Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 9, Episode 9 - Handcuffs - full transcript

When a video surfaces of cops being harassed by a group of people at a housing complex, Frank orders a raid to round up anyone with an outstanding warrant, against Garrett's advice.

I'll close out the job
over the radio,

but you guys should
circle back here later

and make sure they
don't start going at it again.

On it.

Excuse us.

Hey. Hey, guys, coming through.

Come on. Get out of the way.

Yo, watch it!

You just hit my foot.

I think you're
gonna be all right.

Did you hear him?

You just slammed
that door into him! Right into him!

That's not what it looked like

from over here. You should apologize.

Yeah. Apologize.

I'm sorry that you
didn't step out of the way.

So it's myfault?

His fault? Easy, guys.

Okay, everyone calm down.

It's nobody's fault.

Have a nice day.

Yo, what are y'all
even doing here, anyway?

Seriously, yo. What you
guys doing up in here?

Doing our job, sir.


Well, nobody wants
you piggies here.

Why don't y'all
just get to steppin'.

Sir, I am asking you politely
to please step away.

And if we don't, what?

What you finna do?

What you gonna do?

Have a good day, gentlemen.

Yeah, nothing.
That's what I thought.


Yeah, that's right,
piggies, run along.

This little piggy went
to the market. You heard him.

This little piggy stayed home. He stayed

This little piggy went
"wee wee wee" all the way home.

- What?
- Hey.

It's not worth it.

Let's go.

Yeah, that's right,
take that badge

and that gun off,

I'll kick your ass
right here. That's a fact.

My man got you on cam, son.-

Got everything right here.
Jump out of here.

You little bacon bits.
Close that door, man.

Yo, get in your car
and drive off.

Come on, man,
y'all taking too long.

Get out of here. Get out of here, man...

Yo, get in your car
and drive off.

Come on, man,
y'all taking too long.

Get out of here.

Get out of here, man...

Captain Espinoza.



Sit down.

You know why you're here?

The incident
at the Beame Complex.

Incident? Police action.

- Try "disgrace."
- We've all seen

the same playback on the news.

Which is part of the problem,
isn't it, sir?

The fact that every citizen
has a camera phone. What's that mean?

It's only a disgrace
because it was recorded?

No.Then please spare us
that excuse.

Yes, sir.

The problem is the way

your officers handled
the situation.

They were in a tough spot.

My officers were being taunted
and provoked.

But there was nothing
really actionable on the scene.

One could even commend them for not
taking the bait. Commended for what?

For allowing themselves
to be ridiculed,

abused, and cursed at?

With all due respect, sir,

things are different
out there these days.

We're here every day, Captain.

We know exactly
how things are these days.

Yes, sir. My only point...

Your point was, your cops

are afraid
of ending up in the paper

under a police brutality

Yes, sir. So instead,

you give your
tacit approval to them

to be abused and ridiculed,
and in turn they bring shame

to this entire department!

Something you want to say?

No, sir.

The oath of office you took
include the words "play nice"?

No, sir.

That is all.

Looking good, Danny the Cop.

I know you?

You do.

What, did I collar you?

You did.

Shouldn't you be in jail?

I just came off
of nine months inside,

and I'm proud to say
that I'm done with that life.

I've been straight
ever since you cuffed me.

That's great. Parole office
is six blocks thataway.

Actually, I'm here to see you.

Part of your 12-step program,

you got to apologize,
make amends?

Well, I accept. Now you
can have a good life.

No. I don't do favors

for people who try to kill me.

Even if I do you one first?

The bodega on the corner
of Jewel and Meserole is

selling nines out the back door.
I'll be sure to check that out.

Now you scratch myback?

Look, if you want me to
write a letter for you

vouching for you for
a job or something,

you could stop buttering me up, okay?
Because I can't do it.

So have a nice day.

Yeah, I don't want no letter.

I ain't kissing your ass either.


My brother's a good kid.

More like his mother
than his sister.

But I've been upstate,

and then, when I get out,

I find out he's
mixed up in a gang.

Well, maybe you should have
been a better role model.

Look, I got dozens
of cases backed up here.

I need to get back to work.

I just gave you a freebie to
get some guns off the street.

All I'm asking is for you to
have a conversation with him.

Reagan! My office.

Yeah, boss?

Shut the door.

How do I look?

Boss? Do I look like

I just got my ass kicked?

I'm sorry, boss...

Well, I just did.
I got my ass kicked,

and then I got it
handed back to me. Sorry to hear that, sir.

But not surprised.

It seems the commissioner has
a very strong opinion about me

and my leadership style, almost as if
he has a fly on the wall around here,

or maybe just a son of his.

Sir, if you're suggesting that
I'm reporting to my father

about things at the 2-9,
you're dead wrong.

Am I?! Absolutely.

Then why the hell did he
just rip me a new one

over this crap
at the Beame Complex?

Because it happened
on your watch.

It happened on mywatch,
it happened on yourwatch. I know that.

And believe me, I'm just as pissed
about that as One PP seems to be.

So you agree with your father?

I agree with the
commissioner, sir.

I brought you here based on
your reputation as a good cop,

but if you're a snitch,
I'll have your ass.

I do not care who your daddy is.

I know it looks bad.

The police are running away

with their tails
between their legs.

It doesn't lookbad; It isbad.

I see that, but in the moment

it felt like
the right thing to do.


They wanted us to engage,

begging us to take the bait.

We felt the smartest move
was to just ignore them.

They called you pigs, they
threatened to kick your ass.

Right there you got disorderly
conduct and harassment

Grounds to give them
a summons, at least.

Which would have
escalated things.

Then you cuff 'em up.

You shut the whole thing down.

It's actually
a pretty funny story.

Come on, why don't you
tell your mom? No, no, no, you tell it.

You're so much better
at it than me.

Aw, don't be silly.
I love your stories.

Only because you love me.

Why don't you draw straws
to see who tells me?

Okay. So, I'll tell the story.

Although now there's
so much buildup. Please, just tell me.

Long story short,
we met in a coffee shop

when I accidentally took
her almond milk latte

and she nearly took my head off.

Okay, I did not. I just

very politely said...
"That's my coffee, jerk."

Well, maybe I was
a little aggressive, but...

in my defense, obviously
I hadn't had my coffee yet.

But when I realized
why he took it,

I felt badly. It had my name on it.

But also myname on it.

We have the same name. I'm Nicholas.

And I'm Nicky. But all my friends
call me Nicky.

So we're Nicky and Nicky.

Isn't that so cute? That sure is cute.

Nicholas, can I
ask you a question?

Yeah. Fire away. How old are you?

Romeo, Romeo,

wherefore art thou?

I know you? No.

But I know you.

You're Five-O.

What gave it away?

Look, man, I do something.

Peace, yo. Hey, wait a minute.

Wait a minute, kid. What?

Look, we got to have
a talk, me and you. About what?

About your future.

Yeah. I get it.

Yeah, you're him, right?

Who's him?

Yeah, you're
my sister's cop crush.

I don't know anything
about a crush, okay?

She just asked me to talk to you.
Well, I do.

You're here to get me off the
street, straighten my ass out,

and get me onto the honor roll

and all that. I was thinking

maybe we just have
a cup of coffee and start there.

Well, how about
thanks but no thanks?

Hey, wait a minute.

Yo, I said I'm not interested, man.

Hands up in the air.

Yo.Hands up.

What are...? Get your hands up.

Turn around. Turn around.

Hands on your head.

Interlock your fingers.
Right now!

There you go.

So much for
the honor roll, tough guy.

He's 30, Anthony.

Okay. How old is she? 22.

I Is he nice?

He's 30.

Does it seem like
he treats her good?

It seems like he's 30.

That's not so bad... just a
couple years' difference.

Eight. Eight years' difference.

Look, it happens.

They're so disgustingly
cute together.

"No, no, no, no.
No, you tell the story."

"No, youtell the story."
"But you tell it so good."

"No, youtell it so good."

Puppy love. What
are you gonna do?

Puppies are not 30, Anthony.

And get this, his
name is Nicholas.


He goes by Nicky.


"Nicky and Nicky.
Isn't that so cute?"

Wanted to gouge my eyes out
with a fork.

Maybe you can just call
him by his last name.

Papadopoulos? I don't think so.

Nicky's boyfriend is
Nicholas Papadopoulos?

Yeah. WhyNo, but I know his
uncle, and so do you.

Who's his uncle?

There you are!

What the hell
do you think you're doing?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell
do you think you'redoing?


I got this.

No, I don't think it's funny.

In fact, there's nothing funny

about a 16-year-old punk
walking around my city

with a gun. I asked you to talk to him,
not arrest him!

He had a gun.

I can't believe you. What?

I thought you was gonna help me.

Look, I'm not your friend.
All right, I'm not your family.

I'm-I'm sorry
that your kid brother

had a loaded gun
and that doesn't fit

your Norman Rockwell view
of what your family is.

He's my baby brother.

And he should know better.

And quite frankly,
so should you.

Okay, you're no innocent
in this.

Okay. Look, you're right.

I'm sorry for coming in here
all hot, okay?


I'm sorry I got hot back.

I understand it's difficult,
right? It's your brother.

You know,
is there anything you can do?

You know, can you talk to him?

I know that gun is not his.

You know, maybe you talk to him,

he tells you whose it is. I could try.

Ballistics came back
on that gun.

It's got five bodies on it.

Good morning,
Commissioner Moore.

You call this morning?

0700 hours, sir.

If that means "crack of dawn"
in English, then yeah.

What the hell are we doing here?

Please follow me.

Stand by
for the commissioner's command.

What's happened?

Nothing yet.


Thought you might like
to see this live.

See what live?

The Beame Complex?

Is that a tank?

ESU BearCat.

All teams set at Beame Complex.

And helicopters?
What's going on here?

Chief, you are a go.

That's it, it's a go.
Move in, move in!

Go, let's go.

Watch your backs.

Go, go, go!

Come on, double time.

It's bedlam down here.

Basically anyone
who has ever committed a crime,

has an outstanding warrant,

or has failed to pay
even a parking ticket

is being rounded up here this
morning at the Beame Complex.

The NYPD is sending a message...

All right,
let's get this car out of here.

Do me a favor,
get the press back.

Yes, sir.20 yards.

Hey, where do you want
these guys, Sarge?

Right here, one and two. Come on, guys.

Move it, come on.


Give 'em a good toss

before you put 'em in the van.

Hey. Hey!


Stop! Police!



What the hell are you doing?

I didn't do nothing. Give me your hands.

Give me your hands! God, I didn't do
anything, okay?

Yeah, then why are you running?

Someone said the cops were coming.
Well, you wouldn't have to worry

about that
if you didn't do anything.

Get on your knees.

Get up. Come on.


It's not my gun.

It was in your pants.

Yeah, 'cause I was
holding it for someone.


I can't say.

You can't say? Truth.

Do you realize
what the hell's going on here?

This isn't like getting caught

passing a note to your
girlfriend in math class.

That gun has been involved
in five different homicides.

Do you understand
what that means?

It means this gun

was used to kill five people.

And the gun was found
on your person,

which means you killed
the five people.

It ain't me, man.
I didn't kill nobody.

You really think
a jury's gonna believe that?

Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,

the ballistics on this weapon

match the evidence
found in multiple homicides.

The defendant's fingerprints
were found on the weapon,

and the detective in the case

found the weapon
on the defendant.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist
to figure out who the killer is.

Well, it ain't me,
'cause I didn't kill nobody.

Well, somebody did,
and my money is on you.

Man, I did not kill anybody.

Then who did? I don't know!

All you have to do
is give us a name.

I can't.

You can't, or you won't?

Are you scared?
You think if you talk to us,

you're gonna get whacked?

I'm not scared of nothing, miss.
I just can't.

So, what are you gonna say?
Honestly, I have no idea.

No planYeah, I know.

Does she have any
idea what's coming? Not a clue.

Here she comes. Wait, where are you going?

Far, far away.

Hey, Nicky.Anthony.

Twice in the same week.

You must really miss me.Always.

That's not why I'm here.

Why don't we take a seat?

I'm here because of Nicky.
You think he's too old for me.

That is not it.

I like that he's more mature.

Guys my age are still
just running around

like drunken frat boys.

I like being with a man.

It's true.

He's a man and I'm a woman.

That's something
that I hope you can accept.

But you're still a young woman,

one with not a lot
of experience.

Um, Mom, I hate to
break it to you,

but I have a lot more
experience than you think.

I was not talking sexually,

but thank you for that.

I was talking
about life experiences,

talking about seeing things
as they really are

and not as they appear to be.

What are you getting at?

Your new boyfriend's uncle
is Ray Giannopoulos.

His sister, Nicholas's mother,
is Sofia Papadopoulos.

Okay, and?

Ray Giannopoulos is
a crooked real estate developer

with deep ties to the mob.

He is also the target

of my current investigation.

We go to trial
in less than a month.

My God.

What a crazy coincidence.

Or... not a coincidence.

Wait, you...

You think that Nicholas
is seeing me so that what?

Nicholas works for one of his
uncle's umbrella companies.

Common sense and experience
tells me that...

there is a connection
between him dating you

and me investigating his uncle.

Of course you think that,
because you think

everything is about you.

Nicky. Why can't you

just be happy that I'm happy?

Everything okay?


I saw your car outside.

I just came by to check in.

Check in about what?

Got something on my mind

I wanted to talk to you about.

But I just realized I came here
not as your son but as a cop.

As a sergeant, actually,

who has an opinion
on what we did today

at the Beame Complex
in your precinct.

Thanks for this.

That's right.

You're not the only one

who thinks the punishment
doesn't fit the crime.

Just seemed like we
used a sledgehammer

to bang down a couple nails.

Probably right.

But a tit-for-tat response

would just be
like a slap on the wrist

in return for a punch
in the face.

What are we gonna do,
call 'em names?

But this shock and awe, Dad.

Seems like one step
forward, two steps back

in terms of community relations.

I got mixed feelings about that.

So do I.You do?

You're gonna find
having mixed feelings

is a common occurrence
now that you're a boss.

Then how do you know what to do?

You don't always.

But waiting to make
the perfect decision

means you'll never make
any decision.

I get that.

The hard part

is finding a way
to live with yourself

if you made the wrong one.

It was quite the scene
out here at the Beame Complex,

where the NYPD responded
to Monday's incident

with overwhelming force.

And to hear it
from some of the residents,

they are none too happy.

A damn army
came busting through here

at 600 in the morning,

banging on doors,

pulling people
out their apartments.

It's not...

We need to talk.

I'm a little busy right now.

Frank, it's important.

How important? I just watched

a man compare the NYPD
to an occupying army,

and you know what?
The images support his position.



Because maybe that man
will think twice

about abusing our officers

or tolerating it
from his neighbors.

What happened
to community policing?

It takes a number of forms,
including this one.

I don't think you understand.

It's not playing like strength.
It's playing like weakness.


That's a problem.

Only if you're interested
in how it plays.

That's my job. Yes, but not mine.


Right. Continue.

They're fueled up and ready
for our operation tomorrow.


The Fitzmorris Complex
in the 6-4.

Please tell me he's joking.

Live from New York,
it's Thursday morning.

Look, before you try
to chew my ear off,

okay, I tried talking
to your brother again.

I know.

What do you mean, you know?

I spoke to him this morning,

and I smacked him
upside the head

for not cooperating with you.

Well, I appreciate that.

Yeah, and then he told me
who gave him the gun.

And he gave me an address, too.

Did he give you a name?

Yup. Jimmy Matson. Jim.

You mean that Jimmy
Matson right there?

Picked him up already?

I mean, I had to
talk to every informant

that I know in the city
pretty much before his name

finally popped, but I got him.

Now I just got to see if
I can get him to crack.

You did all that for me?

No, I... did it for
the city of New York.

I need your support. With what?

He means with the commissioner.

The commissioner?

So formal
this afternoon, Abigail.

It feels appropriate
to the circumstances.

And what are the circumstances?

You called the meeting.

to talk about our boss

behind closed doors,
behind his back.

Hey. I'm just telling
it like it is.

Just what kind of support

you looking for, Garrett?

Commissioner's pissed. I get it.

The footage of the cops being
ridiculed made us look weak,

but Frank is overreacting.

Well, I don't feel that way.

Neither do I.

You think this is a good thing?

Him storming
into these neighborhoods

like an occupying force.

That's what they're calling us
in the press, you know.

I think
the commissioner recognizes

that if you give them an inch,
they will take a mile.

He also knows, when you're
out there in the streets,

if they don't respect
your authority,

you might as well have
a bull's-eye on your forehead.

Garrett, I believe you mean well

in that you're trying
to help the department,

but this might be an instance

where you should trust
the commissioner's judgment.

Time to have your guy's back.

Even if your guy is driving
full speed into a brick wall?

You really think so? I disagree.

Me, too. Hey.

Put it away. Jack's texting me.

Yeah, I don't care.

Put it away, please.

Something going on over there?

Nope. All good.

What's the emergency, Sean?

It's my brother, your grandson.

Is he wounded? It can be an emergency
without any bleeding.

It's not an emergency, okay?

We're having a tiny little
situation with Jack. That's it.

What kind of situation?

Is he in trouble?

What's up with Jack?


Dad canceled his meal plan
and is shutting off his phone.

What did he do? Wow.

That's enough.

It's more of what he didn't
do... at all, last week.

What is he talking about?

Sounds like Jack's been
skipping some classes.

No, not just some.

Yes, just some.

Everything's fine.

Can we drop it now, please?

Then why are you starving him?

To teach him a lesson?
What do you think?

It's just a little harsh,
don't you think?

I mean, skipping classes

is part
of the college experience.

Hi. I'm Nicky. Have
you seen my mother?

What I mean is that
it's not the end of the world.

You heard her, everybody. I did.

I think it's great
what you're doing.

You do? Yeah. My dad didn't care
at all what I did,

and I got away
with a lot of things

I probably shouldn't have.


I'm not sure Jack would agree.

Maybe not now, but one day.

Yeah, I like that.
I think that's right.

Are you kidding? You hated
how strict Dad was with us.

Excuse me? DANNY
He wasn't even strict with him.

He was too worn out
from being strict

with me, you, and Joe
all the time.

I don't think I was that strict
with any of you.

I would have

my reaction, and then

your mother would make
me cut it in half.

That was half?

I don't even want to know about
the half that was left out.

You want to talk about strict,
that one wrote the book.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

I say good for you.

Thank you.

And I say,
consider cutting it in half,

like I had to.

And I just don't think

that cutting classes merits
being starved to death.

Okay, well, then
I'll starve him halfto death.

Okay Good.


I was a good kid.

I really wish my mother
wasn't coming by later.


She's such a scatterbrain.

Always leaving her stuff behind.

But don't worry.

We still have an hour.

Let me just freshen up.

You're not gonna be long,
are you?

Just a few minutes.

Put some music on if you want.

Ready or not, here I come.

You're really beautiful.

You are really charming.

I love the way you look at me.

I want a picture of that look.

Something the matter?

I just hate it
when my mother is right.

Right about what?


Yes. No, I don't have
an estimate.

Sergeant, you getting
a handle on this?

We're still packed to the gills
with the arrests from the raid.

We got no room
for today's collars, boss. Sarge?

Holding cells... full.
Where you want to put 'em?

Transport van's coming
to take 'em to C.B.

In the meantime, check upstairs,
see if the squad's got room.

All right? Yeah.

Next time I come
out of my office,

this place better not be
looking like Penn Station.

Yes, sir. Sarge, I got to talk to you.

Not now. Hello. It's important.

A little busy if you haven't
noticed, all right?

Sarge, toilet overflowed.

Put a uniform
outside the ladies' room.

We're gonna have to share.

I'm talking about
the ladies' room.

Guys' toilet went out
like an hour ago.

Just give me a second.

Sarge, I need you!

What is it? I can't tell you here.
I got to tell you in private.

Look around. There's nowhere
private. Just spit it out.

Okay, so remember
how I was telling you

that guy I collared from the
Beame Complex looked familiar?

We collared a hundred people
from the Beame Complex, Eddie.

No, no.

Absolutely not. Just hold 'em

outside in the vans, all right?

This is the guy
that jumped out the window.

What? He's a murderer.

Eddie, what the hell
are you talking about?

Remember the Bushwick Butcher,
maniac who hacked up that family

last summer? Of course I remember, yeah.

NYPD tracked down
the case for months.

All we ended up with was some
DNA we couldn't find a match to.

And a composite sketch
from the surviving victim.

Bushwick Butcher, my guy.

When does it end?

When law and order is
restored, that's when it ends.

You're disrupting,
not restoring.


You just don't get it.

That makes millions of us.

Who what? Who didn't like the
pictures they saw on television?

Sorry about that.
Couldn't be helped.

And your attitude's almost
as troubling as your actions.

Garrett, could we just
call it a day

before I call security on you?

Then call 'em and toss me out.

But until then,
I'm right here doing my job.

As the back seat driver.

As the one guy who's gonna say

enough with the shock and awe.

What you're doing is not serving
public interest.

Look, I can't just issue
press releases condemning thugs.

I have to take measures,
and I am.

I know. You don't care
what anybody else thinks.

Yeah, I do.

I care about a classroom
full of kids

who can't get an education

'cause their teacher's
too scared

of the hoods in the back row.

The silent majority?
They're back?

They never left.

And they saw what that crowd did
to our cops.

And they go,
"If they can act that way

toward police officers,
what about us?"

What about

the mom who has to race

across that lobby just
to protect her frightened kids,

or the old lady who's afraid
to go for groceries?

Then make that case!

I just did.

How? Actions speak
louder than words.

And what's that from...
The Art of War?

No. Abe Lincoln said it first.

You got a minute, Captain?

Think you're gonna
want to see this.

Remember this guy?

I do. The Bushwick Butcher.

Looks a lot like
this guy, doesn't he?

Who is he?

John Mendoza. He
was one of the crew

that bullied our cops.
The camera man.


Yeah, luckily, we got
a second crack at him.

Officer Janko collared him
when we took the Beame Complex.

Put a cop on that cell ASAP.

I don't want this guy
getting lost in our chaos. Already done.

And contact the detective
who worked this case.

I'm sure they had DNA left
behind at one of the murders.

Detective Larkin is on his way.

Also, Officer Janko gave
the perp a cup of water,

then sealed it in an envelope
when he was done drinking it.

Lab's running the DNA right now.

This is damn good work,

All Officer Janko, sir.

I'll make sure
to give her my thanks.


You know, Reagan,

there are a lot of folks
at this precinct

that are gonna be better cops
because of your leadership.

Including me.


Jordan Amendola.

August 2016.

Bobby Katz, September 2016.

Jamal Richardson, January 2018.

Harry Dunn, March 2018.

Lawrence Indigo.

June 2018.

All five of them murdered with the
gun that you had in your possession.

Each time the trigger was pulled
by a different person.

Nick Tedesco.

Matt Kleeber.

Roddy Mack.

Rich Leeds.

And the guy who gave you
the gun, Jimmy Matson.

You know all five
of these killers

because they were all
Trip Treys, am I right?

Yeah. And you can only become

a Trip Trey if you
kill someone yourself.

Anyone. Randomly.

Am I right?


It's the initiation.
You got to blood in, blood out.

Blood in, blood out.

You kill somebody
to join a club.


You were up next.

Were you gonna do it?

I don't know. Come on.

Were you gonna do it or not?

I don't know.

Well, then you're a lucky man.

'Cause all five of your
so-called tough guy friends

ratted on each other.

25 years.

25 years.

25 years. 25 years.

Except for him, 'cause
he talked first, so...

he's getting a break...
Guess what he's doing.

What? 20 years.

So they're all going to jail?-

They'll all be put away
till they're old men.

So now it's time

for youto choose.

You gonna join
these knuckleheads

and go off to prison until
you're an old man, too?

Or are you gonna try to...
live the straight life?

I'm gonna try living
the straight life. No doubt.

I sure as hell hope so.

And I'll sure as hell be checking
up on you to make sure you do.

So, um...

am I... am I free to go?


You're gonna do three months.

For the gun.

I want you to see the life
that you will have

if you don't live
the straight life.

Doing some time

should be good for him.Yeah. Should set
him right quick.

Thank you, you know,
for doing all this.

No. There's no way to know

if your brother would've
actually went through with it.

Though odds are...

somebody's walking around
enjoying their life today

who wouldn't be if you hadn't
come to me, so good on you.

No, I mean for going
the extra mile.

Nobody does that anymore.

But it's what you do.

I just do my job. Honest.

No. There's lots
of cops out there

that would've told me
to piss off.

But not you.

Your brother's 16 years old,
and he's all you got left.

Ironically, I'm kind of
in the same boat.

And if I'm being
honest, I'm no angel,

so that probably
played a part in this.

All you got left?

What, there's no
Mrs. Danny the Cop?


No, Mrs. Danny the Cop died
a year and a half ago.

My oldest son just
went off to college,

and my youngest boy,
my 16-year-old, Sean,

he's, gonna follow
in his footsteps,

so pretty soon it's
gonna be Danny the Cop

alone in the house
all by himself.

Sounds lonely.

Well... Maybe you need,
like, a roommate?

Yeah, I don't think
that's a good idea.

Why? You just find someone
you're compatible with.

Because I'm incompatible,
that's why.

I don't know about that.

I mean, look at us, right?
We're total opposites,

and somehow, you know,

we've got more in common
than people would think.

Yeah. Yeah, we do have a few
little things in common. Maybe.

One big thing, I think.

What's that?

I'm no angel either.

Too soon?

Yeah, maybe.

I hear you.

I should let you go.

But I'm not gonna let you go,
if you know what I mean.

You take it easy, Molly.


Danny the Cop.

She's NYPD blue
through and through.

You got my e.

You bet we did.

That's some surveillance
sting you ran, Nicky.

Five million family dinners
about nothing but cop talk,

and you're sure
to learn something, right?

I promise to never, ever
get on your bad side.

Thanks, Anthony.

He's right, you know.

That was some good work.

I'm really sorry.

Come on, no, you're not.

You've earned
your right to gloat.

The last thing
I want to do is gloat.

That man was using you.

Thanks... for reminding me.

Yes, Mom. You know what I mean.

I know what you mean.

And yes, part of me
is proud of myself

for busting him, but...

mostly I'm just hurt

that a guy that I liked
didn't like me back.


I feel like such an idiot.

Flaunting my relationship
around you like I'm some...

woman of the world
when, in reality,

I was... just
a gullible little girl.

Don't do this. What?

Don't start blaming yourself
for someone else's...

terrible behavior.

But I sh...

You trusted him... that's
what you're supposed to do.

That's how you build
a real relationship.

But this wasn't real.

No, it wasn't,

but... you learned a
lesson for the next guy.

The next... much younger guy.

I knew you hated his age. He was, like, 50.

You gonna be okay?

Nothing some Netflix and a few
pints of ice cream can't fix.

How about we go out
for your first martini instead?

Extra dry with a twist, please.

Okay, maybe it's not
your first martini.

It's a perfect DNA match, sir.


That's good work, Captain.

And a welcome contrast
to last time you were up here.

Much as I'd like to take
the credit, I can't.

Hey, your cops, your collar.

I appreciate that, sir,
but, um...

it's an Officer Janko

deserves the credit.

As does

her sergeant,

for leading by example.

And I'm not blowing smoke.

Well, we'll see

they get credit, too.

There's someone else

deserves it... you, sir.

This arrest is a direct result

of your show of force
in my precinct.

Now you are blowing smoke.

No. He was the one
shooting the video

while his crew verbally abused
my cops.

What comes to mind?

Success has a thousand mothers,
failure is an orphan.

Anyway, good work,
and thank you.


Gentlemen. Ma'am.


Bushwick Butcher behind bars.

Take a victory lap, boss.

He doesn't take victory laps.

Press'll eat it up, Garrett?

Little buff on the image
can't hurt.

If you believe them
when they say you're great,

you have to believe them
when they say you suck.

Zero-sum game.

I'd like to say something
to all of you.

It's my job to make sure
the NYPD doesn't get a black eye

in the press, but...

I'm starting to come
around to the idea

that it's also my job

to know that sometimes...

getting a black eye is worth it.

That's it?

That's it.

Where's the "however"?

There isn't one.

Wow. That's a first.

Thank you, Commissioner Moore.

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