Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 20 - Payback - full transcript

A celebrity chef from reality TV is murdered and a suspect readily confesses to the crime, but Danny and Baez think there is more to the case. Jamie and Jenko investigate a bizzare assault and elsewhere a senator uses his friendship with Frank to ask for a favor regarding a DUI charge.

Where do they
all go, anyway?


People that live in
these neighborhoods.

Money moves in,
they move out.

The poor get pushed out,

But murder gets
to stay, huh?

Sounds about right.

What do we got?

We got a male, white.

Counted a dozen
stab wounds.


No wallet, no
cell phone,

But i'm pretty sure

That's brent madison.

What? You're kidding.

Nope, the wife and i got
into farm-to-table cooking

'cause of him.

Well, he was a chef
on a reality cooking show

A couple
of seasons back.

He won big.

He opened up a place
in tribeca, the les.

Yeah, that's him
all right.

No cash register to rob,
no knife,

No footprints in the blood.

May be a hit.

I may have a suspect for you.

Last week, my partner
and i responded

To a call here.

Two males having a
verbal altercation. Huh.

It was the victim
out on the sidewalk

Having a screaming match
with marty dustin.

Well, it wouldn't be
the first time.

Another celebrity chef
i should know?

Brent was marty's mentor
on the show.

They almost strangled
each other on live tv

During the season finale.

And brent was holding
a knife that night,

Although he said it was
'cause marty threatened him.


And you were too starstruck
to give a damn.

I guess you
could say that.

Bet you marty wasn't.

No, and you hide me away

Like you're
embarrassed of me.

Ma'am, roll down the
window? Just hold on.

If that's all i am to you,
then we're done!

Man: Honey... Ma'am!



You been drinking

What makes you think that?

I just saw you blow
through a red light.

Fine, maybe i had
a glass of wine.

Ma'am, please turn
off the ignition,

Step out of
the vehicle.

officer, is this
really necessary?

Sir, i'm not
talking to you.

I understand,
but i could switch places

And just drive
her home.

That's not how this works.

Ma'am, step out of the vehicle.

Do you not know
who he is?

Jess, jess...

He's the majority speaker
for the state senate.

How nice for him.

I said step out
of the vehicle.

Do we have
to do this, son?

Officer 2:

Get back in the car,

Or i'm taking you both in
right now.

She's right.

I am senator
ted mccreary.

Then you should know
that driving while intoxicated

Is illegal
in this state, senator.

Just do me a favor-
look at this...

Stop right there! Take your hand
out of your pocket now!

There, just look
at this card.

This has the cell phone number
of commissioner reagan.

Just call him.

Trust me, you want
to make this call.

Wait, he got mad at you because
you arrested him at work?

After he robbed his
coworker at gunpoint.

Said i was making him look
bad in front of the boss.

See what happens
when we take a day off?

Weird things happen.

Speaking of.

What are they
all looking at?

Something on their phones.

So people ignore each other,
like, in big groups now?



Hey, are you okay?

Are you okay?


Talk to me. What's your name?

Were you with any
of these people?


Hey, how did
you get here?

How'd you get here?
Talk to me, talk to me.

12 george to central,
requesting a bus.

Washington square park,
underneath the arch.

Possible o. D.

How are you?


I'm sorry to be late.

You're right on time.

I always factor in
an extra 15 minutes

When i know it's you.

I thought you told me
that benny retired.

Well, he did,
i just made sure that he left

Strict instructions
about how we like the hash.


I'm sorry about
last night.

An apology isn't
what i was looking for.

Well, the kid
wouldn't listen, i...

That kid is a cop
who was doing his job.

This isn't albany,
ted, you got lucky.

I understand

And i'm glad he
talked me down

From waking you in the
middle of the night.

What were you

I wasn't.

I hadn't had a
drop to drink.

I don't know why i didn't
insist on driving.

Who is she?

Jess weinstein,

My deputy chief
of staff.

She masterminded
my last campaign,

She's sharp as a tack.

Until she becomes
as dumb as a box of rocks

With one
of my officers.

That is the only reason i
dropped your card, frank.

I just... I didn't
want a scene.

And your officer, by the
way, was really kind.

He let me drive
her home...

And he dropped it
down to a dui.

She's still gonna have
to appear, though.

Uh... That's a problem.

One she created.

It still has to go away.


Because she's the right hand
of the senate majority leader,

Who's campaigned
his entire career

On stiffer penalties
for drunk drivers.

The headlines will write
themselves, frank.

I can't squash this because
of some tawdry headline.

A false headline,

There's nothing going
on between me and jess.

That hadn't
crossed my mind.

Well, it shouldn't.

But if the summons reaches
the paper,

It'd place you in the car. Yes.

With a younger woman.
A colleague.


After a night of drinking.

That is exactly the way
laura is gonna look at it.

And the tabloids.

And the jackals across the aisle
from me in the state house.

I'm pretty sure any wife
would look at it that way,

Especially if it's on the
front page of every paper.

So, frank, please?

I'll look into it.

Ah, thank you,
thank you.

Hey, how is she?

Not feeling too hot after
getting her stomach pumped,

But she'll live.

Anything else
you can tell us?

Tox screen won't come back
for a couple days,

But no signs
of sexual assault.

Thanks, doc.


What's going on?

Why don't we start
with your name?

Oh, christina henley.

How did i get here?

We found you in washington
square park last night.

Were you
with those people?


There was a crowd
on their phones.

They were
doing something.

Uh, ionic siege.

It's this, um, augmented
reality game we play.

"augmented" means
taking drugs?

It means playing in the real
world against other gamers,

Not alone in
your room.

I don't do drugs.

Okay, so someone dosed you?

I was, um...

Out of breath
from running.

Some guys gave
me a drink.

A- a minute later,
i started to lose it.

Did you know
these guys?


Oh, but i bet trevor
put 'em up to it.

Who's trevor?

My ex.

We met when ionic siege
launched last year.

Couple weeks ago, i said
i wanted to switch sides,

And trevor got so
mad, he dumped me.

A guy dumped you over a game?

He acted like i cheated
on him or something.

Sounds pretty controlling.


He started out so sweet.

I thought he was different.

Okay, so do you want
to file a complaint?

No, i...

I just want to go home, okay?

Wh-where's my purse?

You didn't have a purse
when we found you.

Wait, so my keys are gone?

How am i supposed to get
into my apartment?

If you have a super,
we can take you home,

And they can let you in,
change the locks if you want.

I should.

Trevor never gave me
his key back.

Sorry, we're closed.
Not for us.

I'm not seeing marty
dustin anywhere.

Anybody else thirsty?

Looks like he's



Why are you so happy,
mr. Dustin?

We killed again tonight.

Did he actually
just say that?

He just said that.

What's going on?

Well, someone killed
last night, too.

Brent madison, in fact.

I didn't mean
"killed" like that.

Well, since you threatened
him a few days ago,

That makes you
our prime suspect.

Hey, look.

I loved brent,
all right?

We're about to drink an '82
château gironde in his memory.

I watched your show.

You hated him.

Me and brent,
we-we fought a lot,

But he taught me
everything i know.

I mean, i went over
there last week

To help him with his new place.

Or maybe you just thought
it was a nice location

And wanted it
for yourself.

believe me,

I got my hands full
with this one.

Speaking of hands,

What happened to yours?

My raw bar chef didn't
show up last night.

I had to shuck
oysters myself.


They come from
the ocean,

And you use a special
little knife.

How about you knock it off
with the jokes, okay?

You're not
on tv tonight.

Actually, i am.

Tonight, last night,
the night before.

You see, we're all here
pretty much 24-7,

And that got time
stamps and everything.

When you said you went over

To help brent last week,
what'd you mean?

He was in over his head
with his business.

He was way behind
on his payments,

He missed his
soft opening,

He ran out of
friends at the bank.

He said the people
leasing him the space

Were really
pissed about it.

These people have
a name?

Choinski management.

They own, like,
half of greenpoint.

All done.

Thank you.

Here you go.

Feel better?

Safer, i guess.

Any history of violence
between you and trevor?

Not toward me.

I mean, he'd get mad
at ionic siege,

But he'd get over it.


Any chance this isn't just
about you switching sides?


This game can be all-consuming.

Even when we weren't playing,
we kind of...

Lived in our own little world.

We used to walk
across the williamsburg bridge

All the time.

Pretend to be different people.

I know it sounds silly,
but it was fun.

But that ended when
you betrayed him.


And then weird stuff
started happening.

My-my credit cards got canceled,

My bank account was frozen.



Do you know any
of these names?

I've never seen them before.

But they're probably
dummy accounts

by trevor's friends.

This is entertaining for them.

Like drugging you last night. Yes.

Only i can't prove
any of it.

And now i feel like
i'm living in a game,

Only i don't know
what comes next.

We know what
happens next.


We go, we talk
to trevor.

In person.

In real life.


Yes, we leased that space
to brent madison.

Yeah, well, he won't be opening
his restaurant any time soon.

I know, i found
his body last night

When i went to see him
about a bounced check.

You were the anonymous
caller to 911?

I didn't want to
get too involved.

Hmm. This firm is where i work.

If a renter decides not
to rent for any reason-

Bad plumbing, rat

Somebody getting murdered
in one of your buildings.

...We lose money.

Right. So the less the company name
is part of the story, the better.

Lech prefers
it that way.

Milena tells me
i'm "old school. "

I'm lech choinski.

Detective reagan,
detective baez.

This is about
mr. Madison, yes?


What a mess he make
of my property.

Well, actually, someone
else made the mess.

We're just trying to figure out
who that somebody else was.

Could be many people-
he's very rude, that kid.

I have buildings
all over.

Worst business i
have in 30 years.

But milena tell me
to rent to him.

Kid on tv show
or something.

I've been pushing lech
to join the 21st century.

We hear he was behind
in his payments.

Much behind-
half million.

I tell him- open up,
make money, you can pay.

But no,
everything wrong.

Not enough kitchen
space, wrong ovens.

I try to keep
him happy...

And he just kept getting himself
deeper in the hole.

And all the time,
he's very rude.

Like he own the place,
when in fact i do.

Old school guy like you, people should
do business with honor. That's right.

Although american kids,
they don't have any.

Is that right?


Sometimes polish, too.

Danny: Huh. What do you mean?

There is boy,
victor bajek,

Used to work
in office.

He's nice at first, but then
he start stealing from me.

Also from my property.

Milena tell me last night,
she see him near restaurant,

Where she
found madison.


I hate to say,

But i hate to hold
back from cops, too.

Okay, thanks.

No priors
on the bajek kid.

His father's doing
a jolt upstate

On, uh, forged
passports, though.

Well, this ain't that.

Mrs. Bajek?


Detective reagan.

This is detective baez.

We need to speak
to victor.

Okay, but what's going on?

Can you just get him
for us, please?

Victor, come out here.

Victor, we need to ask
you some questions.


Like do you recognize
this man?

Yeah, of course.

Brent madison.

Where do you
know him from?

I killed him.

Mrs. Bajek:

What have you got
yourself into?



Just how many times do i
have to say no to her?

You had a drink
with ms. Farrell.

That opened a door.

I bought her a drink
to smooth things over.

No doors were opened except the
one on the way out of the bar.

She has a nice piece
of real estate

On sunday mornings
at 11:00.

So do i- my
parish church.

Couple million
new yorkers watch her.

And you haven't sat down
for a profile

With anyone
in almost three years.

Well, that should
tell you something.

It's time.

It's time when there is an
issue that needs airing.

It is never
time for me

To flap my gums and act
all commissioner-y.

Lieutenant gormley,

Thank you, baker.

What do you got, sid?

Officer landau stated

That when he pulled over
senator mccreary

And ms. Weinstein
last night,

They were engaged
in a "heated argument. "

And his unofficial statement?

He overheard her accusing him
of being embarrassed

About being seen with her.

She threatened to end it.

It was a lovers' spat.

That was his takeaway?

Yes, sir.

Go back.

Senator mccreary?


Is there an ask on the table?

He'd rather not see
this get in the papers,

But asking is not the
same thing as getting.

Are you considering it?

That'll be all, gentlemen.

16 years old makes you an adult
in the eyes of new york state,

Do you
understand that?

Yeah, i know.

Then you probably know
you could be convicted

Of second-degree

You know the sentence
for that, too, tough guy?

Guess i'll find out.

I've got nothing to hide.

Nobody's arguing that.

What do you want?

I killed him.

Right, for these.

And you remember
brent madison

From your time
at choinski?

And from tv.

I thought he was rich.

So you broke into his
restaurant to rob him?

The stupid guy didn't
lock the door.

I was hoping
to hit the register,

But the place is
barely set up.

So i went looking
for something worth something,

And all of a sudden,

He came tearing out the back
with a knife.

Mm-hmm, and he
came at you?

Yeah, so i took it off him,

But he still kept coming,
so i stabbed him.

It was, like, self-defense.

And then you took
his wallet and cell.

So where's the knife?

I threw it in the east river.

For the record,

He came at you with a knife,
you took the knife from him,

He kept coming anyway,
and you stabbed him

Here, here and here.



Sit tight.

Did you see that?

Yeah, he has no idea
where our vic was stabbed.

Kid couldn't
kill an ant.

And who the hell
keeps the wallet?

You keep the
cash, the cards.

You chuck the wallet.

Well, our guy
isn't our guy.

We're gonna have to
drill down on choinski.

Trevor reid.

Hey, i wasn't in washington
square park last night.

Do you mind telling us
where you were?

Uh, columbus circle,

Central park,
washington heights.

Playing ionic siege?

I didn't think there was
a law against it.

No, but there is a law against
having christina henley drugged

And stripped down half-naked
in washington square park.

How can i help?

Christina's being

She says it's you
and your friends.

Okay, um...

Let me tell you
about christina- i...

I like her,
you know,

And i enjoyed
being with her

While it lasted,
but she gets in her own way.

And she always, always finds
someone else to blame.

So she dosed herself,

Stripped down to her
underwear in the park,

For what reason


I just want to make sure
i got it right.

I don't know what
happened to her.

How'd you know about
washington square park?

What do you mean?

We walk in, first words
out of your mouth were-

"i wasn't in washington
square park last night. "

I heard.

lonic siege compiles
field reports.

That's for participants,
results, log notations.

Christina showed up
in a bunch of posts

Calling for her
to be exiled,

'cause of
her behavior.

So you deny you did
anything to christina?

Besides break up with her.


And i hope she's okay.

I- i mean, look, if i had any
idea who was messing with her,

If someone is,

I would tell you.

Lying sack of crap.

Wishing won't
make it so.

You believe him?

All we got's
her suspicions.

Why would she make
something like this up?

People do and say crazy things,
especially after a breakup.

Come on, we see it all
the time. So you're siding

With this guy?
No, i'm siding with reason.

No, you're siding with

"she's a crazy ex-girlfriend,"

Or "she was drunk,"
or "her skirt was too tight,"

Or "she was
asking for it. "

You know that's not me.

And besides, we don't
really know anything

Until we can establish something
besides "she said, he said. "

Well, you know what,
i believe what she said.

Uh, eddie, look, i-i know
this might feel personal

Because of what
happened to you.

No, jamie, this is not
about what happened to me.

This is about what
happened to christina.

Mccoy wanted choinski
on racketeering

And construction extortion
in greenpoint,

But he could never
make the case. Figures.

And then
when mccoy resigned,

It just went
on the back burner.


I got a
16-year-old kid

Who's eating a murder
charge for choinski,

Who conveniently
pointed the kid out.

Did the kid confess?

Yeah, and he had the vic's
property in his possession.

You know, danny,
most cops like closing cases.

Yeah, when they got
the right perp.

This kid's old man
is locked up, too.

Choinski probably promised
to take care of the family

While the kid goes down,
figuring he'd do a short bid.

Well, you're right about that.

I don't know a judge
who's gonna throw the book

At a 16-year-old
without a prior record.

Why couldn't mccoy
make the case?

Mccoy flipped one
of choinski's guys,

Uh, lukas gorski.

But then he
got cold feet.

Rather go to jail
than rat out his boss.

He still in?

No, he got out
last month.

He's working at an auto repair
shop on mcguinness boulevard.

Great, i'll go see him.

Be careful, danny.

I always am.

I'm not kidding.

Choinski's grip goes back
a couple generations.

They have a real problem

With people poking around
their neighborhood.

I'll be careful.


If i had a porsche,
i'd definitely service it here.

And i'd bet they'd get you
a great price on parts.

Tell me about it.


Lukas gorski.
Who wants to know?

Proper response is: "how can
i help you, detectives?"

How can i help you, detectives?

Start by telling us
why a guy on parole is

Working in a chop shop.

That's not
what this is.

Suppose we get your
parole officer down here

And ask his opinion?

Uh, he's, he-he's been
down here.


So maybe we should get the
auto crime unit down here.

They could check out
some vin numbers,

Do some sniffing
around, how about that?

What do you want?

We want you to talk
to lech choinski.

Wearing a wire.

What?! No, i-i already told
the d. A.


Okay, well, then you can
just go back to the joint.

I- i can't do that, either.

Well, then you're gonna
talk to choinski.

They never learn.

Okay, you walk up
to a bad situation.

What are the words
you really don't want to hear?

"not likely to survive. "
not a shooting.

If someone involved turns and
says, "you owe me a favor. "

Yeah, i can see that.

"your kid did it. "

Linda: Danny. That would
never happen to you guys.

Well, never say never, but...

What's your answer?
"he said, she said. "

I'm with you on that.

Erin: They ought to teach
a course at law school,

Because trying to get to the
truth of situations like that

Is like trying
to deconstruct a milk shake.

What'd you catch?

Girl says, "he's stalking me,
harassing me. "

Guy goes, "i dumped her,
and she's gone nuts. "

Is there any hint here
of "she had it coming"?


And how old are
we talking?

Just out of college.

Any record, history
of harassment?

None that i could find.

Erin: You might want
to take a look

At his college files.

I know the ferpa laws are a
little difficult to get around,

But you might find a
cooperative ear if you dig.

Which'll just turn up more,
wait for it-

"he said she said. "

Yeah, but it might
turn something up,

So you got to do it.

Henry: Mm-hmm. Okay.

'cause, boys,

If what she said doesn't count

Because it was a "she"
who said it,

It has no place in police work.

A good cop can also
be a gentleman,

When the situation warrants.

I taught you that.

Good advice then,
good advice now.

Eddie, can i come in?



Look, i'm thinking
maybe you were right.

I did some digging
at his college.

He went before
a disciplinary board twice

For stalking and menacing
two different ex-girlfriends.

What do you want to do?

Christina has problems,

Doesn't mean she deserves
to be abandoned by us.

I say we check on her,
make sure she's all right.


I'll take a dozen wellfleets
to start,

And a petite filet,

Bone-in rib eye,
black and blue,

Side of spinach,
nothing to start.

Thank you.

Well, my friend,
where are we?

You give me that look, i
want to vote for you twice.

It's a gift.


I looked into it,
like you asked.

I didn't like
what i saw.

Well, i didn't ask you
to like it.

I asked you
to make it go away.

It's just a summons
to appear...

Only because i
asked my officer

If he could find a way
to knock down the charge.

And you lied to me
about jess weinstein.

Not at all.

I told you
she was important to me.

Come on, ted,
i'm a cop.

Frank, things have been
over that way

Between laura and me
for a long time.

It's none of my business.

Okay, exactly right.

But my officer did get
the distinct impression

He was in the middle
of a lovers' spat,

And you did ask
him to call me.


So, if he is told

That even the summons
to appear went away,

He puts two and
two together,

And what adds up is
his pc got bought off.

So? He's some cop.

I don't look at any of
them as "some cop," ted.

Hey, frank,
you are pc

In significant measure
because of me.

And i'll always be
grateful for your support.

Yeah, well, you don't know
all that i did to support you.

How's that?

Like the grand jury decision
not to indict in '86.

Around an iffy
police shooting

Where a lot of people thought
you perjured yourself

To protect your partner.

I testified truthfully
under oath.

And the mayor's committee
never even heard about it

Because of me.

Well, it's still
floating around out there.

I don't like being
threatened, ted.

The last thing your mayor
needs is headlines

In this climate
of anti-police sentiment.

Come on, i can just go
to the mayor myself.

It's not gonna scan.

There's people out there
that are ready

To jump all over
this thing.

Ted, when i pit the loyalty
of even one of my men

Against some inconvenience
for you in the news cycle,

It's no contest.

And that's not
gonna change.

We just ordered.

I gave up steak for lent.

I've been thinking about
that rib eye for two weeks.

I'm not going anywhere.

Ah, frank.

Christina, it's
officers reagan and janko.


It's ringing.

Not hearing
a ring inside.

And you won't
- ms. Henley left a few minutes ago. Alone?

Yeah, but i think the
boyfriend's back in the picture.

She was all dolled up.

She wouldn't trust
him again, right?

Until she did.

would they meet?

they were good.

The williamsburg bridge.

August of '86,

My partner and i were
returning to the squad

When a call came out
over the air.

Woman who was screaming
for help.

We were two
blocks away,

So we lit it up
and responded.

But when we arrived
at the scene,

The perp had already smashed
the victim's face

In the sidewalk,
grabbed her purse

And was in the process
of stealing her watch

From her wrist.

We got out of the car,
grabbed the perp,

'cause he was fleeing.

What we did not know is

Two other perps were waiting
in a parked car.

They jumped out,
shots were exchanged.

Jerry hit one of them,

Who went doa at the scene.

The other perp got away.

Unfortunately, the doa's gun...

Was never recovered,

Making it
a questionable shooting.

That's truth.

That's what i testified to.

And the grand jury ruled it
a justifiable homicide.

Some in the press
wrote otherwise.

So, mccreary greased the wheels
for you to become pc

By keeping this out of sight
of the mayor?

Or at least he thinks so.

And now he wants you
to return the favor vis-à-vis

The girl in the car with him.
That's about it.

If you were cleared,
then that's that.

No, those grand jury hearings

Were almost 30 years ago.

If there was talk,
then three decades

Is plenty of time for the talk
to ripen into legend.

When legend becomes fact,
print the legend.

Look, my dad was pc back then.

There's no way neither he nor i
would pull any strings.

But somebody thinks
they're doing you a favor.

They could pull strings
without either

Of you knowing anything
about it.

Time to shake the trees.


When there's
a girlfriend you can see,

There's a dozen others
you don't see.

'cause you don't know to look.

Not my style.

Corruption, then.
You don't spend 20 years

In albany by keeping
your nose clean.


What do you mean "no"?

You're just gonna hang fire?

I have no idea
what i'm gonna do,

Which means neither of you
are going to do anything.

All this for what-
a summons to appear?

All of this
so officer eric landau

Knows his commissioner
can't be bought.



I came.

Look, those cops
told me what happened.

I just, i want you to know
i wasn't behind it.

You were so mad.

Yeah, i know,
and it was a big mistake.

Just like breaking up with you.


Yeah, really.

Let's take a walk.

I- i don't know.

Come on, babe.

You can trust me.

I- i don't want to.


I don't want to go, okay?

Come on.

What a stubborn bitch!

Hey, trevor!

Let her go!

Let her go!

Trevor, let her go!

hey, hey! Let go!

I got you.

Stop it! I just wanted...

Stop fighting.

Shut up.

Just breathe. Okay.

Just relax.

Hey, listen, i'm just saying.

Look, choinski's gonna
find this on me.

Just keep your jacket on.

You'll be fine.

You don't know him like i do.

That's why i backed out
of working for the da.

'cause choinski's smart
and he'll know!

He's not gonna get
squat from you, okay?

Look, i'm just saying...
Maybe tomorrow night.

'cause if i go in there
all nervous, he's gonna,

He's gonna make me.
Look, he trusts you, right?

You used to trap
out cars for him,

And you went to jail
instead of ratting him out.

So, you're gonna go in there
and you're gonna get him

Talking about killing brent
madison and then you will

Never have to worry
about him again.

You hear me?

Okay. Deep breath, deep breath.

All right, 15 minutes
is all it should take.

15 minutes in there.

Oh, my god.
Or 15 years

Back in prison.

Pretty easy choice.

Get to it.

all right.

You're good. Go.

I'm ready, i'm ready.
All right.

I'm ready!

So, there i was

In warsaw... Lukas?


Come over here!

Mr. Choinski, milena.

I haven't seen you
since you free.

Oh, you know.

I'm trying to keep a low
profile till i'm off parole.

Ah, yes, of course.
And when you're off,

You come back
and you work for me.

Yes, of course.

You are a good boy!

Lech is very loyal
to his friends.

Sit, drink with us!

Well, so far, so good.


Na zdorovie!


S- so what-what i've heard
about victor bajek...

Is true?

Really? What'd you hear?

That he... Got in some trouble.

Yeah, but he's a good boy.

He'll be out not too long,
and i take care of him.

Lukas, why you sweat so much?


Take off jacket.

R- really, i'm fine, thanks.

Come on.
Come on, keep going.

Why, uh... Wh...

Wh-why take care of victor?

I mean, he's a punk.

Well, yes,
but he's my punk.

You had him kill that chef?

Come on, get a name!


You heard that?

What's so funny?

Only people believe that
are cops, man.

S- so he didn't?

Of course not.

Then who did?

You're writing a book?


Then why so many questions?

Stupid men.

What's that, milena?


You think women
can only be secretaries?

So foolish.

I killed madison.

Got it.

I'm more valuable than you.

He wasn't gonna pay.

Had to be done.
Milena, you...

You think that lech would choose
any of you idiots

To do the job?

Wait, i don't have
take this from her.

What are you gonna say
to that, huh?

He's wearing a wire!

It's the wire! That's why
you've been sweating so much.

Choinski: You son of a
bitch! I'll kill you myself!

Danny: Drop the knife!
Hands over your head!

Danny: Drop it! Get back!

Against the wall!

Freeze! Don't move!

Hands over your head!

Get 'em out of here.

You all right?

Get him a bus.

You okay?


Good work.

What are you so antsy about?

I'm not antsy. If anybody's
on the hook here, it's me.

I'm not
as dumb as i look, frank.

You don't look dumb,
you look antsy.

If somebody you worked for
rarely took your advice,

And then suddenly...
Took your advice whole hog,

You'd be wondering, too.

Wondering what?
What he was up to.

Why would i be up to anything?

You said it was a win-win:

Your problem goes away,
my problem goes away.

They're ready.

She have everything?

Everything we have.
You're equivocating.

Everything that we know
of. And we're agreed

On the terms?
Yes. The first question

And full response
has to make the cut,

Or the entire interview
is off the record.

Okay, then.

I can't control how she'll
shape the narrative.

That's the risk we're taking.

You're taking.

We're taking.

I'm doing this
upon your advice and counsel.


Look, i'm taking your advice
because it's damn good advice.

Or not.

Nice to see you.
Nice to see you, too.

Thanks for coming.
Wouldn't have missed it.

You ready for this?

Well, i think that's what
i should be asking you.

Then yes.


Man 2: Rolling.
Woman: And five,

Four, three, two...

Commissioner reagan,
thank you so much

For sitting down
with us today.

My pleasure.

So, as you may know,
rumors have surfaced

That in 1986, when you were
a detective for nypd,

You and your partner were
involved in a fatal shooting

That may have been
a tragic error...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Garrett, we're rolling.

I got this.

...Rumors that it may have been
a tragic error,

That it may have been swept
under the rug...

And that subsequent
internal reviews

May have been tainted.

Would you care to speak
to those rumors?

Yes, i would, anne.

In august of 1986,
my partner and i were

Returning to our squad when
a call came over the air.

It was a woman
screaming for help.

We were two blocks
away, so we responded.

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