Bones (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 22 - The Beginning in the End - full transcript

The team works to uncover clues buried under a life's worth of possessions saved by a hoarder in order to solve the mystery of his death. Meanwhile, Angela's father has a specific purpose for his most recent visit, and Brennan and Booth are confronted with unique opportunities.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Mom, it's snowing!

Are you jumping
on your bed again, Dylan?

Yeah, 'cause it's snowing.
Come make a snowman with me.

Oh! What have you done in here?

Sweetie, come here.

Oh, my God.

What's wrong?

It's not the good kind of snow, honey.

Cool! Dibs on the skull.

Who keeps this much junk?

Oh, whoa! Wow.

Washington Capitals puck from the '80s.

That's classic.

Victim is male,

in his 40s.

That's it? That's all you got?

I mean, usually, you have, just,
a list of specifics I don't even understand.

- I'm very distracted.
- Yeah.

I bet you are, with all the junk here.

No, not that. You probably heard

about the full set

of interspecies, hominid remains
that were found in the Maluku Islands.

Well, I missed that one.
Where's Mypoopoo?

Maluku, Indonesia.

Anyway, this could be a crucial link
in the evolutionary chain.

It'd be huge, I bet, but what about

the 40-year-old dead guy here?

There are apparent perimortem injuries
to the temporal and parietal bones

- and the squamosal suture.
- So, he got hit in the head, huh?

Let's go see if what hit him is upstairs.
And I'm keeping the puck, that's vintage.

Well, I tried to get him
to clean up his place.

He wouldn't answer the door,
he wouldn't pick up his phone.

Yeah, well, it's probably clean by now.

Most of the stuff came crashing through
the ceiling of the downstairs apartment.

Yeah, you know what'd be great?

If it didn't get out
that Murphy died in the apartment.

Makes it tougher to rent.

A big hole in the floor
probably makes it less desirable, too.

Oh, not one of those guys.

- What guys?
- A hoarder.

This is an anthropological
microcosm of this man's life.

I doubt we'll find any pertinent evidence
in all this crap.

All this crap is evidence, Booth.

Well, this is a little slice of heaven.

Cockroaches, fleas, rat droppings,
bat guano...

One of those guys.

Oh, yeah. Whoa.

I think I'll be happier downstairs
with the dead stuff.

Ugh! Who could live in this stench?
Put on the fan there, will you?

Sense of smell is destroyed after a while.
Must be a survival mechanism.

In the Maluku Islands,
it's a remarkable find.

Better than upstairs?

Well, upstairs can't really shed light

on the interspecies similarities
of human evolution.

Now, this guy must've been dead

- for a long time.
- Maybe not.

Hodgins found so many
insects and rodents,

they could've cleaned the flesh
quite rapidly.

Anyway, remains were found
on the islands

which suggest Homo floresiensis
may have mated

with early Homo sapiens.

I've been in touch with
the organizing committee.


That shouldn't cause surprise,
I'm an anthropologist.

Who's been focusing on murder lately.


Hey, down below.
You might want to check this out.

Did you find more remains?

- Not exactly.
- We did, however, find 36 waffle irons.

No syrup though, so what's the point?


Right. Behold.

I'm thinking cause of death
might have something

to do with blood loss.

There! A place for everything,

and everything in its place.

Well, the place
for this guy's flesh is on his bones.

Not in the buggy bellies
of thousands of maggots.

Dental records confirm that
these are the remains

of Timothy Daniel Murphy, age 48.

You'll excuse me if I'm a little bit excited.

Oh, you have a thing for hoarders, do you?

Oh, Lord, no.
They make me a little nauseous actually.

But I have excellent control
of my gag reflex.

There are two sets of parallel cleft wounds
to the parietal and temporal bones,

consistent with an attack
with some kind of blade.

Hacked to death,
that would explain all the blood.

- Weren't we talking about me?
- Yeah, it always seems that way.

It's just...

I've been accepted
to go to the Maluku Islands!

Whoa! Hearing loss, Miss Wick.

That is excellent news.

Wow. That did not sound sincere.

If it weren't for
that letter of recommendation you wrote,

I would not have made the cut.

Well, I had no idea that recommendation
was for the Maluku project.

But it was. This is amazing!
I could be referenced in research materials.

Whoa! Daisy, you have to stop
making that noise!

Hacking suggests a crime of passion.
Any blade marks on the other bones?

Dr. Brennan?

Yes, Miss Wick is indeed very fortunate.

The Maluku anthropological team

could influence scientific thought
for many years.

Perhaps we could return
from the Maluku Islands

and focus on the murder?


What's that?

It's a psychiatric term for those who hoard.

These photos indicate that the victim
was a Level V hoarder.

Five out of 10?

- No, out of five.
- Well, things are usually out of ten.

Well, they should be out of 10.

Level V is extremely severe.

You would be classified as a Level I.

- Me?
- Yeah.

I've seen your office, your apartment.
You cling.

I don't cling, okay, I collect things.
It's a big difference.

Okay. A Level V disposophobic
might also be agoraphobic,

which would limit his relationships
in the outside world.

You'd be dealing with
a very small pool of suspects.

Why are you staring at that soldier?

He's not a soldier. It's a full-bird colonel

in the US Rangers.
And you know what? He's staring at me.

I hope this is coincidental.

Most definitely not, Master Sergeant.

No, not Master Sergeant.
FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Why did they send you?

I told them you'd talk to me.
So far, so good.

I'm not talking to you.
This is me not talking to you.

We're losing men every day,

men who don't have to die,
and wouldn't if you'd train them.

- Your country needs...
- Oh, no.

Don't say that word.
I serve my country, Colonel.

- Who's that guy?
- Just do me a favor.

Just head back
to the murder victim's apartment,

and see if you can pick out
any psychological clues

from the garbage, okay?

- Hello?
- Hey.

Look at you, all squinted up.

Yeah, they didn't really get me
a pair that fits.

To be honest,
I'm feeling kind of pinched in my... Wow.

Those photographs did not lie.


So, have you found anything
that points to the killer?

No, not unless he was trying
to hoard the hoarder's hoard.

Well, there might've been something
of value in all this, right?

You think someone actually tried
to take something from here?

How would he even know where to look?

Did I just see a snake?

Thamnophis sirtalis.
It's a common garter snake.

We're on the third floor.
How does a snake get in here?

Probably followed the bats, rats, mice,
squirrels and fleas.

There's also extensive termite damage.
Which explains why the entire floor

fell into the apartment below.

Four, five, six fans.

And there are air fresheners
hanging all over the place, so, obviously,

there were complaints by the neighbors.

Half suspects. I mean, wouldn't you
kill him if you lived next door to this?

Whoa! Daisy said that the victim
was killed by a blade.

Hacked to death, maybe.

This could be the murder weapon.

Yeah, well, you can put it over there
with all the others.


Well, maybe all these fell on him
and it's just an accident.

Uh, no, that wouldn't explain
the blood spatter.

It's going to be very difficult,

because everywhere you look,
there's a weapon.

- What's wrong?
- He's back.

- Who's back?
- Angela's father.

Okay, I saw him down there. I know
you do not believe me, but I saw him.

No, I totally believe you.

The man carries a black cat bone
in his back pocket.

Oh, God help me.

Yeah, of course I got complaints.

And not just from his floor.
From the whole building,

- from people passing by on the street.
- Why didn't you just evict him?

I tried, and tried, and tried.

Look, eviction notice for cause,

to wit, health, hygiene,
damage to the building.

Here's a summons and a complaint,
both of which Mr. Murphy ignored.

And multiple filings
with the health department,

including mold, mildew,
dust mites, vermin.

And there are snakes in the apartment,
Agent Booth, snakes.

Why couldn't you've just
turned off the heat?

Yeah, because that would be illegal.
He could sue me.

All this stuff must have
made you pretty desperate.

Yeah, I know you think I killed Murphy
to get him out of the apartment.

Well, you know,
the building is rent-controlled.

You know, you could have
just kicked him out

and charged your new tenant double.

More like quadruple. But I didn't kill him.
I went through the proper channels,

which you can see, look.

These are the court filings
which Mr. Murphy ignored.

Last one filed three days ago.

You sure came prepared.

Yeah, well, I got to pay
for the ceiling that collapsed.

Can't afford that and a lawyer.


Hey, Bones, what are you doing here?

But you asked me here
to compare notes on the murder.

Right, yeah.

Who was that soldier?

Uh, just an old Army buddy of mine.

You didn't look like buddies.

What, all of a sudden,
you can tell stuff like that?

Well, you've taught me to be
more observant of human interaction.

I can also tell that you're reluctant

to be honest about
your real relationship with him.

Secretary of Defense?

They want you to go back into the Army?

As a sergeant major? Wait, I thought,
you were a master sergeant?

They're just trying to tempt me
with a promotion.

But you know what? I'm not going.

This lists your commendations.
You were really good at being a soldier.

- Why do they want you back?
- I don't know.

They just think
that my experience as an FBI agent

and a sniper in the first Gulf War...

You could train soldiers in techniques
for tracking and apprehending insurgents.

Yeah, well, I'm real happy tracking
and catching murderers right here.

They say you could save lives.

Of course they're going to say it,
it's the Army.

They say that
'cause that's what they want.

You don't think you'd save lives?

Well, yeah, but I mean
anyone would in that position.

Not everybody's as good as you.

I served my country. I have a kid here.
I got responsibilities, all right?

I'm not going to go to Afghanistan,

and you're not going to go
to the Makapoopoo Islands.

- Maluku.
- Right, exactly.

You know what?
We have our jobs here, right?


Excuse me, Dr. Brennan,
if I could just have a moment.

And I'd like to preface my statement
with a caveat.

- Your unquestionable brilliance...
- What is it, Miss Wick?

Okay, okay. In your preliminary report,

you said the injuries
to the temporal and parietal bones

and squamosal suture
were inflicted at time of death.

That's correct.

"That," meaning what I said,
or "that," meaning what you said?

- I'll read what you wrote, verbatim.
- That's not necessary.

"There are apparent perimortem injuries
to the temporal and parietal bones

"and squamosal suture."

That sounds correct.

How angry would you be
if it were not correct?

You mean, if I were wrong?

I would never state it
in those kind of bald terms.

Does "inaccurate" sound better?
No. "Erroneous"?

What have you found, Miss Wick?

You'll know instantly when I point it out.

Here and here,
under 40 times magnification.

Remodeling. The wounds started to heal
before the victim died.

Which means
we have no clear cause of death.

And even after
your superlative recommendation,

I am stumped.

Please conduct a histological study
of the bones.

Yes, yes, of course.
May I ask why you want to do that?

There's something funny
about the way these bones feel.

Bones have a feel?

Yes, touch them.

Compare them kinetically to the thousands
of other bones you've examined.

Lighter. Oh, my God. Yes.

I wish you were coming to Maluku.

It seems odd that you'd be missing
something so important.

The histological study, Miss Wick.

The victim's apartment
is like an archeological dig.

We should be able to put together
a picture of his life from his effects.

Hodgins is dating each pile of junk
according to insect larvae,

rat droppings,
and the yellowing of the paper.

Apparently, he's been hoarding stuff
for about four years.

The oldest stuff
is where he fell through the ceiling.

Hoarders often organize their holdings
by category and value,

much like one would find in a museum.

Oh, so he was curating garbage?

Well, the term "garbage" is relative.

The only intrinsic value things have

is what we give them.
It seems odd now, but in Holland

tulip bulbs were once
as valuable as houses.

Maybe we all overvalue things
that are essentially worthless.

Well, that was more than a comment
on this case.

What's going on, Brennan?

What separates what I do here
from what this man did?

So, going to Malulu is worth more?

Maluku, yes.

The murderers will never stop.

But this find has real, finite value.

I'd be able to answer questions
about our origin,

evolutionary track.
It has implications for history, science.

Listen, you're allowed to make life changes
without picking a fight with your old life.

But I need a break from that life.

I'm worried all the time.

Worried that Booth might get hurt
on a case, and I couldn't prevent it.

Worried about
what our partnership means.

So you want to get away from Booth?

No. It's just...

I just need some perspective

so that I can view my life
with some objectivity.

Have you talked to him about it?

The Army wants Booth
to go to Afghanistan

to train soldiers
in the apprehension of terrorists.

Is... Is he going to go?

Even though he said he wasn't,
it felt like he wanted to.

Perhaps it's all for the best.

You two at opposite ends of the world?
I don't think so.

We have work to do, Angela.
Traditionally, hoarders have

one section of possessions
that has a greater value than the others.

We should be looking for that.

Where did you learn how to throw
a fastball like that? You were amazing!

- You taught me.
- No, hey, I'm not that good.

Right, yeah.

- Dad?
- Yeah?

Are you going back to be a soldier?

Um, why are you asking me that?

Mom said the Army called our house
looking for you.

I'm not in the Army anymore.

I'm out, okay.
I made a decision to stay with the FBI,

to be with you all the time.

So, it's my fault?

- Is what your fault?
- It's my fault people are going to die.

No, that's not what I meant.

I want you to save lives.

Yeah, well I do that here.

No, here, you catch people
that kill other people.

There, you would make it
so people wouldn't die.

Isn't that better?

It was just a phone call, buddy.

That's all, it's over with, all right?
I got an even better idea.

What do you say
we go get one of those huge,

giant, root beer floats
that you love so much?

- Sure.
- Yeah, all right! That's my kid.

Where are the Maluku Islands?

Formerly known as the Spice Islands,
indicating they smell very good.

There are earthquakes and volcanoes

- and a number of venomous creatures.
- What about our wedding?

We could elope in the Maluku Islands.

Oh. Okay, what then?
What would I do there?

I know this isn't easy for you, Lancelot.

But this is the biggest career opportunity
I've ever had.

And like my mentor,
Dr. Temperance Brennan,

my career means everything to me.


For now.

And I know you're not exactly
Mr. Adventure,

so this has to be difficult for you.

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I have to go for a year.


If you do decide to follow me,

here's some literature
on the Maluku Islands.

You were a swimmer in college.

There seem to be
some lucrative opportunities

in the pearl-diving trade.


- Hello, Special Agent Seeley Booth.
- Hey, Booth.

- I found something.
- What kind of something?

It's accounting records
dated four years ago.

They seemed to have been
neatly put away.

Hey, what if the traumatic event

that turned him into a hoarder
was work-related?

I mean, remember Enron, Madoff?

Those guys would have loved
to have killed their accountant.

I'm just saying,
you never know what secret lives

people have in their past,
you know what I mean?

Yeah, I do.

All right, well, I'm going to crate these up

and go ahead and send them over to you,
and you hung up, didn't you?

Booth? Yeah, okay.

That wasn't a scream, that was a yelp.

Perfectly understandable.

This is a crime scene,
so, technically, no one should be here.

You're not afraid of me, are you?

You? No.

Good. So now that you're family,

I'm going to have to go ahead here
and ask you for a favor.

Anything for family, Dad.

I can't believe this.

Tim and I worked together eight years.

The exciting world
of corporate accounting.

When was the last time
you saw Mr. Murphy?

Well, he left the firm a year ago.
I haven't seen him since.

But we've talked on the phone though.

Do you know anything
about these accounting records?

Well, there's nothing special about them.

It's simple receivables, cash receipts.
It's office supplies mostly.

It's the kind of thing that
we take to the recycling bin each quarter.

Which we found
in Tim Murphy's apartment.

I'm sure.

See, this is where it started.
He'd take home stuff from the office.

It was garbage, really,
but he acted like it was gold or something.

The signature on these documents.

Well, it's mine, yes.

Wait, you're wondering if there's
some kind of crooked accounting here?

Like I might have a reason to hurt Tim?

Kind of crossed my mind.

You could have any forensic accountant
look at these. They're worthless.

Tim had problems, Agent Booth.

Yeah, the hoarding. We know.

Yes, he was agoraphobic, too.

He wouldn't leave his apartment.
That's why he lost his job.

We tried an intervention a year ago,
a bunch of us from work.

But he wouldn't even let us
in the apartment.

I told him he was going to smother
in all that junk.

But to him, it was treasure.

About a month ago, he said a guy
offered him $50,000 for something.

You know what it was for?

I didn't take him seriously, Agent Booth.
Tim was a very sick man.

Starved to death?

Yes, notice the demineralization,
particularly in the large bones.

But his place was full of food.
Not good food, but basic sustenance.

The histology report
shows decreased bone mass

and a marked deficiency in calcium.

He starved to death.

- After being hacked?
- Yes.

That could take anywhere
from several days to a month.

So after he was attacked,
he was somehow immobilized?

Based on insect activity,

Hodgins says he was trapped
under a collapsed pile of his hoardings.

Ugh, that's horrible.

Oh, my God! I'm so excited!
I just heard the news. I could burst!

What news?

Dr. Brennan has been asked
to head up the Maluku Island project!

Isn't it so exciting?
I just knew they were going to ask her.

Someone offered him $50,000? For what?

She didn't say, just said a guy
offered him 50 grand for something.

A disposophobic has a delusional regard
for the value of the things he hoards.

Yeah, that's what Dr. Brennan said.

But she used anthropology-speak,
so it sounded more science-y.

The marks on this door here,
you're saying it's from termites?

Yeah, there's termite damage
all through this area.

I don't think so.

See this wood there? That is splintered.

You're right.

So, the door was probably pried open.
So, robbery, motive for murder.

Hoarder has an actual treasure.
Someone wants it, he won't sell.

He's robbed, murdered. Yeah, it fits.

I don't think it's possible to tell
if anything got stolen from this place.

Daisy's going to Indonesia.
She doesn't really care if I go with her.

Ooh, ouch.

Sweets, no offense,
but you might be better off without her.

Dr. Brennan was asked
to head up the expedition.

Will you be better off without her?

- Excuse me?
- Daisy told me.

No, Bones is not going anywhere.

If it's any consolation,

Angela's dad got cheated out of his car
in a card game with some bikers

and he wants me to steal it back.

How's that any consolation?

The things we do for love.

Great. You guys stay here and see

if this guy's got anything in here
that's worth 50 grand. You understand?

So, I'll help you get that car back.


Yeah. You know why?
Because I'm Mr. Adventure.

I'd rather you were
Mr. Sneaky Ninja Killer Assassin,

but, hey, a guy can't be picky
in this sidekick market.


The Raman spectroscope
uses lasers and light diffusion

to measure minute changes
in chemical composition.

This machine would be very useful
on Maluku Islands.

I've already suggested it to the organizers.

So you're coming?

Agent Booth and I are partners.
I have to discuss it with him first.

Well, he's probably going
to go be a big hero in Afghanistan.

He says he doesn't want to go.

Lance said that Booth
has the psyche of a true warrior,

that it's a miracle
he hasn't gone back long before this.

Maybe you're holding him back
the same way he's holding you back.

I shouldn't have said that

but sometimes my mouth
just has a mouth of its own.

We have to determine

the precise day the victim was struck.

The day of the attack,
not the day of death.

Yeah. How?

Well, I want you to measure
the amount of remodeling

that occurred since the attack.

Oh, my God! That's genius.
You have to come to Maluku.

You don't want me being honored
by the National Society of Anthropologists

- without you, do you?
- Remodeling, Miss Wick.

Okay, what I did was modify

my mass-recognition program,
patent pending,

to scan the photographic reconstruction
of the crime scene,

to find areas of

- comparatively less chaos.
- Awesome.

You understand what she's saying?

Not in the least.
But I'm so turned on by her brain.

I'd like to see her brain totally naked.

It's a terrible image.

It's just terrible.

Okay, Sweets,
you'll understand this.

We have a hoarder.
We also have a possible intruder.

The intruder comes in
to look for something.

- Okay. Stacks of...
- Crap.

...crap grow organically, in a way.

But if someone came in

and disturbed the hoarder's system,

and put everything back,
it would look different.

It doesn't look different.

Well, it does to my program.

There. Okay, now somebody,

not the victim, rearranged that pile.

Okay, wait. Whoa, whoa. Where?

So you're gonna go
towards the window.



Now turn right.


You're getting warmer, warmer.

To the left.

Okay, there. There.

Does anything look strange?
Anything missing?

Yes. There are silverfish eggs here.

So something was on top of these eggs
that prevented them from hatching.

We'll take some samples
and figure out exactly what it was.

So, Bones, here we are.
What's all the mystery about?

I've been offered the chance
to head up the Maluku Island project.

Yeah, I heard.
Daisy told Sweets, and Sweets told me.


I'd like to accept.

I thought you already had.

We've been partners for five years, Booth.

I wouldn't make a decision
like this without talking to you.

Bones, look, you don't need
my permission, okay? It's... It's cool.

You say that, but you won't look at me.

You're the one who taught me
the value of making eye contact.

So, please.

I'm sorry.

I just...

I don't do really good with change, I guess.

Better than I am.

Pyramids are better at change
than you are.

It's a joke, okay? I was being affectionate.


Will you go back to the Army?

It's what's best for me right now.

I'll only be gone for a year.

Yeah, me too. So, what's a year?

It's the time it takes the Earth
to make a full revolution around the sun.

In the scheme of things, you know,
the grand scheme,

just saying a year is, just, you know,
it's not too bad.

- Right.
- Right?

We can come back,
pick up where we left off.

Nothing really has to change.

No, things have to change.

You know what?
Hey, I taught you about eye contact,

you taught me about evolution.

So, here's to change.

To change.

So here's what you got so far,

a crazy hoarder got knocked down,
buried alive under his own hoardings

by a robber who stole
something that maybe killed bugs,

then the hoarder died a little while later,

then fell through the ceiling
of the apartment downstairs?

It sounds better in my report.

Which raises the question,
you usually add a little spice

to your reports when you know
your case is weak.

There was no question in there.

It was implied. Connect the dots.


Aren't you a little old
to go out fighting wars?

I'm not going to be fighting.
I'm just going to be training soldiers

to investigate, pursue and detain.

I guess that answers my next question
as to whether or not you intend to go.

What about your partner?

Bones, I mean, she's going to Indonesia.

You know what?
Maybe it's time to find another, you know,

FBI guy and a forensic anthropologist.

Yes, on account you're both
so replaceable.

You got to act
like a big boy on this one.

You don't want me to go?

Nope. You go, you stay, that's up to you.

But before you go, you clear this case.

Not just dress up nothing in a nice report.

Now, I took the unhatched silverfish eggs,

made a milkshake,
and ran it through the mass spec.

To find out what poisoned them?

Well, not poisoned, but rendered infertile.

Suggesting chemical agents or radiation.

What I found were phyllosilicate minerals

along with some interesting metal oxides,
very small traces of vitrified clay

and uranium-235.

So, an atomic bomb?

No, something much more
interesting than that.

An atomic gnome?

Basically, yeah.

This is the Fiestaware Christmas Gnome,
circa 1941.

Now, the uranium was a common
ingredient in the glaze on these gnomes,

until the Second World War,

when all production of
the red Fiestaware gnome was halted.

The victim claimed
he possessed something worth $50,000.

How much is the gnome worth?


We have our motive.

Now we just have to find the person
who collects radioactive hobbits.

Mr. Adventure's here,
ready to kick some biker ass.

Please don't explain.

Are you sure
this is the address?

Yeah. Absolutely sure.

This is pretty extreme, man.

Of course, because I got a father-in-law
that plays poker with bikers.


Is that it?

You mind turning him around?

Why? Why?
Because the gnome knows what you did

and you don't like him staring at you
with his soulful little eyes?

How do you even know that's my gnome?

We found it in your basement.

Someone planted it there.


Because I'm a well-known aficionado
and purveyor of Fiestaware.

So, the phone records indicate
that you called Mr. Murphy several times

during the days leading up to his death.

Someone on the Fiesta message board

mentioned Murphy scored the mother lode
at a flea market a few years back.

He only bought it for 12 bucks.
I was trying to see if he'd sell.

Mmm-hmm. Last time you contacted him
was on April 29,

the day he was assaulted.
So, you have an alibi for that?

I went to talk to him.
I was going to give him 50 grand.

I mean, he didn't even appreciate
the gnome. He was insane.

So what? What? Did you attack him
with a kitchen knife or a machete?

No. No, he saw.

I pushed the guy and I took the gnome.
That's all.

You expect him to answer, Rocky?

He already did.
He said, "Shut up and get a lawyer."

Smart. Smart gnome.

I need more.

Come on, Caroline. We got this guy.

Cause of death,
means, motive, opportunity.

What caused the hacks to the skull?

- We don't know.
- Well, he died of starvation anyway.

The assault caused him to starve.

Still manslaughter. Which will get tossed
if all I have in court is this.

If it's going to be your last case together,
then do it properly.

It's not our last case.

We'll be back in a year.

Tight as a drum. That's what I want.
And trust me,

the way you two are running
from each other,

you better be damned sure
of these little trips you're taking.


If Angela was going
to the Maluku Islands, I'd go.

Even if it meant
you becoming a pearl diver?

Even if it meant
my having to listen to Daisy.

So, what? I should just go?

I should just give up my career,
and my life, and my friends,

and my practice, and go to Indonesia?

Hey, I'm about to risk dismemberment
just to impress my scary father-in-law.

How are you going to
get past the dogs?

I don't know.

- How are you going to start the car?
- I don't know.

How are you going to get
the car through the gate?

I don't know.

How are you going to evade
the angry bikers?

I haven't got a clue.

Okay, good plan. What do I do?

Survive and tell the story of my love.

- This wall is high.
- No problemo.

- Are you okay? What happened?
- Just gravity.

The dogs at three o'clock.

A test? Really?

You could have done this by yourself.

Sure I could.
But family is about doing things together.

So you sicced dogs on me for nothing?

Well, not exactly,
but we should really get going.

Wow. For real? Okay, yeah.

Uh... What do I do?

It's been my experience,

if you drive at them,
they'll clear out the way.

The gate? What about the gate?

It was built to keep people out.

- They are so going to chase us.
- You ain't going nowhere now!

- Lock the gate!
- Go. Go.

- You been here all night?
- What, is it morning?


I've been here all night.

You find anything new?

Yes, these marks weren't caused
by a hatchet or a knife.

The direction of force
is opposite to the direction of impact.

- What would do that?
- A propeller.

So, he walked into a plane?

No, a fan. The crime scene is full of fans.

Are you really leaving the Jeffersonian?

Yes, for a year.

I can provide you with a list

of forensic anthropologists
who can do this job.

No, Dr. Brennan, you can provide me
with a list of forensic anthropologists.

I don't know what that means.

I think we got all the fans.

I really am sorry about leaving you there.

No problem.
Mr. Adventure can take care of himself.

Plus Daisy rewarded me
handsomely for my bravery.

Oh, dude.

Yes, I am the dude.

She's still going?


Um, Angela's program recognized this
as the one area

in the apartment
that was the most cared-for.

These must've been
an escape valve for him.

Images of a life outside of here
where he wasn't tormented

by his compulsion and agoraphobia.

- Hey.
- Hmm?

We found your fingerprints on the fan.

I was in love with Tim.

When was the last time
you guys were together?

Over a year.

I thought if I could just get him
out of that apartment,

maybe if the sun hit his face,
he would change

and we could have a real life.

So I pulled him to the window

and I ripped down the curtain,

and he lost it.

You two fought?

Well, he attacked me.
So I pushed the fan at him and I ran away.

But I didn't think I killed him.

I loved him,
but there was nothing I could do.

Well, that's that then. They're free to go.

You don't think this success
might make them change their minds?

You know what? You're a nice kid.

But today is a good day for you
to grow the hell up.

So you're giving him the car?

No, honey pie. I'm giving him you.

The car is just a little something
to remember his new dad.

Welcome to the family, son.

That is one weird, scary dude.


So Brennan's going to Indonesia
with Daisy.

Not talking about that.

Sweets and Daisy,
they're going to break up.

Not talking about that either.

Booth is going to Afghanistan.

Not going to touch that one.

You and I will be staying here.

No, we are not.

Oh, really? And where are we going?

- For our honeymoon?
- No, for a year.

Because I have no desire to break in a new
forensic anthropologist and FBI agent.

- Do you?
- No.

I do not.

Well, everything's changing, huh?

- Yeah.
- What do you think is going to happen?

I'm not sure,
but I do know that we'll be together.

- Ready?
- Mmm-hmm.

Flight 316 to Jakarta
will now depart from gate A-3.

- Lancelot, do you hate me?
- No, Daisy, no.

Do you think you'll wait for me?
That would be really romantic.

I don't think so.
I don't think you should wait for me either.

I've really enjoyed working for you,
Dr. Brennan.

In fact, Dr. Saroyan, I worked for you.

We both know better.

I made you this chart
of all the poisonous reptiles

and insects, what they look like,
how to avoid them,

and what to do if you get stung or bitten.

Thank you, Dr. Hodgins. I love you, too.


Booth informed me that the proffering
of overly solicitous advice

is indicative of love.



I hope you find something

that just changes the entire notion
of what it means to be human.

- I will.
- Okay.

Dr. Brennan, we really have to go.


Dr. Brennan.

Oh, my God.

Sorry. I couldn't get a pass.

I had to sneak off the base
and come and say goodbye.

Listen, Bones,

you got to be really careful
in that Indonesian jungle, okay?

Booth, in a week
you're going to a war zone.

Please, don't be a hero.

Please, just don't be you.

Don't want you to think
I'm running away

What did he say?

He called me baby

One year from today, we meet
at the reflecting pool on the mall.

- Right by the...
- Coffee cart.

I know.

One year from today.

He called you baby, baby
All night long

What did he do?

He called me baby, baby
All night long

What did he say?

He called you baby, baby
All night long

I know he called you baby