Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Magic Xylophone - full transcript

As Bluey and Bingo begin to squabble over their magic xylophone (that has the power to freeze their Dad in space and time) Dad seizes control and freezes Bluey, leaving Bingo as her only hope.




- Bluey!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I will now play for you
the rondo "Alla Turca."

Hmm, hmm, hmm!

-Hey! Piano!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm terribly sorry.

I seem to be having a little bit
of trouble with my piano!

Dad! I want to be the piano.

No! It's still my turn.

Taking turns can be difficult.

Dad! She's had this many turns!

You can be the bum bongos!

-Bum bumda bum, bum bongos!

Bum bumda bum, bum bongos!

Bum bumda bum, bum bongos!

Bum bumda bum, bum bongos!

Bum, bumda, bum...

Ooh! Island rhythms!

Bum bumda bum, bum bongos!

This episode of Bluey
is called The Magic Xylophone!

Where are the real bongos?

Bluey! Look!


Oh, no! The--

Quick, Bingo! Get the dinger thing!

Let me up! Let me out of here!

Got it! Do a ding!



Yeah! The Magic Xylophone!

Mum, come and look at this!

Oh, look!

It's just like when we first met.



How did I get fingers up my nose?

Oh. The Magic Xylophone!

Give me that xylophone!

-Give me that --

Bingo, let's get the pens!

Oh, what a splendid mustache you have.

Ooh! Lovely.

It's my turn to unfreeze him.



Arghh! You kids!

- Run!

-Give me the magic



Yaha! Too slow, Mr Mustache!

Bluey, you're taking
all the turns freezing.

Come on, Bingo. Let's get the teddies.


I'm off to work!

Mum! Mum! Look at Dad now!

This loose hair's been
bugging me all morning.

Okay, I'll unfreeze him.

I want to do it.

Mum, Bluey's not
letting me have any turns.

Bluey, if you don't
take turns with people,

people won't take turns with you.

But Bingo's too slow.

Dad will catch her.

No, I'm not.

You can either take turns

or I'll bring the xylophone
to work with me.

I'll freeze my boss.


Nnnn! Nnnn!

Well, you know what to do, then.

I'll see you later.

Just make sure you unfreeze him
for toilet breaks, okay?


-Here, Bingo.

But stand right back here.

That way, you could get a head start.

He runs really fast when he's mad.

Okay. Unfreeze!


There you are!

-Run, Bingo!

Back inside!

Bingo! Bluey!

Come back here!

Where are they?!

I can't find them anywhere!

Oh, maybe they went downstairs.

I can't hear him.

I think we should freeze him,
just in case.

Give me the xylophone.

No, I want to freeze him!

You've had all the freezing turns.

Bingo! Let go!


Got it!

You ding-dongs were too busy squabbling.



-Freeze, freeze, freeze!

Oh, never mind. She'll keep.

Now, look at this lovely new garden gnome.

Ahh. This is the perfect spot.

Oh! Wait a minute!

It's got a little bit
of felt pen on the fingers.

Probably from some mischief!

I'd better get the hose.

Nnn! Nnnnnnn!

Unfreeze me!


Thanks, Bingo.

Dad's gone to get the hose.

-Let's go and hi--

Bluey, you always
never take turns with me.

You just take all of the turns.

And it makes me feel sad.

I will unfreeze you if you promise

you will let me have turns, too.

Blink two times if "Yes."

♪ Gonna hose my dirty garden gnome ♪

♪ Gonna hose it good, unh ♪

Okay, time for a little bath,
garden gnome!

Nnn! Nnnn!

Ohhhhh, yeah!



We tricked you!

Bingo unfroze me.

I was just pretending.

Now, Bingo!


Here, Bingo. You can unfreeze him.

Thanks, Bluey.

Not just yet.

I like the Daddy water fountain.