Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Army - full transcript

Jack is the new dog at school and the newest recruit in Rusty's Army. Jack struggles with following instructions and always forgets his hat, but Rusty will make a soldier of him yet.





Hey, Jack! Oh!

How was your first day
at your new school?

Tell me all about it.

Well, we drove there in the car and
I couldn't sit still, as usual.

Come on, Jack.
Can you sit still, mate?

Yes, Dad.

Did you remember your hat?
Um, my hat. Where's my hat?

Ooh, look, a goat!

Jack, your hat?
I forgot it.

Oh, Jack, what are we going
to do with you, mate?

Dad, Jack's still not sitting still!

Sorry, I forgot.

Why can't you do as you're told?

I don't know.

Then we got to school
and I met my teacher, Calypso.

Well, hello.

You must be my new student.

I'm Jack.

Jack can't sit still
or remember anything.


Well, I think you should go and play
with that red kelpie down there.

OK. Bye, Dad!

You have fun, mate!
I will!

And that's when I met Rusty.

What are you playing?

I'm playing army.

I'm about to go on patrol.

Can I be in the army?
Well, maybe.

Can you do as you're told?

No. I'm not good
at doing what I'm...


On the left! Quick march!

Hup-hup-hup halt!

On the right!

March! Hup-hup-hup halt!


Yeah, you can play.

This episode of Bluey
is called Army.

You can't just start as a soldier.

You have to go to basic training

where you learn all the stuff
from your drill sergeant.

That's me.
Oh. OK.

Where's your hat, Recruit Russell?
I forgot it, Sergeant.

You can use my spare.

But from now on,
keep track of your equipment.

Yes, Sergeant.



Rusty took me into the bush
to learn all the army stuff.

The first thing I had to learn
was heaps of hand signals.


This one means "stop".

This means "get down!"

This is "move over there".


I'll get it! Huh?

Now Rusty and I can
talk to each other without talking.

An important part
of the army stuff is doing push-ups.

Good push-ups, Recruit Russell.

Also, everything had a name.

OK. That hill is called Hill Four.

That one is called Hill Six.

That blue gum is called Tango Seven.

You got that?

Oh Sarge, I'm not good
at remembering numbers or words.

Well, you better get good

if you want to be in the army,
Recruit Russell.

You need to know these things
if we call for a dust-off.

A dust-off?

A dust-off is when you call in
a helicopter to come and rescue you.

You have to tell
the chopper where to land.

Rusty loved calling for a dust-off.


But the funnest bit
was the sentry duty.

It's when you're a guard.

You have to be on the lookout
when the other soldiers sleep.

I loved it.

All the other soldiers
are counting on you.

I was really good at sentry.

You're really good at sentry.
Thanks, Sarge.

Have some rations, Recruit Russell.

"Rations" is what they call food
in the army.

How do you know
so much about the army?

'Cause my dad's in the army.

Is he on patrol like us?

Yeah, but not for long.

Oh, that's good.

He said when he comes back,

he's going to bring me
some condensed milk.

Ahh, I love condensed milk!

Then the scariest bit happened.



What do we do?

Fall back!


Get down!

There's too many of them!

We have to call for a dust-off!

I told you he loved dust-offs.

Six-one, this is six-two!
We are surrounded!

Request immediate dust-off.
Stand by for location, over!

Recruit Russell,
what's our location?

It was all down to me.

I had to remember
what that tree was called.

Tango Five?

No, Tango Six?

Tango Seven!

We're next to Tango Seven, over!

Great work, Recruit Russell.

Oh, no! Negatives on the dust-off,
Tango Seven.

LZ is no good!

I think he was saying the chopper
had to land somewhere different.

Recruit Russell,
we've got to get to that field!


One thing I can do is run.

I'm a Jack Russell!


Get to the chopper!

Good thing we did
all those push-ups.

We made it!
Great work, Recruit Russell!


I can see why Rusty
liked calling for dust-offs.

Why did you come to this school?

Was there something wrong
with your old school?


There's something wrong with me.

I'm not good at doing what I'm told,

I can't sit still

and I can't remember anything,
like numbers or letters or my hat.


Well, you're really good
at playing army.

We're back from patrol, Calypso.

You're all safe.
Good boy, Rusty.

Congratulations, Recruit Russell.
You're now Private Russell.

I was in the army.

Come on, you can sit next to me.

And then it was pick-up time.

See you tomorrow, Rusty.

And now I'm here.

Wow, that was a lot of detail.

Good boy, Jack.

Oh, can I have my condensed milk

Where'd you get condensed milk from?

Rusty gave it to me.

See you, Jack!

DAD: Hey! Rusty!

His dad brought it back from patrol.

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