Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 21 - New Rules - full transcript

When NYPD Deputy Chief Donald Kent and his wife are gunned down in an apparent gang hit, Frank orders the whole department to scour the city for his friend's killer.

Chief kent is here, sir.
Well, let's have him, baker.
Thank you.
Hey, hey.
Man voted least popular by the gangs of new york.
(chuckles) thank you very much.
It's an honor.
On the other hand,
You're sending so much business
Over to the da's office that they owe you
A thank-you note and a nice bottle.
And every one is a good collar.
And by the book.
Then they owe you a case of nice bottles.
I won't hold my breath.
Seriously, don, great work.
Incredible results.
We're getting there.
Briefing said you're mopping up.
As we speak.
Well, then take a rest on your laurels for a minute,
Starting now.
I'm good.
And how's maggie?
She's great. (chuckles)
Taking her out to lunch today for our 30th.
Congratulations on that, too, then.
Department should have a medal for the wives
That put up with us.
I'll work on that.
And let's book a date for dinner, just the three of us.
That sounds good.
But you know maggie will want to bring along
One of her girlfriends for you.
What, she's still on about that?
Same as it ever was.
But you got my back, right?
Until you say otherwise, boss.
Little something to wear at your lunch.
What did you do?
You earned it.
Like father, like son.
As of now, you are officially a two-star chief.
Don't know what to say, frank.
Then i'll say it for both of us.
Thank you, chief kent.
Baez: That's the car we're looking for.
You guys ever heard of the dmv? Huh?
Your tag's expired.
Turn off the ignition,
Put your keys and the hands on the dashboard, both of you.
Just write me a ticket, man.
I got a better idea-- how about you get your ass out of the car?
You, too. Let's go. Danny: Come on.
Come on, on the sidewalk.
Face the car. Hands on the car.
Anything in the trunk, tough guy?
Nah. You mind if we take a look?
You got a warrant?
Don't need a warrant.
What, are you a law professor or something?
Since when do you ask all the questions?
There's my warrant.
(keyless lock beeping)
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground! On the ground, on the ground!
Turn around, get on the ground now!
Move! Hands behind your head!
Hands behind your back. Let's go.
I hope you got a receipt for those.
The judge will toss this out, and we'll walk.
You may walk, but you're gonna have a tough time
Explaining how you lost
$50,000 worth of stolen hardware
To your boss, aren't you?
Now where's your law degree?
Come on, get up.
Hey, what are you guys doing out here?
Do me a favor-- take your hands out of your pockets.
Thanks a lot. Why you hassling us?
We've had multiple complaints of drug activity on this block.
You guys fit the general description.
Let me see your i.D.
I want to see all your i.D.'s.
You got a weapon here?
What's this, your cold medicine?
Hey, it's curtis, eddie.
He got anything on him?
No, he's clean.
Curtis, come here.
What are you doing out here today, curtis?
I was just heading to work.
Stopped to talk for a minute,
And then y'all show up.
Your friends are wearing colors.
What are you doing talking to gangbangers, curtis?
They called me over.
They run the neighborhood.
I didn't want to disrespect 'em.
All right, you still working with your mother
At st. Victor's hospital?
Yeah. She talked
To my sister-in-law-- she asked me to check up on you.
Said she's worried about you hanging out with bad guys.
Hey, i didn't do anything wrong, so...
Well, your friends, they certainly did.
Like i said, they run the neighborhood.
What else am i supposed to do?
All right, you got a pass this time, curtis.
But you got to watch the company you keep, understand?
Yeah. All right.
I'm late for work. Can i go?
Yeah, take off.
What do you think?
I think he's a good kid.
Hope it's enough to keep him out of trouble.
You've got the brooklyn borough president at 4:00,
Then cocktails at gracie mansion.
Five bucks if you get me out of drinks with the mayor.
Cost you way more than that.
What is it?
♪ ♪
Get 'em back to work. And, sid...
Everything we got.
Caught it on the air. What happened?
They were on the way to his car and got hit.
Chief's driver see the shooter?
Black suv. Rear license plate removed.
I'll talk to the driver.
Thank you.
I'd like to catch this one.
You got it. All hands on deck.
Done deal.
And everything by the book.
How's that the headline?
Just is.
But one of your chiefs and his wife
Were just murdered in cold blood.
If you ask me, i say screw the mayor,
The da, the press and whoever else
Might be looking over your shoulder.
No one's looking over my shoulder.
Then why?
When i revised the guidelines for detectives...
It was don kent who had the most input.
So we do it his way.
Yeah. That's how we honor him.
(siren whoops)
I'm so sorry.
Your mom and dad were the best of us.
Thank you, sir.
New york city police chief gets gunned down
In broad daylight and nobody sees a damn thing?
I got a few descriptions of two individuals in a black suv.
Nothing that we can use. Right.
You spoke to thomas kent.
Is there any way this could be a personal beef against his dad?
Most people don't settle personal beefs
By carrying out public executions.
Which makes me think this is exactly what it looks like.
A gang hit.
Retribution for chief kent's
Antigang crackdown.
But they got to know it's gonna bring down the wrath of god.
Ordinarily it would, but
Now one pp wants our every move
To be right out of the patrol guide.
I heard that.
Chief kent was by the book,
So we got to do it by the book.
I hear a "but."
Course you hear a "but."
Look how it worked out for chief kent.
Baez: We got company.
We'll be working out of this office. I'll be back.
What are you doing here?
Da has set up a special task force to assist
With the kent investigation. I'm heading it up.
Oh. All right, well, we're just getting started,
So if we need a warrant or anything, we'll let you know.
It's not gonna work that way, danny.
What's that supposed to mean?
I have instructions
To ensure this investigation follows the letter of the law,
So when charges are brought, they stand up in court.
So you're here to babysit.
On whose orders?
The da, the mayor.
The powers that be want to make sure this
Entire investigation is done by the book.
So i'm the book.
Chief kent served this department with honor
And distinction for 33 years.
He and his wife maggie both committed their lives
To making this city a better place.
And they will be sorely missed.
For the record...
Man: Commissioner? This incident is being referred to
As an execution-- is that accurate?
"execution," assassination,
Massacre-- you can call it what you want.
It is certainly the most barbaric assault
Targeting this department
That i have seen in all my years on the job.
Do you believe this is retribution
For the department's recent antigang initiative?
If they were gang members.
At this moment, affiliation and motive
Run a distant second to finding who did this
And bringing them in.
Do you consider this part of a recent pattern
Of tension between the public and police?
Is that a real question?
Here? Now?
Yes, sir. Certainly the commissioner is aware...
The commissioner is aware
That a chief and his wife
Were gunned down in cold blood.
If you need someone to frame that
In some larger narrative,
I'm not your guy today.
For the record, i consider this a double homicide
And a tragic personal loss for myself
And this department.
(reporters clamoring)
Chief and his wife exit here.
Make their way down to the sidewalk.
Driver's facing the door, so he doesn't see
The shooter approaching in an suv.
Pop, pop, pop-- they get hit here.
Shooter makes a clean getaway.
Were you working yesterday...
Negative. My boy hector had the com.
That would be hector florez?
That it would. Hector hasn't been
Interviewed yet. Do you know where he is?
He flaked, and they called me in to cover.
I was supposed to rehearse with my band.
Oh, you missed band practice, huh?
What a tragedy.
How about you just tell us where hector florez is?
I heard he's at st. Victor's.
He's in the hospital? Well, you didn't think
To tell us that in the first place?
Chill, dude. I just did.
How about you chill, dude?
Okay. Thank you, trent.
Come on. Let's go.
Like i said, ma, they're just friends of mine.
The kind of friends who get stopped by the police?
They're going to put you in danger, curtis.
I'm a lot safer if they like me than if they don't, ma.
You need to trust me.
Uh, sorry. Faith, dr. Taylor's asking for you.
We're not done, young man.
You had to tell her?
Your mom's my friend, curtis.
She's worried about you.
Yeah, but she doesn't know what it's like for me on the streets.
Well, she's trying.
She just wants you to be safe.
You got to be careful.
You're as bad as she is.
Well, us overprotective moms got to stick together.
Now get back to work.
What are you doing here?
You got a patient here, a hector florez?
Yeah. Came into the e.R. Last night.
Gunshot wound to the abdomen.
What happened?
Claims he was cleaning his gun and it went off,
But the wound doesn't appear to be self-inflicted.
Did you guys report it?
Yeah. But with the chief and his wife getting shot,
No one's been down to question him.
Great. We'll take care of that right now.
So you were working the parking stand
When chief kent and his wife were killed?
Yeah. He was a real nice guy, you know?
He tipped me just for opening the car door when they came in.
Not everyone does that.
What did you see, hector? Well, they...
They passed by me when they were leaving the restaurant.
I thanked them for coming.
And then i heard the shots.
And people started screaming. It was...
It was crazy.
Did you happen to see who did the shooting?
I hit the ground
As soon as i heard the shots.
You say you accidentally shot yourself
While you were cleaning your gun?
Yeah. (chuckles) stupid.
It's also stupid to lie to cops.
I mean, self-inflicted
Gunshot wounds look a certain way, hector,
And i got to tell you, that's not it.
I didn't see nothing, detective.
Entry wound suggests you were facing the shooter
When you got hit.
That tells us you saw something.
I'm willing to bet the slug the docs pull out of your gut
Is gonna match the ones that killed chief kent and his wife.
We're not trying to jam you up here.
We're trying to help you.
But we need you to help us, too, okay?
You got kids, detective?
I have two boys.
I got twin girls.
They just turned three.
I want to watch them grow up. Hector,
Whatever you're afraid of,
We can give you protection.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Listen, your best isn't good enough, okay?
Now, if you don't get me the ballistics on the slugs
You pulled from the chief and his wife in the next two hours,
I'm coming down there myself.
You're not gonna like it.
Get ready to be happy.
Don't i look happy to you?
Took this off of surveillance
Three blocks away from the crime scene.
All right. I'm getting a little happier.
Warrior kings tattoo.
And they got the guy's face.
That's why god invented facial recognition software.
Son of a bitch.
Mario hunt.
This guy's a stone-cold killer.
He's one of clinton wallace's made men.
Head of the warrior kings. Yeah.
He's cooling his jets in rikers right now. He's awaiting trial.
But these guys never make a move without wallace's blessing.
You think wallace would have the stones to order hunt
To take out a police chief and his wife?
Let's grab hunt and find out.
I'll be right back.
I need a warrant
To arrest this piece of crap and to toss his place.
What have you got?
We got him on tape near the crime scene.
Is that it?
He's a known felon and a gang member in one
Of the most notorious gangs in the city,
And we got a dead police chief-- and why the hell
Am i answering to you?
Erin: You need more, danny.
Check the file.
The only reason this mutt is still on the street
Is because your office let him skate twice
On separate manslaughter trials.
Come on, danny. We wouldn't ask a judge to issue this warrant
On a regular homicide investigation.
This isn't a normal homicide investigation.
We grew up with these people.
It can't be about that.
What...? Is this dad talking now or you?
Okay, then, dad, do i get my warrant or not?
Thought you told me you weren't with these guys.
I'm not. We were just hanging out.
Arresting officer said your pals were selling drugs.
I don't know anything about that.
How about this?
Yeah, it's no big deal. They gave it to me.
Actually, curtis, possession of an illegal weapon is a big deal,
Especially when it's got warrior king markings on it.
It's not what it looks like.
Good. Because it looks like these guys are recruiting you.
Those guys in there make more in one night
Than i do working the entire month working at the hospital.
Selling guns and drugs.
Trust me, that money won't do them much good
When they're all dead or in jail in a year or two.
Look, okay, they want to recruit me...
(quietly): But i don't want to, okay? It's not that easy.
Gangs like the warrior kings feed off guys like you, curtis.
You do the dirty work, and they get rich.
I appreciate you trying to help me out, all right,
But i think i know what i'm doing.
Could've fooled me.
Hey. Wait, wait.
Do you think you could help me out with the weapons charge?
You want to be a gangbanger,
You should get used to spending time behind bars.
Woman: Hey, man, watch it!
Danny: Move your ass.
Get out of the way.
Where the hell are you going?
Look, man, i ain't carrying nothing, all right?
Really? What do you look so afraid for, huh?
A big-shot cop got hit.
Which means you guys is out here kicking ass.
That's true. Shoot him.
What the hell is this?
Modern policing. You rolling?
Great. Mario hunt,
You're a person of interest in a double homicide.
Will you willingly submit to questioning?
You telling me i ain't gonna get a beating?
Will you willingly submit to questioning? Yes or no.
Yeah, why not? I mean, i ain't got nothing to hide.
I'm sure you don't. Turn it off.
I was really hoping you would've tried to run.
Let's go.
(door slams outside)
Something smells good.
Your mother's beef stew.
I figured you'd be needing some about now.
Make it to go, will you?
I'm just changing my clothes and heading back.
Then i won't offer to buy you a drink.
Wouldn't make a dent anyway.
You okay, francis?
You'll get 'em.
Not all of 'em.
What's that mean?
It means, yes, we'll get the guys
Who shot don and maggie.
At least, i hope we will.
That's what i meant.
But more will take their place,
And more after them.
And maybe raise the bar even higher.
What bar?
The bar, the... Threshold
Where the guy in my shoes goes...
"they'll do anything. They'll stop at nothing."
It's an unwinnable war.
You can't let yourself think that way, son.
I'm not letting myself think that way, pop.
It's just kind of rolling over me in big, cold waves.
But you're built to take it.
Maybe i was.
Maybe i'm not anymore.
This war--
There's no end, no appomattox.
Francis, i'm gonna say "enough."
Oh, come on, pop.
You're telling me there never came a day
Where you didn't say "enough"?
Admit it was a zero-sum game
And get the hell out?
Then i'm saying you're lying to me, pop.
I'll take some of that stew to go.
Danny: These photos place you in the vicinity of the crime scene
Minutes before the murders took place.
Me and, like, 10,000 other people. Yeah, well,
None of those 10,000 have a rap sheet
Quite as impressive as yours, tough guy.
Now, what the hell were you doing
In that neighborhood at that time of day?
Hanging out with this girl, man.
You know how that go.
What's her name?
Don't know her that well.
You think this is funny?
Nah. I think it's a waste of my damn time.
Well, why don't you stop wasting ours?
You've been popped twice for manslaughter.
Walked both times.
Prosecutors ain't what they used to be.
Both times, weapon used was a .45 caliber
Semiautomatic handgun.
Same as the one used to kill the chief and his wife.
There's a million of those things on the street.
Baez: Kent was coming down pretty hard
On the warrior kings.
You guys must have been pissed off.
Doesn't mean we took him out.
Why don't we just cut to the chase here?
We know your boss, wallace, called you from rikers island,
And ordered the hit on the chief.
I have no idea what you're talking about, officer.
There's no officers here, only detectives.
You're gonna make this
Real tough on yourself, mario.
Look, we both know, if you had anything on me,
My ass would already be in the system.
Look, i'm done talking.
Either arrest me, or let me the hell up out of here.
Yeah, thought so.
That's right. Beat it.
Bring me back a bottle of water
Or something.
I don't give a damn what that son of a bitch says.
He's our guy.
Maybe, but he's right.
You have no weapon, no evidence connecting him to this crime.
Listen, we're not gonna get anything
If our freaking hands are tied!
We can't do our jobs!
Okay, we need time to build a case.
Did you put hunt's picture in a photo array
In front of your witness
In the hospital? Yeah, we did.
He wouldn't i.D. Him. Wouldn't or couldn't?
Baez: Hector florez lives in the bronx.
He knows the warrior kings,
Knows what they're capable of.
I get that he's scared, and i understand,
But you have no i.D.,
No weapon,
Nothing on hunt.
Give us time, and we'll find it.
Let us hold him for 24 hours.
Based on what?
Based on who gives a damn.
An old warrant, a clerical error.
Just put him on ice!
I can't do that, danny.
You can't, or you won't?
We let him go now,
He's gonna disappear, and then we got squat.
I'm sorry.
Cut him loose.
Is it true, danny?
What are you talking about?
I hear you had mario hunt in your house and you let him go.
Yeah, unfortunately, it's true.
You like him as the shooter?
I do.
Then how the hell could you let him walk?!
A lot of cooks in the kitchen on this one, thomas.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? Look,
I got a car sitting on hunt 24-7.
He slips up, that joker will be back in here, i promise you.
How does a gangbanging scumbag
With a sheet a mile long get released
When there's a cop and his wife in the morgue?
Can't cross the line right now.
Since when the hell is there a line
When one of ours gets killed?
I don't like it any more than you do, okay?
There's rules, danny.
You know 'em just as well as i do.
Take it easy, all right?
Rule number one is,
Nothing stands in the way
Of us just getting justice for a fallen officer.
I shouldn't have to tell you that!
I'm doing all i can.
Could have fooled me.
You know, danny, if it was your old man in the morgue
Or your da sister, i'd burn this city down to make it right.
That's what a real cop does.
(door opens)
You wanted to see me?
Your boss tells me
You asked off the kent investigation.
That's right.
You mind telling me why?
All due respect, i can't work a homicide in tap shoes.
And you know what it means.
I'm sorry you find proper procedure such a burden.
Proper procedure?
You got erin wrapped around my neck so tight,
I can barely breathe.
I got her there?!
If that's what you really think, you need to do your homework.
I did.
There's no way she sets up shop in a squad without your say-so.
Yeah. Her-her boss asked for my cooperation, and i gave it,
So i could ask for his and get it.
And you're done when i say you're done.
Don kent was a great cop
Who never brought anything but honor to the job.
Well, we can agree on that much.
Then honor him. Do your job.
I'm doing my job the best way that i can.
Oh, get over yourself, detective.
Do your job, period.
We're trying to honor chief kent by doing it his way
When we should be honoring him
By trying to find the guy who killed him and his wife.
We're not gonna do that by being sentimental.
There comes a time to rule by fear, and not by the book.
Has that time come?
Then take my shield.
You seem to want it. Take it.
Then i'm still your commissioner,
And your request to reassign is denied.
I just got a call from the hospital administrator.
You're leaving?
I'm taking curtis down to tampa.
I heard he got arrested.
Judge let him off with a warning.
Are you sure things are gonna be better in tampa?
No... But that boy is all i've got,
And i don't know what else to do.
(quietly): Come here.
Thanks, linda.
I couldn't ask for a better friend.
Oh, stop it.
How you doing there, hector? I'm good.
Doc says i should go home soon.
Good for you.
Saw your girls outside.
Yeah. Beautiful family you got.
Thanks. Baez: I bet they're happy
Daddy's coming home. Yeah.
They say they can't sleep at night
Unless daddy checks the closet for monsters.
Yeah, it's a father's job, right?
Make 'em feel safe.
You, uh... You find the guy who, uh, shot those people?
As a matter of fact, we did.
Danny: Yeah. Oh. Oh, good.
Unfortunately, had to let him go.
You're from the bronx, isn't that right, hector?
Yeah. So, you've seen
Firsthand what gangs can do
To a neighborhood, haven't you?
Baez: Drugs, guns,
Extortion, murder.
Yeah, you learn to live with it, and you mind your own business.
Danny: Right.
Like when a bunch of gang members torched an apartment
A few weeks back in hunts point, killing a three-year-old boy
And his grandmother. Baez: Bronx homicide collared
A couple gang members,
But no one from the neighborhood would step up and testify.
You got to take care of your own.
Don't give me that crap, all right?
You're not taking care of your own.
You're turning your back like a coward, hector.
That's what you're doing.
I mean, how else could
That same gang turn around only a week later
And torch another building?
Only this time, right across the street,
And this time killing five people instead of only two?
You want to take care of your own?
You put these animals away.
You put 'em away in a cage where they rot.
Yeah, these people-- they know who i am.
They approached my wife.
They scared the hell out of her. You... You're asking me
To put a target on my family.
We are asking you to do the right thing.
Danny: You check the closet at night
For monsters.
So your girls can feel safe.
This is a real monster, hector.
A real monster.
You want to keep your girls safe...
You'll help us put this monster away.
Nice job, danny.
You, too, partner.
Hey, esposito, it's danny reagan.
Look, we got a positive i.D. On mario hunt.
I need you to pick him up and bring him to the house, okay?
What? What the hell are you talking about?
Where the hell's mario hunt?
We got the warrant squad and the fugitive task force
Working around the clock. How'd we lose him?
Hunt pulled a fast one at his apartment building.
Gave 'em the slip. It happens.
It shouldn't. A prime suspect in a double homicide
Shouldn't be able to waltz away from police surveillance.
Well, maybe we should've thought about that
Before we turned the guy loose.
Excuse me, lieutenant? We?
Well, i'm just saying this lowlife should've never
Seen the light of day once we got our hands on him.
So you're suggesting detective reagan
Would've been better served
If he'd beaten a confession out of the suspect?
I didn't say that. It wouldn't hold up
In court, but what the hell, right?
I didn't mean to be out of line, boss.
No, you just got a natural gift for it.
You want blood? Bring me the head of mario hunt.
I didn't say that was my way... Oh, yeah, you pretty much did.
Tell the chiefs to turn the dogs loose.
That's an order.
That's the biggest turnout i've ever seen for a cop's funeral.
I saw shields from boston, chicago, florida.
Don worked with departments all over the country.
We doubled our gang convictions on his watch.
I'll miss the man more than the cop.
Uh, he used to take me and thomas
To ranger games at the garden.
Good people gone too soon. Yep.
When danny and i first got married, maggie kent--
She was the one who, uh,
Told me what it was gonna be like to be a cop's wife.
She reminded me of grandma. Mrs. Kent always knew
What to say to make you feel better.
Yeah, between her and mom, we couldn't
Get away with anything as kids.
Didn't stop you from trying.
I'd like to hear some of those stories.
No, those were different times.
That's what you always say.
That's 'cause it's true.
I remember the night mom died.
When we got back from the hospital,
Maggie kent had cooked a week's worth of food
And left it at the door.
Didn't make a big deal about it.
Didn't even call.
She just did what had to be done.
You guys know who killed them?
This... May not be the best time to get into that subject.
Sean: But you told us that you
Busted the guy, then aunt erin let him go.
Sean. Frank: Sean, there is a difference
Between supposing something and having the evidence to prove it.
Danny: Yeah, well, sometimes
They don't give you the actual time
To find the evidence you need to prove it.
Who's they?
They being the wise men who wrote the fourth amendment
To the constitution.
Jamie: Come on, erin, even they knew
That extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.
Really? What amendment is that, jamie?
This was a chief executed by gang members
To send a message. Danny: That's right,
And you got to send a message back.
You start breaking the law to enforce it,
You've crossed the street to their side.
Exactly. Well, you tell that to thomas kent.
I don't have to. His dad would've.
Erin: You want to nail mario hunt?
Why don't you try some solid police work?
I did solid police work.
I had him in the box in my squad, you remember that?
Course, 'cause you're the one that
Let him walk right out the door.
You brought him in on a hunch, danny.
I brought him in because he's the guy
That pulled the trigger.
Based on what evidence? That's enough.
Tearing into each other isn't gonna do anybody any good here.
You're right. I'm gonna go back to work.
Danny. Not on a day like today.
We sit down together, we get up together.
And i just printed the first draft of your dedication remarks
For chief kent at the fallen officers memorial.
Thank you.
Thank you, baker.
So where's the head of mario hunt?
We don't have him.
Why not?
We haven't let the dogs loose.
I gave you an order to go all-out 1970s on this.
No, you didn't, sir.
You calling me out, sid?
No, sir.
You said some things, but i did not think
They added up to a direct order.
So you didn't pass my order on?
No, sir.
And why not?
Because i didn't think it was a good idea.
You just made my point.
I knew that wasn't you giving that order.
That was a heat-of-the-moment thing.
I used to have a lot of those moments.
And i learned the hard way how to recognize them
And manage them.
I knew chief kent was still on the job because you personally
Asked him to stay on.
Why would you say that?
Because we were at a racket together back in the fall.
And he was kind of polling a few of us--
What would you do if you were up for retirement
And you asked us to stay on?
I wasn't aware he shared that
With anyone else besides me.
Boss, the fact is that he was still on the job
Because he wanted to be,
Not because he had to be.
This is not on you, no way, no how.
It's my command.
Well, for what it's worth, boss,
We all said we'd stay on the job if you asked us to.
To a man.
Thank you.
That'll be all.
Guys from the 2-7 stopped and questioned three
High-level members of the warrior kings.
Let me guess-- none of 'em know mario hunt.
Got to hand it to these guys.
They're murdering dirtbags, but they're disciplined.
Well, the warrior kings got their own version of omertà.
You speak about gang business, you die an unnatural death
At the hands of clinton wallace.
So how the hell are we gonna track down mario hunt
If everyone's so damn scared of clinton wallace?
That's just it.
We got to stop operating from the bottom up.
Let's take a ride, dorothy.
Where we going?
We're off to see the wizard.
Mr. Wallace, i'm detective reagan.
This is detective baez.
I know who you are. I'm sure you do.
And i'm sure you know why we're here.
I take it you still haven't figured out
Who killed your chief and his lovely wife.
We know who did it. He works for you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We need you to tell us where we can find mario hunt.
That'd be tough.
I don't get out as much as i used to.
Nothing goes down on the street without you knowing about it.
I hear things.
And if word came down,
Hunt would be in our custody within an hour.
The question is: Why would i do that?
To take the heat off your operations.
Far as i can tell, cops are working this case
Like they're scared of their own shadows.
We can cut a deal.
Maybe get some consideration from the da on your
Murder charge.
That's funny, huh? Yeah.
Nypd coming here
Begging for help to bust a cop killer.
Used to be
He'd close this door and beat me
Till i stopped breathing or gave you a name.
But this is not how we do things anymore.
We're not begging. We're just asking.
I hate cops.
Always have.
But i always respected how you took care of one another.
Now you don't even do that. Where's mario hunt?
Y'all might not have each other's backs anymore,
But the kings still do.
Even if i gave you mario,
You got no case.
We got an eyewitness.
(chuckles) who?
The guy in the hospital?
I wouldn't count on him.
You never know when he's gonna take a turn for the worst.
You know, there's some pizza in the nurses station.
You should grab a slice.
You all good, mr. Florez?
(chuckles) ready to go home tomorrow.
You know, i wanted to tell you...
I think what you're doing takes a lot of courage.
I don't know how much courage i got.
I'm scared to death, nurse.
Yeah, but standing up and telling the truth--
It's the right thing to do.
My wife says i'm crazy.
Just tell her you're doing it for those little girls.
I want hector's floor in the hospital sealed off immediately.
You really think the kings are gonna try to take hector out?
Damn straight i do. Call it in.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, curtis, you here to clean the room?
You okay?
(shrieks) oh, my god, no!
What are you doing, curtis? Please.
I need you to leave the room now, nurse reagan.
You don't want to do this, curtis.
I don't have a choice.
Kids. I got kids.
Put the gun down.
Please, get out.
Curtis, hector is my patient.
I'm responsible for his life.
I'm not going anywhere, curtis.
Please don't.
(two gunshots)
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