Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 39 - Double Babysitter - full transcript

When Uncle Rad and Frisky accidentally turn up to babysit Bluey and Bingo on the same night, they have to work together to make Bluey feel better about babysitter put-downs.



Uncle Rad's here.

Hi, Uncle... Hey, where is he?

(SHRIEKS) Eee. Ha-ha-ha.

How you doing, Bluey?
I'm Bingo.

Yeah. That's Bluey.

Oh, yeah. 'Cause he's blue.

I'm a girl.
Oh, yeah, yeah. I knew that.

Are you putting us to bed
tonight, Uncle Rad?

You bet.

Not hooray.

Bluey isn't sure about
babysitter putdowns, Uncle Rad.

Don't worry, Bluey.

Who better to do a babysitter
putdown than your Uncle Rad?


Hey, girls. Ooh.

This is Uncle Rad.



Frisky, have you met Bandit's
brother, Radley, before?

Um, yeah.

Didn't you
fall in the pool at the wedding?


Frisky is Bluey's fairy godmother.

Sorry, Frisky, Uncle Rad
got in touch last minute

and said he'd babysit.

You mustn't have got my message.

Oh, no. I didn't get it.
That's fine.

Um, I'll just go.

No, not go. Both babysit.

Oh, well, as long
as it's OK with Uncle Rad.

Fine by me.

RAD: This episode of Bluey
is called Double Babysitter.

ALL: Bye. Bye. Have fun.
Have fun.


Now, Bluey, tell me why you're not
keen on babysitter putdowns.

Well, I had one before
and I didn't like it.

Oh, why not?

It was just too different.

Well, your fairy godmother and I

will make this exactly
the same as a Mum and Dad putdown.

But I don't know you
as well as Mum and Dad.

Oh, yeah. Good point.

Well, you just need
to get to know us better.

I know.
Why don't we play 20 Questions?


Wait, what's 20 Questions?

Well, you ask us questions
about ourselves and we answer them.

It's easy. Go.

Why don't you have a wife?

Well, how do you know I don't?

Do you have a wife?
Well, no.

So why don't you have a wife?

Ahh, her turn.

How many friends have you got?

Oh, um...three?

That's not many.
Why have you only got three friends?

Well, um...back to him.

Why do we only see you at Christmas?

'Cause I work on an oil rig.

Is that why you don't have a wife?

Oh, maybe.

What's an oil rig?

Why is your hair so pretty?

BOTH: Almond milk shampoo.

Do you want to have children?

BOTH: Yes.

Will Bosco be the Daddy?

Um, no.

Bosco and I aren't friends anymore.

Who's Bosco?
No-one. Next question.

Bosco's her true love.

Not anymore.
But true love is forever.

Well, ah...

Is true not forever?

It is. I mean, I thought it was.

Ah, let's play in the backyard.

Can you play the exact same games
as Mum and Dad?

OK, what do they play?


Come Here and Go Away.
Come and go where now?

You don't need
the same games, Bluey.

You need Torchmouse.

Squeak. Squeak, squeak, squeak.

Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow?

Squeak, squeak, squeak.

Squeak, squeak, squeak.

Nibble, nibble. Nibble, nibble.






Rowrr. Rowrr.

Torchmouse was fun,

but I don't want to do anything else
that's different, please.

What about this?
Whee. This is weird.

Yeah. But before you know it,
you get used to it.


Do me.
Oh, boy. I'll give it a crack.


Hello, upside down Bingo.

Bingo. You've gotten...heavy.

Come and sit by the camp fire.

I'm trying. Ooh.

How about a story?

And then the prince knocked the
dragon out with a big prince punch.


Princess. I have rescued you.

Now we shall marry.

And the Princess replied,
"No thanks."


She didn't like the look of him.
Why not?

Well, his hair was a bit messy,
and he was a bit too muscly,

you know what I mean, kids?


Hang on, I prince-punch the dragon,

take you back to my castle
and we get married.

That's business.

Hey, I didn't ask to be rescued.

You'd rather stay here
with the stinky dragon?

I'm getting used to him.


OK, I'll wake him up.

Wait. No.
Yeah. Didn't think so.

Ugh, "Princes are all the same,"
she thought.

No we're not. There's good princes
and bad princes, m'lady.

Everyone knows that.

Which one was this prince?

He's good. He rescued the princess.

Only because he likes
prince-punching dragons.

Tomorrow he'll be off
in search of another princess.

Man, this princess
is hard to rescue.


Well, while the prince figures
it all out, she grabs a nice book

and lives happily ever after.

The end.

That is not the end.

In Mum and Dad stories,
they get married in the end.

Er, princess?
OK, fine.

For the sake of the children,
they get married. The end.

BOTH: Hooray.
I'll take it.

Night-night, Bingo.
Did you have a good...


Frisky, you won't watch TV
after I fall asleep, will you?

Oh, ah, no, we don't have to.

You promise?

Oh, hang on.

Was your last babysitter putdown
with Nana?


And let me guess, you woke up
and the TV was too loud.


Mum can't hear very well
so she turns it up loud.

She was watching something scary.

That's why you don't
like babysitter putdowns, isn't it?


Look, you just had a bad one, kid.

This one will be different.
We promise.

But how can I know for sure
it won't happen again?

You can't.

But you have to give it a go anyway,

or you'll be stuck in a tower
with a stinky dragon forever.

OK, I'll give it a go.

That's my girl.

(IN THE DISTANCE) Absolutely.

Yeah, that's right.

No, I never thought of it that way.

It's the only shampoo I like.

The shampoo is great,

but the conditioner,
I don't rate the conditioner.

Nah, me neither.

But you know, you can't get around
with open follicles.

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