Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 17 - Friends in Need - full transcript

A fiery visiting British PC wants more than "just the facts" from Frank. Danny causes the placement of Officer Beale, rookie cop, with Precinct 12, based on his service in Iraq with Beale's late father; both Jamie and Eddie become quickly disenchanted with the young man, which causes Danny and Jamie to argue. Erin sees the level of integrity of her own investigator, Anthony, when a member of his family is accused of "scamming cops."

Thinking about getting
my hair cut short.

That so?
Real short.

So I could take my cap
on and off, like you can.


No more pinning it up
and sticking it in there.

That's a pain.

Plus a perp could grab it.
So it's also a liability.

Except when
you're off duty,

which is when it's just
a great head of hair.

Thank you, Jamie.
And Eddie, believe me,

when I say that really, truly,
that's all I got for the hair.

That's more than I expected, actually.

Hey, Steve got
a new partner?

Yeah, a newbie,
still on probation.

Hey, Jamie, Eddie.
This is Marcus Beal.

He just transferred in
from the 2-7.

Hey. Welcome.

How's it going? Hey.
Nice to meet you.

Give me a sec.
All right. I'll meet you out front.

All right.

Not wearing your vest.

Yeah, I know.

You should probably
go put one on.

Naw, I'm good.

No, go put one on.

Am I missing something here?

I... I thought my boss
was that Renzelli guy.


It's department policy.
Everybody wears a vest.

Policy huh?

All right,
so you're one of those?

Yeah, it's policy.

And also, it's maybe life and
death, yours and your partner's.

All right, well then,
you know...

Steve can say something,
or the sarge can,

but, you know, there's no policy
that says I gotta answer to you.

All right?

Rough Tough Creampuff.

Above my pay grade.

Never thought I'd actually
hear you say that.

Lived and learned.

Have you seen Anthony?

I think he went down
to the break room.

Break room? He owes me
a mountain of paperwork.

You want me
to go get him?

No, I'll go.

And get the paperwork.
Two birds, one stone.

Harry, you're not listening.

Oh, no, no.
We're listening, okay?

We're hearing him
loud and clear.

He doesn't have
our money.

I have what
you signed...

I don't care
what I signed!

You said the end
of the month.

Come on, he's dead
to rights here.

No, I told you that
I can't flip the property

until after the closing.

Now, you get your
profit when I flip,

that's how it works.

Profit?! Profit?!
That's what you signed!

Forget about profit, Joe.
Forget about profit, okay?

I just want
the money back.

I can't believe
you vouched for this idiot.

I can't believe
you forgot to tell us

what a lying
scumbag he is.

Okay, Harry, that's enough!
What's with the fingers, huh?!


What's going on here?

Small misunderstanding.

100 grand ain't small.

The situation's exactly
what he said it was.

What is your problem?
My problem?

You're ripping off cops.

You got it coming.

The both of you.
Oh, really?!

Now it's a threat?!

That was a threat!
You're going to threaten me?!

Break it up!

Both of you, upstairs.

Hey. What are you doing here?

Oh, I was thinking maybe
we could hit the range.

You know I figured I owe you a
chance for a double or nothing.

Double or nothing?
Last time was a scratch.

Not a chance-- I had you
by three on the last sheet.

I can't anyway.
I got plans.

Plans with who, your couch?

All right, fine,
whatever, rain check.

You really came all the way
down here to settle a bet?

Actually, no.

You remember me telling you
about a Corporal Jimmy Beal?

Yeah, he saved
your life in Iraq.

More than once.

His family's in Virginia.

His widow is,
but his son's up here now.

And I want you
to mentor him.

Mentor him?

He just graduated the Academy
a couple months ago.

All right, well how
come me and not you?

'Cause he was transferred
to your precinct.

There he is right now.


Uncle Danny!

What are you
doing here?

Just checking up on you.

Marcus this
is my kid brother, Jamie.

Jamie, this is Marcus.

He's your brother?

Oh, you two have met.


Well, whatever the hell happened
between the two of you,

let's say we take
a mulligan, okay?




Thank you.

Please, sit down.

Well, let's see.

Deputy Director Harold Kellen
of MI5,

Deputy Commissioner Roger
Thornton, Metropolitan Police,

Commander Sloane Thompson,
of the City of London Police.


You are, uh,
going to be seeing things

out in the field
over the next couple of days.

You're going
to have questions answered

and perhaps even
suspicions confirmed

that go to the heart

of how we protect our city
and our way of life

from the terrorists who would
stop at nothing to destroy it--

or your own London as well.

Any pictures that you take,
any notes that you make,

electronic or otherwise,

need to be vetted
thoroughly by us, are we agreed?

Of course, Commissioner.

I prefer to keep it
all up here in my head.

Photographic memory?

I've always found

that the really vital stuff
tends to stick.

Commander Thompson?


Thank you.

And quite clever, that,
if I may say so.

That what?

That for-your-eyes-only
bit just then.

As if we're going to be privy

to your drone-strike protocols
and electro-shock treatments.

Well, I assure you,

we don't have those
capabilities, Commander.

But we're not really
going to see

the capabilities
you do have, now are we?


I would like to go
on record here...

As being presumptuous?

As having been promised
straight whiskey,

but fearing that I'm being
served with weak tea.

And what makes you think that,

I've done some homework,
Commissioner Reagan.

I've spoken to a number
of private-sector security heads

who've attended
your SHIELD program.

Another program
we're very proud of.

But the breadth of access
to your department and its works

appears to me
to line up almost exactly

with that
of the SHIELD program...

Sloane, for God's sake.

Let her go.

As if London and her citizens

and her landmarks
deserve no more

of your insight
and expertise

than a hotel chain
or an investment bank,

a pharmaceutical firm,

the entities
for whom SHIELD is designed.

Well, your homework's

That's just not true.

I sincerely hope

that by the time we leave here
tomorrow night,

you will have shared with us
what you truly dread,

what you're prepared to do
about what you truly dread,

what you know
that no one else does.

Well, I can tell you one thing
the Irish in me truly dreads.

Ultimatums delivered
in British accents.

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Friends in Need
Original Air Date on March 11, 2016

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Thanks for waiting.

Look, what you
walked in on

was between me and Anthony
and his Bernie Madoff wannabe.

Don't start.
What I walked in on

was a beef about money,
and I want it settled in-house.

So start talking.

Anthony here got me
to go in on

a real estate deal
with his pal, Joey.

Only I'm starting to think these
properties don't even exist.

You saw them yourself.

I saw some condos, yeah.

What I haven't seen
is any money.

You agreed to tie it up
until the closing,

the date of which
is out of his control.

I asked around.

Joey messed with some charity
funds at the 6-4 precinct.

You got proof?

I got word.

You ask them yourself.

I will.

You're just trying to run out
on the contract you signed.

What, your, uh, self-respect
retire when you did?

You know, if you want to talk
to me, you give me a call.

But I'm done sitting here
with this Judas.

Joey's digits?

Erin, this guy's not a crook.

How long you know Joey?

All my life. He's my cousin.

He's family?

Close as brothers. Closer even.

Uncle Danny?

I could be wrong,

but I think the kid even wears
the same aftershave.

So why is your brother trying
to pawn him off on you?

His way of spreading
the love around, I guess.


Ooh, I don't
envy your day.

Ready to go?

Ready as I'm gonna be.

I got my vest on,
so I'll protect you out there.

Good to know.

Lighten up, man. Come on.

Look, you're the one
who requested me, remember?

Because he's trying
to help you.

Well, I don't need help.

Right. You got it
all figured out.


I'm gonna go
and try and find Steve.

You guys be safe
out there today.

Now her I wouldn't mind
riding with.

That right?

What's her deal?
She single?

Why don't you ask her?

I'm asking you.

Next subject.

Are you really
Danny's brother?

'Cause you guys are
some kind of opposite.

We have our differences.

You've known Danny
a long time?

Yeah, yeah,
since I was a kid.

He helped my mom out a lot

when my Dad didn't
come back from Iraq.

That's good.
Danny's a stand-up guy.

But you're riding with me today,

so I'm not gonna lecture you
or tell you what to do,

but I got six years
on the job.

I can share
some experience.

Which is your way of telling me
you're gonna school me.

Just trying to make this day

productive for both of us,
all right?

Harry was telling the truth.

There are allegations

your cousin scammed
a fundraiser at the 6-4.

Allegations aren't charges.

He made good.
Three months late.

And only after serious threats

were made to his health
and well-being.

That's just talk.

Once bitten, twice shy.

What does that mean?

It means I'm gonna
dig into this.

And I'm telling you because
I don't want you to think

I'm going after family

behind your back.

But you are
going after my family.

I am going after

an individual who may be using
his connections in this office

to scam other people
in this office.

You think
I'd do that?

I'd allow that?

I'm not certain
that you are aware.

Oh, so now what?
You're calling me stupid.

Did you hook Joey up at the 6-4?



Our second cousin Ralph's
a sergeant up there.

You'll stay out of this.


It's not really a question.
I want in.

He's your cousin, Anthony.

And I'm 100% certain
he's innocent.

But if one of my family's
accused of something like this,

then I think
another one of my family

deserves a chance
to clear his name.

And what if the facts
fall otherwise?

I'd arrest my own mother if
I thought she was scamming cops.

Your own mother.

Well, with a lot of back-up.

Please, Erin, don't insult me.

I won't.

Okay, yeah,
this place is legit.

This place is legit.

Yeah, that's all
Eddie-- she's like

a walking Michelin Guide
for cheap eats.

Oh, yeah? See?

Now that's the kind
of experience I can learn from.


All units, be advised.

We have a 10-20,
corner of Houston and Jones.

Perp is a male, white,
wearing a red hoodie.

That's up the block.

Yo, there he is.

Wait, hold on.
Sit tight.

We'll spin around
and get him...

Stop! Police!
I said sit tight!

Move it! Stop!

Stop! Police!



Watch out!

Don't move!

Ow! Okay, okay!


Turn over! Turn over!

I'm going
to turn you over, okay?

Where you going, bro, huh?

Hey, call a bus!

The fact is

that Edward Snowden
set us way, way back

in terms of our ability
to harvest Intel.

How much of that setback
do your open sources shore up?

Hard to, if not impossible,
to put a yardstick on that.

Could you try?

Well, say we get a call.

Guy buys X amount of fertilizer.

A guy who's address
is an apartment

in the city who has no normal
need for X amount of fertilizer.

He also buys

nine pressure cookers
in the next state over,

and we get that call, too.

You want that guy.

And we'll get that guy.

But the guy we'll miss drove
an SUV packed with AK-47's

up the east coast.

And we will miss him
because we do not have

a cooperating merchant
or a CI to call it in.

Pretty big hole in the net.
Thank you, Commander Obvious.

Well, it is a pretty big
hole in the net.

But I expect it's more
our problem than yours.

From what I can tell,
your telecoms

don't have the same restrictions
put on them as ours.

You can scrub communications
that we can't touch

without miles of red tape.

Too little too late.

In the name of what? Privacy?

Not gonna go there.

we want to thank you

for this most illuminating
couple of days.

Just-Just a minute here.

Commander Thompson.


You asked me

what I dread the most?


The Paris attacks.

How low tech they were.

A handful of actors
whose whole plot

consisted of synchronizing
their watches

to the tick of the clock
on a nothing Friday night.

But you still think
I'm holding back?

Yes, I do.
Really, Sloane.

Excuse us, Commissioner, we're late
for a meeting at the consulate.

Wouldn't want
to keep them waiting.

You say that
you're restricted

by law from scrubbing
cellular communications,

from a take-no-prisoners
approach to the surveillance

of Muslim communities,

of their mosques,

and you just stop there?

You're asking us
to believe

that you haven't
found ways under and around.

You don't have
black-ops procedures that, uh,

might aid our efforts
were you to share them?

That's a very smart question.

And so you're
smart enough to know

that that is a question
that I cannot answer.

So there we are.

Very well, then.

Sorry to disappoint you,

Not at all, Commissioner.

Just trying to do my job.

Safe travels.

So Rough Tough Creampuff
made a collar.

Yeah, and ignored
my directions to sit tight

and sent a little girl
to the hospital in the process.

All of a sudden,
so I'm booking down the street,

mad fast, I'm running
full speed, people coming out,

pushing people out of the way,

all of a sudden,
this woman

with a stroller just
comes out of nowhere,

just comes straight
out of nowhere, man.

I'm going so fast,
though, so I just jump

right over the stroller.

Cab comes,

knocks the perp onto
the hood, I dive,

crack him over the hood
like T.J. Hooker.

Boom. Take him down. Done.
Track star.

Hand to God.
Hand to God.

Good job, partner.

Yeah, you
feeling lucky to have me?

I don't know about that.

But congratulations on
your first collar at the 12th.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.
We gotta talk.

No, I'm guessing you're the one
that needs to talk.

Yeah, because you put a little
girl in the hospital today.

Oh, man.
It was an accident.

She got, what? A stich?

A dozen.
Because of your recklessness.

Are you seriously trying
to teach me lessons? Now?

I'm not teaching,
I'm telling.

I was the senior officer, I made
a call, and you ignored it.

'Cause it was the wrong call.
The perp would have got away.

What if he had a gun?
There was a whole crowd

of people standing right there.

You know what? I acted,
you didn't, okay?

You're just mad because
the rookie made the collar

and not the six-year veteran.

Hey, this isn't about me.

You know,
whatever you say.

Hey, why don't you listen to someone
besides yourself for a change?!

You gave that kid's family
a hell of a scare.

The only one who was
scared was you!

Now get out of my face!
All right! That's enough!

That's enough!


I seriously can't believe
you're Danny Reagan's brother.

That? That's above
your pay grade.

You got that right.
Screw it.



Sunday dinner.

Ooh. What are we having?


Yeah, Nicky's idea.

Ordered it special
from New Orleans.

I've always wanted
to try that.

And Sunday
you will have your chance.

I'll get these.

Give me an honest answer.


Have I become
too cynical?

Of course not.
I think my job

makes me assume
the worst in people.

Nah, you're a realist.
Goes with the job.

But maybe to a fault?

What's going on?

I have to investigate...

a detective's cousin.

A detective I work
with closely.


His cousin's been accused

of scamming cops
with bogus investments.

And you're just looking into it.

That goes with the job,
doesn't mean you're a cynic.

Yeah, it's not
that part, though.

See, Anthony has insisted
on digging into it with me,

even though it's his cousin,
and one that's like a brother.

And you have doubts
about his real intentions.


Now, I know this man.

Anthony is a good guy.

But there's something
in me that just...

...assumes the worst.


better to be
teaching the hard way

than learning the hard way.

No, and I should have
called ahead.

He should be here
any minute.

If you could let the
commissioner know that I'll...

- Hello.
- Oh, no need.

Sorry, I was out
at a crime scene.

Yes, um, and, uh, sorry
to just pop in like this.

Well, here we are.


I've come to apologize.

You don't have anything
to apologize for.

Apparently I do.

Apparently I was rude
and interruptive,

and apparently I overstepped
any number of boundaries.

And judging from all

these “apparentlys”,

apparently this apology
is an order from above.

A suggestion, sir.

Where are Frick and Frack?


I've been disinvited
from that leg of the trip.

Because of your lack of manners.

Look, uh... I know
how I come across.

I'm passionate
about police work,

and police work
has a ticking clock on it,

as lives are at stake,
and that makes me

impatient to get what I need,

which often results
in my having to apologize.

Anyway, I don't want to waste
any more of your time, so...

All right. Okay. Uh...

So again, uh, sorry.

And thank you.

It's been informative.

Erin, I hear what
you're saying, but maybe...

You wanted in
on the investigation,

this is what it is.

Yeah, I understand that.

But maybe...
Ramus was in on

a dozen developments
with Joey.

Until the car crash.

Yeah, so, if anything was going
on, maybe she knows about it.

Just seems a little dark,
you know?

Digging into this widow
on a whim.

It's not a whim.

But with all the money
he was moving,

I'm a little surprised
the house isn't nicer.

Just go easy, okay? Please?

Erika Ramus?

ADA Erin Reagan,

this is Investigator Abetemarco
from the DA's office.

We have some questions about
Joey Ruscoli. You know him?

He's a family friend.

We understand that he

and your late husband
were business partners.

They were.
I'm sorry, what's this about?

Well, there's
been some

unsubstantiated allegations
over Joey's business practices.

Fraud, in fact.

I don't know
anything about that.

So, in all
your husband's

business ventures
you never noticed

anything suspicious
or illegal?


Is this about Joey
or my husband?

Maybe both.

Will you excuse me a minute?

Look, it's been hard
losing Andrew,

but Joey's been a light.


Whoever you think he is,

I'm telling you
you're wrong about it.

And my husband was
the most honest man I ever knew.

Thank you for your time.

Well, I guess we're gonna
have to look elsewhere.

Really, Erin?

You know, it's okay to be
wrong once in a while.


Hey, I didn't hear you.

Double or nothing still?


Heard you and Marcus
got into it.

Yeah, he knocked
a little kid down.

Sent her to the hospital
while he was making an arrest.

Bad luck?

Bad policing, Danny.

Only happened because he ignored

the plan of a more experienced
police officer--

namely, me.

Huh. He told me

it was a good collar.

Did he?

Yeah. We both know
how you can be.

How I can be?

Yeah, you know,
Mr. By-The-Book.

Like you wrote
the Patrol Guide yourself.

Something wrong with that?

I'm just saying

the kid's got good instincts.

You shouldn't hold him back.

Are his “good instincts” why you
had him placed in my precinct?

What do you mean?

That means you knew
he was a liability, Danny.

You-You're trying
to protect him.

You're damn right
I'm trying to protect him.

Yeah, at my expense.

What are you
worried about anyway?

You worried about

your golden boy reputation
being tarnished?

Is that it?
Whatever, Danny.

Look, you don't want

to help the kid, don't help him.

There's a reason
there's a Patrol Guide, Danny.

Keeps guys alive.

Yeah, you know what

doesn't keep guys alive?


Weighing the options
when there's only one option.

To act.

You know, you're part
of his problem, Danny.

Maybe you're part
of the problem.

Your example's
made him reckless.

He's gonna get somebody killed.

Are we even?

Not by a long shot.

There's a woman here
to see you-- Erika Ramus?

Send her in. Cameron?

Get Anthony up here, please.

I didn't sleep a wink
last night.

If I...

overstepped yesterday...

You didn't.

You were looking for the truth,

and I didn't give it to you.

What's this?


Cancelled checks,
bounced checks,

receipts, bogus receipts--

anything my husband kept
on his transactions with Joey.

Are you saying...

None of it was real.

Andrew didn't realize

until it was too late.

We lost everything.

I mean...

Well, everything.

He couldn't live with it.

The car accident?

Wasn't an accident.

What's the word, E?

Oh, excuse me.

Why didn't you tell us?

After my husband died...

Joey helped.

Believe me, I wanted nothing
to do with him,

but the kids need to eat.

As long as I kept quiet,
the money kept coming.

Quiet about the scams?

Uh, but you said
he was a family friend.

He told me to say that.

He also told me
to expect a visit

from you two,
but I can't sleep at night

thinking he could do this
to another family.

I hope it helps.

That lying son of a bitch!

I think it's time you
stepped off the investigation.

Listen, if Joey thinks
you're on to him,

there's a good chance
he's in the wind.

And if he is,

who do you think he's gonna pick
up the phone for, you or me?

It doesn't matter.
Sure it does.

I'm your best bet to find him,

and you know it.

This is really delicious.

How do they make
a turducken, anyway?

They feed a chicken to a duck,

and then feed that duck
to a turkey.


That's so gross.


They debone the birds and then
layer them smallest to largest.

Well, however they make it,

boy, it's good.

So, Francis,

did the Brits actually listen
to what you have to say,

or were they just being British?

One of them sure did--
kept pushing for more.

More what?

More of the secret sauce,
as the kids say.

Kids don't say that, Grandpa.

Oh, I thought they did.

Some do.

Yeah, I think
I've heard that.

Thank you.
I think it's more

of a marketing buzzword.
Well, anyway,

she keeps wanting to know things
I can't tell her.


Like, things
I can't tell anybody.

Things we do,
preparations we make

that I can't risk
becoming known.

Because they're illegal?


Well, why else?

Because if they become known,

they would cease
to be effective.

- Hmm.
- Well, I got kind of

the opposite thing going on.
How's that?

I've been asked
to mentor a newbie

who doesn't give a damn

about what I say.

Uh-uh, language.

Gosh darn about what I say.

Maybe if you just
try talking to him

instead of talking
down to him.

I've tried talking up,
down, sideways.

Is he talking about Marcus?

You know,
“mentor” doesn't mean

“be just like me”.

It means, “let me find
your strengths,

and help you grow them”"

Well, Marcus' strengths
all seem to be

in the chip on his shoulder.
Look deeper.

Not everybody's cut out
to be a cop, Danny.

And you don't get
to make

that call, Jamie.

In this instance, I do.
He's got no discipline,

he's got no regard
for the rules,

and he's an accident
waiting to happen.

Says the guy who's still
in uniform because he's a...

Because I choose to be!

Let's keep it civil.

For dessert, I made a Piecakey.

A what?

It's a cookie baked into a pie

baked into a cake.

I invented it.

Tough crowd today, Pop.

E-mails and voicemails
and texts.

None of them returned.

You call around?

Of course.

No one's seen him
since Friday night.

Well, you did what you could.


but I haven't done
what I said I would,

which was to draw him in.

I've got enough to get
a warrant for his arrest.

We'll just kick it over to the NYPD.

I want this.

I should've seen this coming.

We can all be blind
when it comes to family.

You're right.

There's one thing
I haven't tried.


All Italian men
have one weakness.

Yeah, wine, food?


one above all the rest.

According to her office,
she is still in New York, sir.

Oh, good.

I got her mobile number.

That's what they call it.

Not “cell,” “mobile.”

Right. Do me a favor.
Would that be a favor

with a U?


Call and ask
and see if she's available

for an 8:00 meeting tonight.

You mean dinner?

A meeting that could
include dinner, yes.

A working dinner.

Isn't that a call you'd want
to make yourself, sir?

Do I ever schedule
my own meetings, Baker?

No, sir.

I just meant that if...

I know what you meant.

Please schedule the meeting.

Should I ask her what kind
of cuisine she prefers?

I don't know.

Sure, okay.

That'll be all, Baker.

Yes, sir.

I'm just saying, that's sort of
what you signed up for.

Babysitting punks
like Marcus?

Mentoring rookies,
like me,

and yeah,
some like Marcus.

Most rookies have a sense
of respect for the job.

You did.

maybe Marcus does, too,
in his own way.

He thinks he knows
more than he does.

It's all an act.

I don't think so.

The kid lost his father
really young.

That can change a person.

Maybe I don't have
my dad's patience after all.

Trust me, you do.

All units confines
of the 12th precinct,

be advised.

We have a 10-30 Borough Bank,

Union and Grand Streets.

Two suspects, armed.

There's got to be
another way.

Not as fast
and as sure as this.

Joey's very close to his mom.


Look at you!

Aunt Sophia,
beautiful as always.

Come in, come in.

It's so cold!

Anthony's aunt Sophia.

Hi, Erin Reagan.

Nice to meet you.

Let's get you something
to eat. Come on.

What do we got?

Two armed perps inside
with weapons on the clerk.

We gotta move in.

No, we gotta wait for ESU
to get here.

Hey, Eddie, request HNT.


The perps look real jumpy;
I don't think we should wait.

There's four of us, let's take 'em.

Steve, you and Marcus
cover the front.

Eddie and I'll work our way
around the back,

see if we can get in there
and talk 'em down.

Want to make sure
we don't scare 'em

into doing something
even dumber.

Hey, Eddie.

Come on.

Everyone stay down!

Come on, come on,
just shove that money through!

Hurry up! I said, hurry up!

Come on, bitch,
just throw the cash!

Don't make me
shoot her!

Let's go, let's go, faster!

Police! Don't move!

Drop your weapons!

Nobody has to get hurt!

Just get down on the ground.

What are you doing, man?

Just put the gun down, man.

Calm down.
Listen to your partner.

Come on, let the lady go.

Don't be stupid.
All right, all right.

Put your gun down.
All right, all right.

Easy does it. That's it.
Put down the gun.

Stop, police!

Are you okay?



Show me your hands.
Give me your hands!

Eddie, call it in.

We need a bus forthwith

on the corner
of Houston and Jones.

I take it back.
That kid's a menace.

Take it easy.

You told him
to wait outside!

Yeah, trust me, I know.
He could've got us killed.

Oh, there he is.

You know, I'm gonna give him
a piece of my mind.

Hey, hey.
Eddie, wait. Listen.

I don't think yelling at him

is gonna do anyone any good.

Well, it might do me some good!

Just let me take this one.

You holding up?

Came here to say
“I told you so”?

I don't really care,
to be honest.

They almost
killed me, man.

They almost
killed all of us.

And no one had
to get shot today.


I don't know what to do.

You're in shock.

I've been there.
You'll be okay.

What's on the paper?

My letter of resignation.

That may be
the first smart thing

you've done since you got here.


Ma, are you okay?!

Ma, where are you?

She stepped out, Joey.

She called me. She told me
she fell and couldn't get up!

What the hell's
going on, Anthony?

She's fine.

Oh, thank God.

What is she doing here?


No, no, no, no!

You son of a bitch.

You should've returned my call.
You did this?

You set me up and used
my mother, your aunt, as bait?

After you used me to scam cops?

You bet your skinny ass I did!

You got nothing.
Story of your life.

We got plenty, Joey.

And what we don't have,
you're gonna give to us.

I ain't saying nothing
without a lawyer.

I already called Uncle Sal.

His guy's meeting us
down at the DA's office.

Wow, thank you.
What a guy, Anthony.

Hey, you're family.

It's the least I could do.

You got the right
to remain silent.

Anything you do or say
may be used against you

in a court of law.

Hey! Too tight!

Hey, they're new.

They'll stretch
when you break 'em in.

So... now you go.

No, I can't top yours.

And someone
might overhear.

I can't get my voice
down as low as you can.

You promised me a secret.

Fair's fair.
Dessert and coffee?

Uh, no,
not for me, thanks.


No, we'll just finish our wine.

Thank you.


Confidential informants, uh,

in radical mosques

have worse odds of paying off
than a Tijuana slot machine.

Well, you get a huge percentage

of them going double agent,

you waste thousands of man-hours

and put lives in danger
in the bargain.

But everybody uses them.

You don't?

As little as possible.

And you don't.

You don't have mosques
in the Financial District.

No, but Thornton and Kellen

certainly have informants
in mosques.

You didn't share
these doubts with them.

No, I didn't.

You were holding back.


I couldn't warn them off of
something that I can't prove.

I couldn't convince them that
a disaffected young Muslim

set up with a charismatic imam

might not make for

a reliable narrator.

And if I did, and they
acted on my warnings,

I might have compromised
a valuable operation.

The known unknown.

The damned if you do,
or damned if you don't thing.

I'm so sorry.

That wasn't editorial.

I'm still on UK time,
and it's got to be, what?

4:00 in the morning?

No offense taken.
No, I...

It's the truth.
I-I mean it. Really, Frank.

I'll drop you at your hotel.

Where we might have a nightcap.

Uh, the hotel doesn't
actually have a bar,

but my room has a mini-bar.



And there I go again, um,

overstepping boundaries.

I think I'm just
going to powder my nose.

You might be getting
better at the range,

but I own you here.

Pride goeth before the fall.

Okay, Dad.

Come on,
double or nothing.

Drinks first.

You're buying.


I heard you did have
a close one today, though.

Didn't have to be.

I know.

You were right
about Marcus.

He's always been
a pain in the ass.

Oh, really?


But don't give up on him.

I don't think
it matters now.

He turned in his letter
of resignation.

I heard about that.
I spoke to his C.O. already.

I'm asking him to wait a few
days before doing anything.

Danny, why are you
trying to protect him?


The kid's had a tough life,

and he's trying
to make it better.

I owe his old man,
so I want to help.

So you're just going
to keep transferring him

from precinct
to precinct forever?

You know, for somebody
as smart as you,

you sure are thick as a brick

I wanted him transferred
to your precinct

right out of the Academy

so he could be close to you.

Because you're the best mentor

I could think of.

And you're the best cop I know.

That's why.

And honestly, you could
teach him things that I can't.

Let's talk to the kid,
all right?

Me and you. Together.

But mostly you.

What do you say?


Thank you.

Good night.

Shall we?

Shall we what?

Do what you said.

Have a nightcap.

The Irish in you
okay with that?

Very okay with that.

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