Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 52 - Verandah Santa - full transcript

It's Christmas Eve and Dad and the kids are taking turns pretending to be Santa. But when Socks nips Bluey, and she refuses to leave her a present, they must all learn the true meaning of being good for Christmas.




- Bluey!

No, no, I love my custard cold.

Really? It's like goop!

Unh, unh, unh, unh!
No peeking at those presents!

Why not?

Because Santa doesn't give
presents to naughty kids.

How does Santa get in?

There's no chimney.

Maybe he uses the verandah.

Oh, yeah!

Let's play Verandah Santa!


-Come on, Dad!

Oh! Ohhh!

Ah! Muffin, quick,
you have to say "Sorry."

Santa's watching!

He knows if you've been naughty or nice.

You won't get any presents!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

No worries, Muffin.

I accept your "Sorry."

Come on!



This episode of Bluey
is called Verandah Santa.

Okay, Dad, you be
Verandah Santa first.


-Time for bed, kids!

It's Christmas in the morning!

Hooray! Christmas!

And that means
Verandah Santa's coming tonight!


Now, he only gives presents
to nice kids who are fast asleep.

Night, Dad!

So, no peeking, or no presents.

Ho, ho, ho!

Oh! Was that a peek?

No, no!
I'm still asleep.

It wasn't a peek!

It better not have been!

Ho, ho, and ho.

Wake up, kids!
It's Christmas!


See if Verandah Santa
left you anything!

I got a snow globe.

I got shaving cream.

I got a pencil case.

-Hey, that's my pencil case!


Bingo, no snatching, thanks.

But it's mine!

It's just Bluey's for the game.
She'll give it back after.

I'm sorry, Bluey.

Well done, Bingo.

I don't want it.

Dad, I said "Sorry,"
but she isn't taking the pencil case.

Are you gonna accept
her "Sorry," Bluey?

No. Why should I?

Because Santa won't bring you
any presents.

Santa likes children
who accept "Sorries."

Okay, fine!

Oh. That was easy.

Okay. Someone else's turn
to be Verandah Santa!

Get off!

Oh, yeah!

Get off!

Night-night, kids.

No peeking, or no presents.

We won't!

-Ho, ho, ho!

Huh? What?

Naughty children!

You peeked at Santa!

We didn't mean to!

You woke us up!

No presents for you!


What a stitch-up!

I'm gonna throw these in the bin!


We're sorry, Santa.

We're so...

so, so sorry.

Please, will you accept our "Sorry"?


Yes, I will.

Yeah! Yeah! Hooray!

Thanks, Verandah Santa!

Boy, I sure am
a very nice child!


If I were a real Santa,
I'd give me lots of presents.

I'm not sure that's how it works.

-My turn!

Ooh! You can be
my helper, Socks.

Ruff, ruff, ruff!

Night-night, children.

No waking up!

Yes, Mum!

Ho, ho, ho.

Ah. My teddy bear!

Let go,
you cheeky child!

Oh, my teddy bear.

Oh, my teddy bear!

Ow! Socks!

Dad, Socks bit me!

Socks, listen,
we don't bite people, okay?

That's not nice.

It wasn't even an accident!

It was on purpose for no reason!

Well, look,
I've told her off, Bluey.

But she's not even saying "Sorry"!

She's only 1.
She doesn't know any better yet.

We have to teach her.

Look, let's just
keep playing, okay.

Hmph! Fine!


Who wants to be Verandah Santa?


Strap yourselves in, kids.



-Where's my pillow?


Where's my blanket?







Look under your pillows

to see if Verandah Santa
brought you anything.


One of these!

Baked beans!

What's under your pillow, Socks?


Oh, I guess Verandah Santa

doesn't give presents
to kids who bite people.


She bit me!


Bluey, I think you should
say "Sorry" to Socks.

I didn't do anything wrong!

I was teaching her that Santa
doesn't give you presents

if you're not nice.

-Bluey, don't worry about

whether Santa's gonna bring you
presents or not, okay?


'Cause it's not the reason
to be nice to people.

Well, then, what's the reason?

Come with us.


That's the reason.

Imagine if Socks did to you
what you did to her.

Hi, Socks.

I'm sorry I didn't
give you any presents.

I was mad at you
'cause you bit me

and you didn't say "Sorry."

Okay, night, kids!

That's enough sinister plotting.


Ho, ho --

Whoa, no!

Get him!

Verandah Santa's
just trying to do his job!

You naughty kids!