Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 16 - Tale of Two Cities - full transcript

A man living a double life with two separate families is murdered; Erin asks Anthony to help investigate his former partner; Frank deliberates between two candidates for the chief of transit position.




Lawrence Skolnick
is here to see you.

Oh, joy of joys.

Good morning to you, too.

So, we have a deal or not?

We do.
Oh, well, then I take back
that sarcastic comment.

With one condition.

And now I'm putting that
sarcastic comment back.

It's reasonable.

Pleading your client down to
three years with the amount

of weight he was carrying
was more than reasonable.

I'm sorry. No conditions.

Hear me out?

My client agrees
to all of your terms,

but has just one request.

That the $300,000

seized by the NYPD

at the time of his arrest
be returned to him.

What are you talking about?

You got the same
police report I did.

The detective vouchered
for $10,000.

Perhaps I misspoke
when I said "seized."

I should have said "stolen."

Careful, Counselor.

It's true, Erin.
Detective Fusco pocketed

nearly $300,000 in cash.

Says your thrice-convicted,

"take me at my word" client.

He's telling the truth.

Well, then he would be the first
career criminal to do so.

I thought you might not take him
or me at our word.

What is this?

The results of a polygraph
that my client took,

which confirm
that he is telling the truth.

And what nickel-dime polygraph
examiner did you get to do this?

The same one your office uses.

And you've been at Brooklyn
North for what, three years now?

Almost four.

And I'm happy to say
we've not only

reduced crime by almost 11%,

we did it while also
cutting civilian complaints

by more than 20%.

But you haven't spent any time

assigned to the transit bureau.

No, haven't had the pleasure.

But hopefully that changes soon.

You don't see
that as an impediment

to heading that bureau?
More like
a welcome challenge.

I have not served at Transit,
but my career

has taken me
to many different areas,

and I'd like to think that I've
met the challenge each time.

Well, you're certainly handy
with the answers, Chief Cornick.

Thank you, sir.

Any questions for me?

No. No, not offhand.

Anything to add?

No. Good.

Good. Thank you, Chief.

That's it?

The commissioner's schedule's
already half an hour backed up.

We'll be getting back
to you real soon.


If I may say one thing?


I get the feeling
I'm not your first choice.

Why's that?

Well, NYPD's like a small town.

Word travels fast,
and that word is,

Chief Penworth is your top pick.

Well, it's certainly no secret
he is a candidate.

Along with several others.

Then please, sir,
do us all a favor.

For the sake of the department,
make it one of those others.

Clearly there's something else.

Why don't you just say it?

Chief Penworth's not
who he says he is.

And I don't want to see you
or the department

with egg all over its face.

You know, I've said too much.

Thank you for your time, sir.

What does he got that we don't?

I don't understand.

This can't be.

It's not possible.

We know it's a lot to process.

We're very sorry to have to come
here and give you this news.

No, you-you don't understand.

It can't be my husband.

You must have made
some kind of mistake.

He can't be dead.

My husband
can't be dead.

Probably gonna take you
some time.

No. I mean,
it's literally not possible.

Jack isn't even here.
He's in London.

Yeah, Mom's right.

He's overseas on business.

Yeah. Y-You have
the wrong person.

Okay, let's, uh, back up

to the beginning here.

We're talking
about Jack Thompson.

That's your husband's name.

And he lives

right here
at 144 East 66th Street,

Apartment 5C.
Yes, but he's not...

This his wallet?

Oh, my God.

Is it possible
that your husband

came home from London early?

Yeah, and-and did what?

Went for a walk in Central Park
before coming home?

This doesn't make any sense.

If he was home,
we would know it.


It's your husband's phone.

No, that's not Jack's phone.

We found it on his person.
Do you... know a "Lindsey"?



Who are you?

Why are you answering
Jack's phone?

Do you know Jack Thompson?

Do I know him? He's my fiancé.

Who the hell are you?

Why are you answering his phone?

Are you sure you know
who Jack Thompson is?

Of course I'm sure.

What the hell is going on?

This Jack Thompson?

Yes. That's him.

What is going on?

Who are you?
Who are those people

with my fiancé?

"Fiancé"? You mean my husband?

It's okay, sit down.


Um, ma'am, I'm
Detective Reagan

with the NYPD.

I'm gonna need
your address, okay?


Who is she?

Janet Thompson.

Jack Thompson's wife.

For over 20 years.

I had no idea.

Absolutely none.

He never talked
about his family?

I thought we were his family.

He never mentioned
any of the people

in this picture to you?


These are really his kids?

Yeah. Richard, Laura,

and Trevor.

How is this even possible?

How long were you two
seeing each other?

We started dating
about three years ago.

We got pregnant with Kayla
about a year in.

We were hoping
to get married this year.

This is insane.

This is completely insane.

We understand
how you feel.

Believe me.

So this is really Jack's baby?

Apparently so.

We were together
more than 20 years.

How is it possible he had
another life somewhere?

You mentioned he travels a lot.

Yes, but what?

This whole time I'm thinking

he's away on business,
he's really on the other side

of the park with his wife

and three kids?

Seems to be the case.

What am I gonna tell her?

How am I going to explain this
to the children?

You don't know anything
about this at all?

Believe me, if I did,
I'd be the reason he's dead.

Are you?

Absolutely not.

Absolutely not.

Well, did he have an ax
to grind with anyone?

Any enemies?

He was... the greatest.

I know that sounds crazy

to say now,
but it's true.

He was a really good guy.

Loved by everyone.

24 hours ago, I would've said
he's the most trustworthy person

I know.

So, no enemies?


I-I don't know.

I don't know anything anymore.

Every case Detective Fusco
worked on, I want over here.

Now, who has the files
on our defendant?

I want that over here.

I want every "I" dotted,
I want every "T" crossed.

You got me?

I don't want
any slip-ups on this.

Yes, ma'am.

Giving another one of your
"How to Lovingly Lead" seminars?

There you are.

In the flesh and the spirit.

Well, good, 'cause I'm going
to need both and more.

Who we going after, Jimmy Hoffa?

Remember that drug dealer,

that I was letting plead down?

Turns out, he coughed up an even
bigger fish for me to fry.

A mako or a marlin?

Killer whale.

Who are we taking down?

A dirty cop.

And not just
any cop.

A decorated detective.

Okay, l-let's back
up few a steps.

What exactly did this scumbag
drug dealer say

the detective did?

Stole nearly $300,000.

Now, before you start
questioning the veracity

of this claim, he passed
a poly with flying colors.

Okay, a-and what did the
detective's file look like?

I mean,
how many years on the job?

Were there similar claims?

Not exactly, but there are
more than a handful

of civilian complaints.

He's known
as a real hard charger.

Check it out yourself.

Mary and Joseph.


Your whale is my old partner.

Shut up.


No, I don't mean to shut up,
I mean, get out.

You're the boss.

No-- Anthony, stop taking
everything so literally.

What I mean is,

I can't believe that.
What are the odds?

I don't know what the odds are,

but I don't want no part of it.

What are the chances he realizes

he just said that he did
want to be a part of it?



So who do you believe?
The wife or the fiancée?

They're both
pretty convincing, but...

But the guy was stabbed almost
ten times, which means it was...


Let's divide and conquer.

You canvass the building,

I'll go get a warrant
for the online activity.

Detective Baez.
You have a minute?

Two Gs are here.


We searched everything.

You searched everything.

Dug through Chief
Penworth's file.

Sat down with some
of his past COs again.

Even revisited conversations

with family and friends.

Expanded that group, dug into
his time before the NYPD.


Even this guy's ex-wife

got nothing bad
to say about him.

He's the real deal.

Bosses love him,
rank and file respect him.

So what was Cornick
trying to say?

My guess, whatever it is,
he's overselling it.

Chucking a Hail Mary.

Okay. Baker?

What's this?

The Rockland Ledger.

A local paper?

Chief Penworth's local paper
to be exact.

Dating back to 2001?

That's, like, 15 years ago.


Penworth coached
his son's baseball team

to the championship,

paper interviewed father
and son after the game.

"What do you like
to do for fun?"

The part where Penworth
compares team building

to his time spent on the
front lines in the Gulf War.

"An RPG hit their tank
outside Baghdad,

Penworth jumped
into action."

But it never happened?

Spent his tour behind a desk.

That's not good.

You got one right.

They're a very nice family.
Been in the building

for as long as
I can remember.

Mr. Thompson was a great guy.

A neighbor
on the floor reported

hearing raised voices
through the walls.

Husbands and wives argue.

I'm telling you, there's no way

that Mrs. Thompson had
anything to do with his murder.

They argue often?

I'm a doorman.
Discretion is my job.

I respect that, but this is
a homicide investigation.

Any information you can
give us would be helpful.


So, lately, I've been getting
a lot of calls down here

saying that there's been a
lot of yelling and fighting

up in the apartment.

Hold on, the doorman said that?

That-that the wife
and the husband

- have been fighting a lot lately?
- He said a bunch of neighbors

complained this month
about yelling

coming from their apartment.


I'm on the phone.

But, Detective, I...

Yeah, not now, please.

Who are you talking to?

Our friendly neighborhood
TARU Tech McNightengale.


Our friendly neighborhood
TARU Tech McKenna,

not McNightengale.

I don't think anybody's
named McNightengale.

Okay, my bad.

Uh, sorry, I got her name wrong.

It's McAnnoying.

So you got the warrant.
Any hits?

No, I wish I had the warrant,
but McAnnoying here

is coming up donuts,
isn't she?

Nada. Zip, zero,
zilch, nothing.

That's not true.
Yeah, it's true.

I mean, you got nothing
on the wife,

and you've been
on the fiancée for an hour

and you're
putting up zeroes.

Then what's this?

Does that say
what I think it says?

Lindsey Stewart's number one
Internet search item last week

was Janet Thompson.

The wife.

Why didn't you tell me this?
I've been over here for an hour

waiting for you to give me
some information.

What? I've been trying
to tell you this for the past...

Baez, the fiancée was doing
a Google search of the wife.

She lied to us.
She knew about her.

Meet you there.
On my way.


Good work, Mc--
uh, TARU.

You told us before
that you had no idea

that your fiancé had
another family, right?

That's right.

And yet the top hit on your
search engine is Janet Thompson.

You want to tell us
why you lied to us?

It's obvious, isn't it?

I mean, Jack shows up dead.

If I know about his other life,
I'm your first suspect.

With good reason,
don't you think?


No matter how bad this looks,
I did not murder Jack.

When did you find out?

Last week.

Someone texted me a link

to Janet Thompson's

Who texted you?

I have no idea.
Some random number.

And when you looked her up?

I couldn't believe it.

There was the father of my child
in all these family photos

with people I'd never seen
nor heard of in my life.

Must've been pretty pissed.


Sure. Of course.

But mostly dazed and confused.

Did you confront Jack?

I didn't want to do it over the
phone while he was in London.

I was gonna show him

what I found, but then...

But somebody killed him first.

And it wasn't you.

Absolutely not.

You'd be willing to take
a lie detector test?

Guess what. Husbands
and wives argue.

Well, according
to your neighbors,

you and your husband argued a
whole bunch over the past month.

Well, as it turns out, he had
a whole other life and family

on the other side of the park,

so our marriage wasn't
exactly the gold standard.

A secret life that you told us
you knew nothing about.

Oh, I didn't, and
it's pretty clear now

there's a reason why
our relationship's

been circling the drain

these last few years.

Mrs. Thompson, did you
send your husband's lover

a link to your
Facebook account?

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Well, somebody knew about
your husband's secret life

and sent your name to her.

Did you want her to see
photos of your family?

Absolutely not.

Listen, I understand you
have a job to do here,

but let's get one
thing crystal clear.

I had no knowledge of
my husband's secret life

and I certainly didn't
kill him for it.

Not many would blame you
if you did.

Nonetheless, I didn't.

Would you be willing to take
a lie detector test?

Excuse me?

Anthony, I've been knocking
on the door forever.

I know.
Well, why didn't you say,
"Come in"?

Because I don't want you
to come in.

Anthony, I am the senior A.D.A.
in this office

and you are my investigator.

Not exactly something you're
bashful about, Your Highness.

We need to talk.

No, we do not.


I know you don't want to work
on this investigation.

That's not true.


Replace "don't" with "won't."

Did I mention it's your job?

Plenty of other detective
investigators in this building

that you can use.

I need you.

The only way I'm gonna get close
is with someone he trusts.

Well, there's a reason he trusts
me-- because he can trust me.

You're putting me in
a really terrible position here.

I'm putting you out
when you're asking me to help

take down a guy that I went
through doors with?

Oh, boy, here we go.
You don't think I get enough

brothers-in-blue stories
at family dinner?

He may have stolen hundreds
of thousands of dollars.

Yeah, says a known drug dealer.

Who passed a poly.

Okay, Erin, whatever.

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm not going anywhere
until you say you're on board.

Well, then I hope you brought
a toothbrush and a sleeping bag.

You know, if I talk to the D.A.,
he's gonna authorize me

to make you do it.

Girl's got to do
what a girl's got to do.



girl already did.


Not afraid to throw inside,
are you, Erin?

We start first thing
in the morning.

Chief Penworth, sir.


Commissioner, good to see you.

So, I hear you're a grandpa now.

Elizabeth Haley Penworth.

I'll bet she's special.

The other day she asked

if we can buy her a
baby brother online.

Best thing
about being a grandpa:

all the fun, none of the work.

The air up here
too thin for you?

You okay?

I think you know how much
I respect you.

And you considering me
for this post has been an honor.

It's also been
a humbling experience.

I have to withdraw my name
from consideration.

I'm sorry to hear that.

No, Frank, it's
me who's sorry.

Jenny objects?

No, nothing like that.

She and the family are
completely on board.

Any reasoning you care to share?

I lied about my military service
in a published newspaper.

A local newspaper
a couple of decades ago.

You know about this?

And it ain't exactly
The New York Times.

And you didn't lie
about your military service,

you embellished your record.

Maybe nobody finds out
about this,

but it will always be out there,
hanging over my head.

And more importantly,
I said those things.

And they were not true.

Why'd you push it, Tom?

Wanted to look like a big shot
in my son's eyes.

Like every other dad
that ever walked the earth.

Told myself it was
a harmless white lie.

Which it was... until it wasn't.

I'm sorry it has to end
this way.

So, who do you like for it?

Well, Lindsey knowing
about the other marriage

makes her look
real good for this.

True, but, you know, she
was married to this guy

for 20 years, he's got another
family right across town.

Something tells me her
instincts would pick up on it.

Yeah. Women's intuition.

Eh. Or a wife's nosiness.

Ah. Here he comes.

It's not her.

Uh, well, then,

it's got to be...

It's not her.

She's telling the truth.

Come on.

You got to be kidding me.

We got nothing.

Not nothing.

Next to nothing.

No, we got something.

Look, we figure out who sent
the text to Lindsey about Janet,

we got something.

The text came
from a burner phone.

Dead end.
Not a dead end.

I was able to figure out where
the burner phone was purchased.

East side or west side?


It was purchased at a bodega
in Washington Heights.

With a credit card?


Well, how are we gonna
nail down our buyer?

Well, that's why I brought
the popcorn, you see?

What is all that?

These are surveillance videos

from the bodega
in Washington Heights.

We got to watch it all?


Want me to get
some Milk Duds, too?

Top of the morning,
my Irish rose.

Anthony. It's nice to see you.

Good to be seen.

So, we're good?

All good.

I thought about
what you said last night,

and it started
to sink in.

Truth is,

you're right.

Working this case is my job.

Well, I can't tell you
how happy I am to hear that.

So here you go.

What's this?

A letter to the D.A.

You're resigning?

You want to throw me chin music,

you better believe
I'm gonna charge the mound.

Anthony, this is crazy.

Look, I like this job plenty.

I even like working with you
most of the time,

but there's no way
I'm wearing a wire

on my partner.

Even if he stole hundreds
of thousands of dollars?

He didn't.
You don't know that.

I know him.
You don't.

Nobody knows anybody, Anthony.

It's the one thing we all come
to learn in this business.

He's a stand-up guy, Erin.

Well, he wouldn't be the first
stand-up guy to fall down.

Look, I'll give you this, Erin,
you know better than most,

because of this job
and who your family is,

but you still have never worn
the uniform.

Oh, come on, Anthony, I was
swaddled in the NYPD blues.

Yeah, but you never summoned up
the courage to go through a door

into a known hell
because you trusted

that another human being
had your six.

He save your life?

We saved each other's lives.

Multiple times.

Break a leg.

My brain's turning to oatmeal.


I can't watch another hour

of mind-numbing 40-ounce
bodega purchases.

Take a walk.

Are you seeing something
that means something?

You think I've got
the greatest hits tapes?

I'm watching
the same paint dry as you.

And you didn't get anything
when you called that number?

What number?

The number that came up

on the text that Lindsey got.

It's from a burner phone.
It's probably at the bottom

of the Gowanus right now.

You never called it?

Did you?


Do you have the number?

Wow, you will do
anything to avoid

actually working, won't you?

The number.

Straight to voice mail?

No, it's ringing, smarty-pants.

From the bottom of the river?

- Hello?
- It's a woman.

Hi, ma'am, um, I was calling
to let you know

that you are the lucky winner
of two tickets to see Hamilton,

on Broadway.

All I need is your name
and address,

and, um, uh, we'll send
the tickets right over.



Hung up?

Hung up. But the voice,
I recognized it.

Shut up.

Janet Thompson.

The wife.

I'll make you a deal.

What kind of a deal?

Sit down with him.

I told you, I'm not wearing
a wire on my partner.

No wire, just sit with him.

And do what?
And talk to him.

Just talk to him?
Just talk to him.

And if, by the end
of that conversation,

you still think he's innocent,
then I will drop everything.

You will?

I will.
You have my word, Anthony.

And whatever
you decide to do,

we'll make it work.

Thank you, Garrett.

Chief Cornick
is in the building.

Abigail's bringing him up.

He's a good choice, boss.

I mean, he might not be

your first choice,
but he's still

a top-shelf pick, you know?

Transit will be lucky
to have him.

Okay, Sid.

Chief Cornick's here.

Chief, take a seat.


Thank you for having me,


Craig's son is on the job,
did you know that?

Out in the 6-4.

I didn't know that.

I used to work in the 6-4.

It is an honor to be here again,

And, listen, I, I want to thank
you for sharing your concerns

about Chief Penworth.

Oh, no, not at all.

I felt it was my duty
to protect the department.

But you didn't really share
your concerns, did you?


Instead, you just lit
a smoke bomb

and hightailed it
out of the room.

Uh, I'm not sure I follow.

You used to ride with Penworth.

That makes you one of,
oh, I don't know,

maybe five guys
who knew about this.

And you were willing to use it
to get this job.

A-All due respect, Commissioner,

I... I hardly think
this is appropriate thanks

for saving your department from
another black eye in the press.

What Penworth did was wrong.

What you did was worse, Chief.

I blew the whistle
on a lie, sir.

I mean, cops blow whistles,
they always have.

Thanks for stopping by.

Well... kind of threw
Penworth under the bus.

Kind of?

No way anyone's gonna dig up
a little article

from a local paper
from a hundred years ago.

And that's really not
the point, is it?


Now what do we do?

Find an honest man.

You think she recognized
your voice?

If she did, she's halfway
to JFK by now.

Why would she hold
onto a burner phone?

Or why would she be crazy enough
to answer a burner phone?

RMPs in place?

Yeah, they're watching the back.

Okay, here we go.

Mrs. Thompson!

Police. Open up.

Come in, it's open.

Mrs. Thompson?

I killed my husband.

Well, I can't say
it makes me happy,

but Mrs. Thompson
is in the system.


I'm fried.

You okay if I go lay down?


You okay?

Yeah, I'm just fried, too.

But go ahead.

I'll keep working.

I'll be in the dorm.

All right.

Good to see you, man.


He says he didn't have
nothing to do with it.

Hey, we had a deal, Erin.

Baez. Come on,
you got to get up.


What are you doing here?

How did you get
into my apartment?

We're not in your apartment.

Open your eyes.
Come on.

You took a nap
in the squad, remember?

Oh, please tell me
this is a horrible dream.

it just might be.

What are you talking about?

We never bothered
to ask who was arguing.

The doorman.

Do you remember?

Neighbors complained
about raised voices.


We never bothered to ask
if anyone ever identified

exactly who the raised voices
belonged to.

Reagan, maybe I'm
still half asleep,

but I don't know what
you're talking about.

I mean, obviously, it was
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson.

Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson.

That's exactly
what I thought.

Yeah, because it's the only
one that makes any sense.

Or maybe you and I
weren't willing

to consider
the only alternative.

I have no idea
what you're saying,

but I know I don't like
the way you're saying it.

Mm. You know, sometimes I wish
I'd joined the fire department.

Firemen always get
to be the good guy.

Come on.

What is going on?

I'll show you. Come on.

While you were napping,

I watched the rest
of the surveillance tapes.

You watched all those?

Yeah, and look
what I found.

Am I supposed to
know who that is?

You're still sleeping.

Keep watching.


It's Trevor Thompson,
Janet's son.

He sent the text message
to Lindsey.

Now you're waking up.

Well, let's go get him.

No need.

Already done.

Shall we?

Why didn't you throw
away the burner phone

when you were done with it?

I don't know.

I didn't know
what to do with it,

so I-I just hid it
in my bottom drawer.

And your mom was in the
apartment when I called it?

She heard it ringing,

so she went to my bedroom
and found it.

But it was you who sent the text
to your father's fiancée.

You wanted her to
know who your mother was,

wanted her to know your
father had a family.

How'd you find out about
your father's other life?

It's okay, Trevor.
You can tell us.

I was running late
for school one day,

so I cut through the park.

And I saw him

come out of some building

with this woman and a baby.

You couldn't tell
your mother?

It would kill her.

So you told the
other woman.

And nothing happened.

That's when you decided
to confront your dad?

Somebody had to tell him
to knock it off.

But when you confronted him,
things got heated.

You had a knife on you?

I-I-I only meant--
I only meant to scare him.

But it wasn't your mom who
killed your dad, was it?

It wasn't her.

Good morning.

What the hell?!

God, you almost gave me
a heart attack.

I got to talk to you about
something important.

Okay. Well, do you have to sit
in my office in the dark

like some creeper?

We used to play a lot of poker
in the squad.


And we pretty much had
a regular game going,

and, to be honest,

I pretty much used
to run the table.

Well, I'm really happy for you.

I can see why you had
to scare the hell out of me

to give me that
critical information.

Especially when my partner,
Jimmy, was with us at the table.

I used to take him
to the cleaners.

You want to know why?

Because you're really good
at playing cards?

I'm average.

Well, above average to be
completely honest with you.

That's wonderful.
Are we anywhere near

this riveting tale
coming to a conclusion?

See, Jimmy Fusco had a tell.

Whenever he was bluffing,

he used to rub his chin.

That's how I used to own him.

Well, that certainly
was worth the suspense.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Don't you get
what I'm telling you?

No, I don't.

Last night when I asked Jimmy
if he had anything to do

with this money going missing...

He rubbed his chin.

He did it, Erin.

He did it.

Anthony, I'm sorry.

Uh, where does that leave us?

I mean, what do we do?

We ain't gonna do nothing.

You do realize you just said

that we are gonna do something.

Yeah, I do.

You do?

Let's go get
this son of a bitch.

She confessed to killing
her two-timing husband,

so I arrested her.
But it was his son.

Yes, but I was quick to take
her confession at face value,

which is my first failure.

What was your second?

I arrested the son.

For doing what, in the old days,
would've been considered

defending his mother's honor.

But it's not the old days.

So it's not a fail.

Okay, so maybe I didn't fail,
but I kind of wish I did fail.

Does that count?

Not sure.
Not a fail?

Okay, so I only failed once.

Nothing worse than when
the good guy's the bad guy.

Yeah, when the bad guy
keeps on destroying lives

even after he's gone.

Okay, whose turn? Who didn't go?


Come on, Jack.
You can't do that.

Can't pass.
I did not miss
this game at all.

There's no getting out of it,
Jack. Come on.

What did you fail at this week?

Can't we just be
like a normal family

and you guys ask us
about school or something?

Or talk about the good things
that happened this week?

It's tradition.

Because there's almost nothing
to learn from success.

Failure, on the other hand,

is the best teacher
you'll ever have.

And we will take
your word for it.
Not happening.

Guys, believe
me, I get it.

I used to think it was nuts,
too, but you'll see.

It's really useful.

Because if you aren't failing,
you aren't trying,

and if you aren't trying,
you aren't really living.
Exactly right.

Come on, Jack, spit it out.
What'd you screw up this week?
Yeah, what was it?

- Come on.
- Come on, son.

Embrace the pain.

All right, fine.

I asked Stacey Librizzi
on a date and she said no.



Shut up.


Way to go, Jack.

Say it with me. "Stacey
Librizzi, keep walking."

Hey, Stace, your loss.

Or "Please,
Don't Go, Girl."

- Yeah!
- What does that even mean?

It's an oldie, but goodie.
Forget about it.

We've all been there.

Welcome to the brotherhood.

You guys are all so weird.

What'd you learn from it?

Mm, I don't know.

Ah, Jack.

How about you took your shot,
you got shot down,

but you're still standing.

I'll go with that.

All right,
who else hasn't gone yet?


What about you, Francis?

Any failures this week?

Too soon to tell.

Most of the criteria that has
to be met for consideration

to a post like chief of transit
is obvious:

skill and experience,

scalability of talent,

integrity, honesty,

and the ability
to get along with me.

My choice has served this city
in 19 years of service

with this department,

including highly successful
postings in the Patrol,

Special Operations,

and Housing Bureaus.

He is well-liked and respected,

not just by all of us
in this building,

but by the rank and file
across this city.

But if there is one trait
that I would consider

first among equals
in picking a chief,

it is accountability.

You can't ask the men and women
in your command for it

if you don't first and foremost
own it yourself.

There is one of our finest
who meets all these criteria,

first to last...

our new transit chief,
Thomas Penworth.

Congratulations, Chief.

Captioned by
Media Access Group at WGBH