Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - Manhattan Queens - full transcript

Danny and Baez investigate the murder of Tiffany Lamp, a popular drag queen from a reality television show who was found murdered in a local park. Meanwhile, Erin reexamines a drug case scheduled for trial after she is abducted by the accused man's mother.

Good morning.

I'm Frank Reagan.

I'd like to welcome you all
to our fair city.

I see a lot of familiar faces.

Some new ones, and I look
forward to spending some time

with all of you
over the next few days.

If we all could just
settle down.

Thank you.

Gathered in this room

are law enforcement

from all over the tristate area.

And it's an honor and a pleasure

to have you with us.

We got a lot of ground to cover

and a wealth
of information to share,

so let's get started.

With an update
on this morning's schedule,

Detective Abigail Baker.

Good morning.

There has been a switch
in today's lineup.

First up will be
what was your 1:00,

"The Knockout Game: Urban Myth

or Alarming Trend?"

The presentation on "Drones:

Proactive Surveillance
for a New Er""

has been moved to our last day,

and your 1:00 is now...

Stop and Frisk?

No, actually.

'Cause, uh, you know,
I want to volunteer

to have you demonstrate
your stop and frisk on me.

Duly noted, Deputy Chief Deluca.

'Cause I'm packing,
if you know what I mean.

And experience tells us
that stop and frisk

is highly ineffective
when it comes to finding

the itty-bitty contraband.

Is it me or have we been walking
for a really long time?

It's definitely not you.

You have breakfast?

No, and right about now,

a roast squirrel
sounds appetizing.

Are we still in New York?

It's just
a little farther.

Didn't he say that already?

Yeah, a long time ago
when we were younger.

This is Officer Flanagan.

You first on the scene?

All right, show us the way.

Over here,
through the woods.


More hiking.

Guy was walking his dog
up through here.

Dogs went nuts over
this, started digging.

And then?

Guy opened the bag, called 911,

and lost his breakfast
over there.


take a look.

You know, it'd take
a strong guy to drag her

all the way out here
in a golf bag.

She been dead, what, a month?

That'd be my guess, too,

given the cold weather.

She's wearing a vintage pink
Ambrogio Noto dress.


I couldn't even
afford a knockoff.

She's gonna be tough to ID.

Have to go off
the dental records or DNA.

Is that a wig she's wearing?

There's a story here.


A story with an unhappy ending.

It's freezing out.
You really think

you should be running
in this weather?

I know, but I have
to get my workout in.

Maybe you can skip it
for one day.

I don't have to be
in until noon,

so it's the only

You know, I'm not gonna
be back until after 7:00,

so maybe we should order in.

That rice and beans
joint okay with you?

Yeah, but, um,

hold the onions on the avocado salad.
Hold the onions

on the avocado
salad, I know.

You have your MetroCard?

I have my MetroCard.

Okay, you have your phone?

I have my phone, Mom.

I'm fine.

You're ready for that
English test, right?

Would you just go
for your run, okay?

Okay. Have a good day.

Love you, Mom.



♪ Blue Bloods 4x14 ♪
Manhattan Queens
Original Air Date on January 31, 2014

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Please forgive me.

I am... desperate.

Yeah, you must be.

You just abducted
a Manhattan ADA.

Who are you?

My name is Doris Cooper.

We have talked
on the phone

about my son

Timothy's situation.

Timothy Cooper?


Ma'am, I told you on the phone

I'm not the prosecutor
on his case.

I am very sorry.

But I'm a dying woman,

and I don't know
what else to do.

So you came up with all of this?

My son has been in jail
for two and a half years

without a trial

for a crime he did not commit.

He is a gentle, innocent boy.

He is charged
with second degree murder

and possession
with intent to distribute.

He went to get
that marijuana for me!

For my pain.

He didn't kill anyone.

It is not in him to do that.


And it's in you to do all this?

Here's my address.

If you think
I should be arrested

for what I've done,

go ahead.

I don't care
if I die in prison.

But please...

...please help my son.



Any luck on Jane Doe?

We got nothing.

We been through every
missing person file

from Boston to Baltimore.

We're coming up empty
on the vintage dress

and the origin of the wig.

Nothing. Reagan.

What about the golf bag?

Still working on it,

but that model's been
out of production for six years.

Oh, so more nothing.

Okay. No, actually,
we do got something.

M.E. says cause of death
was a broken neck,

and our Jane Doe
is actually a John Doe.

Okay. That's something.

Yeah, it is.

And you've got
your weekly meeting

with the mayor
at 4:00.

I met with him last week.

But the two of you agreed
to weekly meetings.

I think we agreed to try
to meet weekly,

knowing one of us would postpone
and we'd both save face.

There's something disturbing
on the Internet.

A lot of things are disturbing
on the Internet.

This joker laps Manhattan
in 24 minutes,

claiming a world record.

But listen to this.

How do you
like them apples, Big Apple?

Commissioner Reagan can't even
set up a decent speed trap.

I don't think the timing
of this is an accident.

Somebody is trying
to humiliate us

because the summit
of the police chiefs is in town.

And there's more.

One down, four boroughs to go.


That's taunting.

Well, alert Patrol

and Bridge and Tunnel.

This doesn't piss you off?

On a scale of one to ten,
it's a one.


What, Baker?

I've seen the video, too.

I've watched it a few times,
in fact.

M-More than a few.

I have a hunch
who may be behind it.


not a hunch, exactly, but...

Out with it.

Suffolk County
Deputy Chief Sal Deluca.


He asks me out.

I always say no,

but he never takes no
for an answer.

Is this about him heckling you
at the meeting?

No, sir.

Because I think
you handled that pretty well.

But I broke down the audio track
on the posting,

and though the voice
is electronically disguised,

the cadence,
pattern and phrasing

are very similar
to the county deputy's.

What's your baseline
for comparison?

About 150 voice messages
from him.

I saved some

of the juicier ones
should his pursuits

ever escalate into harassment.

You're serious about this.

Yes, I am.

And the stunt itself
is up his alley.

Last summer, he hired a plane

to fly over my parents'
house in Ocean Bay Park

pulling a banner

that read, "Abigail,
don't deny destiny.

Love, Sal."

But this isn't that.

Guys like Deluca,
when they go sour,

they make the same gestures
in the other direction.

And it'd be like him
to try and spread

the humiliation around me.

Your hunch strong enough
to look into it?

Yes, sir.


I appreciate it.

You know, if she's right...

Big coincidence.

But if she is...

One a scale of one to ten?


And a half.

You find anything?

I couldn't find
a missing persons match,

so I did a search for

"drag queen Ambrogio
Noto pink dress"

and this is
what came up.

Tiffany Lamp.

Yeah, a drag performer.

This is Tiffany's Web site.

Always wore

a pink dress, kind of
a signature thing.

I think he's
our victim.

No, it's a she.

When guys dress
in drag, the way

they like to be
referred to is "she."

Now, look
at that.

Here's Tiffany
out of drag,

and his name is...

Terry Bell.

How do you know all this?

Queen Bee.

The TV show?

You watch a drag queen
competition reality show?

No, well... Linda watches

a drag queen competition
reality show

and, you know,
we only got the one TV,

so I gotta watch.

You like it.

No, I don't.

I watch it for my wife.


Will you stop?

seems she has
a steady gig

at a place called
the Lipstick Lounge.

What is that?

It's a drag bar
on Avenue A.

Let's go.
How do you know this?

From Queen Bee.

Well, what
about lunch?

We'll eat it
on the way.

♪ Don't you tell me maybe

♪ Maybe I'm your baby

♪ 'Cause baby wants
to come out and play. ♪

That sounds good.

Just remember to
show us your eyes

and exit
stage left.

Will do.

Who's next?

Excuse me.
You in charge here?

Yes, I am, but we
are not open yet.

Detectives Reagan
and Baez.

You open now?

Take five.

Tallulah Bangkok.

Tallulah who?

Tallulah Bangkok.

From season two
of Queen Bee.

Oh, you watch!

Well, my wife
watches, you know.

But, uh, we were totally
rootin' for you.

Team Tallulah
all the way.

She got screwed by the judges

in the lip-synching.

I know, right?


Uh, we came here
to ask you some questions

about a Tiffany Lamp?

Um, she's in Paris.

Lucky girl.

Actually, a body was
discovered yesterday

buried in a golf bag
in Van Courtland Park.

A golf bag?


We're not sure of the identity,

but the victim was a male,
five foot five,

wearing a vintage
Ambrogio Noto dress.

Oh, that would have to be her.

I'm sorry.

I just...

It's okay.
Take your time.

Thank you.

We were
very close.

You were friends
a long time?

We were at Yale

The same class.

Two drag queens
at Yale just

find each other
and cling, you know?

I moved here about
six years ago

and opened this place
up, and she's been

performing for
me ever since.

Do you have any idea who
might have wanted to harm her?

I don't know.

Some people
just hate us,

you know?

Because of the
way we're wired.

It isn't right.

No, it isn't.

Can you tell us about Paris?

In the fall...

she met someone.

I never met
the guy, but...

about a month ago,
she showed up here

engaged, with
a big diamond ring,

and said she was
off to Paris.

Um, do you know if
Tiffany might have

left a makeup kit
or a hairbrush,

something that we could
get a DNA sample from?

Yes, upstairs in
the dressing room.

I'll go get you one.

Thorton, you got a minute?

Just one.
I have a deposition downstairs.

The Timothy
Cooper case...

Oh, the mother must've
gotten to you.

What makes you say that?

She's written to
just about everyone.

Yeah, well,
she did more than write.

It's one I never heard before,
I'll give her that.

He wanted to
score some weed

to ease his dear
mama's pain?

Yeah, well...

he's been in jail
for over two years

without a trial.

Clogged courts, his
own defense motions.

You know the system
as well as I do.

Thorton, over two years
in jail awaiting trial?

There's nothing
you could do here?

I'm not Erin Reagan.

I can't bat my eyes
and part the seas.

That is not fair.

I guess since you became
Supervising ADA,

you're the expert
on what is fair.

The right to
a speedy trial is fair,

and that doesn't take an expert.

Out of my hands.

Gotta go.

Can you just outline
the case, please?

We have a drug
dealer shot dead.

We have Doris Cooper's
son, Timothy Cooper,

fleeing the scene.

We have Marius Pierre,
his co-defendant,

testifying that
Timothy Cooper

shot the drug dealer.

And we have an eyewitness,
Barbara Keyes,

his story.

Why was Barbara
Keyes there?

Girlfriend of
the drug dealer.

And there's no prior connection

between Marius Pierre
and Barbara Keyes?

That was the first thing
the detectives looked at.

And I looked
at it as well.

No prior connection.

I was not suggesting

that you had not done
your due diligence...

Yes, you were.

I'm going to a deposition.

You want to come along,
make sure I get that right?

I just have
a feeling about this.

Would you mind if I take a look?

This is finally going
to trial next month.

Keep me looped in,

and do not sully my case.


Phone dump on Tiffany Lamp's
cell phone came back.

A number of calls
to a burner cell,

but it doesn't
lead back to anyone.

Somebody didn't want
to leave a trail.

Well, the night
she disappeared,

her phone did make
a WiFi connection.

Where from?

The Capax
Infinity Club.

That's all
Ivy League.

Rich white guys.

Well, our victim
did go to Yale.

I'm talking about a
different Ivy League.

More old school,
less drag queen.

So we're looking for
a wealthy, Ivy League type

who plays golf.

That really narrows
things down.

Skip Ballister? Detective
Reagan.This is Detective Baez.

We're interested
in a Terry Bell.

Uh, we believe
he was a member here.

We do have a sizable membership.

But let me search the records.

He often dressed
in women's clothing.

That wouldn't be in the records.

Okay, yes.

Terrence Bell.

Yale, class of '05.

Member number 2115.

Uh... looks like he's
a little behind on his bill.

Terry Bell was found
in a shallow grave

in Van Courtland Park yesterday.


That's the conclusion
we came to, also.

we know

he was here on
the day he disappeared,

January 18,
so we're gonna need

all your security camera footage

from on or around
that date, all right?

Our security footage
is deleted after 30 days.


Uh, what about billing records?
You got those?

Oh. Those we have.


Terry Bell,

January 18...

Nothing on January 18.

Well, look, six months ago

he was coming here
a couple of times a week.

What's an S.C. charge?

What's that?

It's an old-timey

Brandy, lemon juice, triple sec.
That's right.

ordered here.

Starting in October,
no more S.C. charges.

Maybe he went on the wagon.

Or maybe somebody else
was buying the drinks.

You know what?

Search this, see if anybody else

was ordering
sidecars here, okay?

Let's see...

The only other

member ordering a sidecar

is member number... oh.

That's Burden Maxwell.

Burden Maxwell.

And look at this.

He ordered his first sidecar

in October, just when
the victim stopped

buying them.

And in December it was
just about every day.

What can you tell us
about this Burden Maxwell?

He's going through
a terrible divorce.

He's been

in a suite of rooms
on the fifth floor

for several months.

All right, you think we might
find him up there right now?

This time of day,

he's often found in the library.

Come with me.


Burden Maxwell?

Detective Reagan.
This is Detective Baez.

We need you to
come with us, sir.


We need to ask you
some questions

Terry Bell.


We need you to
come now, sir.

If possible,
I'd like to proceed

through the club
with dignity.


Well, I'm not
gonna cuff you,

if that helps.

Let's go.

Excuse me.

Are you
Barbara Keyes?

Whatever you selling,
I ain't buying.

my name is Erin Reagan,

with the district
attorney's office.

I was hoping I could
ask you a few questions.

You know what?

I already answered
all y'all's questions.

Same ones, two, three times.

Why don't you go look up
all the answers I already gave?

It will only be five minutes
of your time, ma'am.

You want to talk to me?
Make an appointment.

Like you would if I was white.

I did try to make
an appointment.

I believe you hung up on me.

It's not a race issue.

Yeah, sure.

Never is.

Nice coat.

2002 Impreza WRX with
invalid New York tags

went through the tolls
at exactly 0400 hours.

Which matches up with the
time stamp on the tape.

Who'd the plates
come back to?

That is in
the blue file.

Brent Pascucci.

So, a dead end
where Deluca's concerned?

Not exactly.

He's Deputy Chief Deluca's


We can just call him Deluca now.

Yes, sir, gladly.

What's our next move, Detective?

"Our," sir?

You're the lead on this case.

You want me to run with this?


there's a quote,

"Do what you love and you'll
never work a day in your life."


Seldom applies with what
we deal with around here.

It makes it that much more
important to seize the moments.

What's your plan?

I have an idea...

but I'm not sure
the commissioner would sign off.

Then let's hash it out
before we bring it to him.

Mr. Maxwell, why don't you start
by telling me

what happened with you
and Terry Bell?

We met in October
at the library.

And he was...?

Yes, he was dressed as Tiffany.

I was completely fooled.

She was both brilliant
and beautiful.

And coming off of 12 years

with an absolute harridan
of a wife, I was intrigued.

Okay, but you're
also surprised, huh?

I mean, when you discovered
that she was actually a he?

No, he told me that night.

I was naturally
taken aback.

But he was terrific company,

and sartorial proclivities

Okay. So you hit it off.

No secrets.

When'd it all turn?

It didn't, really.

We continued to meet for a drink
and-and discuss things.

How about you just tell me
what happened January 18th?

Well, by that time,

our relationship had
progressed... significantly.

We became lovers.

I'd never been attracted to men

but in this case, it was... didn't matter.

I-I fell in love with a person.

Anyway, that night,
I proposed we marry

as soon as my divorce
became final.

And he said no.

Is that what happened?

Oh, no, he agreed.

We were gonna celebrate
in Paris.

He was supposed to pack his bag
and get his passport.

And then he ran off
with the diamond.

I was played for a fool.

And that's why you killed him?

No. What are you talking about?

He ran off with the ring.

You got mad,
you went to get it back,

you broke his neck.
That's what happened, right?

He was murdered?

Yeah, he was murdered.

What the hell do you think
we're doing here, Mr. Maxwell?

Can I, may I have
a moment alone?

No, you may not have
a moment alone!

Look, you said
you were gonna confess, right?!

What the hell
are you confessing to?

The diamond!


I know by rights

it's communal property
in a divorce

and it's worth $200,000
or $300,000,

but that ring belonged
to my grandmother,

and she didn't deserve it!

Mr. Maxwell,
let me get this straight.

You're not confessing
to killing Terry Bell?

You're saying you stole
your grandmother's ring?

Yes, from the safe-deposit box.

I thought that's what
this was about!


I loved him!

I was gonna show him Paris!

Sit tight.

Hey, you get
a confession?

Yeah. He stole
his grandmother's ring.


He took a ring out of his own
safe-deposit box

that was common property
in a divorce.

Did you buy that?

Yeah, I did.

I don't think he's our guy.

What do you think
we're looking at here?

A $200,000 diamond.

People have been killed
for a lot less.

I need to speak to you
in my office.


I went to see
Barbara Keyes.

She's quite a charmer.

Do you know
what she does for a living?

She's not employed.

And yet, she's wearing
a $3,000 coat.

Her boyfriend was
a drug dealer.

This was a new coat.

The police found very little
cash after the murder.

So she hides the cash,
after two and a half years,

loses her discipline,
starts to spend.

This is a lot of conjecture.

I'm not done.

I ran her license plate.

Found out that the car used
to be registered in New Jersey.

So I called a friend
of mine in Trenton.

Turns out Barbara Keyes
has a juvenile record.

I had it unsealed.
When she was 15,

she was convicted on a
small possession of narcotics

along with Timothy Cooper's
codefendant, Marius Pierre.

She perjured herself.

She testified that she had never
met Marius Pierre.

I think it is clear

that Keyes and Pierre set up
Timothy Cooper.

In no world is looking through

out-of-state juvenile records
standard procedure.

In this prosecutor's world,
it is.

Call Marius Pierre's attorney.

Take the deal off the table.

Tell him you have a problem
with Barbara Keyes' story.

I'll offer murder two
and 18 years.

Let's see how Marius
reacts to that.

All right, ladies.

Hey! Listen up!

Hey, Tallulah.

These are Detectives
Reagan and Baez.

Ladies, we know
it's been a long night.

We don't want to take up
too much more of your time,

so we'll try
not to keep you.

It's okay, Detective.

I been dying to be kept.


Larissa, this is serious.

We've spoken
to everyone downstairs,

we've asked
for their help

and now we're asking
for your help, too, okay?

We need to know
anything you can remember

about the night
Tiffany was killed.

We're particularly interested
in the end of the night;

who she might
have left with.

There was so much champagne.

We were celebrating
her engagement.

Ooh, goodness,
I was so trashed!

Okay, ladies,

this is pretty serious,
all right?

I want you to go home,
rack your brains.

Any little detail
you can remember,

you call the number
on the back of that card, okay?

You'd be surprised how many
cases get solved this way.

We don't want Tiffany's
murderer to walk free,

because this is someone
who might kill again.

And this is someone who likes
to kill drag queens.

Wow, that was real.

No, this is real.

Thanks for you time, ladies.


you look lovely.

Do you have somewhere
a girl could go

to get something off her chest?

Sure. Um...

Somewhere private?


Gormley's office is empty.

You two can go in there
to be alone.

Thanks, partner.

Okay, then. Right this way.

Oh, this is too good.

I'm just gonna turn
the light on here.


I have fantasized
my entire life of being

the femme fatale
in a detective's office...

and this lighting is perfect.

Whatever makes you happy, then.

Thank you
for indulging me.

Any time. So, what is it

that you, uh, want
to talk about, Tallulah?

I have an idea who might have
killed Tiffany.

Mickey O'Donnell.

Who's Mickey O'Donnell?

My business partner
at the Lipstick Lounge.

Well, you never told me

you had a business partner
at the Lipstick Lounge.

It didn't occur to me at first.

It's a wonderful partnership.

He takes care
of the nitty-gritty:

liquor orders, garbage removal,

city inspections,
anything tedious,

and that allows me to focus on
the art, be the rainmaker.

Okay. So then, tell me why

is it that you think
Mickey killed Tiffany.

I've known him for many years,

but I've never known him
to be with anyone.

I'm listening.

He lives not far from Tiffany,

and sometimes, late at night,

they would share a taxicab.

Oh, you think Mickey and Tiffany
had a relationship.

Behind closed doors.

Behind closet doors.

You catch on pretty fast.

Well, that's why they gave me
a gun and a shield.

Only, thinking on it,

I realized
for the past few months,

they haven't shared a cab.

So Tiffany broke up
with Mickey

around the time
she met Burden Maxwell.

Yes. And then she shows up

with the Rock of Gibraltar
on her finger and...

And in a fit of jealous rage,
Mickey kills her.


This Mickey, is he
the strong, athletic type?


And he plays golf.

You don't say.


do you go arrest him now?

No, I'm not gonna
arrest him yet.

Can you tell me when I can
find him at the club alone?

Around 11:00 in the morning.

He goes over the receipts
from the night before.


I should get back to work.

This is taken
from the pay phone at Rikers,

between Marius Pierre
and Barbara Keyes.

It's cued up to the good part.

So how come
they saying your story

don't check out no more?

I don't know. You ask them.

Oh, you saying
you talked to nobody?

Bitch came to my house.

What bitch?

Some tall brunette Barbie bitch.

I didn't say nothing.

And she was all,
like, admiring my coat.

Like, "How come
this piece of nothing

got a nicer coat than me?"

Here it comes.

You bought a coat?

What kind of coat you bought?

You buy a shearling?

I needed a damn coat!

What's the matter with you?

You weren't supposed
to spend none of it

till after the trial,
that was the deal...

Detectives are out
looking for her now.

She'll be charged
with perjury, conspiracy

and accessory to murder.

I talked
with Marius Pierre's lawyer.

He's recommending
that he take the 18.


I was wrong.

Yes, you were.

Live with it.

I heard about that.
speedster guy on the Internet.

Well, he's got
a heck of a lot of nerve

calling you out like that.

Must make you pretty mad.

Oh, I don't care
about that, Linda.

I got skin thicker
than a catcher's mitt.

I'll tell you
what does make me angry, boys,

is what he's doing
is dangerous to other drivers.

When you catch him, will you
give him a speeding ticket?

Oh, more than one.

He has conveniently provided us

with video evidence.

What's the fastest you've
ever gone in a RMP?

Uh, last year I was chasing
a perp down the FDR.

We got it going about 85.

Did you catch him?


Hit that traffic snag

south of the Triborough Bridge.

Slowed down to about five.

I just hopped out,
jogged up and collared him.

Wait, so who got

the most speeding
tickets growing up?

Was it you, Uncle Danny?

No, it wasn't me.

And it wasn't your Uncle Joe.

In fact, it wasn't even
your Uncle Jamie.

It was your lead-foot mother.



In Joe's hot rod.


SS Chevelle 396.

I still miss that car.

Which you totaled.

Well, it wasn't my fault.

You know, one in that shape now?
Upwards of 50 grand.

Oh, thanks for the update.

As I was saying.

So your mother borrows Joe's car

to take some friends
down to the Jersey Shore.

Troopers clocked her
on the Garden State Parkway

at 112.

Oh, my God!

One of the great things
about parents, Nicky,

is you can learn
from their mistakes.


I remember another time...

Grampa, please!

You picking me up
out there, partner?

We're reading you loud
and clear, Mr. Maxwell.


Can I help you with something?


Is your name Mickey O'Donnell?

Yeah, yeah, that's me.

My name is Burden Maxwell.

I was engaged to Terry Bell.

I think it's time
we have a chat.

Think you need
to speak with my partner.

Oh, no, sir.

I'm certain that it's you
who I need to speak with.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

It was a shame
what happened to her.

Yes, it was.

I was interviewed
by the police about the murder.

Oh, yeah?

And it occurs to me, sir,

that it was, in fact, you

who committed this crime.

What are you talking about?

Mr. O'Donnell...

I know you were lovers.

I know he dumped you.

And I know you were
unhappy about it.

He expressed
his trepidation to me

about your reaction
to our engagement.

What do you want?

I want the engagement ring.

It belonged to my grandmother.

I want it back.

Maybe I don't have it.

Then you will get it back.

Oh, that can take a little time.

Or maybe I should
just kill you, too?

That's all we need.

Let's go!

I just what is rightfully mine.

I don't want
any trouble with you.

Never bring a bottle
to a gunfight.

Don't move!

Keep your hands
where I can see them!

You okay?


Come on, get him out of here.

Ms. Reagan?

You asked to see me?

Yes, well, I have some news.

Marius Pierre agreed
to 18 years yesterday.

And Barbara Keyes took seven.

And Timothy?

What is your son's
favorite meal?

He loves my lemon chicken

with roast potatoes.

You should cook
that lemon chicken.

He'll be home
for dinner tonight.

How can I thank you?

Ms. Cooper,

as a mother,
I admire the length

you went to for your son.

I'm glad you understand.

But as an officer of the court,

I want to throw you in jail
for what you did to me.

So you can thank me by leaving
before I change my mind.

Sorry, forgot to lock.

We don't open till 6:00.

Tallulah Bangkok.

I almost didn't
recognize you.

It's Dennis at the moment.



Anybody around here know how
to make a sidecar by any chance?


My best friend used
to drink them.

Speaking of,
I thought you should know

that, uh, Mickey O'Donnell's
gonna go away

for a very long time.


Thank you.
You're welcome.

Now, what are the chances

of you getting another shot
at Queen Bee?

Slim to none.

Come on, my wife was
so sad when you lost.

You got robbed!

You know, you make it out

like your wife makes
you watch the show.

It's her show.


Well, I guess you could say
I've always been

a big-tent kind of guy.



To Tiffany Lamp.

Rest in peace.

And to you, too.

For a guy,
you are one tough broad.

Hear, hear.

For our presentation today,

I'm calling an audible.

Instead of the usual overview,
I've asked Detective Baker

to walk us through
a developing case

that she has taken the lead on.


Thank you, Commissioner.

What you are
about to see are stills

from an exercise
we ran last night.

As I'm sure you know,
we've had a kind of

Cannonball Run
situation this week

with an unidentified male
attempting speed records

around our boroughs.

We got his plate
number from readers

at one of our toll booths,

located the vehicle

with help from various city
and state agencies,

and set a drone on his vehicle.

He lapped Brooklyn
via the Belt Parkway

and the Brooklyn-Queens

at felony reckless speeds.

And the drone followed him

over the Nassau County border
to a Woodmere diner.

Through this interactive
police effort,

we were able to positively
identify the driver

as he exited his vehicle.

The driver is being arrested
at his place of business

in Suffolk County as we speak.

The identity of his accomplice
is still being sought.

Deputy Chief Deluca?

We still have
the citation awards

and the cocktail reception.

I, uh, I got to run,
ur-urgent business.

What a shame.

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