Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Mum School - full transcript

Bluey plays mum to a brood of bouncy balloons, including an irrepressible floater named Greenie. But she soon discovers that mothering is much harder than she imagined.

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That's going to have
to do for this one.

Thanks, Mum.

Hey, come here!

Oh, Bingo.
Good girl for having your bath.

Yeah, but she hasn't
cleaned her teeth.

Come here!

It's your bath time too, Bluey.
I can smell you from here.

Oh, but I want to play
Mum School with you.

What's Mum School?

It's a school
where you learn to be a mum.

This is Kiwi, Windgust,
Lightning Bolt, Dronigan,

and that's Pearl.

They're my children.

I gave birth to them all.

Oh, my goodness.

What about that one?

Oh, Greeny! You're such a pickle.

OK. I'm running the bath.

No, not yet.

You're the lady who gives me a score
for being a good mum.

Oh, you don't need someone
keeping score of your mothering.

Oh, not again! I'll get you down.

Ooh, sorry kids.

On second thoughts...

This episode of Bluey
is called Mum School.

OK. Children, movie time now.

Everyone sit up straight
and not on top of each other.

Lightning Bolt,
please get off Windgust.

OK. good.


Ah, Greeny,
maybe you should hold Mummy's hand.

Oh, very good. Two points.

OK. Movie time.

Which button is it?

Oh! Greeny, I'm trying
to concentrate, honey.

Hmm. Oh, hop over there.

Waah, Mummy, Greeny pushed me!

Greeny, what has gotten into you?

Now keep your hands
to yourself please, young man.

Nyah-nyah, Greeny's a cushion head!

Windgust, we do not call people
"cushion head" in this house.

Mmm, good mothering.

Waa, Mama, Greeny hit me!

Well, you kind of had that coming.

I'm not sure about that.



Greeny, honey, come down from there!

I think these kids
need some exercise.

How about everyone goes
for a nice swim in the indoor pool?

Yeah! Come on, you lot.

Come back here
and clean your teeth, young lady!

Come on, come on!

This way to the pool!

Oh, what strength!

Oh, it's so difficult
when they just ignore me.

Yes, it is.

Why can't you kids
just walk in a straight line?

They don't know how.
You have to show them.

I'm just going to show you something,


I don't think that's a good idea.

Well, I don't have any other ideas.


Come on, Greeny. You're old enough
to walk by yourself.

Greeny finds walking
a little tricky.

Oh, nonsense. He's got two legs.

This way!

Boop! No, no, stay down.


I don't understand
why you keep running off!

I don't think he can help it.

OK. That's everyone in the pool!

Enjoy your swim, sweeties!

Now Greeny,
if I let you out of there,

are you going to behave yourself,

or are you just going to
float up to the roof?

I think you know the answer.

No problem,
I'll just get old bunty out.

No more bunty in Mum School.

Well, then what am I meant to do?


Ooh! One moment.

I just have to mark
this other student.

He's in Dad School.

Oh, man, this sack of
potatoes sure is heavy.

Put me down!
You got it.


Gee, she's quick.

Ooh, making it fun. Two points!

Now, clean.


Oh, he's let himself down there.

Bingo! Let go!

Unhand me!

Time to bring out the big guns.
Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!

Ooh, good move.

Rahh! Gotcha!

I don't want to clean my teeth!
Ah, Bingo!

There must be a reason why
you're being such a pickle tonight.

Hmm. I think you're still hungry.

Come on, you need more food.

I'll race you to the kitchen.


Wackadoo! Top marks!


Now, do you wanna have
another go with Greeny?

Hi, sweetheart,

I think there's a reason
you keep floating off, isn't there?

Hmm, what could it be?

Maybe you just like exploring.

Oh, that's nice, Greeny.

Well, you're not old enough
to go exploring too far yet,

so this is a special present
for you, because I love you so much.

One day you can float up
as high as you want.

But for now, this will help
you stay down here with us.

Now, everyone in the pool.

Nice work, Mum.

That's it, children.
Pearl, get off, Jonigan.

There you go, darling. All dry.
Excellent drying.

You've almost passed Mum School.

Ooh, did you hear that, kids?

Excuse me, can I have
a go at the hair dryer?

OK. Just be careful.


Oh, sorry children.

Oh, Greeny!

Greeny, no!

Can you get him back?

No, honey. He's off.

Will he be OK?

Yeah, I think he'll do just fine.

How do you know?

Because he's got a good mum.

Does this mean I failed Mum School?


Oh, I'm such a cushion head.

It's OK.
We all fail Mum School sometimes.

Oh, OK.

We can just start again tomorrow.

Thanks, Mum.

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