Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Partners - full transcript

Baez gets injured while escorting confiscated drugs, so Danny goes after the drug cartel responsible. Elsewhere, a lieutenant with a commendable record engages in controversial behavior, putting Frank in a difficult situation.

He's on the move.
Heading south on broadway towards 46th street.
You're screwed!
All right, all right, all right.
(squawks) calm down.
I'm lieutenant mccarthy, sir. How are you doing today?
And i'm crazy! Sir!
Why don't you just step down,
And we can talk, okay?
No, no, no. Screw you!
And you! And you!
All of you!
What are you looking at, huh?
(man spits, crowd gasps)
Food for the needy! Hey, hey! Come on now.
Not for the greedy! Move the perimeter back 50 feet immediately.
Food for the needy! Not for the greedy!
Screw you! Come on. See if you can lay a hand on him, okay?
Screw you all! Sir, you need
To step down immediately, okay?
(man making martial arts sounds)
Yah! Hey! Get away from me.
Sir, get down. Don't you touch me.
I'll kick your ass. You want some money?
Ow! Mommy! Hey, watch the girl.
Yah! Hah! Use the stun gun.
Price check! Price check! Price check!
Price check!
(stun gun clicking) price check!
(tires screeching, people screaming)
Oh, god.
Do you know what monday is?
The anniversary...
What? As partners.
It's been exactly a year, which means--
Monday, my probationary period is officially over.
Thank you.
Where you gonna take me?
Oh, first of all, you know you lucked out with me.
Second of all, we need to celebrate the fact
That i'm now officially your equal.
Let's not go too far.
I've still got a lot more hours on the job.
Mm-hmm. Dispatcher: 12-david, be advised.
We're receiving a 52, domestic disturbance, oh, man.
At 190 west end avenue.
Why is it every time i'm eating... We get a job?
Maybe 'cause you're always eating.
Happy dust,
Pebbles, pills,
You seeing this?
There's got to be $30 million worth of drugs here.
It's got to be a hundred degrees out, reagan.
Will you come on, lighten up.
It's overtime.
Besides, i brought you an iced coffee.
Rick siblano, dea.
Susan martinez, one of our lab techs.
Just for the record, this guy never buys me a coffee.
She'll be driving the truck.
Just for the record, this guy never lets anyone else drive.
Come on. She's just mad
'cause i talked her into the detail, that's all.
So, what's the story here?
We're going to, uh, escort $30 million in confiscated drugs
With just a truck and two unmarked cars?
Is that the plan?
Yeah, it keeps it under the radar.
It's all overtime for me-- i got to get my kid new braces.
All right, let's hit the road.
We'll be the follow car.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa. You've got shotgun.
(siren wailing)
Man: You think i'm stupid, huh? (woman gasps)
Why is he calling you? Stop it.
Police! You think i'm dumb? Huh?
Hey! You think i'm stupid?
You think i'm stupid? Stop! Hey!
Sir, step back. He's crazy!
Sir, i said step back. All right.
You want to tell me what's going on? She's a lying bitch!
Okay, who is she? Is she your girlfriend?
What are you saying? And then...
Know what? Don't worry about her. Calm down.
Hey. Settle down now. Woman: I didn't do anything.
Get the hell away from me.
Hey, hey, hey, back up, back up. Stop. Stop!
Jamie. Jamie. What are you doing?
You're hurting him.
(screams) stop! Hey, hey, hey.
Calm down.
Let go of me. Calm down, hey.
Where's the tough guy now, huh?
Renzulli: You-- step away.
And you--
You're under arrest, genius.
It was a judgment call.
It was a bad judgment call.
He caused the death of an innocent civilian.
Innocent? The guy was a threat to pedestrians
And to my officers.
Frank, this is neglect.
Criminal neglect, reckless endangerment.
You're fitting him for a noose.
Frank, i just came from the da's office.
Mccarthy's facing a charge of criminally negligent homicide.
What happened to an investigation?
The da will decide to indict based on their findings.
And they're requesting
That you not speak with mccarthy, pending that decision.
You're telling me not to speak to my own men?
Frank, that's exactly what i'm telling you.
How do you want to handle the press?
My office will schedule a press conference.
Am i allowed to speak at that?
Or should i just smile and nod?
Frank, if that were only possible.
When you and linda go out in the car together,
Do you always drive?
Most of the time.
What's "most of the time"?
50 percent? 90 percent?
I mean, i'm just curious.
I drive her 99.9 percent of the time.
She's a lousy driver. Why?
What's going on with you, huh?
You okay?
I don't know, i don't know. You all right?
5-4 detectives to central. (groans)
(gunshots) we got shots fired!
It's an ambush. Stay down. Stay down.
Get your piece out.
(gunfire continues) stay down!
(gunfire continues)
(men shouting)
(woman whimpers)
(gunfire continues)
(woman screams)
(screams) let's go, man!
We've got to go. Let's go, hurry up. Let's go.
Damn it.
Garrett: The warm hospitality of the press maintains
In inverse proportion to the time you keep them waiting.
No grandstanding, mr. Mayor.
Frank, i can't stand, grand or otherwise.
You know what i mean.
You speak your piece, i'll speak mine.
All right, hold on a minute.
We're already ten minutes late.
I'll meet you up ahead.
Now, we have a deal--
I don't speak to my lieutenant about the incident,
And you don't hang him out to dry with the press, right?
Frank, i certainly don't have that intention.
Commissioner, please?
We are working with the dea to locate the perpetrators.
We do not have a description of the suspects at this time.
(reporters shouting) commissioner, commissioner,
Can you comment on the incident in times square?
Per nypd guidelines,
Lieutenant mccarthy has been placed on modified assignment.
But this is an ongoing investigation.
Has mccarthy's gun been taken away?
Yes, helen, that's part of what modified assignment entails.
(shouting questions)
The family is saying
That mr. Stapleton is a victim of mental illness,
But he was not violent, and he was not aggressive.
What would you say to the family?
Well, i...
What we would say is that the city would like to apologize
To the stapleton family for this tragic mistake.
You used the term "mistake," mr. Mayor.
Is that how you see it?
Christian, i think we can all agree that the use of force--
Be it firearms or stun guns--
Is a measure that should only be used
When all other means have been exhausted, right?
(reporters shouting)
(indistinct p.A. Announcement)
Hey. How you doing?
I know you well enough to know you've already grilled everybody
On your way in here to find out how i'm doing.
At least you didn't break anything.
Suppose if it was you driving,
It would be me laying here instead.
Reagan, look.
I'm sorry i pressured you into doing the detail.
No, you're not sorry, danny.
You make decisions
All the time without any regard to how i feel about it.
You know, i make decisions based on what i think is right.
Yeah, exactly. What you think is right.
I didn't... Know you felt this way.
(phones ringing, low chatter)
He's printed and cooling off in holding.
You want to finish the booking sheet?
No, i want to talk about what happened.
What do you mean?
Let's walk.
You just went off on that guy.
What was i supposed to do?
You were supposed to let me handle it.
Wait, let me get this straight.
You're mad because i reacted too quickly to a guy
That beat up his girlfriend and knocked you off your feet?
You made it look like i couldn't handle myself.
In front of the boss, no less.
Renzulli: Reagan.
My office, now.
You could sit, you know.
How's everything going with you?
What's this about, sarge?
You got a thing for your partner?
'cause when i rolled up on that domestic today
You were acting like a guy defending his girlfriend,
Not a police officer defending his partner.
And the difference
Between the two could get you killed.
He had knocked my partner to the ground.
What was i supposed to do?
What i would've done is head over there
And give her a hand if she needed it.
I used necessary force.
You most certainly did.
Would that amount of force have been necessary
If i was your partner?
I think it would.
There's not a boss on the job
That's gonna allow partners to date
Or be romantically involved.
'cause once you have feelings towards your partner,
Your judgment gets impaired.
So i want you to go home
And think real hard about
Your feelings towards officer janko.
And if you decide
You got these romantic feelings towards her...
Then i'm gonna assign you a new partner.
What the hell are you looking at?
Reagan! What?
What the hell's wrong with you? Nothing.
I'm-i'm hotheaded, okay?
I'm hotheaded and i don't consider
Anyone else's feelings.
It's not your fault baez got banged up.
Yeah? Try telling her that.
She saying it is?
Not in so many words.
Hell, maybe she's right.
Maybe that's why i burn through so many partners.
Come on. You're a damn good cop.
And as far as i know, there's no medal
One pp gives out for congeniality.
Screw it!
What the hell's bugging you?
I'm pissed off.
Any leads on the drugs?
The dea's on it. But if you think i'm gonna
Sit around with my thumb up my ass, you're crazy.
You saw it go down.
It's yours. Have at it.
Someone has a problem with it,
You let 'em talk to me.
(phone ringing)
You should stay pissed off more often.
You're kidding me.
No, no, i'm on my way. Sarge!
They found the truck.
(siren wailing)
What do we got?
It's cleared out. Every box.
Csu's dusting for prints.
What about martinez?
She was shot execution-style, in the back of the head.
I'm sorry.
New york times just ran a piece
On the stapleton case.
I'll get this out momentarily.
Do i want to read it?
No. They cited every excessive force complaint
We've had in the past year.
I just watched new york one's coverage.
They used the term "unprovoked" three times in two minutes.
Do you have any more good news, garrett?
The stapleton family announced
They're suing the nypd.
So alert the corporate counsel.
I want you to promise
You're not gonna talk to lieutenant mccarthy.
Not gonna. Not gonna promise
Or not gonna talk to him?
Sir, sergeant gormley has arrived.
Let's have him.
Commissioner reagan.
Deputy commissioner moore.
Is there progress on the drug heist?
Csu's going through the van we recovered
With a fine-tooth comb, as you can imagine.
They'll expedite the prints
And we should hear something this afternoon.
But that's not why i'm here to see you.
Think i'll... Go put out some fires.
Before you get a chance to stoke them.
(door opens)
Sit down.
(door closes)
I'm here about lieutenant mccarthy.
Do you have information on the incident?
He was my partner for five years,
Back when i was in vice.
Couldn't meet a better cop or a nicer guy.
Well, that's not why he was on modified assignment.
Right. He was modified for doing his job.
He didn't follow protocol.
He did follow protocol.
He assessed the situation,
He assessed a danger,
He set up a perimeter,
He called esu.
He tried to coax the man down,
And when that failed,
He ordered stapleton to be stunned.
Well, the investigation is ongoing.
Yes, i heard your statement at the press conference.
But what was missing
Was you putting this whole thing into perspective
For the media vultures out there
Who are looking for any opportunity
To tear down cops!
You have no idea
What goes into those press conferences.
Well, i know what doesn't.
The truth.
You're done, sergeant.
Don't say another word.
(door opens)
(door closes)
Danny: S-a-n-c-h-e-z.
Yeah, i got it. Thanks.
Thought you were out sick.
Well, i'm back.
(groans softly)
We got a hit on the print from the truck.
Ramon sanchez.
Baez: Assault, drug possession,
Attempted murder...
And he's a member of mara noche.
He was arrested
November of last year.
Baez: According to this,
He got bail, but skipped out
On his court date.
There's an outstanding warrant.
I think i found someone we can bring in.
He was arrested with sanchez
July 2013 and we know him...
Very intimately.
Your brother.
Hey. What are you doing here?
Just came by to say "hey," but it looks like you're busy.
Yeah, well...
I'm running out to interview a witness.
All right, well, we'll catch up some other time.
Okay, well, witness is at rikers
So i guess if i'm late,
It's not like he's going anywhere.
How's everything at work?
Good. Yeah?
Everything else?
Okay, start singing, buster.
I responded to a domestic dispute yesterday.
Guy put his hands on my partner, so i went after him.
My sergeant walks up while
I'm wrestling around with this guy,
And the next thing i know, i'm in his office
And he's accusing me of having romantic feelings for eddie
And threatening to terminate my partnership.
Do you have feelings for her?
She's a real pain.
I mean, she's always trying to tell me what to do.
She eats too much, she's opinionated,
She never listens
And she's constantly making plans for me
Without consulting me.
So you do have feelings for her.
I... Weren't you listening?
You have to remember that i was there for your first crush.
Theresa mancini.
And she was bossy and opinionated
And it's kind of your thing.
So you have to make a choice...
Between keeping her as a partner
Or following your heart.
And i think that's a no-brainer.
No. You don't understand...
I understand you've been
Spending eight to 12 hours a day with this woman in a car,
And at the end of the shift, you're going out to drinks
With her. So?
So? Do you know how special that is?
Instead of looking for some space
At the end of a long day,
You're looking to spend more time with her.
I can tell you
That if i had that with someone
I would not be sitting here with you
Wondering if i should pursue it.
She was executed by your friends, javi.
She has kids!
You don't understand. I don't get
How my brother,
The same person who protected me
From all those bullies
At school, is sitting
In an interrogation room
Trying to convince me he's not a crackhead!
You do realize
She was shot in the back of the head, right?
That could've been your sister
Who was shot in the back of the head in that ambush.
You said
They wanted revenge, right?
The coke
That was taken by the cops,
It was worth $10 million.
Mara noche wanted to get a little payback.
Danny: They wanted payback by intercepting
The dea truck? No.
I don't know anything about the dea truck.
They were talking about
Trying to steal the drugs back
And i thought they meant from... Inside the precinct.
From the cops? From us?
When were you gonna tell us all that?
After some cops got killed?
Javi: Would you do me a favor?
Stop talking to me like i'm one of them.
How do you know all of that?
Three months, i was an informant for the dea!
What the hell are you talking about?
They said i couldn't tell anyone.
You couldn't tell me?
I thought you'd be happy.
"happy"? First time in my life
I'm doing something
That i think you're gonna be proud of me for.
First time in my life!
Javi, what did you hear about mara noche taking out the truck?
Dea transports drugs once a year.
I didn't know when or where.
Where the hell did mara noche get this information?
I heard that it came
From inside the dea.
It's open.
(door opens)
Evening, commissioner.
Sorry for the inconvenience, lieutenant.
Thanks for coming out here.
I was just about to...
None for me, thank you.
I think we got some iced tea in here.
I'm fine, sir.
How are you holding up?
About as well as can be expected, i guess.
I'm not supposed to talk to you.
Or me to you.
But i called, you came.
This is just between you and me.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
There... Yeah.
There's something i felt i had to know.
And i can
Only learn it by asking you face-to-face.
Yes, sir?
You're a good cop.
So i'm sure you've been turning
This over and over in your mind.
Pretty much 24-7.
Would you have done anything differently?
Yes, sir.
Seems like every time
I turn on the tv, there's video surveillance
Of that guy getting stunned.
Linda: Oh, i know!
Everything turns into a sideshow.
That lieutenant really got raked over the coals.
Doesn't seem right.
I thought we agreed not to talk shop at sunday dinner?
Must've dreamt it.
(chuckles) we get edps
In the hospital all the time.
They're impossible to predict.
You know, i don't know how
You can make strict protocols
For situations that by their very nature
Are completely chaotic.
Exactly right. Wrong.
There's very little that happens
In a day that can't be anticipated.
Well, in this case, a lack of anticipation
May have caused a crime of its own.
How does that work?
By not securing the entire area
Before he ordered stapleton to be tasered,
The lieutenant may be charged
With criminally negligent homicide.
Maybe he should be.
And how would you know that, hmm?
Were you there?
Did you ride along with him, what?
Uh, danny... She's...
I'm just saying from what i hear this guy
Mccarthy's an exceptional cop.
I'm well aware.
Sergeant gormley came to my office to inform me.
I got to say
I'd do the same thing for my partner. Well, from what i hear,
You want to do a lot more than that for your partner.
What? No. I did not...
Danny, i didn't say anything... I swear...
It's not like it's a big secret
Or anything. Everyone knows. Yeah.
This is like we're back in fifth grade.
What's wrong with being in fifth grade?
I wish you all were back in the fifth grade
When you had no idea what was going on.
Well, just for the record, i'm not the one
Who goes through a partner every year, so...
Hey, i made a joke. You got a problem?
I don't have a problem. You got a problem? I don't have
A problem, but you're gonna have a problem in a second.
Oh, really?
Knock it off!
What's the matter, francis?
James mccarthy won't be
"raked over the coals" anymore.
And he won't be charged
With anything.
After 19 years on the job and 12 years sober,
He got behind the wheel drunk last night
And missed a curve on the jackie robinson.
Oh, god.
He's in bad shape.
Gin rummy.
Age before beauty.
(laughs) another hand?
Till i win.
Henry: Maybe...
We should up the ante.
(henry and nicky chat indistinctly in other room)
You know it's not your fault.
Do i?
Mccarthy made a bad call.
And he knew it.
Yeah, i talked to him.
He didn't deserve the press calling him a murderer.
And he didn't deserve to be left hanging out to dry.
You did what you needed to do.
But i didn't do what i wanted to do.
Tell the mayor he was talking out of his ass.
Okay, well, then you would've
Woken up out of a job.
I hate this job.
Some days you hate this job.
Couple of years ago,
No way i would've listened to the mayor
Or the da's office.
I would've stood by my officer.
Working on a sunday night?
Trying to figure out who's the dea mole.
Hmm. What's your excuse?
I couldn't sleep.
Got a meeting with the commissioner tomorrow.
Called to the principal's office, huh?
Mm-hmm. What you do?
I was partners with lieutenant mccarthy
Back in the day.
Thought he was being railroaded
And i told your old man that.
Now, i think he's gonna transfer me to the auto pound.
Or to staten island.
You know, you may want to go easy there, sarge.
We got great kills-- best beach in the five boroughs.
And the biggest landfill.
You know, maybe you should start fueling up now.
The commute can get pretty rough.
Baez: Reagan?
What the hell's going on?
Javi's gone.
What are you talking about "javi's gone"? He called.
Just said he thinks they're onto him and the phone went dead.
(knocking on glass)
Yeah? Hey.
Come in.
I've been thinking about it.
I did what you asked.
And i have absolutely no intention
Of getting involved with officer janko.
She's my work partner.
I'd like it to remain that way.
But i'm gonna be watching you, reagan.
And if i see anything like i saw last week,
I'm not gonna separate just the two of you,
I'm gonna make sure
You're not even in the same precinct.
Loud and clear, boss.
Get out of here.
Javi's last call hit off a cell tower in the south bronx.
Uh-huh. You know, there were only four people
In the dea who knew that javi was a c.I.
Three of them agents.
And we've already gone through
All their communications with a fine-tooth comb.
Uh-huh, and the group secretary,
Who knew all the particulars about the drug transfer.
But it's not unusual for a civilian employee
To have access to that information.
No, but it is if she put up bail
For a member of mara noche a year ago.
There's our mole.
Set? Are you ready?
All right, let's go.
(line ringing)
Woman: Dea.
Mattone speaking.
Dolores, it's rick.
Do me a favor and round up the team.
We figured out the location of the drugs.
That's good news. I'll get right on it.
Should i give them any details?
Just tell the guys we got to work quickly on this thing.
Okay. Copy that.
(clicks, buttons beeping)
(line ringing)
Ramon, you've got to move everything. They know.
Ramon: You sure?
Mattone: Just get out of there.
Son of a bitch! We get an address?
She called an auto body shop
In the bronx.
Let's not waste another second. Come on!
(door closes)
Sit down, sergeant.
Sir, i just wanted to say...
Do you know what my job is, sergeant?
Do you know what my job is?
You're the police commissioner.
And do you know what that job entails?
Probably not.
Definitely not.
I was out of line, commissioner.
I apologize.
I didn't bring you down here for an apology.
If i may, sir, please,
Don't transfer me to staten island.
I live in new hyde park.
The commute alone would kill me.
I brought you here to say thank you.
Every one who comes in this office has an agenda.
Most people tell me what i want to hear.
Some people tell me what they want me to do.
What i don't have
Is someone with firsthand knowledge of police work
Giving me the unvarnished truth.
I believe, sir, that's because
They don't want to piss you off.
Didn't seem to deter you.
Well, i'm a thick-headed irish mutt
Who barged in here without thinking about the consequences.
At least, that's what my wife told me.
She's probably right.
Yeah. (laughs)
She's always been smarter than me.
Mine was, too.
Thank you, commissioner.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about your friend.
(swat officers shouting)
Hold it!
(shouting, gunfire)
I got sanchez.
(officer shouting)
Swat officer: Open those bays now!
(clattering nearby)
Hold it!
Man: Come on, move!
(indistinct shouting nearby)
What are you doing?
It was the last time.
Are you crazy?
I'm trying to help you.
What? (clattering)
Baez: Javi! Javi?
You're gonna be fine. Just hang on.
Just hold on, okay? (raspy gasping)
Javi, it's okay. Just hold on.
Okay? Just hold on.
Danny: Somebody get a bus!
(crying): It's okay. It's okay, javi.
Javi, you're gonna be fine.
Just hold on. (raspy breathing)
Javi! No.
Javi, no.
(sobbing): Javi, no.
No, javi, i'm sorry.
Oh, my god.
No. Javi.
First, you knock.
Can i come in?
Doesn't matter what i say, you'll come in anyway.
I think everyone else already left.
They're probably out partying without us.
Yeah, well, they're going to have
To party without me tonight.
What? Why?
I promised my grandpa that we'd hang out tonight.
Are you serious?
You can hang out with your grandpa any night.
It's our anniversary.
I'm officially a cop.
This only happens once, reagan.
Yeah, well, i was there for the important part.
Yeah, and now you should be there for the fun part, too.
Come on.
Hey, have-have one for me.
I'll never forget your face
When i first introduced myself as your new partner.
Uniform said nypd,
Face said eagle scout.
Yeah, well, you looked like you were 11,
Going trick-or-treating dressed up like a cop.
Well, how do i look now?
Better get going, you're gonna be late.
(door closes)
(glass crunching, camera shutter clicking)
Javi was playing both sides.
What am i supposed to tell my mother?
...You could tell her that he died
Trying to save your life.
'cause he did. Mm-hmm.
You want me to come with?
What i said in the hospital...
Forget it.
I never have to worry
About trusting you.
And i never have to wonder
If you'll have my back.
Because you're the only person
Who's never disappointed me.
I never will.
I will not be taking any questions today.
James mccarthy is in critical condition,
With injuries to his spine, neck and head.
It will take several days
To assess the long-term effects,
But the prognosis is not good.
On a personal note,
I would like to point out here
That police officers like lieutenant mccarthy
Make split-second decisions every day,
Make judgment calls
As part of their job.
Their intention is not to cause harm.
Their intention is to avoid harm.
I believe that was certainly the case
With lieutenant mccarthy.
If an officer makes the wrong call,
It not only affects citizens of this city,
It also affects the officers themselves
In ways that only someone
Who has walked in their shoes
Can fully understand.
Cops are held to a higher standard of accountability
Than the rest of the population,
As it should be.
But never forget
That they are people, too:
Men and women subject to the same doubts
And regrets
That all of us are.
I'm not asking for anyone to cut us slack.
Not at all.
But a little recognition
For the conditions under which
Our men and women operate...
That'd go a long way.
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