Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - The Doctor - full transcript

Honey is stuck waiting for Dr Bingo's appointment as all the other, more exciting injuries get seen before her's. Receptionist Bluey tells her to be patient, as some of these cases are a real pickle.




- Bluey!

Ring, ring!

This is the doctor's office!

Hello. It's Edna speaking.

How are you?

Hello, I need to see the doctor now.

Mm, yes, okay.

Sure, okay, we'll see you in 15 months.

Bye. Click.

Thank you, Doctor.
My schnozz feels great.

Just keep it on for six months.

See ya!

Please choose a lollipop on your way out.

Why, thank you.

Ooh, lychee.

This episode of Bluey
is called The Doctor.

Sorry about that.
How can I help?

I need to see the doctor.

Oh, yes, I'm sure we can
squeeze you in tightly.


Now, what's wrong with you today?

I'm fine.

Honey, playing doctors,

you have to make up
something wrong with you.

Oh, yes, of course.

What do you think
should be wrong with me?

It's up to you.

Um, what if I bumped
my knee?

Okay, here's a clipboard.

Please take a seat.

The doctor won't be long.

Honey, you have to hobble when you walk.

Oh, yes.

Next patient, please.

That's me!


What seems to be the matter?

She's bumped her knee, Doctor.

Oh. You sure that's it?

Yeah, that's it.

Okay, we'll have that fixed in a jiffy.

I need to see the doctor!

Ooh, there's a crocodile on my head!

Oh, my.
This is a real pickle.

-Don't worry.

We'll fix that in a jiffy.

Edna, hold my appointments.

Oh, I'm sorry dear.
Please take a seat.

I'm sure the doctor won't be long.

This is gonna take ages!

Oh, okay.

I'm just trying to pull the mouth open!


-This might sting...

...but just for a little bit!


He's a wily one!


Oh, careful, Doctor! Aah!

Would you like a cup of tea
while you wait?

Yes, thanks.


Here you go.

Are you sure you haven't
been attacked

by a giraffe or something?

-Um, no.
- Yah!

Cause that would be a real pickle.

There it goes!

Oh. Looks like she's done.

Out you come.

Beautiful, Doctor.

Just keep the bandages
on for 11 years.

Choose a lollipop.

See ya.

Okay, who's next?

That's me.

Oh, yes -- sore knee.
Right this way.

Help! I cuddled a cactus!

Oh, no!


And then a crocodile
flew out of the sky

and bit me on the bottom!

My stars!
This is a real pickle!

Don't worry. We'll have you
fixed in a jiffy.

Oww, oww, oww,
oww, oww!

Edna, hold my appointments!

Oww, oww, oww, oww!


But what about my knee?

- Oww!

Aah! Wriggling will just
make it harder!

Oh, I'm sorry about the wait, Honey.

Am I definitely
the next patient, Bluey?

You are definitely
the next patient.

We need to see the doctor!

Oh, my!

I was hanging out the washing,
and my arms fell off!

And I got bitten
by seven scorpions.

Oh, my, my!

Oh, this looks like
a real pickle.

-It is!
-It is!

I'm never gonna see the doctor.

Don't worry, Honey.

I promise you'll be the next patient.




I need a doctor!

What's wrong, Rusty?

I accidentally ate a hippopotamus.

And now when I burp,
I burp out baby hippopotamuses.



Oh, no! Baby hippos!

Quick, Indy, grab it!

But I've got no arms!


Get 'em!

Get 'em out!
Get him!

Come on, little wriggly one!

Get away, baby hippo!


-Two more!

Aah! Hippos everywhere!

Oh, my, goodness,
this is a real pickle.

Rusty, you best come
in here right away.


Edna, hold my appointments.

I knew it.

- Stay still!
- Burp!

How many hippos have you got in there?

Can I have a lollipop?


Don't be sad, Honey.


Everyone's problem is
a real pickle, except mine.

-Oh, my!

-Oh, there's another one!

They're everywhere!

Come here!


You always make me laugh.

Yeah, I always make you laugh.

Come here, you baby hippo!

Do it again.

Do something funny.

Okay, watch this.

Now, for most dogs,

their tail wags,
and their body stays still.

But not me.

That's so funny!

Oh, thanks, Doctor.

I won't eat any more
hippopotamuses again.

I think there are --

there are some lollipops
around here...somewhere.

Oh, my stars!

Your tail and your body
are all mixed up!

Her body's wagging!

But her tail is still!

This is a real pickle.

A pickle?

This is the biggest pickle
I've ever seen.

Come with me right away.

Don't worry.

We'll have you fixed up in a jiffy.


Edna, you best hold
all of my appointments.

Sure thing.

Will the doctor be much longer?

Oh, just be patient!