Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - Love Stories - full transcript

A man shoots someone who enters his home. Danny shows up and the man says the man broke in, that's it. But Danny wants to investigate and learns the man who was killed is a hit man so Danny asks the man who would want him dead and he doesn't exactly give Danny a straight answer. One of Erin's cases is reopened by a young lawyer who says there were some oversights in the original case and when Erin looks through it again, she agrees. So she tries to find out what really happened. Frank learns that Gormley nominated Danny for the the medal of valor but Frank not wanting people to think Danny got it because of nepotism tries to stop it.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪
(chimes, vibrates)
Charlotte? Who's charlotte?
A hot girl.
Who's none of your business.
She's just a friend.
Well... What kind of friend?
She just texted you like 12 times.
All right, we like to talk.
So she's that kind of friend.
What's that mean?
You know, a friend who wants to be
More than a friend kind of friend.
Well, actually, i'd like to ask her out.
Like a date?
Pretty sure that's what it's called
When you go out with a girl.
I... Yeah, i mean, do you want
To ask her out on a date, for real?
I mean, i was thinking about it,
But i just don't know what to do if she says no.
If she says no, you just...
You know, find yourself another charlotte.
No way. There's no one else like her.
Yeah, i get that.
All right, go ahead and eat.
(cell phone buzzing)
Hey. Hey.
(quietly): Our son likes a girl.
Charlotte lewis?
You knew already?
Well, he's had the hots for her forever.
Why am i always the last one to know everything around here?
I got called in early to work.
You mind driving the boys to school?
Of course not, but we were supposed
To look at tiles for the bathroom this morning.
Have fun with that.
Good morning. Is it?
Deputy commissioner moore and lieutenant gormley...
Are already here.
Morning, frank. How you doing there, commissioner?
So far, so good.
Then let's get to it.
I've been fielding calls all morning, frank.
The times wants a quote
On the mayor's statement that he's putting
A hiring freeze on police officers.
Dangerous and just plain asinine.
So, "no comment at this time."
Exactly. That's how you guys do that?
Next. People magazine
Wants to schedule an interview...
But they... No.
This is a list of proposed candidates for medal day.
Also, i...
Why wasn't i given a heads-up
That detective reagan is on this list?
Um... I didn't think you needed a heads-up.
Well, i know for a fact lieutenant carver
And detective reagan got off to a rocky start.
Now she's recommending a medal for valor?
What the hell?
The mayor wants an update on
The heightened security measures
For the st. Patrick's day parade.
Does he, in addition to a hiring freeze?
Well, he doesn't look at them side by side.
Tell him i can spare three meter maids and a bullhorn.
Man: Sir, you have to leave. Man 2: I get robbed,
And you're telling me i got to leave my own house?
That's because your house is now a crime scene, mr. Bianco.
Detective reagan and baez.
In order for us to do our jobs, we need
To be able to get crime scene in the house
To figure out what happened.
I already told you guys what happened.
My wife is so upset.
Nick, let's just go. Come on.
I imagine so, when her husband
Kills a guy right in her own house.
Guy breaks into my home-- what am i supposed to do?
Do you have a license for the gun?
I got a permit.
I own my own business.
I carry cash sometimes.
You think that's what he was after?
How am i supposed to know?
Do you know the guy that broke into the house?
Why do i feel like i'm the one did something wrong here?
I'm the victim.
You think of anyone who would want to kill you?
Can i think of anyone who might want to kill me?
How much time do you have?
Erin reagan.
I'm justin taylor.
Sorry. Should i know you?
I'm the lawyer who filed for the 440 motion
On behalf of my client-- for a retrial.
Uh, your client?
Uh, suzanne taylor.
You put her away 12 years ago-- unjustly.
Well, i'm going to have to look up that case.
Uh, the-the murder of a 24-hour convenience store clerk,
Up in morningside heights.
She was sentenced to 15 years
For a crime that she didn't commit.
I'm petitioning for a retrial
Because she's innocent.
And how do you know that?
Because she's my mother.
Coffee? Yeah, black. Thanks.
Let's get back to anyone
You might be having problems with.
I own a cement company in college point.
Uh-huh. We do a lot of business.
There's always people
Complaining about one thing or another.
People that owe me money, people i owe money to...
Wait, wait, wait. You're saying somebody
Tried to off you and your wife
'cause their cement didn't set right? What?
I deal in commerce. Okay.
Mostly building materials for high-rises.
Cement, dirt.
We're talking multimillion-dollar jobs.
Six months ago,
This guy anton petrov-- across town--
Opens up another cement company,
Trying to steal my customers.
And? I undercut his prices.
Got all my clients back.
But he wasn't happy.
He even threatened me.
He threatened you, huh? With what?
I believe his exact words had something to do with...
Me only being able to eat meals through a straw
When he was done with me.
He's inside.
The inner sanctum.
Come in.
How'd you know where to find me?
Baker told me you were here.
That's not supposed to happen.
It's not her fault.
Sit down.
I was the one who recommended danny and baez
For the medal for valor.
And you didn't tell me?
I knew how you'd feel about it.
Why didn't you just tell me this morning?
Because i knew how you'd feel about it.
As i recall, you had plenty of problems
With danny when you were his boss.
Yes, i did.
But never about his commitment or his courage.
Yet you never submitted his name for a medal before.
Yes. That was an oversight.
So, when you found out you were moving on,
You decided to do it then? Actually,
I thought i was gonna get canned,
So i thought i'd go out with a bang
And right a wrong.
These medals are not to be used as a parting gift.
That's not what this is.
It's what it sounds like.
This is about what i think
Medals in general are partly about.
It's about the officers' families.
It's about them getting to see their spouse
Or mom or dad as a hero.
I'm sorry. I won't approve your recommendation at this time.
I get it that you don't want to show favoritism to your kids,
But they also shouldn't be punished
Because their father happens to be the police commissioner.
(door shuts)
Man: Nicholas bianco is a liar.
Did you threaten him? I don't threaten people.
I actually follow through.
What does that mean?
It means if i wanted to hurt him,
He'd be part of a landfill right now.
That kind of sounds a little bit like a threat to me.
I said "if."
Do you know this guy?
He tried to kill nick bianco.
Too bad. That he wasn't successful.
And this is my lawyer.
You have any more questions,
Call him, not me.
Problem we're gonna have on this case, too many suspects.
The m.E. Sent her report.
The vic's name was bruce epstein.
Lived in astoria.
He was hit with three precision shots to the chest,
All within one inch of each other.
Bianco must've knew his way around a gun.
Apparently so did epstein.
His prints came back with a list of charges,
From gun possession to attempted murder.
But his last charges were dropped. Why?
Well, it looks like
The person he was accused of attempting to murder
Refused to testify.
Refused? Or was threatened?
Let's find out.
You take a look at that case i sent you?
Yeah, i did. So, suzanne taylor and her boyfriend,
John mcveigh, tried to rob a 24-hour convenience store.
Mcveigh ended up shooting the store clerk to death.
According to the witness, suzanne taylor was taking
The cash from the register while the store clerk
Bled to death.
Taylor says she was never in the store
And didn't know what had happened
Until she was arrested with her boyfriend.
Which contradicts the witness'
And the boyfriend's statements.
The boyfriend died of cancer in prison three years ago.
So why is she being granted a 440 hearing now?
Because the only witness, carmen thompson,
Who i.D.'d taylor and mcveigh, was a crackhead.
And the detective on the case, detective stevens, used her
For three prior trials and two subsequent ones.
You spoken to him yet?
Over the phone.
He's retired, living in arizona.
He said there were 900 murders that year.
Neighborhoods like that,
The people who tend to be outside
Late at night... Crack addicts. I get it.
But the same witness in six trials?
It does taint the witness.
And it taints him and me and the whole case.
Did he have anything to say about that?
He said, "detectives don't decide who to prosecute."
Right. Adas do.
Which means it's my fault for not vetting the witness better.
Erin, this was 12 years ago.
There weren't even databases back then for witnesses.
This isn't about placing blame.
Oh, that's exactly what it's about.
Do you think
There's a possibility that suzanne taylor is innocent?
I think you had a sloppy detective.
That's not what i asked.
You think there's a possibility that she's innocent?
Yes, there is.
Victor floros? Detective reagan. This is detective baez.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Do i have a choice?
You can do it down at the squad room.
George, take over the register.
Last year, you refused to testify against bruce epstein
For an attempt he made on your life.
Yeah. So? So, what happened?
Why did you change your mind, decide not to testify?
Because i like breathing.
What are you talking about?
Look, as soon
As we opened this place, the mob sent someone over to meet me,
And tell me we had to pay them off just to stay in business.
And did you?
No. I refused.
That's when that guy epstein comes to my place
And shoots right through the window at me.
Are you sure it was him?
Trust me, when you're looking
At the wrong end of a gun,
Your vision becomes very clear very fast.
So, you think epstein is in the mob?
I did some checking of my own.
He's not in the mob.
He's a hit man for them.
What are you looking for?
I don't know.
Well, it's your third trip without taking anything out.
(sighs heavily)
Something's bothering you.
Not exactly.
Gormley put danny up for the medal for valor.
Oh, and you're afraid that it's gonna look like favoritism?
There's that.
And medal day will turn into a publicity event
About me giving my son one,
And danny will inherit all the backwash
From cops who think they've been passed over.
The whole thing's got three strikes
Against it from the jump.
What would i do?
I know what you would do.
When you were commissioner,
I didn't get a medal or a commendation.
Did you resent it?
No, i understood it.
So will danny.
He's not me.
No, he's not.
But he does have your sense
To favor the greater good.
I guess i could just ask him.
No, you can't.
You can't put him in that position.
Did you ever regret it?
One time.
In '88, when you apprehended that bank robber
All on your own before backup ever arrived.
That was a clear case for the medal for valor.
Now, every time you put on the uniform and i see a space
Where a medal should be, or a commendation bar,
Yeah, i have regrets.
I don't have regrets, pop.
Neither will danny.
So, bianco says he has no idea
Why a professional hit man would want to kill him.
Keeps pointing to petrov.
Who, by the way, has a record for tax evasion.
Which is a long way from murder. What do you got?
I didn't get much from bianco's surveillance,
But i did talk to a neighbor
Who has security cameras around his house.
I thought we could sneak a peek. Uh-huh.
But he said that when anna went away
For the weekend with her girlfriends last month,
Bianco didn't waste any time bringing home a hot tamale.
Bianco has a girlfriend?
That's what he said.
Well, that would be a motive for murder.
Let's go see the missus.
Ms. Thompson, according to the witness statement,
You heard three gunshots coming
From within the convenience store,
And then saw two people running from the store.
Is that correct?
Erin: Are either of those two people that you identified
That night here today?
Sitting right there.
Let the record reflect
That the witness has identified suzanne taylor.
Thank you.
Your witness.
Was my client the one with the gun?
Remind me.
What was your occupation at the time?
My occupation?
You were 21, an adult.
What did you do for a living? Objection. Relevance?
Sustained. Nothing.
Counselor, is this your first case?
Yes, your honor.
And a very important one.
Yeah, well, keep on point.
Justin: What were you doing outside
The convenience store that night?
Doing crack.
I'm sorry. Can you speak up, ms. Thompson?
I was smoking crack.
Justin: Are you familiar with
A detective stevens?
How many cases have you helped him on?
Objection. Relevance?
Your honor, i'm establishing history.
I'll allow it.
I helped him on a lot.
What's a lot?
One or two cases?
About five or six.
Well, you must like helping detective stevens.
Objection. Leading the witness.
I'll rephrase.
How did you come to help detective stevens
On so many cases?
'cause he used to give me money.
Which you'd use to buy crack.
No further questions.
It could have easily have been me or my husband
Lying right there dead.
Can you think of anyone
Who maybe wanted to, uh, you know, kill your husband?
I thought it was a burglar
Looking for jewelry, stuff like that.
We think it may be of a more personal nature.
Somebody who was mad at your husband
For one reason or another.
Do you have any ideas about that?
Nick was a good husband.
Nick was a good husband?
Every marriage has its ups and downs.
What does that mean?
Was he cheating on you?
No. It's not like that.
What is it like?
Nicholas cheated on me, okay?
But only after he found out i was cheating on him.
We both got busy in our jobs,
Stopped paying attention to each other.
The magic was gone.
Possible the man you were having an affair with
Wanted to get rid of your husband?
I don't think so.
Okay, tell you what. We're gonna need
The name of anybody you or your husband had a relationship with.
Okay? Anyone you may have burned a bridge with,
Or could be holding a grudge against either way.
Maybe i should call my husband. Maybe you should
Stop playing games, start cooperating, okay?
How come you're still awake, kiddo?
Can't sleep.
Why can't you sleep?
She said yes. She said yes?
Well, that's great news.
Yeah, but now what?
Now you take her on a date, you go to the movies.
That's so boring. Everyone does that.
(sighs) okay.
Well, do you know what she likes to do?
She likes to go ice-skating.
Could i bring her ice-skating?
Ice-skating sounds like a very good plan.
Thank you.
(laughs) you got it.
Good night.
Good night, kiddo.
You know, you should ask your boss for a bigger office.
I don't think that's a good idea.
He can be a hard-ass sometimes.
So i hear.
Whenever you prowl
The 14th floor and end up here in my crowded little office,
It usually means my life is gonna become more complicated.
You're sometimes good at uncomplicating things.
How about i try that now?
Why don't you pretend
That danny's last name isn't reagan
And decide if he deserves a medal
Based on the merits of the case?
I know he deserves it. That's not the point.
Well, try this.
My father worked for oldsmobile all his life,
As did his father.
So a moore had to drive an oldsmobile--
A used one when he started out,
A brand-new one if he attained some success.
This isn't that.
It's as close as i can get.
I always looked at the oldsmobile
As a legacy that was forced upon me,
That no matter how well i did in life,
My reward would be, yes, an oldsmobile.
So he was banging a waitress,
And she was letting the landscaper
Work on more than the garden.
True love.
Maybe they just got bored. I mean, it happens.
Geez, baez, you sound like you're advocating
Extramarital affairs all of a sudden.
No, i'm just saying that i don't think their affairs
Were significant enough where their lovers
Were willing to kill for them.
I get it. I mean, it's not like
He's taking off with the waitress,
And she's not giving up the mcmansion
To go off with the guy that mows the lawn.
I knew it.
I ran bianco through safetnet.
Guess who's looking at him.
Organized crime.
Ocid's got him up on a wire.
What about video surveillance?
Erin, it was 2003. The video is long gone.
The convenience store
Is a laundromat now.
What about this?
Recovered at the scene.
Never tested?
Lab tech labeled it insufficient evidence.
Why? I don't know.
The lab tech long since retired.
I haven't been able to track him down.
Get it tested. Maybe it fell through the cracks.
What else are we missing?
You were second seat on this case, erin.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means stop beating yourself up.
Why are you letting this case get to you?
Why'd you become a cop?
My mother was murdered when i was 16.
I'm sorry.
I became a cop
Hoping to find out who did it.
And did you find out?
I became a lawyer because i love the truth.
That's why this case
Is getting to me.
Because what if the truth is i'm responsible
For a woman losing 12 years of her life?
(door shuts)
Hey, dad.
I thought erin was bringing that.
Yeah, well, she's preoccupied
With the 440 hearing, so she asked me.
Oh. I'll call her.
Yeah, you know those calls you make, dad,
When you're pretending
To be concerned about sunday dinner
But you're really just fishing around for how we're doing,
They're very transparent.
Are they, now?
And what are we having?
Mmm. Well, just so you know,
When you show up with the food for sunday dinner,
It is also transparent.
I know gormley threw my name in the hopper for a medal.
I told him not to.
I know you did. I just wanted you to know
I told him not to because i don't need it, dad.
And i'm sure you don't need the publicity that comes with it.
I don't care about publicity. You shouldn't, either.
Okay, well, i hate wearing my dress blues.
How about that?
See you sunday.
I'm proud of you, you know.
I know.
(door shuts)
Nicholas bianco, owner of nicky's cement company,
An original title if i ever heard one.
We've only been up on him
For a month, so i don't have much for you.
Is he mobbed up? Well, not exactly.
He gets hired by fat al
To truck concrete on rigged city contracts.
We haven't gotten him breaking the law.
How about this guy? He look familiar to you?
Bruce epstein.
We think he's got at least five bodies under his belt.
We're trying to figure out who would've hired
This epstein to kill bianco.
I don't have anything that'll help you with that.
We didn't get anything on the wire about it.
How about
Someone close to epstein who might know who hired him?
We have a ci in the romano family,
And they say that epstein doesn't keep any secrets
From his girlfriend.
Baez: That's a little unusual for an organized crime member,
Especially a hit man.
Aren't they sworn to secrecy?
Love makes you do crazy things.
Or stupid things.
Got an address on the girlfriend?
Thank you.
Took a guess on how you like it. Milk, no sugar?
Perfect. Like everything else about you,
No frills.
I was thinking you and justin taylor have a lot in common.
He also got into this field to seek justice
For his mom.
It's very noble.
Noble and naive.
Why would you say that?
It means just because he believes
His mother is innocent doesn't mean she is.
These are the results of the dna from the cigarette
Found at the scene.
It matches suzanne taylor.
She was there.
♪ ♪
We're looking for valerie traynor.
I'm valerie.
Danny: Valerie, detectives reagan and baez.
We need to talk.
Come on to the back.
Why are all these men getting manicures on their lunch break?
You're so '70s, reagan.
Metro is the new sexy. Metro?
I like t-bones, cold beer and loud burps.
Oh, charming.
So, what can i do for you?
We know bruce epstein was a hit man for the romano family.
We know you were his girlfriend.
And he also told me never
To talk to cops. Really?
So you have no interest in finding out why he was killed?
Since when is the nypd interested
In the murder of a hit man?
We need to find out
Who sent him to bianco's house,
Make sure he wasn't set up.
And to make sure you're not in any danger.
Look, we know he confided in you, okay?
And given his profession, that's very unusual.
Well, he was... An unusual man.
That's what i loved about him.
I think he would want you protected.
And we can provide that for you.
If you're willing to cooperate.
(sighs) what do you want to know?
Who sent him to kill bianco?
He wasn't there to kill bianco.
Why was he there?
He was there to kill bianco's wife.
Anna was the target? Why?
I have no idea why.
Who hired him to kill her?
Her husband.
I'm not supposed to talk to you without my lawyer, you know.
That's right. You don't have to talk to me.
A cigarette butt
Was found at the crime scene that was never tested for dna,
So i had it sent to the lab.
Puts you at the scene.
That doesn't mean i killed that store clerk.
That store clerk's name was dillon hartin.
He was 17 years old.
I'm going to submit the results as evidence.
Justin should be getting it later on this afternoon.
I have an 18-year-old daughter.
If i had done something stupid,
Broken the law years ago, i can't imagine
Wanting to tell her because...
Because when people like you screw up,
There's always someone there to get you out of it.
You've been lying to your son all of these years.
I never told him to reopen the case.
He did that on his own.
He did that because he thinks you're innocent.
I didn't shoot dillon hartin.
You were there.
You took that money from the store.
You ran away.
You tried to help your boyfriend escape.
And i've paid for it.
So has justin.
What do you want from me?
I want you to tell the truth.
That i was high on coke?
That i was so in love with my boyfriend
I'd do anything for him?
Including watch him kill that kid
Because he didn't get the money out of the drawer fast enough?
Is that what you want me to tell my son?
You couldn't possibly understand.
I understand that the truth is gonna come out.
You need to decide if it's gonna come from you
Or me.
(door opens)
You put out a hit on your wife.
No, i didn't. Sure you did.
Why don't you grow some balls and stop bs'ing.
What'd you say to me?
What are you gonna do?
You gonna put out a hit on me next, huh?
Come on, sit down.
Sit down!
You hired epstein to kill your wife.
What? I never saw that guy before in my life.
Want to explain that?
What the hell did your wife do
To piss you off so much, huh?
She find out you had a girlfriend?
Honest to god, i never cheated on...
Never cheated on her until you found out
She was cheating on you, right?
I know about that, too.
What do you know?
We were 18 years old
When we first met.
High school sweethearts.
So what happened?
What happens when you stop paying attention
To your marriage?
It starts to fall apart.
Okay. So you thought it would be better to just...
Off your wife...
Instead of dealing with the state of your marriage?
I hired him in anger.
And then i realized i...
I still love her.
I couldn't do it.
I even tried to call it off,
But... He changed his number.
That's what those guys do, huh?
They change cell phones every few days.
I, uh...
Couldn't cancel the hit, so i...
Waited up for him to arrive and...
And then you killed him before he killed your wife.
You know you could have headed it off
And just told him you changed your mind.
This isn't like canceling your fast food order.
And legally, you can kill someone in self-defense
If they break inside of your house.
It's a great cover story.
I want a lawyer.
Yeah, you're gonna need one.
Come on. Get up.
♪ ♪
Thank you.
Are your parents gonna skate?
They said they were going to,
But i don't think either of them can.
What about you?
I have to admit, i'm not very good.
I'll help you. Thanks.
I can't believe i'm old enough
To have a kid who's interested in girls.
Why? We weren't much older than them
When we first met.
Do you remember that? When we came here?
Our second date?
I hated ice-skating.
I just... Was trying to impress you.
(laughs) well, as i recall,
You weren't very impressive on the ice.
Well, i was just pretending,
'cause i wanted you to hold my hand.
Danny: Oh.
Looks like jack's inherited some of my moves.
(chuckles, mutters)
You want one?
You know what those look like?
Those look like, uh...
Stork's orange creams?
No way. Yeah way.
It is! How'd you do that?
That place closed like three years ago.
The old man's still alive.
You found him? I found him-- i not only found him,
I got him to make something special for you.
And he was happy to do it, actually.
Really? You did all that?
You remember the first time
We bought those together?
Those were your favorite chocolates
In the whole wide world.
Mm-hmm. And then you tried one and you got me
To try one. Mm-hmm.
And then...
♪ ♪
Still the best-tasting orange kiss of my entire life.
I, uh... I got the dna results
For the cigarette that you admitted into evidence.
I already talked to the judge,
And he's agreed to rescind my motion.
I'm sorry. Sorry you won?
Or... Sorry my whole life has been based on a lie?
When was that taken?
Um... When i graduated law school,
About... Eight months ago.
You wore your...
Cap and gown to the prison visitors' room?
I wanted to make her proud.
I'm sure she is.
Have you spoken to her?
I don't know what i'd say.
Sometimes you don't need to say anything.
She made me look like a fool.
She's made mistakes.
She's paid for them dearly.
That's rich.
A prosecutor defending a felon.
I'm not defending her.
Why are you here?
I'm here because i'm a really good lawyer
And you made me question myself, and that's no easy task.
What can i say? I was delusional.
I mean, i must have looked like an ass up there
In front of the judge thinking my mother
Had been railroaded this entire time.
You looked like an experienced, self-confident lawyer,
Not a newbie.
You were good on cross.
Really smart objections.
You've only been at this a year.
I appreciate you trying to make me feel better, but... I wouldn't waste
My time coming down here to make you feel better.
I came down here to tell you
You're really good at what you do.
This is my card.
If you ever decide to play for the other side,
The d.A.'s office
Could use a lawyer like you.
Thank you.
By the way...
...The part about me looking confident...
I was faking it.
I was, too.
Congratulations, sir.
On september 26,
Detective maria baez
And detective daniel reagan confronted approximately
Eight armed gang members in an auto body shop located
In the confines of the 2-7 precinct.
Among other crimes, the perpetrators were responsible
For the murders of a dea technician
And a valued confidential informant.
Detectives baez and reagan, at great personal risk,
Engaged the gang members in a gunfight
Which resulted in the capture and arrest of all eight.
For their selflessness and heroism,
Maria baez and daniel reagan
Receive the medal for valor.
Congratulations, detective.
Thank you, sir.
(applause continues)
Well done, detective.
Thank you, commissioner.
Nicky: I'll get the pizza.
Sean: Where did we order from?
Linda: You get what you get.
Did we get the garlic knots, aunt erin?
Yep, and the roasted peppers
And the eggplant.
You want to grab the plates, big shot?
Why do i gotta grab plates?
This is my big day.
I knew that medal was gonna go to your head.
No, come on, pop.
Enough speeches for one day.
Just one more.
And it isn't a speech.
Henry: On march 9,
1988, detective frank reagan,
In the confines of the 2-1 precinct
And off duty at the time,
Gave pursuit to an armed bank robber
Who had just killer a teller and wounded
Three other civilians at the scene.
Putting himself in harm's way
And without backup,
Detective reagan exchanged gunfire
With the perpetrator,
Shot and wounded him,
And placed him under arrest.
Tried and convicted, the perpetrator is serving
A life sentence for murder to this day.
Old news, pop.
Yeah, but in long-overdue recognition,
Detective reagan will now receive
This medal for valor
For his extraordinary bravery and service on that day.
Congratulations, detective.
My turn to say grace.
Bless us, o lord,
For these thy gifts,
Which we are about to receive from thy bounty
Through christ our lord. Amen.
Others: Amen.
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