Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - For the Community - full transcript

Erin and Anthony try to prevent the deportation of a prominent community activist, Coryna Garza (Judy Reyes), who isn't a citizen, and Frank must decide if the NYPD will participate in the U.S. Marshals' high-profile raid of a local gang.

WOMAN (over bullhorn):
No tenant should be bullied!

No tenant should be bullied!

Fair housing is a right for all!

Fair housing is a right for all!

No tenants should be bullied!

No tenants should be bullied!

Fair housing is a right for all!

Fair housing is a right for all!

Officer! They don't have
a permit for this!

Don't you people
have someplace to be?!

Get the hell off my property!

What are you people doing here?!

As soon as you improve
the living conditions

of your tenants.

Stop cutting off
their electricity,

restore basic services!

Oh, what the hell
do you know?!

I know that as long as
you keep harassing your tenants,

we will not back down!

We will not back down!

Let me put this into language
you can understand.

Vete, puta!

(crowd clamoring)

No retrecedemos!


(clamoring continues)

CROWD (chanting):
Don't back down!

Don't back down!
Don't back down!

Don't back down!

Don't back down!
Don't back down!

Hey, you!

Don't back down!

Don't back down!
Don't back down!

Don't back down!

Coryna Garza again?

Winding people up
to destroy private property

is not community activism,
it's a crime.

Erin, wait.

And, sure, I can get behind
civil disobedience,

under the right

but when it crosses the line
into flat-out vandalism,

it's a no-go.
Erin, listen!


You're not gonna
have to prosecute

Coryna Garza this time.

Good. Why not?

Because the Department
of Homeland Security

wants to deport her.

What are you talking about?

The say they have reason
to believe Coryna Garza's

in the country illegally.

I've prosecuted her five times
in the past two years.

I think I would've known
if she wasn't a legal citizen.

Have you seen
her birth certificate?

I must've, at some point.

Would it be
in your files?

If I felt like spending
the day looking, it probably is.

Let's just go down
to the source.

Where are they holding her?

They're not. They
released her R.O.R.

After the arraignment, she fled
to St. Mary of the Woods

before Homeland
could detain her.

Well, why don't they just
go in and take her?

I think it's called “optics.”

There's a crowd out front,

it looks like the original
Rainbow Coalition.

Eddie, when I said
I'd take a walk with you,

I didn't say a jog.

Oh, pick up the pace,
Reagan. I'm gonna...

You know him?
Did he have a earring?

In his right or left ear?
I didn't notice.

Adriana, my-my psychic--
she told me that my soul mate

has long hair, a beard
and a piercing in his left ear.

Oh, your soul mate's a pirate?

Wait, you have a psychic?

Oh, come on, Jamie.

Haven't you ever walked
past one of those places

and wondered if they could
really see into your soul?

Not once.

Well, Adriana, within
two seconds of meeting me,

she knew my dad
was in prison,

and I hadn't even said
anything about him.


Come in, come in
for two seconds.

You'll meet her, you'll
totally understand.

We're closed.

Oh, no, I have
an appointment with Adriana.

She's not here. Now go away.

Is everything okay, sir?

What can you do about it?

My name's Officer Janko.

This is my partner

Officer Reagan.

Forgive my rudeness.

My name is Nick Polk.

Adriana's my girl.
She didn't come home last night.

Is that unusual?

You don't think it's unusual

for a 16-year-old
not to come home?

You're taking dating
advice from a teenager?

She's a Romani gypsy.
Her gift comes at birth.

Do you have any idea
where she might be, Mr. Polk?

Her gaje boyfriend, Eric,
lives a couple blocks away.

She may be there.

Well, why don't you
text me the address.

We'll take a look.

It's not a big deal.

She'll probably figure out
we're coming anyway.

'Cause she'll intuit
that we're coming.

At the end of the day,

it's the combination of
targeted community outreach

and consistent
and reasonable

broken windows policing
that is the rising tide

that lifts up all boats
in the 36.

Captain, I usually
recommend to a C.O.

about to attend
his first CompStat meeting

that he pack
an extra pair of briefs,

but you're gonna do just fine.


Shall we?

How much time we got?
I'll tell your detail to bring up the car.

About 15 minutes.

Could I have a minute
with you, sir?

A minute?
What's up?

Earlier this morning,
we received word

that the U.S. Marshals Service
was planning

a significant gang raid on
the 400 block of East Danvers.

You got a mole
in the Marshals Service?

No, I got a C.I. it turns out
works for them, too.

Real entrepreneur.


He puts it at about

a dozen targeted members
of the 4Fly crew.

And you're
bringing this up because?

Because my guess is that
they're gonna come to us

last-minute for support
and mop-up.

Support we'd normally provide.

But if we assist them
in rolling through there

like some conquering army...

GORMLEY: Wait, am I
missing something?

Getting a crew off the street

is a positive step
for everybody.

An operation like this
needs to be fully vetted.

The 400 is a mixed block.

And you don't trust
the Marshals office

has done the due diligence?

It's a bit more complicated.

The 4Fly looks out
for a lot of people up there.

They give money, food,
toys during Christmas.

This isn't a gang of Robin Hoods
we're talking about.

♪ Blue Bloods 7x05 ♪
For the Community
Original Air Date on October 21,

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CROWD (chanting):
Viva Garza!

Viva Garza! Viva Garza!

(sirens whooping)

ABETEMARCO: Now you get
why Homeland Security

didn't want to barge in?


Yeah, well, apparently
they're willing to wait her out,

at least in the short term.

Well, apparently they've
never met Coryna Garza.

She plays a long game.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


I don't think you
want to walk in there

past the news cameras.

Well, I didn't come down here
to stand outside.

My buddy's
running point on this.

Give me a minute.

I'll get you in
through the back.

CROWD (chanting):
Viva Garza! Viva Garza!

(speaks Spanish)

They don't have a
right to evict you.

You have every right,
as tenants...

Ms. Garza.
Can we lose the posse?

(speaks Spanish)

Erin Reagan.

When was the last time
we did business?

The clean water
thing in Queens?

No, that was two times ago.

The last time was a protest
in Jackson Heights.

The 30 days in
prison you got me.

That's another brick
in my house in heaven.

That is how I look at it.

This time, I'll get you
a new kitchen for that house.

You incited the destruction
of private property

and took a swing at the owner,

Ronald Tourneff.

You must be so disappointed
Homeland Security

is ruining your persecution.

It's a prosecution.
Not from were I sit.

And yes, they can get in line,
which why I want to get you

out of this church
and back into the courtroom.

But first, where is
your birth certificate?

Like I said,

No, the law of the land.

DHS seems to think
you're illegal.

It's not my problem.

It will be if you're deported.

Oh, they're deporting
citizens now?

Not if you can
prove you are one.

I left it in my other purse--
you know, the one I was carrying

before I had to seek refuge
in a church.

DHS is not gonna wait forever.

Fine, knock yourself out.

Go see my mom in Brooklyn.

She will be proud
to show it to you.

But be warned:

Lucinda's gonna
talk your ear off.

Adriana's boyfriend,
Eric Woodman,

he's got a record--
aggravated assault.

Been out on probation
three months.

There she is.

Told you she was
intuitive. Adriana.


What are you doing here?

Hey, your dad's
worried about you.

What the hell's going on?
Eric, go back inside.

I can handle this.

She's with me
and we haven't done anything.

ADRIANA: I told you. Come on.
Eric, are you aware

that cohabitating
with a minor

violates the terms
of your parole?

Come on, man.

You're 21. She's not.
You want me to run down a list

of the crimes
you could be charged with?


Sorry, babe.


We're history.



man, I'm gonna miss this.


It's almost worth
going back to jail for.


Can we give you
a ride home?

I can walk.

Shouldn't you
be in school?

All Romani
are home-schooled.

Well, shouldn't you
be at home in school?

What's the difference?

It's not like I'm gonna
grow up to be a doctor.

Hey, shouldn't we go after her?

And do what?

I don't know.
Arrest her?

For what?

It's over, Eddie.
We did what we could.

Let's take the win
and move on, okay?


I don't know where I have
put her birth certificate.

If you just give me a little
time, I'm sure I'll find it.

We actually don't have time.

Mrs. Garza, we need it now.

I hope it didn't
get lost.

My mother lost mine, like,
ten times when I was a kid.

Don't ask.

What hospital was
Coryna born at?

We can call
the Department of Health

and ask for a reprint.

I don't remember.

I'm sorry.

Mrs. Garza, I understand
if you're skeptical of me,

but Coryna could be in a lot
of trouble if you can't find it.

But I can understand

if you can't find it.

Because it doesn't exist,
does it?

At least not a real one.

Coryna was born in Colombia.

And you're not her real mother,
are you?


She's my cousin's

She brought her to the
States when she was a baby,

but she was deported

when Coryna was,
uh, one year-old.

And you pretended
to be her mother

so she could stay
in the country.

All we wanted for her

was a chance for a better life.

Are you telling me
Coryna doesn't know?

No. We thought
it was best not...

Abuela, I'm hungry.

Is that the way
you ask?

This is Coryna's
daughter Nadia.

Nadia, say hello
to Ms. Reagan.


LUCINDA: And Mr....
What's your name?

Anthony's fine.

Uh, Mr. Anthony.

Why don't I go to the kitchen
with you? I'm hungry, too.

You look like
you're always hungry.

Aye, Nadia!

Kid speaks her mind.

Just like her mother.

The law is absolutely clear
when it comes to citizenship.

Her first words were in English.

She's American.

Not without an actual U.S.
birth certificate, she's not.

But if you send her away,
what I go do?

What Nadia would do?

I'm sorry, but this is
out of my hands.

It isn't.
It is.

You work for the justice system.

Criminal justice, to be exact.

So the crime

Coryna did
carries out a sentence

of losing her daughter?

That's your justice?

I... I didn't say that.

Isn't that the outcome?

And why didn't the U.S. Marshals
Service notify me sooner?

Couldn't take the risk
of a leak.

I'll try not to get offended
at that,

but it's gonna be hard.

Erring on the side of caution.

Erring? You got that part right.

VAUGHN: Look, the second
we show presence,

if we don't hit all targets

we lose a percentage
to the wind.

Can't take that chance.

Our TAC plan.

There is not enough time
to prepare

for an operation of this size.

We're prepped.

As is the U.S. Attorney
for the Southern District.

He meant us, the NYPD.

I've highlighted the areas
where I see you assisting.

Basic stuff, no big deal.

Any time I put my officers
in harm's way,

it's a big deal to me.

Of course, but...

Based on this TAC plan, you want
us locking down streets,

covering the rears
of buildings,

loading your prisoners
into vans.

That's where we see you
being most useful.

As mop-up?

If that's the way
you want to look at it.

You got another way
to look at it?

And if I decide the NYPD
will sit this one out?

We'll proceed without you.

All due respect, Commissioner,
I don't need your approval

to carry out this raid.

I always know when someone says
“all due respect”

that the last thing
I'm gonna get from them

is the respect that's due.


Thank you for your time.


So, I've lived my
entire life as a lie...


...that I couldn't have
known was a lie?

I-I understand this must be
difficult to comprehend.

Really? You mean that my
mom isn't really my mom?

And my real mom dumped
me when I was one?

Yeah, “difficult
to comprehend”.

That's one
way to put it.

I'm sorry, uh,
but the facts are...


She was born here.

Which is a good thing
but it's not everything.

You do me one solid?



You bring me this news...

Look, we are not pals,

I'm your persecutor.

Someone is trying
to destroy my family,

and I got to find out
who the hell it is.

And I need your help.

Even if we find out who called
DHS, what will it matter?

It doesn't change the fact
that you're not a citizen.

You a smart lawyer, right?

You don't think it's
a coincidence that one day

I'm on the front lines
fighting for the little guy,

and then the next day
they're trying to deport me?

So ask yourself, why now?

What's changed?

And what's the answer?

Tourneff? Who else
but that slumlord?

Ronald Tourneff asked our office
to drop the charges against you.

He didn't want the publicity.

For him to sic DHS on you,

it would only bring him more
unwanted publicity.

Who else?

You got an ex-husband?

What does that have
to do with anything?

Yes, I do.

It end well?

Not particularly.

You ever wake up in the middle
of the night, and go...

I wonder if he's....

messing with me
somewhere, somehow?

Just for kicks.

What's his name?

♪ ♪


What are you doing here?

Just checking in.

I'm, I'm fine.

Um, you really
shouldn't be here.

Why not?

I have a client coming.

Well, I'm a client.

What do you say we do
a little makeup session?

Besides, you did stand me up
the other day.

Okay, fine.


Are you still looking
for Mr. Right?

Let's talk about
something else.

I want you to find
a friend of mine.

A young woman with
an amazing gift.

I'm concerned she's in
some kind of trouble.

Can you locate her for me?

Because I may not be
good at reading minds,

but I'm pretty good at knowing
when someone needs help.

Adriana, are you down there?

I'm sorry. I can't find
this friend for you.

What is it, your father?
You have to go.

Adriana, the door's locked.

I'll be right there, Papa.

You have to go now.
Mr. Hatcher.


Do you understand?
Mr. Hatcher?

What's Hatcher?

(paper rustling)
You have to get out of here.


Adriana. Adriana!

Boss, I just want to say,
before we're headed off

to the Marshal's office,
just for the record...

You see anyone taking notes?

I think he should be
coming to us.


Out of respect.

I mean, he wants us
to do mop-up,

at least he should ask for it
in our house.

He already did.

No, he didn't ask.
He told.

Oh, you don't like his manner.

Nah, he's like
a dachshund,

who thinks he's a Rottweiler.

And as for assistance,

if it were me, I would give him
a couple of flashlights

and a can of pepper spray.

Well, it's not you, it's me.

Well, sometimes I think
you're too accommodating.


Sometimes, boss.

Well, at least Vaughn
acts his job.

What does that mean?

He is what he does.

He doesn't put lipstick
and perfume on it.

He doesn't use all those
warm-glass-of-milk words.

I thought old school
had become a bad thing.

I think the pendulum has swung
too far sometimes.

A guy like Vaughn says he wants
to try community outreach,

it means he wants to reach out

and grab the community
by the throat.

(door opens)

What? Okay.

And now that's a good thing?

Well, not in everyone,
but in law enforcement,

in a command position...

it might rub people
the wrong way,

but some people need to
be rubbed the wrong way.

in it to win it, right?

That's right, pal.

I'm one scratch away
from winner!

Did you know that Coryna
was not a legal citizen?

Hey... that face,
that body?

I didn't exactly ask.


Would you like me
to make a few phone calls

on the outstanding warrants
you have?

It should make for
a very busy afternoon.

Yeah, I knew.

One night Lucinda got
a few drinks in her,

this was when I was considered
a catch by the two of them,

and she confided Coryna wasn't
her kid, wasn't born here.

Uh, she thought
I should be in on it,

being I was family now
and all.

So you saw an opportunity
for yourself,

and you betrayed her confidence.

I kept the secret.

Until you could
profit from it.

W-What are you
talking about?

You called Homeland Security
on Coryna.

No. It wasn't me.

If you stand to gain in
any way from the information

you provided to
Homeland Security,

you can be prosecuted.

You think I'm trying
to get money out of Coryna?

No, not money.

Something more valuable.

Like what?

Custody of your daughter.

(snorts, chuckles)

Lady, you got this all wrong.

I don't want custody.

Give me a break. What father
doesn't want custody?

In this case,
the one who loves his kid.

Now, you've spent
a couple of minutes with me.

Would you want me
to have custody of your kid?

Put it like that...

Exactly, and I've spent

a lot of years with me.

Believe me,
I made the right choice.

Say I buy a
car from you,

and later that night I get
stopped for a broken taillight.

I couldn't have known there
was a broken taillight.

You should've done
a walk-around.

A what?

Eh, when I handed over
the title and the keys,

you should've checked that
all the lights were working.

Can you for once
be slightly less linear?

I could try.

Let's say we get the
aunt and the ex and--

I don't know,

there should be other people
involved in this--

to swear that there's no way

that Coryna knew
she was illegal.

So there was no path
to becoming a citizen

'cause she had no idea
that she wasn't one. (phone ringing)

She couldn't have done
a walk-around.

She didn't know
she was looking for anything.


(chanting “Free Coryna!”)

Yeah. I understand,

but just hear me out
for a second...

I understand, sir.

Copy that.




“No way, no how,” quote,

“are you to pursue this Coryna
Garza situation any further.”


My resignation, his desk.

What are you gonna do?

Only thing I can do.

Walk away.

CROWD (chanting):
Free Coryna! Free Coryna!

Free Coryna! Free...

I really appreciate
you coming down here, Mr. Polk.

This will only take a minute.
Of course, of course.

After what you did for me,
Officer, I'm-I'm happy to help.

Well, my partner and I got
in a little hot water

with our sergeant.
He thought we were playing hooky

when we were looking
for Adriana.

Right this way.

Well, let's go
straighten him out.

Is this an interrogation room?

Looks like one of those
I've seen on TV.

Yeah, sorry about that.

All the conference rooms
are being repainted.

Long overdue, but
still. Take a seat.

What can I do for you?

We were hoping
you could write a statement.

Sure. Saying what?

That you conned Bill Hatcher
out of 50 grand.

What the hell is this?

We have pretty good evidence
that says that you used Adriana,

a minor, as a shill
to line your pockets.

Nobody forced him.
Is he saying otherwise?

You conned him into believing
you could contact his dead wife.

Me? No.

Not me. I didn't do anything.

It was Adriana.

JANKO: You expect me
to believe that Adriana

scammed him all on her own?

I told her not to do it.

I told her that's not
what we're about.

But you know
these kids today.

They want things,
phones, cars.

I'll bet that boyfriend of hers
pushed her into keep doing it.

Adriana, why don't I take you
somewhere you can...

Did you just hear what he said?

Yes. I'm sorry...
I want to talk to him.

- I don't think that's a good idea.
- I can't let him

get away with that.

I can't believe
you would do this to me, Papa.

What is she doing here?
I saw you!

You were gonna blame me
for your whole scam?

Don't talk to me like that!

Sit down, Mr. Polk.

How could you, Papa?

I didn't mean to, honey.
I'm sorry.

You're not sorry.
The only thing

that you're sorry for
is that you got caught.

I got it.
I'll stay here.

Adriana, wait.
Eddie, I'm sorry.

It's fine, it's just...

I shouldn't have
come in like that.

Is Mr. Hatcher going
to press charges?

He wants us
to keep him out of it

to save him from
the embarrassment.

But if you're
willing to testify

against your father...
No, no, I can't.

Why not?
You saw what he did.

He just threw you
under the bus.

I'm sorry, Eddie, I...

He's family.

I have to go.

♪ ♪

This badge--
can I use it for, like,

an out if I get in
trouble with the law?

Oh, no. You don't get
in trouble with the law.

You're a smart kid,
a good kid.

That's why you made

Maybe when you grow up,

you'll join the department,
get yourself a real badge.

Maybe I do.

Commissioner Reagan is here.

Oh, as you were, please.

I used to wear one of those.

Oh. This is just a toy badge.

I'm not a real cop.

Fooled me.

Commissioner Reagan, this
is our deputy-for-a-day,

Tone Lane.

Nice to meet you, Tone.

You, too.

Oh, so you're, like,
the boss of him, right?

Like that, yeah.

He's a good guy.

You could take it from me.

(chuckles softly)

Tone, could, uh,
you do two things for me?


Could you excuse us a minute,

and would you come back
and see me when you turn 18?

The operation's a go.

We will provide logistical
and tactical support.

And by “we,” I mean you.

Yes, sir.

I see you have questions.

Did you share my concerns

about the larger

I did, but if you want

to show the community
you're with them,

you need to be
out front in this,

not hiding behind the blinds.

And the U.S. Marshals
agreed to that?

I saw to it they did.

The NYPD will be the public face
of this operation.

So, we went from assisting
an operation to leading?

Look, I don't particularly
like the guy personally,

but professionally,
he knows what his job is,

and he knows how
to get the job done.

Do you know what your job is?

At its core?


It's not about social services.

It's not about
community outreach.

It's not about turning
this precinct

into a shining city on a hill.

At its core,

it is about taking criminals
off the streets.

The rest is just icing.

That's the cake.

And your good numbers are not
the result of good feelings,

they are the result
of good collars.

A lot of them.

That is all.

I need some advice.

Add some bacon.

Bacon makes
everything better.

Work advice.

You want work advice from me?

Don't get used to it.

Let me guess.

It's about
the Coryna Garza case,

isn't it?
You knew about that?


Okay, shoot.

Let's say you have a perp
or a witness

and you're questioning him,

and he is...

honest to a fault.

What goes through your mind?

Okay, what do you mean

by “honest to a fault”?

That they're
painting themselves

in the most
pathetic light,

as if that shows how
truthful they're being.

Could be that this person is

so nervous about being in the
hot seat that they're willing

to spill the beans about
anything and everything.

Okay. Or?


could be like the guy
in the pool hall

who goes out of his way
to let you see

how bad of a pool player
he is,

and the next thing you know
you're in a game with him,

and boom, bap, zing,
you're out of 20 bucks.

Truth is a hustle.

Everything is a hustle.

The key is to not be
the sucker born every minute.

The term “grifter”
is a combination

of “gypsy” and “drifter”"

meaning a con artist.

So it's like a,
uh, a mash-up

Yeah, right.

I don't think
the gypsy part's right, Pop.

Sure it is.
Just 'cause we

can't say “gypsy” anymore
doesn't mean...

What are you supposed
to call them?

Doesn't mean that

the word doesn't come
from “gypsy” and “drifter.”

Actually, the term is a combination
of “drifter” and “grafter,”

“graft” being an old word
for all sorts of corruption.

Well, that's not what it
comes from where I come from.

The sage of Bay Ridge
has spoken.

Thank you.

Graft usually refers

to political corruption.
Not in England,

where the term originated.

Mm, mm, mm.

So is a grifter
usually a lowlife?

Not at all.
When I first came on the job,

the best grift I ever saw was
by a bunch of prep school kids

on the Upper East Side.

Ah, the Greek Diner scam.

That was pretty clever.

Yeah. See, what they
would do is they would go

into a diner,
they'd sit down,

and they'd order shakes
and burgers and fries,

and then they'd get the check.

But then they'd go
to the counter

and order coffee
and get a second check for that.

LINDA: And then
they would take that

to the cashier,
who was at the front,

pay the check for the coffee,

and walk away from the whole
meal for, like, 75 cents.

Sounds like you admire it.

Yeah, I always thought
it was pretty clever.

Except to the owner
of the diner.

I know.

My economics professor says
that the entire advertising

and marketing industry
is a grift.

He says it boils down
to selling people

things they don't really need at
a price that they can't afford.

You transfer
to Karl Marx College?

The truth is

there's a little grift involved
in every successful endeavor.

Except the law.

Oh, yeah, right.

It's true-- there's always
an opposing lawyer

to keep you honest.

Oh, you heard it here first--

no lawyer ever pulled
a fast one.

What about cops?

Cops have grifts.

Loosely speaking.


Well, like,
uh, when someone's arrested,

everybody thinks that they're
entitled to one phone call--

it's actually three.

So you don't tell anybody?

You do tell 'em... and
then you play good cop

and you say, “Hey,
I feel your pain--

make five or six if
you feel like it”"

How's that a grift?

The cop writes down the
name and the number,

he makes the phone call,
he turns the phone over

when the other
person's on the line.



The cop now has a name
and best number

for five or six of the perp's
nearest and dearest.

The cop likes that perp for
another crime down the line...

he already has a Rolodex
for him.

What's a Rolodex?

(Danny whistles)

(Henry chuckles)

Oh, boy.

Anyway, I'm not
saying be dishonest,

boys, but you got
to play the game,

otherwise you get eaten alive.

Pass the potatoes.

Thank you.

Good morning.


Was up to now.

Homeland Security's gonna
arrest Coryna within the hour.

And, uh,

you want me
to pull some strings?

No, I want you
to tell me the truth.

I did.

I never asked
for custody of my daughter.

Don't want it.

And I believe you.

Then what?

Bears repeating,
what I said the other day.

If you stand to profit
in any way from the information

you provided to DHS in regards

to Coryna's immigration status,

I can charge you
with hindering prosecution

of my office's charges
against her.

And I will.


Day's gone from bad to worse,
and it's barely 10:00.


Right after Coryna got arrested,

couple of his guys came
and found me here in the bar.

Ronald Tourneff's guys?

They were looking
for dirt on her.

I said I didn't have any.

They showed me 50 grand

in one of them reusable
supermarket bags.

That's a lot of money.

It's a lot of money to you--

imagine what it is to me.

It's enough to guarantee
your daughter loses her mother.

Not exactly my train of thought.

It is now, like it or not.

You have it?
They said it was mine

the moment DHS got
Coryna in custody.

The exact moment
Nadia's world goes dark.

You're a real treat,
you know that?

Isn't it done?

Not if you change course.

To what?

Testify on Coryna's behalf.

Swear that she had no way

of knowing she was illegal,
that you were in fact

part of the conspiracy
to keep that information

from her.

Can I go to jail
for that, too?


It'll be a brick
in your house in heaven.

(exhales, chuckles)

Can I call the judge?

Can I tell him you're
gonna do the right thing?

♪ ♪


It was in his left ear.

It was, wasn't it?

Want to go back
and say hello?


I'm done with all that.

No more consulting
somebody else's intuition.

Besides... I'm not the
pirate type, you know?


not another psychic.

Does that look like...

It's Adriana.

Eddie, wait.

Your love line
is very long.


There's no one named Adriana
working here.

MAN (calls):

Does your guest want tea
as well?


No, Papa. Just for me.

Papa? Wait,
I thought that...

MAN: Oh.

Hello. I'm Johnny Lovell.

And who might I have the
pleasure of being introduced?

Um, uh, we're...
We were just taking a look.

JOHNNY: Would you like
a reading? Have a seat.

I'll get some tea.

Maybe next time.

But, wait...
We got run. Come on.

We hope
to see you soon.

What was that?

She's like a whole
other person.

From Adriana to Leonora
in one haircut.

And that guy!
Johnny Lovell?

He said he
was her papa.

Guessing that's a loose term
in their culture.

I thought it meant “father”
or “grandfather”.

I... I'm guessing
it's a nickname

for “my boss.”

(laughs) I seriously have
no idea what just happened.

She used the scam with Hatcher
to get away from Nick.

And I'm guessing
she gets to keep a bigger cut

of what she earns
with Papa Johnny than she did

with Papa Nick.

Then why would she
include the cops?

I think she needed
a big shakedown

in her world
to get away from Nick.

It was all a con.

Yeah, I think so.

What are we gonna do?
Could we arrest her?

For what?
Hatcher still won't testify.

What are we gonna
arrest her for?

It's just...

doesn't seem right.

(groans loudly)

What is it? Are you okay?

I'm seeing the future.

You're buying lunch.

Not funny.

My favorite sushi place
is on 3rd.


I'm so hungry.
It's not funny, Jamie.

(Jamie chuckles)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

Wait, hold up, man!

Get your hands off me!

Get away...
Tell me what I do, man?

What I do?!

(indistinct chatter)


We're missing
three targets,

but we're still doing
verticals and rooftops.

Otherwise, home run.

I understand
there were casualties.

All civilian.

All criminals.

Pending trial.

This guy.

One DOA at the scene; the rest
on the way to the hospital.

How many you got in custody?
40 and counting.

For a dozen targets?

The way we fish?
Catch and release.

They're not fish.
It's a figure of speech.

They are citizens
of this neighborhood.

Yeah, nice neighborhood
you got here.

DISPATCHER: We have officers
in pursuit of a male black

fleeing west
on the 300 block of Danvers

wearing jeans and a gray hoodie.

Who's got sight on him?

Is he armed or unarmed?

Unknown at this time.

Let go!

Hey! Stop! Hey!

Move! I got to tell
them something!

Stand down! I know him!

Tell 'em, man.

Stand down.

All right, let him through.

Come on.
Let him through.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's all right.
They got him.

They got my brother.

Wh-What do you mean “got”?
They shot?

No, no. He got arrested.

But he didn't do nothing.

Just calm down. Talk to me.
Calm down?

They cuffed him.

He didn't do nothing.
Then he's gonna be out

by lunch-- I don't want you
worrying about this now, okay?

Come here, come here.
I'm gonna see to it personally.

See to what?!

They tackled him
and they cuffed him!

You know what?

I don't want it anymore.

Wrong time,
wrong place.

Shut up.


Another one in the lost column.

Yes, sir.

He doesn't have
to stay there.

And how do I change that?

You already know how.

Start from scratch?

Yeah. That's the way
most of our days begin.

♪ ♪


Judge Gavin.

I know him.

I'm sure you do.

He's on my side?

but he's willing
to review your status

in light of recent...

What does that mean?

It means

with your aunt and your ex

and anyone else
that you can find to testify,

he might find a path
to citizenship for you.



It's your one shot.

So let me be clear--
when we walk out of this church,

it's up to you to prove
that you really were

unknowingly illegal.

I understand.

Now, I made a deal
with my boss.

If you do work it out
with DHS,

I'm gonna haul you
back into court

and prosecute you
to the full extent of the law

for felony criminal mischief
and inciting to riot.

I'm looking forward to it.

Shall we?

Hands behind your back.

(handcuffs clicking)

(indistinct chatter)

(crowd jeering)
It's okay. It's okay!

It's okay!

You have kept up the fight,
and it is working.

Thank you for having my back.

Gracias mi gente.

(lively chatter)
Keep up the fight!

I love you, too!

(lively chatter continues)
(Coryna speaking indistinctly)

You, too!

Don't give up!

I'll see you again!
I'll see you again!

(crowd chanting indistinctly)

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