Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 15 - Legacy - full transcript

Danny considers taking a new job that would ease his financial struggles after investigating the death of a wealthy man. Also, Nicky tries to avoid involving her family when she is sexually...

This is, like,
the tenth meal out this week.


Tomorrow, we cook.

You say that every night.

I'm sorry, sir.
Your card's been declined.

That's got to be a mistake.

I, uh...

They must have, uh, changed

the due date.

Keep the change.

Are we broke?

No, we're not broke.

And do you mind

not announcing it to the
whole restaurant, please?

Just not used to managing

the bills

and working and all that stuff.

That used to be Mom's job?

Yes. And now it's my job,

and I have it under control.

You know you can

set that stuff up
automatically now?

Like, online.

Like most young people do.

Yes, I know.

Let's go.

You gonna be able to pay
for my college, Dad?

You can go
to any college you want to.

As long as your brother and I

can come for a sleepover.
- Yep.

No way, you guys. Not happening.

Don't worry about money.
Come on.

Here's the coffee machine.

- Make sure this red light is off.

Mr. Jones will notice.
- Sure.


And turn off your phone.

I thought it was on silent.

Good morning, everybody.

Hey, Mr. Jones.
Good morning, Mr. Jones.

You must be the new intern.

Miss Boyle.

Hi, Mr. Jones. Yes, I'm Nicky.

Come on,
let's chat for a minute.

I hope Grace showed you
the time of your life

on the tour
of the coffee machine.

She did, Mr. Jones. Thank you.

Free coffee all day long.

Doughnuts, too.
Cake on birthdays.

We're basically the
Google offices--

minus the ping-pong tables,

stock options, big salaries.

Really hope you didn't come here
to get rich.

Nope, just a really big fan
of what you do.

And now starting your own

refugee organization, it's...

really inspiring, Mr. Jones.

"It's really inspiring, Bobby."


what inspires you?

What are your interests?

I like to read.

Go to art museums.

Do you really like
to go to art museums,

or do you just think
it makes you sound cultured?


Honest answer. I like it.

Thank you.
- And I can see

you have a nice sense of style.

That shirt is...

Stella McCartney?

I wish.

Well, you wear it well,
Nicky Boyle.

Now go get some work done.

Thank you.


Sir, excuse me?

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Stop for a sec, please.

Identification, please.

I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Saw you jaywalking over there.

You're charging me
for jaywalking?

I'm not charging you
with anything.

Then I don't owe you anything.

Excuse me, sir?

Hey, stop! Now.


Sir, what are you doing
in this neighborhood?

I don't owe you an explanation.

Sir, please take your hands
out of your pockets.

Take your hands
out of your pockets now.

Do you not have
identification, sir?

He didn't do anything wrong.

Take a step back.
The man has rights,

- Take a step back, everybody.

Take a step back, sir.

I'm just asking for this man's
ID, all right, folks?

Thank you.

Are you refusing
to show identification, sir?

Do you not have identification?

What do you think you're doing?

Sir, are you
an illegal immigrant?

- That's racial profiling.
- Whoa.

Take a step back.

Take a step back.

Sir, I need you
to back all the way up.

All right, you can't...

That's harassment.

All right, ma'am, back up.

- Back up, everybody. Back up!
- Get her badge number.

You need to... Sir, I need you
to back up now.

Sir, I need you
to take a step back right now.

I hear you, but please

take a step back and listen.

So, convince me.

That little gem
set us back a couple years.

In what way?
- In terms

of our so-called
"community policing."

Not "so-called."

It is when that's
the how-to video.

All I see is a cop

doing her job.

All you see is what
you want to see, then.

The officer stopped

and questioned the guy,

and the guy refused
to give his ID.

They're both within
their rights.

- Exactly.
- Back in the day,

yes. Today, no.
- How?

The governor's

executive order
specifically bars

state agencies from asking
a person's immigration status.

Except in certain situations,

such as a law enforcement

We all read the order.

That isn't exactly
a law enforcement investigation.

Well, some clips show

Rivera jaywalking.
Which isn't a crime.

But is illegal.

What it says
is jaywalking

is a crime that gets you
thrown out of the country

if you look
like Mr. Rivera there.

Why all the hype, Garrett?

It's not hype.

When these videos went viral,

Immigration and Customs

tracked him down.

He's here illegally.

Then all's well that ends well.

Sometimes I just want
to clock you, you know that?

The guy's got a clean record,

a steady job, a wife,

two kids and a newborn.

And thanks to our eager and
industrious young officer,

he's now awaiting trial

for deportation
back to Venezuela.

Oh, look at it that way,
guess it gets a little muddy.

Out there, in
this community?

It's not muddy at all.

It's gin clear.

Our community policing
is a scam.

You need to tread lightly there.

I flog our progress
relentlessly and proudly

eight days a week,
but not for this.

We need to own up to it,

loud and clear,

if you want to gain back
the lost ground.

- What do we got?
- Detectives.

Victim is Bruce Daniels.

50s. Owner of the apartment.

He was discovered this morning
by his neighbors.

Any sign of forced entry?

Nah, not so far.

For sure, uh, no obvious ones.

Where is he?
Right this way.

Who else was here?

No one who lives here.
Family was gone at the time.

Somebody was here.

Nobody pours a second drink

when their first drink's
sitting two feet away.

I'm not feeling natural causes.

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I heard shouting.

What kind of shouting?
A domestic dispute?

Domestic meaning
man and a woman?

- Yeah.
- No, Bruce and another man.

Could you make out who?

Bruce was the loud one, so no.

Unusual to hear fighting
coming from there?

Things have been very quiet
since Joan left him.

His wife left him? When?

Must be six months ago

the financial difficulties
came to light,

so... five months?

- Financial?

Bruce was into
private equity,

buying and selling companies.

He overbought

a couple he
couldn't sell

and lost it all.

So, this what
the poorhouse looks like?

I meant liquidity.

And that's why
his wife left him?

I assume it was the trigger.

They were a lovely couple,

but maybe it was the money
that made them that.

How long have you known
the Daniels family?

Almost 20 years.
Since the day they moved in.

You and Bruce drink together?

I don't drink.

Did Bruce drink a lot?

He lost his money
and he lost his family,

all in one fell swoop.

What would you call "drinking
a lot" if you were him?

I am so proud of you.

Thanks, Mom.

The DA actually tried

to snag Robert Jones
for a position

at the office.

Apparently, he is
quite the superstar.

What was he like?

Really cool, actually.
I wasn't expecting that.

Did you meet
a lot of nice people?

It's only my first day.

Well, I'm just asking.

I remember when
I first started working,

and I would introduce
myself, and people would

instantly recognize me as the
commissioner's granddaughter.

That hasn't happened
to me yet.

Well, you will find
that sometimes

it works in your favor,
and sometimes

it works against you.

People want to take
advantage of you.

But you...

won't really run into that,
will you?

How did you find out?

How'd you decide on Boyle
instead of Reagan?

I just wanted a clean slate.

My own slate.

You could have at least
told me.

I didn't want to hurt
your feelings.


It's okay.

Just remember that you...

you are a piece of me, too.

- Hey.

You get an address
on Mrs. Daniels?

She said she'd prefer
to come down here.

Who in their right
mind prefers

to come into
a police station?

Uh, a not-guilty party.

She's guilty in my book.
Who leaves her husband

just because he lost
some money?

At the end of the day,
marriage is a contract.

Well, I'm sure her husband
going belly up

isn't what she signed up for.

Yeah, well, life changes.
Things happen.

You know I know.
- I know.

I'm just saying...

This isn't what
I signed up for, either,

but it is what it is.

Yeah, but you stick it
through every day.

For your family,
for your boys.

That's legit, Danny.
- Yeah.

The one thing I've learned

is that life is beautiful
and it's sad,

but sometimes it's
just practical.

Money counts.

You really believe that?

So, where were you that night?

I already told you,
I moved out.

Okay. So where were you
that night?

What, are you asking
for my alibi?

It's protocol.

I was with my mother.

Okay, we'll need your mother
to corroborate your story.

This is ridiculous.

Do you know of anyone who had it
out for your husband?

- Lost a lot of money

in investments. I'm sure
that made him some enemies.

Well, I wasn't involved
in the business,

so I wouldn't know.

Because your neighbor said
that's exactly why you left.

Wayne is a gossipy old queen.

That's not why I left.

So, why did you leave?

We weren't getting along.

And which one

of your sons was it that wasn't
getting along with your husband?

No, they have nothing
to do with this.

I didn't say they did.

This is the last thing
they need.

My sons have been
through enough.

What else
have they been through?

I left.

The world as they knew it

completely fell apart.

Do you have any idea
what that's like?

Look, all I'm asking is
that you cooperate.

I have told you
everything I can.

Tell me everything
that you can't.

Ms. Daniels,

anything that you tell me
could be relevant.

It could help us
figure out who did this.

Well, that's not my priority.

Well, fortunately for Bruce,
it's my priority.

Commissioner Reagan,

Officer Witten.

Commissioner Reagan.

DCPI Moore.

Have a seat.

Take it easy, Officer.

Thank you.

So, walk us through the stop.

I was looking for discrepancies,
just as I was trained to do.

I'd been assigned the same

foot post for a few weeks,
and Rivera...

well, he looked out of place.

How so?

The neighborhood is
predominantly Caucasian.

We don't have

checkpoints or borders here,


What did he do wrong?

I noticed him jaywalking
just before I stopped him.

That's not a crime.
And not the only reason

I picked him up.
There's been a spike

in push-in robberies
in that neighborhood recently.

And Rivera fit the
description of the suspect.

So you approached him?
- Yes.

And when I asked Rivera what he
was doing in that neighborhood,

he didn't have an answer.

And when I asked him for ID,
he refused.

Which he's free to do.

He wouldn't cooperate.

And the crowd was getting
out of hand.

Did you feel threatened
for your life or Rivera's?


I was doing
what I was trained to do.

Frankly, I don't see a problem.

Thank you, Officer.

That'll be all.


She doesn't see a problem?

She went by the book,

and we're trained
that book's the Bible.

And like the Bible,

the wrong translation
can cause more harm than good.

My dad cut me off
a few months ago.

Cut you off how?

Cut off my credit cards.

He cut off
communication, too?

No, but I did.

Why'd you do that?

I regret it, okay?

I wish I could take it all back,

just talk to him
for even a second.

- Mm-hmm.
- When was your last conversation?

I don't remember.

That's interesting,

'cause we do.

We have footage
of you entering

your father's home
the night he was killed.

Why are you lying to us?

Look, I... I just wanted
to talk to him,

but he didn't want
to talk to me.

You said you cut off

Why would you want
to talk to him?

Look, my dad was
not a nice guy.

He ever hurt you?


He... he wasn't physical,
just mean.

Mean how?
He worked all of the time.

So working all the time--
that made him mean?

No. He...
- Seems like

all that hard work afforded you
quite a life.

Which he held over my head
every single day.


Where did you go
after you saw your father?

Here. I was here with her.

What time?
I don't know.

Before dinner?

- What you two have for dinner?
- What?

It was two days ago.

What did you and your girlfriend
have for dinner?

I don't know.
Just stuff around the house.

So if we take a look
in the frigerator,

we might find something

that one of you two
could whip up for dinner?

I'm done with this.

Oh, we're not.

Yeah, we are.

I want to see my lawyer.

Ballpark. Yup, I understand.

I got to say, Mr. Romano,
that's the kind of ballpark

I'd really like
to be playing in.

And I'm pretty good at the game,
if I do say so myself.


No. No problem
with the timing.

Timing couldn't be more perfect.

Okay, I'll see you then.

Thank you for the opportunity.

They start softball already?


Sounds like you're playing
in that bar league again.

What makes you say that?

"Ballgame I'm good at."

I'm a detective, you know?

You don't miss a thing, do you?

But it's not that kind
of opportunity.

See you later.

See you later, Danny.

My wife and kids

are everything to me.

And their well-being
would be your mission.

I understand.

I can offer you 250 K a year.

Plus benefits.

Any catch?
Well, you know,

your hours can be a little fluid
when we're traveling,

and I can only
offer three weeks

paid vacation,
but if you don't use them,

I'll let you roll them
into the following year.

Are you interested?

Sounds easy enough.

Uh, can I get back
to you on Monday?

Is this a negotiation tactic?

No. I need to discuss it
with my kids.

I understand.

Uh, are you speaking to anyone
else about the position?

None with quite your CV.

But I do need to fill the job.

- Okay. I'll speak to you Monday.
- Great.

- Looking forward to it.
- Same here.

Hey. I would cut it
out with that makeup.

Excuse me?

Anything girly draws
attention to you here.

Don't even think about
wearing a skirt.

All I read was
"business casual."

It's an unspoken thing.

- To look less girly?
- Yeah.

There are tons of men
in the office.

Men are everywhere.

It's different here.

Here, men have a say over you.

So, what, I'm just supposed
to wear a potato sack?

That's crazy.
I can't do that.



No. Please.

It's just,

you're not the first
new girl to come in here

thinking she's gonna
change the way things work.

- Someone should.
- I agree.

But that someone's gonna have
to be a male someone.

Bobby is aware of all of this?



Let me guess.

He wanted to get to know you,

made you laugh,
all while

flashing that killer smile?

You make him sound awful.

He's not.

But he's not a part
of the solution, either.

I mean, look,
if I fired every rookie

that made a rookie mistake,
what would we have left?

Army Rangers?

Or Navy Seals. Exactly.

Nice in theory, but...

I mean, there's a reason
there aren't 35,000 Navy Seals.

And it sure ain't because
the Navy couldn't use 'em.


Listen, boss, can I say
something just for this room?


Do you think, possibly,

it has something to do
with her being... a her?

Oh, come on, Sid.

It's 2018, even in this room.


All right. Never mind.

"Her..." in what way?

Two cop uncles, and her father
an FDNY battalion chief?

Bet she either gave
hurt or got hurt

at the family football game
Thanksgiving every year.

You know, trying too hard,
going too fast,

punching above her weight.


Yeah, that, too.

What is it?

I don't know if you want
to do anything with this,

but I think
you should know it.

I just got word
there's something's wrong

with Officer Witten's
perp, Rivera.

Yeah, he's in jail.

Wrong how?
He's freaking out.

And there's a whole
cross-agency fight

about moving him to a hospital.

- Is it a ploy?
- Well, that's the thing.

He's not asking to be moved.

He's just freaking out,

and no one wants a fuzzy
cause-of-death on their hands.

Come in.

You wanted to see me?

I wanted to talk
to you, yeah.

The other day...

...did we get off
on the wrong foot?

Not-- No.

You seemed nervous.

Did-did I make you
uncomfortable somehow?

No, no. Just...
first-day jitters.

You promise?

Yeah. All good.

'Cause I never really learned
how to be a-a boss boss.

You know? If anything,

all this boss stuff just
makes me uncomfortable.

I should get back to work.

Some of us are going out
to dinner tonight

before the TED Talk.
You should come.

I wouldn't want to intrude.

You wouldn't be intruding,
and it's a good opportunity

for you to get to know
the staff here.

I just have to check.
I have a...

Of course. I didn't realize
I was inviting

the most popular girl
north of 14th Street.

I didn't mean it like that.

So you'll come.

Dinner is at 7:00.

I'll text you the restaurant.

Okay. See you then.

Yep. Monday morning, 6:00 a.m.

You got it. Thank you.

What was that about?


Come on. We work together,

But not at 6:00 a.m.

Okay. It's about the guy

offered me a job running
his personal security.

A guy? What guy?

A guy who pays 250K a year
for someone

to run his
personal security.

Wow. He got a brother
who's also insecure?

I'll ask.

But, uh, you know, if I cash out
my pension, that's 115,

plus the 250,

that's 365K a year.

Yeah, I can do the math, Danny.

And the math here is,
you're not gonna take it.

- Well, I think I am.
- Nah.

You do realize that I used to be

in a two-income household?
Now it's only one.

That I used to have a partner
and now I'm the only parent.

I got to still raise
these two boys.

It's a good thing for us.

You'd miss the action too much.

I would miss the action.

But somehow where the job
used to seem noble...

as a single parent, now it
just kind of seems selfish.

What about the boys?

Don't they get a say?

Or me?

Where is everybody?

Stood me up.
Can you believe that?

Nobody could come?

They said they'd
come meet us

after the TED Talk.

Appreciate you not
leaving me to eat alone.

No problem.

Something to drink?


I'll get us a
nice bottle of red.


You like red?
- Yeah.

Any more of the '05 Montrose?

I saved one for you.

You spoil me, Gina.

So... how are you liking

your first...

Ah, I got to take this.

Give me, like, 30 seconds.
- Sure.


Yeah. Hey.
I need you

to hold on a minute,
okay? Hold on.

This is gonna
be a minute.

It's too loud in here.

I live right down the block.

I'm going to have them
send something up for us.

Hey. You there?

Yeah. Look, I'm gonna call
you back in, like, five,

when I'm back
at mine, all right?

Hey. What a nice surprise.

I thought you had that dinner
with your coworkers.

Oh, I didn't feel
like going.

Why not?

Just didn't.

This is starting
to feel like

all those times
I would ask you

where you were going,
and you'd say, "Out."

I just feel bad.

I shouldn't have
put "Nicky Boyle"

on the application.

It's okay.
Really, I understand.

But is that it?

Yeah. Can we have
a glass of wine?

Sure. Right after you tell me

why you blew off dinner

and showed up on my doorstep.

It's-It's not a big deal.

Okay, what's not a big deal?

I just made a mistake at work,
but I can handle it.

What kind of mistake?

With my boss.

That's a who, not a what.

I would really like to deal

with this myself, okay?

That's why I wanted
to use the name Boyle

in the first place. Remember?

A clean slate.

Red or white?

I'll take red.


Mrs. Daniels...

I would like to make
a statement.

What kind of statement?

A confession.


It was me.
I killed my husband.

What did you use?

- For what?
- To kill your husband.

What kind of poison
did you use?

Uh, something I found
in the cupboard.

Mm-hmm. What was it?

I don't know.

Maybe the real question is

who are you covering for?

You already knew?

Things we do for our children.

I just never thought he
would be capable of this.

You weren't there that night,
but Will was.

I didn't raise him this way.

You implicating your son,
Mrs. Daniels?

'Cause to be honest with you,

the DA was actually
looking for more.

And I just gave it to you.

Sir, may I ask
what we're doing here?

You're following up
on your collar.

Hold on a minute.

You know he's got a problem?

Well, Rivera's claustrophobic.

How'd you know?

He told me on the way
to the precinct,

but I just thought he was
trying to get out of it.

So you knew?

Yeah, but I didn't believe him.

People cry wolf all the time
to get out of jams.

No crying wolf here.

Can you let him out,
even just for a minute?

Afraid not.

Will he be in here very long?

Depends on how crowded
the immigration courts are.

Can't we get him
some kind of treatment?

You put him in jail,

not a hospital.

How you doing?

I'm sorry I was
uncooperative before,

but this is very hard for me.

This happen to you before?

I spent months in a cell

as a political prisoner
in Venezuela.

You know,

I had a partner
back in the day,

and he was claustrophobic.

And I would just talk
to him all the time,

you know,
keep him talking.

And I think it helped.

Think it might help you?

I think so.

I'd like to try.

What if I stayed with you
for a little while?

Only if you want.

I want to.

Thank you.


Mind if we come in?

Yeah. I just got something
I think you should read.

Whoa, whoa, the only thing
you need to do

is grab your jacket,
'cause you're coming with us.

What? No, you should
read this.

I-I just got it
in the mail.

What is it?
It's from my dad.

An apology.

What do you mean,
an apology?

What's he sorry for?

We got in a fight
that night. Okay?

- I lied.
- So you admit it?

It's all my fault.

Where did you get the poison?

The what?!

The poison that you used
to kill your father--

where'd you get it?

No, no, I didn't...

I didn't kill him.

Then what the hell
is this all about?!

I just said horrible,
horrible things to him.

The-the last things
I will ever say to my father.

Why did your mother try
to take the fall for you?


Your mother came
down to the squad room

and said she killed your father,
to cover for you.

Wow, my own mother thinks
I'm that much of a monster.

She just assumed
you killed him?

I told her we got
into a fight that night,

and she-she just
went nuts, and

was yelling about how
I was gonna go to jail.

And... she wouldn't
listen to me.

So, if you didn't kill him,
then who did?

Apparently, Bruce
killed himself.

At least, that's what he says
he was gonna do in this letter.

It's a suicide note.

We had a great time last night,
but you were missed.

I couldn't come
to your apartment, Mr. Jones.

I want you to succeed here.

Do you want to succeed here?

I feel really uncomfortable here.

It's not always a bad thing
when somebody makes you a little nervous.

It can be good.

Exciting, even.

That's not
what I'm talking about.

Okay, why don't we do a
rain check at your place?

You'll feel
more comfortable there.

No, I wouldn't.
- Come on.

leave me hanging.

I'll come up to you.

You know where I live?

It's on your start paperwork.


don't confuse nervous

with excited.

Hey, stop!

You don't want me to stop.

I said stop!

Guys, I got to
admit something.

Things aren't
exactly okay.

Yeah, we know.

It's not breaking news.

No, I mean money's tight.

Without your mom's income,
it's getting tighter.

I don't want to stretch
overtime so much

that I can't even enjoy
what little time we have left

as the three amigos.

So what are you saying?

I'm saying I'm leaving the NYPD.

I'm gonna take a
higher paying job.

A much higher
paying job.

But Dad, you love your job.

Yeah, well, I love
you guys more.

And it's as simple, and
as complicated, as that.

What would you be doing?

Private security for a
rich guy and his family.

Is he famous?


So just some rich guy...

And his rich kids?

That's how you put it.
Okay, for me,

it's just a gig. A good gig.

We love what you do now.
We're proud of you.

Yeah, we really love
bragging about you, Dad.

What's Officer Witten's

to the other cops in her house?

Good. They're all 100%
behind her, what I hear.

Not a single Latino cop
took issue?

I didn't do
a door-to-door survey.

But odds would be...

What I hear is all I know.

And her CO, any issues there?

Also solid, what I hear.

Also, I think she's an old pal

to either the uncle
or the father.

And your relationship to her CO?

Jimmy Vauxhall?

Good as gold.

Then we're good to go.

Go where?

You, to him, privately,
with a message,

to confer
with the advocate's office... terminate Officer Witten.


Failed probation.

For bringing undue criticism
to this department.

We're throwing her

under the bus
to throw Garrett a favor?


We are terminating her
for cause.

I want it done
at the precinct level,

so the word goes out
at that level,

to rank and file.

Boss? Can I ask why, then?

"By general law, life and limb
must be protected.

"Yet often, a limb

"must be amputated
to save a life;

"but a life

is never wisely given
to save a limb."

Abraham Lincoln.

This department is the life.

Officer Witten is a limb.

I quit.

What did he do?

I didn't say he did anything.

It wouldn't be the first time,
you know.

You said you would let me
handle this.

And I did.

Look, you were right, okay?

If I'd used the
Reagan name,

none of this
would have happened.

I would have still had my
internship and my dignity.

That is not the point, and your
name is not the problem here.

Look, you're not alone
in this, Nicky.

I think you would find
that most women

have a version of this story.

I'm just embarrassed.

You have nothing
to be embarrassed about.

Nothing. Do you hear me?

Three girls walked out
with me today.

Do you think they would talk
to one of my investigators?

I have someone
who specializes.

I will talk to them.


I'm really proud of you.

Bless us, O Lord,
and these Thy gifts,

which we are about to receive
from Thy bounty,

through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Thy gifts"

doesn't just refer
to meat and potatoes, right?

That's right.
The gifts of family,

of the roof over our heads.

Of the gifts, the talents,
given to us individually.


And here I always thought

it was just about the food.

Maybe you should pay attention
when you're saying grace.

What you're
grateful for.


Your gifts.

Yours in particular.

All of a sudden, I'm so gifted?


More than most.


As a detective
with the NYPD.

And you'd be just as valuable
to Scotland Yard or Interpol

or the Pinkertons,
back in the day.

God gave you a nose and a gut.

That's a gift.


Yeah, and I think that gift
is starting to tell me

that I'm getting
the business here.


I thought this was
just between us guys, for now.

Yeah, it was,
but you weren't listening to us.

So we clued in the rest of us.


When you went to the bakery
to get the pies.

Okay. Now that we all know...

But nothing we didn't
already know, Danny.

- How's that?
- That college

is outrageously expensive,
that the loss of a second income

is a huge hit.

That you could command more
in the private sector

than the job could ever pay you.

And you're one of a handful
of detectives that I've known

through all these years
who isn't defined by the job,

but defines the job for himself.

Even redefined it,
from where I sit.

And he sits on the top.
I know where he sits.

And all the compliments
are very nice,

but this flattery is not gonna
shrink any of my bills.

No, it won't. But you can't let
paying the bills shrink you.

You know what she means.

And you know she's right.

And you guys act like I have
some kind of choice in all this.

Community college.

Right nearby,
so no room and board.

And what if you get into
a college that you really love

and I can't afford it?

He makes a choice.

He applies for a scholarship.

He takes out a loan.

He could pass the hat
around this table.

Say I'm driving a beater
and see a Ferrari.

I'm gonna think to myself,
"That's a sweet ride,"

and not diss my life

because I'm not driving
a Ferrari.

Smart kid.


He's so smart, he doesn't even
need to go to college.

Problem solved.


Problem solved.

You need to get that?

I thought I had till tomorrow
to, uh, call him.

Excuse me.

Mr. Romano.

Yeah. No, no, it's fine.

Glad you called.

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