Bordertown (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Verenneito 1/2 - full transcript

The Bloodmaid Part 1. A body is found in Laura Kantola's student apartment, which triggers an investigation into an old missing person case. Sorjonen is facing what seems to be the most complicated case in the history of SECRI.

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[priest] Eveliina, the maid of God
becomes involved -

Our Lord Jesus Christ
expensive body and blood.

[Kari] November 1989.

That's when you had that pneumonia.

You took care of me.

Sit we're level, right?

Even though you did the same to me,
You're pretty much pessimistic about me.


They announced that there was a meeting
early forty-five minutes.

You said you could get this time.

Say I'll bring you there to eat,
and sit that I ...

I will save the sut.

-Good, Hello.

To scare me, I'm moving
to work and completely away from home?

Your father but not oo such
the target group of places.

-It's on the house. You're welcome.
-Aha, thanks.

-Just take a break from Janina, I'll take care of the hall.
-Okay thank you.

You came back there for a music course.


Well, are there any nice guys?

I'm fine, don't worry.

And I'll take care of Dad.

Thanks to the follower
who hinted to me about this apartment.

This is wonderful. A little dirty though,
but otherwise absolutely wonderful.

I decided I would cross over here -

and wash these tile gaps.

At the same time, I could thank you too
my old school friend

which I had as a move:
Thank you, Santeri.


You're in no hurry.

Thank you.

It's good.

But -

I think that's good
starts coming back to work again.

You can do it in peace.

Let Nikon pull the team.
It's going well.

Good, let's do that.

Kari will return to work today.
Niko will continue to be in charge.

All right?

[Lena] At home?

Returned to everyday life.

It was decided to return.

So welcome to birthdays.


Now on Saturday.

But don't tell it.

They are a surprise party.

If only you could.

Of course.

-What's going on here?
-I came to bring my stuff.

-There's a lamp gone.
-Yeah, I was scared.

Laura Kantola?

C 28?

I thought I'd make it to the cabin
no more new grip.

I was wrong.

Let's put the lamp in order,
ni does not grasp with fright.

-Do you get help with the box?
-No, yes, I'm getting this, please.




-I'd like to chat with the sun.

-I'm going in.


I promised to be
on the shelter project side.

But I am going to vote against it.

-Now not a good moment.
-This decision must be made now.

-You should also do it.
-How come?

Elias' share is no longer successful.

The Russians refuse to bind
shelter and Kannas project together.

We have to move on. This is a good decision
difficult for the future.

-Don't decide for me.
-I mean everyone here.

I have always appreciated sua.
I knew something was going to come.


Sometimes I always think
that’s why I was left alone.

Did I really learn everything then?

I'm not against you, I've never been.

But in this situation I am
completely against this project.

Let it be.



Fucking bastard.

A similar pile of shit as a teenager.

It can destroy the whole project.
They want to knock down the whole thing!

-Mom, you got nervous.
-I'm nervous as much as I want!

-Dad threw tobacco in the trash.

Are you all against me?
No goddamn it.

-Robert intends to vote against the shelter.

You're on sick leave, and it's coming
here twisted flowers in the armpit.

It was mine.

Was it? That's right. I'll get another one.

-If that was its idea.
-What's the idea?

That I should stop Saikku,

when it holds but there
put it in a hut.

You think it's just too smart.


From this you know that you have returned from vacation.


Shut up a little. Disappear from the right.

-You can group now. The lane in!
-I know!


Do not slide that switch.

Hi Lena, yeah. Here goes the moment,
we have a small car situation on site.

-You can drive it.





A body has been found in the bathroom.
The resident found when the tiles drip.

Laura Kantola, lived here
less than a month.

Someone say you're not the previous resident
is missing.

Now at least one young woman has been found.


According to the housing association
the bathroom renovation was done 8 years ago.

From this newer
not oo reported to anyone.

It is built for the body.

-Can you take a ton of bodywork already?
-For me.

-It can take it already.

-This new resident called us?
-No, like a caretaker.

This resident, Laura Kantola,
was apparently time to panic.

It called the caretaker.

This cabin is rented furnished.

And the same thing was with the former,
with a missing resident?

I guess so. Eveliina Granholm
is this previous resident.

Reported missing Eastern Finland
to the police 11 months ago.

Active searches ended
7 months ago.

Brought the camera ... Is this a photographer?

This Kantola is holding a video blog.

Had it been found now
lost to Evelina?

[Kari] No one will tell you
from this previous resident?


You don't want to bring
any furniture of your own?

I don't want the move to pay
nothing to my mother or father.

Are there any places to stay now?

No, I moved here from Janakkala.

No friends
who could temporarily accommodate?

Maybe I could try to call Santer.

-High school yeah, no oo anymore.

It's studying here.

If you call it,
ni mie i can take you there.

Niko takes care of you.

See you at headquarters.

Blessings should be called blessings
for parents, however, today.

However, they would say,
that what we were told.

They didn't want me here.

I don't think any of these can predict.

That talker said,
that girl was my age.

To my knowledge, it is nothing
part-time coroner.

But it had met, however
its Evelina.

It's just a canopy without announcing.

Siun should now focus
for a little more comfortable things.

[Santeri] Can I ask you something?

Although this is the question
probably a couple of years late.


-Why were we separated? Like in the end?
-We fought pretty much.

You tear across my toe.

And you bit me.


Vou ...

[Lena] The disappearance of Eveliina Granholm
according to the investigating unit -

no evidence of a crime was found.

[Taina] Tips will not come.
The investigation was closed.

The owner of the apartment received permission to rent
housing ahead.

This new one came a month ago.

The apartment is owned by a conglomerate
called Mastolec.

They had no hurry to put in
housing on the market again.

Onks we have pictures of this apartment
From the time of Evelina's disappearance?

[Niko] On.

The furniture is the same.

The carpet is new.

The desktop has been changed.

Eveliina studied mathematics
in college?

A sophomore when he disappeared.

Moved from the country,
not reportedly socialized.

Laura, this new tenant,
moved from the country.

Studied something in mathematics
related to the university.

-It's not dating.

Laura probably has nothing to do
With the case of Evelina.

-How is this caretaker?
-Markus Hämäläinen.

Couple speeding fine, divorced, no children.

Been in those chores
well over a dozen years.

[text message]

HP announces
that we have knowledge of the body.

-A large piece has been cut out of the thigh.
- [Niko] No hell.

And another smaller piece from the side of the chest.

-Cut after death?
-Likely. Quite cleverly.

Are there any estimates of the cause of death?

Strangled with a belt or similar.
The trachea is broken.

No significant deviations.
Originally blonde.

No pregnancies, no signs
sexual violence.

[Lena] Pieces but missing.

If they've had anything,
which had to be removed.

Something you could identify.
For example, tattoos.

-Evelina didn't have any tattoos.
-Don't go ahead of things.

The fingers were rotten,
they showed no trace.

But according to dental maps
this body is not oo Eveliina Granholm.

- [Taina] But?
-Someone else.

But I'm not surprised by the mistake.

The same age, the same size, the same color.

Hi all Followers.

I like to use natural products,
hence cosmetics.

But now that I live in a new one
place and start a new life,

so I'm thinking to test me
a lot of acclaimed branded products.

I will try boldly
all those scents.

-When is it?
-Next week, Tuesday.

You still have time to do something.

Like what?

When Robert decides something,
so in practice it is decided.

-Where is father?
-Works downstairs.

-Can you take me to the shelter?
-You're not giving up.

I promised something
and I want to stick to it.

I hope you like it too
stick to that promise.

We are used to
that we are deceived.

My daughter said cleverly,
that this does not mean a loss yet.

What should we do?

I appeal
that you were promised a new shelter.

And now you insist
that that promise is kept.

My ex-man has been seen
here in Lappeenranta.

I don't want
that my name appears anywhere in public.

Sari is right.

We are afraid
that this only adds to the problems.

[lecturer] So we don't copy the old,
but we do something new.

And making something new
is by no means easy.

Making an old one is relatively easy.

But when something new is done,
you really need to know how to do it.

[text message]

In technology, this university is
above all interested in information.

-What's going on here now?
-Take a picture together.

It is not logical that Evelina is
killed a girl found on this wall -

and lost it because of that?

The latest findings are
from September last year.

Kari said you were going to work
to meet Evelina's parents.

We should look into the appropriate
aged missing women.

-There's one of them on the wall.
-I'll do it.

[door goes]

You understand why Kari called
this current resident here?

Kari wonders why Laura got it
an anonymous tip about that apartment.

And when Karia is bothered by someone, then ...

Nuclear physics.

It's not anywhere else here.

From whom did you get the tip
from this original apartment?

I don't know anything else about that nickname.

And that it subscribes to my vlog.

Wise dwarf.

How did it know you were looking for an apartment?

I'll tell you there on the vlog
pretty personal things too.

That, too, has been the subject a couple of times.

Onks wise often
comment sun vlogia?

No it oo follow me for a long time.

It would be like this furniture
or have you moved them?

I moved to the side of the telly
and an armchair wall,

ni i can better describe
in the light of the balcony.

You found anything in the apartment,

which might have belonged to it
to the lost Eveliina Granholm?

I do not.

You do not?

I do not.

That black dress on the balcony?

I found it in the warehouse,
it could be. I forgot it.

I lost that sun video channel.

Helmets were pretty much expensive
branded products. Perfume and ...

One of the followers sent them to me
anonymously in the mail.

[Kari] 15 more pounds,
then turn left.

What are we doing here?

Searching for an answer.

For the house owner Mastolec
is definitely more informed -

ku Evelina's parents.

According to police reports -

the parents had not seen Evelina
year before its disappearance.

If you return to Evelina's disappearance,

so something new must have happened.

Eveliina stood up
because of one new crime.

I guess Evelina is not entangled in anything?

You're waiting for an Orthodox.

Through our family.

Eveliina too?

Even more than his mother.

Is this Evelina's real hair color?


It was dark as a child
and then faded quickly.

-The first student in the family.


Were there boyfriends or girlfriends?

At least we weren't told.

The university friends were so great
they were not dragged here to the land.

Eveliina ended up studying
mathematics to Lappeenranta.

It was so sharp on his head.
It didn't even belong here.

Better that it got a new life
there in the city.

We pray every day,

that Evelina is somewhere there
still okay and well.

-It went half a day here.
-Not now.

And what survived?

I know that then,
when this thing is clear.

-On any guesses?
-No, not yet.

The forensic assessment is that
it is a maximum of 2.5 years.


From Turku, when?

Doesn't sound likely.
Wait a minute, man, I ask.


Disappeared from the herd 2.5 years ago
28-year-old woman with brown hair.

How long? 167 cents.

Hardly right. But put the information
to come, and they shall be inspected.

Yeah, it's hardly right.
But if you get the information here ni ...

After all, not the owner of the apartment
no obligation -

rent an empty apartment ahead.

Why did you have an empty apartment
more than half a year?

Let's just say,
that we only woke up to this then

when Laura Kantola contacted us.

You didn't remember
that you have an empty apartment,

-who could rent forward?
-Not remembered.

Maps order, firm is neat.
You have not forgotten any apartment.

-The apartment never alarms.
-And does that mean?

The rent for the apartment was paid
always regularly, on time.

Who paid for them?

The money comes by direct debit
From Eveliina Granholm's account.

I think it was believed here that
that the tenant can return.

What changed?

Rent ran out.

Asked the police
but you had stopped searching.

And then this new one
the tenant contacted.

The landlord paid the movers.

Your own stuff is inside,
the others are in boxes.

The furniture is in place.
Here are the new keys.

Thank you.

If you have any questions,
you can call me.

Or you can come ring the doorbell.

Thank you.


Is there anyone?

According to dental maps
this body is not oo Eveliina Granholm.

-Someone else.

But I'm not surprised by the mistake.

of the same age, the same size, the same color.

- [Niko] Hello?
-He woke me up?

Mie always sometimes I sleep at night.

I have a theory.

Eveliina Granholm took the wall
the identity of the body found.

So it may well live
somewhere with its knowledge, its life.

So because of that
it was not reported.

And that's what you wanted to tell about it now?

We now have a direction for the investigation.

Who did Evelina know at all,
women of the same age at university?

Kari hey, you can go to university
only in the morning.

Also can sleep four hours
and then leaves there.

Good. Let's do that.

-Good night.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

If you're trying to hide something,
so you do poorly.

I don't keep it a secret.

The mother?

Onks we have no pictures of mom
there on a trip to Paris?


Why are you so upset?

-I didn't have a camera with me.
-Well, hui.

If we get this source today,
could get it for the weekend back.

I really like you a lot.
But I don't like you,

if you are secretly planning something,
which is related to my growing up.

[Kari] We have nothing bad to do.

Good, I trust you.

-Will we go?
-You got caught.

-Have you already written a speech?

I can read it beforehand,
if you need help.

No need.

You are mathematically gifted.

So you only have a few good ones
friend, and you are socially timid.

At least you didn't.
And you keep some contacts -

safer than face to face
encounter, right?

Are you teasing me?

I do not. I think
that you can identify -

mathematically gifted
to a young woman.

I would not define sociality
on the basis of mathematical abilities.

That is, are stereotypes based
purely misled?

Or are they born because
that they often hold true?

They are purely misleading.


-Good morning.
-Well say I can wait here.

Are you coming up with something?

I do not know.

I'm not quite sure anymore.

It's nothing, tell me.

Last night my ...

Or I think

that night there
someone came into my new home.

Someone had lit a candle,

and my door was open.

Or sit it had stayed open.

Wait a sec.

The human brain goes a bit like that
hidden, defensive.

It works for everyone
to some extent when

when it has happened
something shocking or distressing.

I don't remember the whole board.
And I don't have candles.

You can also ask that
from the caretaker on the matter.

But it can be,

that you have inadvertently thought
that it calmed down.

That candle would be a calming element.
[text message]


You have a whole body
in that standby mode.

And if there is a little sleep deficiency,
nor does it help.

Sillon easily forgotten
all kinds of things.

Goes a bit like an autopilot.

Mmm ...

I might not have been able to do that
forget already coming.


I would recommend

that you get something fun to follow
and nice things to do.

You get your thoughts out of all this
for a while.

Sorry, I had no intention
take your time.

No worries.

If there is still a need to discuss,
so then you call. Right?


I hope I don't bother
the sun is working.

I am anyway
grateful for the company.


This is the only place in town
where to get tiger ladders for lunch.

What else are you studying?
there at the university?

Nuclear physics.


I don't think it is
sun view of interest.

But I think it is.

What are you doing on the sun plane?

Do you want to see it?


I oo never been in any way
terrible social,

so this is my contact everywhere.

"Change the look:
new hair, new coat, new beginning ".

I asked for tips on what all I did
I could do here in a new place.

Are you going to implement a witch?

Yeah, that's the idea of ​​my vlog.


Is this the sun?

-Have you been on a motorcycle?
-I do not.

About waiting.

I have a question.

From the piece that was cut from the thigh.

-What kind of knife has it cut?

Well, the cutting surface was neat,
that is, there must be a sharp knife.

It would suit you to be exported
shopping for a sun car -

and I'm suddenly still in the dune?

No, I asked for afternoon leave,
that i can help sua at the party.

Yeah yeah, I'm going all of a sudden.

I can come along,
I know these corners and places.

Thanks, but I'm covering
preferably in peace.



[outdoor barking dog]

Do you see all the goods you have moved?

We had to arrange for the resident
new apartment.

The owner asked to move the goods there.
Police reportedly gave permission.

At least not from our department
no order has come.

Mie received instructions from the owner.

You show me where
all these goods have been transferred.


Did you mean to cut and dye your sun hair?

I do not.

Do not you?

I wonder what
but I came up with other thoughts.

My hair was never dyed.

Someone would suggest
that you cut such hair?


I'm just wondering what it could be,
if it were something completely different.

Onks see knives and forks
sun or a former resident?

Some existed and something I brought ite.

Sun or former resident?

Toi is the previous one.

- [HP] The body is now named.
- [Niko] Alina Grutzova.

It was 24 years old when the sister did
here the notice of the disappearance.

Why didn't we find this?

He had informed the university
that moves back to Moscow, home.

The sister stopped searching for a couple of weeks
after its notification.

-It studied here?
-Yeah, economics.

Its sister still lives here.

Cannon in a residential area.

Does anyone want to go tell it
that sister has been found?

So Alina lived here before you.
It explains the same address.

Onks you have nothing left
Alina's goods?

Some went to the flea market and some to the landfill.

This is such a mess for a family with children.

-On this sun sister?

What about this in any way familiar?

Does it look familiar?

It's a bit like Alina,
but does not seem familiar.

[Lena] Alina would have tattoos
thigh or chest area?

I don't think so.

It's not worth a piston there.
The diaper trash is pretty horrible.

Now I would ask you
to sit for a moment.

[HP] No ni.

-Bye Bye.


- [Anneli] Don't we be early?

-No, come in.
-Thank you.

I came to bring congratulations
on behalf of the city. I guess that's okay?

Of course.


Hey. Nice to see sometimes even in such places
marks. What does Helsinki belong to?

I'll help, for sure.

I wanted you to hear
what is the situation these people are in now.


Do you smoke tobacco?

According to the doctor, I can do it
whatever, what helps with stress.

-There they are ready for school.
-Ai yes. Let's go inside.

You can go to the couch if you want.

Are you wondering?


-Big decision.
-It is.

You could see it on Monday
before I leave.

I'm not going to decide anything yet.

Sun ois good to hear how much
you want us.

[Janina] Don't be afraid,
we have a home KRP line at home:

Kari Sorjonen does not give speeches.


I read a while ago
of which women's magazine,

which was instructed to hold
more spontaneous speeches.

Just about anywhere in the middle of everyday life.

My mother knows it, she has
lots of talk. And father cf.

Long speeches in my early teens
in the evening and in the morning.

Their tone has been
so to speak, critical.

No, actually my parents
the speeches have been -

really wonderful, encouraging and supportive.

Mom, I want to keep you like that now.

Many of my close circle do not know -

in the same way to be
glad they have a mother.

When I'm sitting
on this couch or in the kitchen,

I am the roof and I realize

how happy i am
that I have sut.

And what kind of model
you are waiting for me.

So Mom left here as a teenager
the world ...

There's no piston in there,
the diaper trash is pretty horrible.

When my mother was in the hospital in the early summer,

so i took my mother's pillow to my room,

because it still had a mother
familiar and safe scent.


We thought about Father Kaa,
not what we would give you as a gift.

We want you
how important you were to us -

for all these years.

Between these covers
there is evidence of that.

Thank you.

Of those lights, sit right.

-We should investigate one thing.
-Our children are sleeping at this time.

Do you have a hammer?

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