Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - Trains - full transcript

All aboard the Dad Train. Bingo goes from home to daycare to her job at the vet every morning, but there's trouble on the line as a mischievous Bluey throws everyone off schedule.


BINGO: Sleep, sleep, sleep.


Morning, Poppy.
Time to get to work.

Goodbye, husband.

DAD: Train arriving!

Ooh, here comes the train, Poppy.

Train stopping!


All aboard!

Train's leaving!


This episode of Bluey
is called Trains.

Once upon a time,
there was a little mouse.

Train arriving!

The next stop is
Mother Duck Day Care.

Thank you.

Train's leaving!

Oh, hello, Poppy.

You're just in time for a story.

Story time, story time!

I'll pick you up after
work now, sweetie.

Give Mummy a hug.

And this mouse lived
in a very special house.

Train stopping!

One day...
Train's leaving!

..the mouse was out walking.

Are you hungry, Mr Polar Bear?


Next stop is the Vet's.

Thank you.

Train's leaving!
Morning, Sharice.

Morning, Doctor Glenda.

We have a very busy day today.

One sick tiger, and six sick skunks.

That's hard to say. Grr!

Oh, and one cranky polar bear.

Oh, you just need to tickle him.
Here, watch.

Tickle, tickle. See?

What would we do
without you, Glenda?

Train arriving!
Ooh. Work, work, work.

See you tomorrow.
Bye, Glenda.

Train's leaving!

Next stop, day care!


Poppy, your mum's here.

She had a great day today.

Oh, that's my big girl.

Train arriving!
Thank you.

Train's leaving!

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Ahh.

Morning, Poppy.
Time to get to work.

Goodbye, husband.

Train skipping this station.

Hey, wait. I'm coming.

Ugh. Train stopping.

(HUMS TO SELF) Off you go.

Um, excuse me.

No food or drinks, no feet on seats,

and that cat needs to be
on your lap.

Ah, just drive the train, mate.

You cheeky little...
Hang on, show me your ticket.

Oh, yes, here you are.

Hmm, this looks fine.

Maybe you should lick it as well.

Oh, OK. A bit strange, but...

Bluh, bluh, bluh.

And now rub it all over your face.

This is a bit unorthodox, but OK.


What's so funny?
That isn't a train ticket.

It's a piece of poo!


Bleagh. I licked poo!

Arggh. (SPITS)

Right, that's it. Get off my train!

Oh, where is that train?

MUM: Bing, bong.

The next train will be a bit late

due to an ongoing
passenger incident.


Train stopping. Apologies, customer.

Boop. That's OK.

But be quick.
I'm late for drop-off.

And they lived happily ever after.

Train stopping. Uhh!

(PANTS) I'm sorry I'm late.

Oh, Poppy, you just missed
story time.


I'll pick you up after work.
Mum loves you.

I hope that train's on time.

Train stopping. Oh, you again.

I hope you've got
a real ticket this time.

Oh, yes, sorry about the mix-up.

Boop. See?
Ah, good.


I'm putting this cat on your lap.

Uh, I wouldn't touch him
if I were you.

Oh, don't be... Arggh!

Get it off!

Ring, ring.

Glenda, where are you? This polar
bear is getting REALLY cranky.

The train's running late.

You're gonna have
to tickle him yourself.

Um, OK, I'll give it a go.

I'll be there soon. Good luck.

Oh, I'm so sorry we're late.

Hurry. The polar bear
is getting cranky.

Train leaving!


Train stopping.
Thank you.

What happened?
The polar bear escaped!

He didn't like how I tickled him.

He's on the loose and he's cranky!
Oh, no.

(HAGGARDLY) Train arriving.

Oh, look, the train is here.

Oh, I'm so sorry we're late.

Hang on, have I seen you before?

Oh, no, we just moved
here from, uh, Egypt.

Oh, good, 'cause I do not
like being attacked by animals.

Arggh! Ho-ho!

Bite, bite.

Oh. Mr Cottonsocks, you're hurt!

It IS you. I knew it!

My cat is hurt. He needs a vet.

Quick, hop on the train.

All aboard! Express train!


(ELDERLY VOICE) Oh, I hope the train
will be here soon, Rita.

(ELDERLY VOICE) Me, too, Madge.
We'll be late for mahjong.

Stand back from the platform!

Oh, here it...

Sorry, ladies!

Hang in there, Mr Cottonsocks.

Train arriving.


Mr Cottonsocks needs to see the vet!

I'm sorry, we had to shut down.

Our vet was late and a polar bear
ate all the animals.


I know, let's catch the train
to the vet's house.


Oh, man.

Oh, Poppy, I really miss
taking care of animals.

Ohh! Train stopping.

Doctor Glenda, it's an emergency!

Please help Mr Cottonsocks.

Oh, deary me.
Bring him here at once.

Fix, fix, fix.
There, she's all better.

ALL: Hooray!

Thanks, Doctor Glenda.
That's OK.

Glenda, why don't
you start a home vet?


Where the train delivers
customers to your house.


And I'll make sure the animals
follow all the train rules.

No way. I am done with animals.


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