Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Hospital - full transcript

Doctor Bluey is needed for assistance when Dad gets a very curious x-ray from Nurse Bingo. It seems that he has a cat in his tummy, leaving Bluey no choice but for her to operate immediately.





Here comes the mountain climber!

-Is she gonna... ugh --

...get to the top?

She made it!

I made it!

Uh-oh! It's getting windy!

-It's getting windy!
-Go, Bingo!

Oh! She's fallen down!

-Again, again!

Do that to me!

Oh, man!

Is there some game
where I just lie really still

on a comfy bed or something?


Oh, not hospital.

This episode of Bluey
is called Hospital.

Please lie here.

Thanks, Doctor.

No, I'm the nurse.

Oh, sorry. Thanks, nurse.

My name is Telemachus.

This remote control makes the bed

go up and down, Telemachus.

Oh, great.

This will make the legs go up.

-Boop pzhhh!

Oops. Wrong button. Sorry, dear.

-Boop pzhh!



Now, don't worry.

We're gonna make you feel all better.

Oh, good.

I'm actually a bit nervous at hospitals.

There's no need to be nervous.

- Aah!

I'm the doctor.

Oh, hello, Doctor. My name is --


Oh, brave boy.

-What was that?!
-A needle.

Now, what seems to be the matter?

Why did you give me a needle

before asking me what's the matter?

Because I'm very busy.

Now, what's up?

Well, my belly hurts.

Have you got a baby in there?

No, I don't think so.

Nurse, do an X-ray
on the big blue guy, please.

I think there's a baby in there.

Yes, Doctor.

Hang on. I really don't think I have a --


-Good grief!

She certainly likes those needles.

Don't worry, sweetie.

It's all to make you feel better.

Now, time for your X-ray.

Ready? Three, two, one.


X-ray will be ready in a jiffy!

Oh, good.

I'll just relax.

-I'm back! Sting!

Bluey-- I mean, Doctor--

can that be the last injection, please?


Here's the X-ray, Doctor.

Oh, thank you.

I'll just get this plaster off.



Brave boy.

Oh, well, this does not look good.

You see just here?

Oh, look. It's a... possum?

Yes. You have a possum in your belly.

That's not a possum. It's a cat!

Oh, yes, you have a cat in your belly.

How did it get in there?

-Did you eat one?

Well, no one really knows
how cats get in your belly,

but probably through your bellybutton.

What?! Really?


Probably, they just set up
a slide while you're asleep

and just slide right in, you know?

My goodness.

We'll have to operate.

-Yes, Doctor!
-Whoa. Hang on.

Let's do this!

-Here's a magazine to read.

You mean you're not even
gonna put me to sleep first?

Oh, yeah, I guess we could.

Nurse, can you put this
big blue guy to sleep, please?

Yes, Doctor.

♪ Go to sleep ♪

♪ Go to sleep ♪

♪ Go to sleepy, big Telemachus ♪

-He's asleep!

Oh, good. I can give him another needle.


Oww! Bluey!

You're meant to be asleep!

No... more... needles!


♪ Go to sleep ♪

♪ Go to sleep ♪

He's asleep!

Okay, let's go!

-Ooh! Ooh!

Ah ha ha! Aroooo!

Now, let's get this cat out!

-Oh, I think I got it!

-Here, kitty!


Aah! That's not a cat!

That's an octopus!

Put him back in!

I think it's supposed to be in there!

-Get back in, octopus!

So many tentacles!

Doctor, catch!

-Get... back...i n!


Aah! Bingo!

It's got the remote!

-Let go!


Let go!

Hey! I see the cat!

I see the cat!

Nurse, give me something to whack it with.


-Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Ooh! Ooh!

Ooh, I got his tail!

Pull it!


What happened?

It bit me!

Oh, you poor dear.

That cat's not going anywhere!

Oh, my!

Better wake the big blue guy and tell him.

You mean we can't make him
feel all better?

Nope. Wake up, mate!

-Oww! Bluey!

Doctor Bluey.

Is the operation finished?

Yeah, sorry. There's nothing we can do.

That cat just won't come out.

Oh. I see.

Now, I've got other patients.

You're on your own.


See ya!

Aww. I thought I was
gonna feel all better.

I'm sorry.

That's okay. You tried your best.


Leave it with me.

Okay, nurse.

Hmm. Yes.

Those prickles will
have to come out, I'm afraid.

Excuse me, Doctor.

I'm very busy, nurse.

I know, but can you look
at this X-ray again?

If it's from the big blue guy,

there's really nothing I can do.

Just check it a bit closer.


Wait a minute!

I didn't see this before.

Hello, big blue guy.

His name's Telemachus.

Something else has turned up
on your X-ray, Telemachus.

-Look-- here.


It's a... pot plant?

No! It's a mouse!

Ah. Of course-- a mouse.

I think you swallowed a mouse!

And then the cat ran in after it.

Because cats chase mice!

Oh, goodness!

What are you gonna do?


What if we lured the mouse out...

With some cheese?

Then the cat would chase the mouse...

Right out of my belly!


Little bit lower!

Little bit lower!

There's the mouse!


And there's the cat!


Oh, good kitty.

How do you feel?


I feel all better!


Thanks, Doctor.

And thank you, nurse.

You're welcome.

Well, if that's that,
then I guess I'll be on my way.

-Oh, one more thing.
-What's that?