Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 43 - Camping - full transcript

While on a camping holiday, Bluey makes a new friend called Jean-Luc. Bluey may not understand him, but they find common language playing and hunting for a wild Daddy pig.

[up-tempo music plays]

[music stops]

[all] Mum!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Dad!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Bingo!

[music resumes]

-[music stops]
-[all] Bluey!

[birds chirping]

Oh, my house is so fancy.

Bluey, this is my caravan.

Ooh, hello, butler.

That cup is mine.

-[laughs] Muffin!

I'm just using it for the game!

Give it to me!

[both grunt]

Breakfast is ready, milady.

That frying pan is mine!


It's all mine!

[Bluey] This episode of Bluey
is called Camping.

[all screaming]

Can you believe it?

The butler kicked us out.

Oh, we'll have to live in the forest.

Not this one. She hasn't
had a bath in three days.

I like stinking!

Goodbye, sweet, stinky cook.

Oh, I'll have to make a house
out of sticks.

[Jean Luc] Bonjour.


Tu veux jouer avec moi?


Est-ce qu'on joue ensemble?

I'm not really sure
what you're talking about.

Oh, thanks.

These are for my house.

My butler kicked me out.

[birds chirping]

Oh! Une maison.
C'est super!

On pourrait prendre les plantes
pour faire les murs.

Oh, yeah.
Those can be the walls.

♪ Doo, doo, doo-doo-doo ♪

♪ Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo,
doo-doo ♪

Oh, c'est très beau!

Now we need food to eat.

On pourrait planter cette graine
pour faire pousser des fruits.

Hey, yeah,
we can plant this seed,

like farmers!

This will grow into a big tree
with fruit on it.

Ca va prendre beaucoup de temps
pour grandir.


Might take a while.

We need something to eat now.

-[Dad] Moooor!
-[both gasp]



It's a wild pig!


-[both scream]

[both laugh]

[Mum] Bluey! Dinner!

[Dog] Jean Luc!

C'est le dîner!

I'll see you tomorrow?

A demain.

Oh! My name's Bluey.

Salut, Bluey.

Moi, c'est Jean Luc.

See you tomorrow, Jean Luc.

♪ Doo, doo-ooh, doo-doo-doo ♪

♪ Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo ♪

♪ Doo-ooh, doo-doo-doo ♪

[birds chirping]

Jean Luc!

Ca va, Bluey?

Are you ready to play?

[birds chirping]

We have to catch
that wild pig today,

or we'll have no food
for the winter.

[Dad] Moooor!

[both gasp]


Je vais attrapper ses jambes!

I'll scare him, and you get him
when he runs away!

-[both scream]

You cheeky pig!

That wasn't the plan,
Jean Luc.

You were supposed
to cut him off.

Oh, j'ai pensé que
tu veux venir de l'autre coté!

[Mum] Dinnertime!

A plus tard!

[insects chirping]

Jean Luc!


Aw, toujours rien!

No fruit tree yet.

We need a better plan
to catch that wild pig!

Ceci c'est notre
dernière chance!

I've got an idea!

My Dad taught me
how to do this.

Wild pig.




[Bluey] You.


You get him from behind!

[Dad] Moooor!

[roars timidly]






[Bluey and Jean Luc]

[both laughing]

[Mum] Bluey!
-[Dog] Jean Luc!

Bye, Jean Luc.
See you tomorrow.

Non, pas demain matin.

Au revoir, Bluey.


A little tree!

Jean Luc!
Come quickly!

[insects chirping]

Jean Luc?

Jean Luc!

Jean Luc?!

Mum, do you know
where Jean Luc is?

His tent's not there.

Oh, yes, I saw them packing up.


They must have left
early this morning.

You mean they're gone?

I'm afraid so, sweetheart.

[insects chirping]

[Bingo] Mum, I need a wee.

[Mum] Okay, let's do a bush wee.

Where's the bunny night light?

Here it is.

[Dad] Moooor!

Do you need a wee, too, Bluey?

[Bluey] No, but can I come anyway?

The more the merrier.




Why did Jean Luc have to go?

Their holiday was over, honey.

But I want to keep playing with him.

He was my friend.

Well, look.

Sometimes, special people
come into our lives,

stay for a bit,
and then they have to go.

But that's sad.

It is.

But the bit where they were here
was happy, wasn't it?


We caught a wild pig together.

Maybe that makes it all worth it.

Will I ever see him again?

Well, you never know.

The world's a magical place.




Oooh, stars.


[birds chirping]

[Muffin] Bluey,
that book's mine!

I know it's yours, Muffin.

I'm just borrowing it.

[Jean Luc in French accent]
Hello, Bluey.