Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Calypso - full transcript

At school, Bluey and her friends all throw themselves into various games. Their teacher Calypso keeps her charges on track with a wise word and a song - all except for the mysterious Pretzel.

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- Bluey!

And the rain stopped,
and out came the sun.


♪ Sister Rain has left ♪

♪ And Father Sun is home ♪

♪ Brother Wind
comes blowing in ♪

♪ To welcome home
the moon ♪

This episode of Bluey
is called Calypso.

Look at this lovely stick
I found, Pretzel.

I don't feel like
playing anything.


Calypso, can I please have
a gnome for my village?

Well, let's have a look.

Well, the gnome will need
a place to sleep,



You busy, Bluey?

No, not yet.

This is a fish and chip shop,

but we've run out of fish,
so it's just chips.

Okay. Well, be patient.

Oh, I had no sleep all night.

-Ooh, sorry, Coco.

My, it certainly is crowded in here.

It sure is.

I might have to move out soon.

Did you know that a fish and chip shop
just opened next door?

Did you hear that, Roderick?

We'll have to pop over.

That looks good.

I'm building a house.

It's going to have
a bottom room and a top room.


I think Indy is looking
for somewhere to live.


And the Terriers
have made another fort.

We're Romans!

I can see.

Now, you are here
to prote the kingdom?

Yes, Calypso!

That's good.

Do you need protecting?

Not right now, thanks.


Calypso, can I please have a gnome now?

Let's have a look.

I made a place for her to sleep.

Lovely, but...

she'll also need a forest
for her morning walk.

Oh, yeah!

You cheeky baby.

You're so beautiful.

-Hi, Bluey!

Ooh, you have so many customers.

I know! I'm so busy.

What's going on with you?

I'm moving out.

Ooh! Where to?

I don't know.

Hi, Indy!

Do you want to move into my house?


You can rent the upstairs room
for 10 dollarbucks.

Great! But I don't have any dollarbucks.


Maybe you need a job.

Yeah! I could be
a waitress for Bluey.

Can you mind Polly?


Do you want to learn
how to build a fence, Polly?

Do you need protecting?

Not right now, thanks!


Calypso, can I have a gnome nowwwww?

Well, let's have a look.

Well, it's looking wonderful!

Is there anything else
you can think of

that a gnome might enjoy?



Here's your cups of tea.

Thank you.

Are the fish and chips almost ready?

But we're out of fish.

Oh, Indy, here's your dollarbucks

for being my waitress.

Thanks, Bluey.

-Hi, Rusty.

Here's my dollarbucks
for the upstairs room.

And I brought you some chips.


Okay, I'll just
get back to work.

Do you want some chips, Polly?

Do you need protecting yet?

Not yet!



would you like some
fish and chips, Terriers?

Yes, please!

Can we have enough
to feed our whole army?


But it might just be chips,
because we're out of fish.


Bluey, the Terriers want

enough fish and chips
to feed an army.

Wow! Okay.

How about these are
all sacks of chips?


One sack, two sacks, three sacks.

Look at this!

This is beautiful!


Is it ready for a gnome
to come and live here?

Of course it is.

Look at it!

Being protecting Romans
is a little bit boring.

Maybe we should be...

invading Romans!

Mmm, maybe.

Five sacks!
Six sacks!

There you go, Indy.
Take them to the Terriers.

Okay, Bluey!

The gnome watches over all the people.

Indy, no!

You're gonna step on my village!



The village needs protecting!


Tortoise formation!


Good one, Terriers!


Oh. Hi, Terriers.

Here's your chips.

Sorry -- we're out of fish.

thank goodness for the Terriers.

Well, I guess you can sit
in my boat, if you want.

Oh. Thanks.
I won't take up much room.

I'm a fisherman.

Mm. I can see.

Have you caught anything?

Not yet.

Well, just be patient.

They'll bite eventually.

Oh. If you do catch a fish, let me know.

Oh, okay. Why?

Because there's someone
I'd like you to meet.