Bodyguard (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Principal Protection Officer David Budd (Richard Madden) has made a major breakthrough in the investigation into the attack on the Home Secretary, but his enquiries have put him in mortal ...

Sergeant David Budd, Metropolitan Police.

British Transport Police have put out
an alert on a possible suicide bomber.

Don't do that! Please don't do that!

Please just stay still. Stay still.

- You have children?
- Yes. I do, two.

That's Ella. She's ten.
Charlie. He's 8.

The Government
is intent on forcing through

a beefed-up Regulation of
Investigatory Powers Act -

RIPA-18 as it's been dubbed -
spearheaded by you.

Only those intent on acts of violence
have anything to fear.

I want you right beside me.

Not because it's your job,
but because it's our choice.

This is a very, very dangerous politician.

Someone who must be stopped.

Despite the heroic efforts
of our emergency services,

the Home Secretary, Julia Montague,

succumbed to her injuries
and was pronounced dead a short while ago.

- Someone tampered with my gun.
- The police searched your flat.

If they found an illegal
firearm, they'd seize it.

They wouldn't just
change out the bullets for blanks.

The PM's asked me to step up
to Acting Home Secretary.

It goes without saying,
I'd never wish in a million years

to assume this role
under these circumstances.

There's a simple,
plausible story for you to stick to.

And you will stick to it.

Finally. We've got your shooter.

Sergeant Andrew Apsted.

Served in Helmand Province, two tours.

This could be the original bomb-maker.

The war in the desert, we've brought
it back to the streets of Britain.

Andrew Apsted.
We need more on him.

Who he joined the Army with,
who he served with.

And where did he get that rifle?

A PSL with no history
traceable back to me.

Maybe I can make a couple of calls.

- I thought they were sending you a cab.
- Yeah. I don't need their shitty cab.

Chanel Dyson was the late
Home Secretary's PR, until she was fired.

Thank you for being such
a sweetheart that day.

You're very welcome.

Just cos I was gonna suggest a drink.

The male subject
has been identified as Luke Aikens.

Aikens is believed to be a senior figure
in organised criminal enterprises.

Nadia, we're desperate to find the person
who's been creating these devices.

Is this the man your husband met?

Only problem is they know about you.

That'll be David Budd.
He's the only one who challenged me.

In her hotel room
a few days before she was killed,

the Home Secretary
received a visit from Longcross.

He supplied her with a file of compro-mat
she shared with the Prime Minister.

She offered them greater powers
in return for the compromising material.

A series of scandals, all covered up.

A sexual assault. Drug addiction.
Financial impropriety.

I learned
they relate to the Prime Minister.

They're convinced the compro-mat
wasn't with the Home Secretary

at the time of the explosion.

It's still out there.

They seem pretty sure,
if anyone knows where it's hidden, you do.

Julia Montague's home
was searched, all her devices seized.

There was no tablet found.

Six long weeks have passed

since the incident
that triggered the current terror alert.

The Metropolitan Police
remain on the highest level of vigilance,

responding to terror alerts on a daily basis.
Most of them, thankfully, false alarms.

The police
and Security Service MI5

stand at an almost unprecedented
level of alertness

to a home-grown terror threat,

yet still there have been no
further arrests, no breakthrough,

and the assassination
of Home Secretary Julia Montague...

Hey, David, it's Chanel.

Um, it was really lovely to run into you.

I meant it about that drink...


I was getting worried
you were never gonna call me back.

Anything to play hard to get.

Well, let's meet up.

I know just the place.

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As you were.

- Ma'am.
- Deepak.

- Sorry, nobody told me...
- I wanted an update.

Yes, ma'am. We've now interviewed
all the security staff on duty

the night before the bombing
at St Matthew's College.

They all claim not to have witnessed
any kind of break-in or intruder.

- "Claim"?
- The bomb didn't plant itself, ma'am.

Maybe we're looking at bribery
and/or intimidation.

They also needed access to the CCTV,
to delete part of the recording.

- This sounds like a new line of inquiry.
- Yes, ma'am.

Luke Aikens. We're exploring
whether he could've played a role

in the assassination of the Home Secretary.

Possible motivation being to prevent increased
scrutiny in to criminal communications.

- RIPA-18?
- Yes, ma'am.

Aikens is a significant player in
organised crime and, as you know, ma'am,

he's always avoided criminal charges.

As I know?

Er, yes. I saw in the file.

You led the Organised Crime Unit...

across the investigations
into Aikens' activities.

Well, that was some time ago.

Why wasn't I informed
about this new line of inquiry?

- I'm sorry, ma'am...
- Who initiated it?

I'm acting on information from David Budd.

Every step forward, we take one back.

Something happened, boss?

There's always been whispers Luke Aikens
had senior officers in his pocket...

officers prepared to sabotage
investigations into his criminal empire.

Our officers?

There's so much of the Home Secretary's
assassination we can't put together.

But a lot of it can be explained if all along...
there's been an inside man... or woman.

You made it!

Never one to turn down a free drink.

We have a table downstairs, if that's OK?

- It's your manor, your rules.
- What would you like to drink?

Er... A beer's fine, please.

Oh. Cheap date!

Um, the same again, please.
But we'll have them downstairs.

Sure, Chanel.

Welcome to my manor.

- Actually, it was good running into you.
- Because here we are.

That too.

When you finished at the Home Office,
I heard a few things.

- About me?
- Yeah, about you.

They were always beefing me.
What was it this time?

That your money comes from
companies registered offshore.


I think there was a concern
these companies weren't fully legit.

Listen, David, you're
not a business person.

And I'm certainly not.
I have clever people to do all that for me.

So, we could sit here
and talk about corporate law all night

- and neither of us will be any the wiser.
- Fair point.

Paid for with Nazi gold.

Thank you.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


Just trying to figure you out.

Well, depending on who you talk to,

I'm either deceptively deep
or deceptively shallow.

Either way, you're deceptive.

- What's wrong?
- I'm sorry.


Uh, belt on the right-hand side.

We don't normally allow coppers.

And we definitely don't allow them.

Makarov, is that right?

Looks like someone's been talking.

Well, you go around asking for a PSL,
it's gonna come to my attention.

You supply Andy Apsted?

Tell me one thing.

He come to you, or did you go to him?

Well, here's a question for you.

Is that thing loaded?

What do you think?

It's what it's loaded with that matters.

You swapped in the blanks?

Apologies, everyone.
The lad's just had too much to drink.

Try not to let it spoil your evening.

Sarge, you're gonna want to log in
to Thornton Circus -

- we've got something on Andrew Apsted.
- Yeah?

Boss. We've completed cross-checks

on everyone Andrew Apsted
served alongside with in the Army.

Apsted was posted to Helmand Province
with 16 Engineer Regiment in 2009.

Now, there were a number of operations
carried out

alongside the Royal Albion Regiment.

And serving in the Royal Albion
at that time was...

- was David Budd.
- Shit!


Yeah, it gets worse.

Budd went back to Julia Montague's house

and broke in via the back entrance -
that's unguarded.

I mean, he appears to have keys.

He must've secretly got them cut
when he was her PPO,

which is suspicious enough in itself.

I mean, he was only on the premises
for one or two minutes,

which means he knew
exactly what he was after.

Yeah. The compro-mat.

You were right, boss.

There's been an inside man all along.

- The fucker has played me since day one.
- He's played us all.

We're gonna be the ones to bring him in.

Let's find the bastard.

Wbservations for a male

wanted in connection
with the murder of Julia Montague.

Police Sergeant David Budd,
IC1 male, early 30s, dark hair.

Subject may be armed
and is extremely dangerous.

Repeat, David Budd
is to be treated as extremely dangerous.

Mrs Budd...
Do you know the name "Andrew Apsted"?


Apsted and David
served in Afghanistan together.

Apsted had a history of post-traumatic
stress and took his own life.

One of our current lines of inquiry
is that Apsted and your husband

were accomplices in the Thornton Circus
attempt on the Home Secretary's life.

No... No. Dave would never...

David has lied and lied to all of us,
you included,

and our priority now
is to bring him safely into custody.

Has he said anything to you
that might shed some light on his plans?


He did say one thing the last time
I saw him, which really worried me.

He said... he needed to act now
before it was too late. I...

- Is he in danger?
- Mrs Budd,

I believe what David meant
by "before it's too late"

is before his link to Andrew Apsted
was detected.

Hence all the lies and the betrayals.

Now... I'd like you to accompany me
to Walworth Police Station

to help with our inquiries, OK?

Vicky, Ella and Charlie are safe and well.
No sightings of David.

But we've despatched an officer to
the school for safeguarding purposes.

No. Dave would never hurt the kids.

Who would he hurt?

Madam, don't be alarmed.

Please can I use your telephone?

Please, I just need some
help, ma'am, please.

Madam, stop, police officer.

I understand how I look.
My name's Police Sergeant David Budd.

- Do you have a mobile telephone, please?
- Uh...

All I need you to do, is call 999

and hold the phone on speaker
so I can contact the Police Operator.

The call's free of charge.

Madam, it's an emergency. Please.

Thank you.

Which service do you require?

- Police.
- Putting you through now.

Police. What is your emergency?

PS David Budd,
using a member of the public's phone.

I am Status Zero on Saltmarsh Street.

Can you confirm your name, please?

Police Sergeant David Budd.

Units are on their way, PS Budd.

Please return the phone
to the member of the public.

What's going on?


Obs on David Budd.
Saltmarsh Street.

Saltmarsh Street, blue-light it.

- What's going on?
- I need your full cooperation, Vicky.

This could turn into a
negotiation situation.

Control, Trojan. Stand by for sit rep.

Did you see where he went?

Extend the search outwards!

- Come with me.
- Unarmed clear to enter.

- Sarge.
- PS Mason, ma'am.

Lorraine Craddock, Budd's boss.
I'm hoping I can talk him into cooperating.


Ma'am. DS Rayburn, SO15.
I've got Budd's wife with me.

I'm cooperating. Don't shoot!

Armed police! Hands in the air!

- Don't shoot!
- Hands in the air now!

- I can't!
- David, please do as we say!

- No-one needs to get hurt!
- I need to explain.

- Raise your hands!
- David, please raise your hands!

Final warning! Raise your hands!

- Shit!
- Pull back!

Clear the area!

David, don't move!
Stay perfectly still!

It's a dead man's switch!

Anything happens to me, it'll go off.

- Control, active message.
- Go ahead, Trojan.

I didn't do this!
You need to believe me.

Subject armed with PBIED.
Require safe route.

- Trojan, stand by.
- We need Expo here and a negotiator.


Control, Charlie Yankee 5-7, request Expo
and Negotiator to Saltmarsh Street.

I didn't do this!
I was put in this vest!

- We need to get him away from these buildings.
- Agreed.

We need to move you to
a less built-up area!

It's a DMS! Don't shoot!

- You need you to comply right now!
- I am complying! Do not shoot!

Turn around slowly with
your hands in the air.

Trojan, route via Saltmarsh Mews.


Taking the street to your right,
walk there slowly now.

Control from Trojan. Active message.

Request directions to safe area.

Just keep moving!
No sudden moves.

Trojan, destination is Pope Square,

approximately 500 metres south-west
of your position...

Armed police, get back!

Left turn into Pope Lane,
followed by right turn into Pope Square.

Traffic control and air
ops covering the route.

Received. Keep walking.

Sir, we're just tapping into
the CCTV camera now.

Get out of the park!

Keep it moving!

Keep moving!
As far away from the buildings as possible!

Keep moving! Clear the area.

Keep moving!
Everyone, keep moving.

Control, Trojan.
Subject now confined to Pope Square.

Require critical shot authorisation.

Received, stand by.

He's saying it's trigger-activated.

- Are we safe to get a radio to him?
- Ma'am?

If we're going to get him to surrender,
we need to be able to talk.

David, I'm gonna lay the radio
down for you, OK?

Do not move yet!


Bring the wife, just in case, OK.

Got the radio? Cheers.

Stay still until I tell you.


Pick up the radio!

Back to back on 2.

David, please listen to me very carefully.

I really hope this can be resolved
with no-one getting hurt.

For your own sake,
for your family and colleagues,

please give yourself up.

Ma'am, I've tried to remove the vest.

It's booby-trapped
with co-ax connectors across the clasps.

They're wired to the control unit.

I give you my solemn promise...

your previous good service

and the effect of
your recent traumatic experiences

will be taken into account.

Ma'am, you're not listening to me.
I was knocked unconscious.

When I came round, I was in this vest
with my thumb taped to the DMS.

David, you've got to be straight with us.

You hid your relationship with Apsted.

You hid your involvement
in Julia Montague's assassination.

I had nothing to do with
Julia's assassination! Nothing!

I tried to save her!

David, you've betrayed everyone's trust.

We won't be fooled again.

I'm telling the truth!

I'm sorry, David.
I did my best for you.

What? Your best?
What are you doing?

- This is an SO15 operation.
- Ma'am, what are you doing?

David, let's try and stay calm, yeah?

- David, are you receiving me?
- Vic, get away from here!

Dave, they want me here!

Get away!

Just get Expo here, Louise.
Please. Get me out of this thing.

Stay still and keep your hands
where we can see them.

My hand is on the DMS!

What's the matter with you?
You blind?

No, David.

I'm being set up!

The people that did this to me,
they're the ones who killed Julia!

OK, David.

Louise, I know I betrayed your trust.

I lied about Andy Apsted.

But if I'd come clean,
I'd have been the fall guy

and the people that killed Julia
would have gotten away with it.

I didn't want to lie. I had to!

- David, please, just do what they say!
- She's fine.

- David, you need help. Please!
- Vic, I'm telling the truth!

Trojan, Control.

- Go ahead, Control.
- Message from SFC.

Critical shot authorised.


Line of fire, behind me.

I know I lied, I hid things,
but you have to understand

I had nothing to do with
Andy trying to kill Julia.

Nothing to do with the bomb that killed
her. I wanted to know who did it.

I don't know who did it. It was Security
Service, organised crime, terrorism.

That's what I was trying to find out.

- Pictures up.
- Trojan status six.

Also an SO15 DS
awaiting Silver to status six.

Control, Silver seconds away.

- Get me live with the Field.
- Sir.

- I know you think I'm lying.
- Any RT revealing what he's told them?

- No, sir.
- I had nothing to do with any of it.

- Get this blown up.
- Sir.

The conspiracy to kill Julia!

There was security pictures
of St Matthew's college.

They knew about
the Home Secretary's itinerary.

- By me, sir.
- Silver, status six.

- Control, received.
- Boss.

Any idea what kind of
explosive's in the device?

Not yet. No, boss, and I wouldn't hold
much store in Budd's answers either.

It's been a stream of
bullshit since day one.

All right, I hear you
but let's lower the temperature.

- What channel?
- Two.

- David, Deepak Sharma. Receiving?
- Receiving.

What can you tell us about the PBIED?

It resembles the device worn by Nadia Ali
during the 1st of October attack.

How can you be so sure?

I saw hers up close before it was con-exed.

The HE, the detonators, the control unit.

- Mine appear exactly the same.
- But you understand our doubts?

Our inquiries have led us to the probability
of an inside man within the Force

who conspired
in the security breaches necessary

- to assassinate the Home Secretary.
- I am not the inside man!

But here you are wearing the exact same
PBIED employed by an active terror cell.

This is how it happened, sir.

I was contacted by Chanel Dyson.

She set a trap. I was ambushed
by Luke Aikens and put into this vest.

To frame me. To point the finger
away from organised crime.

You keep asking us to believe you, David,

and now you're telling us
you had a secret meeting with a suspect.

I was trying to trace
Andy Apsted's PSL rifle!

It was supplied by Luke Aikens.
It was his men that broke into my flat.

Why do you think that, David?

I used a pistol I brought back
from Afghanistan as bait.

Luke knew all about it.
Knew it had been tampered with.

Look, ask Vics! She knows.
She'll prove that I'm telling the truth.

Vicky, will you tell them?

He's telling the truth.

The pistol, someone tampered with the
bullets, they replaced them with blanks.

How do you know this?

After the Home Secretary died,
David tried to shoot himself.

But, look, why would Dave try
and shoot himself with a blank,

unless he didn't realise
the gun had been tampered with?

Thank you.

David, clearly we need to
look into this further.

But we're being told that you're suicidal
and now here you are in a suicide vest.

No, no, no!
That's not it. That's not the point here.

Where's this pistol now, mate?
You got it with you?

No. Luke's men seized it
before they fitted the vest.

Forget the pistol. The blank rounds
are proof. They're hidden in my flat.

Maybe you could pull DNA, prints, that
are gonna link it back to Luke's men...

All this evidence you've kept hidden.

We know you broke into
Julia Montague's flat.

Led me up the garden path on that one too.

I am sorry about that, Louise. I had to.

I couldn't risk what I found
being common knowledge.

Why, David?
Why couldn't you trust your colleagues?

Because of the conspiracy.
Because of the Security Service.

I found where Julia hid the compro-mat.

- Phone.
- The tablet.

Where is it, David?

My flat, downstairs, in the bathroom,

above a spotlight.

Budd's flat. Downstairs bathroom.
Above a spotlight.

Seconds away.

Budd's flat. Turn right.

- Do you give consent to search?
- Yes, sir.

Control, Silver. I need a search team
to David Budd's address immediately.

Look at me.

They're changing radio channels.

Security Service may be monitoring this,
so do not share via any regular channels.

Advise Search Team
not to tamper with the spotlight,

to hold back from entering the property.

- Received.
- What's the message? What's Budd say?

Sorry, sir, they're too quick for us.


- Armed police!
- Get down on the ground!

- Hands where I can see them!
- Down on the ground!

- Search him!
- Don't move!

One in custody...
matching e-fit of Richard Longcross.


Hold Expo!

- They need to get this thing off me.
- I would if I could, mate, but you know the drill.

There's a risk you'll trigger the device
to take them with you.

I don't want anyone here getting hurt.

My hand's aching on this DMS!

I want to talk to my wife.

It might be the last chance I get.


Go set to set on 3.

Press here when you want to talk.

I've let you down, Vic, I know that.

But, on our children's lives, I'm not a traitor
and I had nothing to do with Julia's murder.

I'm sorry for what I've put you through.

I'm sorry I've stopped being
the man you married.

I've tried to explain but... part of me never
wants to explain what the war did to me.

Look, I never wanted it
to touch you or us... but it has.

I tried to stop it but I couldn't.

I've failed as a husband... and as a
father, and that's the worst thing.

I'm sorry.

Help him. Why won't you help him?


Let me examine the device, sir.

- OK.
- Thank you, thank you!

Ballistic shields!

With me.

Any sudden moves,
any shout from me, take him out.


My name's Daniel Chung. I'm going
to begin by examining this device.

Thank you.

I'm David.

David... remain perfectly still
with your hands facing me.

Apart from the dead man's switch,
are there any other initiation devices?

To the best of my knowledge, no.

David, keep pressure on the DMS.

I need you to turn very slowly
through 360 degrees

so I can inspect the whole device.

Thank you.

I don't see any hidden initiation devices.

Now I'm going to carry out
a closer examination.

Please remain still,
maintaining pressure on the DMS.

I will.

The co-ax wires across the clasps
are wired into the control unit.

I'm going to examine the control unit now.

Please remain perfectly still for me,
David, maintaining pressure on the DMS.

David, I've completed my examination, and
now I need to confer with my colleagues.

Stay here, remaining perfectly still
and keep maintaining pressure on the DMS.

No. Come back.

Come back.

- Ma'am.
- Ma'am.

Great work on getting Longcross
into custody. Well done.

Budd's device appears to be
the work of the original bomb-maker.

It's impossible to tell if he put it
on himself or someone did it to him.

I read the report on the 1/10 device.

This is equally sophisticated.

Can it be defused?

I can try but there's an
extremely high risk of detonation.

What's happening?

This is Anne Sampson, David.

Tell us, are there other bombers at large?

Not that I know of.

Are further attacks planned?

I don't know.

Who built the device you're wearing?

Ma'am, this wasn't my doing.
I don't know who built it.

We've got no idea of the power of the
device or how long he can hold the DMS.

Added to which,
Budd's got a history of deception

and is highly likely to be the inside man
who's enabled this conspiracy.

Get everyone to pull back outside the
cordons and then we'll re-spin the wheel.

- Deepak.
- Ma'am.

Everyone, pull back!

Pull back.



- Mrs Budd...
- I'm innocent! Please!

You're killing me!

Pull back to a safe distance, please.

I love you.

See what she's up to?

All the easier to pin everything on David
when he's dead.

She's the one with links to Luke Aikens.

Quick as you can.

If I stay put, she'll order the shot.
If I run, she'll do the same.

No! Stop! Stop her!

- Vicky, No!
- Hold fire! Hold fire!

Vic, it's too dangerous! That's
Charlie and Ella losing the both of us.

I believe you, Dave,
I believe that you're innocent.

This gives you a chance to prove it.

Trojan to TFC. Subject's wife
now in close proximity to device.

Trojan, TFC. SFC rescinds Critical Shot.

Off aim!

Budd to Sampson.


I'll lead you to the evidence
that proves I'm telling the truth.

Stay where you are.

What now?

Stay close.

We walk.




Mobile containment.
100 metres rolling cordon.

- Red team with me!
- Get traffic control in place

to create a safety corridor.


Help us out here, mate.
Where are you going?

My flat.

Long walk ahead.

The incident began earlier this morning

with reports of a man
wearing a suicide vest

causing a disturbance in Saltmarsh Street.

Specialist Firearms Officers of the Metropolitan
Police's counter terrorism unit SCO19

attended the incident within a few minutes
and the area was closed to the public.

- The incident moved...
- You had the situation locked down.

We've got an innocent
civilian in harm's way

and Budd claims to be leading us
to crucial evidence.

He's making for his home address.

Armed units are in situ
and residents are being evacuated.

Air Ops are also conducting neighbourhood
surveillance for possible associates.

- So far, none detected.
- Then who's he working with?

We've established a link to Andrew Apsted,
the Thornton Circus sniper.

I see.


The dramatic pictures you're watching
are being provided by...

You never said you were including
the Security Service.

Anne, Anne, we're all in this together.


You may be interested to hear
my officers have taken into custody

a male suspect
matching the e-fit of Richard Longcross.

And we're currently exploring
a number of lines of inquiry

in association with the suspect...

such as places of work
and seizure of communications devices.

I can neither confirm nor deny
the suspect's identity,

but what I can confirm
is that the requisite authorities apply

which render his actions lawful.
He should be released immediately.

There are certain actions
for which there are no lawful authorities,

one being the assassination of a
democratically-elected secretary of state.

Anne, please.

Cool heads and cooperation.

This cooperation... is it due to
Budd's compromising material

giving you both so much to lose
that you never want its existence revealed?

Because it would show the hand
of the Security Service in a failed coup,

and - despite your convincing assurances

that the Home Office's role in Julia
Montague's death was purely accidental -

I wonder if the public
will be equally convinced?

OK, Anne, I think it's best
if Stephen and I continue without you.

A woman was murdered.

A crime was committed.

My officers will investigate.


I've sought a court order
for my officer's release.


Budd claims to hold crucial evidence. He was
working with the Thornton Circus sniper.

Andrew Apsted was a disturbed,
embittered war veteran.

Not only does Budd fit the same profile,

he possessed all the inside know-how
to overcome Julia's security.

No wider conspiracy involved.

Look no further for Julia's assassin.

And an evacuation is taking place.

How are you doing?

My hand's in spasm.

You need to go inside.

It's OK. It's completely safe.

Cupboard in the kitchen.
There's some rope.

- Rope? What for?
- And a spade.

I... There's something down here,
like a black plastic bag.

That's it, Vic.

This is the evidence.

The original tablet containing the compro-mat.
It'll prove the Security Service was involved.

The blank rounds
that were smuggled into my pistol.

They'll prove Organised Crime were too.

Send Vicky to us with the evidence.

If I go, they can shoot you.

I don't know how much longer
I can hold the DMS.

This vest is crucial evidence.
The others got blown up.

If forensics got a chance to examine this,
it might lead us back to the bomb-maker...

prevent further attacks.

He's bargaining, boss.
He's playing you.

Or he's giving us the
chance to crack this case.

- I'll send Vicky to you with the evidence.
- No, Dave, don't fall for it.

If you give me a chance to defuse this.

How do you know I'll keep my side?

I've been a soldier, I've been a copper.

You get to spot a bloke
whose word's his bond.

You happy to let him try?

I wouldn't say happy.



How are things with your boyfriend?

Uh... All right.

You deserve to be happy.

I've laid out what you'll need.

The robot's coming up to you
so I can talk you through it.

Thank you.


Question for DCI Sharma.

Go ahead.

Is Longcross talking yet?

I don't know.

It'd help, sir,
if I knew this hadn't all been in vain.

- We'll get back to you on that.
- To me, Vicky.


I'll get an update on Longcross.

We've got picture.

Can you hear me?


Get Vicky away.

She shouldn't have to watch.

Mrs Budd.

I'm not gonna manage with one hand.

We'll start by freeing your left hand.

You'll see a set of scissors.

Use it to divide the tape over your thumb,
creating two loose ends.

Next you'll see a non-ferrous spacer.

It looks like one of the pieces
in a game of draughts.

Slip the spacer under your thumb,

being sure to maintain pressure
on the DMS trigger.

Being sure to maintain pressure,

roll your thumb through 90 degrees

so you can fold one of the free
ends of tape down onto the spacer.

The next stage is to roll your thumb
in the opposite direction,

over the piece of tape you've just secured,

maintaining pressure...

so that you can fold the other free end
of tape to the spacer.

If you're sure the tape is secure,
you'll be able to remove your thumb.

Well done, David.

I'd suggest applying
another couple of loops of tape

to get the spacer 100% secure.

David, normally the best approach
is to neutralise the power source.

But remember, with the 1/10 device,

Fort Halstead found it was rigged
with multiple booby traps.

When the power was cut,
the control unit triggered the detonators.

I'm convinced this is
the same kind of device.

Then you're gonna have to neutralise
the control unit itself.

I've already removed the cover successfully,
but there may be hidden trip wires.

Thanks, mate, that's giving us a good view.

Now, what do you suggest?

I doubt a device like this
will be neutralised by cutting a wire.

A shunt might work.

Hence the croc clips and cable?


I can see a pair of relay blocks
serving the detonators.

I'm gonna shunt between the two.

I'm gonna disconnect the power supply.

I'm cutting the first wire.

Put some tape over the ends.

- Question for DCI Sharma.
- Go ahead.

Any news on Longcross?


I'm very sorry, David.
He had to be released.

Is that it?

They just get away with it scot free?

I'm gonna cut the second wire.

Everyone should get as
far back as possible.

- Everyone back!
- Take cover!

Fall back!

Get everyone right back.

- Move back! Move back!
- Get right back!

All of you, move!


- After him!
- Go! Go! Go!

No obs on Budd in the graveyard.
Widen the search.

Block off surrounding roads.

- Negative. No obs.
- Negative. We lost him.


Where's Budd?

I'm afraid I don't have that information
at this time.

What's he up to?

In all probability,
he's fleeing from justice.

And what if he's not?

David Budd
is considered armed and dangerous.

That'll kill you.

Oh, my God!

So would a suicide vest.

- Oh, my God. You're OK.
- Like you give a shit.

I don't...
I don't even know what to say to you.

- I'm so sorry.
- Cooperate.

You'll get immunity, witness protection.
You'll be out.

- I can't do that.
- You're gonna phone Luke.

Tell him the inside man's gonna talk.
He's gonna want to silence him.

- He's gonna lead me straight to him.
- Isn't Luke gonna find that suspicious?

It's what you did to me.

It's the only way to prove I'm innocent.

I'll drive.

Stay put.

Are you off somewhere?

None of your business.

- Talking of which...
- I pay for results.

Budd is still out there.
It's a basic rule, Lorraine.

If you're gonna frame someone,
you make it a dead bloke.

- That's hardly my fault.
- No. But it's made you nervous.

On your knees!
Hands on your head!

Are you fucking joking?

- Stand down, sarge! That's an order.
- I know about you two!

On your knees!



Did you kill her?

Did you kill Julia?

David, don't do this.

Tell me.

It was business.

- David, don't!
- Why?

Just good for business.
It's nothing personal.

Nothing personal?

David, don't.

Don't look at me!

Call this in before I change my mind.

It's over.

Chief Superintendent Craddock.

I need a firearms unit
to my home address right away, please.

We've got prints back on your blank rounds.

They match known associates of Luke Aikens.

Why didn't they just steal your gun?

Straightaway I'd have known
they'd been in my flat.

They were trying to frame me.

Suppose they couldn't take the chance
of leaving me with live rounds.


Great work, mate.

SO15 recorded interview
with Chief Superintendent Lorraine Craddock

by DCI Sharma.

Describe the nature of your relationship
with Luke Aikens.

For some years, I've...

disclosed sensitive information on...

on police operations that might
threaten his criminal activities.

What information did you disclose
regarding the Home Secretary?

Her itinerary the day of the
Thornton Circus attempt on her life.

Which Aikens passed
to Andrew Apsted?

Luke recruited Apsted.

He... He armed him and...

used one of his captive businesses

to... enable Apsted to access
Pascoe House as a tradesman.

And the St Matthew's attack that
resulted in the Home Secretary's death?


Her itinerary.

Her security plans and procedures.

Luke was able to erm...
plan steps to overcome all of them.

What motivated Aikens to induce you
to disclose this information?


Luke found out Julia Montague was planning
to transfer powers to the Security Service

which would give them...

an upper hand - more of an upper hand,
against organised crime.

They're harder to contact, more shadowy.

harder to bribe and blackmail.

Unlike corrupt officers such as yourself.

Aikens needed policing to stay with
an organisation he could manipulate.

Is there any connection
with you appointing David Budd

as the Home Secretary's PPO?


So he'd make the perfect fall guy.

And the Heath Bank attack.

Did you provide the confidential
information on PS Budd's family?

No, never. I'd never do anything like that
to one of my team.

- If she didn't do it, who did?
- Lorraine Craddock,

I will now be seeking the authority
of the Crown Prosecutor to charge you...

There's only one other person in this
whole conspiracy that knew about my kids.

Malfeasance in a public office...
conspiracy to murder...

Interview terminated.

Ten days since
the assassination of Julia Montague...

the Metropolitan Police
Counter Terrorism Branch, SO15,

have made a number of arrests.

Arrests include a man in his 30s,
who is said to be known to police...

Downing Street and the Home Office
have welcomed the police breakthrough

in investigating
the Home Secretary's assassination.

A Home Office spokesman said it was
too early to make any further comment.


Good to go.

The DIR is recording.

Nadia... I'd like to start
by asking you about David Budd.

Did you have any information
regarding his children?


Why are you asking me this?

Nadia, we've had significant breakthroughs
in our inquiry.

There's only one piece of the puzzle left.

And that's you.

And maybe you're just
an innocent victim in all of this...

the pawn controlled by
the real masterminds...

You can say no comment.

Is that true? Are you just a victim?

David Budd made the same mistake.

He thought so little of me
he showed me pictures.

What do you mean "thought
so little" of you?

To him, I was a weak woman.

I remembered everything
he told me about his children.

Their names. Their ages.

From prison,
I was able to inform my organisation.

So they could launch an attack
on his children's school?


There's another finding
I'd like to put to you.

We've been able to examine the
Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Device.

David Budd was forced to wear.

Forensic examination
of the control unit circuitry

detected deposits of your DNA...
and your fingerprints.

Why would that be?

Because I built the device.

I built all the bombs.

You all saw me as a poor,
oppressed Muslim woman.

I am an engineer.

I am a jihadi.

Which bombs?

The one used to kill the Home Secretary.

The one used to kill police officers
at Heath Bank School.

The one I wore on the 1st of October.

So you're telling us... this man
didn't supply the bomb to your husband?

I invented that story because Police
Sergeant Budd was so eager to believe it.

And so stupidly eager to believe me.

You made that up to mislead our inquiry?

How easy that was.

- You are all so easy...
- It wasn't just you, mate.

So desperate to believe...
We all fell for it.

What you want to believe.

Who planted the device
at St Matthew's College?

The one that killed the Home Secretary?



- Luke Aikens?
- Yes.

Why did you conspire
with non-believers?

For money.

Money to build more bombs
and buy more guns

and spread the truth to our brothers
and sisters throughout the world.

So that the world could be convinced

that we had put a sword through the heart
of the British Government.

You failed to detonate your own PBIED
on the 1st of October rail attack.

You couldn't go through with it.

But look how I have atoned.

I have helped the cause
a thousand times more.

Sophie, we're being told that a statement
by the Prime Minister is imminent.

Meanwhile, all day,
ministers have been giving their reaction

to this morning's news that the Prime
Minister cancelled today's engagements.

Home Secretary,
any reaction on the breaking news?

Really, please, we should avoid speculation

until the Prime Minister's had the opportunity
to address the allegations himself.

Yeah. Come in.

Today's events follow
unconfirmed reports

of a leak of compromising material
relating to the Prime Minister's past.

Is the Prime Minister going to resign?

I'm just getting on with the job
of protecting our country.

- Thank you.
- Home Secretary?

Home Secretary?

It's also being reported
that the leak implicates

the Director General of the Security
Service, Stephen Hunter-Dunn.

The Prime Minister will resign
before the day is out.

Hunter-Dunn, the same.

Mike Travis, he stays on to make sure
RIPA-18 gets kicked into the long grass.

Leaking the compro-mat.
Whose decision was that?

I couldn't possibly say.

Thanks to you, David, the CPS have charged
Nadia Ali, Luke Aikens and Lorraine Craddock

in the conspiracy to murder Julia Montague.

Some say you should get a medal.

Others reckon
you should be kicked off the Force.

We'll see.

There'll need to be a thorough
investigation into your conduct.

But first, David... there's something
you need more than all of that.

Come in.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm David...

and I...

I need some help.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Er, come in.

- How are you doing?
- I'm good.

How are you?

I'm getting there.

Well, you've... you've
taken the first step.

I'm really proud of you.

The kids are looking forward
to sleeping in their own beds again.

I bet.

I was thinking...
it's actually my turn for them again...

But only if that's OK with you.

Yeah. Um...

Kids, your dad's here.

- Dad!
- No train journeys this time.

- Dad!
- Hello, princess! Ohh!

There's a monster on my back!
Get him off! Get him off!

OK. You behave.

You have fun.

Do... Er...



There's um...

There's room for one more.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

OK. I'll get my bag.

Mummy's gonna come too.



- A million times.
- Right. Everyone in?

Yes. Good. Let's go.