Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 38 - Mr Monkeyjocks - full transcript

Dad thinks the kids have too many toys and suggests a chuck out. To save their beloved Mr Monkeyjocks from getting the chop, Bluey and Bingo must prove he is special.

Ooh, yeah, I want that one.
And that one.

Ooh, I definitely want that one.

Kids, can you not leave
all your stuff everywhere?

Ow! Biscuits.
I'm bored.

How can you be bored
when you've got this many toys?

Dad, can you buy me this TommyTeddy,
this Starlight Unicorse

and this Rainbow Boobear?

No. You kids have got too many toys.

What? We've hardly got any.


I love you, Mama.
That's it!

We've having a chuck-out.

This episode of Bluey
is called "Mr Monkeyjocks".

OK, one basket for keeping
and one basket for chucking.


But we keep all the special toys
and nothing's going in the bin.

It's all going to needy kids.

But WE'RE needy kids.

You're spoilt kids.
No, we're not!

Wait, what does that mean?
Focus, heelers.

Right, first customer.


No, Snowy's special! Keep, keep!



Chutney Chimp's special.

The Bottle Fairy brought me him.

Not everything can be special.

That's not how that word works.

Ahh! Not Lady Sparklehound.

Oh, we're off to a great start.

OK, so, in the keep basket is...


And in the chuck basket is
a monkey wearing jocks.

Mr Monkeyjocks!
We can't chuck Mr Monkeyjocks.

But you never play with him.
We do!

He's special.

Well, you'd better show me
he's special if you wanna keep him.


You'll probably regret that.



Breakfast! I'll just take my seat.

Hey! That monkey's in my chair!

It's his chair now.

Well, where am I supposed to sit?

Is there any more bacon?

Only for special people.

Not you, floor boy.

Floor boy?!

More maple syrup, Mr Monkeyjocks?

"Don't mind if I do."

Getting sick
of this monkey.

Arggh! Ow!

Look out!

Turn! Turn! Red lights!

Has anyone seen my...sunnies?

OK, kids, this has gone a bit far.

You said we have to
treat him special.


Oh, come here, lover boy.

Babe, can you please help... Huh?

How's my little monkey man?

Hey, mate, that's my wife.

Not anymore.

Mum married Mr Monkeyjocks.

When did this happen?!

I was going to tell you.

You left me for a monkey?!

I'm sorry, honey. There's just
something special about him.

Well, what am I supposed to do?

Ooh, what's that?

Oh, yes, good idea.

You can be his monkey butler.


Mmm, actually, I'd love to.

How may I be of service, sir?

Yes, sir. Right away.

You're probably gonna regret that.

Hey, what's going on?

Mr Monkeyjocks doesn't want
bones on his bed.

He wants bananas.
His bed?

That's not HIS bed.

It's MY bed.
Not anymore.

This is his room now.

See ya!


I'll just take the waist in.

Hey, that's Chutney Chimp's suit.

And Lady Sparklehound's hat.

Hey, he said he wanted 'em.

But you can't give him stuff
just because he says he wants it.

Look, I'm just the butler.

If you have a problem,
take it up with the monkey.

Oh, I will, alright.

Listen, mate, I think it's time
for a certain someone

to find somewhere else to live.

I didn't mean us!

That was harsh, but fair, sir.

Aren't you being a little unfair,
my sweet monkey man?

I thought you loved me!

That is one cheeky monkey.

How could he just kick us
out of our own house?

It's very rude.

Well, it's kind of our fault.

We spoiled him.

What does "spoiled" mean?

It's a bit hard to explain.

Where are we gonna live?

Let's ask if we're allowed
to sleep in the backyard, shall we?

And what about Pebbledasher?

Chuck? Yes, Master Monkeyjocks.

What's going on here?

Oh, thank goodness you're here.

You're chucking all our toys!
I'M not.

He is. He's gone crazy.

He says he doesn't want any toys
in this house that aren't him.


He says he's the only one
who can be special.

Bluey, that's spoiled.

There you go, sir.
All the toys have been chucked.

How does it feel, Mr Monkeyjocks?

He actually looks a bit bored.

How can he be bored?

He has everything he wants.

Can I listen to him?

Oh! He says he doesn't want
everything he wants anymore.

Oh. Why ever not?

Because when you have
everything you want...

Um, you listen, Mum.

Nothing feels special anymore.


Hmm. What do you want to do?

Oh, you want a turn
making someone else feel special?


Ooh, sorry.

Let's try this again, kids.


Chutney Chimp. Chuck.

And Lady Sparklehound.


And Mr Monkeyjocks.

I hope you make
someone feel special.

Now, don't get excited.

It's just a little something
I found in the op shop.

Thanks, Mum.

It's a monkey!

Wearing jocks!
I love him!

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