Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 9, Episode 6 - Trust - full transcript

Jamie clashes with Eddie and her new partner when they fail to intervene in a dispute at a convenience store; Danny and Baez investigate the death of a college freshman at a fraternity ...

What the hell is going on?

Come on, what'd you do?

I was trying to
make pancakes.

What, barbecued pancakes?

Jack always made
it look so easy;

I thought it might be
a nice surprise.

Well, it was a nice attempt
at a surprise.

Jack and I had
our own traditions.

You and I will make
our own, too.

- If you say so.
- Come on, you're gonna be

late for school; let's go, hurry up.

Did you speak
to your brother today?

It's 8:00 a.m., do you think
I've spoken with him yet?

Well, I tried to reach him
last night,

and he never got back to me.

Yeah, he posted some picture
from a party last night.


Who the hell has a party
on a Sunday night?

Beats me; ask him.

You came over with the
new sergeant, right?


He was my partner
in the 12th.

He was your partner?

That must've been tough.

What do you mean?

He's so tightly wound,
and, I mean, come on,

he clearly thinks
he's the man

on the account of
he's the PC's son.

- No.
- Yeah.

Well, he has to
be that way

because he
inherited a mess.

What "mess"?

I've been with the 2-9
three years, I'm no mess.

Oh, hey, that's not
what I meant, I just...

Listen, is this the only
precinct you've ever been in?

- Yeah, why?
- Well, then it's what you know.

But there are different
ways to do things.

To do what?
To get more collars?

No, it's not just
about making collars.

It's about doing
what's best

for the people in
your neighborhood.

That's what I
always try to do.

Well, good, then we're
gonna get along great. - Okay.

Hey. Hey!

Whoa, whoa,
step away from the door!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What are you doing?

I'm sorry, it's...

I'm just upset about the
lottery, it's nothing.

It's nothing?
We've got you on dis con

and criminal mischief already.

And you were about to throw
that through the glass.

No, he just lost his temper;
it's a little misunderstanding.

- We're good. Estamos bien.
- Yeah?

He doesn't look so good;
so what's this beef about?

No beef,
just a neighborhood thing.

Yeah, well, this is
our neighborhood, too,

so what's the thing?

It's the lotto.

Look, are gonna walk away
and leave this man alone?

I promise.

That good by you?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
it's good.

- Estamos bien.
-All right, then.

Get lost.

- "Get lost"?
- What?

He calmed down;
he didn't look like

a danger to himself
or others.

You want to put him in the system over
a lotto ticket thing?

- No, I don't to put him in the system...
- Take a look around.

What do you see?

- Rubberneckers.
- Documentary filmmakers.

You want to star
in a movie called

Cops Overreacting?
- No, you do not.

Oh, good morning,

Inspector Kimura is here, sir.

- He will be right with you.
- Thank you.

on your promotion.

- I appreciate that.
- Of course.

Morning. Please.

Good morning, Commissioner.

Couple more days.

You want me to call you Deputy
Chief, try it on for size?

Wouldn't want to jinx it, sir.

Huh. Good thinking.


No, thanks.

Okay. What's up?

Static I'm hearing.


Specifically, my promotion.

Well, let me
stop you right there.

There's always gonna be somebody

who thinks they were
passed over unfairly.

I'm afraid that goes
with the territory, Jane.

This someone is planning
to put in his papers

and file a lawsuit.

And you know this how?

Sources in the department

and in the Captain's
Benevolent Association.

About a candidate
on your short list.


I'd rather not say, sir.

I assume the short list
was indeed short

and that your sources
are even better than mine.

Good thinking.

As an Asian female, I don't have
much of a tribe in the NYPD,

but the friends I do have
are very protective

and very proactive on my behalf.

I know, I'm one of them.

I know.

Is this, in any way,

putting you off
accepting your promotion?

Not in any way, sir.

Good. Good.

I'll look into it.

Thank you, Commissioner.

- What do we got?
- One student DOA.

18 years old, freshman.

Kid got a name?

Peter Jones.

What the hell is with
these kids partying on a Sunday?

They say it started as a darty,
lasted into the night.

- A what?
- A darty.

Short for "day party."

Oh, my God.

This place is disgusting;
guys actually live here?

Guys actually compete to live
here, believe it or not.

I had no idea there was Greek
life at Hudson University.

There won't be anymore.

Not after this.

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You always know you
wanted to become a cop?

Growing up in the hood?
I always hated cops.

Oh, well, then
why'd you become one?

You know the whole

"be the change you
want to see" thing?

Well, uh, yeah,
I figured,

if you can't beat them,
join them.

What about you?

Same, you know?
Growing up in the hood.

Where'd you learn Spanish?

Uh, well, I took it
for the job.

I hated feeling
like I was deaf

on so many blocks
of this city.

2-9 Charlie, you have a 24.

Corner of First Street
and Avenue D,

outside the bodega;
victim is Hispanic female.

Caller states that
the witnesses are holding

the perp at this location.

That's the bodega
we just left.

2-9 Charlie,
show us responding.

Police! Back up! Back up.

- We got this. Step aside, step aside.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.

- Step aside.
- Excuse me, that's enough.

Hey, sir, up.
He just jumped her.

Came out of nowhere
and just jumped her.

Are you serious? After
we gave you a break?

- She had it coming.
- Get up.

Come on, get up. What
are you talking about?

- She runs the store with her husband.
- Okay, come on.

- And they both owe me money!
- No, turn around.

No, you're the cops from before;
you're the ones

who let him go the first time.
- He could have killed that woman.

- Why don't you do your job already, huh?
- You know what?

I want your names,
I want your badge numbers. Now.

Who found the body?

- Those three over there.
- The three of them?

You didn't separate them?

Just alcohol poisoning.

Oh, so you're an M.E. now, too?

You didn't even put
a uniform with them.

What the hell are
you thinking?

Gentlemen, Detective Reagan.

This is my partner,
Detective Baez.

You guys friends
of the deceased?

Not exactly,
but he was a pledge.

So, not friends?

- We just met him last week.
- Know his name was Peter.

- But that's about it.
- So what happened?

When we woke up,
we found him next to the couch.

Looked like he rolled off
and hit his head.

You guys haze pledges?

Force them to drink,
anything like that?

No, uh, we don't haze.

Are any of you even over 21 yet?

- I am.
- So, you bought the alcohol?

No, he brought his own.

And it's not our fault that
he can't hold his liquor.

Look, Officers...

Sure, Detectives. We're sorry.

But this is, like,
a-a victimless crime.

There's a man lying dead
on the floor in there.

That's called a victim.

Okay, you know what I mean--
like, we're not responsible.

Mm-hmm. And how about
you in the back?

- You got a name?
- Uh, Bobby Delaney.

Oh, so you can talk.

Anything you'd like to add?

I mean, we had a keg
and a bowl of jungle juice.

Bobby, shut up.

Guys, there's nothing to hide;
there's no point in lying.

So, did you serve alcohol
or not?

Yes, but it was off-limits
to pledges.

Like I said, he brought his own.

Detective, the victim's
parents are here.

Danny, I can take this one.

I got it. Stay with them.

They know what happened?

They aren't
aware he's dead.

Detective Reagan.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones, I hate
to tell you this, but, uh...

Oh. What...?

No, no, no,
no, no, no...

Why? No...

So, how you doing, Ma?

Oh, it's just a little
scratchy throat, that's all.

Something going around?

No, it's, um...


- Endoscopy?
- Yeah, the...

They stick a tube
down your throat.

Yeah, I know what it is, Ma,
but why?

Well, they were testing
for something else.

What do you mean,
something else?

Uh, well, Anthony,
everybody here is old

and they have to give us
a lot of tests.

And what else
have they tested you for?

Oh, my, there's
so many names, uh...

I don't know.

I-It's stuff
that happens to you

when you're my age.
- I understand, Ma. I understand.

Uh, excuse me.

Yeah, you two.

We met when, uh, my ma
interviewed. I'm Anthony.

Oh, of course.
I'm Mary O'Donnell,

director of operations,
and this is

Brian Dixon,
our attending physician.

She had an endoscopy.
What for?

She needed the procedure.

She was experiencing
symptoms that sounded like

esophagitis or even
Barrett's disease.

You're comfortable now,
right, Lucille?

Never better, just a little
scratchy throat.

Yeah, I can't believe,
at her age,

you would give her anesthesia.
- We gave her a nasal endoscopy.

It's quick
and we go through the nose.

She was awake the entire time.

And why wasn't I notified?

I'm sorry, sir, but
we have, by definition,

a rather fragile clientele.

We can't always wait
on notifications.

Besides, it was very minor, and
mostly covered by her Medicaid.

But in the future,
I'll make sure to reach out.


Look what you've done.

What? What? Ask questions?

Like a cop.

We don't need cops over here.

From what I can gather,

it's wagons circling around
Inspector Keith Sullivan.

Whose wagons?

Well, Sully's, obviously,
but some of the other guys

at Firearms and Tactics
and a, and a few

at the Captain's
Benevolent Association.

Saying we was passed over
for affirmative action.

Nothing concrete,

what I'm hearing.
Could just be some guys bitching

about how the old days
were better.

And Sully's old enough
to know better.

Those union guys can wind you up
pretty good, boss.

Well, they're her
union guys, too.

Listen, boss,

Sullivan's old-school,
I'll give you that,

but guys like him are what
built this department.

And I give him credit for it,

and I look
the other way sometimes,

'cause that's how
you and I came up.

But Jane Kimura is the best
candidate for this post, period.

Hopefully, it's just some
barstool bitching

that's making the rounds.

Got a sec?

- Come in.
- I'm getting calls

from the Times
and the Post about

an Inspector Keith Sullivan

crying discrimination
over a promotion?

They're gonna use the media.

First time I'm hearing of it.

What do they got?

Very deep background.

Like someone's running it up
the flagpole.

Sounds like
a tragic accident.

Drank too much, trying to
keep up with the older kids,

choked on his own vomit, fell
off the couch, hit his head.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Hey,
Jack, it's your dad.

Look, give me a call
back, would you? Bye.

That's at least five messages
in as many hours.

I'm just saying.

Well, I just miss him, is all.

What do we got, Doc?

Well, he had over three times
the legal limit of alcohol

in his system when he died,
but that's not what killed him.

What killed him?

Blunt force trauma
to the head.

Could a fall off
the couch do that?

Only if the couch was
about ten stories up.

I understand this may be
cold comfort for you,

but Peter did not
cause his own death.

In fact, this is now
a homicide investigation.

Who would kill a boy like Pete?

We were wondering
if either of you had an idea.

What do you mean, like, enemies?

Maybe one
of the fraternity brothers

was particularly
tough on him?

They're tough
on all the pledges.

That's the tradition.

But no one in particular, no.

I never should've...

You never should've what,
Mr. Jones?

We know this is difficult,

but even something
that seems unconnected...

My husband thought

that the fraternity would be
terrific for Pete.

Pete himself, not so much.

He had a hard time

making friends.

Spent a lot of time on his own.

It pained me to see him
alone so much, and I...

My years at a frat were
some of the best of my life.

I guess you could say
I pushed him into it.

It's not your fault.

But he didn't want to do it.

You did what you thought
was best for your son.

Nobody joins
a fraternity thinking

they're signing
their own death certificate.

We're gonna do everything we can
to get to the bottom of this.

Thank you.

Officer Collins
will show you out.

Right this way.

We'll be in touch.

Maybe Pete kind of did
bring this on himself.


I'm just saying, he didn't
want to join a fraternity;

then again, he didn't want
to let down his old man.

Maybe he tried to 86 himself.

By what, picking a fight?

We got to start somewhere.

What about this Bobby kid?

- Silent Bob?
- Yeah.

Well, silent is how Pete's
parents just described him.

You think Pete and Bobby
confided in each other?

Birds of a feather.

Let's take a ride.

Hey, can you take a look
at this for me ASAP?

I have to decide
if I'm gonna prosecute on that

by the end of the day.
- All right, sure.

- I'm on it.
- What is all this?

It's nothing.

Doesn't look like nothing.

Blue Skies Retirement Center?
You have something to tell me?

- I'm just looking into them for a pal.
- A pal?

Come on, Anthony, you already
have so much on your plate.

Erin, you got to let me
open a case on this home.

- What? Why?
- Because they gave

my buddy's 80-year-old mother
an endoscopy.


So she didn't ask for it.

They didn't notify my buddy
or her primary doctor.

A-And I called my friend

who works with
the Medicaid inspector general,

and Blue Skies Retirement
Center's on his radar, too.

Okay, so why haven't they
shut them down?

'Cause no one's died yet.

Okay, I'm not following you.

My buddy's me.

And it's my ma they're
running unnecessary tests on.

And you know the thing
about seniors?

It takes one to die
before anyone does anything.

- That's not true.
- Not for you.

You all can provide
for your family.

I can't do that for my ma
on my own.

Well, I see you're upset,

but you can't just start a
crusade because of an endoscopy.

She's my mother.

What do you want me to do?

I'll review your files
instead of going to lunch.

No, I mean about your mother.

Just look the other way.
For now.

Like, we never had
this conversation?

Like that, yeah.

- What the hell happened?
- Well, the kid calmed down.

Even the bodega owner
said we should let him walk.

- He didn't want to press charges.
- We made a judgment call.

Was there a crowd forming

when you first approached the kid?
- Of course. Free show.

Did that have any effect on
your decision to let him walk?

Wait, what are you asking?

Did the crowd have
their phones out filming you?

Yes. Just like every call
on every day.


Are you familiar with what
they call the Ferguson effect?

You think we didn't intervene

because of fear
of repercussions?

- I don't know. I'm asking you.
- No.

We played it by the book.

And yes, we were well
aware we were being filmed

and are aware
that those recordings

can't always tell
the whole story.

What? Come on, Maya.

It was what it was. Two
cops, a neighborhood beef

in a solidly Dominican

So which is it?

It was a by-the-book stop...

ended up sideways.

I spoke to the store owner,
and he claims

that he begged you two to arrest
the kid, but you refused.

- Well, he's lying.
- That's ridiculous.

I'm just telling you
what he's claiming.

And you believe him and not us?

What I'm saying
is that there's a dispute

as to what happened
on that first call.

What's not in dispute is that
there's a woman in the hospital

on account of that first call.

You both lost your seats
in the car.

You're on a foot patrol until
further notice. That's all.

There he is.

You got a second, Bobby?

I-I told you everything I know.

Everything you know fits
into three sentences?


'Cause that's about all
we've heard from you.

- I need to get to class.
- No.

Our needs come first.
And right now,

we need to know what the hell
happened to Peter Jones.

We're looking at his
death as a homicide.

- I thought it was alcohol poisoning.
- Yeah, so did we.

Until the M.E. showed us
how his skull was caved in.

You know anything
about that?


You know, you seem like
a pretty nice kid, Bobby.

And smart, too, obviously--
you go here.

Life's been pretty good to you,
hasn't it?

How am I doing so far?

- Okay.
- Yeah, well,

here's where your life's
gonna get complicated.

Couple NYPD detectives think
you may know something

about a homicide
they're investigating.

Think you might be holding out.
You know what that means?

I'm not, I swear.

Come on, my partner and I

got X-ray vision; we can see
right through you, kid.

You're holding out. What?

Spit it out.

I was surprised that Pete joined
the frat in the first place.

Surprised how?

He reminded me of my brother...

before my brother
came out of the closet.

- How's that?
- He was acting out.

Like he was trying to distract
people from who he really was.

And he was drinking a ton, too.

Was Pete drinking
last night?

Last time I remember
seeing Peter,

he was going downstairs
to the basement with Colin.

To do what?

- Get a fresh keg.
- Then what happened?

A little later on, I saw Mike
and Colin come up with the keg.

Peter wasn't with them.

Why didn't you
tell us this earlier?

I was drunk,
so it's all kind of blurry.

And when I asked Colin about it,

he told me
that I must have been mistaken.

What makes you so sure
of this now?

There's a video.

What video?

Of the party.
It's a thing with Zeta Phi Tau.

Uh, we take a quick video

of all the parties
right at midnight and share it

with the other chapters. It's
called the Midnight Special.

And you're in charge
of shooting this video?

You still have it?

I noticed when I rewatched it.

It caught Colin and Peter going
downstairs in the background.

- I told you.
- What'd you tell me?

That Sergeant Reagan.

Couple months
with stripes on his sleeve,

he acts like he's sitting up
in One PP with five stars.

Oh, that's not fair.

What's not fair
is a foot post.

- That was pretty harsh.
- "Pretty"?

Why are you
sticking up for him?

He's screwing you over, too.

- He's just doing his job.
- Please.

His job is to second-guess
his cops on the street?

- It went sideways, Maya.
- Not my fault.

No, but we did let that
kid walk pretty fast.

- And you did point out how many
cameras were filming us, so... - Whoa.

- Whoa.
- Hey, I wasn't saying...

I know this precinct and
what works and what doesn't,

which is more than
you or Reagan do.

- Hey, Maya...
- See you when I see you.

Irish neat, glass of ice,

back Sully up.

Of all the gin joints
in all the towns...

Stopped by your house.
They said you'd be here.

When my wife's sisters come
to stay, I generally am.

I met 'em both.

You made the right move.

Jewish holiday,
eight letters,

begins with "P."

- Passover.
- Exactly.

You didn't get
passed over, Sully.

Firearms and Tactics
are where you belong,

and that's where you're
the most valuable.

Thank you.

She stepped
right over me.

She is the best choice
for chief of training.

Wasn't even close.

It was my turn.

No such thing as turns.

Second time I've
been passed over.

First, Hostage Negotiation.

Oh, give me a break, Sully.

Hostage Negotiation was never
on the table for you.

I mean, you talking
a jumper down?

"Get the hell off that ledge,
or I'll push you off myself."

Time was, toughness
was an asset.

Still is. Comes in all
shapes and sizes.

Oh, give me a break.

Oh, come on, Sully.

We've known each other too long.

Let's not do this.

I'd make a great
chief of training, Frank.

And you know that.

But it's 2018,
and the new wisdom is

a younger Asian female's
a better candidate

than an older white guy.

Call it what it is.

When you were my son Danny's
first C.O., he came to me.

Did you know that?

Yeah, he said, "Dad,
this guy Sully's a good cop,

but maybe he's too tough on us."

You're learning the ropes,
sometimes you get rope burns.

He did two tours in Iraq.

He knew the ropes.

And your point is?

If Danny Reagan says you
are too tough a cop,

it's like Keith Richards saying

you have a substance
abuse problem.

You really should listen.

I hate to see you
bending to these winds.

And I'd hate to lose you
from this department.

Lot of good years left.

Another guy chugging.

What she calls dancing.

What are we looking for?

Them. That's who
we're looking for.

Can you zoom in?

There's Pete,

as promised.

Anything else?

Did you find anything
in their social media?

I did notice one thing.

This kid, Mike,
has Colin in all of his posts.

But if you look at Colin's page,
you'd never know Mike existed.

Officer, I've already told you
everything I know.

That's the problem, Jose.
I don't think you did.

What do you mean?

I think you were afraid
what might happen to you,

and so you lied to me and said

that you asked those officers
to arrest that kid.

Why would I do that?

Because you're employing Luis
without paying him.

What are you saying, Officer?

That he's here illegally,

that you and your wife
knew that,

and that you were
making him work for you

under threat of
informing ICE.

- You got it all wrong.
- Forcing someone

to work for nothing,
that's called slavery here.

It's been illegal
for about 150 years.

We made him sandwiches.
That's a kind of pay.

I'd like you to come down
to the station

and clear this up for me.

Can you give me, uh,
ten minutes to close up?

I'll give you two minutes.

- Thank you, Officer.
- It's Sergeant.


Sure, sure.

Yeah, I-I remember you.


Well, it's been a long time.

It sure has.

How are you?

- About as well as can be expected.
- Good.

How are they treating you here?

Well, you know,
it's pretty good.

But, uh, they give us
so many tests.


You know, like they say,

old age is not for wimps.

Oh, my gosh.


I haven't seen him in 20 years.

- Who?
- Reading the paper,

right over there.

Jack Kehoe.

- Excuse me a minute?
- Sure.


Jack Kehoe?


Henry Reagan.


How the hell are you?

Well, a lot better than you,

from the looks of your
dance partner there.

So, uh, how you doing?

Maybe this was
a bad idea.

That thought applies to
about five different things

in my mind right now.


So, would you mind
being more specific?

You coming over
to the 2-9.

Oh. That wasn't even
one of the five.

Eddie, I'm the boss now.
That's gonna come up.

Not always in a good way.
Almost never in a good way.

You took me out
of the car,

and you put me
on a foot post.

Eddie. Eddie.

I busted both of you.

Okay, what was I gonna do,
her and not you?

Or neither?

Let me guess.
She's one of those,

the cell phone
cameras come on,

and she starts playing defense
instead of offense.

Am I right?

I'll take that as a yes.

You know what?
You're a sergeant, not a mystic.

Don't get ahead of yourself.

Eddie, the foot post
was a little harsh,

but it had to be.
- Why?

So that you and Maya would pull
a common enemy out of this.

You guys would have a chance
to bond as partners on the job.

I defended you.

I think that was a mistake, too.

- "Too"?
- I'm the boss.

Nobody likes the boss.

Eddie, half the fun of the job
is making fun of the boss.

Oh, I look forward
to catching up on that.

Seriously, if we're gonna
turn this precinct around

and you're my agent
on the ground,

there's gonna be cross fire.

Is that what we're doing?

Turning the whole precinct

Yeah, one cop at a time.

It work?

Yeah, like a charm.

What'd you get?

A lot of selfies
with my new old friends.

I meant...

It's like they're running
a placebo clinic in there.

Guys walking around with I.V.
bags full of saline solution

they're told
is lifesaving meds.

And getting
billed as that.

I'm guessing.

And the attending
physician, Brian.

You know he's a Brian Junior?


His father was a doctor.

Passed away nine months ago.

One of the old-timers
told me that he thought

Brian Junior's degree
was in nursing.

So, the doc's not even a doc?

Looks like that.


Don't drive angry.

I'd like to make it home.

I forgot how lucky I am.

All right, here we go.

You and Sean do this
all yourselves?

- That's right.
- Wow.

We made all Jack's favorites

in celebration of
his birthday.

Which is today,
as we know.

We know.
That's right.

- Everybody send cards?
- Yes.

We should all
FaceTime him after we eat.


- Good idea.
- First birthday away.

It's happy and sad.


Nah, his age, you get to be
too old for birthdays.

It becomes about your parents
being too gooey.

You cashed the checks,
as I remember.

And Mom made me wear the
pointed hat well into my 20s.

Well, small price to pay.

- Pictures, please.
- Oh, yeah.

Photo album's in
the living room.

Is this varmint or critter?

Chicken fried steak
and chicken fried chicken.

- Oh.
- Yeah, but you got to put

the sausage gravy on it
for the full effect.

What effect is that,
a full cardiac arrest?

- Ha ha.
- Very funny.

Are there any vegetables?

Onion rings.

- There you go. - French fries.
- You got your potato.

And there's pickles. And ketchup
is kind of a vegetable, right?

- Yeah.
- Perfect.

Kind of.

I don't want to hear

I'm not complaining, Pop.

I'm hearing snark.
I don't like snark.

Pops, we were just joking.

What we should all be
is grateful.

What's up, Pop?

I visited a nursing home
the other day.

It's just so depressing.

Who'd you visit?


Ronnie. Oh, where's Ronnie?

The, uh, Sunset something.

Blue Skies?

No, the Sunset
or Sunrise something.

And I was starkly aware
of how good I have it.

How good we all have it,
having each other.

I'm... I'm just feeling...

especially blessed.

That's all I'm gonna say.
Pass the meat, please.

- Critter or varmint?
- Both, thanks.

Grace first.

Bless us, O Lord.

For these, thy gifts,
which we are about to receive

from thy bounty,
through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Varmint or critter?


I talked to Sully.

I think I made a dent,

but if I had a nickel every time
I liked what I thought...

Would you like
to postpone?

Would you?


Look, here's all
you need to know.

Even if Sully decides
to bring the suit,

that's nothing compared
to what you're in for--

the actual job.

- From?
- From all sides.

And this high up,

you can't just give 'em rips
or brace 'em in the locker room.

Locker room's off-
limits to me anyway.

I hope you know what I'm saying.

I think so.

I need to know for sure.

Gook, Chink, Nip,

a Charlie, slant,

slope, Tokyo Rose.

Heard 'em all before I was ten.

You didn't hear those words
in my department.

Nope, but even if I did,

it wouldn't affect
how I do my job.

Because you've had
a very thick skin

since even before
the fourth grade.

Pretty much.

Let's say a Sully--

let's say he gave you
an "attaboy" on the promotion.

Would that also bounce
right off that thick skin?

What do you mean?


would it feel good,

coming from some
old-school Irish mug?

It would feel good.

Because it came
from a fellow cop.

Officer Janko, Officer Thomas,
thanks for stopping by.

I wasn't aware
we had a choice.

Know it's been a tough week.
I'd like to apologize

if you perceived
that I didn't have your back.

'Cause you didn't?

They were working Luis
without any pay.

He's here illegally.

Both of them backed down

because nobody
in that neighborhood wants

to bring their beefs
into the precinct.

Could have
told you that.

So why'd he lie, the owner?
Saying he asked us

to arrest Luis?

Panicked it'd look like
he didn't protect his wife.

He tried

to walk back what happened
by stepping all over you guys.


So... we're good?


Your instincts, your actions you
take out there can't be driven

by whether or not you're being
recorded, not on my watch.

They weren't.

Didn't enter into it.

Can't help but enter into it--

a crowd, these streets,
this climate.

I hear you.

Copy that.

There's a whole review system
in place

for cases exactly like this,
so, trust it.

All right?

You guys are back on wheels,
so get out of here.

Sarge, if I may?

Um... thank you.

My old sergeant--
he wouldn't have taken the time.

Just doing my job.

You ever go down
to the basement with Peter?

I already told you, no.

That's interesting,
'cause we have video

of you going downstairs
to the basement with Pete

and coming upstairs without him.

Oh, so you're
trusting Bobby now?

He's a pathological liar.

The tape don't lie, kid,

and get your hands
back on the table.

Don't call me "kid."

You realize that if you two
were hazing him,

you're both gonna be facing
second-degree murder charges,

- Well, we weren't.

It tough being away

from your family?

Yeah, of course,
but the frat helps,

and they're like my family.

You sure have a funny way
of showing it.

For the millionth time,
we did nothing wrong.

We don't haze.

Why are you covering for Colin?

What do you mean?

Is he your best friend?

- Detective... this going somewhere?
- Yes!

He doesn't post
any photos with you.

Does that bother you?

What are you trying to say?

You think he'd face years
in jail for you?

I don't know.

Because that's what's
happening here.

The more you continue to lie,

the more trouble
you're gonna be in.

Ah. Well, this just
got a little bit easier.

What happened?

Colin told the truth.

- He did?
- Yeah, he did.

You two were hazing Peter,
you lost control.

He tried to stop you,
but he couldn't,

and then you blackmailed
him to cover for you.

- He didn't say that.
- He did.

- He wouldn't.
- He would.

Got a statement right here.

Then hand it over.

Just a second.
Can I talk to you for a minute?

My guy's lawyer's
not as sharp.

Let's try this
again over here.

Well, I hate to break it to you,
but your buddy Mike flipped

and turned you in.

Colin, don't say a word.

You're looking at

some serious time, kid.

- He would never.
- Well, he did.

In fact, he just finished giving
my partner his statement.

I did nothing wrong.

I... I was just trying
to be nice to that loser.

I'm sure you were.

No, I just took him down to the
basement to give him some coke.

Coke. Oh, well,
I guess we'll be adding

"criminal possession"
to your list of charges.

No, I am the victim here,
don't you see?

No, I don't see.

I was just trying to be nice to
that fairy, and what does he do?


Pete made a move on you,
and you didn't like it?

- Colin, enough.
- He tried to kiss me, okay?

Like I was some chick.
He was grabbing at me.

And then what happened?

- I lost it! Who wouldn't?
- Careful, Detective.

My client is claiming he was
the victim of a sexual assault.

He tried to kiss you,
you lost it,

and what happened next?!
I shoved him!

I shoved him away.

You shoved him away,

and he fell down,

and he never got back up again,
did he?

It wasn't my fault.

He's the victim of
a sexual assault.

- He had the right...
- He can tell that to the judge.

Get on your feet... kid.

Get up!

I think Erin

suspects I had something
to do with this.

All I said was I
used an undercover.

Yeah, I know, but...

I kind of...

At dinner on Sunday,
I inadvertently...


I didn't mean to.

But she's like a ferret.

- Well, you know what she's like.
- Come clean?


It's bound to come up
eventually, this goes to trial.

I thought maybe
we could tell her together.

Strength in numbers?

You got it.

So, did you find a place
for your ma?

- Yeah.
- Where?

With me. See how it goes.

Good for you, Anthony.

When your
name is called,

you walk up the aisle
on the right.

Stage right or my right?

Uh, your right.

You walk up to the first
deputy commissioner,

and you shake his hand.

Then when the master
of ceremonies states,

"I now introduce the
new chief of training,"

you face the commissioner

and salute.

Inspector Sullivan
is asking for a moment.

Let's have him.





Kimura, it was nothing personal.


Thank you, Sully.

It's just not right.

I'll see you in court.

And then?


you walk up to the mayor,

and she presents you
with your new shield.

You turn and shake my hand,

and exit via the stage
to the left.

Got it. Ready when you are.

Shall we?

I'm right behind you.

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