Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Heavy is the Head - full transcript

Jamie and Eddie ask Erin to drop the charges against a man who bravely rescued a woman from a local hostage situation; Danny and Baez work a case involving car thieves and discover the leader is a mobster they've dealt with before.

(tires screeching)

(blows horn)
What the hell?

Hey. Hey. Hey!

No, no! No! No!

Get him out!

Get out of the truck!



Let me go. Let me go.

Take the truck.

Take the wallet,
take the phone, okay?

Just... I won't say a word.

Damn right you won't say a word.

'Cause I know
who you are

and where you live.

Okay, I swear. Take the truck.

I won't say a damn thing
to nobody.

I believe you.

(yelling, crying)

(crying fades)

30 years old?

That's what it says
on the label.

30-year-old Rebel Tears.

That stuff's impossible to get.

I know a guy.

How'd you afford it?
Me and 11 guys

went in on a case.

My guy got us a discount.

- Hey,

when opportunity knocks,
you answer.


I can't just stand
by and not notice

if you guys are
drinking in here.

Nah, we're not drinking;
we're just admiring.

30-year-old Rebel Tears.
Whatever that is.

Liquid gold.
- I'm not crackin' it.


So, I just got a phone call

from my old sergeant.

He made captain a few weeks ago,

and they gave him
Group 1 at IAB.

Captain Bullman.

He asked me
to come work with him.

In his group,
answering directly to him.

Wow, that's great, Abby.


It's staying sealed.
We all get it.

You gonna take it?

I don't know.

I wanted to talk
to you guys first.

Boss is gonna be, I don't know,
I can't even imagine.

Well, that's a big part
of my hesitation.

What do you think
I should do?

Go back in time
and not tell us about it?

I promise I will not tell him
that we spoke about this.

Actually, you won't have to.

He'll just know.
Not if you don't tell him.

He'll just know in that way
that he just knows stuff.

I have been with him
going on nine years.

Great years, but I've gone
from being detective

to Miss Moneypenny.
- Abby,

he really values your smarts.

Anybody could see that.

I know. I just feel like a
small fish in a big pond.

This is hard.

I hear you.
It's one of those things

that's "nothing personal"

that gets taken
as "very personal."

By a man I owe and admire
more than I can say.


(tires screech)

Are you okay?

Help me.

Are you all right?

Help me, please!

Are you all right?

Come here.
He's trying to kill me!

Okay, it's okay.

- Where do you think you're going?!
- Let her go!

Let her go!
(all grunting)

(overlapping shouting)

I got you.

(bone cracks)

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

It's okay. It's okay.

I've got you, I've got you.

You're gonna be okay, all right?


Hey! Police! Police!

Hey! What's going on?
- Hey!

Hurry! Please hurry!

You have to help the others!


There's a guy in there
trying to kill her!

Stay put.





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You set?
- Go. Yes.

JAMIE (grunts):
Police! Don't move!

Police! Don't move!

You got it?
- Go, go.


You're gonna be okay.


Anybody else in here
with you guys?

Just stay put. We're
gonna help you out.

Eddie, I got two more.

Call it in.

Central, 12-David.
10-85 forthwith.

I got multiple hostages
at this location.

And we got
one under.

♪ Blue Bloods 8x10 ♪
Heavy Is the Head
Original Air Date on December 8,

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Was there anything
unusual about them?

Accents? Were they short,
tall, black, white?

You know the thing that really
gets me is they didn't have

to do this, 'cause they
already had the truck.

So they just did
it for giggles.

Which is why we want
to make 'em pay for that.

So, anything you can give us
to help will go a long way.

I already told you what I know.

Three guys in masks
took your truck.

That's what happened.

The best way
to protect yourself is

to put these guys behind bars.

Sorry. I didn't see a thing,


Do you mind if we, uh,
take a look at your wallet?

Your license is missing.

Sorry. I lost it.

They threatened you,
they took your license,

and now they have your address,

which is why
you're not gonna help us.

I didn't see a thing.

Can we go?

Is she gonna be okay?

Word from the hospital is she's
on her way to stable condition.

And the two other girls
you found?

Being treated
as we speak.

How bad was it in there?

Listen, the truth is it's gonna
be a long road to recovery,

but tomorrow's gonna be
a lot better for them

than yesterday, thanks to you.

I just... reacted.

By stepping up.

99 out of 100
would have turned away.

Trust me, I'm no hero.

If you knew me in real life,

you'd know I'm
just a regular guy.

Well, trust me, there is nothing
regular about you.

Parker Mack--
is that your full name?

Yeah, that's right.

Did you ever live
in Pennsylvania?

I went to college there.
Why? What's up?

You ever involved

in a grand larceny
auto situation down there?

Oh, that.

- Jamie?
- I can explain. That's...

Jamie, wh-what's going on?

I'm afraid you're under arrest.

Your name popped
on an outstanding warrant

in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Jamie, you can't be serious.

This kid-- he's a hero.

He's also a wanted felon.

Let's go.



Come here. Hands
behind your back.

I don't blame him.

Pack of animals like that

knows where I live,
I wouldn't be talking, either.

So you'd just let them go and do
it to somebody else, too, right?

Sorry. Priority number one
is protecting my family.

That attitude is exactly what
those animals are counting on.

It's why they even do this crap,
and they're gonna keep doing it

until someone's brave
enough to stand up.

Well, I don't know
what to tell you, Reagan.

Not everyone has your cojones.

Fair enough.

What about the
Finest Message?


Did the Finest Message
go out on the truck?

- Probably.
- Well, we got to find out definitely.

We need to find that truck.

What, are you thinking someone
left behind some fingerprints?

No. If they were smart
enough to wear masks,

they're smart enough
to wear gloves.

Well, so what then?

That then, right there.

The dash cam?
If I owned the fleet,

I'd have one of those bad boys

on board every vehicle
on the road.

We got to find that truck.

Straight after the lunch
with the archbishop,

you're up to Washington Heights
to dedicate the new...

We're gonna have
to push that a half hour.

Oh, we can't.
The whole day is back to back.

He never makes it out of lunch
with His Eminence on time.

GORMLEY: Can't you politely
remind the archbishop that...

There's no way to do that,
especially seeing

as the commissioner is also
a devout Catholic.

She's right. Push.

I'll take care of it now.

GARRETT: After the dedication, you got...
Just a sec.


You guys notice anything
about Abigail?



Like what?

Well, I know she gets allergies.

it's a high pollen count day.


Maybe you just ask her?

I will,
but I'm asking you first.

Any heads-up you can give me?


What do you want to know?

What it is I don't know.

She has a job offer.

Her old boss, Bullman--

he's now a
captain at IAB,

as you know.


And he reached out to her?

- Yes.

And she's pretty torn up
about it.

Well, I can imagine.

You can?
- Yeah.

I mean, for ten years,
she's been at that desk.

Her rank isn't Gal Friday.
It's Detective Second Grade.

There's got
to be frustration there.

Well, that's almost exactly
the way she put it.



So, they think it's gonna be
another day or two

before they can transfer Parker
back to Pennsylvania.

Yeah, paperwork on these
things can take a while.

Yeah, so we got that
going for us.

Got what going for us?

Just hear me out.
- Oh, no.

Jamie, this is crazy
and wrong and stupid.

It's also black and white.

He broke the law.
- Technically.

Look, I'm not happy to see
it going this way, either,

but the guy's wanted on
an outstanding warrant.

You heard his side
of the story.

His friends stole the car
and picked him up hours later.

He had no idea
the car was stolen.

Yes, that's his
side of the story.

And you don't believe him.
Doesn't matter what I believe.

He's got to fight a judge in
court just like everybody else.

But you don't want to help?

Help how?
- I don't know.

But I know you, and I know
you can come up with something.

I'm not some sort of criminal
justice magical genie.

Just-just listen.

Think about this
for two seconds.

Imagine what life would be like
for those three women

if not for what
that young man did.

That's got to count
for something.

I'm not making any promises.

I knew I could count on you,
Jamison Reagan.

(Jamie groans)

Okay, let's go.

(siren chirping)

Tell me you got
good news for us.

See for yourself.


Well, I was right.

Truck was outfitted
with a dashboard cam.

Then how come you ain't doing
your little happy dance?

Because somebody else

was expecting it to be outfitted
with a dashboard cam, too,

and they smashed it to bits.

Detective Reagan.

Well, if it isn't

The Artist Formerly Known
as TARU.

You remember me.

- Mm-hmm.
- You remember her.

Yes, I do.

I never forget a face.

What do you got?

It's for Detective Baez,

Oh, well,
she's right over there.

You, uh, asked us to take a
look at that dashboard cam.

- But it was smashed to pieces.
- Figured it was worth a look anyway.

And it was.

Because it was
a digital recorder,

I was able to salvage
one frame off the chip.

You got the license plate.

A partial, at least.

We ran a lawman search,

got three possible
registered owners.

Well, what do you know?

One of the names ring a bell?
Nicky Farina.

Part of Victor Lugo's crew.

Victor Lugo
as in "Defective Reagan"?

"Defective Reagan"?

Lugo's a mob capo

with a pet name
for our Danny Boy here.

(chuckles) Defective Reagan.

That's a good one.



Hey. How you doing?

Good. Sorry to bother you.
Not at all.

Everything okay?

It's my Good Samaritan.

Oh, right, I heard about that.

What a story.

Pretty courageous thing to do.

Yeah, it was. And he is.

Is there a problem?

When I took him back
to the station,

his name popped
on a GLA warrant.

- Yeah, down in Pennsylvania.

I spoke to him,

and he says he didn't know
the car was stolen,

and for what it's worth,
I believe him.

It's not worth much. No offense,

but he's wanted

on an out-of-state felony.

Pretty much out of moves.

That's true, but...

But what?
I know a lot of times

the DA's Office
has forgotten about these.

Maybe they don't even care
about it.


What if a certain someone

spoke to the Bucks County DA's
Office and put in a good word?

Okay. I'm sorry, Jamie,

but as someone who sits
on this side of the desk,

if some out-of-town cop
calls me with a sob story

about some collar
he has a soft spot for,

it's going in one ear
and right out the other.

Probably right.

But what if

it's not coming from some cop
with a soft spot?

What if it's coming from someone

who sits on the same side
of the desk as him?

(laughs) You want me to do it?

Thank you so much.

- Oh, no, no, no, no. I didn't say yes.
- You are the best.

No, Jamie, Jamie,
come Ba...

I hate my brothers.

Then just tell him his captain

has a different last name now
and a different way

of doing things. Copy?

Get it done, please.

As you were, please.

Uh, I was just upstairs
with Chief Halleran,

and I wanted to stop by
and congratulate you

on your two bars.

Thank you, sir.

And I understand you've been
talking to Detective Baker

about joining you here.

Well, in a sense.

In a sense?

I was very clear with her
when she came to me.

She came to you?

And my first response
was no substantial talks

unless and until
the commissioner

had given his blessing.

I appreciate that.

I wouldn't have it
any other way.

She is a valuable member
of my team.

You'd be getting
the best of the best.

And I would make the most
of that opportunity,

I can tell you that.

I'm sure you would.

Anyway, congratulations.

Overdue and well-deserved.


She goes like this:

one, two, three, four.

Boom! That's how fast

I just took this baby
from zero to 60.

Left your ass on the line.

Get out.
- No, you get out.

This, gentlemen,

is the world-famous DB11,

brought to you by the legendary

Aston Martin.

Check out this interior.
You know what this is?

You know what this is?

This is genuine
Bridge of Weir leather hides

from Scotland.

Hand stitched

with ten gauge thread.

Smell that. (sniffs)

Mmm! Nothing but class.

You know what I think of
when I think of class?

I think of you, Victor Lugo.

Step back.

Well, if it isn't his
Royal Defectiveness.

Not for nothing, but you
might want to come up

with some new material.

Oh, fellas, the defective
wants some new material.

All right,
how about this?

What are the four
major food groups for a cop?

Jelly, powder, frosted
and chocolate glazed.


That's good.

And this is one sweet ride.

Little bit above
my price range,

but very nice.
Hey, you start saving now,

you could probably afford one
in, like, 900 years.

But not to worry.

Tony's got a line on
some used Hyundais

you might be interested in.

I'll be sure to
give Tony a call.

But you know what's
even funnier, guys,

is that this numbnuts
was dumb enough

to go out and purchase
a vehicle like this

only three days after
hijacking an 18-wheeler.

Wrong again, Defective.
I didn't hijack nothin'.

And look at that price.

Over $200,000. Wow!

That's steep.

Although, with the $300,000
you made out with

from the truck heist,
that actually leaves you

plenty of gas money,
give or take $100,000.

I got to hand it
to you, Reagan.

You almost made me
flinch there, almost.

Almost. He is a tough nut
to crack, I got to say.

But your old pal
and cohort, Nicky Farina,

he's not so tough to crack.


You talked to Nicky?

I didn't talk to Nicky,
but Nicky did talk to me.

Get out of here.
- Oh, yeah.

Just a few minutes ago, right
around the corner, actually.

Anyway, see you.

What, he's over here?

Well, not for long.

No, no, he doesn't want
to see you right now.

No, no, let me see.

He's feeling a little bad

No, no, let me see.

Hey, Baez.



That's my car.

Your car's over there.

BAEZ: I don't know
about this, Reagan.

Look, all you got to do is
sit in the box with Farina

and have him sign
some generic paperwork.

I'll walk Lugo past.

He sees his buddy
scribbling something down,

and then this hamster
does the rest.

I'm not doubting
that it will work.

Then what?

It just feels wrong.
What feels wrong?


We're allowed to lie.

Okay, deceit is
perfectly legal.

It doesn't mean it's right.

We're not the God Squad,
we're the cops.

Okay, if it holds up
in court, we do it.

Come on.
Come on.

Okay, but I still don't
feel good about this.

Then we'll visit
confession after

and you'll feel all better--
get in there.

Victor Lugo.


Oh, yeah, that.

Well, you know the game.

Whoever cooperates first
gets the deal.

He can't see you, Einstein.

So much for honor
amongst thieves, huh?

Give me a pen.
Let's do this.

Okay, right this way.

Detective, not another
word to my client.

Talbott, what are
you doing here?

And you keep your mouth shut.

- Shut it.

Detective Reagan,
valiant effort,

but I'll take things from here,
thank you very much.

You sure you want
to do this, Lugo?

I mean, whoever cooperates last
gets the bottom bunk at Rikers.

Have you ever been
the bottom...?

Another word
to my client, Detective,

and we go right to One PP.

I know some people there.

Yes, you do,
which is why the press

will jump at my tale of you
getting my client down here

on false pretenses
like catnip.

Yeah, I don't read the press.

False pretenses?

- He lied to you, dummy.
- Just a little bit.

Did you say anything?

Not a peep.

Let's go.

You're right to be miffed.

Bullman said Baker
reached out to him.

But you can't blame someone
for wanting a change.

She's young,
she's sharp.

That's not it.

According to the guys,

she said he reached out to her.

What does it matter
who called who?

Well, Baker slots easily
into a whole lot of roles.

But Internal Affairs?
Not top of my list.

But maybe hers.

I don't think so.

And it's been ten years
since she worked for the guy.

He's been closer longer to a
whole lot of people since then.

Why reach so far back
into the past?

Because of where she sits
in the present,

right next to the PC every day.

He'd be hiring a great big hook
into One PP.

There you go.

Thank you.

Well, I'm just playing
along here, Francis.

I'm not saying that's
definitely the motive.

But more than just
a possibility.

But one that there's no way
you can bring up to her

without insulting her
to her core.

But there's a trust there.

Between boss and subordinate.

But you can't just turn around
and be the friend from work

with the sympathetic ear

and the sound advice.

Those days are long gone.


Hey, good news. Your
sister just showed up.

You mean bad news.

Bad news-- how do you know?

Reagan thing-- good news
is easy; bad news, you show up.

No go?

Bucks County DA
gave me a hard no.

Because he's a hard-ass
or because he knows something

on this that we don't?

Reading between
the lines,

he's up for reelection.

Oh, and his opponent's hammering
him for being soft on crime?

Pretty much.

So my guy's collateral damage?

Well, he did commit
a felony, Jamie.

A four-year-old E felony,

and the kid's got zero record
before or since.

Well, I'm sorry,
but it is what it is.

Did you tell him
what my guy did?

Did you tell him that he

saved those three girls' lives?

Of course I did,
but he's a politician.

If there's nothing in it for
him, then it never happened.

Okay. Thank you for trying.
You should know

they're gonna try to extradite
him to Pennsylvania today.

Okay, on it.

You got the Mack file?

We really have
to transfer him now?

Yeah, forthwith.


Hey, what are you doing?

I asked you for the Mack file.

Yeah, and I...

I, uh, I thought
you had it last.

Me? No, I thought you had it.

Are you sure?

Let's check our desks.
It's got to be there somewhere.


Hey, what are we doing?

How come you're not saying
anything to me?

Because I've nothing to say.

You are so mad at me.

I am so not mad at you.

Well, if you're not mad now,

you're about to be.
- Why?


Uh, Detective Reagan?

Wh-What are you?

♪ Oh, Detective Danny

♪ You are so defective

♪ With every objective

♪ You are so ineffective

♪ This isn't subjective

♪ It's everyone's perspective

♪ Irrespective
of your electives ♪

♪ Subjectives

♪ The verdict is

♪ You are defective.

Uh, compliments of,
uh, Victor Lugo.

Are you done now?

Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry.

Good, then get the hell
out of here.

- Thank you.
- My uncle's a cop. Thank you.

Get out of here.

(officers laughing)

Go ahead,
help yourselves.

Jump in.

I'm probably making more of this
than is necessary.

If it's important to you,
it's important to me.

Thank you.

Baker, it's just
you and me here.

That's the thing.

I have so much respect for you.

Why don't you start with

"We've known each other
a long time"?


An opportunity
has come up for me

that I'd like to take
and I'd like your blessing.

At Internal Affairs.


Captain Bullman and I worked
closely together

before I came to you,

and he's asked me
to join his team.

He asked you?

Yes, sir.

This is not something
I sought out.


I hope you know...

and if you don't, I'm telling
you now, straight up,

how much working with you

and learning from you
has meant to me.

I think I do.

And thank you.

Abigail, you are a smart,
talented detective.

Anybody'd be lucky to have you.

You are most needed here
in this office, however.


I am deny...

I am denying your request
for transfer.

I'm sorry, I know that's not
the news you wanted to hear.

No, it's not.

Be that as it may,
that is my decision.

That's it?
No discussion.

We just had the discussion.

I will be at my desk
if you need me.

(door opens)

(door closes)

I've already given you
my answer, Detective.

I know.

And I respect that, I do.
Obviously not.

No, I do. It's just,
there's more to it than that.

Yeah, for you.

No, for you, too.
For all of us.

Us? Wh-Who's us?

You know, the truck drivers,
the neighborhood,

the city, the country. Hell...

the whole damn world,

when you really
get down to it.

The whole damn world?
- Yes.

If everybody in your situation
made the same decision you made,

because you're afraid, we'd have
no bad guys behind bars.

I'm not everybody else.

I'm Roberto Alonzo.

Husband to Maria Alonzo

and father to Randy, Ana,
and Julie Alonzo.

I know that.

I have to get back to work.


You're empty-handed.

Yeah, you were right.

You happy?

Not very,
but I get it.

Well, I don't get it.

Who are you calling?

Don't worry about it.

This guy doesn't want
to do the right thing,

I'll do it for him.

Well, what
are you doing?

Just trust me.

- Victor Lugo.
- Hey-- Shh. Danny, don't.

Hey. It's your old pal,
Defective Reagan.

Yeah. I wanted to thank you
for the doughnuts.

That was very,
very thoughtful.

I also wanted to let you know
that you just purchased yourself

a first-class ticket
to Rikers Island, my friend.

Oh, yeah, you did.

Because that truck driver
you robbed, Roberto Alonzo,

he picked you out
of a photo array.

So hope you have a nice trip.

- What the hell are you doing?
- Just...

You just signed that
man's death certificate.

You happy?

Police! Drop it!

What the hell?

Turn around!
(sirens wailing)

Turn around...

Victor Lugo...

(grunts)'re under arrest.

Guess your plan was
a little defective, huh?

(handcuffs tighten)

(Danny chuckles)
JANKO: There you are.

I've been looking
all over for you.

Did you get any
of my texts?


Were you going to
respond to any of them?

I was busy.

Doing what?

(phone chimes)

Great. While you were
busy doing "things""

I was getting chewed
out by the sergeant.

Yeah. I saw.

Did you also see that I had
to turn over Parker's file?

I tried to stall, but
he was not having it.

I know.
And it's gonna be fine.

How is that gonna be fine?
They are prepping Parker

for extradition to
Pennsylvania as we speak.

Look, it's gonna be
what it's gonna be.

I cannot believe you are
being this blasé about it.

I can.

- Erin?

What, you didn't tell her?

Tell her what?

Come on.

You really think
I'm gonna fall for that?

Fall for what?
Tell me what?

I don't know what
she's talking about.

You're a
terrible liar.

But you're
a pretty damn good person.

What the hell's going on?

I just got a call
from the Bucks County DA

Turns out he's had
a change of heart.

Dropped all the charges
against Parker.

all three women

that Parker saved
reversed their decision

not to talk to the press
and gave an exclusive interview

to a local reporter
in Pennsylvania.

And you put that together?

Your guy

is now a local hero.

The DA had no choice
but to vacate his warrant.

Pass the potatoes, Pop?


What do you mean, no?

Hold on, hold on.

What's going on, Gramps?

Before I pass you anything,
I need to know,

since when did we go
into the business

of just letting criminals
walk away?

Well, that's not
exactly the case.

Says his coconspirator.
Wait a minute.

The guy was a Good Samaritan.

JAMIE: A hero, even.
Under attack,

he helped save
three women

who were being held
and tortured by some psycho.

He was also a fugitive

with an outstanding warrant
for grand theft auto.

You getting in on this, too,
huh, Dad?

Well, you know me and Pop,
we like things done by the book.

The book is there
for a very good reason.

With no room for common
sense interpretation?

He didn't know
the car was stolen.

He able to prove that?

Well, not forensically.

How, then?

I believed him.

And I believed him.

I thought you were a cop and a
lawyer, not a judge and a jury.

And I'm really starting
to love this whole thing.

Love what?

This. Restoring law and order
to the family dinner table.

All you need to know
is in the book.

Well, not all. But continue,

please, Gramps.
I'm pretty sure

that the oath
cops take

does not include a phrase

about taking the law
into your own hands.


This is a lot, Pop,
even coming from you.

Yeah, Grandpa.




Do you get our point?

Yes and no.

I think so.


Well, what is our point?

That the law,

on the books and by the books,

always beats what cops
and attorneys think are...

What's that word,
before "circumstances"?


Right. That.

But then you might as well have
software and robots

handing out justice.


I'm with Mom and Uncle Jamie.

- Um,

yeah, I got to say...

well, what she said.

Sorry. I'm with Nicky
on this one.

Don't be sorry.

Music to my ears.


How can it be music
to your ears?

They just disagreed
with everything you guys said.

As my granddaughter
rightly said,

even a robot can be programmed
to strictly go by the book.

The good cop,
the valuable lawyer

can put the book down

and look into the heart
of the matter.

What was this whole thing, just
some con you guys cooked up?

No, no, no, no, no, it's just

what they call
"a teaching moment" nowadays.

They also still call it
a con and a scam.

Teaching moment.


And they all passed
with flying colors.

The next generation
of a long, proud line.

Hear, hear!

JAMIE: Well, next time
your run a con on me,

could you let me in on it?
Gave me indigestion.

Well, if I let you in on it,

it wouldn't be a con, now,
would it?

(Henry laughs)


I'll be honest with you, Reagan,
when you lied to Lugo

about Roberto I.D.'ing him,

I thought you'd officially
gone off the deep end.

You really thought
I was just gonna

leave that poor guy
out to dry like that?

Well, I know how much
Lugo got under your skin.

Hey, no, that clown did
not get under my skin, okay?

"Defective Reagan"?

Didn't bother me.
Hmm. Right.

That's why we're
driving around in his car?

It's not my fault this vehicle

was purchased with funds
derived from criminal activity.

Which, incidentally,
make it subject to, uh,

confiscation under asset,

uh, uh...
(snapping fingers)

- Forfeiture guidelines.

See? I learned a lot
working with the DEA.

(engine revving)

Hang on one second.

(tires screeching)




What the hell are you doing?

Hey, isn't that Lugo
sitting right there?

(horn honks)

Hi, Victor!

We'll be seeing you around.


Hang on.

(engine revs, tires squeal)

WOMAN: Excuse me,
is this seat taken?


I was expecting Garrett.

I know.
He sends his regrets.

What can I get for you?

What he's having.

This is straight whiskey.

What he's having, please.
And back him up.

What my gut tells me?
- Shoot.

The boys told you
about the offer,

and you led them to believe

that you were going
to sign off on it.

Based on what I knew, yeah.
And then,

you pulled the rug
right out from under me.

Well, that's one
way to put it.

So I dusted myself off,
tried to focus.

What I knew was
you're a hard guy,

but not a mean or petty one.

At least I thought I knew.

I hope you know.

I reached out
to Captain Bullman,

asked if you'd contacted him
about the transfer request.

He said you'd
stopped by his office.

I was able to glean

that he'd framed his offer
as a response to me

asking him to get me
transferred there.

But the offer originated
with him.

Why do you think he
fudged it with me?

I gleaned that he thought
it would be seen as poaching

if you knew the offer
came from him.

I mean, there's always
a push and pull

between divisions to
harvest the best people.

Yes, but not out of your office.
That's just not done.

And that told you...

That my real value
to Captain Bullman

was as a hook into One PP.

And I came to
the same conclusion.

But there was no way
of sharing your doubts

without insulting
the living crap out of me.

At least.

So instead of sending me off
to be a pawn,

you denied the transfer request
without telling me why.

- 'Cause I couldn't.
- Yes, you could have.

Maybe someone else,
but not me.

If you're waiting
for a thank you,

don't hold your breath.

I'm not.

How 'bout just...
case closed?

Okay, case closed.


Nice work, Detective.

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