Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Dance Mode - full transcript

After Dad eats her last chip, Bingo is given three chances to put Mum and Dad in "Dance Mode" as payback. But the others can't resist taking Bingo's turns for her.

Excuse me?

Yes, over here.
Ooh, I need brown.


Oh, yes.
Can we get the bill, please?

♪ Oh! Can we get the bill?! ♪

Bluey, inside voice.

♪ Oh
Can we get the bill? ♪

Is Bingo gonna eat that chip?

Uh, no, I think she's finished.



Hey, where's my chip?

Dad ate it.


I was saving that chippy.

I know. I said I was sorry, kid.

It's my fault.

I thought you'd finished.

I was still very hungry.

How can we make it up to you, Bingo?

Yeah, name your price.

Oh, I know!

Eee! Dance mode!

Oh, not dance mode.

This episode of Bluey
is called Dance Mode.

Eee, I'm so excited!
Me too!

Right, you get three dance modes,
Bingo, and then that's it.


Green dog. Come on.

Bingo, music.
Shall we put Mum in dance mode?

Um, yes, OK.

I'll do it.

Dance mode!

Quick, let's bail, kids.

She's not with us!


Whoo! Shake it, Chilli!

Morning, Wendy.

That was so funny.

You still got it, babe.
You'll get yours.

Bluey, the next dance mode is going
to be mine to choose one, OK?

Not you.

Are you gonna use your dance mode
in here, Bingo?

No, I wanna save it
for somewhere special.

Plus, there's no music here.

Oh, yeah.
Ah, what a shame.

Next, please. How can I help?

I just need to change
the address on this.

OK, I'll need to see
two forms of ID, please.

Two? Oh, hang on.
Let me have a look.

Ooh, music!

Bingo, can I please use
dance mode on your dad?

Oh, well it's just...

Pretty please?

Um, OK. Yes.

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Well, I've got my gym card.
It's sort of got my picture on it.

Uh, no, I can't use
a gym card, mate.

Oh, no!

Dance mode!

Uh, are you OK?

I'm fine. Just ignore this.

Now, what about my library card?

Oh, I'm sorry, we can only accept...

Look, if you could
just stop dancing for a moment...

I would if I could, mate.

Hey, twinkle toes, hurry up!

That was glorious!

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

When are you gonna use
your last dance mode, Bingo?

Last one? But I haven't even
used my first one yet.

What's that noise?

Uh, let's, um...go this way instead.
Yeah, hang on.

Come on, come on, come on!
Nothing to see up there.

Oh, look.

Whoo! Shake it!

Shake your tails.

He's playing music with thongs.


Is this a good place
for your dance mode?

Ooh, yeah.
Do it, Bingo.

Dance mo...
Whoa, hang on.

Yeah, hang on.

Look, uh, you seem like
you've cheered up, Bingo.

Maybe we can forget
about that last dance mode.

Oh, what?!
No fair!

OK, look, I'm gonna buy
your last dance mode off you

for, uh,, no, 20 bucks.

Bandit, no!

Whoa, 20 dollarbucks?!
You could buy a Yes/No button.

Yeah, yeah, a Yes/No button.
That thing sounds good.

Please, Bingo?

Pretty please?



Let's go!

This is not good parenting.

Ooh, here it is.

Look, Bingo.

You push this...

And if you push this one...


What do you think? Do you want it?
Yeah? Should we get it?



No, no, no, no, no...
Well, that all worked out.

Didn't it, kids?

Yes, yes...

Yes, yes, yes...

Oh, Bingo, what's up?

You wanna tell us
what's the matter, honey?

Do you not like your Yes/No button?

But you said you wanted it!

Bluey, inside voice!

But she said she wanted it.
So, why is she upset?

Is it because people keep taking
things from you without asking?

I thought so.

Like when I took your last chip?

And I took one of your dance modes?

Well, I took one too, but I asked.

We all asked. And she said yes.

Didn't you, Bingo?



So, what are we meant to do, then?

This is confusing.

Bingo, sometimes,
does your outside voice say yes

when your inside voice
really means no?

Oh, yeah, like this.

I'm sorry, Bingo.
Me too.

Yeah, me too.

Can you think of a way
that we can make it up to you?

Whoa, hang on.


Hey! Hey, hey!

This is gonna be fun!

Oh, boy.

Are you ready, Bingo?

This seems to happen to us a lot.

Just dance like no-one's watching.


Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm doing this for my kid.

Dance mode!


Here we go!

Yes, yes, yes, yes...

Whoo! Yeah!

Let's take this to the mat.

Who likes to dance?!

Captions by Red Bee Media