Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 25 - The End in the Beginning - full transcript

Story of a murder in a nightclub with multiple suspects, with familiar faces in a different perspective. When the story's finished, Booth's health crisis takes an expected twist.

People say you only live once.

But people are as wrong about that...

as they are about everything.

In the darkest moments before dawn,
a woman returns to her bed.

What life is she leading?

Is it the same life the woman
was living half an hour ago?

A day ago? A year ago?

Who is this man?

Do they lead separate lives?
Or is it a single life shared?

- Do you love me?
- Yeah.

- Do you want me to prove it to you?
- Mmm.

If you're not too sleepy.

A storm approaches
and is still over the horizon...

but there is lightning in the air.

Are either of them aware
of the gathering turbulence?

Can they feel the crackle
of electricity in the wind?

Or are they aware of only the power
that they generate between themselves?

Oh, I love when you do that.

The first hint of this storm is not a thunderclap.

It is a knock.

Get it.

- No, you get it.
- No, you get it.

You get it. Oh-ah!

Great. I get it.

What? What?

Good morning. I'm Detective Saroyan.

Yeah. I know who you are.
You're my brother's partner.

- She prefers the term "boss. "
- Official visit. See the badge?

- What's going on?
- What-There's my robe.

A body was found at your nightclub.

So who was still at work when you left?

- Zack came in just before 4:00.
Brought the car around for me.

And then Fisher was supposed to
come in at 5:00 so they could do inventory.

- Do you think it was one of them?
- Well, you know what?

They should've said more than
"There was a body. "

- They found him laying in the bathroom.
- Is it terrible?

Uh, when Zack saw it, he screamed.
I heard him from the kitchen.

Yelped. Not screamed.

- Ready?
- I was taken aback.

It was a scream.

She has never seen a dead body before.

He was in the army and has seen too many.

- Recognize him?
- No.

You didn't see this guy last night?

- No.
- Neither one of us was on the floor much last night.

What about this?
You ever hear of a place called Amicangelo's?


Which one's closer to the washroom-
your office or the kitchen?

My office.

How is it the chef heard your assistant shout,
but you didn't hear a gunshot?

Maybe I'd already gone home.
I left at 4:00 a. m.

Blood coagulation suggests time of death
occurred between 1:00 and 3:00 a. m.

Obviously you weren't where you said you were.
So where were you?

From midnight until 4:00 a. m.,
I was in my office.

Then I went home.

Come on. Let's go, honey.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.

You think that was insensitive?

Implying she was cheating on her husband could've
waited until he wasn't standing next to her.

Why? They bust up,
and you finally get a crack at her.

It's what you want, right?

I know you all worked late last night,
maybe short on sleep.

But I need to prepare you
for what happens next.

Anybody not heard about our murder?

Good. Because you are all suspects.

- Oh.
- Yeah, Dispatch, 197. We're moving the body right now.

Somebody turned off the security cameras.

You think one of us is the killer?

You mind, Detective Saroyan?
I'm conferring with my clients.

Are you, in fact,
acting as our solicitor in this matter?

I'm the nightclub's lawyer.

You are welcome to call up your own.

- If we didn't do it, why do we need a lawyer?
- I didn't kill anyone.

Zack screamed when he saw the body,
so he's off the hook, right?

Y- Yelped.

He screamed like Slutty Girl #1
in a teen horror flick.

From here on in, you do not answer questions
you don't get asked!

- Consider me your top suspect.
- Oh, for God's sake.

I'm a trained chef, all right?
Finest schools in Europe.

But my professional life consists...

of cooking chicken wings designed
to make people drink more beer.

I'm a man on the edge.

Your wings have been voted
"best in the city" two years running.

Not best, tallest.

I'm the originator of the Tower of Wings.

Which will probably be on my tombstone.

Never seen him in my life.

You're the hostess.
You see everyone who comes in.

Uh, maybe if you had
a picture of him alive?

I don't have a very good
visual imagination.

He looks like a lot of guys.

Is that his real hair?

Let the record show that my client
is indicating with his head...

that he does not recognize the victim,
like all my clients.

Next question.

Have you witnessed any altercations...

any differences of opinion
at the club lately?

Well, Mr. B. Uh, that's what
we all call Mr. Booth-

told this hip-hop impresario, C-Synch...

who is actually very cute, by the way...

that he would never book him
or any of his acts into the club.

C- Synch. Yeah, he's, uh-
he's all right, isn't he?

His, uh, right hand full of talent,
left hand full of street cred...

due to the fact that
his brother is a big-time gangsta.

Clark Edison, A.K.A. C-Synch.

You restrained him from lunging at your boss?

I heard C-Synch shouting all the way
at the back of the coat check. He was mad.

You aware of a city councilman
named Max Keenan?

Everybody knows Max.
He's around all the time.

Max Keenan is upset
because he never got his facilitator's fee...

for getting city council to rezone us
for live entertainment.

Now, why would
a crooked politician tell you...

that he was upset
about not getting a payoff?

I'm a bartender.
I'm practically a psychologist.

A Persian named Ara-something
wants to buy the nightclub.

- Arastoo Vaziri?
- Bren's met with him about 40 times.

Mr. B. does not want to sell.

It was me who shut off
the security cameras!

I wanted some privacy with my boyfriend,
whom I will not name.

Okay, me and Daisy- look, we got a thing.

But the thing that we have
isn't, you know-

isn't a boyfriend-girlfriend thing.

It's a thing. It's just not a-a thing.

Miss Julian warned us that you have to
make an arrest in this case.

I just want to say that just because
Jared Booth and I went out on a couple of dates...

and he cannot accept the fact
that it is going nowhere...

does not mean that I should go to jail.

Didn't your lawyer tell you not to answer
any questions you weren't asked?

Should I mark your people down
as stupid or uncooperative?

Put 'em down as "well represented. "

How about I put 'em down
as accessories after the fact?

How long will they keep
the club shut down?

Oh, as long as they want.
It's a murder scene.

- Financially, that's gonna hurt.
- I'm your councilman. Maybe I can help.

How much is that gonna set us back?

I want you to consider the possibility
that this unfortunate incident-

- You mean the homicide.
- Maybe if you had remembered...

to reimburse the people that went
out of their way to get you that zoning change-

Okay, really? What, are you gonna put
the squeeze on us retroactively?

Why is it so hard for your husband
to see the ways of the world?

Because he wants me to be proud of him.

- Al, could you get that for me?
- Thanks. It's ready.

You won't be able to reopen
the nightclub for quite some time.

Where can I appeal that decision?

Wow. What they said about you is true.

- What's that?
- That you're kind of a cold fish.

Well, if by cold fish you mean
pragmatic and rational, then that's what I am.

No. I meant more like somebody,
when a human being is murdered...

cares more about reopening the club
than catching the murderer.

Well, I have my job. You have yours.

Where were you really last night?
Who were you with?

I had a very satisfying go-round...

with my husband
at about 5:00 this morning.

How about you?

The victim was killed by
a gunshot wound to the chest.

Guns are loud, but you did not hear it.

You were not in the building. Either we
talk about this now, maybe it goes no further.

Otherwise, I gotta pursue
this line of inquiry in a graceless manner.

- So this is blackmail.
- You pride yourself on being pragmatic.

I figured you'd appreciate the logic.

This guy, the Persian or whatever-

- how bad does he want your place?
- Who? Vaziri?

Kind of guy who won't
take no for an answer. Why?

Because the guy comes up shady. But he's got
an alibi for last night. Twin-hooker alibis.

Now I'm gonna tell you something,
something Cam doesn't even know yet.

Coroner's found fibers inside the bullet track
from something used to muffle the gun.

- Oh, that would explain why Bren didn't hear the shot.
- Yeah.

It's amazing what forensics
can do these days.

Now, if we happen to find that particular item,
it could lead straight to the killer.

So you think I know where it is.

I'm just saying the best thing
is that that item never turns up.

Cam says everybody thinks I'm a cold fish.

Come on. What you are is Iceland.

Cool to the touch.
But underneath, you're all volcano.

I don't like people thinking
that I'm a cold fish.

Look, if you were really a cold fish,
you wouldn't care.

You used logic on me. That's sweet.

Cam says the reason I didn't hear the gunshot
is because I'm cheating on you.

Oh. Well, Jared thinks,
you know, I'm the killer...

and he's helping me get away with it.

So you're a murderer. I'm unfaithful.
We are a very exciting couple.

Except the real reason
you didn't hear anything...

is that the gunshot was muffled.

That's Caroline's phone.
What's she calling for?

Hello? You've reached Bonnie and Clyde.

Murder Incorporated.

How may we help you?

Eh, it's, uh- It's Max.

Max, what are you doing
on Caroline's phone?

I don't own a cell phone. Big Brother always knows
where you are when you got a cell phone.

I guess when you're as shifty as Max here,
paranoid is good.

You're open for business tonight.

Well, how'd you pull that off?

Let's say I went in the front door,
Max slipped in the back, and we got it covered.

- What does that even mean?
- Just means you gotta remember what they say...

about one hand washing the other.

- That particular clich? pertains
to people with clean hands, Max.

You do not qualify.

There's a bloodstain on the bathroom wall.

Yeah. Someone smashed the victim's head
against the wall. Knocked him out.

And then came back.
Finished him off with a shot to the chest.

Very cold-blooded execution, in fact.

- How did you know that?
- I eavesdropped on the cops.

Also, they're looking for something that
was used to smother the sound of the shot.

- Why do you have a gun?
- What? Oh, oh, oh! I'm English.

All right? We don't use guns.
We use our foreheads.

What you've just picked up
is most likely the murder weapon.

Why would the murderer
hide the gun in your stuff?

Perhaps because the murderer
sussed me out as, you know...

the type of fellow who'd be
smart enough to get rid of it.

Evidently he didn't expect you
to be here when I discovered it.

Maybe we should get rid of it.

- You and I are not in collusion.
- Why not?

Because you're the type of moron who goes to jail
for a murder he didn't commit. And I am not.

- Then what do we do?
- Okay. What I should do is kill you with the gun...

and then tell the cops that you attacked me
after confessing to the murder.

It's hard to believe that someone
was murdered just over there.

Means nothin' to me-
a best-selling pulp-crap crime novelist.

I trade in death daily, theoretically.

What liquor best exemplifies
death by substance abuse?

Irish whiskey. Of course.

But what spirit best represents
murder most foul?

You know,
everyone that works here is a suspect.

I'm working with a murderer.

Do you have a picture of this
poor bastard that was murdered?

- Fisher sent this to me this morning
before the cops arrived.

I'll only show you
if you lose the Irish accent.

Take a look.

The man is obviously a hired killer.

- You get that from a phone pic?
- His hair, his suit, his ring-

the fact that I talked to him
last night... here.

Here? In this bar? I didn't see him.

Gotcha. Yeah, right.

None of us did. Very good.

Murder most foul.

Yeah. Do you feel that?

I mean, this place is magic.

Your stage has mystic properties.

Now that is a ridiculous urban legend.

Then explain to me how so many people
who've played here over the years...

have gone on to fame and fortune.

Maybe because we have good taste.

This place had the power before you got here.
It'll have it after you're gone.

All I want is my piece of the legacy.

C- Synch, baby.

And if you had good taste,
you will book me first.

And then each of my prot?g?s thereafter.
You dig?

Well, dig this. I recognize
your personal talent.

- But I don't book you or your-
- Prot?g?s.

- Because of your brother.
- So you're just brazenly racist?

- Sorry? Speak louder.
- This is exactly where I did not want this conversation to go.

My husband is concerned
about your gang ties...

which is not you...

but is your brother.

Look. There's Cain, and then there's Abel.

You see a mark on my forehead? Nah.

So that makes me Abel.
And on top of that...

how are you gonna penalize
my prot?g?s because of my brother?

- How is that fair?
- As your lawyer, I must advise you.

If Mr. Edison lodges a suit-

the outcome is not assured in our favor.

We will discuss it...
since we are partners.

- Mm-hmm.
- Aye, aye.

Look, um, I know whatever
you're doing is very important.

It's- C-Synch! C-Synch!

- Hey.
- What's up?

Be glad you're a pasty
Brit albino, Vinnie.

Cheers. Um, I need to talk.

Ooh. Oh, no.

200 million unregistered
guns in the country.

- This one finds its way into my gear.
- Anybody touch it?

- Did anybody touch it?
- Zack did.

Legally, if it's with my stuff,
can I just, like...

claim it as my own
and toss it into a volcano?

Caroline is an officer of the court.
She has to report it, right?

I sure as hell do now.

.38, right? Matches the murder weapon.

Zack touched it.

Will you two let me do
some of the detecting, please?

Saturday night special.
Totally disposable.

My theory? It's the murder victim's gun.

Taken away from him by persons unknown...

who shot him in the chest,
then hid it here...

thinking that Vincent would find it, panic
and throw it away...

because he's, well, English.

- Who's this now?
- Jack Hodgins.

- Very successful crime novelist.
- They never get anything right.

I'm not gonna fare well in jail.

Uh, I'm lovely.

Don't worry about it, Vincent. I'll bail you out.

You too, Zack.

No Vincent, no deejay.
No deejay, no entertainment.

- You carpe your diem, bub.
- You mean the band?

Get a girl to smack the tambourine-
you maybe get a shot.

- You mean Angela?
- Of course I don't mean Angela.

You don't stand a chance with Angela.

Her. Pansy or Buttercup.


Mysterious Persian real estate mogul who's been
trying to buy our home away from home.

What nefarious reasons does he have?

I want this club 'cause I know
how to turn it into a gold mine.

- Boring.
- Good business, like a good marriage, is outwardly boring.


Last night, I go home a little before 3:00.

I check to make sure Bren
has locked up the safe.

I wonder, did somebody tape
the door after I checked it?

'Cause this guy got in somehow.

You mean the dead guy
or whoever killed him.

There's nothing tacky on the bolt here,
so it wasn't taped.

That means either the dead guy
hid in the club after closing...

or Bren let him in after my sweep.

- No, she didn't.
- Whoever killed this guy had a key or was already in the club.

Bren was the only one inside the club.

You seem pretty sure
this is the way it played out.

The dead guy-
chats me up last night.

Okay. Why didn't you tell the police?

Creepy old guy trespassing
around our club during the night?

I know what I'd do if I caught him.

Did you catch him?

Nope. Did you?

'Cause until I get the specific answer
to that question...

my loyalty's with you.

I didn't catch him.
But I appreciate your loyalty.

Hey, Arastoo. How you doing?

He's making me another offer
on the nightclub.

- Really? How big of a bump do we get for murder?
- Huh. The offer is lower.

The place is under a cloud.

Things like this occur when
people are not... reasonable.

Implying that you are behind the murder,
trying to scare me to sell. Ballsy move, pal.

Behind it? No. Merely taking advantage.

- It's good business.
- Right. Well, my nightclub is not for sale, but my booze is.

So either get a drink,
or get the hell out of here.

Hey, Booth, Bren.

Heard about Vincent being arrested.
Can my band audition?

- No.
- Come on. What's the harm?

- Be ready in one hour, pal. You got it, kid.
- Yes!

Yes. You won't be disappointed.

- Why?
- I got a soft spot for the kid.

You're made of soft spots.
You're still gonna make the call, right?

Of course I'm gonna make the call.
I'm not soft in the head.

What is the call?

It's why I own this place
and you never will, okay?

So, drink? Or you're gonna leave?

Hey. Awkward. Very awkward. Awkward.

Angela, what is awkward?

It's a floor plan for the nightclub.

Yeah. I drew it...

for the murder victim last night.

You know how what I always really wanted to do
was interior decorating, right?

I mean, I'm very good.
I sort of have a knack.

And he told me that he owned a nightclub
and that he'd hire me to-

And I figured he was
probably hitting on me.

But Jared showed up and asked me out
for, like, the hundredth time.

Why are you showing this to me?

Because if I show it to Mr. B.,
his head will explode.

You're a cooler customer.

I'm not a cold fish. I'm Iceland.

Okay. If I had a firmer grasp on geography,
I might know what you mean.

- Why would his head explode?
- Well, note the "X"...

at this office.

Traditionally "X" marks the spot.

The safe? You think he wanted to rob us?

Well, yeah, maybe.

Or it's possible that the "X" marks
a whole other objective.

The only thing left is-


Why didn't you show this to the police?

Because they'll take it without telling me
if it means what I think it means.

What do you think it means?

People know the best way to hurt him-

Is to hurt you.

The Persians are capable
of sending a very bad message.

What do you mean, bad message?

Head cracking. Leg breaking.
Neck snapping. Finger snipping. Like that.

It's possible they sent this guy.

To break my legs?

And the gangbangers make him.
And they kill him to make a statement.

So Booth was right about the gangbangers?

Everyone serves somebody.

Something your-
your husband refuses to accept.

- I know he's stubborn.
- Oh, he's a man of principle.

And I mean that as a terrible insult.

Now, if he had just paid me off...

none of this would've happened.

Who do you work for that could
scare off the Persians and the gangbangers?

Ask your brother-in-law
about the Gravedigger.

Because he's a cop?

Because he and I work for the same guy.


The murder victim's
been identified as Dick Vorstenbach.

He was a security consultant
for a waste disposal company in Newark.

A mobster named Vorstenbach.
What's the world coming to?

So what was he doing at our place?

That's a mighty fine question.

Where did you get this?

- What's that?
- It was slipped to me anonymously...

by someone who drew it
for Vorstenbach last night.

- Your office is marked.
- Meaning Vorstenbach was in your club last night.

- But nobody saw him.
- Excuse me, Cam. But this napkin proves...

that Vorstenbach was sent to hurt my wife.

That is one of our theories, yes.

Could the Gravedigger
have sent Vorstenbach?

- Now, where'd you dig that up?
- Isn't he some old mobster type, has his finger in every pie?

- There's no Gravedigger.
- Max Keenan likes to say he works for the Gravedigger.

- Makes him scary.
- Exactly. So forget the Gravedigger.

Look. Our first job is to find out
who killed Vorstenbach.

Finding out who sent him
is totally secondary.

Right. But here in the real world,
when do we get our deejay back?

Never. Your people are lying to me.

Until I find out why,
you can't have your deejay nor your assistant...

nor anybody else I can scoop up.

Now, now. It's blatant police brutality...

to use the word "nor" so aggressively, hmm?

Violent death, murder-it sends out shock waves.

The closer you are to it,
the greater the shock.

Max told me that he works for the Gravedigger.

- He told me something else.
- Mmm.

He said that Jared works for him too.

Don't get so mad. Max could be lying.

Look, I'm mad because I don't find it
hard to believe at all.

All right. Did Max give you the napkin?

No. Angela.

- What?
- Why?

Why are all our employees
holding out on the cops?

They love us. Especially you.

They love us. We're lovable. Okay.
What math gets them to obstruct justice?

They all know that you'd kill anyone
who was going to hurt me.

And that man, Vorstenbach,
was going to hurt me.

They think I'm the killer.

That's the math that gets them to lying
to police and obstructing justice.

Hey! So, uh, we're Gormogon.

Um, I mean the name
of the band is Gormogon.

Some people think that I'm Gormogon.
But I'm not.

It's like there's no one
named Floyd in Pink Floyd.

- Just play, Sweets.
- Yeah.

- Gormogon is a stupid name.
What does it even mean?

# Every single step I take #

# Seems to go the other way #

# From the one that I'd intended #

#Thought this lunacy had ended #

#And the seasons never change #

# They just always stay the same #

# Like a band with just a drummer#

# I'm in never-ending summer#

#And I'm alone now #

Man, I'm tellin' ya.
I'm looking at Sweets in a whole different way.


# I'm alone now #

# I'm alone now ##

Woo-woo! Woo!

- Thank you!
- That-That was wonderful. That was wonderful.

- Why did they even invent piano?
- The thing is, it's, uh- It's a nightclub.

Uh, and people, they- they gotta dance.

- Not just-
- Fall in love.

Oh. Uh-

- You're really good.
- Oh, stop.

It was great stuff.
Though, you know, uh, people, they gotta-

Uh, it's a dance club- big beat, big noise.
You-You understand.

All right.

My brother would like to talk.
He's waiting for you out back.

Right. Uh, Sweets, why don't you play
another song for the girl there.

- # Draw the curtain, dim-#
- Oh- Come on.

- What's going on, boss?
- I got a meeting with an angry gangbanger in the alley.

- Why?
- I got my gun.

- You got a gun?
- He's the leader of a gang. He's killed people.

And he hates your guts.
I ain't no mathematician, but that adds up bad.

- Okay. Hang in back.
- All right.


I want my brother to play in the club!

Open the door, boss!
I'm right here! Come on!

I'm coming!

#That makes sense of them #

# Sinking to the starting line #

#Where our love was just unfit ##

- Who is that?
- C- Synch's brother. Head of the gangbangers.

Don't move, or I'll blow your head off.

Wanna drop that?

Thank you.

- Hi, honey.
- Hey. You okay?

- You should see the other guy.
- So who do you want to arrest?

Let's take 'em all.

Look, man.
My brother don't sag, slang or bang.

What about you?

Man, Clark barely talks to me. You dig?

- Why do you care?
- He's my brother.

And your club is on my block.

- Do the math, man.
- I've been here before. Okay?

The place becomes a gang hangout.
East Coast meets West Coast.

- Somebody gets popped.
- Says the dude with the dead body in his bathroom.

- Yeah. For all I know, you did it.
- I pop somebody...

I don't muffle the shot, brother.

I shoot him straight on in his face. Ask anybody.

Look, man. What if I decree your place off-limits
to my crew or any other crew?

- You can decree?
- He's my brother, man.

And I want to see him get his cheese.
See his face on buses.

Fine. C-Synch in the house.

You still think it could be him?

Nope. He'd have taken credit if he did it,
use it to scare your brother.

This guy's got nothing to do with
Vorstenbach's murder. Let him go.

- Thanks.
- Now they have my assistant, our doorman and our deejay.

All right. Well, I can watch the door
until they release Wendell.

- What about entertainment?
- I thought Sweets was "fantabulisticulous. "

- Uh, we got the Cr?e.
- What crew?

Hey. Uh, so Daisy told me something.

And I figured you need to know.

That murdered guy-
I sort of had a conversation with him.

- And you didn't tell the police?
- Well, it's what they discussed that's important.

It's Daisy. So they discussed sex.

- That's mostly true.
- Okay, please. What is the point?

Lance's songs were so romantic.

Which made me amorous.

- Oh! Maybe skip ahead a little.
- Well, Lance was nervous we'd get caught...

because I'm unabashed about noise.

Okay. Is it "skip" or "ahead" or "point"
that she doesn't understand?

Well, I told Lance that I knew a place...

where a couple in love
could find some privacy.

- Oh! Which is what I also told Vorstenbach.
- Yeah. That's the point.

When Wendell does his sweep,
he never checks the lost and found.

Vorstenbach could've hid back here
and waited for the club to be empty.

Remember all those wooden
matches around the body?

- He was here.
- Why didn't you tell the police you saw Vorstenbach?

Fisher says that Mr. B.
probably killed the guy to save you...

and we should do everything we could
to impede the investigation.

Was that wrong? It felt right.

Wh- Uh-

- They let you out.
- Yes. Someone stole my shoes.

Of course they did.

Sweets found your coat.

I don't get the connection.

It was jammed into a case of premium gin.
He brought it to me.

I found the bullet hole.

Someone used my coat
to muffle the gunshot.

Well, what did you do with my coat?

That's my expensive Belgian corduroy coat?

I decided to douse it
with pure grain alcohol and burn it.

So you two conspired to keep
this big secret from the rest of us.

Mr. B. had the strength to bash
the guy's head against the wall.

- And you have the-
- Clarity of will to shoot him.

Is that why you picked up the gun,
in case my fingerprints were on it?

I've learned a lot
from Mr. Hodgins's books.

Zack and Sweets found
my Belgian corduroy coat...

and burned it because it had
a bullet hole in it.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

They figured that you bashed his head
against the wall and then I shot him.

Should I be upset that everyone
thinks that we're murderers...

or just happy that everyone's trying
to help us get away with it?

You should recognize that everything they do
to help makes us look more guilty.

- Especially you.
- Why me?

Because you are strong enough
to smash his head into the wall, and I'm not.

Oh. So, we having some doubts?

Not about anything important.

- Here.
- Ah.

Yeah. The fibers we found
in the victim's wound are Belgian corduroy.

- How'd you know?
- We can't find Bren's coat.

If it's in that club,
we'll eventually find it. So-

I know. I heard you the first time.
Find the coat, get rid of it, burn it-

The only problem is,
I didn't kill the guy.

Max says you're in the Gravedigger's pocket.
Did he send this man?

Max is nuts.

And crooked as a stick in water.

Look, hey. Hey.

Somebody put this Vorstenbach guy on Bren.

- What?
- You're not gonna like it.

Somebody comes into my club to hurt my wife-
Of course I'm not gonna like it.

Bren was cheating on you with the Persian.

You got that wrong.

Met with him over a dozen times.
Over 70 phone calls in the past three weeks.

How many times a day you talk to her?

This is what happened.
They get into a thing.

Goes south.
Bren figures out that it's not true love...

that the Persian
wants her for your nightclub.

And then he threatens her.
He sends this Vorstenbach guy on the job.

But you don't see it
because you don't use your head.

You think everything
that you feel is true.

Take it outside.

You need to grow up.

Hey, Mr. B. Anybody else get arrested?

Not that I know of. Hey, listen, Ange.

You know the napkin
you drew for Vorstenbach?

Yeah. I'm sorry about that.
I didn't know what he wanted it for.

No. I, uh- I know that.
It's just, why wasn't it finished?

Oh, well, I got interrupted.

- Interrupted? By who?
- By Jared.

He came in to ask me out.

Jared saw Vorstenbach and the napkin?



- You seen Max?
- Yeah. Um, Table 11.

Hey, as soon as the Cr?e gets here,
we'll do a sound check.

- That's great.
- What time you want us to go on?

- Midnight.
- You got it. Give or take.

So the cops think I committed the murder.

The cops are the least of your worries.
Make the payment.

Right. You know, you tell the Gravedigger,
unless he's willing to kill me...

it's over.

Oh. One more thing. Anything happens
to my wife, it's you I'm coming after.

Whoa, whoa. Me? I'm just the messenger.

Right. You know, I don't know how
you got Jared to believe that crap.

But my gut is telling me
you're nobody's messenger.

It's only money.

I hate when people say that.

So did the police try to convince you
I was having an affair with Arastoo?

It's what they do, you know? Drive wedges.

It wouldn't be irrational to think
I was having an affair with him.

He's very handsome.

Yeah. I'd feel it if the energy
was bad between the two of us.

I'd know. The same way that you would know
that I couldn't murder someone.

I believe you would murder someone for me.

And I believe you'd lie about it
so I wouldn't have to carry that burden.

- Tommy! Tommy!
- M?tley Cr?e!

Hey, Nikki, Vince.

- What's up?
- Nice.

Excellent update on the lid, Mick.

- Nikki!
- I love you, Tommy!

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hello, hello, hello.

Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch-

- Check, check, check.
- Checking. Check, check, check.

- Listen. Go bigger, go louder or just go home.
- Okay, okay.

How did you convince them
to leave Cr?e Fest and appear here tonight?

Benefit for the kids.

We're doing a benefit for sick kids? Aw.

Poor Cam and Jared.

You know, if this murder
is any indication...

I don't know how
any homicide is ever solved.

Everyone lies.
Everyone has a secret agenda.

I'm glad we're nightclub owners
and not crime solvers.

I know who did it.

So do I.

Hello, hello, hello.

Awesome. It's the Cr?e.

Oh- I've been banked by a rock band.

When did you realize it wasn't me?

You would kill for me. I know that.

But whoever did this knocked him out...

then went and got my coat
before executing him.

You would never do that.

Jared is different.

My brother killed a man to save my wife.
What are we gonna do?

Do? We thank him and shut up.

Bren, this is murder.

It's more like a rescue.

- Not everything is just so clear to you.
- It is this time.

I don't think I can live with this.


I'm not going to prison.

G.P.S. puts you in this building
at the time of the murder.

Hey, I told you. No cell phone.
No G.P.S. Should've listened to me.

Lose the weapon, Detective.

- Jared, just take out your gun.
- That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

You ready?

- I'm a quick bastard.
- By the barrel, very slowly.

That's not how it's gonna go.

We know how this is gonna go.


It's okay.

It's all okay.

Thank you.

You helped us.

Now, please, let us help you.

Please welcome M?tley Cr?e!

Put the handcuffs on, Jared.

# Rat-tailed Jimmy is a secondhand hood #

# Deals down in Hollywood #

# Got a '65 Chevy, primered flames #

#Traded for some powdered goods #

#Jigsaw Jimmy, he's the one in the game #

# But I hear he's doin' okay #

# Got a cozy little job through the Mexican mob
Packages the candy 'caine #

# He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood #

# He's the one that makes you feel all right #

# He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood #

# Cops on the corner always ignore #

# Somebody's gettin' paid #

# Jimmy's got it wired
Law's for hire #

# I got it made in the shade #

# Got a little hideaway
does business all day #

# But at night he'll always be found #

# Sellin' sugar to the sweet
People on the street call this Jimmy's town #

# He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood #

# He's the one that makes you feel all right #

# He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood #

# He's gonna be your Frankenstein #

# I've got one thing you'll understand #

# Dr. Feelgood #

- # He's not what you'd call a glamorous man #
- # Dr. Feelgood #

- # Got one thing that's easily understood #
- # Dr. Feelgood #

# He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood #

# Oh, yeah #

# Dr. Feelgood #

# Dr. Feelgood #

# Dr. Feelgood #

# Dr. Feelgood #

# Dr. Feelgood ##

You love someone,
you open yourself up to suffering.

That's the sad truth.

Maybe they'll break your heart.

Maybe you'll break their heart and never
be able to look at yourself in the same way.

- Those are the risks.
- Locking up, boss.

Thanks, Wendell.

You know, I think-

I think you're right, you know?

- I think we should sell out.
- You're not afraid of this Gravedigger person?

No. I told him if he doesn't
leave us alone, I'd kill him.

And he believes me.

You mean you told Max to tell him.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

Caroline says if they can't
trace the gun to Jared...

they can't find my coat...

he's going to walk.

We can't sell the club.
Your brother might need a job.

Plus, I have another confession.


You see two people, and you think...

they belong together.

- But nothing happens.
- Well-

- You know that glass of wine
that we share every night?


- I have to stop that.
- Oh, come on, Bren.

Just because you have one glass of wine
every night with your husband...

doesn't mean you're an alcoholic.

That's not why.

No. Yeah?

You are pregnant?

This is a little baby boy, huh?

Or girl.

The thought of losing so much control...

over personal happiness is unbearable.

That's the burden.

Like wings, they have weight...

we feel that weight on our backs...

but they are a burden that lifts us.

- Burdens that allow us...
- Allow us...

- to fly.
- to fly.

It was such a weird dream.



You're awake.

So real.

Your operation was a success,
but you reacted poorly to the anesthesia.

You've been in a coma for four days.

It took you so long to wake up.

It felt so real.

It wasn't real.

Who are you?

What's that mean?