Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 6 - Whistleblowers - full transcript

As Frank contends with a whistleblower within the NYPD who claims to have evidence of abuse of power in the organization, Danny and Baez investigate the case of a woman who was struck by a car under suspicious circumstances.

You rang?

Yes, I did.

You might want to sit down.
I got some bad news.


I'm sitting down.

A.D.A. Collins

was in a bike accident
this morning

and broke a leg and two ribs.


He'll be fine.

That's not the bad news.

Collins won't be
back in time

to handle the plea
process on this.

I'm asking you to.

What's the case?

Child porn on a hard drive,
over 200 files worth.

The defendant pled
guilty to possessing

sexual performance by a child.

What'd they give for a plea?

The judge capped the sentence
at six years.

I hate this stuff.

I know you do.

Which is why
you're making me take it?

- To toughen me up?
- No.

You're plenty tough as it is.

I just need the negotiation
to be handled quietly

and efficiently.
Take it as a compliment.

These guys turn my stomach.

Mine, too.

But, the defendant
isn't one of "these guys."

It's a woman.

Good eye, Reagan.

Precinct Captain.


Why are we all
crowded in here?

It's his idea.

Why are we all
crowded in here?

I think I have
some sensitive information.

Well, my office is what, leaky?

No. I'm j...

I don't know what I've got here,

what the implications
of sharing it are.

Well, Baker's name is Baker,
not Rose Mary Woods.

Who's Rose Mary?
Nixon's secretary.

Watergate, the gap in the tapes.

Right, right.

Do we need to whisper?

Close the door!

I was at a retirement racket
for Tom Grassi last night.

Had my job at the state's
attorney general's office.

Full disclosure:

he'd had a few.

Enough to make him unreliable?

No. Just enough
to lubricate

coughing it up.

We'd traded favors
over the years,

and, by his count,
he owed me one.

And the winner is?
According to Grassi,

there's a whistleblower
in the ranks of the NYPD.

A beat cop in a high-crime
precinct feeding Intel

to investigators
with the A.G.'s office.

About what, corruption?

No, I asked him that.

He said more like
abuse of power.

Against who?
The neighborhood population.

In one precinct?


All high-crime
Brooklyn neighborhoods.

You say "whistleblower,"
I say "rat."

If he's providing accurate
information that's damaging

to this department, he's both.

Depending on
who's shining a light on him,

the information, his motives.

It's all the same light.
No, Sid, it isn't.

We have our perspective,

an activist A.G. has his,

The New York Times,
60 Minutes has theirs.

In this building, he's a rat.

And we need to find out
if he's...


Do we know it's a he?


Officer Eric Carlson
of the 6-5.

You sure you don't mind
typing the fives?

Nah, as long as you're telling
the truth about

helping Sean with his project.

I am. I swear.

Science, right?

Yeah, science. Good old science.

You said history before.

History of science.

Did I tell you

that color looks really nice
on you?

I meant
to say that earlier.

It's black.
It's not really a color.

Well, that shade of black.
It's... dark.

It brings out your personality.

Good night, Reagan.

Yeah. Good night.

Gardai! Gardai!


Hey, lady! What are you doing?


Yeah, I'm gardai!
I'm the police!

How 'bout you get out
of the street, okay?!

Hey, I'll come to you!
Get on the sidewalk!


Call 911!

I didn't see her!
My God, is she okay?

I said call 911!

There's been an accident.

A woman's been hit
by a car.

We need an ambulance
right away!

== sync, corrected by elderman ==

...and possessing
a sexual performance by a child

is a class E felony,

carrying a minimum sentence
of one to three years

and a maximum of six
under the plea deal.

Or probation.

Or probation?

Earth to Lawrence.
Come in, Lawrence.

Ms. Duncan has
no prior record

of any kind.

She is a respected piano teacher
and a vocal coach.

She is an active member
of her church and her choir.

Change all the verbs to "was"
and you'd be in the ballpark.

Excuse me?

Was active.

Was respected.

I assume you and your client
are aware

that this charge
changes everything.

I don't like your tone.

And I don't like
you coming in here

like your client
stole a candy bar.

What does that mean?

Come on, Skolnick.

You ever defended

in a child porn
case before?


Let me clue you in.

Your client pled guilty.
Good for her.

Now everyone wants this
to go away.

Which includes her going away.
You got me?

I have defended in many cases

in which mental impairment
is an issue.

Well, good. Because in my book,
downloading child porn

takes a serious level
of mental impairment.

She has been a model citizen
up until this incident.

She showed law
enforcement officials

to her computer
as soon as

they knocked
on the door.

So what? That makes her
mentally impaired?


But this does.

What am I looking at?

Ms. Duncan's brain scans,
pre- and post-op.

Are you familiar with epilepsy,
A.D.A. Reagan?

In the general sense.

Ms. Duncan has epilepsy.

Her seizures became
so disruptive

that she was unable
to lead a normal life.

Epilepsy made her do this?

The treatment for it did.

Which was?

Brain surgery.

Ms. Duncan had a golf-ball-sized

piece of her brain

where the seizures
were most active.

Sounds drastic.

It's more routine
than you would think.

Except this time,
it wasn't.

Ms. Duncan also had
another part

of her brain removed
during this procedure,

the part that controls impulses.

It wasn't me.

It was you.

And you admitted as much
when you pled guilty.

Ms. Reagan, I meant...

it wasn't me in here.

I know what was in my computer,
and I owned up to it.

But I never in a million years
could have done that.


You realize
how convenient this sounds?

Run it by your own experts.

You can be sure I will.

In the meantime,
the People will recommend

the maximum sentence allowed.

She say anything back
when you called out to her?

She just kept yelling
"Gardai, Gardai."

"Gardai"? What's "Gardai"?

Well, it's Irish
for "police."

What's with all the questions?
What's on your mind?

Detective, getting hit
by that car was what killed her,

but she was already gone.

I'm amazed
she could walk or talk.

What do you mean?

She had a blood alcohol level
of .11 in her system

and a half gram
of cocaine.

Okay, but that's not usually
enough to be lethal.

Depends what it's cut with.

Like when it's laced with
a synthetic opiate called W-18.

The amount in her system
would O.D. her

and her whole village
back home.

Okay, some new party
cocktail making the rounds?

Not that I'm aware of.

My point is, no one parties
this hard by choice.

I found fresh needle marks
behind her knee.

Think that's a hot shot?

Or a suicide.

Okay. But suicides don't
usually go calling for help

after they pull the trigger.

All of 19 years old.

And over here for a summer job
at Jimmy Quinn's

from a one-pub town
outside Kilkelly.

You say "Jimmy Quinn's"
like I should know the place.

Well, it's not just a place--
it's a legend, Jimmy Quinn's.

The original one's in Montauk.
His kids opened

a few over here in the '90s.

But great steaks,
big drinks, and--

let me tell you something--
the cute little Irish help

in the summertimes
does not hurt business.

Spoken like one who knows.

Well, there was redheaded
Caitlin from County Cork.

For one magical summer
in the last century.

So I take it I'm gonna
meet Jimmy Quinn?

Actually, Jimmy Quinn, Jr.

Not sure he has the same
Irish twinkle in his eye

that his old man had, but bring
your shades just in case.

...also requested
two transfers...

No. First, one thing.


Grassi said he owed you one
after a few drinks.

Maybe you had a couple, too?

Well, then is there

any version of this
where he meant,

"You screwed me, I owe you one"?
Owed you that way?

No. He owed me a solid.

Okay, then I got to ask,
owed you a solid for what?

Nothing from here.

I'll ask again. For what?

For dirt on city hall.

And I'm gonna ask you
to trust my judgment

and not ask me
any more about it.

And, Lieutenant, you got what?

Carlson requested two transfers
in 21 months.

That's three precincts.

Two in Brooklyn South,
one in Brooklyn North.

And his profile?

Goes along, gets along.

Not exactly a big collar guy

but a presence on the street
that's earned him

some commendations
in the community.

Yeah. And now in the 6-5?

Going on seven months.

Ward Gibson's
his C.O. over there.

Off-duty, off-site,

off the record
as soon as possible.

Got it, boss.

It's called
Kluver-Bucy syndrome.

It occurs in patients

when there's been damage
in the medial temporal lobe.


The defense
may be right.

This is a well documented
phenomenon that often results

in uncontrollable

Okay. So lacking control.

What about awareness?

If she was suffering delusions
at the time,

she may have lacked that, too.


But it would require
evaluation of the subject

beyond these scans.

Okay. I'm gonna need you
to do that.

You've brought me
a lot of interesting cases

over the years, Erin,

but this one's maybe

too interesting.

You just said
the defense may be right.

There's more at stake here
than just right or wrong.

No, those are the stakes,

Say I did evaluate her
and supported the defense.

And you, in turn,
supported a lesser sentence.

Erin, let's be clear.

This is for possession
of child pornography.

There's no justification
or excuse that the people

who place their trust in us
will accept.

That may be true,
but it doesn't make it right.

Right or wrong,
it is what it is.

Sorry. I can't help.


When she walked in a room,

it was like the sun came in
right behind her.

Yeah. Okay.

But again, I need you
to think here, Jimmy, okay?

How about a customer
or coworker?

I run a clean place.

We're not trying
to say otherwise.

I vet every dishwasher.

I know most every customer

like they were family.

Let's start
with coworkers.

Any beefs?

Any romances gone bad?

There are no romances
among the staff here.

Come on.

Beautiful young girl
in the big city

all by herself for
the very first time.

Jimmy Quinn's has been

a thriving business

for over 40 years,
'cause we have rules.

And one of those rules is no
fooling around among the staff.

And no dipping in the register,
pouring from the top shelf

for the staff
drinks, right?

Look, I hear
what you're saying, Detective,

but no.

Everyone who
works here signs

a non-fraternization agreement.

Excuse me a sec.
Where's the ladies' room?

Before the kitchen doors,
to the right.

I'll be right right back.

So what time did Rebecca
leave last night?

Well, we slowed

way down after happy hour,
so I let her go around 9:00.

Talk to me.

Rebecca was a friend of mine.

We met on the flight over.


That no hooking up
amongst the staff policy--

the staff work together hard

to make sure Mr. Quinn
believes it's working.

Though it isn't.

Maybe it did,
in the last century.

Yeah, I doubt even then.

Who was Rebecca hooking up with?

Sean. One of the bartenders.

Who's a bad guy?

No. He's a good guy.

But I can tell you...

...the moment she got off shift,
she'd be headed to him.

Do you know
where I can find him?

I went with her to a couple
of parties at his flat.

And your expert says this
syndrome... what's it called?

Two words: Kluver-Bucy.

Would hold water
as a mitigating factor?


But is unwilling
to testify to same.

No. She will not testify.
Well, then,

I've got two words for you:
child pornography.

What is that
supposed to mean?

Two words that together run neck
and neck with child molester

as the charges
that bring everybody,

and I do mean everybody,

This is not
a political campaign.

Sometimes it is.

And this is one of those times.

Why did your doc back out?
Can I guess?

You don't have to;
you know why.

Yes, I do.

Because she's smart

and likes making her living
the way she does,

and so do I,
and so do you, last I heard.

Coupled with the fact
that the defendant is female,

this case could have
major precedence in the courts.

And this case could backfire
and paint this office

as some kind of

that's soft on child porn.

The defense presented
medical evidence.

We can't just ignore it
to protect our image.

You say image, I say reputation.

Do you really think
she's innocent?

I didn't say that.

And now you are talking
like it's a political campaign.

She pled guilty.

I just think
there's a strong argument

that the blame
is not entirely hers to bear.

Anyway, we're done here.

We are?

You assigned me to take over
the plea process on this case.

Are you taking me off of it?

No, but...
Then I'll keep you posted.

Right now, we don't have
anything but a tip,

and we don't know much about
what kind of information

is allegedly being passed up.

Well, you've covered all
the legal requirements, boss.

The officer in question
is assigned to your precinct.

Kinda figured that.

He transferred in from...

Hold on a second.

There a problem, Ward?

I take pride in my job.

I know you do.

So I'd like to think that if
a cop in my command turned rat,

I'd have a pretty good guess.

We're not saying he's a rat.

Polite name is "whistleblower."


Officer Eric Carlson?

Yeah. We call him Swede.

That's the name we got.

Why'd you guess him?

Don't get me wrong, good cop.

Pain in the ass, but a good cop.

Pain in the ass how?

Opinionated. Which is fine.

I encourage

an open exchange
of opinions.

I checked with his
previous C.O.s, same story.

He'd voice a complaint, and if
you didn't take it as gospel,

he'd try to go
up and around you.

Daily? Weekly?

You know, now that I'm thinking,
we had a come-to-Jesus

a month ago.

And here I am thinking
I got through to him.

That he was
one of my boyos.

We even went
to the range together.

Thanks for this, Ward.

I don't know
what you're thanking me for.

I got a rat on my watch.

For your honesty;
I know it ain't easy.


We don't know what we've got,

so I do not want you
to do a thing, understood?


This meeting never happened.

Excuse me.

Sean Bartch?

Not here.

It's the police.

Detective Reagan and Baez.

You here now?

I was at my friend's bar,
the Philidor.

I can get you his
number if you want.

Yeah, we do.

What time
were you there till?

...last call.

And Rebecca
was gonna meet you there?

I was hoping so.

What's that mean?

Means we kind of had a fight,

and, I was hoping
she'd gotten over it,

but I'm never gonna know, so...

So the witnesses
at the Philidor

will say you were there
when to when?

Like, 8:00
to 2:00, 2:15-- I don't know.

I was helping out
behind the bar

from about 11:00
to last call, so...


Why don't you
call over there,

check it out.

Hey, look at me.

It's time you cut the crap
and get real with me right now.

What the hell's going on?

I don't-- I was
nowhere near her, man.

I wish I had been.

What happened?

She got hit by a car.

That's not why you're here.

She got hit by a car
and she was pumped up with coke

that was laced with W-18.

You ever heard of that?

Yeah. Yeah, I've heard of that.

Um... I've never tried it,

But she did.

Was Rebecca game for anything?

No, man.

Nothing like that, no.

Well, she was that night.

You do coke with her?


She-- God, she'd-she'd do,
like, a few beers,

a couple of shots, that was it.

So she only did beer
and a couple of shots,

but this night she does a whole
bunch of coke with W-18 in it?

What were you two
fighting about?

She, flirted all the time.

It was...

you know, it drove me crazy,
but she always said

it was just 'cause she,
had to do it for show,

'cause she had to pretend
to be single, so...

Because of
Jimmy Quinn's policies?


And I'm, I'm not usually
the jealous type.

Let's suppose your suspicions
were right.

Which guy would it be?

I don't think she was, man.

Come on.

Fights like that don't happen

because of the entire
male species, all right?

Somebody set it off;
who was it?

No. It was just, like...

I mean, you know
what she looked like?

Yeah. I know
what she looked like.

It was like every guy

who came in there was trying to,

trying to get her number.

You know, she said
because of her job,

she had to make them all

feel like "possibly,"
but that was it.

There's about six or
seven over at the Philidor

who were there last night.

They'll stay till we
get there to interview.


Man, everything I'm saying
is true, I swear.

Then don't leave town.

Ms. Collins.

Siobhan Collins.
Detective Reagan.

I was wondering if I could
have a moment of your time.


I'm really...

sorry for your loss.

I'm trying to determine
what may have caused,

or led to your daughter's death.

And I was wondering
if you could help.

I don't know
how I could help.

When you were contacted

by the department
as next of kin,

you were already on a plane

on your way over here
to the States.

I was wondering why.

Rebecca asked me to come over
to talk to Mr. Quinn with her,

and then to take her right
to the airport and home.

Talk about what?

To blow the whistle
that drugs were being dealt

out of his restaurant.

She felt strongly
that we owed him that.

And did she mention
a Sean Bartch to you?


I'm afraid she inherited
my bad taste in men.

So, this was
his operation, then?

Well, according to Rebecca,
it was Sean and...

another bartender,
working both out of here

and in Montauk.

Do you have any proof
of this, Ms. Collins?

As far as I'm concerned,

I'm flying the proof home
with me in her casket.

What'd you say
to Dr. Sumardi?

She's got a nice side business
going as an expert witness.

I'd hate to see it dry up.

Which one are you rooting for?

What do you mean?

For the doc to agree
to testify for Duncan,

or for her
to pass this buck again.

I'm rooting for justice.

Give me a break.

She declines to testify,
you're off the hook.

But if she agrees
to support the defendant,

you've doubled down on
pushing for the minimum sentence

in a child porn case.

Sticking with justice.

What I am rooting for is,

next time you want
to dump something like this

on someone's lap,
you walk right by me.

Won't happen, but it's fair.

Sean was in here earlier.

Said he left
his wallet in his locker.

Great. Let's see if he left
anything else. Which one?

Right here.

Right here.

All right, I need
your permission

as the owner
of this establishment.

Yes, please, go.

- Great. Could you step back, please?
- Yeah.

All right.

Come to papa.

Finders keepers.

What is that?

Well, it looks like

grams of cocaine
in the convenient pocket size.

I had no idea.

Who's he run with?

What do you mean?

Well, you make it your business
to stay

in your employees'
business, right?

Who's he run with?

Who does he do shifts with?

Derrick Sanders.

He's out working Montauk
for the week.

Montauk. Good. Okay.

Sean Bartch,

drop the bag, keep your hands
where I can see 'em!

Hey! Where you going, buddy?
Turn around.

Hands on your head.
Lock your fingers.

Could have sworn I told
you not to leave town.

You got the wrong guy.

That's a new one.
I swear.

You have the
right to remain silent.

So why don't you do me
a favor: shut up. Come on.

And she was
exceptionally candid.

She admitted that
on occasion,

her feelings towards some of
her pupils could cross a line

into fantasies of voyeurism
and physical intimacy.

There's never been a single
complaint filed against her,

not even a whisper.

Aside from the hundreds of files
on her computer, for the record.

I reviewed enough of the seized
material to be fairly certain

that her account lines
up with the evidence.

It's child porn
any way you slice it.

It's exclusively
depictions of

clearly post-pubescent boys
engaging in masturbation.

In my opinion, the impulse
controls that were removed

as a result of the
surgery manifested

in the wholly
uncharacteristic action

of searching for and
downloading those images.

And you'd be willing
to testify on her behalf?

To these specific points.

But if you try
to steer me into an agenda,

I'll be gone
in the next instant.

The witness does not set
guidelines for the prosecution.

Take it or leave it.

All I want is for you
to provide expert testimony

on the viability of her claim.

That I can do.

Last call.
You're gonna help me,

or I'm gonna mop the floor
with you, you understand?

And then you're cut off.

And cut off around here means

central booking,
then straight to Rikers!


All right.

All right. Yeah.

She knew about the drugs.

She? Rebecca?


I wanted her to stay here
in America,

so I told her that I made more
than just a bartender,

and I could support her.

She asked how you could
support her, right?

And I told her.

To keep her here.

But you didn't keep her.
You lost her. How?


I told Derrick
that I told her.

We don't keep secrets,
him and me.

So you think Derrick did it.

Well, ever since
you came to my apartment

and mentioned W-18, yeah.

He the only one
who cuts with it?

He's the only one I know.

Then why didn't you
say something then?

'Cause I didn't think that
he would do something like this.

Look, man, this whole thing-- it
was just supposed to be, like,

providing a service on the side,
but he got greedy.

And you talked
to him about that?

Did he admit to it?

That's why I was
getting on that jitney.

Go out to Montauk,
talk to him, face to face.

Well, look, you still got
a chance to do that.

To get him to admit it.

I mean, you dragged
Rebecca into this;

you're part of the reason
she's dead.

You want a shot
at redemption or not?

I'll do anything.


I used every can
opener and crowbar,

called in every
chit and favor.

If Officer Carlson is
passing up anything

truly damaging,
I can't get at it.

Are we being played here?

No. I checked
back with Grassi.

Carlson is
Officer Zero in this.

Whatever "this" is.

Carlson's in the hospital.
What for?

Captain Gibson demanded access

to his apartment
without permission.

The super called Carlson.
Apparently, they're friendly.

Carlson came back home
and confronted Gibson,

had him red-handed right there.

Son of a bitch.
I told Ward to lay off.

His pride won out.

Punches thrown?
No. Just a lot of yelling.

Well, then what the hell's
he in the hospital for?

Gibson called for backup

and had Carlson checked in
to the psych ward.

What the hell?

Late last night.
Why the psych ward?

Because he's smart.
If Carlson is a rat...

He'll look a lot less reliable

if his own C.O. had him
committed to the psych ward.

Docket number 435286,

The People v. Katherine Duncan.

Defendant has been charged

with possessing a sexual
performance by a child.

I understand both sides
have recommendations

for sentencing?

Yes, Your Honor.

The People will
be recommending

the minimum sentence
of one to three years.

We believe Ms. Duncan's actions
were not fully in her control

due to complications
following a medical procedure,

as shown in records previously

submitted to this court.
And the defense?

Defense recommends
two years probation,

plus mandatory therapy.

Approach the bench, both of you.

Are you two serious?
For child porn?

I believe there are
medical factors...

Yeah, I know. I heard you.

Well, if necessary,

will you hear the testimony
of an expert witness

to the same point
on behalf of Ms. Duncan?

Sure I will.

So, probation
and a minimum sentence?

This is... is this
what you two worked out?

For Your Honor's consideration.

"For Your Honor's

of the steaming pile of crap you
just plopped down on my bench.

It is this
A.D.A.'s opinion

that it's my duty to
advocate for a fair and just

sentencing in this case.

Do you understand the position
this puts me in?

Hopefully in the position to
consider this case objectively

and not subjectively,
Your Honor.

Step away, please.

I am not prepared to
hand down a sentence

of probation at this
time, nor to consider

a minimum sentence as
proposed by the People.

Will you
consider reducing

the cap on sentencing,
Your Honor?

The cap will remain
at six years.

You're free
to present the court with

your expert witness,
Ms. Reagan, and both sides may

produce additional
materials between now

and the sentencing date,
which is set for

Monday next.

Until then,
this case is adjourned.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Officer Carlson.

Commissioner Reagan, sir.

And Lieutenant Gormley.

Please sit down.

You know why we're here?

Pretty sure I do,
yes, sir.

Would you like a union rep?

No, Lieutenant. Thank you.

Do you want to speak candidly?

Why else do you think
I got you here?

You didn't get us here.

Beg to differ, sir.

You're here on account
of what started with a tip

from the state's attorney
general's office, am I right?

You tell me.

Sir, I've been trying
for almost a year

to get a sit-down with you,

over what I see as the systemic
abuse of policy and power

by certain precincts to violate
the rights of citizens.

Name two.

"Increase your activity level"
was code

for get more collars
any way you can,

including planting evidence.

"Full enforcement" meant

summons anything
that's breathing.

To what end?

You write up some poor kid
for an open container.

He can't afford the summons,
so he doesn't show up,

and you knew that going in.

Right, now you've got him
in the system

with a warrant out on him.

You own him for whatever
you see fit to use him for.

Says you.

It's called
effective police work.

In these neighborhoods?

This isn't OshKosh B'Gosh
or wherever you're from.

Planting evidence?

Okay, not that, but...

So, you're saying, what?

At roll call, everyone knew
how to interpret?

If you didn't, you were expected
to get the download

from someone
who'd been around for longer.

And if they didn't?

You get schooled, real harsh.

Say I believe you.


What's your next move?


You seem like a smart guy.

Certainly you didn't think

that by opening
this particular can of worms,

there would be
a single commanding officer

who'd want you in his command.

Yeah. I hadn't really thought
about it like that.

Time to start.

Well, I suppose I'd join
a department back home,

Milwaukee or Madison.

Not when they heard from me,
which they sure as hell would.

Copy that.

So, I'll ask you again.

What's your next move?

What's the right thing to do?

My cell phone
and personal e-mail.

I'm gonna see about
getting you out of here.

Dealing drugs out of
Jimmy Quinn's? Take that back.

Well, I can't take
it back; it happened.

The trial's over?
Quinn's lost?

No, but...
Then it's libel.

They're innocent
until proven guilty.


Why you taking
a stand on this, Pop?

It's not a stand.

Okay, what do you call it?
Cleopatra ain't

the only Queen of "De Nile."

Haven't heard that
one in a while.

What else have you got for me?

That all those
lovely Irish girls

turned out to be hook...
ladies of the night?

No. But as it turns out,
they're not exactly

Jimmy's vestal virgins, either.

Says you.

Why would my dad be making
something like this up?

Are you just busting his chops?

No, but clearly
I've hit a nerve.

Well, Pops hit on a good point.

He has? What's that?

There's a whole lot of benefit
to be had by giving

the benefit of the doubt
to something you hold dear.

Thank you.

Big part of who you are.

But what does that
have to do with Quinn's?

Come on. You of all people.

Me of all people what?

What? You never stuck with your
convictions about something?

A case? A person? A cause?

Not when I'm smart.

This isn't about smart.

Smart's highly overrated

I've been saying that
since fourth grade.

You mean how smart's becoming
a nicer word for cynical?

That's one way to put it, yeah.

I mean, Pop loves Quinn's,
the Montauk Quinn's

from back in the day when he
and his buddies ate and drank

and drank some more
after a fishing charter.

He owns that and nothing's gonna
change that, nor should it.

And if the place is changing,
I don't want to hear about it.

It's staying the same to me,
and that's my right.

End of story.

And you don't have anything
in your life

that you would defend against
all comers to the bitter end?

Well, not a restaurant.

Well, no. That's Pop's in this.
What's yours?

Just about any underdog.

Well, there you go.

What about you, Danny?

Misunderstood teenage boys.

Once you've been one, you can't
help but feel for them all.

Except for these
two, of course.

Thanks, Dad.


Pit bulls.

They're like
ex-boxers in a bar.

Everyone taunts them

and then acts shocked
when they punch back.

Always think
they get a raw deal.

Plus, they're adorable.

So sweet.

Well, I know what
you're getting for Christmas.

What about you, Dad?

What do you end up being
the last man defending?

What comes to mind right now?

Set-in-their-ways old cops.

I can't help but root for 'em,

even though I know
it might come back to bite me.

You talking about Pops or Danny?




You wanted to talk, so talk.

I...I got a visit
from the cops.

About Rebecca?

What do you think?

I think, "So what?"

You know, the chick you were
banging got hit by a car.

What's there
to say, but...

It-it's sad, it-it's so sad.

And she got hit by a car
with a snootful of blow

cut with W-18.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Come on, you-you want
to tell me why?

What, you think I had
something to do with it?

Yeah, I know you did.

I don't have
the whole market on W-18.

Yeah, you do in that little
world she moves around in.

Prove it.

Hey, hey, hey, man.

Listen, take it easy.


Let's not get carried
away, all right?

What did she do to you?!

Calm down.

You want to talk?

Let's talk.

Come on.

Don't be holding a gun on me.

Come on, let's
put that away.

She was gonna go

to old man Quinn, and where do
you think he was gonna go next?

To the cops.

You don't know that!

You started this! Telling her.

You really think I was gonna let
some little Irish piece of tail

come between
everything we built?

You ought to be thanking me,


Drop it! Drop it!

Drop it!

Drop the gun!

Turn around, get up
against the car. Move!

Derrick Sanders,
you're under arrest...

for the murder of Rebecca Collins.

For being dumb enough

to fall for a starter's
pistol, you jackass.

Good job.

Come on.

You okay?

Ms. Reagan.

I want to thank you.

Well, don't thank me; the judge
hasn't handed down a sentence.

Not for the result.

For the grace you've shown.

All rise.

I've reviewed the expert
testimony as provided

by the D.A.'s office, and I've
found the evidence convincing

that Ms. Duncan lacked
both control

and awareness
of her actions.


in her lucid moments,
Ms. Duncan failed to report

her activities
to the appropriate authorities,

or to seek help.

In those moments,
she had responsibility

that she failed to act upon.

As such, I hereby sentence
Ms. Duncan

to the maximum sentence allowed

under her plea deal,
six years in state prison.

This court is adjourned.

It's one thing
to take an officer aside

and give him a talking to.

Again, boss, I didn't sign up
for a lecture from...

Humor me, Captain.

Even though it's
about a corrupt practice...

You say corrupt,
some people say...

Sid, please.
No. I should go.

I don't want to listen
to this, sit here and...

You can and will.

Move it along.

It's a whole other thing
to plan it out,

so that you confront an officer
in the locker room,

in front of his fellow officers,

timed so that he's standing
at attention in his underwear

while you tear him a new one.

You're making this sound like
it happens every day.

Yeah, I've seen it
happen often enough that

I asked around-- it's a thing.

You get one of your boyos
to tip you off.

Okay, I call BS.

I must have witnessed it
over a dozen times.

All right. So what?

My high school football coach
used to do the same thing,

and we won state
three years running.

Okay, well,
that's not gonna help.

These are men and women.
They're not kids.

They're professionals, and they
deserve to be treated as such.

And this ain't the Candy Land
Police Department, either.

I know that.

But that kind of bullying...

You toss your better judgment,
your right to question,

just to avoid
going through it again,

and that doesn't
make for good cops.

Right, that makes for

go along
to get along boyos.

Do you have any evidence
that Captain Gibson

ordered or condoned,
implicitly or otherwise,

the planting of evidence to
justify a collar or make a case?

Not hard evidence.

Rumors and hearsay.

Never happened.

Look, say I believe you...

Say I don't give a rat's ass
what you believe.

Called an olive branch, Ward.

Screw him!

You are refuting
everything he said?

Think, Ward.

You take away stop and frisk,
you take away

an officer's sixth sense, 'cause
it's now called profiling,

which is what happened
on my watch.

Easy there, you...

No, he's got a point.

So, yeah, they've taken away
some of the tools from the box.

So you look for new tools.

You get creative with
the ones you have left

because the job's the same.

And the bad guys
aren't gonna give you a break

because you've got
your hand tied, okay?

You hear him?

Yes, sir.

You want to stay on the job?

Ask me some other time.

I'm asking you now.

Yes, sir.

'Cause you're gonna be working
with more guys like him.

Guys who don't pine for the good
old days, 'cause they weren't

there for 'em.

Men and women who want

to do the job
and play by the rules.

2016 rules.

Like it or not.

Yes, sir.


I want you two to ride back
to your precinct... together.

And go back to work, together.


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