Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Higher Education - full transcript

College student Conor, a small dealer, is murdered on campus. Bullish narcotics detective Eddie Stone, working on that market, gets the chief of detectives to impose his help. Another student dealer points at Danny's regular informer, major dealer Otto, who claims it's the work of a white man who thus dares his Mexican cartel. Jamie stands by Harvard law school friend Dana, who gets mugged while distributing help to the homeless, and rewards him with romantic interest.

I'm getting tired of

discussing this, Nicky.

You're being totally

No, I am being
your mother.

Hi, Dad.
Thank you for...

letting us stay here.

Well, I wasn't gonna let you get
poisoned by the fumigator.

Can we please focus?

It's just a party, Mom.

Which happens to be

taking place
on a college campus.

Here, put the roast away,

Pork roast or beef?

It's not like I'll be by myself.
I'll be with Greg.

Right, Greg,

the NYU freshman
who happens to be 19.

He's a really nice guy, Mom.

And he's my friend Amy's
brother's roommate.

And that's supposed
to constitute

some kind of high-level
security clearance?

What happened to
that nice boy

Luke from the party?

Luke's a friend.

Oh, so Greg the college guy

is more than
a friend?

Where are you going?

I wasn't aware I was part

of this conversation.

Your 16-year-old

wants to go to a college party
where there's drinking

and God knows what else.

It's a party, Mother,

not a drunken orgy.

Tell her, Grandpa.

Yeah, Grandpa.

I think the au gratin potatoes
would go great with the roast.

Pork or beef.

Open that.

Thank you, sir.

Give me a minute.


Hey, you guys shooting
a movie or something?

We're fighting
for our fellow man.

That was gonna
be my next guess.


Jamie Reagan?


Oh, my God, how are you?


I heard that you left
Baxter Chase to become a cop.

And apparently you left Harper
Manning to become a superhero.

Just moonlighting.

I joined a group
called Homeless Avengers.

We give out food and supplies.


Buying your soul back
from Wall Street, huh?

Very funny.

This is my partner Arnie.

Hey, how you doing?

The spandex is killing me.

What's with the costumes?

Thank you.

They advertise the cause,
and they put everyone at ease.

Uh, well, it's...

it's working for you.

You know what?

Uh... call me.

I'd love to catch up.

Okay. I'll do that.

Be safe.

What've we got?

Connor Riley, 20 years old,
student at the university.

Found this stuff
lying with him.

Oh, looky, looky.


It looks like good stuff.

And you know that how?

I went to college.

Oh, right.

Okay, so maybe kid
tries to buy an ounce,

ends up paying with his life.

Close, but no cigar.

Or... in this case,

no big fat Bob Marley joint.

Can we help you?

- Doubtful. But I can help you.
- Really?

This kid wasn't a buyer;
he was a seller.

Detective Eddie Stone,
Manhattan North Narcotics.

And how do you know that?

We just opened a case on campus

looking to bust the ass-clowns

supplying these student dealers
like, uh...

Connor the Goner here.

Yeah, well, this is
a homicide case now, so...


Time for the real cops
to step in.

Have no fear,

the Squad is here.

He didn't say that.

But now that you mention it...

I know. Narcotics,
we're a bunch of street cowboys

who can't find our own asses
with a treasure map, right?

Sounded like a mixed metaphor
to me.

Look, this kid getting
whacked ties directly

to my investigation,
so all I'm asking is

for you to keep
me in the loop.

Uh, no, thanks.

Professional courtesy.

And you might want to...

bag that cash,

so it doesn't walk away.

Funny guy.


And here I thought
all narcotics detectives

were a bunch of cocky dirtbags.

Oh, well.

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Higher Education
Original Air Date on November 30, 2012

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Professor Devlin?

Thanks for coming in.

Happy to help if I can.

Sure, um, you spoke
to a uniform

at the, uh, crime scene.

You work close by?

Yes. I was, uh...

I was leaving my office late.

I teach economics
at the university.

I'm working
on a book.

When I heard this horrible music
blasting from an SUV.

Can you describe the SUV?

Uh, it was white
with tinted windows--

couldn't see inside.

Was there anything
distinctive about it?


yeah, I noticed the rear
license plate-- it was missing.

Uh, instead,

there was a small purple skull.

It was pretty scary stuff.

Well, that could be helpful.

Yeah. Uh... you say
you wrote a book.

What's it about?

The variables of contestable
market theory.

Sounds like a real page-turner.

Something tells me I'm not gonna
get a movie deal out of it.

I understand Connor's death
may have been drug-related?

It is possible.

Such a waste.

Well, if you think of anything
else, you'll let us know.


Thanks again.

Could you, uh, walk
the professor out, please?

You know, that desk
doesn't look bad on you.

I'm just saying,

that way we don't have to yell
across the squad room, you know?

Oh, yeah, that makes sense.


Anything off the professor?

A vehicle.
We'll look into it.

Uh-huh. Got a call
from the chief of D's office.

Due to the nature of the
homicide, they informed me

we're gonna be working this
as a joint case

with the Narcotics Division.

Whoa. What?

What do we need those guys for?

You need 'em because the
chief of D says you need 'em.

They have the SAFE-T-Net
numbers for all the players

and locations involved.
You won't be able

to make a move
without their blessing anyway.

Maybe they'll give us permission
to use the restroom, too.

Okay. So, when do
we meet this narc?


Howdy, partners.

Oh, man, Professor Giordano,
what a piece of work.

"Mr. Reagan,
please recite the precedents

of Marbury v. Madison
in reverse alphabetical order."

He was always nice to me.

Yeah, and every other hot girl
in class.

So you thought I was hot?

Did you hear that Will Scanlon
is running for Congress?

He's been hitting me up
for contributions for months.

Yeah, he never called me.

Must've heard I was on
a cop's salary these days.

I got to say, I really admire
the choice you made, Jamie.

You help people, just like we
said we were gonna do.

You talked about working
for Legal Aid back then.

Whatever happened with that?

120 grand in college loans
happened with that.

Here you go.

So you hit Wall Street

and hooked up with the
Homeless Avengers, huh?

Just trying to do my part.

I think it's great.
You got to be careful, though.

Some of those neighborhoods
that you're working in...

It's not like I'm alone.
I've got Arnie.


So... you still talk to Sidney?

We went our separate ways after
we broke off the engagement.

You dating some sexy lady cop
these days?

Nope. You sleeping your way
to the top

with some fat senior partner?

No. It's not a bad idea, though.

Damn. I got to go.

Let me get this.

No, please.

I may be poor, but I
still have my dignity.

So, maybe I can pay you back
with dinner sometime?

Sounds good.

As long as you promise
to wear that costume.

We interviewed
the victim's roommate.

No help there.

You grab up
the vic's computer?

Geez, the computer.

Why didn't we think of that?

You know, thank goodness we got
a Narcotics detective

to show us how
to investigate a homicide now.

Look, we got off
on the wrong foot.

You think?

I've been trying for months

to get a case up and running
on that campus.

You guys waltz in
and take over the show.

Not like we planned it that way.

I was out of line, okay?

I know the territory here.

So what do you say
we start over?

Connor's smart.

At least smart enough not to use
his laptop to do a drug deal.

We've checked the surveillance
cameras in the area

and we spoke to campus police.
Nothing yet.


So we wait
for a ballistics report

and see if there's anything
in that that we could use.

All due respect,
you want to collar the joker

who's supplying the campus,
we got to play offense.

This is a homicide case.

We're chasing a killer,
not a dealer.

Play it right, nail them both.

How do you figure?

We set up a sting on campus,

take down one of these
other student dealers.

These kids all know
each other,

they buy from the same guy.

Might get us
a solid lead on the shooter.

All right.

But remember,
we call the shots, not you.

Let's have us some fun.

Yeah, let's have a ball.



She's got your mother's eyes.

And she's got
my dad's stubborn streak.

I know you want
to stay out of it,

but I could really use
your help

on this college
party issue.

Look, I'll admit Nicky's

a little young
for a college party.

And you'll tell her that?

You're her mother.

You say no, it's no.

Of course it's no.

It's not like you let me run
around like that when I was 16.

Sure, we did.

This from the guy who had his
daughter followed by the NYPD.

That's a bit of an exaggeration.

Jamie, can you do me a favor?

Can you go upstairs
and make sure

Nicky is doing her homework?
I want to talk to Dad.

Conspiring behind your
daughter's back.

Wait until you have kids.

Dad, all I'm asking

is that you show a little bit
of that wisdom

and foresight that you showed me
when I was her age.

Now I'm being played.

It's a different world
and it's scarier.

Do you know that Danny
is investigating

a murder of a
college student?

I'm aware.

Raising kids is tough.

You try to give them space

while you're trying
to keep them safe.

Do you think I'm
being overprotective?

I think you're a single mother
to a teenager.

Your mom and I had you
outnumbered two to one,

and you still won
most of the time.

And so you'll tell her that
I'm right about the party?

That's way above my pay grade.

I will take that as a yes, and
don't tell her that we talked.

Conversation never happened.

What happened to
your drug dealer?

We got a no-show here.

Well, I set up the buy

on a Web site
these kids created.

You tell them what you want,
they tell you how much,

then they bring it to you.

It's like ordering
a hooker in Vegas.

Pretty smart
for a bunch of stoners.

These kids are the future
leaders of America, pal.

Yeah, that's a
scary thought.



You got
something for me?

It's 40 bucks
a hit, right?

Yeah, 40 bucks.

That's a drug dealer?

She looks like she's 14.
They didn't make drug dealers

like that when I was a kid.

When was that, in the '50s?

Let's not make a move until
she's clear of my partner, okay?

What'd I...?


Police. Don't move.
Put your hands up.

You okay, Kate?

Get off.

You guys
kind of jumped the gun, huh?

He jumped the gun.
I didn't jump anything.

Spook them a little,
they always run.

Now we got our girl for
dealing and resisting arrest.

I love this job.

You look like you had
a long night.

This is all a
big mistake.

You've made
a big mistake, Kelsey.

The pills that you sold me--
the oxy we found in your bag--

you're looking
at real time.

You obviously come
from a good family.

What were you thinking?

That school costs
nearly 60 grand a year.

My parents
can't cover it.

Where am I supposed to
get that kind of money?

Get a damn paper route.

You're in a lot of trouble,
but you can help yourself.


For starters,
you can tell me

what you know
about Connor Riley's death.

Connor was a good guy.

I heard he was selling
to some guy,

it went wrong, and he got shot.

Cut the crap, kid.

He didn't get shot.

He got executed.

It was a message.

Question is, who sent it?

You're a smart girl, Kelsey.

You understand that you could
be dead instead of Connor,

and if you don't help us,
it will be you next time.


don't make me do this.

Last chance before we dump you
in the system.

It was Otto.


Otto Jackson?

Kate, come here for a second.

Otto Jackson's a big-time
distributor out of Harlem.

Looks like he's making
a move downtown.

I know Otto.

How the hell do
you know Otto?

He wore a wire for me
before, okay?

Can you...?

This guy Otto-- you get
your stuff off of him?

All the dealers on campus do.

Connor, too.

So what went wrong?

Otto jacked up his prices.

Connor was pissed.
We all were.

Connor said he was going
to buy somewhere else.

Kid had balls.

Yeah, unfortunately,
they just got him killed.

Let's go pay a visit to Otto.

You sit tight.

I'm not sure
that's going to work, Ed.

We discussed the spike
in gang-related shootings

in that area.

Yes, sir, I allocated more men.

We should probably look
at the ripple effect

of the tour changes.

Your 3:00 is here.

I don't have a 3:00.

Your 3:00 is here
in the conference room.

Excuse me, Ed.

I don't have much time.

I skipped study hall--
with permission--

and took the subway.

Here's my hall pass.

And I've got to get back
for Mom picking me up.

This is important
to you, isn't it?

Yeah, but probably not
for the reasons you think.

Look, I know Mom's trying
to get you to take her side,

but before you do, I think
I deserve a fair hearing.


You've known me since
the day I was born.

Have I not toed every line
that's ever been drawn for me?

And do you really
think that,

just because I'm on
a college campus,

I'm gonna morph into a
completely different person

and start drinking
and doing drugs?

I mean, have I ever
made a stupid choice

that put me in danger

or went against Mom's wishes
in any significant way?

I don't think so.

But it is still
your mother's decision.

I get that.

But you got to put
yourself in my shoes.

I follow all the rules.

I'm the kid-- all my
friends' parents say,

"Why can't you be more like
that Nicky Reagan-Boyle""

I'm thinking this is about more
than just a party.

It is.

It's about trust,
and I've earned some.

I got to go.

Good talk.

All right, Otto Jackson
runs the whole building.

Narcotics collared
this scumbag before.

Took a firefight
to get him out.

Which we'd like to avoid
happening this time, okay?

Keep your radios on,
watch your back.

We want to get this guy alive,

so don't fire
unless you have to.

On your call.

Open it!

There's only one guard.

Let's let him know
we're here, right?


Whoa... you're gonna
give him a heads-up?

He's probably got
a damn rocket launcher.

Use your head--
the guy knows me.

Let's go by the book,
and give him a chance

to come out peacefully.

Otto Jackson!

Attention, team, shots fired.

Attention, team,
shots fired.


Go, go!

Go, go, go!

Go! Go!


Roger, black light.
Otto Jackson!

Hold your fire!

I'm coming out,
and I'm unarmed.

Hold your fire!

Get your hands
where I can see them, Otto.

Pick it up!

Drop the hat.

Walk forward


Why you busting up
my place, Reagan?

Get on your knees now!

You could've just knocked.

Cuff him.

Hands behind
your back.

Hey, hey!

I'm talking to you.

You want to do this?

The only thing
I want to do

is get you off this case.

This was the only way
to take this guy down.

And you just
got a cop shot.

I'm done with you.

Job was a 10-10

robbery and assault--
did you see anything?

Over here.

You okay, ma'am?

It was a couple of boys.

They pushed me down.

Are you hurt?

No, but you should
check on the lady.

What lady is that?

Call a bus.

Charlie to Central.

We need a bus
at this location.

Dana, Dana, Dana!

Are you okay?
How bad are you hurt?

I gave them the supplies,
but they wouldn't stop.

They just kept punching
me and kicking me and...

Where-where's Arnie?
Where's Arnie?

He couldn't make
it tonight.

I... I gave them
the stuff, but...

they didn't have
to hurt me.


Nobody's gonna
hurt you anymore.

I was just
trying to help.

Stone is
a highly-decorated detective.

Made a lot of cases for OCCB.

So what?

So he's got a lot
of friends in that bureau.

Pulling him off
might make some major waves.

Might even land
on a commissioner's desk.

Great. So let it.


Don't you forget you put
your hands on this guy,

Reagan, in front
of a room full of cops.

You want to take a chance
this blows up in your face?

Okay, so what are we
supposed to do?

Nail Otto Jackson
for killing Connor Riley.

You make this case,
you're done dealing with Stone.

Thanks, boss.


How are you doing?

Please, don't say,
"I told you so."

No, I'm just glad
you're okay.

Thanks for the flowers.

I still can't believe
it happened.

I mean... the stuff
that they took--

it wasn't worth anything.

Guys like this--
they're animals.

They don't care who they hurt.

Unfortunately, you got caught
in the middle of it.

While it was happening,

I didn't know
what they were going to do.

Rape me, kill me.

I've never felt powerless
like that before.

It'll take some time,
but you'll get past this.


We got a good description of
the guys from Margaret Porter,

the homeless woman.

I want you to take
a look at these.

I-I'm sorry.
Can we do this later?

Absolutely. Yeah.

No problem.


I guess it's all my fault.


You were out there
trying to do some good.

Get some rest, okay?

Hey, like I said,

I ain't killed no college kid.

Right. Come on, Uncle Otto.
You know me.

Hey, you know
you're not leaving this room

until I get the truth
out of you.

I was up in Slam all night.

Everybody saw me.


The hottest club in Harlem.

You should stop by some time.

There's a lot
of pretty white girls up there.

Oh, yeah, sure. Let me know
when hell freezes over.


Thanks for the heads-up.

Hey. Don't mention it.

We figured you'd just come in
with guns blazing like usual.

All right, Otto,
I think it's time

you stop BSing and just tell us

when you started supplying
the campus, okay?


Come on. One of your dealers
told us, okay?

They told us everything.

They told us you got greedy

and started raising your prices,
so stop BSing.

Look, you got it all wrong.


That kid that got hit?

He reached out to me.

So you admit you know him?

Yeah. I talked to him
the day he got shot.

Said he was pissed
about the prices he was paying.

Asked me to help him out.

I said we could do business.

I took off.

And he was still alive.

And you expect us
to believe this?

Detective, you got
a dead white kid on your hands.

You need somebody to bust,
so you come to old Otto.

Right, so you're telling us

that someone else is running
the drug trade on campus?

Yeah. Some white dude.

Call him Ghost
'cause no one ever sees him.

I tried to muscle in
on his turf.

He got the kids scared straight.

Except Connor Riley.

Hey, dude must have heard
that we was talking,

got pissed.

Pah! Took the kid out.

You know, you used to be
a better liar, Otto.

Look, Reagan,

I am not going down
for something I did not do.

No way.



You're officially
never coming to my place.

Feeling any better?

Yeah. It's good to be home.

If I lived in a place
like this, I would never leave.

You could live like
this if you wanted to.

I like nice things.

Just can't live
with what it takes to get them.

Like the things I do?

No, I didn't mean it like that.

I just meant, I'm not cut out

for life
at a high-powered law firm.

Your heart's too pure?


I told you,
I think what you do is great.

And maybe I'm not
saving lives every day.

I have no problem
with how you make a living.

But you don't respect it?

If I said the wrong thing,
I'm sorry.

Back in law school,
you used to talk

about getting away
from the family business.

But here you are.

Well, I've changed
a lot since then.

I thought you got that.

I thought I did, too,

and then I got a close-up look
at the world you work in.

The ugliness, the violence.

You have every right
to be upset.

What you went through
was terrible.

I thought
that I could help people,

make a difference.

Aren't you ever worried

about what could happen
to you out there?

It's part of the job.

I remember at school
when your brother was killed

how devastated
you were.

Is that what this is about?

Proving that
you're a real Reagan?

If you recall anything else
about the incident,

you should call the precinct.

Otto's got to be our guy.

I don't think so.

He admits he met
with Connor Riley

a few hours
before he got hit.

I understand that,
but I know Otto.

Look, if he offed that kid,
he wouldn't say a word to us.

He'd just lawyer up.

What the hell do you want?

Not bad for a
homicide hump.

Lab ran the pills
the girl sold

to your partner before
we took her down.

They trace back to a
cartel in Guadalajara.


Otto gets his drugs
from Durango.

Okay, he's got
a different supplier. So what?

It doesn't work
like that, player.

Otto deals exclusively
with Durango.

He goes shopping around,

he ends up dead
like Connor Riley.

Which means, for once,
you're right, Reagan.

Otto's not our guy.

Oh. I was right, huh?

Well, thanks... player.

Look, I'd rather catch one
in the throat

than work with you two.

But we still have

a murdering drug dealer
out there,

so, with you or without you,
I'm going to nail him.

Would you remind me
not to kill him,


So, Nicky, about this party.

Oh, Pop.

Are you going tomorrow night?

It's up to Mom.

Hey, what's for dessert?

Apple pie.

Now we're talking.

You actually gonna
let your daughter

go out with
a college guy?

I mean, don't you think
you're moving a little fast?

Greg's really sweet.

He's 19.

Is it even legal
for Nicky to date him?

Legal, yes. Sane, no.

Though, technically,
as long as he doesn't

drive her across state lines,
she can go out with him.

If she was still 15,
it'd be a Class A misdemeanor.

But only if we had sex.

Whoa! Come on!

Welcome to my world.

Boys, I think it's time

that you go and play
some video games.

Why do we have to leave?

Because they're gonna
talk about sex.


I'll explain it
to you later.

Oh, my God.

Give me this.
Go play video games.



It's okay.

For the record,

I have no intentions
of sleeping with this guy.

It's not your intentions
we're worried about.

Right, Dad?

Well, sure.

But I think Nicky's a
pretty good judge of character.

Thank you.

At the same time, Nicky,
your mom has a point.

Um, you're
asking her

to trust a guy
she's never met.


Amen to that.

Nicky is too young
for a college guy.

Thank you.

Hey, I was a college guy once.
I was a perfect gentleman.

Come on. You're a choir boy.

But the rest of us
sowed our wild oats

pretty good when we were kids,

especially you, sis.

Danny, we have two boys.
It's different.

Look, it's just...
I'm... I'm just saying.

Who's ready for some apple pie?

Actually, I'd like to hear more
about Mama's wild oats.

If your uncle values his
life, you never will.

You and Mom seemed
to have a pretty good system

for raising us up, Dad.

Well, it wasn't really a system.

We just believed in letting you
all live your own lives.

For the most
part, and...

if you look around the table,
it turned out pretty well.

Meaning you think I should
let her go to the party?

I didn't say that,
and it's not my call.

Okay, but if it were,
you wouldn't let her go, right?


I have always believed

in rewarding responsibility
with trust.

Nicky is a responsible person.

I think she has earned
the benefit of the doubt.

Ah, Francis.



Thank you, Grandpa.

Don't thank me.
It's still your mom's decision.

Fine. Go.

Get drunk.
Have sex with Greg.

Get a tattoo.

You need bail money,
call your grandfather.

Thank you so much
for backing me up.

What are you guys
doing here?

What's your
major, Kelsey?


Well, you definitely
have a flair

for lying through your teeth.

What are you talking about?

You fed us the line
about Otto being your supplier.

Which is called

hindering prosecution,

also known as a felony, Kelsey.

Add that

to your list of charges,

you won't see graduation.

You do understand that
you only made bail because

we put in a good word for you
with the ADA, right?


I had no choice, okay?

He made me lie to you.


Who is he, Kelsey?

You really want to take
a trip to lady jail?

Okay, wait.

His name is Brian Devlin.

Professor Devlin?

The guy that I.D.'d
Otto's SUV for us?

Are you telling me
a professor is selling drugs

on a college campus?
I mean...

Come on, Kelsey,
why the hell

would a college professor
be selling drugs?

Do you have any idea
what they pay those guys?

It's a joke.

So the professor
had someone take out Connor

'cause he was trying
to buy from Otto?

He figured
he could put the word out

that this is his turf...

and let you guys take out his
main competition in the process.

So Professor Devlin sniffed
out our little sting,

sent you along
to get pinched

so you could guide us to
Otto-- was that his plan?



It's kind of good.

He's a genius.

And a total freak.

And if he finds out
I told the truth...

...I'm dead.

What do you say we stick
this egghead in the box,

sweat him till
he gives it up?

Come on, Stone, you know
Devlin's too smart for that.

He's gonna lawyer up,
and with what

we got on him now,
he's gonna walk.

We're not gonna
find anything

in his computer
or at his place.

No, we're not.

Look, if we're gonna get
him on murdering Connor,

then we're gonna
have to get inside

his drug business

I like
the sound of that.

What, are we
cooperating now?

Take it easy.

Look, didn't you
pinpoint the source

of his supplier in Mexico?

All right, well, he's
gonna have to get in touch

with him at some
point, isn't he?

The DEA tracks
those shipments, right?

Yeah, I've been keeping them
up to date on our investigation.

I'll see if they got a line on the
next load coming out of Durango.

Great. Then we'll hope whoever
Devlin sends to pick it up

isn't as smart as he is.

So, what are you
doing tonight?

A couple of buddies from Jersey
are meeting me downtown

for a beer--
you're welcome to join.

Oh, sounds good,
but I think

I'm gonna make it an
early night tonight.

All right.

We'll see about that.

I'll catch
you kids later.


Got a second
for a penitent superhero?

I'm sorry about what I said.

Especially about your brother.
I had no right...

It's okay.

No, it's really not.

I respect what you do, Jamie,
the courage it takes.

I just don't want anything
to happen to you.

Yeah, that
makes two of us.

So... you heading home?

Yeah, I was gonna get a bite
at this dive near my place.

I'd invite you, but
it's kind of a dump.


luckily, I have
a cop to protect me.


Intel tracked the van
from Durango.

My team got a warrant,

took a peek inside.

It's loaded.

Pot, pills,

the whole enchilada.

Well, I don't think Devlin

is gonna be doing
the pickup himself.

You're good, Reagan.

But we've
seen this before.

Cartel mails a set of keys
to the supplier,

sends the load up
with the courier.

Once the van's parked
on the street,

the courier notifies
the supplier,

who sends someone
to pick up the van.

So we nail the driver
and get him

to roll over on Devlin.

That's the general idea.

Hold on.

Looks like it could be our guy.

Okay, let's go.

Hey, whoa.

We got to get him transporting
the drugs to make it stick.

Suddenly you want to take
your time with something, huh?

Let's not let him
get too far, okay?

Well, something tells me

he's not getting too far.

Is that a kill switch?

TARU installed it.

Push this button, and
the engine goes bye-bye.

I think I see
a motorist in distress.

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Trouble with your vehicle, sir?

No, thanks, I'm fine.
Give me a minute.

When's the last time you had a tune up?
You don't want to flood the engine, right?

I'm sorry. Give me a second.

Is this your van, sir?

Uh, no, no, I drive it
for this guy.

Well, tell you what,
how about you hop out

and we'll help give
you a push, okay?

Give me a second.

You're blocking traffic.

Put it in neutral
and step out of the car.

There you go.

Come on.

Pretty big load in here.

What do you got there?

You know,
it's just stuff, man.

Just supplies
and stuff.

We're gonna have
to unpack it, right?

No, no, I'll do that.

I don't want to impose
on you guys.

You guys are busy.
No, no.

We're never too busy
for Brian Devlin's guy.

Yeah, that's right.

He said you're the brains
behind the whole operation,

and it was your car
that killed Connor Riley.

Listen, I...

I just move the stuff,

make sure that the
dealers are in line.

Devlin... Devlin calls the shots.

I'm just... He's the boss.
I'm not the boss.

You know what, you can tell
us about it down at the squad.

Come on!

Evening, Professor.

How's the book coming?

Wait till the boys
down at Rikers

get a load
of those elbow patches.

We're gonna have to take that
off your hands now, Professor.

You're under arrest
for distribution of narcotics.


And your associate
also gave you up

for hiring the Dominicans
that took out Connor.

It's homicide
with special circumstances.


I'd like to call my attorney.

Yeah, you do that.

You know, not for nothing,

but I hope I never see
your face again,

though we did make
the case together.

And we lived to tell about it.


Surprise, surprise.

You know,
you two ain't so bad, either.

For squad detectives.

Don't go poaching
our collar now.

It's a squad arrest.

In your dreams.

It's five after 12:00.

Well, she was in Manhattan.

That's well
within the margin of error.

I don't remember you being
this anxious when I was 16.

Who said I'm anxious?

You've been standing there
like a statue

for the past 15 minutes.

When you were 16,

I would have been thrilled
if it was only five past 12:00.

Your mom and I must
have stood at this window

100 times waiting
for you to come home.

I don't remember seeing
you guys.

Of course you didn't,

because as soon as we saw
the headlights in the driveway,

we ran upstairs,
got back in bed

and pretended we were asleep.

Dad, you don't need
to exaggerate.

I'm not exaggerating.

One of the few things
we fought over

was whether you took more
after me or her.

I wasn't that bad.

I didn't say you were bad,

but you sure as hell
had one foot out the door

by the time
you were Nicky's age.

You really felt that way?

Yeah, and if there
was a boundary,

you went at it
like an armored division.

Your mom liked to say
that life...

should be a series
of daring adventures

launched from a secure base.

I had to
remind her of that

many times right in this room

on a whole lot
of Saturday nights,

waiting up for you.

Nicky's not much like me,
is she?

She's a whole lot like you
in some ways,

but in terms of maturity
and responsibility,

I think
she was born middle-aged.


Hi, honey. In here.


I had the most amazing time.


How amazing?

I met some great people.

Greg was a perfect gentleman.

Thank you so much
for letting me go.

You're welcome.

We would have been home sooner,

but Greg's car got parked in.

Luckily, this super cool
campus cop got us out.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, and another officer

actually escorted us from
the parking lot to the party.


I know.

Well, I am going to bed,

but I love you both.

I love you, too.

I'll be up in a minute.

Good night.

Your retired chief,
Tom Dietrich,

doesn't he head up security
over at that college?

Come to think of it,
I believe he does.

How many officers
did he put on her tonight?

I said three
would probably do it.

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