Bones (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 21 - The Boy with the Answer - full transcript

Booth, Bones and Hodgins hope that the trial of 'Gravedigger' Heather Taffet, who nearly killed each of them, will bring them closure. Their hopes are cruelly smashed when the monster, defending herself, gets judge Drufey to disallow most of the evidence. She then taunts them to solve the 'number' which can lead to a missing victim, a young boy. When they do, examining the corpse would cause a complete mistrial and thus impunity. So Bones convinces everyone to scrap their own trials and stake everything on the boy's yet unproven murder. Max tries to handle the case his way.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[Heart Beating]


[Man] Help me! Help me!


Help me!

[Heart Beating Faster]

- Hodgins?
- Dr. Brennan!

No! Dr. Brennan, help
me! Hodgins! Hodgins!



[Voice Echoing] Bones!

Bones! Booth!

- [Shouts]
- Booth!

Stay with me. Okay. Okay.

[Pounding On Door]
Booth! [Grunting]



[Gasps, Grunting]

Bones! [Muffled Shouting]


[Palms Thud]



[Muffled] Help!



[Gasps, Panting]

The Grave Digger case
finally begins today...

with an evidentiary hearing.

The defendant, prominent
federal prosecutor Heather Taffet,

will be defending herself against
multiple charges of kidnapping and murder.

One charge involves
10-year-old Terrence Gilroy,

who has never been found.

Testimony is expected from
three kidnapping victims...

Seeley Booth, an
agent with the F.B.I.,

as well as scientists Jack
Hodgins and Temperance Brennan...

of the Jefferso...

- You okay, Bones?
- Of course. Why wouldn't I be?

Well, we're about to come head-to-head with
the woman who tried to kill both of us.

So are you. Are you okay? Sure.
Yeah. You know, I'm just checkin' in.

Just wanna make sure you're
okay, and, if you need anything, I'm...

It's just another
case, Booth. Right.

- Dad!
- Max.

- What are you doing here?
- I just thought you should
have a little support...

from somebody who's been
through the legal system a few times.

Why is everyone
treating me like a child?

Because I don't want
you to get your hopes up.

- This is far from a slam dunk.
- That's exactly why Caroline
is here, right?

We have five cases, multiple counts...
Bones, Hodgins, the 10-year-old boy.

Whose body has never been found.

Your prosecutor's
getting desperate.

Max, she knows what she's doing.

I thought you were
here for support, Dad.

Okay, we all ready to play nice?

Always, Your Honor.

Your Honor, since I'm
representing myself,

I'd like to request that my shackles
be removed while I'm in court.

This is only an evidentiary hearing,
Your Honor. There's no jury to prejudice.

And frankly, I feel a bit more
secure with her in chains.

Spare us the dramatic
flourishes, Ms. Julian.

When we go to trial, we can revisit
the request, Ms. Taffet. First witness.

Burn marks were
found on the victims...

that were consistent with
injuries one would sustain...

from a three-million-volt
stun gun.

Stun gun was found in
the suspect's storage locker.

It matches the stun gun that was used in the
attack on me, as well as the other victims.

The suspect's steel-toed boots
were also found in the storage locker.

This storage locker was found with
information obtained illegally, wasn't it?

[Saroyan] We didn't know
that at the time, Your Honor.

We obtained a legal
warrant to search the locker.

The fact that Agent Booth's brother gave
you the lead didn't make you suspicious?

He was an officer assigned
to Homeland Security.

We had no reason to question
the information he provided.

The warrant was obtained without
malice. That's irrelevant, Your Honor.

Everything found in that storage
locker should be dismissed.

I submit that a warrant
wasn't even necessary.

Under precedent
of imminent danger,

law authority had the duty to enter that
storage locker without a valid warrant.

Agent Booth's
life was in danger.

Imminent danger applies
only if law enforcement...

hears a violent threat
or struggle at the scene.

I'm sorry, Ms. Julian, but no
matter how pure the intention,

the warrant was
obtained illegally.

Therefore, any and all evidence gathered
during the search and seizure is inadmissible.

- Thank you, Your Honor.
- This was not a personal favor,
Ms. Taffet.

I am restrained by the law.

- I'd like to move that
all charges be dropped.
- You'd like that, wouldn't you?

We still have dirt samples from
the crime scene, the ransom tapes.

Your Honor, this is a waste of the
court's time and the taxpayers' money.

If I lose, I'll send
everyone a note of apology.

You aren't left with
much, Ms. Julian.

Are you sure you
want to proceed?


Yes, Your Honor.

Okay. The charges
stand. We're going to trial.

- Court is adjourned.
- [Gavel Raps]

You're so brilliant,
Dr. Brennan.

Why couldn't you find something
as simple as the number?

[Guard] Come on.

You all right? What'd
she say to you?

She says I missed some evidence.

- Evidence?
- She doesn't think
I can find it.

Booth is getting
her arrest records...

as well as old case files from
when she was a prosecutor.

Okay, uh, I'm pulling every record
we have so far associated with Taffet.

Social security numbers,
birth dates, blood test results.

- Ages of the victims?
- Got those.

I'm using a recursive search algorithm,
which analyzes and cross-references the data.

Since they're related,

any inconsistencies
can raise a red flag.

I think Taffet is just
messing with us again.

[Sweets] No, I have to disagree.

Her pathology's consistent.
This is all a game to her.

She won the first round, so now she's upping
the stakes by challenging Dr. Brennan.

Or maybe she knows there's something
in the soil samples we already have,

so she's just
trying to distract us.

You analyzed those soil
samples a hundred times.

- Are you telling me
to give up, Sweets?
- No. Of course not.

But I mean, I understand
the need to cling to anything.

- Cling? Okay. So I'm crazy now?
- That's not what I meant.

Go, Dr. Hodgins.

Look at the soil again.
You might find something.

You know, he still
gets nightmares.

Says he wakes up in a sweat.
[Sweets] I should've been more sensitive.

- This must be difficult
for you too. If you need any...
- I'm fine.

What about the weight and
size of the victim's remains?

Yeah. That's a good
idea. I'll check it out.

[Clears Throat]

Here are the first set of
documents you asked for.

More numbers than I've ever
seen in my life. Right. Thanks.

You okay? Oh, you mean
because this case is a career killer?

I'm cute. I can
always find a job.

Look, they're gonna come up with
something. They always do, right?

Do you really believe that, chéri?
They saved my life, remember?

That was impossible.
I'll give you that one.

So how's your
girlfriend holding up?

Oh, she's fine. And
she's not my girlfriend.

Oh! So those little
looks between you?

Nothin'. Right.

I hope you're more
believable on the stand.

Have Angela run these
numbers as quickly as she can.

The judge isn't gonna
give me more than a day.

[Distorted Voice] If I don't receive
the money in the numbered account...

within eight hours,
your child will die.

This is the last time
you will hear from me.

There will be no
further communications.

What happened to the numbers?

Well, I came up dry. Brennan and
Booth are compiling another set.

But until then, I'm trying to drag
Taffet's voice from these ransom tapes.

Well, any luck? She used
a variable-band inversion,

so the wave is broken up
into hundreds of small sections,

each section scrambled with
different frequency sequencing.

You didn't ask me if I found
anything new in the soil samples.

- Did you?
- No. Of course not.

Sweets was right. You knew that.

I'm barely keeping it
together here, Ange.

Well, you were, uh... you
were sane enough to marry me.

But I don't feel strong
enough to tell anybody yet.

I feel like she's still got
me locked up, you know?

I mean, when I see her,
there's just this, um, anger.

I mean, this kind of helplessness
that... Oh, I know, I know.

When I was buried in that car,

I didn't think I was ever
gonna see you again.

And now I feel like she's still
in between us. Well, she's not.

Look at me. She's not.

Nobody can get between us.

Come on, Bones. You've been at it
for hours. You gotta eat something.

In a little while.

Her old court documents from
when she was a prosecutor...

have case numbers, criminal code
numbers, and then there are zip codes.

Well, that's great and
all, but you know what?

It's not gonna be any good if
you starve yourself to death.

She was laughing at me, Booth.

I-I can't let her
win. She won't.

You hope.

She may be amoral,
but she is brilliant.

Well, you're more brilliant.

What if her dispassion
makes her more logical?

What if that gives her an
advantage over me? Wait a second.

Now you're upset because
you're not more like a psychopath?

I just think...

maybe I've lost my advantage because
of all the people I'm involved with now.

All of the relationships...
They complicate logical thought.

You don't mean that.

Could we please just work?


Salt Lake City? What?

When they arrested Taffet, she used her
one phone call from jail to Salt Lake City.

Area code 801.

She's representing herself,
so it couldn't be to a lawyer.

[Beeping] Who would
she call in Salt Lake City?

Hmm. [Line Ringing]

[Woman] Larry's Pizza.
How may I help you?

None of the employees at the pizza
place have a connection with Taffet.

None of them here
have any criminal records.

Well, the phone records show
that Taffet hung up after 10 seconds.

She didn't request another call.

Angela's matching the number
with a numerical sequencing program.

This is the number, Booth.
This has to be the number.

[Angela] So I'm running a
numerical sequencing program...

to see if there's a match
with any of our victims,

but I'm coming up with nothing.

Oh, my God. The number
is a G.P.S. location.


[Horn Beeping] Let's
go. Everybody out.

Oh, God.

[Booth] Oh, God.

[Metal Scraping]

It's the kid, isn't it?

Terrence Gilroy had a
remodeled right ulna...

from a break when he was eight.

This is the boy she kidnapped.

I'm gonna call the parents.
Why did she lead us here, Booth?

Why did she want us to find him?

- [Caroline] Hands off! - Ma'am?

No one touches a
thing. [Alarms Beeping]

[Hodgins] What are
you talking about?

This is our chance to get hard evidence
they can't dismiss. Not if you touch it.

You can't act as an expert witness
in a case when you are also a victim.

We aren't victims in this crime.

We filed one complaint
with seven counts.

Since the trial started, you and
Dr. Brennan are linked to all the crimes.

That's why Taffet
wanted us to find the boy.

She knows we're the only people who have
the skills to connect her to the crime.

And now our hands are tied.

Not if you drop our case.

Excuse me?

If Caroline doesn't
prosecute our kidnappings,

we'd be free to testify as expert
witnesses in the boy's case.

- You'd be willing to do that?
- No. No.

Caroline has to
prosecute our case.

Taffet tried to kill us.

All of our evidence
has been thrown out.

The rational thing to do is to pursue
a case with fresh, untainted evidence.

Are you kidding me?

Is it really that easy for you
to forget what happened to us?

I will never forget
what happened to us...

or to Booth or this boy.

You are not the only
one suffering, Dr. Hodgins.

But your emotions have no relevance,
not if we want to convict Taffet.

[Gloves Snapping]

This better work.

I'll have the charges
dismissed in the morning.

You can start right after that.


Okay. So the Gilroy kid, he was last
seen at the Rockland Mall on June 23.

I'm gonna check all Taffet's
credit card records for that date too.

Well, Caroline said you can't give expert
testimony if she's prosecuting your case.

I told Caroline to
drop my charges too.

I'm not gonna let
you do this alone.

She's gonna see the judge tomorrow morning at
10:00, and then we can dive in on all this.

Thanks, Booth. We're
partners. That's what we do.


If Taffet is acquitted
on this count,

she can never be tried again.

I mean, maybe that's why
she wanted us to find the boy.

Yeah, well, she's
arrogant, like Sweets said.

And she's misjudging you.

I have nightmares, Booth.

Hodgins is bleeding,

you're drowning.

I-I can't help anyone.

All right. You know what? She's never
gonna get the better of you, all right?

Just know that.

All right? I promise, okay?

These are perimortem
fractures bilaterally...

on the fifth, sixth
and seventh ribs...

on the posterior axillary lines.

And injuries to
the greater cornu...

and the left lateral thyroid
and cricoid cartilages.

I see injuries like this in
victims who've been strangled.

Perhaps he struggled, and
Taffet was trying to subdue him.

Taffet Tasered all her
victims. Three million volts.

That should be enough to knock out a
10-year-old boy for at least a few hours.

He wasn't unconscious.
These are defensive wounds...

consistent with the boy resisting being
placed in the freezer, arms outstretched.

I'll take samples from
under his fingernails.

Maybe he scratched
her during the struggle.

Maybe she knew
the facts in this case...

wouldn't be consistent
with the other crimes...

and would give her
reasonable doubt.

We have evidence from
credit card charges...

that the defendant was at the Rockland mall
on the day Terrence Gilroy was abducted.

The team at the Jeffersonian
discovered that the number Taffet called...

turned out to be the
same G.P.S. coordinates...

as to where the boy was buried.

Same M.O., same ransom tape,

same demands as
the other kidnappings.

Do you have any evidence that the
Gilroy boy was abducted from the mall?

- It was the last place
he was seen.
- So, no.

Did anyone else make any purchases
at the mall that day, or was it just me?

- Of course they did, but...
- As for the phone call
that I allegedly made,

is it possible that the number
was placed in my file by mistake?

- Objection! Conjecture.
- Sustained.

Did you know that the officer on duty the
night I was arrested was from Salt Lake?

- Answer the question,
Agent Booth.
- No.

Isn't it more likely
that he made that call...

and the number was
placed in my file by mistake?

Objection. Conjecture again.

I thought it was reasonable
doubt. Very reasonable.

- Your Honor...
- Withdrawn.

No further questions,
Your Honor.


You know that Taffet's
playing you, right?

We're fine, Max. No,
she's got you all on defense.

- We got the boy.
- That's 'cause
she wanted you to.

Every psycho takes one
step too far and hangs himself.

Not before a lot of
innocent people get hurt.

I'll see you later.


Hey. Sorry to bother
you. You have a minute?

Yeah, sure.

- How's it goin'?
- I don't know actually.

That's why I'm here. I, um...

I'm worried, Dr. Sweets.

I-I... This case is taking
its toll on everyone.

Including you?
Including me, yes.

It's a very stressful situation.

I mean, you're
not immune to that.

I feel like everything's
fraying around the edges.

We're all searching for some piece
of evidence that can put Taffet away.

But we keep coming up empty.
Everyone feels manipulated by her.

And I-I should be able
to pull everyone together,

keep them on track.

You want to
guarantee the outcome.

I wish that were possible.

But you know, we knew this
was gonna be an uphill battle.

But did we really believe that?

We all knew she was
guilty, so someplace,

we assumed that in a just
world, she'd pay for what she did.

That assumes a
just world, I'm afraid.

These... are my people
she hurt, my friends.

I should...

be able to do something.

I know.

[Gate Buzzes]

Max! You didn't think I
was gonna follow you?


- Max, is this what you want?
- Don't trust the system, Booth.

You miss, you compromise
the case, Taffet walks.

- I don't miss!
- [Grunts]

When are you gonna learn
to stop messin' with me, huh?

You're making a big
mistake. Tempe could die.

Okay, up. Come on.

He tried to kill her? He had a rifle
pointed right at her, so you do the math.

Why? Why would he do
that? Well, to protect you.

And a career criminal like Max, he
obviously doesn't trust the legal system.

I'm sorry, Booth. I wish he
were different. Yeah, me too.

You know, he socked
me in the eye too.

[Cell Phone Rings] Brennan.

Hey, honey. I need
you to bail me out.

What? No, Dad!

I was doing it for you.

No, I don't want you
to kill people for me.

- Just buy me a sweater
like a regular dad.
- Leave her alone, Max.

Booth says you're not getting
out until after the trial is over.

I have to go. Whoa,
whoa. I've got a bad back.

You know what the beds
are like in jail. Good-bye, Dad.

[Phone Beeps]

Look, I'm sorry, Bones. I'm sure this
is the last thing you wanna deal with.


A part of me
wishes he'd done it.

Not the good part, so let's
just keep our eye on the ball.

So, any news about the boy?

I'm getting an accurate
re-creation of the assailant...

from the fracture patterns on his
remains, and it's a match for Taffet.

I'm putting a presentation
together for court.

- The kid put up a good fight?
- There's evidence of strong
resistance, yes.

Yeah, at least he didn't go easy.
Parker, he'd do the same thing.

Probably bite her
ear off and run.

What, he'd bite her? Yeah.

It's kinda their thing.

- Bite.
- I have to get back
to the lab.

If the boy bit her, there should be some
evidence on his maxilla, mandible or his teeth.

The teeth seem to have been
cleaned. Taffet probably wiped them off.

The second left
premolar is chipped.

There might be some
trace in the abrasion,

maybe some tissue
from Heather Taffet.

Saliva contains amylase. It would
have broken down any bits of tissue.

Not if it were embedded between
the teeth or under the gum line.

If I don't receive the money in the
numbered account within eight hours,

your child will die.

This is the last...

This encryption is a rolling-code,
split-band voice inversion.

Individual frequencies between the
clicks are inverted and recombined.

I applied software that decrypts
each of the 423 separate segments...

until the voice becomes clear.

If I don't receive the money in the
numbered account within eight hours...

[Taffet's Voice]
your child will die.

This is the last time
you will hear from me.

There will be no further
communications. You did it, Angela.

It's Taffet. I'd like to see
her explain away that one.

If I don't receive the money in the
numbered account within eight hours,

your child will die.

This is the last time
you will hear from me.

There will be no
further communications.

And in your expert opinion, Ms.
Montenegro, whose voice is that?

It's Heather Taffet.

The frequency and vocal
patterns are an exact match...

when compared to unencrypted
recordings of her voice.

Thank you. No further questions.

That was very impressive,
Ms. Montenegro.

Could you share your
credentials with the court?

I have a bachelor of fine arts
from the University of Texas...

with a minor in
computer science...

and I've also studied biomedical
illustration at American University.

But you do not have a degree in
sound engineering, is that correct?

- No. - [Caroline] Objection.

Ms. Montenegro has
numerous patents pending...

from her work in auditory
forensic reconstruction.

The homeless man on my street has
a patent pending for a time machine.

- That doesn't mean I'm gonna
ask him to testify in court.
- That's enough, Ms. Taffet.

Do you have anything
else for this witness?

Yes, Your Honor. I'd like to
introduce into evidence item 461-B...

which is a deconstruction
of the same ransom tape...

by former F.B.I. Special
Agent Graham Steele,

who has a Ph.D. in
forensic auditory analysis...

from the University
of Pennsylvania.

[Angela's Voice] If I don't receive
the money in the numbered account...

within eight hours,
your child will die.

That isn't me. He obviously manipulated
the pitch and the timbre of the voice.

- Isn't that what you did?
- No.

Those sound waves have an underlying
pattern of frequency modulation...

Like a fingerprint.

Whatever the technical
jargon, it seems clear...

that anyone, even someone
without any credentials,

can make one voice
sound like another.

- Objection! Counsel is making speeches.
- Sustained.

I'm sorry, Your Honor.
No further questions.

Okay. Bones, you
ready for court? Yes.

I have a video presentation, which
shows the victim sustained rib fractures...

as well as a fracture of the
lateral epicondyle of the left distal.

What do you say we ease
up on the scientific stuff, okay?

The science gives us the
height of the assailant...

162 centimeters,
Taffet's height.

That's... That's good and all,

but Taffet's kind of had a field day trashing
the whole technical "gooble-geek" stuff.

And the jury seemed to like
her for it. But those are the facts.

It's how you present the
facts that win or lose a case.

Bones, the jury needs to know
what that little boy went through.

I've... I've testified
before, Booth.

I'll be fine. We-We should go.


Terrence Gilroy's left greater
cornu of the hyoid was compressed,

indicating that the assailant strangled
the young boy using only one hand...

The dominant left
hand, in this case.

[Caroline] I'd like to
submit writing samples...

which confirm that the
defendant is left-handed.

No objection, as long as it's also noted that
eight percent of the general population...

is also left-handed,
including you, Your Honor.

[Spectators Chuckling]


The victim
sustained a fracture...

of the lateral epicondyle
and the shaft...

of the left distal humerus.

Perhaps I can be clearer.

Terrence Gilroy's bones
could only have been broken...

by someone kneeling on top of him
as they pushed him into the freezer.

The radiating
fracture lines show...

that this assailant had to be
between 125 and 135 pounds...

The weight of the defendant.

Objection. This is speculation.

Are you questioning
my qualifications?

Because you will not
find a more experienced...

or respected forensic
anthropologist anywhere in the world.

So I'd appreciate not being
interrupted until I finish testifying.

Dr. Brennan. I'll
make the rulings here.

Overruled. Continue.

Since these broken bones were
caused by the assailant's knees...

and the chipping on the boy's kneecaps
was caused by the toes of her heavy boots,

we can determine
the length of her shin.

And what is the significance
of the shin length?

It gives us the height
of the assailant...

which is 5 feet 4 inches,

the same height
as the defendant.

It is clear from the circumstantial
evidence and these facts...

that this child was attacked
with vicious cruelty by Ms. Taffet.

Objection. The jury makes that
determination, not the witness.

The 5-foot-4 assailant...

crushed the boy's chest,

choked him...

and finally caused him a
torturous death by burying him alive.

Objection! Speculation. She
can't know what the "witness" felt.

I was buried alive,

which makes me uniquely
qualified to comment on its horror.

Objection, Your Honor!
This is grandstanding.

Unless the witness has
any additional facts...


Do you have any further questions
for Dr. Brennan, Ms. Julian?

No, Your Honor. I learned
everything I need to know.

Your witness.

Dr. Brennan, don't you think your
trauma as a kidnapping victim...

prevents you from
being objective?

Objection! She is testifying as
an expert witness, not a victim.

She brought up
being buried alive.

She did, Ms. Julian. Overruled.

It's only natural that you
would want to construct facts...

that would give you
some closure and peace.

I resent your implication. I do not
let my emotions cloud my findings.

No, not intentionally,
of course.

- Is there a question coming?
- Yes. Sorry.

Dr. Brennan, you are currently seeing
an F.B.I. psychologist, are you not?

What... That has
nothing to do with...

A yes or no is all that's
required, Dr. Brennan.

Are you currently seeing
an F.B.I. psychologist?

- Yes, but...
- Thank you. No further questions.

No, that has nothing to do with
this case. My findings are sound.

You may step down, Dr. Brennan.

My findings are sound.

- [Saroyan] A dust mite?
- So that little bug
is gonna save us?

Oh, don't call him a
bug. It sounds insulting.

We reexamined the boy's teeth...

and found it wedged between
the right lateral incisor and canine.

Dust mites eat dead
human skin cells,

and this one's
stomach sac is full.

[Saroyan] If the boy bit Taffet,
the skin cells are probably hers.

Whatever's left is gonna be small, but
there might be enough to give us D.N.A.

This is a
Dermatophagoides farinae.

For those of us who don't
speak insect, what is that exactly?

It's a dust mite, an
insect found on clothes.

But it also feeds on the cells of
the person wearing those clothes.

[Caroline] And where
was this dust mite found?

Between Terrence Gilroy's teeth.

It was transferred there when the
boy bit the person who kidnapped him.

And how do we know that?

The dust mites contained
human female epithelial cells.

We extracted those cells and ran
them through several D.N.A. databases.

The cells belong
to Heather Taffet.

Nothin' further, Your Honor.

Your witness, Ms. Taffet.

It seems that you have
neglected to include...

a sample of the evidence that I
could have tested independently.

Since there were so few cells in the
mite, the testing destroyed the sample,

but the procedures and results are
all contained in our documentation.

Let me get this right.

I have access to your notes, but I
can't examine the actual evidence...

because you destroyed it?

Your Honor, in California
versus Trombetta,

the Supreme Court ruled that the prosecution
could destroy a sample to test for D.N.A...

because there was no bad faith.

Bad faith? The motives of every single
person at the Jeffersonian are suspect.

And now their only physical
evidence is gone, if it existed at all.

I've just about had it with your
snide, unsubstantiated allegations.

- As have I.
- That's enough, Ms. Julian.

Your Honor, I would
like to file a motion...

to have this unverifiable
D.N.A. evidence dismissed.

Protocol has been
followed, Ms. Taffet.

It's up to the jury to decide how the evidence
will figure in the outcome of this case.

Your motion is denied.

Did you see Taffet's face? She
was completely blindsided, okay?

Caroline's closing
is gonna kill.

All right? So, here we go.

That's it. Huh?

Are you okay, Bones?
Your team just nailed Taffet.

I'm just tired.

Yeah. Yeah, it's been...
It's been a tough case.

It's not just the case.

I'm tired of... of all of it.

I'm tired of dealing with
murderers and victims...

and sadness and pain.

Well, Bones, that's what we do.

All right, we catch the bad people
and we make the world a better place.

No, Booth. That's what you do.

And somehow, I got caught up
into it. Wait a second. Hold on.

You were dealing with dead
people long before we got together.

As a researcher,
an anthropologist.

That's how I can make
the world a better place.

And you do. Come on. You
make the world a great place.

Hey. Cheers to that. All right?

You're just anxious. All right?

Tomorrow, when we have won,
everything will be perfect. You'll be fine.

We are here to seek justice
for this 10-year-old boy...

who was kidnapped,

brutally beaten and buried
alive by Heather Taffet.

Taffet was seen where
this child was abducted.

She matches the
size of the assailant.

She's left-handed.

Her voice was discovered
on the ransom tapes.

It all sounds very
reasonable, doesn't it?

These so-called facts...

were compiled by people who themselves
were victims of a vicious criminal...

who has not yet been caught.

They need a scapegoat.

But only Heather Taffet
could have the D.N.A...

that was found in
this child's mouth.

That evidence was delivered
to us in death by this brave boy.

And yet the only people
who saw that dust mite,

the only people who touched
the alleged epithelial cells...

were two kidnap victims...

One, a known
conspiracy theorist,

the other, a traumatized

who's currently being
treated by a psychologist...

And Dr. Saroyan, who couldn't perform
her job without destroying the evidence,

conveniently preventing
me from mounting a defense.

Because she has no defense
except slandering these experts.

They have told you what
Heather Taffet did to that boy.

The law is clear.

You cannot convict a
person based on innuendo...

or groundless accusations.

I weep for that boy. No
child should suffer like that.

And whoever did this...

Should never be allowed to
walk among decent people again.

For that boy, for justice,
you must return a verdict of...

Not guilty...

because it's clear
that I am a scapegoat.

I'm innocent.

Thank you.

What'd I tell you, huh?
Caroline nailed it in there.

Taffet was pretty
convincing in there too.

- You ever see
the bright side in things?
- You know what? You're right.

Because no matter what
happens in there, I've got Angela.

Hodgins! It's okay.

I don't care, Angie. Look, Taffet's
not gonna make the rules anymore.

- I want our friends to know. I want everybody to know.
- [Angela] Okay.

[Clears Throat] Angela
and I are married.

[Sweets] Oh! All right! What?

- Oh!
- Hey, look at that, huh?

What? When, Ange? In jail.

Hodgins wanted to
wait until this was over...

so everybody could
be happy for us.

This isn't another pregnancy
scare, is it? No. No.

This is... This is love.

So, why were you
hiding this from us?

I was having trouble dealing
with things because of the trial,

but then I thought, screw it.

The jury's back.

[Woman Singing: Alt Rock] ♪ I've
seen enough to know I've seen enough ♪

♪ Seen enough to know ♪

♪♪ [Continues] The defendant
will rise for the reading of the verdict.

In count one, the
kidnapping of Terrence Gilroy,

the jury finds the
defendant, Heather Taffet,


Order, or I will
clear the court.

In count two, the murder
of Terrence Gilroy,

the jury finds the
defendant... guilty.


The defendant is remanded
into custody until sentencing.

We are adjourned.

[Gavel Raps]

This isn't over.

♪ Once more into the crowd ♪

♪ Temptation wears you out ♪

♪ Go home Your
heart's too loud ♪

♪ Always alone ♪♪


[Max] I was out of town
for a couple of days.

Well, I knew Tempe had everything
under control. She didn't need me.

Uh-huh. Let's just raise our
glasses here. To the squints, okay?

To Booth! And Caroline.

Hear! Hear! I never doubted
any of you, not for a minute.

[Booth] Where'd you
come from, huh? Come on!


Let's not forget the
happy couple. Over here.

Yes, best wishes for a successful
blending of familial obligations...

as well as monetary and
property consolidation.



[Laughing] Congratulations!

[Laughing Continues]

[Sighs] I guess I'll go home.

A real bed is probably
gonna feel good.

I'm sorry that I, uh...
That I doubted you.

Sweets would say that, subconsciously,
you wanted Booth to catch you...

so you and I wouldn't
have to be separated again.

Smart guy that Sweets.
I love you, honey.

Thanks for leaving me with
the bill again. That's nice of you.

It's your fault, Booth.
My wallet got stolen in jail.

Bye. I can't believe
they actually got hitched.

[Brennan] I know.
[Hodgins] Thank you, guys.

Thank you.

I have the sense that
everything's changing, Booth.

Not everything. Look,
we're still partners, right?

And Taffet, she's put away. I mean,
you're feeling good about that, right?

You almost died, Booth.
That could happen again.

What if next time I can't get to
you? It's not gonna happen again.

I envy your ability...

to substitute
optimism for reality.

You know what? Maybe you
just need to take some time off...

Go to a beach, lay in the sun.

I might need more
than a little time.

Don't make any decisions about
your future right now. I'm just saying...

You know when a dentist
gives you anesthetic...

and tells you not to operate
any heavy machinery...

or make any important
decisions within 24 hours?

All right, this case was
bigger than a root canal.

Let's just go back inside and
have one more drink for the road.

Come on, just one. I'm tired,
Booth. I-I'm gonna go home.

[Sighs] All right. Come
on. Let's get you in the cab.

I know. It's... It's
been a long, long day.

Come on, get in
there. All right?

Hey, I'll see you
tomorrow, right?

What's that mean?