Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 11 - Second Chances - full transcript

When a journalist disappears while working on an exposé about an innocent man serving time for murder, Danny and Baez hope that re-examining the original case will help them find her.

- Detectives.
- Yup.

I got a Jessica Guimond
here to see you.


I'm making a documentary
on Ethan Goodwin.

Little busy here today.
Uh, send her over to DCPI.

I have a source
that says he's innocent.

Uh, is that source
named Ethan Goodwin?

Did that source tell you
that Ethan Goodwin confessed

to the murder himself?

Yes, and that
the confession was a lie.

Ethan's son was killed in a
dispute over a basketball game.

Ethan got revenge.
He confessed to the crime.

It's an open-
and-shut case.

I didn't come here to debate.

Good. Then good-bye.

I came 'cause my life
is being threatened.

By who?
I don't know.

Well, that makes two of us.

Ever since I started
working on this project,

I've been receiving
messages to back off.

Do you have
any evidence of a crime?

No, just the threats.

Then I can't help you.

I'm not... I'm not
asking any favors.

Okay, I just wanted you to know.

You wanted me to know what?

That you've been threatened or
that you're making a documentary

questioning the integrity
of my case?

I wanted you to know because
if something happens to me,

you'll connect it
to Ethan Goodwin's case.

I'll be sure to do that.

Or maybe I'll just make
a documentary about it.

- Let's go.

I was hoping that you would
lend your name and support

to our initiative,
to speak out and tell the public

why we need to rethink
the way we deal with addicts.

Let me get this straight.

You want to prescreen which
drug addicts you incarcerate

and which you don't?

Some low-level offenders
need rehab and not prison.

Your father's
a compelling example,

which is why I'm asking you
to share your family's story.

Yes, my dad should've
gone to rehab.

He was a doctor,
a father and husband,

a contributing member
of society...

He was also using and
prescribing opiates illegally.

Until he got into heroin
in that cell you put him in.

I'm here to try to change
the way we do business,

so we can prevent
people like your father

from just being dumped
into the system.

Only I'm having a
hard time finding him.

You and me both.

Oh, I-I thought
he was practicing again,

and he was clean and sober
for the past two years.

You thought wrong.

He started using again
six months ago.

I'm sorry. I clearly have
outdated information.

You really want to help?
Find my father.

I am not
the Missing Persons bureau.

I think you owe us that,
Ms. Reagan.

Wherever my father is,

it's at least partly
your responsibility.

I fully support the D.A.'s
initiative to separate out

those offenders
whose profiles meet a standard

for rehabilitation
instead of incarceration.

But, in my opinion,
it does not go far enough.

Today, I am challenging our
lawmakers and our justice system

to decriminalize possession
and use of all narcotics,

across the board,

to dismantle the nanny state
once and for all

and give the right to choose
back to the people,

which is just,
which is the American way.

Son of a bitch.

I just saw it, but I
can't believe my eyes.

Or ears. This is out there?

How'd they do it?

There's technology out there

that allows for audio
and video manipulation.

All they need's
20 minutes of recordings,

and they can manipulate
any footage they have on you.

Sounds like science fiction.

Who has these capabilities?

Probably all the players...
including us, obviously.



We have a suspect in custody?

Computer Crime Squad's
all over it.

This just broke
less than an hour ago.

When we do,

hopefully before the next one,
I want to be there.

Be where?

To make the arrest.
I want to look him in the eye.

I worked my whole life
to earn the trust

of the people I serve.

I can see you're shook up,

I know you're gonna
make a statement.

I know it is gonna be called out
as fake; I got that.

But this? This is personal.

She came to you for help, Danny.

What if she really needs it?

I already told you,
I didn't screw up that case.

You can't ignore
what she has to say

just because she set you off.

I'm not set off.
I know you.

The minute she said
she was looking

into an old case of yours,
she became the enemy.

I'm here, aren't I?

Jessica Guimond! Police!


You said she'd been
receiving threats.

She say by who?


As in, she didn't know
or you didn't ask?

Uh, I didn't have
a chance to ask.

And would you please stop
guilting me about it? Thank you.

You think she was right?
That Goodwin was innocent?

Well, that wouldn't explain
a kidnapping, would it?

Unless she got too close
to the real murderer.

Or maybe somebody
just didn't want her

sticking her nose in
where it didn't belong.

How about that?

You find something?

It's her schedule book.

She's pretty OCD.
She writes everything down.

Here's her meeting with me.

Now, she did have
a lunch scheduled

with a Jason Bevan afterwards.

Maybe he's the last to seen her.

I need a favor.

Only reason you ever
come down to my closet.

I need you to find someone,
a Dr. Lee McByrne.

Doesn't ring a bell.

I prosecuted him for illegally
prescribing himself meds.

Seems he might be using again.

Yeah, him and half
of New York City.

That'll be like finding
a needle in a syringe stack.

What's he to you?

His son blames me
for what happened.

You didn't put
the needle in his arm.

No, but I recommended
the judge send him to prison,

where he got into heroin.

He chose that path, not you.

Maybe I helped him along.

Can you find him?

I'll work my magic.

But no blaming me
for what I find, okay?

I promise.

His name
is Colin Taylor.

31, ex-Navy, worked
Intelligence there.

He pops as a partner
in a company

that's been developing

in digital manipulation.

Anything go to motive?

Nothing so far.

No flags on his discharge
or on the firm he's with.

Do we know where he is?

We're working on that.

Is this one of those
Internet things

where the guy's working above
a bakery in Eastern Europe?

A car registered to him
made a round trip

through the Midtown Tunnel
two days ago, so I doubt it.

Okay, can anyone give me a why?

Maybe it's a publicity stunt to
prove their tech actually works.

And I'm the guinea pig?

Not saying that.

Or he's one of them disruptors.

But what's he disrupting,
putting words in my mouth?

Boss, have you even heard
of this guy before just now?

No, I have not.

Then let's assume it isn't
personal. Turn that flame down.

I can't. Maybe some could.
I can't.

May I try?

Was it your face, your voice?

Then no.

Boss, can I say one thing?

The idea of you
being at the arrest,

I think it sends
the wrong signal.

We got murderers,

rapists, arsonists,
all kinds of bad guys.

And I don't show up
at any of those collars.



I'm sorry I'm right.

You need to come out
loud and clear

about the D.A.'s Diversion
and Treatment Program.

Okay, I'm against it.

Press conference
or select interviews?

Neither. I just said it.
I'm against it.

Copy that.

And, boss, I'm gonna bring you
the head of Colin Taylor.

You can count on me.

I saw Jessica yesterday
at our weekly status meeting.

She seem nervous or express
any concern for her safety?

No, she was totally normal.

She say if she was
going somewhere after?

I think to talk to one of
her mysterious sources.

Is everything all right?

Did Jessica do something?

Did she mention
she'd been receiving threats?


We don't know.

Possibly somebody
who wants to screw a lid

on her project
about Ethan Goodwin.

We all want her
to put an end to it,

but no, I don't know anyone
who would threaten her.

You've told her
to stop the project?

Yeah, it's a dead story.

Dead how?

Ethan Goodwin still
maintains he's guilty.

The whole Goodwin family
wants nothing to do with this.

So her source isn't somebody
inside the Goodwin family?

Nope. And if they don't
want a part in it,

it's got to be bogus.

Maybe so. We'll be in touch.


You're interrupting
visiting hours

with my daughter, Detectives.

We were hoping we could've
met with you in private.

We hardly get to see
each other as it is.

Fair enough.
We'll make it quick.

Did you get a visit
from Jessica Guimond?

Yeah, a few times, yeah.

She tell you she was convinced
that you were innocent?

I told her she got it wrong.

Why would she think otherwise?

Seemed like she was just...

fishing for one of them stories.

One of...

"them stories"?


Black man gets railroaded.
Put a tear in your eye.

Well, I told her that I'm
not one of those stories.

- I did what I'm in for.
- What do you care

what kind of story
she was telling

if the whole point of it was

to get you out of here?

A man in prison can still
care about the truth.

I just want to serve
my time and get out.

We're trying to get my father

moved to a prison
closer to home.

That's all we're about
right now.

So, why are you here?

Jessica Guimond is missing.

She's missing?


We think kidnapped, maybe.

And you think I had
something to do with it?

Look around.

I don't got no way
to do nothing.


Are you sure
you don't know anything?

I got to ask.

She was just trying to help you.

I don't know nothing about it.


Anyone threaten you?

Threaten me?
What are you talking about? No.

It's conceivable you
were threatened, too.

You know anything about that?

The one thing I know,
Mr. Reagan,

is that you put me in here,

and there's nothing more
you can do to me or make me do.

Now get out and leave us be.


Enjoy your visit.

Dr. McByrne?

Used to be.

Erin Reagan.

What are you doing here?

Your son asked me to find you.
He's worried about you.

You bought that?

He wants you to get help.

And I want to be left alone.

So give me that one victory,
would you?

This don't smell like victory.

To each his own, big man.

How'd you stay clean
for a year and a half?

With great difficulty.

Well, if you did it once...

I've been in rehab four times.

Nothing sticks.

Apparently Jesus helps, but...

I never believed in ghosts.

Oh, you have this down pat, huh?

Had a lot of time
to take personal stock.

Prison'll do that to you.

You care about your son?

I care that he moves on.

That I'm not a burden to him,

that he takes responsibility
for his life

the same way that
I've taken for mine.

You call this responsibility?

Yes, I do, and you, Miss Reagan,

you don't get to lecture me
about responsibility,

not until you're ready to cop
to your place in all this.

She didn't do this to you.

It's okay, Anthony.
No, she didn't.

I did, but she made sure

that I got a head start
down this road.

Well, if I did, I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.

Now, please,

just let me be.


We found your father.

Was he scrubbing up for surgery?



Yeah, funny.

You got a parent
who's an addict,

you make jokes to stay sane.

We tried to get him help.
He wouldn't listen.

Saw that coming.

Because it was coming from me.

He blames me
for the shape he's in.

What did you expect?

That a doctor would be
smarter than that.

Hold on. You have no right.

No. A guy comes in here
all busted up

because he was hit by a truck,
do you operate

or do you tell him,
"It's the truck driver's fault,

so go find him
and have him operate."

Close, but no cigar.

Pretty damn close.

Why ask her to find him
in the first place

when you're standing
on the sidelines?

Because I wanted her to see
what she did to him.

Well, I did, and it sucks,
and we can sit here

and debate whether or not
I'm the truck driver here,

but in the meantime, the
patient is still busted up.

So what are you gonna do, Doc?

What do you want me to do?

Your job.

A man is in pain and there's
only one doctor in the house.

You think Ethan is lying?


I think maybe I might've
been a little quick

to take his confession
back then.

He admitted
to committing a homicide.

No one would blame you
for not looking further.

Right, and if I did
happen to miss something...

which is a big if...

it's the kind of thing you
wouldn't even know to look for.

Look at this.

The night Jessica disappeared.

This is the last time we see her

entering or exiting
the building.

And he leaves later without her.


We got any video of her
coming back out again?

The camera in the back is
busted; this is all we've got.

Hold on, look at that.

The-the earrings.

I've seen that before.

It's, um...

it's a mark, the Hellians,
a gang, the Hellians.

That's the Hellians marker.

They were a gang that was active
in the neighborhood

back in the day
around the time of the murder.

Can't be a coincidence.
Do you think this guy did it?

I think I want to speak to him.

Let's call Gang Unit and see if
they can put a name to the face.

He's here.

Hey, Dad.

A.D.A. Reagan.

Oh, it's one of those.

Afraid so.

Good afternoon, Commissioner.

Thanks for coming in.

Did you see it?

I did. I'm sorry.

Your office behind it?

Is that a real question?


It's just the whole idea
of "real" seems up for grabs.

Well, it's one thing
when you read about it.

It's a whole 'nother
when you're the...

You okay?

Actually, I'm being
a big baby about it.

I know it, but I can't
seem to shake it.

It's completely understandable.

Well, I'm supposed to be
tougher than the rest.

Look, I never liked
the camera when I was a cop.

I used to make myself scarce

when the news trucks
came around, but this job,

I got to, so I bite a bullet.

But that's all an act.

I don't know.

I guess when you work so hard
to overcome something

and it gets
turned against you...

You feel violated.

No, that's a word
real victims own.

I'm just feeling...


Your secret's safe with me.

Thank you.


I wanted to give you
fair warning.

You're coming out
against my office.

Well, I have to clear it up,

state my real opinion now
that the fake one's gone viral.

Which is the same as saying

you're going to
torpedo the program.

No, I'm not gonna
shoot you down.

But that's what
it will amount to.

The initiative's
a good thing, Dad.

It leans in on
normalizing drug use.

It's not normalizing anything.

It's getting people the help
they need when they need it.

It could change the stigma
of drugs in general.

Well, that stigma
is a useful tool.

I don't want to lose it.
I'm sorry.

If you could've seen
what I just saw,

a doctor that we put away for...

That's not gonna change my mind.

You know what?

The fake you in that tape
made some good points

the real you should
pay attention to.

Looking for a Mason Grant.

Heard he hangs out here.
You seen him around?

Never heard of him.
Never seen him.

"Never heard of him.
Never seen him."

Sure you haven't.

Anybody here know a Mason Grant?

Don't know who that is.

We're not looking
for any problems here.

We just need to ask him
a few questions.

Sorry, man.

Hey! Police!

Get out of the way!

Turn around!
Hands on the table!

Jack, hey.

Listen, I'm gonna be home
late again, all right?

You're gonna miss the game?

I'm not gonna miss the game,

but I'm probably gonna
miss dinner,

so why don't you pick up
a pizza, okay?

Sounds like
a silver lining to me.

Ha-ha, very funny.

You guys do your homework?

- Yeah. We're done.
- All right.

And make sure Sean
starts his project, okay?

I'll see you in a while.

You sure you don't
recognize this woman?

Never seen her.

Not even with Mason?

I barely even see him.

How do you two know each other?

We were both members of
the Hellians back in the day.

And you still are?

Nah. Gang got broken up
a long time ago.

Oh, right. So you just
stay in touch with each other

and hang out from time to time,
is that it?

Yeah, from time to time.

Sounds like consorting.

Yeah, sure sounds like
consorting to me, too.

Come on.

You got nothing on me.

Actually, we've got you

on obstructing
governmental administration.

Quite literally obstructing it.

Don't look at me.
Don't look at me, either.

You're the one
that bumped into me.

I had a few drinks.

Didn't mean to
bump into the detective.

Yeah, I'm sure you didn't.

And it's fortunate for
you that I care more

about getting home to my kids

than seeing your lying ass
end up in jail tonight.

Now, just tell us
where Mason is,

we'll issue a D.A.T. and
you'll be on your way.

What's that mean?

It means tell us
where we can find Mason

and you can get
the hell out of here!

Otherwise, it's into the system.

I don't know where he lives
or anything like that.

Well, you said you still
stay in touch, right?

So you must have
his phone number.

We'll take that.

Give us his phone number so
we can get the hell out of here

and go home, tonight!

I can't snitch like that.

Okay, well, don't think
of it as snitching.

All right? Think of it
as avoiding another charge,

because we already
got you on obstructing,

and we're about to get you
on hindering prosecution!

Now give us
the damn phone number!

Come on, Sean,
you got to start your project

or you're never gonna finish.

I'll do it first thing
in the morning tomorrow.

All right, you're getting up
earlier than me then.

But that's like 5:00 a.m.
Yeah, you want to

watch the game, you get
up earlier than me.

That's the deal.
Where the hell's your brother?

He should've been back by now.

I don't know, but I'm hungry.

Jack, that you?

What the hell happened, Jack?

Hey, what happened to you?

I tried stopping them.
They drove away.

Get the first aid kit.
No, it's in the bathroom.

Who Who did this?

Dad, I'm fine.

You're not fine!

You're all beat up,
your glasses are broken.

What the hell happened?
They were leaving this.

Jack saw them walking away

from our door.

He went after them,
but they sucker punched him

before he could do anything.
Is he all right?

Yeah, he's fine.
He's tougher than he lets on.

I'm sorry, Danny.

Don't be sorry for me.

Be sorry for the son of a bitch
who did this

when I get my hands on him.

Did he see their face?

No, he said they had on
a cap and a hoodie.

It was too dark
to see anything else.

You know, whoever did this,

they knew who we were.

I mean,

they had to have been
tipped off.

Maybe someone recognized you
from the initial case.


What else do we got
on this Mason Grant?

TARU called
just before you got here.

They got the location
on his phone.

Well, what the hell
are we waiting for? Let's go.

Get out of here.
Come on, beat it.

Hey, you in a hurry?

Yeah, I am actually,

if you don't mind.
We do.

You're gonna tell us
everything you know

about Jessica Guimond.

What are you
talking about?

She was last seen with you.

What do you mean "last seen"?

Don't play stupid.

She's been missing 48 hours.

I'll tell you everything
you want to know.


Let's take a walk.

Come on.

As far as my guys

on the street know,
he's in the wind.

How many guys we talking about?


You're wasting resources,
including me.

How can you say
I'm wasting resources?

Because you're looking for a guy
who doesn't want to be found,

for his son who doesn't care
about finding him.

Pretty much defines
wasting resources.

There's a Brian McByrne
here to see you.


Okay, send him in.

A.D.A. Reagan,

We got nothing for you, Brian.

Uh, I didn't come
here for results.

What then?

My father always said to me,

"There's nothing
you're gonna go through

that I haven't been through
already, so come to me."

But now he's not there anymore?

It's that...

what he's going through, no one
in our family has been through.

Maybe that's how
I can pay him back.


By giving him one more try.

A real try.

Do you know where
we could find him?

I think so.

When he first got out of prison,

he was in a halfway house
in Queens.

He liked the neighborhood,
made some friends,

got some traction.

I'm kind of hoping maybe
he made his way back there.

Can you hope without
getting your hopes up?

Will you help me find him?



I'm sorry to interrupt.

Well, I was thinking.

I can only imagine.

Can you, now?

If I found myself,
watching myself,

saying things I'd never say,
but for all the world

it looked like it was me
saying them? Hell yeah.

Thank you.

Lieutenant GORMLEY asked
to see you in his office.

Commissioner Reagan.

Colin Taylor.

But you already know who I am.



Do you know why
you were brought here?

Not so much.

Because I wanted
to look you in the eye.

You got a beef with cops?


Just me, then?

Not you, directly,

but this idea that
drug addicts should have

some kind of safe space
touchy-feely treatment...

That's propaganda.
That's not what that program is.

That's the way
the wars are being fought.

Who'd you lose?

What do you mean, who'd I lose?

Who'd you lose? Some drug addict
did what to who?

My little brother got
his throat slit for his wallet.

So you made the leap...
and framed me.

That's how the wars
are being fought.

Upping the stakes,
whatever it takes,

however you can.

Ex-Naval Intelligence.
You learn this there?

Some of the techniques, yeah.

Could make a case for treason.

I got a lot of friends
at the D.A.'s office.

I never ask them for favors.

I'm gonna make an exception
in your case.

I got good lawyers.
They'll sell this as a prank.

I'm gonna come at you
with everything I have.

That's how this war
is being fought.

Sound to us

like you've been consorting
with fellow gang members.

Former gang members.

I'm out of that life.
I put it behind me.

Right, and that's why you run

every time you see cops, huh?

I don't trust cops.

Never have.
That's good.

'Cause I don't trust scumbags.
Never will.

Now, what the hell were you
doing with Jessica Guimond

the day she went missing?

We went out to dinner to talk.

I walked her home after.

That's very interesting,

because I took a pretty good
look at her calendar book,

which she keeps
very detailed records in,

and I didn't see your name
anywhere in there.

Did you see it?

Didn't see your name.

She was keeping
our meetings secret.

Sounds convenient.

We were at Donnie's Diner.

They got cameras; you can check.

Hold on,
so you're trying to tell us

that you were the source
for her documentary?


And she's protecting you?

'Cause I told her the truth
about Ethan Goodwin.

And what's that?
That he's innocent.

Oh, boy. Here we go again
with the conspiracy theories.

You know what?

15 years!

15 years,
and Ethan Goodwin's never said

anyone committed
that murder except him!

Now you're gonna sit up here and
tell us it was someone else?!

Man, I'm telling you, I went to
the same high school as Robbie.

So what?
I was around
when the whole thing went down.

So the Hellians did have
something to do

with their murders.

No! It was a neighborhood beef,

but Ethan Goodwin
didn't kill anybody.

Then who did?
His daughter.


Day after Robbie
killed her brother.

You got any other ideas?

We hit every bar
and all the parks.

No. I was hoping he...

Yeah, but like I said?

I don't have my hopes up.
Thank you for...

Nothing, as it turns out.

Not nothing.
Thank you.

Robbery in progress
on 37th Avenue

and 76th Street. Respond.

Some of this is my fault.
I could've done more.

There's a robbery in progress.
Uh, pharmacy nearby.

Suspect's description
fits your dad.

What do you want to do?

What I should've done
a long time ago.

Let's go.

What's going on?
Suspect is behind the car

by the pharmacy door.

Was on his way out with
a bag of drugs. He's armed.

Any hostages?


That's Lee, all right.

You know him?
Yeah, we do.
This is his son.

You think you can you talk to
him, get him to come out safely?

Yeah, I can.

Absolutely not. Our
negotiator is handling it.

Well, it don't look like
he's getting anywhere.

We only bring family in
as a last resort.

Do you want someone
to get killed

or do you want this to stop?

We know him.

Brian can talk him down.

He's not gonna hurt anybody.
He's my dad; let me talk to him.

It's gonna be okay.

Go ahead.

Stand down.
Civilian coming in.

Stand down.

Brian! No!

Go away, son!

Put the gun down, Dad!

Put the gun down.
You are not supposed to be here.

Neither are you,
so let's both walk away.

I can't.

Yeah, you can.
We'll both walk away together.

Brian, please.

I'm walking right at you.

You don't have to do this.

Yeah, I do.

Brian, please...

There. It's okay.


It's okay. I'm here.

I'm here.

Hands behind your back!
Okay, take it easy.

I'm sorry, Brian.
Give me your hands.

I'm sorry.

Take it easy on him.

I'm the one in prison.
Why would I make this up?

To protect your daughter.

- That's ridiculous.
- Come on, Ethan.

You've been lying
for 15 years, all right?

It's time to start
telling the truth.

You got it wrong, Detective.
So does Jessica.

Jessica could lose her life
over this.

Now, your daughter's
off the grid.

Just tell us
where the hell she is.

Lauren wouldn't hurt anybody.

She wouldn't hurt anyone?

Like when she
came to my house

and assaulted my son?!

Lauren wouldn't do that.
She did that!

Now where the hell is she?

Do you know
what you're asking me to do?

Yeah. I'm asking you
to save a life.

She's all I got.

I know.

And you're never
gonna see her again,

unless you tell us where she is.

Go left.

You okay?

Where's Lauren?
She went down to the car.

She'll be back any minute.
Over here!

She's got a gun, Detectives.

All right, I'll go.
You stay with her.

Drop it!

Drop it!

Stay there!

Stop right there.

Don't do it.

Hold it!

Wait, wait!

It opens.

What can I do for you?

Be nice, for starters.

I don't feel nice.
You want me to fake it?


What happened?

A man I sent to prison,

who should have been sent
to rehab in the first place,

is now going back to prison,
for another stint.

Circle of life.

I'm sorry.

Well, it's not your fault.

It is the fault, in part,
of a policy that needs changing.

I think you know the one.

I canceled my presser
denouncing your program.

Yeah No one showed up?

Be nice.



I heard one side called
fascist and cruel,

the other called fairy
tales for snowflakes.

Neither is true.

The middle ground's
gone missing.

How do you get it back?

I don't know.

She's gone?


This is your fault.

This is on you.

She's been trying to
help you from the beginning.

If it wasn't for her, my
daughter would still be alive.

And she'd be looking at spending
the rest of her life in prison

instead of you.

Why are you even here?!

For the same reason I got into
this case in the first place:

to get you out of prison.

She's got all the
facts to prove you innocent.

Truth is, I missed
something that...

led to you being here.

And no matter

how good your intentions,
I cannot let that stand.

What's the point?

You've got a lot
of years left, Ethan.

My life was for my kids.

What good is it now?

It's better than here.

We talked to your lawyer.

He's been in touch
with the D.A.,

and they are working on
throwing out your conviction.

Look, Ethan, we can get you
out of here in time

for your daughter's funeral.

Go say bye the right way.

Wait a minute.

Are you saying that the mother
called the cops

- on her own son?
- Yeah.

Said she was certain he was
dealing weed out of his room.

That's some tough love.

That's one bad mom.
I would never do that.

I would, in a heartbeat.

- Wait, let me finish.
- Like we don't know that.

Let me finish.

So we go into his room,
we go into the kid's room,

he's not there, and lying out
on the bed is a big Ziploc.

And so I take one sniff,

and I'm hungry for
chicken cutlets all of a sudden.

Like, munchies?


What do you know
about the munchies?


No, not munchies,
like, uh, Italian seasoning.

So she must've taken, like,

a vat of Italian seasoning,
put it in a Ziploc,

laid it out on the kid's bed
and said it's weed.

Oh, planting evidence
on your own kid?

That's really tough love.

So what'd you say?
I said, "Ma'am,"

giving her one of these,
and she burst into tears.

Oh, now, are these real tears
or fake tears?

No, the tears are real.
She starts hyperventilating.

Eddie goes to get her
a glass of water...

Is this story going somewhere?

Yeah. She gets a grip
and she spills her guts.

Said she loves him,
but living with him

has become like a life sentence.

How old is this woman?

Then the front door slams.

Our cruiser's parked out front,
and the kid comes

tear-assing up the stairs,

"Mom, Mom, are you okay?"

And the kid, he's not a kid.


He's, like, late 30s.

Oh, my gosh.

And here's what he's wearing:
sneakers and shorts

and a Mets cap on backwards.
Okay, I'm with the mom.

And this isn't the first time
she's done this?

No, or even the tenth.

They start going at it.

We got to separate them.

I take the kid...
I mean, the son... outside.

I go, "Dude, when your own mom"

"is trying to frame you
for possession

just to get you
out of the house..."

I'm assuming he didn't
get the message.

I wouldn't put money on it.

But the point is...
What is the point?

For us, is there a line
for what you'll do for family?




Seriously? 'Cause that sounds

a little less than honest.

Well, suppose we just make
a deal, amongst ourselves,

never to test
where that line exits.

All in favor?



Hear, hear.

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