Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - Open Secrets - full transcript

A young girl's abduction reminds Danny of an unsolved case he worked on years ago. Elsewhere, Frank angers the inspector general when he won't reveal info about a program involving intelligence officers overseas.

It's supposed to be
a good school.

Yeah, parents pumped
a lot of money into it.

You know the place?

Caught a case here
a while back.

What do we got?

Ten-year-old female,
Jenna Wallace.

Never made it home
from school.

Parents over there reported
her missing an hour ago.

Any witnesses?

Crossing guard saw
the girl leave the building.

Ma'am, can you tell us
what you saw?

Uh, Jenna had just
crossed the street,

um, a white car pulled up,
a two-door compact sedan,

um, she got in,
they took off.

Did you get a look
at the driver?

No. I didn't catch
the license plate either.

Does Jenna usually get
picked up from school?

No, tha-tha-that's the thing...

she walks home every day
with her friend Stacy.

Really nice kids.

No signs of struggle, huh?

No. The way she got
in the car,

it seemed like
she knew the driver.

I keep thinking
I should've done something.

You've been very helpful,
thank you.

I got a bad feeling
about this one.

At least we got the
make and model of the car.


Excuse us.
Detective Reagan.

This is Detective Baez.

You need to find Jenna.

You need to bring
her back to us.

We're gonna do
everything we can.

We'd like for you
two to come down

to the squad room so we can
ask you some questions.

The more information we get,

the better chances are we
can get your daughter back.

Please, you need
to find my baby.

We'll do all we
can, all right?

Get them down to
squad, all right?

Yes, sir.

Start plastering this
neighborhood with

"information wanted" posters.

I'll let Gormley know we need
the whole squad on this.

We got about 72 hours
to find this girl

or chances are we never will.

Ms. Del Rio ran down
the superintendent

in the parking garage
of her building.

I understand the allegations
against Ms. Del Rio.

We have an eyewitness.

Elderly lady and the lighting
was not great, I know that.

I'm so sorry I hurt
Mr. Romanelli. I--

I'm sorry.

You put Mr. Romanelli
in the morgue, ma'am.

That said, in the absence
of concrete proof

that you intended
to kill the victim,

I am prepared to offer
a plea of manslaughter.

That's generous...

in the normal
course of events.

But not in this case,
no, thank you.

I think you should confer
with your client first.

The evidence is overwhelming.

Ms. Del Rio suffers from, uh,
severe bipolar illness.

And she was in a manic state
at the time of the accident...

You're pleading not guilty
by reason of

mental disease or defect.

That is very difficult to prove.

Exactly... but that's why
they pay me the big bucks.

I understand.

Thanks for the call.

That was Scotland Yard.

Please don't tell me
we're going on another

goodwill trip to London.

That rain's murder
on my sciatica.

There is not a lot of goodwill
flowing at the moment.

They've detained one
of our intelligence officers,

Detective Paul Hailey.

On what charge?

There was a terrorist bombing
at a West End tube station.

I know that.

Hailey is being accused

of entering the scene
and handling evidence

without authorization.
He's doing his job.

Yeah! He found the cause of the
blast and reported his findings.

What'd he find?

That's all I can tell you.

That's all you can tell me
or all you will tell me?

I can't handle this if
I don't know what's going on!

There's nothing to handle.

You know there will be.

Garrett, you are
my deputy commissioner

of public information.

This is private information.

So, what do we
got on your end?

We're canvassing
the neighborhood,

checking all the surveillance
cameras near the school,

running all vehicles
matching the description

registered in the area.

I'll get TARU to download
their content

from the past few days...
Sounds like a plan.

I'm running all recent parolees.
Here you go, Reagan.

Thank you.

Checking the sex
offender registry...

see if there's any twists
living in the neighborhood.

Hey, Detective.

Mr. Scott...


my new partner, Maria Baez.

Good to meet you.

So, you heard,
it's happened again.

Yeah, I heard.

Uh... we caught
the case in fact.

That's great.
It's the same school.

It's the same time of day.

Am I missing something?

Joseph's daughter Allie was
abducted from the same school

seven years ago.

Seven years,
two months, 14 days.

Danny worked 'round the clock
to find Allie.

He puts up with me...

coming by, chewing his ear,
giving him updates.

Yeah, unfortunately, I wasn't
able to bring Allie back to you.

But this is a big break, right?

I mean, whoever took this girl,

maybe they know something
about my Allie.

You know, we kind of
went over this before.

The odds of finding somebody
after all this time...

I know the statistics.

I also know in my heart that
Allie's out there somewhere.

She has to be.

Don't give up on her, Danny.

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Open Secrets
Original Air Date on February 28, 2014

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This a recent picture of Jenna?

It's her school photo.

They took it last month.

Do you know if
she's had any, uh,

incidents lately, fights,
arguments with anyone?


She's a sweet girl.

The crossing guard said
it looked like Jenna might have

known the driver
who picked her up.

That's not possible.

All right.

We need you to write down
any adults your daughter

might have come
in contact with, okay?

Coaches, crossing guards,

teachers, counselors,
whatever you can think of, okay?

Nobody we know
would do something like that.

With all due respect,
you don't know that.

There's a lot
of bad people out there.

Hey, you should go easy
with these people.

I told them the truth.

They are scared enough
without hearing about

what people are
capable of, Danny.

I'm not gonna lie to them.

There's a good chance
this is gonna go bad, okay?

So they should be
prepared for that.

And if that happens we'll
deal with it, but for now,

hope is all these people have.

Right, like Joseph Scott?

That case was seven years ago

and you did everything
that you could.

I told that guy to have hope.
Now look at him.

He can't move on
with his life.

It's like he walks around
with that look on his face

like he's in a bad movie.

I'm not gonna do that
to these people.

So, in addition
to your private practice,

you lecture at Columbia?

I'm a professor of
law and psychiatry.

Well, Amanda Harris speaks
very highly of you.

I've testified for her
many times over the years.

Never lost a case.

Obviously the case against
Ms. Del Rio hinges on her

mental state at the
time of the incident.

Bipolar illness is a serious
disorder, but in my experience

defense attorneys tend
to exaggerate the severity

of their clients' symptoms
to keep them out of jail.

Well, in this case,
defense counsel is

particularly aggressive
and he does his homework.

I'm confident
I can handle anything

the defense throws my way.

Great. I'll have the file
sent over to your office

and arrange for you
to interview the defendant.

Don't worry, Ms. Reagan.

I've never let this office down.

I don't intend to start now.

I think it's all just
a misunderstanding, Mr. Mayor.

Nothing for you to worry about.

Nothing I can't handle.

No, sir.

Yes, sir.

I'm sorry, I have to go.

I have a meeting.

No, sir, it's not about this.

It's just a ceremonial nuisance.

You'll be the first to know.

FBI Assistant Director
Tomasetti's here.

Let's have him.


We got a hell of
a situation here, Frank.

Oh, I don't know why.

There's no evidence
my officer did anything wrong.

The Brits are
threatening to kick

all U.S. intelligence personnel
out of the country.

Well, we both know
that's not gonna happen, Jason.

They're just pissed off.

I can't say I blame them.

We had agents on scene.

You have officers on the
Joint Terrorist Task Force.

You would've been briefed on
any relevant terrorist threat.

I'm responsible for protecting

the number one
terrorist target in the world.

So you'll understand
if I choose to decide

what is and isn't
a relevant threat.

No other U.S. city
maintains its own

independent intelligence force.

No other city lost
3,000 people to terrorism.

Homeland Security has
their hands full.

A vast number
of security priorities.

I have one...

...keeping my city safe.

End of discussion.

You can expect a call
from the director.

Happy to take it.


I'm home.

I got souvlaki
from Grammatico's.

I thought you were
stopping by Grandpa's tonight.

That's tomorrow.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, I was just studying.

Hey, I'm Ben.

Hi, I'm Nicky's mom.

Ben's in my physics class.

We've got
a unit exam tomorrow, so...

You usually study
at the dining room table.

I should go.


Stay for dinner.

It's okay.
Right, Mom?



Let's eat.

Here you go.

Is Jenna gonna be okay?

Uh, we're trying really hard
to find her, Stacy.

So you two walk home
together every day?

We live in the same building.

What happened today?

Why didn't you walk home today?

We left school
like we usually do,

but she left her
art project in school.

I couldn't wait
'cause I had a violin lesson.


I should have waited.

No. It's not your fault.

I mean...

I told her to just bring the art
project home tomorrow,

but she said her stepfather
would be mad.

Her st...

Mr. Wallace is her stepfather?

Yeah. But they don't
really get along.

He has a really
bad temper

and he's always
yelling at Jenna

and punishing her for no reason.

Okay. Okay.

Well, thank you
for bringing her in.

If we need anything else,
we'll be in touch, okay?

And thank you for your help.

I'll run a triple-I
on Mark Wallace.

Check for any domestic incidents

or complaints from
their address, all right?

Like I said, there are a lot
of bad people out there.

Turns out Mark Wallace
was married once before.

Got arrested five years ago
on a domestic

for pushing around
his first wife.

He's got a history of violence?
I spoke to the ex.

She said, when he was
slapping her around,

they were fighting
about kids.

How many kids they have?

None. Wallace never
wanted to have any.

Thought that they would get
in the way or ruin their relationship.

If he didn't want kids,

why'd he go marry somebody else
who had a kid?

Probably thought
he could deal with it.

Guess he thought wrong.

Dr. Raskin,
in your expert opinion,

was the defendant responsible
for her actions

on the day of the incident?

After studying Ms. Del Rio's
medical history

and examining her directly,

it's my opinion that the effects
of her bipolar illness

were insufficient to cause
such a violent outburst.

Thank you, Doctor.

May it please the court.

Dr. Raskin,

my client's medical history

comprises more than 3,000

pages right here.

And you've had it
for less than 48 hours.

How much of it
did you actually read?

Enough to draw
a reasoned opinion.

So you read the section
about her time

at the Rowe Psychiatric


That's over half the file,

And was the 12-minute session

that you had with my client

enough for you
to draw a reasoned conclusion?

That's not a lot of time,
Dr. Raskin, 12 minutes?

I've been in clinical practice
for 26 years.

I've treated scores
of bipolar patients.

Then you must know
that no two cases

of bipolar illness are the same.

Yes. I also know that your
client's statement to police

exhibited little sign
of delusional thinking,

which one would expect
had she been delusional

during the incident.

Do you think mental illness can

ever cause someone
to commit a crime?

Yes, just not in this case.

And that's based
on your so-called thorough

examination of my client

and your partial perusal
of her medical history, right,


No further questions,
Your Honor.

Inspector General Peterson,

the commissioner
is expecting you.

Thank you.


Angela Merkel's cell phone.


The NSA tapped the German
chancellor's private cell phone.

I'm sure they had
their good reasons for it,

but I'm also sure you can't find
anyone outside the NSA

who thinks it's a good policy.

This is not that.

Then tell me what this is.

A detective from our
International Liaison Program

was accused of tampering
with a crime scene,

but he was not in fact

He was just doing
his very important job.

Says you.

That's right.

We need to know what's out there
before it comes here.

And who besides you knows

the full inner workings
of the program?

I consult with the mayor
and my deputy commissioners

when it is appropriate.

Which, I'm guessing, is never.

It is not on our published
schedules, but it is not never.

Even the FBI and the CIA
are subject

to congressional oversight.

That's their problem.

Frank, it's my job

to make sure
the public understands

what the NYPD is doing
in its name.

Not in this instance.

You're gonna have
to do better than that.

The ILP works
because the information

is tightly controlled.

There are no leaks.
And it's gonna stay that way.

But I can assure you
we do not have a wire up

on the German chancellor.

You think
that I kidnapped Jenna?

That's not what I said.

I'm just covering
all my bases here.

Want you to tell me about you
and Jenna's relationship, okay?

I'm sure it's got to be hard
being a stepparent and all.

Tell me about it.

I mean, you have
no real power over them,

and believe me, they know it.

So you two probably got into it.

But it was nothing
out of the ordinary.

Look, I would never hurt Jenna,
okay? Never.

Or course not.

Though you did have an incident
with your ex-wife

a few years ago.

All right, that was
a misunderstanding.

Okay. Incident report says

you shoved her against a
wall causing bodily harm.

She says it's 'cause
you didn't want kids.

It was a little more complicated
than that, all right?

Look, Ellen had
a drinking problem, okay?

I was halfway out
the door when it happened.

It's okay.

You're a drug rep, it says here.

That's what you do for work?

Yes. I was, uh, picking up
some samples in Connecticut.

I was on my way home
when I heard about Jenna.

Right, the warehouse said

you signed for a package
at 12:40 p.m.

And you headed straight back
to the city?

No, no. I did some errands.

Didn't get back till after 4:00.

Got it.

We ran a check
on your company rental car.

A white sedan.

Just like the one that picked up
Jenna from school.

You never said anything to me
about a white sedan, Mark.

I didn't do anything!

Okay, for Jenna's
sake, I think we're

gonna have to go over this one
more time from the top

just to be safe.

I told you there's nothing
to worry about.

Defense did score points
when they showed

that you had not read
the entire psychiatric history.

I've testified dozens of times.

Jurors don't expect you to
memorize a 3,000-page document.

They may expect you to spend
more than 12 minutes

with the defendant in order

to render a credible opinion
about her condition.

I can assure you my clinical
assessment is perfectly valid.

I did read Ms. Del Rio's file.

She has been in and out of
psychiatric hospitals for years.

She assaulted
a nurse two years ago.

You know what? I'm sorry.

Are you a prosecutor
or a psychiatrist?

I'm just saying, isn't it...?

No, whatever
you're saying,

Ms. Reagan,
has zero scientific value.

I wrote the book on these
disorders, literally.

You hired me to render
my professional opinion.

If you wish to undermine
my conclusions and your case...

go with God.

I checked Wallace's EZ Pass.


He went through the Whitestone
Bridge toll plaza at 1537 hours,

20 minutes after
Jenna was abducted.

Great, so unless he's driving
a rocket ship, he's not our guy.

I'm gonna go grab us
some coffee.

Ay, ay, ay.

What's this?
My file on Allie.

All my notes, personal
investigator reports.

I thought it might help.

I guess, at this point,
it can't hurt.

I gather the investigation
isn't going well?

We're looking into every angle.

We're just coming up
empty so far.

On the day Allie was taken,

you told me, "The best weapon
in a case like this

is never lose hope."

I said that, didn't I?

You did your best for me.

And for Allie.

And now these parents need you
to do the same for them.

How do you do it, Joseph?

You never lose hope.

No matter how many years pass,

you keep hoping everything's
gonna be okay.

How do you do it?

Because I don't have a choice.

The alternative is accepting
that my life is over.

That I've lost the one thing
I love most in this world.

There's noise out there
the inspector general may call

for hearings
on the Liaison Program.

I know that.

I'd love to help you out,

but I've got one hand
tied behind my back.

One will have to be sufficient.

She's got to be bluffing.

Don't bet on it.

She can't dictate department
policy to the PC.

That's the beauty of it.

She's not dictating policy,
she's simply calling

for transparency
in an existing program.


One that has to be as
transparent as a rock to work.

So let's counter.

Let's not.

You don't want
to make your case?

To make a case you have to offer
details, strategies, viability.

Not gonna.

Well, you're not gonna pretend
it doesn't exist either.

That ship sailed.

I will not discuss the program,

Not in a press release
and not before a committee.

So how exactly do you expect me
to handle the press?

With a polite but firm
"No comment."

And what, wait for it
to go away?

That's the plan?

The inspector general can
investigate anything she wants.

Doesn't mean
I have to start singing.

What if she subpoenas you?

I won't testify.

There's a problem.

You refuse a subpoena,
she can drag you into court.

And if you still don't
cooperate, into a jail cell.

I know that, too.

Last time we were here,
you told us

this is where Jenna came
to pick up her art.

That's right. Jenna spent
a lot of time here.

And you said there was
no one working in the room

the day Jenna

The art teacher
left early.

The room was open
so the kids could stop in.

Mrs. Galecki locked up.

Who's Mrs. Galecki?

One of our custodians.

That's her
over there.


Ms. Galecki?

Can I help you folks?

Yeah. Police.

Uh, we're here investigating

the disappearance
of Jenna Wallace.

Oh, that poor girl.

Yes, ma'am.

Did you see her

when she came in here
that afternoon?


She was always
down here.

She made this
beautiful mural...

little trees
and a pond

made out of shiny
blue paper.

First place in
the art fair.


Do you know if she was
with anyone?

No. She just

grabbed her project
and headed out.

Those are beautiful.

I make these myself.

I sell 'em at, uh, flea markets

and craft fairs.

Every little bit helps.

You keep this.

It's on the house.

Thanks for your time.

Arugula salad
from the salad guy?


Caesar's from
Carl's Cafe.

It's nirvana.

I got a call from
Malcolm Raskin's office.

Let me guess.

He didn't nominate me
as prosecutor of the year.

That's an understatement.

He said you

his professional judgment.

That's not true.

I questioned his work ethic,

and then I questioned
his professional judgment.

Raskin's one of the
top guys in his field.


He made that abundantly clear.

Okay, so Malcolm
has an ego.

But he's a
great doctor

and he's a
great witness.

I've read
the transcript.

His testimony can help
you win the case.

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

Raskin skimmed

the defendant's medical history,

and then he did a flyby
on the psych exam.

You know as well as I do

that defendants
have been crying crazy

since the advent
of jurisprudence.

That's true.

But every once in a while,

one of them
is telling the truth.

I reviewed her history.

Del Rio might be that defendant.

Did you check the pork chops?

Yeah, they need
a few more minutes.

Ben seems like a nice guy.

He is.

You want me
to finish up that salad?

Yeah, that would be great.

How'd you do on the test?

Pretty well,
I think.

Studying with Ben really helped.

We make a really great team.

Well, that's... great.

Have you known him a while?

We have a bunch of friends
in common.

This is the first class
we've actually had together.

I guess I was a little surprised
the other night because...

well, you know, you've never
really mentioned him before.

I'm sure you've got
a lot of friends

you've never mentioned
to me, right?

Well, yeah...

Oh, mashed potatoes are ready.

So, then... you're saying
Ben is just a friend?

Actually, I never said "just."

So, Sean,

you get to spend an overnight
in Philadelphia?

Jimmy's dad's

bringing me,
Terrence and Andrew

to see the Knicks
play the Sixers.

I hate the damn Sixers.

His company has
an apartment down there.

- Wow.
- I know, right?

I never got to do
anything like that

when I was
his age.

Oh, Jack...

Bitter, party of one...

Actually, Sean,

I don't think it's
gonna work out for you.

Why not?
'Cause I haven't met Jimmy's dad.

We talked about this when
we said he could go, Danny.

I know we talked about it

and I gave it
some more thought

and I think I should take
him to the Garden myself.

You can bring
your friends.

- But that's not fair.
- Yeah.

I mean, you said he could go.



Your dad's just trying
to take care of you, Sean.

That's a parent's job.

But at some point,
people have the right

to have their
own life.

Is this because of the case
you're working on?

The girl who disappeared?

No. It's 'cause
I'm your father.

Can you pass
the applesauce?

Protecting people

can be complicated, Sean.

Sometimes people
don't appreciate

the way you try
to keep them safe.

Until something goes wrong.


But shouldn't people
have control

over the way
they live their lives?

We got a lot of freedom
in this country,

but there's got
to be some rules,

laws to protect us.

Sometimes from ourselves.

Maybe sometimes you
should let people

take care of themselves.

Yeah, well,

not everyone can
do that, Nicky.

There's a lot of bad
people out there.

And they can do a lot of damage.

Still, I see what
Nicky's saying.

I mean, there's a fine line

between protecting people

and going
too far...

trampling on their rights.

I'm definitely feeling trampled.

The people
with the responsibility

need to use it
as wisely as they can.

And the people being protected
need to realize

that being safe
can cost you something.

But it beats the hell
out of the alternative.

I assume we're not here

to take in a matinee.

This is for your ears only.

Five months ago
an Islamist terror cell--

same one responsible

for the bombing in London
the other day--

had plans to do
some damage here.

What happened?

On a tip,

we located the bomb components

in a locker at Penn Station.

That tip

was provided
by one of my officers

in the International
Liaison Program.

FBI didn't have
the intel,

or Interpol, or the CIA.

Only we did.

Listen, I'm just trying to...

I know what you're trying to do.

But in this instance,
it's a dead wrong reading

of the public's right to know.

Well, you're out
of bounds with that.

You're not the judge here.

No, I'm not.

And neither are you.

The judgment comes
if there's something we miss

and innocent people die.

I wish it were
that simple.

It is.
It is not.

Kelly, this can't
be effectively run

with backseat drivers
and armchair quarterbacks.

It just can't.

That's not what I'm after.

Walks like it, talks like it.

After the incident in London,

all eyes are on your ILP.

This is the Snowden era.

Hell, even the NSA

let 60 Minutes
in their front door.

Maybe, but they didn't
let 'em in the kitchen

where the sausage is made.

You've got a job to do.

You do it well
and I respect that.

But I've got a job, too.

I'm charged with
monitoring the NYPD

and making sure
they're operating

in the public interest.

The public interest
would not be served

by killing the ILP.

And open hearings
would do just that.

You can push this only so far

until anyone in their right mind
is gonna think,

"What the hell are they hiding?"

Joseph Scott's file?


Figured maybe
I could find

something that
we could use.

We've checked out everyone

who works at that school.

They're all clean.

Yeah. We're
missing something.

You're just torturing yourself

'cause you couldn't
find Allie Scott

and now you think
it's happening again.

I'm doing my job, okay?

My son was
in the hospital before.

We didn't know
if he was gonna make it.

Something like
that happens...

there's nothing else in
the world that feels that way.

It's like your heart is being
ripped out of your chest.

Nothing makes sense.

That's what Joseph Scott
feels like every day.

And you don't want the Wallaces

to end up the same.

No, I don't.

Well, did you find
anything in the file?

The girls have
a couple things in common.

They both sang
in the school choir,

they both...

won prizes in the art fair.

Look at that.

The flower.

Just like the one
the custodian gave you.


It looks
the same.

That custodian, Ms. Galecki...

she was the last one

that saw Allie at the school
seven years ago.

Custodian's office is right
across from the art class

where Jenna went back in
before she was abducted.

So Galecki saw Jenna
every day, too.

It's still kind of a leap.

What else do we got?

Let's take a ride.

Come on.

Thank you for coming, Doctor.

I hope this
won't take long.

I have patients
this afternoon.

I spoke with
Amanda Harris.

I understand you're
quite upset with me.

Let's just say I accept
your apology and move on.

This is not an apology.

It's quite the contrary.

I asked two

who have testified
for this office in the past,

to review Ms. Del Rio's file
and to meet with her.

Both concluded that
her bipolar illness

was responsible
for the incident,

directly contradicting
your testimony.

This is outrageous.
I agree.

An expert witness

more interested
in satisfying his ego

than telling the truth
is outrageous.

I don't have to take this.

I kept asking myself,
"I wonder why is he doing this?"

I mean, you clearly
do not need the money.

And then it
occurred to me.

It's a game for you.

You like to walk in

and have everyone see
how smart you are.

To have the jury hang
on every word.

My credentials speak
for themselves.

If you don't appreciate
my expertise,

there are scores
of your colleagues who will.

Oh, I wouldn't be so sure.

I intend to get justice
in this case.

The fact that I had to go
around my own expert witness

to do so will be known

by every prosecutor
in this building.

I would not wait by the phone.

Ms. Galecki, it's
Detective Reagan.

Can you open the door, please?

Hello, Detectives.

Is everything all right?

We need to ask you
some questions.

Can we step inside, please?

Well, I'm sorry.
Is it okay if we talk out here?

My husband isn't well.

With all due respect,

we're dealing
with a missing child, ma'am.

We'll get a warrant to search
the place if we need to.

No need to do that.

Come in.

How can I help you?

Where's your husband, ma'am?

He's sleeping upstairs.

Upstairs, huh?


You working
on your flowers today, ma'am?

But, Detective,
where are you going?

Just looking around, ma'am.

That the basement?

What's down there?

Just storage and supplies.

My husband has a key.

Step aside, ma'am.

Thank you.


Anyone down there?


Help me, please!

Grab her.

Ma'am, I need you
to stay right here.

Don't move.



Get your damn hands off her
right now.

She's okay.
Let her go.

Everything is okay.
Shut your mouth

and let her go now.

Stay right here.

I'm Detective Reagan;
I'm gonna get you home safe now.

I got her!

Put your hands
behind your back, please.

On the ground, you.
Hey, take it easy.

Shut your mouth
and get on the ground.

We never hurt her.

Detective Reagan?

It's okay, sweetie. I'll get you
out of here in a second.

Detective Reagan?

Not guilty by
reason of insanity.

Are you sure?

Del Rio will be

committed to a secure
psychiatric facility

where she can get the help
that she needs.

It hasn't helped so far.

If you let this go to jury
on the murder charge

with Malcolm's testimony,
you would probably win.

It depends on your definition
of winning.

It's where she belongs, Amanda.

Thank you.

I'm hearing we can expect a
subpoena by the end of the week.

I guess I could always
leave town.

I'd buy you a fake mustache
and glasses,

but you've got that covered.

Remind me again
why I keep you around.

Force of habit?

The inspector general

is here.

Let's have her.

You have to admire a woman
who serves her own subpoenas.

What was that look?

I didn't give you a look.

Yeah, you did.

It's like the look
the first wife

gives the second wife at
the kid's graduation ceremony.



I've got work to do.

You're going to refuse
to testify.


Do you really believe

that I want to endanger
this city?

I never said that.

But there is an immutable truth

about intelligence.

It's a lot less valuable

if your enemies know
you have it.

Kelly, I won't discuss
the program publicly.

Well, maybe you won't have to.

I'd like to propose
monthly briefings

with the city councilman

who oversees the NYPD.

That's not gonna happen.

There has to be an individual

outside the department
with access to this program.

That would be you.


I can't very well
go back to them

and just nominate myself.

It is the only offer
on the table.

I can't promise anything.

Didn't ask you to.

I've got a question.

Would you really put me in jail?


But with a heavy heart.

Good night, Ms. Reagan.

Bye, Ben.

So, I'll see you tomorrow.

See you.

Just ask me, Mom.


Ask me if I'm having sex
with Ben.

Are you?


But we have talked about it.


Come on, Mom,
you can't really be surprised.

Most of my friends
have already done it.

That is not a good enough reason
to have sex for the first time.

Do you love him?

I don't know.

I mean, he's a really great guy,

and I really care about him.

And I feel like I'm ready.

Go ahead, let me have it.


Well, I am sorry
to disappoint you,

but I am not going
to yell and scream.

Do I wish that you would wait

until you were sure
if you were in love?


But we both know
that's not up to me.

You are

a beautiful, smart young woman

with good judgment.

When the time is right,
you will...

make the right decision.

And if you need to talk
about anything, I am here.

Thank you.

Now, having said that,

this is still my house,

which means
there are boundaries.

I do not want you two
in that bedroom,

and let's keep
the PDA down to a minimum.




Did you and Grandma
ever have this conversation?


The day before I was going
to marry your father,


I didn't have the heart
to tell her

that she was a little late.


Hey, Joseph,
thanks for coming down.

I heard you found Jenna Wallace.

Uh, yeah, thanks to you.

I'm happy for them.

They're grateful to you
for all you did.

There's someone else
who wants to thank you, too,

right over there.




Did they...?


She said they never touched her.

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