Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Forgive and Forget - full transcript

Danny tries to get a previous gang-banger on trial for manslaughter when a young woman dies of an old gunshot caused by him. Erin has a problem with who her new boss might be. Jamie partners up temporarily with an unpopular cop. Frank has an old friend, who is facing trouble so close to retirement.

I can't tell you how much i appreciate you working
For our widows' and kids' fund-raiser, boomer.
Well, you know, that's my pleasure, frank.
Any time.
Well, our ticket sales are way up over last year,
And i have a hunch that has to do with you and the nfl.
Well, it's my honor.
So, if there's anything i can do for you in return...
How about a, uh, parking sticker
That i could put on my car so i can park in front of the garden
When the knicks and rangers are playing?
Anything within reason, boomer.
Well, i tried. You can't blame me for that.
Thank you. Thanks, frank.
Great to see you.
Take care. Okay.
You missed boomer.
I'm more of a phil simms guy.
We have a situation.
A brooklyn south homicide detective
Just got shot at the south street seaport.
How bad?
Not bad. Took one in the leg.
We catch the shooter?
So what's the situation?
Well, the shooter is the detective's own partner,
Chris scanlon.
Tell me it was an accident.
The jury is still out, frank.
(siren wailing)
I'm just saying you could've cut the guy loose.
We caught him red-handed
Ripping off a bodega.
You really think he should get collared
For stealing a lousy loaf of bread?
We don't make the law, eddie, we just enforce it.
Janko: I thought she got transferred out of here.
I guess things didn't work out back at the 2-7.
Officer: You shouldn't have come back here, walsh.
Guess they don't like rats over there, either.
Kara was subpoenaed by the grand jury.
She did what she had to do.
She hung her partner out to dry.
Her partner killed a suspect in custody.
It was self-defense.
Even the grand jury refused to indict him.
And now a good cop's out of a job,
While the one that put him there
Is still on the street.
Hey, kara.
Sure i'm the last person you expected to see back here.
You taking your partner's old locker?
I hear that's available.
It's okay.
Been getting stuff like that all day.
Well, you got a stand-up cop canned.
Were you expecting a welcome home party?
I'll see you outside.
Eddie flies off the handle.
She probably didn't mean to.
I'm pretty sure she did.
I'll catch you later.
(baez sighs)
Baez: 23 is too young to die.
Especially when eight of those 23 years are spent suffering.
Baez: What happened?
One of those cases you never forget.
Isabel was 15,
Just trying to make it home from high school.
She walked right into the middle of a gang hit.
Did you catch the shooter?
15-year-old punk. Damon williams.
He was tried as a juvenile,
Served three years for assault only.
Isabel spends the rest of her life
In and out of hospitals, suffering.
Thanks for coming, danny.
I'm sorry for your loss, marcus.
Isabel was a great girl.
This is my partner, detective baez.
Marcus greene. My condolences.
Your partner never forgot us.
Just wish i could've done more.
I'm still hoping you can.
How so?
The bastard who shot isabel is a free man...
And my daughter is dead.
Danny: I'm not
Quite sure what you're asking here, marcus.
Damon williams killed my child.
It took him eight years,
But he's still a damn murderer.
He needs to pay.
You understand it's not that simple.
It seems real simple to me.
My little girl is gone
And i want justice.
Jamie: No, you were out of line, eddie.
Kara sold out her partner.
She deserves what she's gonna get.
You want to let a shoplifter off scot-free,
But you've got zero compassion for a fellow cop?
Damn straight.
'cause a cop should know better.
And everyone in the house
Seems to get that except you, reagan.
Yeah, so what, you're saying that she should've lied
About cutter killing that guy?
I'm saying she should've done
What she had to do to protect her partner.
It's not always that simple, eddie.
It is that simple to me.
The second you start worrying
If your partner's gonna back you up,
Then you're not 100% focused on the job.
That's when bad stuff happens. Okay.
So let's say it was you and me that day.
Suspect resists, i choke the guy to death
Right in front of you. You're called in
To testify-- under oath. What do you do?
If you're afraid for your life
And you do what you have to do,
I'm gonna cover your ass, reagan.
That's what partners do.
Yeah? Well, if you ever cross the line
And somebody winds up dead...
I'm telling you right now: I won't cover for you.
You know, you pretend to be a boy scout.
Push comes to shove, you'd do the right thing.
Yeah, i would.
And you'd be on your own.
We're talking about witnesses who may have disappeared,
The recollections that may have changed,
Evidence that may have been destroyed.
So you're saying there's no way
To make this damon williams guy
Pay for this girl's death?
The delayed death exception
Allows for prosecution in cases like this.
So there's a chance.
A slim one.
Okay, will you at least take a look at the file?
Will i ever
Hear the end of it if i don't?
You are the best.
I'm not making any promises.
I owe you one.
Yeah, i'll put it on your tab.
Donnie alvarado sends his regards.
What's he up to?
Retired last year. Mmm.
Married a girl half his age,
Bought a place up in brewster.
Wasn't his last wife half his age?
Yeah, but she got older.
(chuckles) okay.
Regards back to him.
Makes me the last active member
Of our old squad at the 2-1.
Last and best.
Yeah, if i'd been half the cop you were...
Yeah, well, that medal of honor
You earned says otherwise.
Thank you.
You ever go by the marina,
See if our old fishing boat's still there?
Well, not since we sold it. Mmm.
Had some good times on that boat. Frank: Yeah.
Be fun to see who has her now.
No calls.
Yes, sir.
You want some coffee?
I'm good.
My union rep advised me not to come down here,
But i told him you and i got history.
And we do. Yeah.
So what happened at seaport?
Detective clark and i were chasing down a lead
On a homicide in flatbush.
Grabbed a bite, and on the way out
Jimmy noticed i was carrying my old revolver.
He'd never seen one like it.
I go to hand it to him, and somehow
One of us catches the trigger
And the damn thing goes off.
I'm sorry as hell, frank.
I know this puts you in a tough spot.
Cop shoots another cop, chris,
It puts the whole damn department in a tough spot.
I understand.
But it was an accidental discharge.
It happens.
It shouldn't happen.
This lead on the homicide in flatbush
Was at seaport?
No, we just took our meal there.
Seaport's a tourist mecca.
It's not exactly an on-the-way lunch spot.
We wanted seafood.
Look, i appreciate you coming down.
The thing is...
I'm four months from retirement
And a full pension.
Jason's in dental school,
Jennifer's at hunter...
I can't interfere with an investigation, chris.
I just want to retire with honor
From the job i love.
Erin: Detective! You got a minute for me?
What's up?
I reviewed the case file on the shooting
Of isabel greene in 2006.
And...? And the assistant
Corporation counsel was well within
Its sentencing guidelines
On damon williams, despite the strenuous
Objections of the arresting detective.
This guy's got a record a mile long.
Her injuries were not deemed life-threatening at the time.
Well, whoever did the "deeming" is wrong.
Which brings us to the cause of death.
I ordered a review of her medical history
And of the autopsy results.
The m.E. Found that isabel greene died
From complications caused by
The bullet from damon williams' gun.
So what are you saying?
Find damon williams and bring him in for questioning.
I take back every mean thing
I ever said about you.
It doesn't mean we're gonna charge him.
It's still very difficult to prove.
And you're gonna prove it, sis.
Dan... That's why
You get the big bucks. Right?
I know you can prove it.
Ooh. Seriously, pop?
Whoa, you're not sending my lucky shirt to goodwill.
The only thing lucky about that shirt
Is that grandma never saw you in it.
Frank: Hello?
Hey. Hey.
Sorry i'm late.
Thanks for coming out.
No problem. What's up?
How are things going
For kara walsh down at your house?
She's catching a raw deal.
She deserves it.
She stepped up and told the truth.
You know how i feel about
Cops going against other cops.
She did her duty, pop.
And she's catching hell for it.
That should be me, catching hell.
Why you?
(sighs deeply)
Not to leave this room.
I talked her into testifying before that grand jury.
But her testimony
Had nothing to do with her partner's termination.
The grand jury ruled in his favor.
I fired him.
Because i could.
Because i think i know better than any grand jury
What kind of cop i want in my command.
What do you do for kara walsh?
Nothing i can do,
Except arrange for another transfer,
And that's just kicking the same can down the same road.
The question is...
What can you do for her?
Do you want coffee or tea?
I really shouldn't drink on school nights.
Well, you're the one who kept ordering
More champagne last night.
Don't remind me.
That stuff costs a fortune.
It's a good thing your practice has more than doubled
In the last six months.
You can afford it, counselor.
I guess i'm lucky i only get to see you once a month.
Well, i have a teenage daughter, bobby--
And the second i found out she was going
To boston on a school trip,
You were my first call.
I'm flattered.
So, do i ever get to meet this alleged daughter?
I am having enough trouble
Trying to control her raging hormones
Without bringing home stray men.
For the record,
I've had all my shots.
I'm nearly housebroken.
I'm just looking for a hot prosecutor to adopt me.
Okay, okay. Down, boy.
My life is complicated enough right now.
The d.A. Resigning in the wake of that surveillance scandal.
The rumor is--
The governor's bringing in an interim d.A. To clean house.
A fresh set of eyes can be helpful.
A political hack with a law degree he's never used,
To fix an office that isn't broken?
Maybe they'll go with a former prosecutor?
Great. A malcontent washout
Who couldn't handle the caseload.
That's even worse.
Some people leave the d.A.'s office
For perfectly valid reasons.
Like who?
Like me.
Like you.
As in you?
Got a call from the governor's office two days ago.
And if you say yes, you'll be my boss?
Interim boss.
But i haven't made a decision yet.
Got to say, though, it's tempting.
Even for a malcontent washout like me.
Well, i guess if you take the job,
You'll save a lot on champagne.
How's that?
I've made it this far without sleeping with my boss.
I'm not about to start now.
I've been jonesing for a bacon cheeseburger
Ever since breakfast.
You're a stroke waiting to happen, janko.
Don't even think about it.
What? Someone's got to break the ice.
You coming?
No. I'm getting a bacon cheeseburger.
Man: Look at this.
Takes some guts to show up in here. Good for you.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I'm not gonna hide.
Mind if i sit?
Thanks, reagan, but you don't have to do that.
Come on, i chew with my mouth shut.
You don't want to get in the middle of this.
Jamie: How you holding up?
No one will give me the time of day,
Let alone partner up with me.
Found a dead rat on the hood of my car yesterday.
Guess you can say i've had better weeks.
Well, for what it's worth, i admire what you did.
I think it took guts.
Randy cutter was a great partner.
My best friend.
I would've taken a bullet for him.
Almost did a few times.
Randy messed up.
You did what you had to do.
I'd do it again.
Thing is...
I've dreamed of being a cop my whole life.
And i always thought,
If i did things the right way, i'd be okay.
Guess i was wrong.
You sure that's the guy?
That's him, a little older.
Damon williams.
Remember me?
Detective reagan.
I'm flattered.
Looks like you're running the block here, huh?
Nah, it ain't like that.
Eight long years, you're back out on the same crappy stoop,
With the same bunch of dirtbags.
Hey, you're gonna want to back up.
Isabel greene died a few days ago.
Yeah. I heard.
Must've missed you at the funeral.
Look, i did my time for that.
You got a slap on the wrist for that.
It was an accident, i never meant to hurt nobody.
Danny: So, then, you won't mind coming down,
Answering some questions with us then.
You arresting me?
Give me a reason?
I suggest you come with us.
All right.
Sit down.
Janko: Hey, jamie.
The roll call is all screwed up.
Boss has me riding with righetti?
Yeah, it's only for a few days.
Wait, uh, you knew about this?
Yeah, i requested it.
Was it something i said?
No, it's nothing like that, janko.
I'm just gonna ride with kara walsh till the rest of the week.
Don't get all bent out of shape.
Well, did you at least even consider talking to me
About this before you pulled the trigger?
No, i didn't want to have a big fight.
Well, a little late for that.
Why the hell are you doing this?
Look, kara's a good cop, all right?
Somebody's got to cross the line and work with her.
Hmm. You looked pretty chummy at lunch.
You got a thing for her?
Yeah, i got a thing for a fellow cop who's getting a raw deal.
You need to think about this, jamie.
Nobody trusts walsh.
So, if you ride with her, no one's gonna trust you.
I'll take that chance.
Yeah? Well, what about us?
When we're riding together again next week.
You're gonna bring that stink with you.
Is that what you're worried about-- your reputation?
(scoffs) yeah.
Yeah, and you know what?
If you were smart you'd be worried about it, too.
You're making a big mistake.
Ready to roll?
Yeah, let's hit it.
Got news for me?
I've asked you not to do that.
I know.
Got news for me?
You were right.
I don't want to be right about this.
Okay, half-right.
Detective clark's blood alcohol level was over the legal limit
When he was admitted with the gunshot wound.
No word yet on your friend's breathalyzer.
Because either he wasn't given one
Or my source hasn't been able to get the results yet.
Regulations mandate that an officer be screened for alcohol
After discharging his weapon causing injury or death.
Yes, they do.
And tradition mandates
That a decorated veteran cop be given a break by his fellow cops
In something like this, no?
I appreciate you coming in, damon.
Detective didn't give me much choice, so...
That's because you may be facing a manslaughter charge
In the death of isabel greene.
I feel terrible.
About isabel dying.
What happened was an accident,
But it was my fault.
And i live with that every day.
But i've changed since then.
I'm a different person now.
I understand the detectives picked you up
In the same neighborhood where you shot isabel greene
Eight years ago,
In the company of known gang members.
It's not what it looks like.
I'm the director for the garfield community center.
We run basketball and soccer leagues for at-risk youth.
I was out there trying
To sign up them kids when the detective found me.
And if i call the center, they'll confirm your employment?
We... We've had a big impact in that area.
Even got a commendation from the nypd anti-gang unit.
That's admirable.
But the fact remains,
You did confess to shooting isabel greene in 2006,
And her death is directly linked to the injuries you caused.
There's no excuse for what i did.
But i was messed up back then.
Drinking and doing drugs.
When i wound up in juvie,
I knew that i had to turn my life around.
So, i got my high school diploma when i was inside.
And then i went to queens college.
And now i'm trying to give back to these kids.
Trying to make sure
That they don't make the same mistakes that i made.
So that...
So that other people won't have to suffer the way isabel did.
Walsh: I really appreciate what you're doing, jamie.
Hey, forget it, kara.
I mean, i don't know if it's gonna make any difference,
But it's nice to ride with a partner again.
We'll see how you feel by the end of tour.
(laughs) hope you're not in too much trouble with eddie.
No, no. She'll get over it.
And what do we have here?
Hey, what's going on, reynolds?
You tell me, reagan.
You're the one riding with the enemy.
Screw you.
I don't screw fellow cops; that's your department.
Hey, why don't you give it a rest, huh?
'cause randy cutter was my first partner.
He was a great cop until she stuck a knife in his back.
Why don't you guys take off, huh?
Before we have a problem.
You're the one with the problem, reagan.
You should watch the company you keep.
Guy's always been a jerk.
But everyone in the house agrees with him.
Doesn't mean they're right.
Dispatch: 12-david. You have a 10-31, commercial burglary,
714 30th at commerce.
12-david. Show us responding.
(siren wailing, tires screeching)
(alarm sounding)
(indistinct chatter)
Police! Don't move! Keep your hands
Where i can see them!
Cops! Cops! (gunfire)
There's three of them!
Back, back that way.
12-david. We got shots fired at this location!
10-13 at this location!
Where the hell's our backup?
We're on our own, jamie!
And we're sitting ducks!
We got to make a move!
(siren wailing)
Hey, you go around back.
Don't move! (gunshots)
Hey, eddie, come here.
Stay low.
You okay?
We got two more perps.
Heavy weapons.
I'm going after the guy in the pharmacy.
You guys push forward and move left, okay?
On three.
One, two... Three.
Give it up!
You're not getting out of here!
Walsh: Eddie, look out!
I'm coming, reagan!
Righetti, cuff him up.
I got him. Get off me.
Righetti: Put your hands behind your back.
Officer hit!
We need a bus forthwith!
Are you okay?
Yeah, i just got one in the shoulder.
Hey, where'd you come from?
We were on the other side of the precinct,
And we heard your 13 come over the air.
Where the hell is everyone else?
We're wondering the same thing.
Please tell me you're not making
Your infamous veggie lasagna again.
Don't worry, after all that whining, i went full carnivore.
This ham should take three years off your life.
That's my girl.
Oh, and by the way,
I know i'm not the type to go in for all
The touchy-feely stuff, but...
It's just a ham.
There's no need to get choked up about it.
I'm talking about the case, wise guy.
You went out of your way.
I appreciate it.
That means a lot, so thanks.
I know, which is why this is so difficult.
What's difficult?
I brought the case to my acting bureau chief,
And he does not think we should charge damon williams
In the death of isabel greene.
Okay. Well, you set him straight, right?
I agree with him.
If you agree with him, what the hell was that
All about coming down to my precinct?!
I mean, you even said yourself
The m.E.'s report confirmed that it was the bullet
That williams put into isabel that killed her!
Given the passage of time, the defense would aggressively
Dispute that finding and it would come down
To our medical experts against theirs.
Okay. Well, what about the delayed death thing?
I mean, this is perfect
For a bastard like damon williams.
Which is why i had you bring him down.
So i could gauge his demeanor.
And the jury would find
A smart, sympathetic young man
Who paid for his crime and changed his life.
What? Changed his life how?
Hmm? By starting
A-a basketball league for gangbangers?!
Are you kidding me?!
Danny, the d.A.'s office has limited resources.
We cannot try every case.
Fine. I'll tell marcus greene
That the system can't be bothered
Finding justice for his dead daughter!
This ham's fantastic, aunt erin.
Absolutely. Thanks.
Yeah, it's delicious, but you kind of sold out
On the healthy stuff.
Yeah, selling out's her specialty.
How's officer walsh?
She's got a bunch of stitches in her arm,
But she got lucky.
Seems like you all did.
What happened to backup, kid?
They got delayed.
What do you mean they got delayed?
Delayed how?
Cement truck, uh, broke down.
They had to clear the sidewalk out
Back down the block that way.
Took a while.
Henry: Dragging your feet backing up a cheese eater
Used to happen all the time.
I just said they weren't dragging their feet.
And uncle jamie's not a cheese eater.
And he almost got killed, too.
Well, maybe you should've never partnered up
With her in the first place.
Maybe he sees something you don't.
What's that supposed to mean?
That if she's still on the job,
It's because i think she deserves to be.
Which ought to mean something
At this table, if not out there.
So, she's innocent.
Yeah. According to the jury
On your right, she's innocent.
Well, i got faith in that jury.
Thank you.
What is eating you?
Well, juries are not supposed
To be comprised of only one.
Isn't that right, sis?
Give it a break, danny.
Am i missing something here?
Danny's upset because my office refused
To charge one of his suspects.
"suspect"? The guy's guilty and you know it.
Damon williams accidentally shot someone eight years ago.
He paid for it.
And he changed his life. He deserves a second chance.
Accidentally, my foot.
Once a skel, always a skel.
Is that what you think, dad?
Once you're in the system, you can't be rehabilitated?
People have been debating that since they built the first jail.
If you're asking do i think rehabilitation is possible,
I think it is.
Thank you.
It is also, in my experience,
Exceedingly rare.
Nicky: In civics, they taught us
That the penal system is supposed to punish and reform.
Henry: Well, whoever wrote that
Never walked a beat a day in their life.
Lot of good people spent time in prison.
Martin luther king...
Nelson mandela. Thomas more.
Paris hilton. Jamie: What?
Jamie: The system's built
On the assumption that-- except for the worst of the worst--
People who mess up eventually get a second chance.
And the exception being those who kill other people.
Danny, it wasn't an easy decision.
Yeah, well, it was a lot tougher for marcus greene.
And i know 'cause i'm the one that had to call him
And give him the bad news
And listen to him cry on the telephone.
(keys clink)
Don't be too hard on your brother.
That's funny. I could've sworn i was the injured party there.
It's personal with him.
Come on, it's always personal for him.
Doesn't give him the right to use me
As a punching bag every time he doesn't get his way.
No, it doesn't.
You guys think it's easy for us
To decide who gets charged and who doesn't?
It's not like we're sitting around the d.A.'s office
Waiting for an opportunity to play god.
That's the job.
Well, you got a hell of a responsibility.
And i feel terrible about what happened to isabel greene,
But the case against damon williams
Was a long shot at best.
And even if you managed to put him away,
You're not sure it's the right thing to do.
Danny: I got a call, dad.
I got to go.
Actually, why don't you take a ride with me, sis?
This concerns both of us.
Come on, what is this about, danny?
You'll find out when we get there.
I don't know.
(indistinct radio transmission)
You want to tell me what's going on?
Oh, you just wait and see.
What do we got?
Male victim, gunshot wound to the abdomen.
There's our victim--
Damon williams.
Erin: What happened?
Apparently the victim was working late.
Shooter entered through an open window.
Where's our suspect?
I got him over here, in the back of the car.
Come on. Arriving d.A. Will be here in a minute.
I didn't bring you down here for that, okay? Just come on.
Say hello to marcus greene.
Isabel greene's father.
That son of a bitch got what he had coming to him, danny.
He got what he had coming to him.
His daughter's dead, and he's getting locked up.
Hope you can live with yourself.
Jamie: Boss wants to put you in for a medal
For bailing us out. Yeah.
I told him walsh is the one that should be decorated.
That's a stand-up move, janko.
I checked the roll call, reynolds.
You and your partner were the closest unit
When we got pinned down in that drugstore.
Yeah, thing is, we had some engine trouble.
Couldn't get to you guys.
Yeah? Because...
You never called in a 62, taking your vehicle out of service.
It's fine now.
Guess the engine just got flooded.
Yeah, that must be it.
What the...?
Take your hands off me, reagan. Hey, hey.
Take your hands off me.
Jamie. Back up.
Look at me, reynolds!
This goes to one pp,
And your career is over the next second,
So shut up and listen to me!
You think kara walsh hung him out to dry--
Which she didn't-- so you fail to respond?
Kara walsh took a bullet for a fellow officer!
That makes her twice the cop you'll ever be.
And if you got a problem with her,
Then you got a problem with me.
And that goes for everyone else in here.
There you are.
What are you putting on the podium?
Notes for my briefing.
Like cheat sheets?
Like notes for my briefing.
Never use them.
I wish you would.
Scanlon's breathalyzer?
Was probably never administered.
I figured.
What are you gonna do?
What do you mean, what am i gonna do?
All you've really got here is a workplace accident.
We both know better.
No bystanders were injured, frank.
Scanlon's a medal of honor recipient.
Past heroism is no excuse for present misconduct.
And rules exist for a reason. I know that.
But we're talking about humiliating a great cop
A few months short of retirement.
Can i say something?
You're asking permission?
For this, yes.
No one ever laid on their death bed thinking
They should've been tougher on their friends
For their missteps.
I can't afford to think of him as a friend.
I don't think you can afford not to.
(indistinct announcement over p.A.)
Damon... How are you feeling?
Like i got shot.
Danny: Good.
Now you know how it feels.
Erin: I spoke to your doctor.
He said you're gonna be okay.
We're here to take your statement on the shooting.
Did you arrest anyone?
Marcus greene is in custody.
Did he confess?
He's actually refused to make a statement.
He doesn't seem to care much
What happens to him right now.
Pretty much been that way since his daughter died.
Erin: Okay.
I'll take care of this, detective.
There are no other witnesses to the shooting.
No surveillance cameras.
No weapon.
The case hinges on you making
A positive id of the shooter.
Without that, we have nothing.
It's funny.
You can live your whole life the right way,
Like marcus greene did...
And with one mistake--
A single lapse of judgment--
Ruin your whole life.
And it makes you wonder...
Should a good person
Be condemned for his worst act?
Or should he be given a second chance?
And i think that you,
Better than anyone,
Should understand what it means to get a second chance.
So i'm asking you, damon...
...Did you see who shot you?
I didn't see anyone.
Mccoy: I held off on the champagne.
I'm an idiot.
With very good taste in flowers.
I shouldn't have told you
I was being considered for the job that way.
Well, let's just say
It didn't go well with my hangover.
I know things between us are...
Actually, i'm not sure what they are.
But i care about you, erin.
I care about you, too.
I just need you to understand that...
I do. I do.
And i'd never ask you to compromise your principles.
Your personal morality, yes,
But never your principles.
Look, becoming manhattan d.A.,
Even for a short time,
Is the opportunity of a lifetime.
I know.
And i would never stand in your way.
I've just...
I've worked so hard to get to where i am.
And i've done it on my own. I...
I tell you what.
If i take the job,
My first official act
Will be to demote you to arraignment court.
I'd like to see you try.
(seagulls calling)
Frank: I asked the harbormaster about our boat.
Queen mary never made it through hurricane sandy.
Damn shame.
Lot of good memories.
Wants this incident to go away.
Especially me.
But i got a problem,
And i'm hoping you could help me with it.
Your partner was legally intoxicated
When he was shot.
Jimmy clark is an excellent detective.
He's suspended.
If you've got a badge in your pocket
And a gun in your holster,
You'd damn sure better not have a drink in your hand.
Yes, sir.
I never served with anyone
I trust and respect more.
So if you tell me you weren't drinking that day,
I'll take you at your word.
You can go back to work.
With my retirement date creeping up on me...
I was getting kind of scared.
The job's been
My whole life.
Lot of guys with as much time in as we have,
They're happy to hang it up, get away.
Thing is...
I love my wife, frank.
Love my kids.
But between you and me...
...The only time i feel right...
Like i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be...
Is when i'm on the job.
And i don't know what i'm gonna do without that.
I guess my drinking
The last couple years has...
Been my way of dealing with that.
The wrong way.
No one can take away
What you've meant to this department.
To me.
Except you.
You said you wanted to retire with honor, detective.
You just did.
It's feeling a little better, though.
Yeah? When do the stitches come out?
Ah, a few days.
You get some good painkillers?
I should be okay by the bottom of this pitcher.
Look, so now that things have
Kind of settled down,
I... I feel like i owe you an apology.
No, you don't.
Sure she does.
Could you just drink your beer? Okay?
I'm not totally sure i agree with what you did,
But you did what you did because you thought it was right.
And you're a damn good cop, and i am really sorry
For giving you a hard time.
For that, i'm gonna let you have your partner back.
Whoa, not so fast.
I really liked riding with righetti.
Here we go.
He lets me drive,
He doesn't make fun
Of my diet. (laughs)
Tell you what? Why don't we flip for it?
You've made your point, janko.
Loser gets him.
You call it.
Here we go.
Damn. Heads.
Two out of three?
Okay... Who ordered that?
Uh, it's from the guys at the bar.
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