Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - I Love New Boobs - full transcript


My two favorite doctors

in the whole wide world!
Shes back.

Botched is back.

Always more sprinkles.

[narrator] And Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrows patients

are more outrageous.

[woman] My butt is
making me flip out.


Thank you for
seeing me. [giggles]

Oh, that is an ass
that snitched.


Ive spent nearly
$200,000 transforming

from a male to a walking,
talking Bratz doll.

All I wanted was a big booty.

Your vagina is gaining weight?

Im getting a fat nun. Yeah.

These are my big,
ginormous, dick pillows.

Im plastic fantastic and
obsessed with plastic surgery.

Hell, yeah,
Ill get my surgeries
until Im in my grave.

[Dr. Dubrow]
If you continue on this

plastic-surgery train,
the next station is disaster.

[narrator] And more
challenging then ever.

I have pubic hair
growing out of my cheeks.

I have two sets
of breast implants.

Its forbidden.

[narrator] Can the
best in plastic surgery

solve these impossible cases?

[Dr. Nassif] The nose
completely collapsed.

Now Im just nervous.

[Dr. Dubrow] What is that?

Thats disgusting.

This looks like a silicone
bomb has exploded.

[Dr. Nassif] This is
now a reportable case.

[Dr. Dubrow]
Oh, my God, look at that.

[Dr. Nassif] Oh [beep]!

[narrator] And give
patients the results

theyve always dreamed of?

Thank you so much.
[Dr. Dubrow] You can hug me.

Youre welcome.


Wow, look at that bum!

[kids screaming]

Dont grab em--

[Dr. Dubrow] But--
But wait a minute.


♪ I wanna be sexy ♪

♪ I wanna be hot ♪

♪ Fix me, make me beautiful ♪

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪


Yall know me, Im the one
that started this [beep]. Okay?

Tiffany "New York"
Pollard, the original HBIC.

You may know me from
"The Flavor of Love,"

"I Love New York,"
"New York Goes to Work,"

"New York Goes to Hollywood,"

and Im back to talk
about the troubles

Ive been having
with my titties.

I love that word.
Titties, titties, titties.

Once upon a time,
about four years ago,

I had to come see
Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif

because I was a absolute wreck.

[Dr. Nassif] Oh, you actually
have a deviated septum.

And my breasts were
pouring down so low,

I was just turning
into a mudslide.

[Dr. Dubrow] So youre--

[Dr. Nassif] 11.
[Dr. Dubrow] 11 centimeters

lower than you should be.

This is not an easy case.

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow
were the right doctors

to help me through my journey.


[woman] Thats my
girl right there!

Oh, my Gosh, I just
love them so much!

Theyre my angels
in white coats.

Dr. Dubrow did my
breast augmentation

last time, and he
did a perfect job.

But when I currently
look at my breasts now,

they literally remind me
of Snoopys ears on my chest.

When Dr. Dubrow
first did my breasts,

he warned me of
possible complications.

Then, as the months went on,

the sliding and
the dropping started to occur.

It seemed like month by month

they would get lower
and lower and lower.

So Im going back so I
can get some answers.

Also I believe
my breast implants

are actually making me sick.

Ive been very lightheaded,

burning in my stomach,
hard to concentrate.

A lot of the doctors
just blew me off.

It made it see like
they just thought,

"Hey youre having
an anxiety attack."

And they would draw
blood, nothing.

They just couldnt
find anything.

Like seriously, like,
in the mornings,

soon as I get up, I have
diarrhea in the morning.

I didnt know all
that was going on.

You didnt hear me or smell me?

No, I would have let you know.


Im starting to feel nervous,

like maybe breast implants
and myself dont mix.

Im tryna figure out
if I take my implants out,

if Im gonna get healthier.

I know this played a big part

of who "New York" is,

but underneath that,
theres still Tiffany.

Oh, my gosh, taking
out the implants

is so scary for me because
Im losing an energy.

Like this is a really
big thing for me,

to go back just fully natural.

Im hoping Im gonna
be able to sit up

high and perky
on my own naturally.

Oh my, thatd be amazing!

♪ Gotta get out ♪

♪ Gotta break through ♪

♪ Life is like handcuffs ♪

♪ Dont wanna get loose ♪

Lets give that one more shot.

Yeah, lets give
that one more shot.

Im Jonathan. Im 29 years
old from Vancouver, Canada,

and these are my big,
ginormous dick pillows,

D-S-L: dick sucking lips, okay?

Theyre huge. I dont need
them to be bigger anymore.

I just want it to be normal.

Not basic normal, not basic.

When I saw Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif last time,

they actually rejected me.

I dont even know whats
the size that I want.

I just want them bigger.
You know what I mean?

[Jonathan] I just keep--

I feel like every time
I get them bigger,

I just keep wanting them
to be bigger and bigger.

We think youre very, very
close to that tipping point,

where you could go
from okay, okay, okay

to complete disaster.

I did end up going
bigger after seeing them.

I was at already 11
vial of lip fillers,

which equals to 11cc
in my lips at the time.

I kept going and going and
going every three months.

I went to different
doctors every single time.

I would go for a full vial,
which is a lot of fillers.

I was like, "Girl, Im
gonna go all the way.

Go hard or go home, okay?"

In total I have
17 vials in my lips,

which is crazy a lot.

I regret not taking Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrows advice.

You know, Ive been
dancing and singing

my whole life, and now people
dont take me seriously

when I tell them
Im a performer.

The big lips just kinda scream

like superficial
and fake looking.

They are a distraction,
and in order for me

to get my career back,
I need natural lips.

So I stopped getting
the injection

and after not
getting lip injection

for over a year,
theyre still so big.

I was told my lip
injection was temporary,

but look at this.

My lips are affecting
me physically,

I cant fully close my mouth.

See what Im saying?

You see that?

Couple of times
I actually drooled

when I was looking down
reading from my phone

or reading a magazine.

What am I, a baby?

Like, that is not a good look.

That is not the attention
that I want, girl!

♪ I just want
to dan dan dance ♪

Tens across the board.

[Jonathan] I think
Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif

are gonna think like,
"I told you so, girl."

I mean, they told me to stop,
but I didnt stop.


Girl, Im crazy. Okay?

You know when you called
me a flying squirrel

when you grabbed my neck?


You could be a flying squirrel.

[flapping noises]

Come here, take a look.


You had surgery?

You had surgery?

Are you [beep] kidding me?

I just went and had
a deep plane facelift

less than 24 hours ago.

Terry keeps making fun
of me with that neck.

Oh, you blamed me
for your facelift.

Dont even blame
your desire to have

cosmetic surgery on me.

Paul, Id tell you
to grow thicker skin,

but I dont wanna
be responsible for

your next surgical procedure.

I have a really
interesting case.

[Dr. Nassif] Tiffany Pollard.

[Dr. Dubrow] Yes! Right?
[Dr. Nassif] I did her nose.

[Dr. Nassif] Yeah, and
her breasts dont look good.

[Dr. Dubrow] They
dont look good.

So the question
is-- is this related

to something that
I did, Tiffany did,

or related to something else?

Can you please send in Tiffany?


My two favorite doctors
in the whole world.

[Dr. Dubrow] Shes back!
[Tiffany] Seeing Dr. Dubrow

and Dr. Nassif,
its like a reunion,

and it feels so good to just

be back in that room with them.

I must say you look honestly--

Yall better stop for real!

Except for the nose,
you look amazing.

Nose looks--
I dont even notice
about the nose.

Your nose
has even gotten smaller

since last time Ive seen it.
Did it?

It shrunk.
Your tip has gotten very small.

I like a big tip.

But I guess on the nose
its okay to--

Boom! keep a small tip.

So whats up-- by the way,
I know youre here to talk
about your breasts.

Give me a quick 4-1-1
of whats happening

to your life?
[Tiffany] Oh, gosh,

Ive been getting sick.

Diarrhea every morning
like clockwork,

dizzy, panic attacks,
and then my girlfriend

had her implants removed
because theres this list

that was going
around the internet,

"Breast Implant Illness."

Yes, yes.
Thats right, BII.

Whats BII?

Breast Implant Illness.

Oh, okay. [laughing]

Uh-oh short-term memory loss.

Is that one of the symptoms?
Another symptom.

Theres a Facebook group,
I think theres about

46,000 women...
Oh, boy.

[Dr. Dubrow]
...who have come together

complaining of all
of these symptoms,

and if enough people have it,

its a real thing,
lets face it, right?

The most rapidly expanding
part of my practice

is taking breast
implants out for patients

who think they may have
Breast Implant Illness.

The truth is, when you
put a foreign body

into a human, it can have
a lot of reactions to it,

and you can get a lot
of the kinds of things

that were seeing in Tiffany.

Weve seen your pictures,

and your breasts
have really changed.

Its so hard because
when you first fixed them,

they were like
everything I ever wanted.

But then as the time
would go on and on,

theyve slid down.

So are you saying you
want the implants out?

Im so scarred, I dont know.

I just still wanna feel
really feminine
and full busted.

Can I see myself
as the HBIC and be organic?

I believe I can do it.

I just dont wanna look flat.

Can I do it?

Lets go examine her?
Lets go look.

Make no mistake,
even though I have a lot

of experience doing it,
its challenging.

Boom, huh...
Boom, huh...
Boom, huh...

Damn, Dubrow, I didnt know
you can dance like that.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

Okay, we did a lift
and the scars got a little wide

because of the weight
of the implant.

They also stretched out the skin

much more on this
one than this one.

The fact that
Tiffanys breast skin

has stretched so much
since I operated on her,

may indicate that she has
a genetic predisposition

towards stretching of the skin.

At the end of the day,

the body does what
the body wants to do.

Lets go through this,
take the implants out,

and then take
the breasts apart

to try to origami them

into a nice shape.
Please origami them!

I want them high.

All kidding aside, okay?
All right.

That is one of my
most popular procedures,

but make no mistake,
even though I have

a lot of experience doing it,
its challenging.

When youve had implants in
for a long period of time,

it changes the basic nature
of the breast tissue.

It can be very challenging
to get a good breast shape.

You have to figure
out a way creatively,

to do something with that
stretched out breast tissue,

make a pillow out
of the pillow case.

That would be impossible.

Lately Ive been doing
a little pillow making.

I thought it was
pillow biting for you.

[Dr. Dubrow] Oh...
Wait now, whats going
on there?


Wow, he made a joke.

And it was funny.

Take that, Terry.
Its the new me, baby.

You know what the chances are

of you having a breast
implant complication

when you dont have
breast implants?


You know, breast implants
are great and they suck.

And plastic surgeons
dont wanna talk
about that side.

Thats why I love you.
Youre real.

Ill make you a deal.

[Dr. Dubrow] We do this
together if you want to.

I want you to continue
with everyone who knows you,

talk about the truth
about breast implants

and how its not
necessarily for everyone.

All right.

[Dr. Dubrow]
Because plastic surgeons

love to sugar-coat
breast implants.

You know that.
[Tiffany] Youre right,

youre right, youre right.
And I will do that.

[Dr. Dubrow] In Tiffanys
case because she has

a lot of breast implant
illness symptoms,

if we can remove those implants

and give her a good
breast shape and symmetry,

she has a big public following,

and she can tell people
to maybe think twice

about having
breast augmentation.

[Tiffany] Im so excited.
Im gonna take really good

care of you, give me a hug.
Thank you so much!

Thank you!
Come on.

My hug now.

[Gia] By day I am single
mom taking care of two kids,

working my nine to five.

And by night I am Gia Gotham,

crazy cosplay girl.

I live a double life,

but we both share these big,
busted boobs.

I just feel like
these girls are not

on the same page whatsoever.

Theres a major size

I need them to match.

I really dont give
a [beep] when Im Gia.

Ive done the Harley Quinn
and my own take on the Joker.

Pam Anderson
in "Scary Movie 3,"

I did kind of a spoof of that.

Hello? Youre in the house?

Body modification became
a thing of interest

for me with just some of
my idols, like, growing up.

Pam Anderson and Elvira, like,
I just saw that aesthetic,

and I was just blown away
by it.

I think I pretty much
decided from an early age

that I was gonna get my
boobs done as soon I could.

So when I was 20, I
was larger and curvier,

and the doctor I
went to told me

hed go as big as he could.

And he was kind of stoked
that I, like, actually had

a lot of tissue,

and he went up to 960
for my very first surgery.

I was his largest creation.

Ive always been obnoxious,
and then it was, like,

my outside matched,
like, who I was,

and at the same time
I was, like,

still wanting to go
even bigger.

So I went from my old
960cc implants to 1650ccs.

And then I was like, "I kind
of want these even bigger."

So I went up to 2050ccs and
got some lip implants, too.

And I decided
to kind of throw in

a little extra obnoxiousness,

getting my tongue split.

After my last breast
surgery in 2013,

I had definitely ballooned up
to over 300 pounds,

and then I had gastric
bypass surgery.

The weight started falling
off really, really quickly.

As the weight
started falling off,

I started waking up.

I discovered, you know,

cosplay, taking on
a whole new persona.

I go by Gia Gotham--
just became an escape for me.

Right now,
Im definitely concerned

with the size difference
between my implants.

In, like, the last,
like, six months,

the more weight
I started losing,

my breasts were not really
best friends anymore,

like, just they
werent matching.

So I wanna see Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow

because they will
be able to tell me

without any bull[beep]
whats going on

and help me correct
the asymmetry that I have

because as much as Im
living my own double life,

my boobs are also living
their own double life

in an alternate universe.

So a few years ago we saw
a patient named Jonathan.

And here he is and
take a look at him.

You should remember his lips.

Look at him.

We told him,
"Put a fork in it."
He did not listen to us.

Lets get him in here,
and lets see what hes doing.

Can you please send in

Im back
[Dr. Nassif] Yes, you are.

Oh, my God, how are you guys?

Whats happening?
[Jonathan] Hi, Dr. Dubrow.

Its good to see you.

Its very special when
patients come back to see us,

like Tiffany and Jonathan.

It just makes everything
worth it.

Its fantastic.

I didnt take you guys'
advice last time.

I went bigger
with my lips after.

So in total I have
about 17 vials in my lips.

I dont think weve ever
heard of that...
Really? such a small area.
Thats record breaking.

A normal amount of
filler in the lips

is about 1cc or one syringe.

Putting 17 syringes
into your lips?

Im shocked that Jonathans
lips didnt explode.

Jonathan, not a good move.

Now, you guys are best friends.
Do you work together?

We met go-go dancing
back in the day.

Then wed gone on tour with a
couple of Canadian pop singers.

So what do you do when
youre a go-go dancer?

You do a certain
kind of dance, right?

[Jonathan] You just dance sexy.
Well, no,
just keep the crowd hyped.

We did that.
In cages, on the bar,
or on a podium.

I know what you want.

I wanna see you go-go dance.
Yep. No, not me.

No, I was hoping maybe give
me some go-go dance tips.
I think--

I can do it for my wife
at home.

Oh, for sure.

This is for you, Heather.
Daddys gonna learn how
to dance.

Okay, and youre gonna
go in, okay, around, up.

Now put your body
through it and sit.

Now do it fast with me.

Like that, see, wa-- you go...

Boom, huh...
Boom, huh...
Boom, huh...


There you go.

Damn, Dubrow, I didnt know
you could dance like that.

Okay, I see you, boo.
Im gonna start calling you

Dirty Dancing Dubrow.
How about that?

[Dr. Nassif]
Appreciate that, thank you.
No worries.

On a more serious note,
how longs it been

since youve had an injection?

About 13 months.

What is the filler?
Is it hyaluronic acid?

Its Juvéderm.
Hyaluronic acid, yes.

You did not go permanent then,
right? Thank God.
No, I didnt.

Normally, hyaluronic acid,
the most common lip filler

thats used, will dissolve
almost completely

by about 12 or 13 months.

The fact that Jonathan
still has a large amount

of filler indicates there
may be something else going on.

Are you gonna try
to go more natural?

I am, I actually
turned 30 today.

Todays my birthday.
Its his birthday.

[both] Happy birthday.

Yes, thank you.
I feel like Im going back

to my original identity.

Oh, you wanna just do it?

Right now?
[Dr. Nassif] Yeah.

Do it right now.


Girl, what did you just say?

You can fix my lips right now?

Let us do a quick examination
and go from there.

Oh, my gosh,
is it gonna be okay?

I gotta go day drinking after.
Its my birthday.

Thats so exciting, right now!
[Dr. Nassif]
Lets do it. Come on.

Oh, my God, lets do it, yes.
Lets reverse that.

With this injection,
Jonathans lips

should get smaller.

Yeah, that didnt work,
did it?

Im humpin.

Youre probably
a full C, small D.

Dont play with me.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

[Dr. Nassif] So you
wanna do something, huh?

You wanna get these down
to, like, this young man?

Yes, I want them to
be natural looking,

I think you have perfect lips.

Thanks, man.
Perfect naturally plump lips.

So lets examine him first.
All right.

[Jonathan] Yes, lets do this.

Im so [beep] shocked that
Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif

said that they could possibly
fix my lips right now.

I turn 30 today. Happy
[beep] birthday to me, hey.

I mean, feel this,
feel this right there.

Right there, right there.

[Dr. Nassif] It does feel like
theres some scar tissue.

[Dr. Dubrow] It does.

[Dr. Nassif] Okay, we can
inject hyaluronidase, which is

the reversal agent for
fillers like Juvéderm.

Now, what are the
risks with doing this?

So lets say filler goes
down in certain areas,

and the rest of it is scar.

Lets say you have scar
right here where we felt it.


Then your lips
will be asymmetric.
[Jonathan] Right.

If that was the case,
then its surgery.

And that means incisions
all the way inside your mouth,

across the whole
upper and the lower--

You guys are scaring me.
Oh, my gosh.

[Dr. Nassif] But you
have to know that.

I know.

All right, so you wanna do it?

Im gonna take a chance.
I think I should.

Just go for it.

With this injection,
Jonathans lips should

get smaller immediately.

If it doesnt, were gonna wanna
repeat it again and make sure.

However, if nothing works
in regards to the injections,

then were gonna have
to consider surgery.

Yeah, that didnt work, did it?

[Dr. Nassif] So when we do
this, we see a little bit

more of a reduction immediately.


Right now theres a
little bit of thought

going through our minds that
theres something else going on
in there.

That is [beep] crazy.
Oh, my gosh,

I cant believe it.

[beep] I dont get
shocked easy at all,

and Im [beep] shook.
I am shook.

[Dr. Nassif] Im gonna
wanna see you for the next

few days for repeat injections.

This is gonna tell us

what is real and
whats scarred tissue.

[Jonathan] Im just
hoping that they can

dissolve the product
without surgery.

I dont want anybody
cutting any part

of my lips, then taking
some of my skin off.

That is so scary. Wow.

Its my 30th birthday.


[Gia] Gosh, this is amazing.

This is like heaven.

[man] What is it
youre looking for?
What can I help you with?

I do cosplay and--
[man] Oh, cool!

I sort of wanna do
something thats, like,

looking like its coming,
like, through my skin.

I wanna do some
take on Poison Ivy.

I wanna, like, step it up.
[man] Okay.

For my cosplay
I go by Gia Gotham.

The name Gia is actually
one of my favorite

Angelina Jolie movies
and Gotham

because Gotham,
Batman, Gotham City.

How cool would that be, though,
if I could get glow in the dark,

like big [beep] pumpkins.

But its gonna look so uneven.

I really feel like I need

to get to
the bottom of, you know,

what is going on.

I need the Batman of boobs
to help me, to save me.

Dr. Dubrow is definitely
the Batman of boobies 100%.

Like what are you hoping for?

Definitely symmetrical,

and preferably if
I could get them

a little bit bigger.

Going bigger is
not gonna help her

in any way,
I dont feel like.

Theyre gonna look ridiculous.

Oh, shes pretty.

Shes infected and
shes coming for you.

Uh-oh, watch out.

Look out for her boobs.

[Dr. Dubrow] Good morning.

I have eye shadow
on just for you.

Thats how excited I am.
I noticed that.

She didnt get the memo
about the makeup in surgery.

But, ladies, I got it
and I just didnt care.


Ive had implants
for the past 13 years,

and Ive always had
complications with them.

I am so excited to
embark upon this new,

healthy phase in my life.

You know,
I just wanna embrace it

and feel beautiful
and confident

and go in there and
get my titties cut out.

What I love about
where youre at

is youre not letting
the breast implants

define you anymore,
because up until this point

things like breast
implants in a way

were part of you.

The challenge, though, is we
cant just take these out

and replace them with pancakes.

My boyfriend does like pancakes,

but I dont think
hes gonna wanna

butter these up and
eat them, so, like, no.

Although its all fun
and games with Tiffany,

this is an extraordinarily
difficult case

because without
those breast implants,

she may feel better, but
if she doesnt look good,

thats not gonna help her
necessarily in the long run.

For Tiffanys surgery today,

I will make an
incision on each breast

and remove her
current implants.

Then I will excise
all the extra skin

and create new breasts
with remaining tissue

to give her a nice
shape with projection.

I will also be giving
her a breast lift

so that her breasts will sit

in the appropriate
place on the chest wall.

Okay, so lets start by
making an incision out here.

Lets take these out.

Come on, you.

So this is what were left with.

Not that much to work with, huh?

Very flat, the big
question mark is

can we get some kind of
shape out of this breast?

Trying to get a good
shape out of someone

like Tiffany,
whos had breast implants

in for a long period of time

where the tissues been thin
and the skin been stretched,

is one of the most difficult
things to do in plastic surgery.

So Im gonna try and
staple her breasts up

into position to see
whether I can get her

a reasonable shape
and a reasonable size.

Well, thats the beginnings
of a breast, isnt it?

Yes. As long as we can
keep it projected.

[Dr. Dubrow]
Okay, down please.

All right, lets take
these staples out and commit.

Now were actually gonna
start removing breast skin.

You know, a lot of plastic
surgeons wont tell women

breast implants
are not for everybody.

And in Tiffanys case,
theyre better left out

than put back in.

Isnt it funny?
Takes 3 1/2 hours to put them in

and 12 seconds to take them out.

Man, theres about twice
as much loose skin
on this side as the other.

Im concerned I may
be able to get a shape

but nothing like the other one.

No, not good. Not good at all.

Ever see this before?
Look at that.

Lets take this apart
and see whats going on.

This is literally gonna be
twice as much skin removal.

What is the main issue
that youre concerned with?

I would like them to
be symmetrical, and--

Go bigger.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

[Dr. Dubrow]
Man, theres about
twice as much loose skin

on this side as the other.

Im concerned I may
be able to get a shape

but nothing like the other one.

No, not good. Not good at all.

This is literally gonna be
twice as much skin removal.

To be honest, I dont think
Ive ever removed

this much skin from
a single breast before.

Look at that, look at that.

Its really shocking
how much the implant
stretched her skin.

It just goes to show you

theres no guarantee
about the surgical result

even when the worlds
best surgeon did it.

Does that look,
like, kind of good?

Looks really good.

[Dr. Dubrow] Not horrible.

Okay, lets make
some adjustments

and then close
Miss "New York."

Hopefully not only will
Tiffany like the way she looks,

shell no longer
need breast implant surgery

because she doesnt have
breast implants anymore,

and what were really
hoping for is that

shell end up feeling better.

Thats the most important thing.

I wanna party
and give it all up.

See, when your tits
dont sag anymore,

you recognize your womanhood
in a whole new way.

My lips feel hella dry.

I dont like to meet
a man with dry lips.

[nurse] That I
can help you with.

Oh, shes setting the scene.

I might have things to do now.

Can we go partying?

Oh, doctor.
How are you?

Ive never woken
up from a surgery

and felt this beautiful.

You need to know one thing.


Youre a rarity.

You did not make me a part of

the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee.

No, I did not.

I still feel a little
bit of Dolly Parton

in my blood.
I thank yall so much.

Look how good you look.

And your makeup
is still intact.

Lord, have mercy.

Tiffany is hilarious
whether shes

coming out of anesthesia
or going into anesthesia.

Whatever Tiffanys having,
Paul should take some, too.

Im ready to go clubbing.

Our next patient is Gia,
and shes very interesting

because she had breast surgery

and then lost a lot of weight.

But it has significantly changed

her breasts with all
of that weight loss.

[Dr. Nassif] Her
skin looks like its

being troubled by
those huge implants.

[Dr. Dubrow] Isnt that crazy?

Look at these
interesting tattoos.

Like a leopard or something.

Whoa, look at that.

Weve got to meet Gia.

Can you please send in Gia?

[Dr. Dubrow] Hi, Gia.

Nice to meet you.
How are you?

Terry Dubrow.
Nice to meet you.

Meeting Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow

is some kind of
a different level of likely
meeting a celebrity.

Im literally gonna
be in the presence
of greatness today.

So this is the character
from "Suicide Squad," yes?

Are you part of the
whole cosplay thing or?

[Gia] Definitely.

Are these tattoos
or just painted on,

the leopard spots?
Oh, tattoos, yeah.

[Dr. Dubrow] Because where
Ive seen that on people

is where they do modification.

They do things with
their ears or horns or...

[Dr. Nassif] Oh,
you had the split.

Whoa, when did you do that?

Right after my son was born.

I had a really
high pain threshold

so it was a good time.

But he numbed you
up though, right?


Youre kidding me.
Didnt it bleed like crazy?

Oh, my God, blood was like,

filling up, like, in my throat.

[Dr. Nassif] The tongue is
a sensitive, strong muscle.

And Gia had her tongue

sawed in half without
numbing medicine?

That is insane.

Stick it out, straight out.

Thats super interesting.

Sometimes people notice it

when Im talking,
especially my nine-to-five job.

Its the most awkward thing.

Theyll like,
"Do you have a snake tongue?"

And then Ill stick
it out at them.

You have a nine-to-five job?

I do, I work with the public.

You work with the public?

Ive a very normal,
like, day-time life.

Like working my
job nine to five,

Im a single mom to two kids.

By night, the little
time I have left, is this.


[Dr. Dubrow]
Gias like a lot of people

that are one person by day
and another at night.

For example, by day Im
intense surgeon man.

At night you can
sometimes find me

in Heathers closet
wearing her lingerie

and binging on bonbons.

All right, so Gia, in terms
of breast augmentation,

how many times have
you had that done?

Three times,
as big as I could go,

which was 2050cc.

And what we notice
in the photos,
that you have laxity.

[both] And an asymmetry.

Yes, and it restricts me a
little bit with cosplay, too.

Is that what brought
you here, the asymmetry?

Yeah, what is the main issue
that youre concerned with?

I love my breasts,
but I would like

them to be symmetrical,
and kind of see, like,

if its even possible
if I wanted to--

Go bigger
[Gia] Go bigger.

Theres a reason why the FDA

puts a limit on
breast size to 800ccs.

Clearly if you go
larger than that,

your risks of complication
are extraordinarily

and prohibitively too high.

Arent you concerned
at all about

having a problem with the skin

or the wounds healing or
anything by going bigger?

Yeah, thats why Im
here to see you.

I think the answers
to all of those questions

that I have and the
variables that you have

are found in the
examination room.

[Gia] Cool, sounds good.
All right, all right, great.

This implant is upside down.

This is the back
label right there.

Serial number 1, 2...

[Jonathan] Now, thanks
to the doctors,

my lips are natural again.

Hi, doctors!

[Dr. Nassif] Jonathan,
look at this man!

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

Okay, so when we sit back

and look at them,
the first thing we notice

is the left not
only is droopier,

but it also is much larger.

And thats the main thing,

By the way, this implant is...

upside down.

This isnt that much thicker
than lower eyelid skin.

This is the back
label right there.

You can see the back
label of the implant.

Oh, wait--
serial number 1--
no Im just kidding.


Gias breast
implants are so large

they have dramatically
thinned her skin.

And Ive never seen
the label on an implant

thats upside down.
Its extraordinarily rare

for me to see something
Ive never seen before

and I hope I never see again.

My bet is this isnt
due to a difference

in the amount of breast tissue,
this asymmetry.

This one has a lot more
saline in it.

I mean, I would
estimate this one has

400ccs less than this one.


Funny, 400cc difference was my
second and my final surgery.

1650 to 2050,
so its almost like

my doctor forgot
to fill up my right breast,

like if were being real here.

You know that theres
not much further

you can go here before
theres nothing there?

Theres a lot at stake here

if you have a complication,
and youre

3mm away from a complication.

You really are.

Gias breast skin is so thin

that theres very
little blood supply

running through the skin.

If she considers going larger

or even smaller,
for that matter,

theres a very significant risk

of her losing that blood supply

and suffering
a major complication

like nipple loss or skin death.

So there are two things
to consider.

One, do nothing and hopefully

for a long period of
time nothing will happen.

Or two,
you downsize the implant,
and then do a breast lift.

But because your skin is
so thin,

right now any kind of lift

would impair the blood supply

to your nipple and it would die.

Normally we say lets downsize.

Do the conservative thing.
Do the conservative thing,

but I think
the conservative thing
is to do nothing right now.

So really the best option
is to leave things alone?

It really is.

What do you think?
I think youre right.

I dont think I ever
thought I would,

as Gia come across
any kind of issues

to where it would affect
my life as Bonnie...

Cosplay is not
my number-one priority,

like I have a very
important life by day.

...where I could, like,
you know,

get me to that place
where its like,

"Hey, now were getting,
like, risky here,"

or threaten my ability to be
the best mom I can be.

Mind blown.

Sound good?

[Dr. Nassif] Fantastic.

Thank you so much, fellas.

Thank you very much.
Pleasure to meet you.

Thank you.
Thats great advice. Thank you.

Youre an impressive person.

Thank you, you guys
are like gods to me.

[Dr. Nassif] Thank you.
Thank you.


Hey, guys, so its
been four days now

since I got my first
hyaluronidase injection,

and since then Ive been
getting it every single day.

Were still gonna see
how much more do I need.

So Im super excited to see

how much filler
its gonna remove.

I can definitely feel my real
lips, which is really cool

because I havent felt
that in, like, five years.

So Im super excited to see
the full results soon.

Oh, my goodness!

Oh, my goodness! Awe!

[Tiffany] Hi.

Can you tell how happy I am?

Oh, my gosh.

And did you like my
high pitched shrill?

You were higher than me.

You dont remember this
because you were on anesthesia.

You were crazy amazing
post-op in the recovery room.

Oh, God, what did I do?

Oh, I mean...

Doctor, I feel full as hell.

I might have to hit the
stripper pole this weekend.

Im hopping.

Youre probably
a full C, small D.

Did you put D into the equation?

Could be.

Dont play with me.

So how are you?
Are you good?

I am more tired,
but my girlfriend said

that thats just
my body healing.

[both doctors] Oh, yeah.
[Tiffany] So Im just like,

other than that,
I feel so alive.

On the table I was
really pleasantly

surprised with how they looked.

But I havent seen them.

You havent seen me.
For a while.

So lets see
what they look like because--

[drum roll]

[Dr. Dubrow] Right?
Okay, because looking at this,

remember, I was worried
about no upper projection?
Yeah, upper pull fullness.

And this is not a push up bra.
This is a surgical bra.

No, its not.


By the way,
did you see what happened?

They look like
they have implants.

I know.
Dont they look like it?

[Tiffany] I love them so much.

I would have did
this 10 years ago

if I knew how wonderful
I would feel today.

I feel lighter,
more energetic,

and actually this is weird,
I feel more feminine

with the smaller breasts
than I do with the bigger ones.

This is gonna be more and more
a part of your practice.

This has become a huge
part of my practice,

taking out implants.

Yall are amazing men.

Yall deserve
everything and more.

By the way, congratulations.
Thank you. Good, right?

Its a beautiful job.
I mean, a scary case.

Beautiful job.
Scary case.

Very, very, very.
It was ugly.

You know, Ive been
on this breast journey

with Tiffany for
a long period of time,

and Im happy shes at a place
that I know will remain stable,

and wont need
any additional surgery.

For once, Im happy
to be out of a job.

Its so good to see yall.
[Dr. Dubrow] So good,
you look amazing.

Thank you.

[Tiffany] Thank you so much.

[Dr. Dubrow] Well see
you soon, thank you.

[Jonathan] By having
my lips reduced,

I feel like Ive grow up
a lot.

Im no longer
chasing the attention

of having big lips.

I no longer want that
super fake

kind of look
that I used to want.

♪ Im all fired up ♪

♪ I said Im all fired up ♪

♪ So come on ♪

[Jonathan] My lips are
the perfect size now.

I did not have scar
tissues in my lip.

I didnt have to
go through surgery

to get to this point.

Other than my lips,
my hair is darker now,

I toned down my makeup,

my eyebrows is no
longer as dramatic,

I dont have lash
extensions anymore.

I feel like my true self again.

The old Jonathans back.

[Jonathan] Hi, doctors.
[Dr. Nassif] Jonathan.
Look at this man.

[Jonathan] Im back!
[Dr. Nassif] You look great.

[Tiffany] Ive been
showing my titties
to everybody.

Theyre probably sick of
seeing them, but Im like,

"Yall dont understand.

Feel them, see them,
its all me again."

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

[Jonathan] Hi, doctors.
[Dr. Nassif] Jonathan.
Look at this man.

[Jonathan] Im back
[Dr. Nassif] You look great.

Remember me?

Oh, my God.
So nice to see you.

What a difference.
You look amazing.

[Jonathan] Dr. Dubrow, hi.

Hold on. Lets see.
[Jonathan] Yes.

[Dr. Nassif]
Look at these lips.

Yes, look at them.

Now when I look in the mirror,

Im like,
"Hey girl, youre back!"

Youre just handsome.
Thank you.

[Dr. Dubrow]
No, you really are.
Awe, thank you.

But I have a question
for you.

Do you think youll
ever do it again?

No, I would never do it again.

[Dr. Dubrow] Never?
No. Im done.

After four rounds of injections,

Im very happy
with Jonathans results.

But what makes me even happier

is that Jonathan is done
with filler forever.

He looks like he
could be in a boy band.


Before my injections,
my lips were so big

that I couldnt drink
or eat properly.

I was drooling and they
were such a distraction

that people didnt
take me seriously.

But now,
thanks to the doctors,

my lips are natural again
and they now close fully

so I wont drool.

And the best part is,
my career is turning around,

and I landed a new gig.

Bye, DSLs. Bye, girl, bye.

I have one question.

Dr. Dubrow,
have you been working
on your go-go moves?

Okay, body roll.

Move like a snake.
Grab with the shoulders

I always do it,
lets see you do it.
Oh, come on.

I cant do that.
Thats because...

He wants to get me--

No, I wanna see you do it.
He doesnt wanna--

he wants to basically
make fun of me.
Quit yammering. Just do it.

Let me see how you do it.
Let me see it one more time.
Okay, one, two, three...

I roll the whole body.
Yeah, like that.

So your body...
Head first

and then roll your body.

Wow, Paul can really not dance.

Great, congratulations.
Thank you.

Please keep us updated.

Thank you so much again.

Thank you.
[Dr. Dubrow] Youre welcome.

Give me one more hug. Yes.

Thank you.
Thank you, Dr. Dubrow.
Thank you. Come on in.

♪ All that I wanted ♪

♪ All that I needed ♪

[Tiffany] Since Ive had
my breast implants removed,

I really feel like
a new person,

and Im loving
the way I feel.

Ive been showing
my titties to everybody.

Theyre probably
sick of seeing them,

but Im like,
"Yall dont understand.

"Feel them, see them,
Im all me again."

[Justin] Ive been waiting
to do this interview

for a very long time.

Vanessa, tell the people
who we have today.

We have Tiffany
"New York" Pollard.

The queen of reality TV.
[Vanessa] The queen.

4.4 million people tuned
in to "I Love New York,"

and I was one of them.
[Vanessa] Amazing, yep.

[Tiffany] I can not
even contain myself.

Thats how wonderful I feel.

Each week my health
is getting better,

Im getting stronger, and I
just want the world to know.

Oh, my gosh!

Oh, my God, welcome
to "Just the Sip."

Oh, my God.
Thank you.

Please take a seat, take a seat.
Welcome to my house.

Do you love this dress,

I wore it just for you.

Im loving everything.

By the way,
you look so different.

The last time I saw you,
you were Jessica Rabbit.

You were-- it was--
it was happening.

I was sitting
at probably a 38GG.

This is a whole new you.

Im liking it.
Its more sophisticated.

Well, thank you.

What made you
take your implants out?

I started getting sick.

I was going through
Breast Implant Illness.

Now, for yall that dont know,

its where the implant
begins to attack your health.

I had so many symptoms,

I couldnt think straight.

I had panic attacks,
I had diarrhea every
single morning.


The doctors were making
me think I was crazy, like,

"No, youre good,
youre fine."

And how many weeks has it been

since youve gotten
them removed?

Im at week 12.

And how do you feel?


I just feel so good,
and I dont have to take

so many trips to the
bathroom in the morning

and have diarrhea.
That [beep] aint sexy.

At all.

Before my surgery,
my body was completely

rejecting my implants.

I was experiencing
Breast Implant Illness,

and my skin was stretched out.

But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

I no longer feel sick,

and the girls are now
naturally abundant.

Thank you so much
for being honest today.

Thanks for having me.

[Justin] By the way,
them titties are still big.

I know it!
[both laughing]

Turns out you can be natural
and still be the HBIC.

I would like
Kim Kardashians figure.

[Dr. Dubrow]
You have some laxity.

[woman] What is it?

That is the question.
What is it?

There never is anything
in my ass normally.

[man] Ive multiple
cardboard cutouts of Jimin.

I cant be with Jimin,
at least I can look like him.

Do you wanna get a nose
that looks like Jimin?

In the last five years,
Ive just changed everything
about myself.

The center unit
will just turn black.
Oh, my God.

The tip of my nose was hurting.

Just touching it like this?

So wanna get rid of
this Pinocchio nose.

[Dr. Nassif] Oh, wait,
wait, wait, wait,

wait, wait, wait, stop.

Oh, my God.