Bordertown (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Kissan kehto 2/2 - full transcript

Cat's Cradle Part 2. The rooftop shooter case comes near the Sorjonen family. Although the case and the family situation mess with Sorjonen's head, he promises to catch the perpetrator quickly.

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-Hey there! Stop!
-I'm a cop. Kari Sorjonen.

-Outdoor movement is prohibited.
-Special Crime Special Unit.


A light weapon with a sensitive trigger.

How sure are you
that this is similar to a shooter?

Pretty sure. Sako TRG,
domestic makes. The army weapon.

[Kari] Someone on the team to track down
possible origin?

[Niko] Susi.

Three dead.

How is Janina doing?

It oo not come all weekend
out of his room.

Siun should probably be home.

Here it stands above the others.

Feel free to apply.

Picks up someone.


[man] Downtown, harbor,
isolation of the administrative market -

makes Lappeenranta a ghost town.

The police make Lappeenranta
a ghost town.

This image is spreading to the world!

We are trying to save lives,
no tourism or business.

I wish I did better,
if you caught this shooter?

The whole police force was crazy here
followed by Friday night.

Lets be already!
This is a completely useless conversation!

The shooter is responsible for this, not the police!

The genus is shrinking a little too fast.

Elias was too young anyway.

All these banal sayings
sounds just as suddenly right.

"Things are moving forward",

"must live in an instant and -

do all things now
when we are here "and so on.

Good night, Robert.

I'm going to get my mother.

Can it get out of there already?

You've been there for 72 hours.

The sun room starts to smell.

Come on, honey, right?

The hospital has a harder time here.

It was ironic,
you hospital is rockier.

Janina ...

[Kari] This is a little scary.

Should I be worried?

I feel,

you I might not like it.

Black feels you didn't like it
but there was nothing deeper in it.

I should have just left it
at some point.

Like it or not,

ni it has nothing to do with it
with how it went.

Most people never have to
to face death that way.

Death has become a thing

from which you want to get
get rid of as soon as possible.

It can also be good to face it.

Black is sometimes good -

give but things
for a moment it really stops.

You come from where you're done.

Then only.

[news] Lappeenranta police
calls for indoors -

and avoid gatherings
in public places.

The sniper succeeded
to escape on Friday night.

Three victims have been killed
sniper bullets.

The last victim died on Friday night -

organized by the townspeople
in connection with the candlelight procession.

You don't seem to take it seriously
that therapist?

This has been different.

I am gathering strength that I dare
meet my wife upstairs.

All the more so.

They frustrate in advance,
if not keep up.

That is one of the most frustrating things
trying to explain things to someone

who cannot understand them.

It's not an intelligence contest,
its job is to help sua.

Karoliina Lahti. It's good.

Tell the mold greetings, then the sun will not
need to wait with an appointment.

I'm fine.

Of course you are.
But you see non-existent things.

I am in working order.

Oh, in working order?
Well, that explains a lot.

Explain what?

Pauliina says you're not whole
on the weekend visit it.

Do you visit guests?

HP, you know but.

Oh, and I ask you to cheat
sun wife with sun work.

It's a doctor's prescription,
I'm not going there.

It says I am sometimes
a little too much for Paulina.

I would hurry upstairs
to his wife. There's nothing here for you.

What did you do with Klaus Lassila?
You, Klaus and Katriina?



- [Pauliina] How can it?
- [Kari] Not well.

Sun needs to help it now.

-Janina will be in charge now.
-I can't talk to it.

And not for you.

You somehow cover me up,
you don't mind what hurts.

And I can't handle what's wrong now.

We need to get the sut in order.

I have just the strength to do this.

Janina is now really responsible for the sun.

It's a smart slick, it will survive.

Janina will stay with you.

[doctor] About them still.

Frankly, this came as a bit of a surprise,

starting home care on schedule.

There wasn't anything else last week
the symptoms?

They can continue to come.

Now everything seems to be going well,
but nothing but can be ahead.

Tomorrow, the first week,
in a month, in a year.

The best medicine right now ois
trying to return to normal.

-Can you specify?
-Specify what?

Our family is still looking
limits to what is normal.

The examining doctor will call you
first week.

I recommend the weakened
due to resistance -

keep a little distance, a little time
you should still be careful.

[Niko] Kari.

I'm sorry
but we should talk to Janina.

Tell them to keep leaving.

This is a really bad moment,
we just came from the hospital.

Well, everything works, of course
in their own way,

but someone could protect her daughter -

emphatically command
authority to leave.

We do not need to be bullied now
this family no more.


[Vera] And let your feet relax.

What are you doing
so you can start coming out of the water.

My turn is over now,
man I wish you a good evening and night.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

[Announcement] In accordance with police advice
ending the afternoon shift,

that everyone gets home on time.

-Hey, Vera.

If you have coins,
would go for a good purpose.

Also collected in memory of the victims
flower garland funds.

Let's go too.

This is terrible for everyone.

Thank you.

[police] No worries. We are too
all busy all over town.

[Pauliina] Wondering something?

I guess not with that shooter
there is some formula.

It will still appear.

Those victims are no coincidence,
they have some connection.

-So you have researcher anxiety, don't you?
-No, I'm not examining.

I will take part in the debate.
I'm talking about it with my wife.

In every home in Lappeenranta
will be discussed tonight.

I am working towards the normal.

In the middle of the night you shout for another
from the room, huh? Truly normal.

I'm trying to sleep here.
Talk to each other.

Why didn't my daughter trust my mouth?
What kind of relationship is it?

Photographer Son.

Would the girls give you prizes?

I remember
you didn't insult Janina many times.

Did you hurt others?


-It's half past four at night.

-Going home?
-No, I just escaped from there.

Makes good little ventilates in between.

Siun should go home.
For your own safety.

Do you need a ride?

-No thanks.
-You don't have any worries.

It can be outside.

The police are just telling me.

Not oo long way.

You're Emilia, aren't you?

-I thought you wouldn't remember.
-You're so horribly outdated.


[Emilia] Do you ever imagine me?
Or once after that?

Direct question.


I want to say I'm sorry
about everything you ...

Hey, don't.

It wouldn't change anything.

-What was that...? Helander.

We didn't find its DNA.
No prosecution, no judgment.

-That's how it goes.
-No right.

Petri was later charged.

It was caught a second time
and received a 28-month sentence.

Of course I don't know. How much later?

Three years.

You knew what it was.

And you let it be free
on foot for three years.

That solution was yes
quite extreme.

My solution?

How did I do that? I have always thought,
you but drove into it.

If you had given
time but a little time ...

Kari, don't blame me.

You imagine I'm guilty
to what happens to me?

No, no.

None of what happened
there was no reason for the sun.

All I had to do was get away.

Sun had to stop it.

[alarm clock]


Vera, what are you doing?

Vera, I have children.
You can't do this to me.




Jaana ...

It moves especially. Get out of hand.

What is the benefit of an emergency bulletin,
if it now breaks into homes too?

Nothing, but it helps.
No eyewitnesses.

Someone claimed to have seen it
its in that procession.

I have an email full of messages,

that little asian sighted man
or a boy who spoke Russian.

Off, I just wanted to get away.

[Niko] Kari.

How are you getting along?

The fourth victim.

Mother of mother, shot in own kitchen.

The shooter broke in,
used a pistol. The way of doing things is quite different.

In fact, the shooter is
consistent inconsistent.

First shot from the roof, second
from the car, the third in the crowd up close.

Now it infiltrated a private space.

-There are too many variables here.
-It's good, there are enough variables.

The question can no longer be
occasional victims.

The shooter is willing to take risks,
in order to complete his mission.

What the hell is that to do?

You find out
when you find the unifying factor of the victims.

What if you just found it?
There would be no more victims.

Niko, no one solves these alone.
I'll be happy to study these,

and I leave the media, the investigation,
responsibility will be happy for you as well.

What do you say to Paulina?

That you wanted to ask Janina,
and I told the sun to go away.

You don't have oo personal stuff.

This is my job.

Sometimes it says something else


A therapist who avoids his background.

This office is a getaway for you.
You are safe here.

For many, a job is.

Onks for you?

You knew I was
my training as a psychologist?

Why are you on the defensive,
if so, how is this going?

You should never ask too much.

Let the suspect just talk.
Sit lead it secretly into a trap.

We have customers here.
-I'm a patient here.

-And we don't have traps.
-Of course it is.

Man is a mystery.

I never want to
reveal everything even to yourself.

Sun needs to get it talking past its mouth.

Why are you here?

Because of the head.

Do your best.

Maybe I have a hard time accepting
my wife's illness.

Maybe I'm confused.

I don't think it's clear either.

[Katia knocks] Janina.

I wouldn't be able to shout through the door!

[knocks on the door]

You are now opening the door to hell
or I'll go through that!

-Oks okay if I open the window?
-I'm cold.

There's something like two degrees.

I was there on the hill.

Not this oo but that.

It's just ... Now it's just too much.

I guess you're not ...

you just pity yourself.

-What did you say?
-You didn't care about Elias on the hill!

We didn't talk about it, but you knew
you didn't even care about it.

I didn't hear anything.

For a moment Elias but ...

We held hands and sit ...

I was there on the hill.

-Dress it. We will be sent out.
-I'm not going anywhere.

-Now you're wearing it!
-We fuck off!

-Mee out of here!

Janina, I'm not leaving here
before i get the sut up.


-Do you need help?
-I'd rather take it here.

Soldiers take care of himself.

Carefully. And calmly.

Thank you, Mr. Major.

Are they victims or guilty?

Everything is for you
guilty in principle.

It's been over a year.
You can't wander in resentment indefinitely.

-You put my daughter in jail.
-I just did my job, didn't I?

I blame
and you speak for the victims.

You need victims, don't you?
Without the victims, there would be no Kari Sorjo.

Hi, I'm not guilty of
that this is happening.

Toi does not suit you, do not sacrifice.

Could you go away?

That's why
that you're not really here.

Elias Kindergarten Group.

This wasn't there before.
How did it appear in it?

I can't know that.

Katrina. This is Katriina's picture.

This all started a long time ago.

The shooter may be in this picture.

[Therapist] Maybe I should bless
understand your own weaknesses,

ku you understand everyone else.

If I make a mistake, someone can die.

At work. There is a different thing at home.

Is it?

I meet old acquaintances.

People who have betrayed me
by making a mistake.

See meetings -

are like reminders of the times

I have lost control of things.

Where do you work?

Not really, but inside my head.

I see them ...

Let's say vividly.

I'll go through them.

-What are these meetings like?

Are these meetings friendly -

or accusations or something else?

I guess you're not trying to get them
but to understand something.

I think,
you don't try to tell me something.

[Church bells]


I want you to figure it out here.

You understand that Elias, too
can reveal something suspicious?


I thought you weren't
don't want me to get involved.

[Pauliina] How are you?

We all want you not to figure it out here.

That is what is wanted.

I'll find out here.


[Pauliina] Onks all right?

[Lena] Mites Janina?

I'm not going to bully it, it's all broken.

That's how we all are.

I have one more thing for you.

I don't want to continue. I already said that.

No need to shoot, but you will meet
get there and keep your ear open.

I can't believe you're not giving
thank me right now, here.

Get around a little.
Do you want to help these?

Do you want to help Janina?

The desire.

Well ni, insert that card into your pocket.

[choir sings]

Niko. Niko!



-Hey, tell me now.
-That Heikkinen meant.

It claimed I had a hobby
workplace bullying. And Emilia.

I knew the culprit,
but I didn't get it prosecuted.

Emilia got away with her own hand.

And Eve took my daughter away.
It took Janina away.

-What are you talking about now?
-What the victims have in common.

The common denominator is what moves.

-Shooters have been bullied at school.
-The victims have been in very different places.

They didn't have to be the same
place. They have been in different schools.

In this country bullied
transferred to another school.

The shooter went from school to school.
That is, the victims are bullies from different orchards.

Or from primary school,
from middle school or high school.

Where are we going?

Retrieving material from victims
from all times.

[Kari] Why can't I find it?

Not a common image or name.

-Don't it oo have to be in these?

Okay ... So we're looking for a man too,
who can shoot -

and who is able to organize
such an operation.

That is, probably an army background.

Why can't it already be found?

What did you say you weren't looking for?

A man who can shoot
and has an military background.

We are looking for a woman.

Well, hell, it could be a woman.

School shooters rarely have women.

The boys strike the whole world,
girls often personify the attack.

So now we are looking for a woman,
who enjoys shooting -

and who has changed schools.
I don't think there can be a terrible number of them.

And then -

my consultation has been done.

Here is one name that fills the search.

Vera Rissanen, social worker.

-And we have an address?

You're doing really well.

Blind chicken and so on.

Now stop. Don't doubt ittees.

Stay here.

I dare not.

I don't really dare.

I don't think you're trying to help, but ...

This is not my thing.

-I don't care about shooting.

Why are we here?

Mom thought it was a good idea,
that we should come here. It suggested this.

-Ai me?
-Or well, you were my idea.

You're a little easier to approach.

You could get a ton
even the leader of the place to say something.

You have a good reason for that.

Lappeenranta police ask
observations of Vera Rissase.

He is suspected of being involved
To the shooting cases in Lappeenranta.

-Vera Rissanen.
-It was said you wouldn't be shooting here.

Went to one time constantly.
She was quite a talented girl.

-Did you teach it?
-I do not.

No offense. I'm just thinking,
that its teacher was too good a teacher.

-It went here with a major.
-Did that teach you everything?

Risto? You can't blame it,
it was a really nice person.

But it was in pretty bad shape.

May I ask, you Risto who?



Hands up!

Risto Sailaranta. Vera Rissanen,
onks he's visiting here today?

I don't remember everything anymore.

This woman, Risto.
Has it been here today?

You have no respect.
I am a Major!

-Do you know the job of this woman?
-Of course.

Where is the wedding? Have the wedding been here today?

What job are you teaching him?

Risto, everything is fine.
No oo no worries.

We can even turn off the brought television.


[Kari] I found Vera's diary.
It is written in fairy tale format.

-So what?
-Each bully has their own story.

Here are 9 stories. Four stories
the protagonist is already the length of it.

-So five are still in danger.
-Send those names to me.

I'll put it.

There are ammunition and weapons and empty
a box with an explosion hazard label

-Is it a bomb?
-On we have Vera in trouble?

It didn't hurt anyone.

-It's a shot of four people with bless guns.

No, no. No Vera would do that
it's so kind.

Vera has murdered people.

Work you have helped it
and you will be charged. Mr. Major!

I'm Risto.

Teit had something to do with it,
when you came to visit.

New house.

I tried to reach out
Vera's last five items.

I just caught one. It had been received
a special invitation to the Lönnrot School.

-Sounded in my ear trapped.
-I went to high school fast.

It was a victim throughout his school career.

Why was no one intervening?

[Maasalo] So-in, why no one
never intervene?

Teachers, parents, loved ones, anyone?

Some dream of a family, some a career.

Some take your thoughts away right away
tenavina that they do not dream anything.

Why did you decide to go so far?

Those who had power, they took the wife.

And took the child.

They always roll over us.
Just aim, Kari.

And revenge settled the matter?

I do not know. And this is not revenge.

It's about teaching.

Correction of injustice,
balance and justice.

You don’t have things in balance now.

I triggered my left hand.

May be tuned to explode,
if the grip comes off.

-Prisoners with explosives around.
-Okay, receipt.

It is potentially dead
man's switch, plastic explosive.

The hostages are in a bundle.
Can't shoot, can't attack.

-What can we do?



[Kari] You can't negotiate.
It will not work.

Vera is not going to surrender.

But it doesn't either
detonated another bomb.

-What is it waiting for?
-How many of them are inside?

-Four hostages.
-It's waiting for five.

Are they men or women?

-Three men and one woman.
-It's waiting for a man.

-It's the power of the sun.
-Okay. Wait a minute.


I needed blessed help.

Are you sure?


Allu Laakkonen from middle school.

Vera lives somewhere in her own reality.

This Vera is not oo the same Vera
who cares for those elderly.

Vera in front of the Sun wants to destroy.

The victims are not oo people.
It has no empathy for you.

-Field three, the object is moving.
-Not visible.


Laakkonen Allu.

- [Niko] Hey!
- [Vera] Tons of honey.

-What's this, hey?
-Go now.

-Quietly calm now.
-Walk ahead.

Field three, I target the object.

Field triple ready.

Earphone. Why do you have one?

I was talking on the phone
with a girlfriend in the car.

-It's illegal without this.
-Don't follow. Don't try to be kind.


Take it off!

Vera has been bullied.

Bullying is its weak point.
The bullies have always had power over Vera.

Use it.

That was you, Allu, the worst.
You get to be here for the first time.

Is that what you think? Fucking cow.

What did you say?

Yes, you heard that.

Or are you fucking deaf
in addition to the fact that they are tollanen -

Satan's ugly, fucking stupid?

Get lost now, fuck!

Tollanen Satan's board!

Hi Satan.

Now put that fucking gun away
and don't embarrass it anymore!


Hands visible! Drop the gun!

Take your hand, right hand!




How come?

It's just satan here,
there are spores and ...

Is it?

I thought
that this would be a good way to celebrate

that the outside air is safe again.

Sun has to stop taking me
sayings so serious, Sorjonen.

We will stay here without,
that you gentlemen just burst.

What exactly are you doing?

One scoundrel.

-The grill is open, come to eat.
-Are you serious?

If the family has time to meet
but at one o'clock at night,

so sit the family meet at one o'clock at night.

That the thing is taken care of and life goes on?

Do you realize that this is all worth it?

You told me and Elijah to go there.

The sun shouldn't have stopped us.

Isn't sun work oo preventing all of this?

And the fact that Lasse Maasalo took me,
that was also the sun's fault.

Everything is not well.

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