Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - Home Sweet Home - full transcript

Jamie gets Danny involved when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Erin is angered when McCoy replaces her as the prosecutor on a case involving a corrections officer.

Good morning.
Good morning.
You the one that called us? Yes, officers.
I came to open up the bank this morning,
And i found this...
Person... Sleeping by the atms.
Now, i don't know if he's drunk,
But he is passed out and he smells.
He's disturbing our customers,
So can you please get rid of him?
Yeah. You got it.
Yeah, we got it. Thank you.
Did you ever think it'd be this glamorous?
All right!
Time to check out.
That's right. Rise and shine.
Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
You okay?
How old are you, bud? Wh-what's your name?
How'd you end up here?
Is there someone that we can call?
You can talk to us.
You're not in any trouble.
Officers, please.
Why don't we get him back to the precinct.
All right. Sounds good. Call acs.
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey, move!
Stop! Hey!
(horn blaring) whoa!
What are you doing, huh? Why you running?
(grunting) why you running, huh?
Can't be seen with no cops.
Yeah? Well, why?
What are you afraid of?
All right. Come on.
Let's go.
Put any weight on it?
Not without moaning.
I told him to be careful of the black ice.
You can't see it.
Well, how in the hell can you be careful of something
You can't see?
I think it's just a sprain,
But the swelling has to go down before we can even do an mri,
So you-you have to keep it iced and elevated.
Well, i got to get to work.
You'll have to do it from here, frank.
I'm sorry. Henry: Francis.
From when i had my hip surgery.
Gee, thanks.
Little time off
Won't kill you. I'll check in with you later.
See you, doc.
Don't think you've missed a day in over four years.
Last time, they had to shoot me.
Mm, evan beck.
I thought i smelled you coming.
I hope you didn't wear all that cologne just for me.
But, uh, i do come bearing gifts.
Listen, i'm, uh,
Ready to deal on thomas kowalski,
Save us both a lot of aggravation.
I'm listening.
He's willing to plead to possession.
It's a first offense, so how does, uh, six months in jail
And court-mandated rehab sound?
Generous, but i'm not pleading this one out.
You're going for intent to sell?
Come on, erin,
All the guy did was run a red light, and we both know
The amounts were on the borderline.
Okay, that's not all he did.
He was intoxicated and belligerent with the officers.
That's why he was arrested,
And then they found the drugs in the car.
Yeah, you're just being a hard-ass
Because thomas is a guard at rikers island
And it's gonna be a whole scandal in the press
And you love that.
I love beating you, evan.
This really is about me, isn't it?
You're still mad about our last case?
I won. Why would i be mad? Because i accused you
Of withholding evidence and dragged your name
Through the mud. Yeah, i'm just gonna speak to mccoy,
Try to get another prosecutor assigned.
Happy hunting,
But i'll be seeing you in court. And why don't you tell
Your client to bring his toothbrush.
He's gonna be going away for about a decade.
Well, we'll see about that.
Jamie: Children's services is gonna get you some housing,
But it's gonna take at least a few more hours, so...
Why don't you tell us what's going on.
We can't help if we don't know.
You want to help me?
Go get me a sandwich. I'm a growing boy.
We got candy and chips in the machine.
Those are your choices.
Get me a chocolate bar then.
I'll go.
You're real sweet.
Where you from, tj?
Baltimore. Moved here a couple weeks ago.
Why'd you move?
Mom got locked up.
For what?
Sent me on the bus to my aunt christy,
Gave her money to take care of me.
Christy? What's her full name?
Christy stewart.
Where'd you two stay?
The city.
She has a cart we fill with bottles and cans.
We recycle them.
That's our hustle.
So what happened? How'd you wind up at that bank alone?
Janko: Whatever it is,
We'll protect you.
That'd be a first.
Try us.
Two nights ago, my aunt disappeared.
I think her boyfriend-- this dude they call ghost--
Killed her.
Is that who you're afraid of?
Why do you think he killed her? Did you see him do it?
You actually see her body?
No. I found her cart.
It was... Crashed out in a lot.
All her stuff was on the ground.
I found this.
Christy would never leave me out on the street.
I know she got killed.
Damn, reagan.
You look like death warmed over.
Well, you would, too, boss, if you only had three hours' sleep.
What's going on?
I had a court appearance yesterday, did a tour with baez,
And then i had a late-night stakeout detail
With major crimes.
Why are you bucking for so much overtime?
Because my son jack flunked algebra,
So we had to do an educational evaluation.
Now he needs private school and special tutors for every class.
Oh, my. In my day,
That would've made you a "d" student.
Now it's a freakin' racket.
My wife is indulging it, to say the least.
Hey, danny.
Excuse me, lieutenant. Mm.
Uh, those keys to the apartment.
Yeah. Come check it out anytime you want.
I'll be sure to do that. Thank you.
What's this?
Stan, martinez and hanlon--
They keep an apartment near the precinct.
They crash there a couple, two, three nights a week.
Oh, i-i know what those apartments are for.
Well, this isn't that.
Stan is a hell of a guy.
He's an usher at my church.
It's nice to know what you think about men though.
But this place is just for sleep.
Frank: First of all,
I'm sorry about the inconvenience.
Thanks for coming out out. If muhammad
Can't come to the mountain, the mountain must come to muhammad.
Let's just get to the agenda. Thank you, baker.
In what order, boss? I don't know, sid.
Bad news first. Okay.
Unless there's some really good news that just can't wait.
It's, uh, pretty much just... Bad news,
Worse news.
Just start. Okay.
The police union is proposing--
Translation, demanding--
An across-the-board "no settlements" policy
On civil suits against police officers.
Garrett: A single narcotics officer, omar allen,
Has a grand total of 15 suits
Settled out for $524,000.
The union wants to take a stand on number 16.
A perp claims
That detective allen used
Excessive force
During an arrest and hurt his back.
Allen swears he never touched the guy, that he's faking it.
Well, how do know the guy's faking?
I'll get your tea now, my dear. Thank you so much.
These are killer, by the way.
You just dice some virginia ham right in with the batter.
That's what it is? Thanks, pop.
Um, the settlement dollars don't come out of our budget.
There's no financial advantage.
So how do our officers benefit, according to the union?
Garrett: The proposed policy guarantees officers
The right to a fair hearing
Instead of automatically doling out money for...
Not to interrupt,
But the union tried to pull that tactic on me, too.
I told them
That a blanket policy would never work.
But there's more factors now, pop.
Let's take detective allen for instance.
If he doesn't settle,
The perp is gonna go public and then everybody's gonna wonder
Why a cop with 15 other civil suits
Is still on the job.
Not good for allen
Or the department.
Amen to that, commissioner.
I mean henry. I'm sorry.
No. "commissioner" is correct.
It is?
Absolutely. Commissioner,
Why don't you just sit down and join us.
Anyone needs anything, i'll be in the kitchen.
All right, we're here.
Come on, tj.
If this housing is temporary, what-what happens to me next?
Depends if you stay in new york or not.
Acs is reaching out to social services in baltimore,
They reached out to your mom...
No, you-you can't call my mom.
She's got enough troubles already. Please.
All right, look, tj,
We're assigning a detective to the case.
Okay? We're gonna find out what happened to christy.
People disappear for all kinds of reasons,
So i don't want you to lose hope yet.
Give me a break.
Not gonna help me or my aunt.
Just gonna dump me here and dump me there.
I'm better off on the street.
Well, you're not running away, okay?
You gonna stop me?
I don't need any of you! Hey, hey!
All right, listen!
If ghost did this, then we're gonna get him.
And nobody's dumping you anywhere.
I promise.
Come on.
Man and mistress or father and daughter?
Mistress. No one would ever take their daughter here.
I don't think there's a couple in here that wants to be seen.
How do you even know about a place like this?
I worked for a p.I. For a year.
Did a lot of divorce work.
I tailed many an adulterer here.
Best fra diavolo in the city.
Well, you've had quite the rise, mr. Mccoy, haven't you?
What about her?
Civilian or pro?
You are so bad.
I wonder what they're all saying about us.
They're saying, "those people look dynamite together.
"they're obviously soul mates.
I wonder what they're hiding from."
I was just joking.
I don't want you to feel like i'm pressuring you or...
It's not that.
What is it then?
I know we're not supposed to talk about work,
But did evan beck talk to you today about the kowalski case?
You're right, we shouldn't talk about work.
I will take that as a yes.
You denied his request, right?
He made some good points, erin.
I am thinking about replacing you.
Are you kidding me? You have a difficult
History with him, and because the defendant
Is a corrections officer, it's a sensitive case.
I have been completely fair and impartial with evan beck.
This isn't about your integrity, it's about...
There was heroin, cocaine,
Marijuana and oxy in thomas kowalski's car.
Obviously, it wasn't for personal use.
There's not a prosecutor anywhere
Who would plead out. Then hampton won't either.
So you're not thinking of replacing me,
You've already done it.
I'm sorry.
It was a judgment call, and i made it.
You have too many cases as it is.
I thought you'd be thanking me.
But this isn't just any case, is it, bobby?
So, let me see if i got this straight.
You want to stay in the city in an apartment
With your friends during the week?
No, not all week.
Just on the days when i have 16-hour tours.
No. No way.
I know you're working hard,
But you're never home as it is.
And the kids need you, especially jack.
That's why i'm doing this, for jack!
You want me to work
All this overtime so i could pay for tutors
And all this bull crap.
You can't have it both ways. Bull crap?
So, what, we're not supposed to help him?
That's not what i meant, okay?
Can you just understand that i'm freakin' exhausted?
I mean, what do you want me to do?
Would you like me to crash because i fell asleep
At the wheel on my way home from work,
Or i had a heart attack on the job? I need rest!
You know what, it doesn't matter.
Do what you want.
Well, that's a real blessing.
You know what, you're just gonna find some excuse
To stay away anyway.
Is that what you really think?
You shut me out of everything, danny. We never talk.
We talk about everything.
We talk everything to death.
No, i talk at you
While you're drinking a beer or you're watching the tv.
But i need a partner in this.
I'm trying to be your partner, linda.
Really? So you've spoken to jack about this, huh?
Have you even sat down and done homework with him once?
I didn't even go over my own homework when i was in school!
I'm not the homework guy.
So what kind of guy are you then?
Guy who only sees his family during rdos?
Guy who pulls away when things get tough?
That the kind of guy you are, danny?
You're being very unfair, okay?
We're talking about one or two nights a week here,
And you are busting my balls for nothing.
Man: Excuse me, linda?
We're ready.
Good morning, doc.
Drugs they found in my car were mine, your honor,
For my own personal use.
I take full responsibility, and i'm looking forward
To putting my life back in order.
Congratulations, mr. Kowalski,
You have successfully pleaded guilty
To possession of narcotics.
The sentencing guidelines will be
As stipulated in the agreement.
You will surrender to begin your sentence
In 30 days.
(gallery murmuring)
You let kowalski plead.
You gave them everything they wanted.
Good morning to you, too, erin.
Well, what happened? Did you not find any evidence
That he was dealing? My understanding is
The evidence didn't support the greater charge.
Your understanding?
Alex mcbride told me he had really good leads.
I'd like to see that investigator's report for myself.
You're off the case now.
You don't need that information.
What information? You said there was no information.
I don't understand your obsession with this case, erin.
And i don't understand yours.
What is the d.A. For the city of new york doing sitting in
On a routine plea deal? Here's another question.
How is a working stiff like thomas kowalski
Affording a... A high-priced mouthpiece like evan beck?
I don't know what you're getting at.
Thomas kowalski lost his union job at rikers island,
His family won't get any of his pension,
Even though he was on the job and vested for 15 years,
And the man is going to jail for a minimum of six months.
I... I think that justice
Has been done.
I have to go to a meeting now, but we can discuss this later.
Or we can discuss anything else--
Which i would greatly prefer.
Look, erin...
I've obviously offended you, and i apologize, okay?
But can you please trust that i know how to do my job?
(elevator bell dings)
Alex, it's erin reagan.
I need to see your investigator's report
On the kowalski case, asap.
Call me.
Glad you're on this, danny.
We were next up, kid. Just worked out that way.
Your brother's like a 7-eleven these days--
Open 24/7, 365.
That's funny.
Hey, i'm looking for lisa kelly.
You know, technically, you don't even really have to be here.
Yeah, well, i told the kid i'd keep my hand in, you know, so...
Did you really need to bring pizza?
What is your problem?
You once told me you can't save every puppy
In the pound, and now you're the one that's getting too close.
Yeah, well, that's my business, eddie.
Yeah, but you're making it my business though. Danny: Hey, hey.
Only married couples get to bicker like 12-year-olds, okay?
So knock it off.
You must be here for tj.
I'm lisa kelly, the administrator.
Uh, which one of you is jamie?
That's me.
Ah. He talks about you.
Let's leave the pizza here.
I'll make sure everyone gets some.
How'd you get him to do that?
With tough kids like tj,
The trick is to put them in charge.
He's great with the little ones.
This way.
This is detective reagan and this is detective baez.
They're gonna be handling your case, okay?
Reagan. That's your name.
Yeah, this is my older brother.
Figured we'd keep it in the family.
"detective." guess he got the looks and the brains, huh?
I like this kid.
Okay, so all of these guys have the street name "ghost."
Just let us know
If anyone of them resemble your aunt's boyfriend.
And it's okay if they don't.
That's him.
That's ghost.
You sure? I'd know that tweeker anywhere.
Yeah, we know him, too.
He's a bad guy.
Yeah, he is.
We're gonna get him, tj.
I want to come. No.
You just got to let us do our jobs.
Better come back and tell me what happens, jamie.
Yeah, of course i'll come back.
Just sit tight, all right?
You may want to listen to your partner.
Just be careful, okay?
Thanks for seeing me, alex.
Of course. You want something?
No, i'm good.
Here's the report,
But i warn you, there's not much here.
Why not? It was pled out
Before i could really dig in.
Let me give you the highlights.
Five corrections officers from c block on rikers island
Are under investigation
By the department of corrections.
Thomas kowalski is one of them.
Investigation for what?
That's the $64,000 question.
The first three were lawyered up
And wouldn't speak to me.
Let me guess. Evan beck?
Yes. He represents them all.
And when i called the fourth officer, wesley davis,
His widow answered.
He killed himself in the middle of this.
Did you interview mrs. Davis, find out what happened
On the job?
Why not?
Look, erin,
I've been an investigator for the d.A.'s office
For almost 12 years-- eight different regimes.
Do you know how i survived?
I know when to lay off.
You and i have been through some wars together,
Really pushed the envelope,
But you need to lay off on this one, too.
The players are just too big.
Which players are those?
The commissioner for the department of corrections.
The d.A. Himself. Mccoy?
What's his connection to the d.O.C.?
What the hell is going on here?
Don't know. And i don't want to know.
Come on, alex.
It's just the two of us.
What do you think?
Kowalski was found with drugs,
Every guard on his cell block
Is being investigated. The obvious...
We can't try kowalski again, so what does it matter?
Let's live to fight another day.
This is my fight.
I need to know the truth, for a lot of reasons.
You be careful, erin.
(door closes)
Hi, pop.
(clears throat)
What put a bug in your pants?
Get off your feet.
My weight's not on it.
Go back to your chair.
Answer my question first.
A little respect for me in front of your brass--
Is that too much to ask?
I don't know what you're talking about.
That crack you made about addressing me as commissioner.
Well, that wasn't a crack. It's a fact.
Proper protocol is to address a former pc as commissioner.
I know that.
Well, then what's your beef?
The way you said it.
I didn't say it in any way.
And pretending to ask me to sit in
With that put-upon tone of voice.
I was asking you to sit in.
You got it all wrong, pop.
Of course i've got it all wrong. That's what i do.
No, just in this instance.
Look, i'm not gonna apologize for speaking up
On issues that i know something about.
And if i got excited because we had some company in the house
For a change, i'm not gonna apologize for that either.
Where are you going?
Out. What are you, 16?
The takeout menus are in the drawer by the fridge.
(car alarm wailing)
Hi, this is ada erin reagan.
My car was just broken into and my briefcase was stolen.
I'm gonna need some assistance.
Yes, i'll hold.
You got something, mel?
All right, listen, before i say anything,
I got to know this makes us even.
You can't keep bothering me.
Even for what?
Man, i stole a tv way back in the giuliani era.
Your partner here, she let me go, and she's-she's
Owned my ass ever since.
My partner? Yeah, man,
Your partner. She might bat her eyes and look pretty,
But i'm telling you, it's better to be locked up
Than owe this girl a favor.
All right, we're even.
Man, you're my witness, all right? You heard her.
Hey, whatever she says. She's the boss.
I'm just saying.
Okay, give it up. What'd you get?
All right.
Here's where ghost is.
But, detective,
I'd have my gun out if i was you.
This dude is crazy.
Everybody stay where you are,
Keep your hands where we can see them!
One, two.
♪ ♪
You good?
(door closes)
Hey, grandpa.
Hey, sweetie.
How's the ankle? Perfect.
Was it a random act
Or do you think it's connected to one of your cases?
"reagan" winds up on a police report, tends to get back to me.
And when were you gonna tell me about your car?
It's nothing i can't handle.
That's not what i asked.
Dad, please. I don't need you looking after me.
Well, then alert mr. Mccoy.
If it's about work, there's protection he can provide.
Right. Mr. Mccoy, your favorite person.
Yeah, he and i got off to a rocky start.
Why won't you tell me what's going on?
Henry: Dinner's ready.
I know i never do this, but i'd like to say grace today,
If that's all right with everyone.
You got it.
Just want to say how blessed we are to have this food,
This house,
Four generations of reagans sitting around this table.
We should never take that for granted.
That's an order.
Amen. Well said, jamie.
Erin: What's with wearing
Your heart on your sleeve today?
Danny: Jamie's playing big brother
To this kid-- this homeless kid.
Tj's 13 years old, he's been bounced around
From family member to family member.
He doesn't even have the basics--
Regular meals with a roof over his head,
So... It was humbling.
Does he go to school?
Yeah, he did in baltimore a little bit, but his aunt,
Who was taking care of him here, hasn't enrolled him.
Well, doesn't she care about him? Yeah,
But i don't think she can really take care of herself, sean.
Family is the original department of health, education
And welfare.
If that starts to fall apart, everything goes to hell.
Amen to that, too.
What kind of case is it?
His aunt disappeared.
We're looking into every possibility.
Even murder, right, danny?
Right. Oh, man.
That's a kid with much bigger problems
To worry about than just his grades.
Yeah, well, we can only have the problems that we have, danny.
Danny: Yeah, we could also have a little bit
Of perspective, can't we, linda?
Well there's perspective and then there's denial.
You really want to get into this now?
Who knows when else i'm gonna see you?
Ding. Back to your corners.
Pass the potatoes, please.
I just want to crash in the city a few nights a week.
Linda's worried about jack and is now
Making a global event out of it.
Temperatures seem pretty high.
(sighs) maybe she's right.
Maybe there are other reasons
That i don't want to come home. I don't know.
No marriage is perfect. Most aren't even close.
Yours and mom's seemed pretty close.
Your mother and i used to fight
In the bathroom with the shower running
So you guys wouldn't hear.
We had our struggles, too, believe me.
When was this?
Over the years, on and off,
In equal measure.
How'd you two manage to hold it together?
She put up with a lot.
And i...
Eventually just shut up and listened to her.
She was right.
The family had to be the center of my life,
Or everything else was just trying to fill a vacuum.
And later,
When she got sick...
...I was grateful for every moment we had.
Thanks for doing this, alex.
They crossed the line when they broke into your car.
All bets are off now.
Thank you for seeing me, mrs. Davis.
I'm sorry to hear about your husband.
Can you tell me what happened?
What went wrong on the job?
Thomas kowalski.
That's what went wrong.
Everything was fine
Until he transferred to c block.
Forced wesley into the whole thing.
It was his fault.
What was kowalski's fault?
Why was your husband being investigated?
Those correction officers
Were selling drugs to the prisoners.
Heroin, coke, oxy, weed.
They were even smuggling in weapons and letting them
Have sex with women from the outside.
You name it, it was for sale.
My husband wasn't down with that.
He just wanted to do his job.
Did wesley report them?
Yeah, he wanted to.
But kowalski kept threatening him.
He just cracked.
Danny: So you killed her for the money meant for tj.
If i killed christy and stole $2,500,
Why would i be staying at that squat?
And why wouldn't you have found the money?
Here come the hypotheticals.
Ghost: Come on.
Have i lawyered up? Been anything but cooperative
On the other charges?
No. Besides trying to murder my partner,
You've been a real stand-up guy.
I was so high i don't even remember doing that.
Really? I hope you got a better defense
Than that for christy stewart.
Look, you got enough to put me under the jail already,
But i didn't kill that woman, i swear.
And why the hell should we believe you?
Let me have my phone.
I can prove it to you.
I'll call her.
That's it? Go ahead.
Ma'am? I have your towels.
Get out of here.
Christy stewart? Who the hell are you?
Police. You're under arrest for felony child abandonment.
Who did i abandon? Is this about tj?
Baez: You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you do say... Stop.
Stop reading me my rights. I'm not his guardian.
No? Then why'd his mother give you
Money to take care of him? Yeah.
And why'd you spend it on this?
It's money i was owed.
She's always dumping that kid on me.
It's why i moved to new york in the first place.
So you just leave a 13-year-old kid in the streets,
Thinking that you're dead?
That boy loves you.
Tj's not my son.
I shouldn't have to raise him.
Baez: Let's go. You know,
This really sucks. Can i at least put my clothes on first?
Baez: Yeah, we'll grab them.
I hope tj's happy now.
You taking off?
I'm gonna go check that apartment out finally.
You mind if i tag along?
I... I'm curious.
Curious or suspicious?
Look, if you don't want me to go...
No, hey, knock yourself out.
Danny: My wife's so mad,
She's not even speaking to me.
My grandparents were married for 57 years.
Their secret was to never go to sleep angry,
Even if you have to stay up all night.
Yeah, but if me and my wife did that,
We wouldn't sleep for a week.
Well, maybe that's what you ought to do.
(laughter, music playing)
It's-it's not what it looks like.
You wanted to see me?
You had thomas kowalski rearrested?
He smashed my car window and stole my briefcase.
What would you like me to do?
Are you positive it was him?
Luckily, my coffee place
Has state-of-the-art security cameras.
You can watch the whole thing in hd if you'd like.
What did he steal?
Evidence-- but that doesn't matter.
I already know everything.
You're gonna have to slow down a little, erin.
I'm running a few steps behind.
I don't think you are, bobby.
You sure you don't want to just come clean?
I know about the drug trafficking at rikers
And the d.O.C.'s attempts to cover it up.
I know about wesley davis trying to stop it,
But he killed himself instead.
And i know that if the kowalski case went to trial,
The whole scandal would have blown up and become public.
Here's what i don't know.
Why didn't you want that to happen?
Why would you risk your whole career over something like this?
I want to show you something.
Come here.
That's the jersey shore.
Longer ago than i care to admit.
There's me in the middle.
Eight-year-old bobby mccoy.
On the right is my dad.
And on the left...
Is michael amato.
The commissioner of the d.O.C.
He was my father's best friend.
When my dad passed...
Mike became my father.
In fact, he wrote one of the key recommendations
That got me this post.
So, what, you felt like you had to pay him back?
No. He never asked me for anything.
Well, what did you know? How much did you look away from?
Look, erin, all those c.O.S
Were already under internal investigation.
He was gonna fire them all, revamp the whole
Security system-- a system that he inherited.
Did he really deserve to have the whole mess go public
And cost him his job, all because thomas kowalski
Ran a red light?
That wasn't your call,
And you know that.
Look, i understand your loyalty to a friend--
I even admire it-- but you've abused
The power of this office.
That's a serious ethical violation, bobby.
What are you gonna do?
No. What are you going to do?
I have things i want to accomplish here.
And i'm just starting to see eye to eye with your dad, too.
I don't want to resign.
Well, that's not up to me.
What's gonna happen to mike amato?
I have to refer this
To the department of investigations.
It's out of my hands. I'm sorry.
Are we still going out
Saturday night?
You were gonna pick the place.
Please don't ask me that right now.
There really is no good way to spin this, you know?
Well, his aunt is alive.
That's good news.
Yeah, but that just means that she deserted him,
And that might be harder for tj to take, right?
Janko: Listen, tell him the truth.
Okay? He deserves that.
Hey, tj. Hey.
We have some news about christy.
Why don't we... Why don't we sit down.
Just... Just tell me.
We found her. Is she okay?
Yeah, but she's a little bit sick right now, so...
You can see her when she's...
When she's better.
She's not sick.
She just...
Doesn't want me, right?
No, tj...
It's not cool to lie.
It's not your fault.
Christy just gets a little wild sometimes,
Like my mom.
Can't handle me.
It's okay.
You tell him.
Tell me what?
We didn't know what was gonna happen with christy,
So we made other arrangements, just in case.
(sighs) ms. Kelly's gonna hook me up
With a nice foster family. Right?
Yeah. They have young kids in the house.
They took one look at tj and knew he was the one they wanted.
They need me over there.
I'm... Gonna help out.
You sure you're ready for that responsibility?
Born ready, my man.
What are you doing here?
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's all right.
You were right.
The apartment's not for me.
Though i don't think our whole lives
Should revolve around the kids either.
Maybe there's a middle ground we could find.
Like maybe just the two of us on a long weekend, for starters.
Just the two of us?
That scare you?
It's been a long time.
Six, maybe seven years.
At least.
Too long.
Or not long enough.
It's too long.
(whispers): I agree.
What are you doing?
Checking availability at mohonk.
You know, somebody's got to plan this thing.
We know it's not gonna be you.
That's funny.
Get out of here.
The nypd corporation council has advised against
The union demand
For a blanket no-settlement policy
For civil suits.
I concurred.
More accurately,
You and i concurred.
How's the ankle?
Swelling's down.
But, you know, i'm getting kind of used to this.
Think i'll give it another day just for the hell of it.
Ask me one.
Tuesday's puzzles are easy.
One day you're gonna be sitting here.
I'm sitting here right now.
I mean retired.
Still with a brain, worthwhile opinions,
Maybe even some valuable wisdom.
I hope for you that whoever's sitting where you are
Will appreciate that.
Wonder who that'll be.
(chuckles) you two wouldn't last an hour.
All that worry and fuss.
If you're lucky.
Lucky like you are?
"the first mrs. Jagger."
Six letters-- last one "a."
Thank you.
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