Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 15 - The Eye in the Sky - full transcript

Jeff Dover's corpse is found, grossly and thoroughly mangled in an industrial shredder. He was a high-stakes gambler, so Booth decides to join his secret poker band to test the other players. James Aubrey can't talk him out of it, but his worries for the ex-addict colleague makes Bones doubt too. Hodgins meanwhile works on a rubber product to earn money from another patent.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Everything okay in there, Bones?

You need any help?

I'm urinating on a stick.

I think I can do that by myself.
Of course.

I don't think
these things are very accurate.

You're sure
these things are accurate?


Amazing you can
be so calm.

You know, we might be
having another kid!

Well, I like to wait until
I have all the facts before

I become either
excited or disappointed.

Ah, that's just weird, you know.
I knew it wasn't

just because of those peanut
butter cookies that you love.

It could still be that, Booth.
Hey, do me a favor.

Shake the stick a little bit,
maybe hurry it up.

It takes a couple
minutes, Booth.


Ah, I know exactly
when this happened, huh?

It was the kitchen floor night

after the bottle
of Brunello.

If I am pregnant,
it'll be quite difficult

to determine when we conceived

based on the amount of sex
we've been having lately.

That's very true. Very true.

All right.



Right. Okay. Got it.

So they found a body in an
industrial shredder. Ugh, man.

Cam's gonna take the new intern,

so you can just go
right to the lab.

I can go if there are...
No, you cannot.

It's too many chemicals.

You're pregnant.
Booth, we have

no factual evidence yet
that I am pregnant.

You know, Christine-- she's
gonna be a great big sister.

I'm gonna reserve comment

I know, until you have
all the facts.

You know, back room-- gonna
turn it into the new nursery.


Yes! What?!
A plus sign!

I'm pregnant!
We're having a baby!

We're having a baby.

We're having a baby!

And I can keep eating cookies!

Yes, cookies!
I'm so happy.

Very happy.

You're pregnant.
We're pregnant!

I got to tell people. Huh?
No, no, no.

This should be between us now.

I want to wait
before we tell other people.

Of course, yeah, definitely.
That's, that's really smart.

So, okay, just listen to me
in there, all right?

We can't tell anyone.

We're going to
our first crime scene, baby.

We're going to our first
crime scene!

No, no, no, no, we're not going
to the first crime-- I'm going.

Booth, come on...

Ah, you're gonna
take it easy, Mom.

I'm not taking it easy.

Dr. Hodgins, I just...

No, no, no, no, no!

What just happened?

Oh, no, I just...

I exposed
a cryogenic refrigerant.

I mean, the safety
system is being

a little dramatic;
it's not that toxic.

Side note:
I need a requisition form

for another
20 Berzelius beakers.

Those are $150 apiece.

I assume this experiment's
for the Jeffersonian?

I mean, since my work
is my life,

in essence, everything I do
is for the Jeffersonian?

That would be a no.

I know you love to

invent things, Dr. Hodgins,

but you do not have permission
to do that here.

Confine that aspect of your life
to your home, please.

Is that clear?

Sure. Sure.

So you came to
tell me something?

Ah, yes.
We have to dig remains

out of an industrial shredder.

Oh, good. I thought it was
gonna be something bad.

Based on the head of
this beautifully formed femur

and auricular surface
of the ilium,

the victim was a white male
in his 30s.

Beautifully formed?
It is. Look at it.

There's no sign
of blowfly larvae,

beautiful or not, which means

the victim died
within the last 24 hours.

Hey, look at that!

Coffee all around. I got coffee.

Thank you, sir. Coffee, coffee?

Hey, nice, huh? Get some coffee.

I got some cream, some sugar.

There you go. Grab the top one.
There you go.

Hey, guys, look,
I got some coffee, huh?

Got some cream and sugar. Tell
you what, your hands are full,

so I'll tell you what,
I'll put the coffee

right over here
by the nice black gloves.

Thanks, Booth.

How thoughtful.

And unexpected.

Well, it's a great
day to celebrate.

You know, just a job
well done by everyone.

You, you, great!

Look at you.

You all do such a good job.

And bug boy--

number one in my book.

- Okay. Yeah, thanks.
- Yeah.

Uh, do you even

know what my name is?

Yeah, yeah. You do a
great job there, Squinty.

I mean, I call
everyone Squinty.

Squint your eyes
like that.

Good job. You're doing great.

Okay, then. Hey.

Looks like a piece
of the victim's cell phone.

Hopefully, it's enough
for Angie to work with.

The yellow discoloration on the
victim's lacerations indicate

he died before he was shredded.

- So the body was dumped.
- Well, I tell you,

the front lock was picked,

so that rules out
all the employees.

Look at bug boy go, huh?

He looks like he's flossing.

Yeah, well, there's teeth

on these grinders,
so it seemed appropriate.

The ones in the back
are hardest to reach.

You crack me up,
bug boy. He's...

Okay, I got to say, I'm getting

a little freaked out
by all the compliments.

I found the victim's skull.

Oh, wow, look at that, huh?

That guy went through
the blender.


Uh, most of
the bony protrusions

of the skull
have been removed.

No chin, no cheeks, no brow.

Angela will have
a hard time IDing him.

Think I found something
that'll help Angie

recreate the victim's face.

What's that?

The victim's face.

♪ Bones 10x15 ♪
The Eye in the Sky
Original Air Date on April 23, 2015

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

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♪ ♪

Okay, I filled in the missing
facial markers with clay.

And I am almost finished
with the victim's face.

Very cool. You just sewed up

what the shredder ripped apart,

Can you hold
the skull steady?

Mm-hmm, sure.

This is so
Mission: Impossible.

Perfect fit.

He was killed
less than a day ago,

so he probably hasn't been
reported missing yet.

Yeah, and the clay is
just an approximation,

so a match might
be a long shot.

But I'll scan it and see if
I can come up with something.

Looks like he worked
with his hands.

Yes, and I see evidence
of Schmorl's nodes

on the victim's spine.

I'm gonna need help with...

Schmorl's nodes.

Uh, named for
the German pathologist

C.G. Schmorl, they are
protrusions of cartilage

compressed into the vertebrae.

Fairly common
in the elderly.


Wonderful, Ms. Warren.

You are quite
an exceptional intern.


You and Booth are very cheery.

No more than usual.

For someone this young,

the Schmorl's indicate

that he spent a lot of time
carrying heavy objects.

I found cardboard residue
on the victim's clothes,

from the inside of his shirt
and under the arms,

so it's not from recycled boxes
in the shredder.

I'm getting a vibe.

Yes, Ms. Warren?

Yes? To my vibe?

I'm feeling generous.

Think of it
as theorizing.

That'd be a first.

Um, he might've worked
for a moving company,

based on the markers
as well as the vibe.

That's quite possible.

Your good mood
just keeps getting better.

Yeah, freaky.

In a good way.

Hey, Brennan,

can I talk to you for a minute?

Of course.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, I... I just am having
one of those days.

I feel like I need a hug.

I don't know what that means,
but of course I'll embrace you.

Ow. Ow.
I knew it.

You knew what?
Sore boobs.

You're pregnant.

No, I'm not...

Don't start with the
sweet tooth thing again.

Needing to exercise
does not explain why

everybody is saying that
you are in such a good mood.

I'm always in a good mood.

It's funny that you
actually believe that.

This is such great news!
Please, Angela,

I don't want everyone to know,
not yet.

All right, I'll stick with
the sweet tooth thing.

But in the meantime...

Ow, ow, ow.

Oh, yeah. Boobs.

You found a match?

Yeah, uh... 12 matches.

I ran my reconstruction

against online images-- it's
the only thing I could do.

Can you perform

a vocational search
to see if any of them

worked as a mover
or delivery man?

Yeah, let me check it out.

Down to one.

Jeff Dover, worked
as a mover at Oz

Storage and Moving.

Excuse me.

Yeah, one second.

Darren, I need you
on truck three.

The house is not
gonna move itself.


What can I do you for?

Agent Aubrey.
I'm with the FBI.

Jayne Barry. I'm the manager.

Who complained this time?

No one.

I need to ask you
a few questions

about one of
your employees.

A, uh, Jeff Dover.
Is he in some kind of trouble?

Because he did not
show up for work today.

Jeff was murdered.

Oh, my God.

Now, can you think of

any coworkers or clients who
might have had it out for Jeff?

Not off the top of my...


Wait, what?

He got into a screaming match
the other day

with another mover, Dustin West.

It was during a job.

Clients complained,
I had to reimburse them.

Can you tell me where
Dustin West is right now?

Uh, yeah. He's moving
a house in Treesdale.

I can give you the address.


There are multiple antemortem
fractures of the pelvis,

as well as oblique fractures
of the femur.

So he was in a fight
before he was killed.

Remodeling indicates
it happened about two years ago,

so these injuries
aren't related to his death.

I heard you broke
some more beakers, Curly.

More beakers?

You broke some
just two weeks ago.

No, those were flasks.

Didn't you also
break some vials?

Ah, yeah, but that was,
like, three weeks ago.

You are aware that all of this

comes out of
your paycheck, right?

Uh, no, I was not aware.

Shake it off, Curly.
There's a lesson here.

Yeah, you break it,
you bought it.

Uh, no. My cooperative

would encourage us
to examine any mistakes

for hidden wisdom.

You should totally invent
an unbreakable beaker.

But they already
have plastic beakers.

But glass is easier
to sterilize.

Have some vision, Dr. Saroyan.

She's right. Plus,
some solvents can

dissolve plastics, and some
plastics are gas-permeable.

An unbreakable
glass beaker.

Oh, now, look, you've gone
and made him all inspired.

Oh. Uh-oh.

I know that look.

Unbreakable beaker.

It's my fault.

Okay, well, then you can
clean up the mess, sweetie.

So, there was enough
of the motherboard left

to hack into
Dover's cell phone,

and it was filled
with poker apps.

I don't understand.

Lots of people like
to play poker.

Yeah, but not
this much.

He had accounts
on multiple poker sites,

and it seems like
a lot of money changed hands.

So our victim was a gambler.

Dr. Hodgins?


Just trying a little something.

I'll clean it up.


So, Mr. West,
the recycling center confirms

you've been there
multiple times.

It's, uh,
pretty coincidental

that Jeff Dover
was dumped there.

Every mover in town
knows that place.

We get asked to throw away
old junk all the time.

But we have witnesses
who saw you two fighting

before he disappeared.

we had a big blowout.
But I didn't kill him.

Blowout about what?


How'd you know?

You owed him money.

You guys play in the same game?

He owed me money, yeah,

but we played
in different games.

Mine were low-rent games
with friends.

Jeff, he was
in deep.

High-stakes underground games.

So you bankrolled him

and you split
the winnings.

That was the plan.

I loaned him ten grand,

but he couldn't
pay me back

- and I needed the cash.
- Who ran the game

that he played in?
I don't know.

I don't want to get involved
in that world, okay?

You're in it deep now,

and if you don't cooperate,

I'm gonna have to lock you up

for obstructing
a murder investigation.

Oh, man...

I don't know whose game it was.

Okay? But I did
drop him off there

every once
in a while.

Corner of
Beachwood and Allegheny.

Last night, by any chance?

He sent me a text

saying he'd won the big one.

Pot worth 28 grand.

So let me get
this straight.

He tells you
that he just won

28 grand, then he
suddenly disappears

and shows up dead
without a penny.

That doesn't look good for you.

Dr. Hodgins has
yet to find

any evidence of money
in the shredder.

That's because Dover was killed
for his winnings.

Which means

that all of the players

in his underground game
are suspects.

Yes, it sure is.

Very smart, Bones.

Did you ever play in games
like that when you gambled?


I gambled on everything.
Poker, ponies...

I even bet on the expiration
date of a package of cheese.

Maybe you...

shouldn't be involved
in this case.

clearly releases

dopamine in your nucleus accumbens.
I'm gonna be fine.

Okay? My sponsor's
just a phone call away.

All right?
I can handle this.

Aubrey said...
Please. Aubrey. Okay?

That's not his world.
This is my world, okay?

I'm not going to let
a murderer go free

because everyone is afraid
I'm not strong enough, here.

I want to believe you...

I gambled in the past
because my life was a mess.

It was a complete disaster.
I mean, come on.

Now I have you, I got Christine,
I got Parker, I got...

...little guy on the way.

Yes, guy.

It's just a hunch.
I'm not going to throw it

all away over a poker game.

Come on, Bones.

Look who it is!

Here he is! Jason Samuels. How are you?

Man, you look good, huh?
Listen, have a seat.

This is my wife,
Temperance Brennan.

Temperance Brennan, the Jason Samuels.

This is your wife?

For an ex-gambler,
it looks like you, uh,

won the lottery, Booth.
You bet.

You were Booth's

gambling facilitator?

It sounds so much
better than "bookie."

Right, listen.
I-I need your help.

Well, it's just that...

I know what you do

and you know what I do.

Look, I'm trying to catch
a murderer, here, all right?

I don't care about the gambling.

Your name's never gonna come up.

How can I help?

Look, I need to get
into a poker game

at Beachwood and Allegheny.

Are you going to play?


You sure about this, Booth?

Pros in a game like this,

they know how to bluff.

They bluff for a living, right?

If I get in there,

in that game,
and learn their tells,

and one of those guys
is the killer...

case closed, game over.

It's real simple.

I found a perimortem

depression fracture

on the victim's
left temporal bone.

The fracture pattern indicates

that the blunt force trauma
was caused

by a cylindrical weapon.

However, this did not
kill the victim.

So I have to find something
even more violent.


Hey. So I found this

mixed in with the leftovers
of the shredded remains.

Ooh! A coin.
Oh, it's scratched up

pretty good.

I can only make out
part of a symbol.

Well, I know
it's not U.S. currency.

It's not foreign currency,

Booth has one of these.

It's a sobriety token
from Gamblers Anonymous.

Well, it looks like our victim

fell off the wagon.

And into a shredder.


So, the injuries that Jeff Dover
got two years ago

were from a bad car accident.

Wife and kid both died
in the crash.

Probably started gambling
after he lost his family.

And he tried to stop.

But couldn't.

Which is exactly why

you're not going
to play in that game.

No, it's exactly
why I am.

Okay? He was fighting to...
to go straight

and someone
took advantage of him

when he was at his weakest.

I'm going to make that right.

It is not that simple, Booth.

Look, Sweets was
very clear in your file.

You gambled to cope
with trauma and that is...

Look, Aubrey,
it's been a long time

since I've been
in the Middle East.

I'm not talking
about the Middle East.

You've been shot
multiple times since then,

you spent three months
in prison,

and your best friend
died in your arms.

Isn't that enough trauma
for you?

Aubrey, look, I already talked
to Bones about this, okay?

She's fine with it.

I appreciate your concern,

but this is gonna happen. Okay?


Oh, hey!

check this out.

What is that,
a thigh?

Nah. No, no, no.
Well, yeah, no, that's a thigh.

I meant check this out.

Ooh, is this for
the unbreakable beaker?


Does, uh, Cam know
you're inventing again?

She doesn't have to.
I made it at home.

I set up a little lab
in the garage.

Hey, there could be
a finder's fee in this for you.

So it's a moldable rubber
cast in a unique


Inspired by bees?
Yeah, exactly.

I used a high
silicon-to-cornstarch ratio

so that the rubber's
extremely elastic.

If you cover a beaker with this,

you can drop it on the ground
without a scratch.

Uh, but you can't heat it.

That's kind of a big problem.


You could baby-proof
your house with it, though.


Oh! My God. That's it.

What's it?

I could...
I should be able to...

Oh, my God.

Yeah, that didn't clarify much.

Hey, guys.
What's this?

Good luck, Curly.

Nothing. Just, you know,
a little something

I brought from home.

You keep dead men's
thighs in your house?

Oh, this! Right.

The victim's
left thigh.

No, this is the last piece
of flesh that I found.

Um, I mean, this
is the last piece

of flesh that
I found here.

Not at home.

Oh, that is
so cool.

Awesome, right?

It's the victim's
left forearm

and I already found
abrasions in this area,

which I removed.

Defensive wounds?
Uh, possibly.

Hey, look at that.
It's covered with

some kind of
oily substance.

That could be from
the murder weapon.

I'll trade you that thigh
for this forearm,

if you can tell me
what he's coated in.

You got a deal.

Thank you.

So Aubrey
walked out?

Look, he means well.

Everyone means well, okay?
I know that.

So he won't help?

You need backup, Booth.
Uh, it's gonna be fine, okay?

We talked.
I guess it's good that

everyone's giving me
so much flak.

I don't understand.

Gives me something
to prove, right?

Don't forget
how strong you are, Booth.


I already talked to my sponsor.
All right?

Minute I get any kind
of information,

I'm gonna text Aubrey and
I'm gonna text you right away.


Be safe, Booth.

Hey, I'm gonna be fine.

Listen to me, all right?

I know the signs,
I know the trigger points.

I know myself.

I know what it took
for me to hit rock bottom.

You know what, I haven't
held cards in my hands

for a long, long time.

Because what we have here,
this life...

it's better than any hand

that I could ever be dealt.

And look, look...
if I can't deal,

if I have a problem,
what am I gonna do?

I'm gonna get up
and I'm gonna walk away.

That's how strong I am.

Now look at me.
I promise.


♪ Took me for granted ♪

♪ But call it love
if you will ♪

♪ I'm aware of this ♪

♪ I did let you in ♪

♪ Sink for you to swim ♪

♪ Dancing on the ledge ♪

♪ Tried to make you stay ♪

♪ You won't let me in ♪

♪ Hard time forgiving ♪

♪ Even harder forgetting ♪

♪ Before you do something ♪

♪ You might regret, friend ♪

♪ Hard time forgiving ♪

♪ Even harder forgetting ♪

♪ Before you do something ♪

♪ You might regret, friend ♪

♪ Shadows will be found ♪

♪ I will hunt them down ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Hard time forgiving ♪

♪ Even harder forgetting ♪

♪ Before you do something ♪

♪ You might regret, friend. ♪

Gotta tell you, in all honesty,

these are the worst cards
I've seen all night.

Said that three
times already

and you won
every hand.

Oh, I'll keep that in mind.
You know what?

Now look at that.
$800 to call.

Yeah, that's right, we
put an eye in the sky

after we had some

pretty crazy hands go down.
So, you know,

play nice.
Thanks, Daddy, I will.

ATM? $800 to call.

ATM. $800 to call.

Look, I understand
if you're scared.

All you have
to say is,

"I fold, because I am scared."

How about you, Mustache Man?
You want to dance?

D'oh. Fold.

No, thanks.

And the name's Gold Digger.

Gold Digger.
I'll remember that.

Okay. Fold, fold, fold.

Beanie Man.
How about you? Huh?

Oh! Look at that!

Looks like I take
another monster hand.

Had to protect that monster,
monster hand.

Try that bluff again, tough guy.
I dare you.

Okay, I will.

I'll try it next
time, thanks, pal.

You know, I know
who you are, newbie.

You know who I am?


You're that guy at the table

that's yap, yap,
yapping his face off

trying to get a
read on all of us.

Amateur move, pal.

"Amateur move," yeah, well,
I know who you are, too, pal.

Being a table bully so
I, uh, bet more aggressive.

Now, that is
an amateur move, pal.

Ah, don't worry, newbie,

we call him ATM
'cause he pays out so much.

That's funny every time
I hear it, Mid-Life.


As in midlife crisis.

Mid-Life got a divorce,
bought a Corvette

and started dating a stripper.

And they're all jealous.

The guy you called Mustache,
that is Johnny LaQuatra.

Gold Digger over here,
she got herself

a sweet settlement from
her billionaire old man,

so she just can't wait
to lose it all.

Gold Digger's a good name
for all you jackasses.

Tell you what,
they call me Freddy K.,

but, hey, "Newbie"?
That is just fine.

All right, look, I got
to go hit the head.

Where's that located?

Down there.

Down there, thanks.


It's me; game has
an eye in the sky.

You mean, like those ceiling
cameras in the casinos?

Yeah, they got three cameras
in the ceilings

recording all the action, just
in case there's an argument.

You want to get
footage of the game

the night the victim
was murdered.

Exactly. Can you do it?

I can hack into
the server's IP address,

but I'll need to pair it
with your phone.

Right, okay, so what do you
need me to do exactly?

You need to get your phone
within a few feet

of their security system.

That's no problem,
just give me an hour.


Let's bump it
to three hundo.

Fold. Fold.

Mid-Life folds.

Fold. Action to Freddy K.

We raise.

Here's your three,
three on top.

Enough with these
kiddie bets.

Let's make it
three grand to stay.

Wait, that's
a string bet.

That's illegal.

You bet your money
in two moves

before you announced
your bet.

The hell I did.
You calling or not?

Calling? Wait a second,
technically, you just called.

You can't raise
on a string bet.

N-N-No, I did not make a string bet.
- Okay, guys, guys.

Ah, you made
a string bet, y-y-yeah.

Okay, guys, guys,
guys, settle down.

I'm sorry,
I missed the action.

Dealer, did you see
a string bet?

Sorry, no.
Anybody else see it?

Okay, nobody saw
a string bet, Freddy.

Well, it was a string bet.
Okay, well, no one saw it.

Look, y-you just, you want
to chop the pot?

No, we're not gonna chop
the pot, not with this hand.

I want to play out.

I want to play this hand.

I'll tell you what,
let's check the tape.

How the hell did this
guy get in the game?

I walked through the front door.
Pipe down, okay?

The guy's got a right to see.

Yeah, let's go check the tape.
All right, come on.

Yeah, let's go
check the tape.

Oh, sure,
sounds good to me.

So we'll go through
all this footage to get to it.

Uh, r-right there.

I come out with
a $300 bet.

Fold. Fold, fold.

He raises.


Okay, right there,

Now I'm debating
his raise.

And you're about
to make a string bet.

I did not make a string bet.

Yeah, you did, you made...

Uh, play the hand again, huh?
Play it again.

Why? We can see
everything just fine.

Just go back,
just play it again.

Ooh, r-right there, right there.

That's a legal bet!

One forward motion.

Bite me, Freddy!

You're right, I'm sorry.

I-I made a mistake.

You know what,
take down the pot.


I'm really sorry.

Tool bag.

Sorry about that.


Ooh, okay, we're in.

It looks like all three
feeds are active.

And this is live?

Yeah. Look, you
can see Booth

sitting back down
at the table now.

And it looks
like he's winning.

I don't know if that's
a good or bad thing.

Him just being there is bad,

so let's try to wrap this one up
as quick as possible.

Well, this system records
a trailing window of 72 hours.

So you should be able
to get the footage

of the game the night
Jeff Dover was murdered.

Yeah, I'm already
downloading it.

Do you have the swab results
from the victim's forearm yet?

I am pulling
them up now.

What's this?

It's a rubber honeycomb polymer
I made at home on my own time,

I didn't work on at all
here at the Jeffersonian,

and it has not interfered
with this case at all.


Now, what have you got?

Right, so the victim's
arm contained

a composition
of lauric,

myristic, palmitic,
capric, stearic...

Impressive details, but I've
got stuff to do, Dr. Hodgins.

Yes, so it's the fatty
acid composition

of a palm oil
often used in cooking.

Everything from salad dressing
to baked goods.

Hey, Bones.

What are you doing
up so late?

Couldn't sleep.

Ah, it was
a crazy night.

Sorry. It's so good
to see you.

I didn't think you'd
be home so late.

I know, me neither,

but I made a lot
of progress on the case.


This looks like a lot more than
the $5,000 you started with.

12. Played
for a while.

I wasn't aware

that winning big was
a necessary part of your cover.

Bones, I got to look
like I belong.

Everyone there's about winning,
you know? So...

And you checked in
with your sponsor?

That's between
me and him.

So you haven't.

You said that
you would.

Okay, I talked to him
on the way back here.

Why do I feel like I'm being interrogated?
I'm just wondering

if it was necessary
for you to play this late.

If it wasn't necessary,
I wouldn't have done it.

You know what? I don't like
this conversation.

I was reading one
of Sweets' books...


Uh, let's stop
with that one, okay?

In it, it-it says

that any big emotional change,
even good,

can trigger a relapse
with an addict.

Relapse, okay, so now you think
I'm gonna become a gambler again

because we're having a child?

That's how much faith
you have in me?

No. No, Booth, that's
how much I love you.

Look, it's late,

Let's just go to bed.

It's 4:00 a.m.,
you have to sleep for two.

Oh, Ms. Warren.

I thought I'd be the first
one in this morning.

Oh, you are-- I didn't
leave last night.

I just had a vibe there'd
be something hidden

in all this

Was your vibe at least right?

I found grooved
perimortem abrasions

to the victim's right
scapula and humerus.

They don't match the
teeth of the shredder.

So he was stabbed?

Sliced, it seems.

So the victim was bashed
in the head,

had his ribs stomped on, and now this.
The injuries are deep,

so Curly might be able to
dig out some particulates

that could ID the
weapon that cut him.

So Angela downloaded
the footage

from the game's
security system.

This is the big hand Jeff Dover
won the night he was murdered.

Ooh, 28 grand,
that has got to feel good.

Yeah, till he was beaten
to death for it.

But at least we know
who all was there that night.

Except for the guy
with the beard,

everyone else I play with.
Played with, okay?

There is no reason for
you to go back there.

We got everyone's name,
we're checking them out.

So just, you know, give
it some time, Booth.


All right, look,

I know that this
is difficult, okay?

You think the feelings
are gone, but they come back.

What, are you
my sponsor now?

No, I'm just some guy who'd take
a bullet for you in the field.

The same way you'd
take one for me.

And I know there's no talking
with your wife about this,

because she'd
get too worried.

Look, she's
already worried.

Right? You know,
I get the feeling.

I know that feeling,
that draw.

But I'm good now,
right? Why?

Because I'm strong,
that's why, okay?

Okay, but I know
what it's like.

For my father, it was
the stock market.

He couldn't stop, even
after he lost everything.

That's when he started
the Ponzi scheme.

He had to win.

And I always thought

me and my mom should have been
enough for him, you know?

It was never you,
all right?

It's never the fault of the
people that are close to you.

It was him.

It's me.

Well, if you ever can't get
ahold of your sponsor...

Thanks, Aubrey,
I appreciate that.

Right, I got some
background checks to run

and a turkey
club to eat.


Is this case- or beaker-related?

Case, but the elastomer
that I copolymerized

to undergo much more
elastic deformation...

I've actually
been up all night,

so if you can focus
before I keel over?

Thank you, I thought I was gonna
have to move this along.

Right, whatever stabbed Dover
was loaded with goodies.

Now, I found Tiliacora triandra,

leaves used
in kaeng nor Mai som.

Thai food.
Yeah, wow, very good.

Well, we had a Thai family
in the cooperative.

Ooh, Thai coffee would
be good about now.

Since I also
found traces

of fish sauce and coconut milk,
as well as the palm oil,

I decided to check out
Thai restaurants in the area.

Chan Yim Thai.

That's only a couple blocks

away from the game.

That might be where
Jeff Dover was murdered.

And the metal that was
left in the wound,

it wasn't from a knife, it was
aluminum from a trash can.

I mean, there was probably
one in the alley

that was filled with
the restaurant's refuse.

So the can was torn,

and when he went down,
the metal sliced into him.

We should get out
into that alley

and see if we can
find anything else.


shouldn't the FBI techs
just sweep the place?

Nah, no time--
this way

we avoid the middleman,
right? Come on.

Hodgins, Cam and Ms. Warren
are at the alley now.

They found blood
near a pierced garbage can.

So that's the
murder site?

Well, we'll know more
when Cam tests the blood.

What is that?

Uh, prenatal vitamin.

Right, right, now that
you're, uh, you know.


"Gestating," you
really are a poet.

Any... oh,
anyway, look.

I remember the cravings,
so just let me know

if I should pick anything
up for you, right?

Spaghetti, ice cream,
pickles, the hummus.

That all sounds
good, actually.

What did Aubrey find out
about the players in the game?

Well, one guy we
didn't see before,

but he's got an
ironclad alibi.

The others are, you
know, nothing special.

They're just guys who
like to play cards.

That's all, all right?

One coaches a high
school baseball team.

Another one
builds houses

for Habitat for
Humanity on weekends.

Do any of them have,
uh, money trouble?

No, Aubrey's trying
to find out,

but we can't get a warrant
because we have no cause,

and they're just gonna
say that we're fishing.

Well, you would be.

Well, it's a frustrating
thing right now.

The composition
of the metal I found

in the wound
matches the can.

And the blood type's
a match for the victim.

I can run DNA
back at the lab.

You know, I thought
that the splinters

in this tissue
were bone

but they're
too porous.

Yeah, no,
that seems like wood.


This tissue is muscle
and cartilage

from his esophagus
and throat.

It's fibromuscular

So, after
a drawn-out fight,

the killer jammed something wood
in the victim's neck

and then ripped out pieces
of his throat?

Gruesome, but we
found cause of death.

Now we have to look
at all the wood back here

to see if we can find the piece
he used to kill Dover.

You don't have to go back
to the game, Booth.

Cam and the others found
evidence at the scene.

But we got no answers.

Yet, but we will.

What if the killer
finds out

that we got a team,
you know,

like, poking around
the murder scene, right?

Just give us
some time, Booth.

If the guy takes off, we might
not ever find him, ask Aubrey.

Yeah, but what are you gonna do?

Go in there and ask the killer
to raise his hand?

Guys, I know
these guys, okay?

I've been playing with them--
I know their tells,

all right? I'll just
bring up the murder.

Yeah, they're not gonna cop to it, okay?

But I'll know exactly
who's withholding.

Then you can focus on the guy.

We get the evidence you need.

And I make the arrest.

Okay, but as soon as you

make the guy, you're
out of there, right?


Yeah, you just hesitated
a little bit there, Booth.

What would make you stay?

Nothing, okay?
I get the guy and I'm out.

And if we find enough evidence
for an arrest first,

we'll text you,
maybe you don't even

have to start playing at all!

Right. Okay!

Wish me luck, all right?

I got this.

High-card for the button.

Blinds, please.

25, 50.

If the victim's

throat was torn out,

we should see evidence of that

on the hyoid and the clavicle.



Seems like everyone's financials
are all over the place.

Not strange for a bunch
of gamblers.

I thought we couldn't get a
warrant for their financials.

Well, we couldn't, but

lucky for us, the Internet
doesn't require one.

You just have
to know where to look.

I'm for whatever will get Booth
out of there faster.

♪ ♪

I don't know if word got
down to you guys yet,

but Booth is winning big.

Has he mentioned the murder yet?

I don't think so.

He's been there long enough,
hasn't he?

Booth knows what he's doing,

Ms. Warren.

Here are some more particulates

we found on the hyoid, Dr. Hodgins.
More wood splinters.

All right, I'm running them
through the mass spec now.

So far I've found nitrocellulose
and butyl acetate,

which is making it tough
to determine what type of wood.

Maybe these will help.

I-I'd appreciate it
if you'd hurry.

Like the wind, Dr. B.

Nate Crowe,
the player also known

as Mid-Life, had big-time
financial troubles this year.

His account was drained
several times.

But for the past month,
he's been totally broke.

Booth said that he recently
went through a divorce.

Turns out his house was
about to be foreclosed on,

but then it was reversed after
a large deposit this morning.

Nate Crowe killed Jeff Dover
for his poker winnings

so he wouldn't lose his house.

But... we still need evidence.

Action to Mid-Life.

Let's bump it up to four.

I'm out.

Ah, what the hell?



Action to Mid-Life.

Let's make it

two grand.


Two grand, huh?

You could always fold for free.

Wow, there's a lot of action

going on here tonight.

Kind of like the other night
when Jeff Dover played.

You guys hear what
happened to him?

No, I just figured
he took a little break

after that monster pot
he won earlier this week.

Rumor has it, he was murdered.

Get out of here. For real?

For real. He was killed, uh,

in the back alley right
around the corner there

behind the Thai restaurant.

Bet you cleaned him out more
than once, huh, Mid-Life?

You know I did.


So, if he really is gone,

I guess it's your turn, Newbie.

You gonna call?

"Maple wood"! Oh, my God!

What? "Pine tar
and maple wood."

Was he murdered with
a piece of furniture?

No. It's a baseball bat.

I'll call.


No more chasers.


Okay, that's it.

So, he's holding
an Eastern Slammer.

They're made out of maple wood.
Look at the pine tar.

The blunt force trauma
to the temporal bone

was caused by the bat.

Yeah, which splintered.

And that's what he used
to stab Dover in the throat.

Yeah, so he could
keep his house.

I should be able to grab

some epithelial cells
from the pine tar.

That's the proof we need!

Six. My favorite number.

I'll call.

I'm out.

Mid-Life, you're...

I don't understand.
He just read your text.

Well, he might have too good
a hand-- it looks like there's

20 grand in the pot so far.

So what?
He's there to catch a murderer.

He's an addict.

I'm all in.

What are you
waiting for, Newbie?

You scared?

Nate Crowe?

You're under arrest for
the murder of Jeff Dover.

Let's go.

Wait! Wait!
What now?

Come on, up.

♪ I know you try so hard ♪

♪ To let me in ♪

♪ But I can't
tempt you anymore ♪

♪ With reassurance ♪

♪ Well, I felt
daylight disappear ♪

♪ With each explosion
in my ear ♪

♪ This heart of mine
might break and tear ♪

♪ But, honey, you're
not going anywhere... ♪


Oh, yup! She's here.

Oh, no, did I miss
the unveiling?

No, he-he wouldn't have
started without you.

Please! I wouldn't have
done this without you.

Ready? Voila!

And now, a toast.

To great ideas.





Nice, Curly!

Right? Look at this.

No more broken beakers.

No more broken glass.

No more broken anything.

The applications are endless.

You can wrap objects
to protect them

or make flooring out of it.

You are gonna make
the Jeffersonian a mint.

Oh, no. No, no.
Not the Jeffersonian.

Uh-uh. Cam made it very clear
the Jeffersonian

wants nothing to do
with my little side projects.


Uh, so this is, this is yours?

This is ours.


Oh, sorry!

I missed the mat.


♪ Let me take you anywhere... ♪

Case is closed, so I am

back to my real job here.

Making pancakes for you.
Ah, thank you!

Here is your broccoli.
Thank you.

Oh, could I get a little bit
of ketchup, please?

Right, ketchup,
'cause, you know,

everybody, uh, eats ketchup
on their pancakes, right?


is wonderful, Booth.

So, you sure we shouldn't tell
Christine about the baby?

I think we should wait.



Sure. Right. Oh, but she is
smart, though, you know?

She's gonna see that your
body is gonna changing.

She's gonna figure that out.

When she does, we can tell her
she's going to be a big sister.

I'm going to be a big sister?

Am I?

You know what? You're gonna
be the best big sister.

Well, I don't know about that.

A good big sister wouldn't be up
at 11:00 at night.

Would she?

Oh, it's my sponsor.

I got to take this.

Listen, you get
some sleep, okay?

Huh? With those bunny
slippers of yours.

Let me get the big
sister some warm milk

so she can sleep.

Hey. Yeah.

Thanks so much
for getting back to me.

I appreciate it.

Oh, the case was great.

Yeah, it worked out fine.

But, uh, that's not
why I'm calling, Jason.

Listen, I need to put
$200 on the Cardinals.

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