Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Flipped Out Butt & A Pelican Neck - full transcript

Dr. Nassif tries to save a patient with a wrecked pelican neck and a wannabe trophy wife seeks a bigger booty to find the man of her dreams.

Tonight its all
about the butts.

My butt is making me flip out.

I moved to Butts County,

B-U-T-T-S County.

The cheery end of my Sunday

would definitely be getting
a bigger booty.

I thought Id be
a trophy wife by now,

so obviously boobs
are not where its at.

Its clearly in the booty.

I had no idea

that the key to finding
a husband

was to get a bigger butt.

Things that make you go hmm.

I wanted the right butt,

not the wrong butt.

Lets take the implant out.

Its like delivering a baby.

- Wow.
- Wow.

Oh, my God,

look at that.

Well, that is worse
than I thought.

Jabrena and Sammi

both have buttock implants

but with two
very different outcomes.

So basically you had a facelift?

It became a nightmare.

My neck started becoming

To me it looks
like dog doo-doo.

This isnt easy.

My name is Sammi Sprinkles,

The cheery end of my Sunday

would definitely be getting
a bigger booty.

Its no secret Im addicted
to plastic surgery.

I dont wanna look

like anythings real on me.

I thought Id be
a trophy wife by now,

so obviously boobs
are not where its at anymore.

Its clearly in the booty.

Ive always loved
Anna Nicole Smith

for as long as I can remember,

and shes just such
a sex icon to me.

I wanna follow in Anna
Nicole Smiths footsteps

and find a rich husband.

I used to be
really overweight.

I was 230 pounds
four years ago.

I was like, "Thats it.

Im not doing this anymore."

I had weight-loss surgery.

I lost, like, 70 pounds.

I was so proud of myself,

and I looked so good,
and I was ready my boobies.

I must, I must,
I must increase my bust.

I was so excited
to get my first boobs.

I wanted as big as I could go,

as fake as they could look.

Always wanted to be

that 90s porn star.

I got a little crazy
after my boobs.

It became, like, I couldnt
wait for the next thing,

and I didnt--
I just had to figure out
how I was gonna get it.

So within a year I had
five surgeries--

tummy tuck and arm tuck,

second boob jobs
an internal bra,

lip implants,

eyebrow revision,

and a nose job.

I dont want designer stuff.

I dont want a nice house.

All I want is to be hot.

I want that to be my job,

is to get as hot
as I can get.

Thats where the trophy wife
thing comes into play,

so right after I got
my boobs done,

I was like, "I need to even
this out with a butt"

because we are not
in the 90s anymore,

and guys like butts
these days,

so I was having the journey
to get my butt now.

My butt was nonexistent,
like a wall pretty much.

It was flat, like this.
It was like my hand,
like a stop sign.

Jesus Lord, I need an ass.

I want a bubble butt.

I found someone who actually
did solid implants,

and I got butt implants

and a Brazilian Butt Lift.

When I was in recovery,

my butt implant scar
opened up.

I thought I was gonna lose
my butt implant for a minute

because it was opened
pretty bad,

and I was bleeding everywhere.

And now I have the scar.

After I finally recovered
from my butt implant surgery,

Sprinkles came to be

because I was like, you know,
theres only two kind of people
in this world--

people who like sprinkles
on their ice cream

and boring-ass people
who like vanilla ice cream,

and Im not done
adding sprinkles yet.

Im hoping that Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif

can help me hide that scar
on my butt

and get a bigger butt

because I look top heavy,

so I need to even out
the bottom half.

Im coming to sprinkle
Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif.

I hope theyre ready
cause Im coming
for some more booty.

My name is Jabrena, and my butt
is making me flip out.

Right now youre about to see

what I deal with on a daily,

so if I sit wrong,

if I do anything wrong,

it just flips over.

My butt looks like I have
two balloons

sitting back there,

and it just looks like it
doesnt belong.

I dont have to have

a Nicki Minaj booty.

Im skinny.
I dont need Nicki.

But I want a little something.

My nickname growing up
was "beanpole"

because I was just straight
up and down.

I never felt that I was ugly,

but body wise,

I was ashamed.

I wanted to be happy
for myself,

so I fixed my butt.

And if you wanted a butt,
you gotta do--

either get the fat transfer
or the implants.

I didnt have the fat.

I wanted the butt.

I got the implants.

Two weeks after surgery

the swelling started
to kind of go down.

And you could see the implant

kind of on the side.

It was like a--
like a crease,

but about a month
and a half later,

the implant flipped.

After that my butt implants

would just flip four
or five times a week.

Its very uncomfortable,
like it hurts.

I got back to the doctor,

and this man tells me,

like we could pull
the implant up,

stitch it to where
it wont move,

and do the lipo to lift it

and make it look
a little better.

He said,
"Well, Ill send you the quote.

Itll be about $4,000."

You money-hungry bastard.

Me and Jabrena
have been friends

since about sixth grade,
seventh grade.

Oh! Shi--

Shes not the best skater.

Remember when we were kids,

and we would, like,
always sit around

watching music videos,

mocking the dancers?

I always wanted to be
the dancer.

You did?

I always wanted the body.

Ever since I can remember,

she always talked
about her butt,

like she always wanted
the big butt,

big butt,
butt this, butt that,

but she didnt wanna work
for it.

She just wanted
to get it done.

I know that these doctors
are the best,

but what if they cant help?

Like what if its just
your body rejecting it?

Like why do you keep putting
yourself through this?

Youve got the big butt.

That didnt make you happy.

Be you,
like that old Jabrena.

Nothing was wrong with her.

I dont like that youre
so self conscious

about what youre wearing,
where we go,

whos looking,
whos taking pictures.

Why should-- well, then nobody
should be taking pictures.

Yes, but you wanted
a big butt. You got it.

I wanted indeed the right butt,
not the wrong butt.

Im hoping that Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow,

they can get
these implants out,

maybe put new ones in,

but do I want a butt?

Do I want this butt?
Absolutely not.

Our next patient, Jabrena,
has a very difficult problem.

Well, I think I can see it.

Theyre gigantic
buttock implants.

- Look how droopy they are.
- Yeah.

You know what I mean,
when the diapers really full?

Thats probably what it
looks like in pants.
I didnt even think about that.

The problem with butt implants,

is that theyre subject

to malposition,


stretching of the skin,

and they can be
a real problem.

Lets bring Jabrena in

and figure out
how this happened.

Can you please send in


Nice to meet you.
Dr. Nassif.

Nice to meet you.

Hi. Terry Dubrow.

Pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

I just really hope
that these doctors

can help put this behind her,

like, literally.

Okay, so why did you have
buttock implants done, Jabrena?

Cause Im skinny,

and I didnt have
any fat to transfer,

and I wanted a butt.

Ive always wanted it.

Was your buttock flat,

or was it a nice buttock,
you just wanted it bigger?

My butt was flat.

I had a back.

You-- your back--


What did her buttock
look like?

It was pancaked.
Tell the truth, shaved up.

So you agree,
it was flattish.

Yeah, it was flat.

So you went in
and you had an operation,

and then what did you start

After about two, three weeks,

the swelling kind of
started to go down.

And I started to see the indent

of the implant.
I could see the outline.

They were flipping.

Yours flipped?
Mines flipped.

So what does that mean?

No tight clothing for a year?

Whats gone on with you?

I have to wear lifters.

A butt bra.

Basically-- to lift--
A butt pushup bra. lift it.

Wanna look?
Let me see.

Whoa, look at that.
To-- To lift it--

To give it a little lift.

But it lifts it
more than it would be,

like without it.

Obviously you dont like
the implants.

Theres problems with them.

What do you expecting
him to do?

I just want a little cute,
nice, toot butt.

and not this big ol hunk
that I have back here.

We certainly wanna help you,

but we dont wanna restore you
to a place

that you hate.


Its a butt dilemma.

Yes, a butt dilemma.

You know?

Lets go in the exam room

and look carefully

and try to figure out
what the solutions are.

All right.

Wanna see it flip?

Can you do it real fast?


So he went back in

and made it worse.

Now my face is going to be
like a swollen up Gila monster.

Okay, Jabrena, stand up,

and lets just have a look
to see what it looks like
in person.

So is it--
its the left one
that flips, yes?

This one. Wanna see it flip?

Can you do it real fast?


Do that again.
Look-- Look at-- Look--

Look at this.
Heres the bottom of it.

Feel this.
Theyre completely just floating

in skin.

Jabrena has what we call
implant malposition.

Not only are the implants

in a pocket thats way to big,

but theyre in the wrong plane
in the pocket,

allowing them to flip around
too easily.

The problem is,
if I just take the implants out,

shell have so much sagging skin

and no projection

that Ill be trading
one big problem

for another
even bigger problem.

We have to find a solution.

So we have to take
the implants out.

I dont do butt implants

so what are we gonna do
with all that loose skin

and the lack of projection?

Traditionally what weve done

is make an incision across
the lower portion of the back,

lift the buttock up,

and try as much as possible

to get you some kind
of buttock shape

and projection.

I think it might be
a reasonable consideration

to give me permission

if I do find some tissue,
some fat in an area,

possible fat, flap transfer

and buttock lift.

Is that what you want me to do?

I consent.

What do you think?

Whatever you guys can do.

Yall are gods
plastic surgeons.

So whatever you can do for her.

I may be a god,

but hes more like, you know,

angel in a pink tutu
or something.

Sounds like
were ready to go.
Im in. Im all in.

All right, lets do this thing.

Theres the spot.

My name is Lisa,
and my neck is a wreck.

Ive got all this concaving

on both sides of my cheek

and then these lines

and bands that
are just ridiculous.

I actually started wearing
and investing in scarves

to help me kind of hide
all the issues

I am dealing with.

Im here for a facial.

My name is Lisa.

Morning. Hi.
And my sister Missy.

Hi, Im Tina.

I was born in L.A.,

moved when I was about 12,
almost 13,

to Butts County, Georgia,

B-U-T-T-S County.

We used to call it

the butt end of nowhere.

My sister Missy and I,

we were bullied
by mean girls.

They named me pelican neck

because I have a thick neck.

And thats always bothered me.

I was tortured walking home
every day.

I got pushed, bullied,

and eventually one day

one girl punched me
in the nose

and fractured my nose.

Another time one of the girls

came up behind me
and pushed me,

and later we found out it
fractured my elbow.

I hate talking about this.

I was just a little girl,

and I didnt--

I didnt want any trouble

with anybody,

and I knew I had a fat face,

but for somebody
to point it out,

and something Ive dealt with

for my whole life.

Im sorry.

I just-- I really hate it.

Now my face is going to be
like a swollen up Gila monster.

I have all those old feelings
that have come back,

and I just-- I hate it.


So I-- I need help.

Since I had such a hard time
in school,

it was really
in the back of my mind

when our 30th class reunion

started coming up.

I did not wanna be called
pelican neck again,

so I started seeing
a commercial

about facelifts.

I set up an appointment

with the surgeon.

He showed me in his mirror

how he would be able
to fix the neck,

some of the sagging,

and that-- after that,

I would have no problems.

So I went in and got
this QuickLift,

and within three months

he knew something was wrong.

It became a nightmare.

I just couldnt believe
what my neck was doing.

It started becoming distorted,

kind of bumping up.

Um, it looked chunk--

like chunks under it.

So he went back in

and made it worse,

and he actually extended
the scar,

and this is where he caused
the rippling here.

I didnt sign up for this,

and I thought it would be
done right, and it hasnt.

Ive been dealing
with this situation

for about a year and a half
with my neck,

but I will not go back
for a third time

to the doctor that I did

because I would be crazy
if I did.

Let me ask you a question.
Do you like donuts?

I love donuts.

And what kind of donut
do you eat?

Buttermilk glaze

with a nice glass
of Lactaid milk.

Lactaid milk?

Otherwise, if I drink milk
or a dairy product.

You become--
Its dangerous.

Yeah, its dangerous--
My gas.

for anyone near you.

Just like when we were
in the airplane, by the way,

not too long ago
when I was next to you,

and you kept wondering
where that smell--

That was you?
That was me.


Because I had
the ice-cream sundae on--

That was you?
At American Airlines.

You are disgusting.
You know what I thought
it was?

Because we were sitting
next to the bathroom

in the bulkhead.
I know.

I kept going...
But it was me.

"I am never--"
That was you?

I didnt wanna tell you it was
me the whole time.

Youre so disgusting.

You know...

I take these pills
all the time

when I have dairy,

and I had them there
with me on the airplane,

but, Terry,
since you drive me crazy

and youre very mean to me,

I wanted you to suffer.

Dont eat the ice cream, okay?

I do have to admit,
it was pretty bad
on the airplane.

So what do we have?
Let me talk to you about Lisa.

Lisa had a facelift.

She got some irregularities.

That is a really hard thing--
Big cheeks--
Thats a huge... fix.

Can you please send in Lisa?


Lisa, Hi.
Dr. Nassif.

Hi. Nice to meet you.
Oh, I get a hug.

Nice to meet you.
Yes, Im a hugger.

I dont want
my husband jealous,

but Dr. Nassif
is really good looking.

First of all, welcome.

Whats the deal with the scarf?

Well, the deal is...

Youre hiding something.
I am hiding something.

It is a little freakish

because in
a hundred-degree weather

at 90% humidity--

Youre wearing that?

Shes wearing this.

How often do you wear something
like that to hide that area?

Every day.

How did all this start?

Ive always had
a really thick neck.

It was awful.

Thinking about my neck,

there was an ad that came on.

Do your QuickLift.
Little infomercial.

So I was like,
"Thats for me."

Be very suspicious

of doctors you see on TV.

Ive already heard that before.


I dont mean us.

So basically you got
a facelift.

And a neck lift.

So then what happened?

And then it just started
looking strange.

So three months later...

...he convinced me,
"Its gonna be okay."

Well take you back in,
and well do this.
Well fix it."

It turned out worse.

Then some time went by,

and it started swelling.

Where? Here?
On the actual neck,

this scar.

And so I go back,

and he left the stitches in.

So what are we talking
about here?

Well, what happened was,
when I went in to get them
taken out,

he said to the nurse,
as hes tugging on my stitches,

and he said,
"Oh, I hope Im not taking out
the wrong set of stitches."

Oh, my goodness.

"Well, I hope Im taking out
the right ones."

What doctor would say that
to a patient?

So for us to help you...

...tell us exactly
what you want us to do.

You know, to me it looks
like dog doo-doo.

I dont know what to say
about it

other than I just
wanna look normal.

Lisa does not have
horrible platysmal bands,

and these are the muscles
of the neck.

You usually will see
prominent bands here.

But what has made them look
more prominent

is all of the aggressive
fat removal around the neck.

This is a very, very difficult
task that you are giving us.

So I think weve heard,
you know,
exactly what you need.

Now well have to see
what we can do.


♪ Jabrenas got
buh-buh back... ♪

Thats enough.



Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif
are so sexy.

It was really hard
to concentrate

on what they were saying
cause all I was thinking about

is how theyd make
the perfect threesome

with some Sprinkles on top.

So lets take a peak.

So come up here
a little bit more.

Turn your head just this way.

And were gonna look first
at your incision.

So its like--
It looks like a short scar.

Thats where your "QuickLift"
needs to be--

Thats why youre not getting

a good neck lift.

Lisa had a short-scar facelift

because the incision
only went up a little bit
behind her ear,

and if youre trying
to correct a neck,

you have to make
those incisions
a lot longer

so you can re-drape and get rid
of that extra neck skin.

Now, here, do me a favor.
Go like this...


So her buccal fats
popping out

around all the area
thats been hollowed out.

He got too deep and

violated the buccal fascia.
It stayed as that.

Go like this.

Wait. With the neck back.
go like that.

Theres absolutely no fat.

I mean, you can just feel it.

My daughter said I looked
like a skeleton.

Okay, you can relax.

This isnt easy.

I believe it.

We have to redo something.

Its called a revision
deep-plane facelift.

And we have to go
underneath the muscles

and try to rearrange things

to get things
a little bit more smooth.

But were gonna have to take
a little bit of microfat

and visually look
underneath the skin...


...put some of that fat there

and make this more smooth.

But heres the hard part
about all this.

Theres a risk that you
could have more irregularities.

Theres a risk that
a certain part of your skin

can actually die,
called necrosis.

Theres, again,
a risk of more scarring.

So after hearing
about all this,
what do you think?

My hearts telling me

that I need to move forward.

I like you.
And we wanna help.

Pleasure meeting you.
Hell yes.

A pleasure meeting you guys.
All right, so listen.

We look forward to seeing you.
Very sweet.
Thank you, yes.

Whatever this booty smoothie is,

it better make my butt amazing.

What do you think
it consists of?
Hopefully sprinkles.

A booty smoothies like
a facial but for your butt.

This must be some
L.A. trophy-wife stuff.

Sign me up.

So I have butt implants,
but theyre solid,

so dont worry.
You cant pop them.

You have butt implants?

Theyre, like, intact.
I cant even tell.
These look amazing.

Thank you.
Then Ill look even better.

Bigger. Biggers better.

Youre going bigger?


I think Sammi falls
into a stereotype

where people just assume shes,
like, a bimbo.

So I think Sammi getting
a bigger butt

might send the wrong message,

but I think
she looks fabulous.

We are going to be smoothing
the booty out.

Youre gonna love it.

The scarring,
is that from the implants?

Yeah. A lot of butt implants
get rejected because

they put the scars so close
to their butt crack.

One of my stitches ripped open

Oh, my God. of the scars--

so its a little bit worse
than the other one.

But Im hoping the doctors

can, like, put more fat
in there

so that it wont be so visible,
you know?

And Ive been gaining weight

for this, so this is
the only option.

Youre gaining weight?
Yeah, so they can put it
in my butt.

So she can get a fat transfer

I have not been saying no
to chicken nuggets.

Thats all Im saying.

I love it.

If you need me,
just hootie-hoo.

Watch out!
Watch out!

She needs me.

All right, Jabrena,
were ready to take you
back now.

I love you.
I love you, too.

You remember hootie-hoo?

Ill see you later.

Bye-bye, butt.

I am just excited

to put this all behind me.

I was thinking about this.

In a way, a buttock is like
an upside-down breast,

and youre gonna take
a buttock implant out

like you take
a breast implant out,

and then you do a lift.

The big question mark is...

will this work?

Jabrenas very thin
and has very little body fat,

and even if Im able
to sort of rotate

some of her natural tissue down,

it may provide very little
usable tissue for projection.

And then I may be
out of options.

For Jabrenas surgery,

I will make an incision
at the top of each buttock

and remove
her current implants.

I will then make an incision
across her back

and then another incision

about three inches below

and remove the skin
in between,

leaving the underlying tissue.

I will then create two flaps
out of fat tissue

and rotate them down

into the existing pockets.

Finally, Ill perform
a buttock lift

by pulling the skin up

and stitching it
to the higher incision.

All right, well, lets start
by taking the implants out

and see what the problem is.

These are huge implants.

She went
for the "gigunta" size,

but-- ooh, look at that fluid.

Look at this.
Oh, my God.

The pockets so big

and the implants been moving
around for so long,

it caused so much irritation.

Oh, this green is icky.

Oh, God,
aye yai yai yai yai.
Oh, my God.

Lets culture this.

All right, lets take
the implant out.

Its like delivering a baby.

Wow, thats a big-ass implant.

Oh, my God, look at that.

Oh, that is worse
than I thought.

Between the 600cc implants

and the 500ccs of fluid,

Jabrenas volume problem

is much worse than I thought

because how am I gonna get

enough tissue
from such a thin girl

to fill up that pocket

and give her
a good cosmetic result?

All right, so why dont we take
this skin off,

cut down to the fascia,

and lift it up
and rotate it over.

Im trying to leave everything
but the actual epidermis,

the top layer of the skin.

The problem is I need
to get this more elevated

to get this to rotate down.

And the more I elevate,
the more the blood supply

The problem
with Jabrenas surgery
is the tissue flap.

It has to have its own
independent blood supply,
or it will die.

The restriction
in moving it down

is that the entire area
can die,

and that will be
an enormous problem.

Put this in there.

Drop that down.

You got something.

More than something.

All right, question is,
is this flap alive?

Lets check it out.

This muscle right here

is where this artery comes in
right about here,

but if I cut the edge of this
a little bit,

and it isnt bleeding,
I have to lose--

whatever tissue is not bleeding
has to be removed.

Bleeding, bleeding,

Its alive.

Lets see the other side.

So weve got the right one now

which we can put into
the old implant pocket

just like we did
with the left one.

Okay, lets see
what this looks like.

Thats good projection.

Thats enough.


Something like that.
Absolutely not.

She might make the Kardashians

Lets close this thing.

Why not downsize the breasts?

You had a lot of scary things.

You had a fever elevation...

...and you were fainting.

The pain was excruciating.

I remember the nurse saying,

"Call 911."

Hold that.

Now, right underneath here,

that "pelican" neck may be fat

thats deep to that muscle.

So were gonna look at that

to try to make that
a little bit more of
a tighter angle.

My last procedure
was a QuickLift.

And the results
were not great,

so I know this time

Dr. Nassif
is gonna do it right.

Its gonna be
just so much better.

Well take good care of you.

I know you will.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Today, for Lisas surgery,

Im gonna open up her neck

to her previous incision
and remove excess fat

while my team performs
fat harvest from her stomach.

Next, I will extend
her original incisions

behind her ears,

lift up the skin on her face,

and use microfat
from her stomach

to fill in the depressions
in her cheeks.

Ill tighten the muscles
in her neck

and re-drape the skin
around her face

to camouflage the defects.

Okay, were starting now.

I think well have plenty
of access here

because this is probably
one of the biggest neck
incisions weve seen.

I am seeing some fat now,

what we call subcutaneous fat.

Thats fat
underneath the skin,

which I did not expect
Lisa to have any.

Lisa had a good amount
of fat from her neck,

but that fat
just isnt great quality

to use it for fat grafting.

We want belly fat.

You can see
the little cannula going in

and were adding
just a little bit of fat

with each pass

to fill in the little defects
and impressions

in Lisas face.

Here were connecting the skin

from the cheek flap

right to the middle of the neck

so its one big flap.

Were putting a bunch
of these little stitches

along what we call
the lateral platysma.

The platysma is the muscle

that you saw in the front,

that was causing
those neck bands.

Were tightening the muscle
up from the midline

and then also from the sides,

and that really helps
give the neck

a fantastic contour.

No matter what,
shes gonna look a lot better,

a lot younger,
more sculpted around the neck.

You guys did a great job.

Dude, whats with
all the glasses?

So Im trying to decide

which are going to be my
everyday glasses, right?

Heathers friend

makes these glasses.

Look how cool these are.

When you depend upon

your eyes for a living,

and need to see things

under a certain degree
of magnification,

you become a little bit

What the heck?
I know, look at this.

So kinda cool, right?

Check this out.

Work it.

Whoa, those are cool--
Wait a minute.
Is that--

I want a pair of those.
I know, right?

So Im a little bit
of a glass fanatic.

I love glasses

like Paul loves carbohydrates.

What do you have for me, baby?

So our next patient, Sammi,

has had a lot
of procedures done...

Obviously. you can see.

So it looks like
there has been very little

that has not been touched

by a plastic surgeons scalpel.

Lets bring her in

and see why shes had
so much surgery

and what we can do for her.
Got it.

So please call in Sammi.

Can you please send in Sammi?

Hi. Whats up?
Sammi. How are you?

Nice to meet you. Dr. Nassif.
Nice to meet you.

Hi, Sammi. Terry Dubrow.
Pleasure to meet you.

Im here for two things--

one, get a bigger butt

and two, find a husband...

So, Sammi Sprinkles,
where does that come from?
Tell me.

So theres, like, two kinds
of people in this world--

people who like sprinkles
on their ice cream

and people who dont,

and I dont choose
to associate people

who dont like sprinkles
on their ice cream.

Kind of like the plastic surgery
of ice cream.

Its kind of useless calories,

but it makes everything
look pretty.

I think it also tastes good.
Dont you?

I love a good sprinkle.

And I like only
the chocolate sprinkles
if I have to pick.

Over rainbow?

Tell us more about
how Sammi Sprinkles

is part of your persona.

I grew up in the 90s,

so I thought that people
like Anna Nicole Smith

and Pamela Anderson,

when you got to look like that,

you got to be a trophy wife

and you were in love
and all that,

so its kind of why
I started this.

So what surgical procedures
did you first have?


So did you have
a lift as well, or just--

I have an internal bra.

Made out of what?
A mesh.

Okay, what did you have done
to your buttock?

I have really cool
solid butt implants.

Okay. Obviously, Sammi,
youre here because
you have a problem.

What can we help you with?

I want a Brazilian butt lift.

The scarring on my butt

split open when
one of the incisions,

and so one sides more visible
than the other,

and its actually
a little bit thicker.

And so I was wondering
if there was a way

to conceal it

because maybe it would be
more of a bubble

and it would go inside.

So scar camouflage,

you know, scar revision,
fat in the buttock

to make your buttock bigger.

How much bigger
do you want your buttock?

As big as we can go.

Okay, let me ask you
a question.


You know that
she wants to go bigger

on the buttock area.

I think definitely
she should.

You think she should.
I think she should.

Why do you think she should?

Because she has ginormous tits,

and her as needs to,
like, match.

Why not downsize the breasts?

Because thats not an option.


Look at this.
See? Thats not an option.

Honestly, do you think
the difference between

where youre at now

and you with a larger buttock

is you being a trophy wife?

I feel like it.

I had no idea that the key

to finding a husband

was to get a bigger butt.

Things that make you go hmm.

Lets focus on your thing,
your buttock area

and the possibility

of making them larger.

Sound good?
Sounds good.

Sounds great.

Lets go have a look.
Come on.

Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif

are so sexy.

It was very hard concentrate

on what they were saying

because all I was thinking about

is how they would make
the perfect threesome

with some Sprinkles on top.

Before I go through
everything with you,

let me take a look.


Lets look and see
whats cooking.

Im gonna lower
your Spanx, okay?

Okay, Sammi,
we have a lot to look at.

Before we do that,

take a good look at those.

Those actually make you hungry.

Look at those.
Those are good.

If I were Sammi,
Id be really careful

about those shoes.

Paul loves ice cream so much,

he might bite
her feet off.

Do me a favor.
Hold this, up, Sammi.

I got news for you.
Most buttock implants

have malposition problems,

meaning they move around,

and thats why not a lot
of surgeons do them,

but you have not had
any problems.

Your buttock projection

is mainly based
on your implants,

so any fat
has to be injected

just in that thin amount
of buttock skin

and soft tissue
underlying that.

So the chances that fat

would actually live,

it would "take"

when injected
into that thin area

overlying the implant,
is extraordinarily low.

The fatality rate
of most surgeries

is about one in 20,000.

in Brazilian butt lifts
its about one in a 1,000.

In you, because of the butt
implant underneath there

and the lack of tissue

protecting the veins,

its probably one
in 500 chance of dying.

Definitely wont get
a husband then.

You wont-- Not only
will you not get a husband,

you know, you wont have
a bigger butt,

you wont have a life,

you wont have any fun.

I think you
just sprinkled me.

Yeah, right? So...
You sprinkled me with
some knowledge there for real.

Your butt is already
very round.


His butt is extremely flat,

so if he was a zero,

youre about 150.
Wait, what?

And the doctor who did that
with the implants and the fat,

weve seen them all,
and none of them look good.

- Yours look fantastic.
- Yeah.

Sammis buttock implant surgery

looks really good,
which actually is really rare.

Most patients who have
butt implant surgery

have very significant

Take Jabrena, for example.

She would be ecstatic
with this result,

but shes got a total disaster.

Sammi should stop
while shes ahead.

If you continue
on this plastic surgery train,

the way you are now,

the next station

is disaster.

Leave it alone.

Okay. Well see.

If Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif

find me a husband

that doesnt think
I need it done,

then maybe Ill consider

not getting it done.

Great pleasure meeting you,

Thank you so much.
You look beautiful.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

Great pleasure meeting you.

Thank you.
Do you guys know any men...

Thats right.
Trophy wife.

Okay, we got it.

Well, look at
my little movie star.

So right now everything
went great.

You look fantastic.

You have barely any bruising.

Before I go through
everything with you,

let me take a look.

All right.

Hold on. Okay.


I did so much work
on Lisas neck.

I did not expect her
to look this good.

All Lisa has

is some swelling right hear.

But I think your chin
is going to heal perfectly.

All right, lets talk
about your surgery.

First of all, the neck.

There was some fat
underneath the skin,

so we did a little bit
of lipo.

Oh, okay.

So I sculpted all this for you.

So that gave you
a better neckline.

Oh, thank you.

Then, here on both sides
for the facelift,

we did a nice lift
on both sides.

The two areas
where you were hollow,

so I put a little bit of fat
on both sides.

I cant wait
for everything to heal

and be totally done
with the scars.

Thank you so much.

My pleasure.
So lets-- lets--
Love you guys.

All I know is that these--
the scars and scarfs

are gone.

Gone, gone, gone.

Thank you guys both.

Now we have to see
how she heals

and how much of the fat lives.

Great job, Lisa.
Thank you.

You look prettier.
So happy.

Hi, Jabrena.

Hi, Jabrena.
Hey, how are you?


Wow. So you had
a lot scary things.

You had a fever elevation.

and you were fainting.

The pain was excruciating.

I remember the nurse saying,
"Call 911."

Like, it was pretty bad.

And now Im not in pain,
so thats good.

So let me give you a 411
about what I found. Okay?

I got in there,
made an incision,

took the implants out,

but it was much more
than I expected.

There was a ton of fluid
in the pocket.

So it was a much bigger buttock

than I actually realized.

As it turns out,

you had a very nice band

on each side

of sort of this fatty tissue.

And so I was able
to put it in there.

So right now were what,
eight days out?

Eight days, yeah.
All right, lets look
and see whats cookin.

Im gonna lower your spank, okay?

Wow, these entries
are starting to go away.

Yeah, its looking
a lot better.

I mean,
this really did go down.

Remember we saw her?

Its perfect.

I cant tell you
how happy I am

that Jabrenas surgery
worked out

because for every one Sammi,
who had a good result

from their buttock surgery

theres 10 Jabrenas
that come in my office

who have complete
buttock disasters,

with flipping implants
and everything else,

whose buttock surgery
has literally

and figuratively
gone to.

The only thing left to say is...

Thank you.


See you later?


Youre the best?


♪ I got everything
that I could want ♪

When I look in the mirror,

I feel great about myself.

Sometimes I have to do
a double take

to see if its really me.
I can get up and go.

I dont have to look
at 500 different scarfs

to just get out the door.

I feel so great
about the future.

Arent you guys so excited
to see Mom?

Like super excited
for her new journey.

- I cant wait to see her.
- I know.

I havent seen her
in a long time.

Im excited for her to be
more involved in things.

Shes really just kind of...

Sensitive or just...
...being in the closet...

...and just doesnt wanna do

She is a person that would not
go out of the house

without, uh, a scarf and makeup.
A scarf and makeup.


Think of all the space shes
gonna have in her closet,

getting rid
of all those scarfs.
Oh, my goodness.

Maybe shell give me
the Burberry one.

Yeah, right. Sure.

Oh, God, I cant wait.


Im so excited.

Where is she?


Oh, my God!

Oh, my!


Oh, my God, I cant wait.


Hi, guys!

You look so good.

I am so happy for my mom.

Since Mom has had the surgery,

she doesnt have her hair
all around her neck

so nobody can see it.
She doesnt wear the scarf.

Shes just so much
more confident.

You look beautiful,
my love.

Thank you.

I hope youre happy
cause you look happy.

I am so happy.
I am so happy.


You look so good.

thank you.
Gosh, you look beautiful.

Its been a journey.

Im so glad Lisa
went through the surgery.

I feel like she is doing
so much better now

that Dr. Nassif has gotten rid
of the pelican neck.

How do you feel now?
I feel free.

And I dont see sorrow
on my face

like I used to.

I feel happy for you.

It makes me feel like
I can live life again.


When Lisa hurt, I hurt.

So seeing that hurt go away

and see that lifted from her,

I couldnt help but show
the emotion

about how much
I cared and loved her.

So what do you say, sister?

What do you think I should do?
Come on.

- Tear it up.
- Look, you cant wear it.

Hey, tear it up
like a tiger.

Im happy.
Go for it.

I am so happy.

There you go.
I couldnt be more happy,

and I never have to worry
about this again.

Before my surgery

my neck was a wreck.

I had a very thick neck

with weird bands
sticking out

and dents on the side
of my face.

Now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,

I am turning necks

and causing some wrecks,

and I love it.

I could not ask
for a better outcome.

Perfect is good enough.

"Perfect is good enough"!

There you go.

So tonight I get to put
on my nice, fitted dress.

I finally get to, you know,

show everybody
what Dr. Dubrow did,

and theyre gonna be amazed.

Yo, so were on the party bus.
You know what Im saying?

We havent done something
like this in a while.

Like she hasnt been, like,
out in a while.

She dont drink,
but, like, tonight

we just gonna have
a good time.

Were gonna go out, party.


To celebrate
this new body she has.

Yes, maam.
Yes, maam.

Definitely got to turn up.

Has she changed?

Her attitude changed,
personality changed?

I can see her attitude
has changed.

Shes not looking--
Yeah, her confidence is way up.

Shes not looking, like,
in real life,

"How does it look?
Can you see it?"

Does it look like
its about to flip?

Like shes
just confident now.

Oh, I think were here.

Ooh, so excited!

Oh, my gosh,
so ready to see her.

Since the surgery,
I feel confident and happy.

I dont have to hide

and put on layers
of clothing anymore.

I dont have anything
in my butt to make it flip.

No discomfort, no pain.

Its just me and my booty.

Im so excited.

Come on, now!

- Hey, you.
- Yes!

You look so good!


You look so pretty.

With this new butt,
watch out

cause Jabrenas
gonna flip out,

and I dont mean the implants
flippin, okay?

Girl, its not flippin.

Yall, its not flippin'
no more.

People arent staring
for the wrong reason.

They staring.

They starring.

Dont blame em.

They stare but not
for the wrong reason.

Hugs, hugs.


And turn up.
Hugs and turn up.

Hugs and hugs...


Hey, hey.


Before my surgery,

I had a saggy butt

and the implants
were flipping,

but now,
thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

I am finally free
of hump butt.

Now I finally got
that cute toot butt

that Ive always wanted.

I heard you fellas like chicken

cause Im serving
breasts and legs today.

Whoa, hello.

Ive spent nearly $200,000

transforming from a male

to a walking, talking
Bratz doll.

Every portion of her nose
has a complication.

Theres risks
with the surgery.

So Im scared.

I have two sets
of breast implants in my body.

Two implants?


Its forbidden.

This is all cadaver skin.

This is so weird.