better

and I can definitely tell
that theyre actually

where theyre supposed to sit.

They look wonderful now.

You ready for this walk?

Want me to carry
the backpack or you got it?
No, I got it.

I never would have
thought that my boobs

had that much impact in my life.

Just words do not cut it.

Thank you so much.


Thank you for all
the back massages.

Me and my family
are gonna meet

all together in one spot.

Theyre gonna see
my face for the first time.

Nobody has seen anything.

Hey guys,
whos gonna set the table?

Come on, Im hungry.

Go away!

So are you guys excited?

How long have we
been waiting for this?

Well, she was
teased by all of us

and Im just happy that
she doesnt have to be nervous

about it anymore.

From the beginning,

this journey with my nose
has been brutal at times.

For my face to be
deformed for so long

was crushing for me.

Its really been since
Im nine years old

that Ive been dealing
with the teasing,

and for it to be coming to
a positive end

is amazing for me.

Hey, look at you!

Howd ya like my new nose?

Its beautiful!

Im so excited.

Oh, my God, come on,
show us already!

One, two, three.


My family thrives on sarcasm.

Theyre not super emotional
so to get this kind of reaction

out of them, its amazing.
Feels fulfilling.

I love you, mommy.
I love you too.

You were brave to go through it.

You were really brave
to go through it.

Thanks for sticking with me.

You know, with the rhinoplasty
and not telling you,

being a parent now,

I feel like I owe you
the biggest apology of all

that I would do that
and not tell you.

Im just happy that
I knew this time.

Before my surgery,

my nostrils
were turned up so high

that you could literally
see up to my brain,

and I was called ski lift nose.

I was so self-conscious
about it.

But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,
my nostrils are lower

and the tip doesnt
point up anymore.

My insecurities are gone

and I finally feel
like I measure up.

I mean, I look amazing.

Its all your fault!

You guys all made
fun of my nose.

Ski lift nose.

We love you.

My new nose should finally
keep my family quiet for good.

Youre finally looking
really Italian.

You just need a cigar,
youll be all set.

No, not gonna happen.

Oh, yeah.

Turkey? Just in time
for Thanksgiving.

Holiday season is here.

I have Santa
to blame for my nose.

He hit me and broke my nose.

You might still have something
in there.

- Oh, this is so good.
- Oh, my God.

Dr. Pimple Popper,
eat your heart out.

I would describe
my current state of my breasts

as a shredded meat fest.

Melissas last surgeons
favorite holiday is Halloween.