Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Framed - full transcript

Danny is pulled over by a cop who asks if he can look what he has in the back of his vehicle. Danny asks him what's going on, he says he got a tip that a vehicle like the one Danny is using...

Boys, hurry up; you're
gonna be late for the bus!

Babe, we're pretty much on fumes
till the end of the month.

Which one of these bills
you want me to pay first?

Well, the gas company's not
gonna ding us for 15 days.

Pay the power bill.

You're a genius.

tonight's the night

that me and the boys
are gonna be home late.

Right, the birthday party
or something.

Oh, Scotty Trevino.

Him and 20 of his closest
buddies I got.

An arcade,

then burgers
and a movie.

Good luck.

Thank you.

And you remember what you're
doing after work, right?

Yeah, coming home, drink a beer

and watch TV.

Uh, no, you got to go to, uh,



Wojcik Polish Bakery.

Yeah, we used to go there
as kids when my old man

did a stint in the 5-4.
Well, apparently,

their chocolate
cheesecake is amazing.

I want to have it for family dinner.

Okay, but family dinner's
not till Sunday, babe.

Why do I have to go get
the cheesecake tonight?

Because they're not
open on Sunday

and they don't take orders
over the phone.

Fine, yeah, all right.

I will go tonight
and then I'm gonna come home,

have a beer, watch TV
in my underwear.

I'll wait for you.



Where are we on
that bodega shooting?

We're nowhere, Sarge.

Couple kids saw
the shooter, but it's

12th Street Boyz territory,
so nobody's talking.

Uh-huh, how about
your hit and run?

That one's even colder.

You know we're
in the business

of closing cases, right?

Come on, you can't be
busting our balls, Sarge.

Well, Chief of D's
just did a number on mine,

so I'm spreading the wealth.

Then you spoke
too soon.

That string of random assaults
in Greenpoint?

We just sweet-talked
victim number four

into explaining
how they're not so random.

Uh-huh, which is?

They're all clients
of a local bookie

named Alan Greer-- the wounds
are sort of a warning to pay up.

So your vic can I.D.
the attacker as Greer?

Well, no,

but apparently he keeps
a very detailed

little black book, so we get
our hands on that book...

You connect him
to all the victims

and get them
to presses charges, too.

Wow, you know,
I bet you can't

wait till tomorrow, Sarge.

Why's that?

Because you get
smarter every day.


I'll head over to the A.D.A.'s
and try to get

a search warrant
for Greer's place.

What do you mean "no"?

As in "not yes""

Come on, Saul,
this bookie's going around

handing out beat-downs
like it's candy on Halloween.

On the word of a gambling
addict with a head injury.

Yeah, who also says that
this bookie, this guy Greer,

he keeps everything
written down

on a little black book
in his safe.

Come on, we get this book,

we can close five
assault cases at one time.

All right.

But I'm swamped; won't be
till the middle of next week.

Saul, you're a former
cop yourself.

You know I got to
move on this now.


Monday. Best I can do.

All right, thank you.

Are you seeing another
A.D.A. behind my back?

Well, you know, I can't have
everybody thinking

I run to my sister
every time I need something.

Right? They might start
thinking you're smart.

Did you go to
the bakery yet?

How do you know
about that?

Linda asked me to mention it
if you happened to stop by,

but, look, get me some of those
paczkis; I love those things.

Fine, fine, I'm going
after work, okay?

I know, and then
I hear you have a date

with your couch
in your underwear.

Does she have
to tell you everything?

That's what I said.


Leave alone! No money
in the register!

No, no, I got to
make an order!

Closed. Come back tomorrow.

But, hey... it's Danny Reagan.

You remember my dad, the cop?

Danny Reagan.

You used to be this tall.

I know.

Well, we are still closed.

No, come... look, my
wife's gonna kill me

if I don't get
this order in.

You got to
help me out.

Uh, I have wife like that.

Tell you what,
you tell me what you want,

I make it myself.

Okay, good.
Come in.

That'll make my
family very happy.

You get warm.

Are you kidding me?


Can I see your license
and registration?

Will that work?

I'm on the job.


Evening, Detective.

Good evening to you, too.

You mind if I take a look
around in the back?

You're joking, right?

I wish I was.

But 911 got an anonymous
tip about a drug sale.

Says a car
matching this one

is in the area
to make the drop.

Look, you know I can make you
get a warrant for this.

That's why I'm hoping
for your cooperation, Detective.

Right, why waste
anyone else's time tonight

besides mine?

Excuse me.

I'm telling you

there's nothing in there
but a bunch of old junk

I'm bringing home
from the squad.

The door sticks.


Box of junk.

Move the box.

Why do I got to move the box?

It's just an old box of junk!

What is that?

Looks like cocaine to me.

That's not mine.
Step away from the vehicle.

Look, I'm telling you,

I don't know how
that got in my car!

Put your hands
on the glass.

Come on, it's...
Put your hands on the glass!

I don't know how
that got in the car.

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Stop steering me

Told you I know where
I'm going; it's my squad.

What's going on?

Damned if I know.

Sergeant Gormley?

Can you let go
of me now?

Officer, you know
he's one of mine, right?

They found coke in my car.


Criminal possession

of a controlled substance.

Approximately two kilos.

Okay, Reagan.

It's a little early
for April Fool's Day.

It's not a joke, Sarge.

I wish it was, believe me.

911 got an
anonymous tip.

I pulled him over,
found the drugs.

Internal affairs
has been notified

and will be here shortly.

All right, Officer,
I'll take it from here.

Here's his gun
and shield.

Thank you.

I'm not putting you in a cell,
I'll put you in the box.


I'll call our union delegate.

No, Kate, don't bother.

Reagan, listen to her.

I'm not hiding
behind anyone, Sarge.

But why did we have to leave?

The movie was only half over.


We're in here.


what's going on?

Well, first of all,
Danny's not hurt.

Why don't
we all sit down.

Come on, kids.




this is just like
Sunday dinner.


Except somebody's missing.


your dad's been arrested.

For what?

Possession of cocaine.

Oh, come on.

That is ridiculous.


Traffic stop.

They found two kilos
in his trunk.

Okay, guys, you know what?

I think it's time
you go upstairs now.

Boys, hold on a minute.

Linda, I think they need
to sit in on this.

It's gonna be in the papers,

their friends are gonna know,
and they need to be prepared.

Does this have to be
in the papers, Frank?

I mean, can't you,
can't you stop that?

I wish I could.

Well, where is he now?

He's being held
at his precinct.

It's procedure.


We're talking about
Danny Reagan here.

I know we are.

Well, I'm going to see him.


they don't have
visiting hours.

Okay, so then get him out.

We can't.
You can't?

Grandpa, you're
the police commissioner.

You can do whatever
you want, right?

Jack, sometimes there's
a difference between

what you can do
and what you should do,


sometimes that's
a tough choice, but...

Like, you can jump off the roof,
but should you?

Nicky, you know what,
we're not

talking about
jumping off a roof here.


the department has procedures

to handle situations like this.

I believe in them.

Hell, I helped write them.

And because I shouldn't
get involved, I can't.

Danny will be out

on bail in the morning.

So, we are just gonna let him
rot in jail?

Nobody rots
in my jails.

And nobody gets special
treatment, either.

Oh, okay.

Especially from any of us.

Has to be
this way, Linda.

No, it doesn't have
to be this way.

You're a cop;
go find out

who's framing your brother!

And, Erin, I know you probably
can't prosecute this, right?

But can you find out

who is, and-and tell them
that Danny didn't do this?

Of course he didn't do this,
and all of that will come out,

but right now,
our hands are tied.


being seen as a dirty cop
is bad enough.

But a dirty cop
from this family,

pulling strings for him?

That could go from bad
to worse in a heartbeat.

There's a line here,
and we walk it every day.

We want this cleared
up just as badly as you do.

But we have to stay out of it.

You want me to represent Danny?

Wise woman once said,
"If you need to hire a shark,

make sure you get
the Great White."

Sounds like Erin.

She used a couple of
other words I won't repeat.

So why isn't she asking me?

'Cause she can't get
anywhere near this.

Which is why she'll never know
about me doing this.

Or anyone else in the family.

I always liked Danny.

Even during the darkest days
of my marriage to Erin,

he was always willing
to look at both sides,

unlike some people I could name.

So you'll do it?

On one condition: that I don't
hear one word of advice

from you or Frank,
you got it?

But what if...

Not a word.

Where's Danny?

The 5-4.

Internal Affairs is probably
there already.

Better get a move on.

I'll send you my bill.

You can thank me
with a check for the amount.

All right.

Let's go over it again.

We've already been over
it three times already.

I know.

Someone planted
the drugs in your car.

Then some cop pulls me over

and there's a bag
of coke in there!

And between these two events,

the only time you weren't
in your vehicle

is while you were
at the Wojcik Bakery

for five minutes at most.

Yeah, that's right,
five minutes.

How long does it take
for somebody to come by

and stuff some
drugs in my car?

I don't know.

You tell me.

Okay, maybe it was ten minutes.

Detective, you've taken out
$58,000's worth

of pension loans
over the last couple of years.

Is that right?

Being broke...

is not a crime.

No, but it can make
a man desperate.

And I guess that's
why you've also

been pestering
the Paid Details Unit

for extra work recently, right?

It wasn't my stuff.

Somebody put it there.

So you're saying
you have enemies.

You've investigated me before,

What do you think?

I think I've seen
good cops go bad

a lot more times than I'd like.

If you're not

gonna do your job,
then act like a real cop

and find out
who's setting me up.

Maybe you can cut me loose

so I can do my job
and find out for myself.

Danny, I'd like to help you.

But you know this is not
how it works.

Course not.

Danny, don't say another word.

Jack Boyle.
Boyle, Baxter & Russell.

I'd like to speak to my client.

See you at arraignment,


How you doing, Danny?

Not too good,

if I need a heavy hitter
like you

to come down here
and represent me.

So let's get to work.

I'm meeting with your union rep

in an hour
to discuss our options,

then I'll be filing a motion
to suppress evidence,

given the unwarranted
search and seizure.

Jack, I gave the guy consent
to search my vehicle.

You sure?

Maybe that road was too
noisy for him to hear.

I must be going crazy
because, if I didn't know

any better,
I'd say that my ex was acting

as my brother's
defense attorney.

As if you didn't know.

Erin didn't hire me.

Yeah, he's not lying for once.

Well, then, who did?

Let's just say

my Reagan radar
went off,

and I knew you
needed help.

Like I need
to get going.

I'll give you a call, Danny.
All right.

Seriously, who hired...?

I got to get to work.

Okay, yeah, don't mind me,

I'll just walk all the way back
to Staten Island.


Longest night
of my life.

It's gonna be okay.

I'm not so sure
about that.

Detective Reagan.

I turned in my gun and shield
last night.

That's not what I'm here for.

Uh, you want
my off-duty weapon, too?

File says you own
a snub-nosed .38?

That's right.

I keep it in a lockbox
over there. Do you mind?

What is going on?

First your family
goes AWOL, and now

the department is treating
you like some criminal.

Captain Elwood's just doing
what he's supposed to do.

Everybody is.

Just try to stay calm,
all right?


Did you move my lockbox?


Did you tell the boys
where it was?

Of course not.

My gun's gone.

Maybe you forgot
where you put it, Detective.

It's an honest mistake.

I did not misplace
my gun, okay?

Somebody must have
taken it, w...

...which means
whoever's setting me up

was in this house.

Thanks, guys.

That was fun.

I haven't worked a
burglary in years.

I bet.

Uh, look, let me know what
the lab comes back with, okay?

Prints, fibers,
anything could tell me

who was in this house.

Will do.



What's going on?

Why are all these people here?

You know,
they're just here

to make sure the house
is safe and secure,

which it is,
so no excuses

for you guys to not get upstairs

and get started
on your homework, okay?

Go on, both of you.

You sure we're safe here?

What if whoever it was
comes back?

Look, whoever it is
that's setting me up

is not going to want
to risk the exposure.

Well, you have any
idea who that is?

No, and you shouldn't
worry yourself about it.


you know, maybe your family has
to take a hands-off approach

about this, but I don't.

So, what, this has got
to be someone

that you busted, right,
somebody that's trying

to get back at you?
I don't know.

Get back at...
I said I don't know!

Do we have a new news cycle yet?

Yes. Danny's jam
is now on page two.

That's progress.

Until another shoe drops,
then it's back to page one.

Unless it's the proof
he's innocent,

in which case
it'll be back there

with the Poconos
real estate ads.

Welcome to my world.

And what did we have
to say today?

"The commissioner

"looks forward to reading
the Internal Affairs report

"after its thorough
and impartial investigation

of Detective Reagan."

Zero calories, same great taste.

On the unofficial
side of things,

I did some digging into
IAB's case against Danny.

Why are you telling me this?

Because you
want to know.

Doesn't mean I should.

There are some


Once in a while, like today...

I wish I could work it
like the other side does.

Like the other side does?

Like some gangster--
Freddie the Machete or whoever.

His son gets framed...

he has a whole orbit he can tap

and take things
back into his own hands.

You have an entire army.

And I can't use a single one
of them to help my boy.

I got into a jam a while back.

And suddenly I got out of it.

And I never knew who to thank.

Sometimes that's the way
it has to be.

No, no phone orders.

Come in, please.
Thank you. Bye-bye.

Hey, Mr. Wojcik.

Jamie Reagan.

Long time.
Yeah, how you been?

Good. Busy.

Uh, what can
I get for you?

I'm sure you heard
about last Tuesday.

I was just wondering

if you saw
anyone suspicious outside

before or after Danny was here?


My brother Danny-- he was here.

No, no, I have not seen Danny

in many years.

What do you mean?
He was here last Tuesday night.

But he wasn't, like I told
the other policemen--

same question.

Maybe you got it mixed up.

He came in

after closing, he ordered
a chocolate cheesecake

and some paczkis.
I know my orders.

No mix-up.

Listen, Jamie,
this is truth.

I run family business.

Right now,
very, very busy.

pomocy tutaj!

Mr., Mr. Wojcik.

Mr. Wojcik, hey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Someone get to you?

Someone threaten you to make
you change your story?

Because my brother was here
and you served him.

What, are you
calling me a liar?

Are you calling
me a liar?!

No one calls me a
liar in my store!

Just listen to me.
It's my store; you get out!

Get out!

Go, Jamie!


Okay, so that's a wash.

How about Bobby Stevens?

I think I put him away
for manslaughter in '99.

Yep, Bobby Stevens.

Went to Dannemora in '99,
released in 2010.

Okay, could be a winner, then.

Then went to Sing Sing in 2011

for vehicular homicide.


Let's try Jose Garcia.

I collared him in '08;
I think he tried

to rip my head off
in the interrogation room.

Garcia is also a no-go.

Died at Fishkill back in March.

Hang on, Kate.

I got to call you back, Kate.

Danny, is everything all right?

I don't know.

What the hell are you doing?!


It's just me, Burt.

Burt, what the hell
are you doing?

Nothing. I mean, I was
just out walking Stella,

and I saw just one light
on in your house...

So you just started
snooping around.

I-I didn't know
what was going on.

It's just, uh...

It's just what, Burt?

I was watching the news
the other night...

and this report comes on
about you.

You can't believe everything
you hear, Burt.

It's just a misunderstanding
is all.

Sorry about the snooping.

It's okay. Just go ahead
and walk your dog, okay?

Come on, Stella,
let's get out of here.

Burt, hold on.

You walk your dog

couple times a day, right?

Four or five.

Four or five.

How about Tuesday
afternoon, evening--

when you walked her, did you,
uh, see a car parked out here?

Just yours.

What? That car?


The sedan you drive sometimes.

Lights on the back deck.

The unmarked police car?


That wasn't me.

Son of a bitch.

I'm telling you,
whoever it is is on the job.

There's an unmarked car
in front of my house

the day my gun goes missing.

This guy knows
my every next move.

Who else could it be?

Well, it wasn't the
guy who pulled you over.

Officer Ritter I checked.
He's clean as a whistle.

Okay, well, if it's not him,
it's another cop.

How well do you know
your partner?

Kate? I don't know.

I worked with her a few months.
She's all right. Why?

You ever considered she was
a field associate from IAB,

sent to the 5-4 to be
their eyes and ears?

Come on, Jack.


I'm paranoid enough as it is.

You want me
to start running around

thinking my partner's involved
in this?

Everything's on the table,

We're home.

Hi, Uncle Jack.



How's the other guy look, Jack?

Your eye, kiddo.

I just ran into a locker.

Coach looked at it.
He said it's fine.

He's a klutz.
No, no.

I got a black eye playing hockey
when I was his age, too.

You did?

- Yeah, he did.

And then he went around school

and had all the girls kiss him
till it felt better.


"Ew" is
right. Come on.

Let's go get your gear off.

No offense, but I'm gonna take
a closer look at your partner.

All right.

Thanks, Jack.

Hang in there.

All right.

Hi, Dad.

You're up early.

Yeah. Is the, uh,
coffee still hot?

You didn't come here for coffee.

I guess I didn't.

I heard that Linda got in
everyone's face the other night.

Yeah. And everybody
understood completely.


But I wanted to tell you myself

that, uh, I know you all are
doing the right thing.

You can't get involved.

...the line we walk.

I appreciate you saying that.

Internal Affairs
treating you okay?

You know,
as well as can be expected.

They got to do what they do.

But, Dad, it's...
it's not IAB

that's keeping me up at night.

It's how good the guy
that's framing me is.

Don't go down that road.

You're an innocent man.

I know.

But if I was in IAB's shoes,

I'd like me for this, too, Dad.

Jack, it's Danny.

I'm following up
on your suspicion about Kate.

I'll let you know what happens.

Good luck.


Danny, you're not supposed
to be anywhere near here.

I know.

Might see something
I'm not supposed to, huh?

Excuse me?


I saw you talking
to Elwood back there.

He came up to the squad
to interview me about you.

Is that right?
And I gave him

a glowing review; I told him
it had to be a setup.

Is that what you guys
were smiling about,

getting all chummy about?

Hop in, Kate.

Look, Danny,
Derek and I are friends.

Last summer
when I worked at IAB,

he opened up to me about some
marital problems he was having.

He asked for my perspective.

I think he's a good guy.

I think he's a rat.

Look, Danny,
I know it is rough

riding this out
on the sidelines,

and if it were happening to me,
I'd probably be paranoid, too,

but I am not your enemy.

You sure about that, Kate?

I'm 100% sure.

I believe you, Danny.


I think we've been
going about this the wrong way.

I don't think

it's a cop
who I pissed off before.

Who? Someone you're
going after now?

But which case?

The bodega shooting is cold.

The hit-and-run
is even colder.

I think it's got something to do
with the black book.

We need to pay that bookie,
Alan Greer, a visit.

I mean, think about it.
I try for the warrant,

a couple hours later, I get
arrested, my gun goes missing.

And all hell breaks loose.
Anybody could have heard me

talking about it in the squad,
at the D.A.'s office.

Somebody tips
this guy off, and...

Look, the
bottom line is,

we got to find someone else
who we can trust

to get us another warrant
for that black book.

It can't my sister.
I can trust her,

but she can't help me
on this one.

You think
I don't know an A.D.A. or two?

Alan Greer,
we have a search warrant!

Danny, we're in.

Okay. Is the bookie there?

Alan Greer, show yourself!

I'm not seeing him.

Well, what are you seeing, Kate?
Talk to me.

We got a body.

Kate? Kate, what's going on?

Whoever's doing this
beat us here.

Well, did they get the book?

No, I don't think so.

The safe is still shut.

Okay. What about Greer?

He's dead. Single shot
to the back of the head.


Danny, where did you go
after we talked earlier?

Are you kidding me, Kate?

Answer the question.

I drove home.

I drove straight home.

And I spoke to my wife
the entire time

until I pulled up
into my driveway.

You don't believe me? Dump
my phone and check the tolls.

I had to ask.

No, I don't know
you had to ask, Kate.

Now, have ESU cut
that safe open

and see if the book's inside.


We're opening
the safe now, Reagan.

The book's not in the safe,

No. Kate, we were told
that the book is in the safe.

Maybe he had it out
when they came for him.

Tear this place apart.
Right. You heard her.

No. No, no, no, no!

The warrant says

that we can only check the safe,
that's it.

I-I'm sorry, Danny. I-I can't
hear you. You're breaking up.


I'll let you know
when I know anything.


Don't do that, Kate. Kate!

Come on, boys.
Let's do this.

No, they didn't find the book,
but what they did find:

the ballistics on the
gun that killed Greer

matches Danny's
off-duty piece.

Where's the light at
the end of this tunnel?

Seems like it's the train
coming right at him.

Yeah, well, now there's murder
attached to this.

That's not on Danny.

Try telling him that.

Look, I know you think it's time

we kicked down the door
and got our hands on this.

I didn't say that.

Well, you didn't have to.
I feel the same way.

But we can't?

No. We can't.

I just can't stop thinking
that if Saul

had gotten him that
warrant last week,

that maybe this wouldn't
have gone this far.

Danny went to Saul Ward on this?

Yeah, he went to Saul,
because he doesn't want

everyone to think
he's always running

to his sister
for help.

Well, that's the second time
his name's come up today.

When was the first?

I accidentally was looking

at Derek Elwood's file.

He investigated

another shooting
of Danny's last year.

And Saul, in his cop days,
was his partner.

I knew he was a cop, but...

It's probably
just a coincidence.

In a case based on
nothing but coincidence.

What are you thinking?

Can you keep a secret?


Good. So can I.

Ah, zombie dogs.

The breakfast of champions.

Deputy Commissioner Moore?

But right now,

just a private citizen
out taking a walk.


And thinking about the jam
our mutual acquaintance is in.


I'm guessing you are, too?

And what I'm thinking--

not that you asked--

the bluebird of happiness

is in our own backyard.

In this case,
that being the thing

which could connect the dots
for our mutual acquaintance.



And if I find something,
should I bring it to you?

Sorry. Stupid question.

You have a productive day.


Got your call. What's up?

I'll be with you
in just a minute.

You know what, Derek?

Uh, I think we should talk
somewhere privately.




Thank you.



Detective Reagan's gonna sit in,
if that's okay.

Anyone else

want coffee?

I'm good.
Me, too.

Be right back.

What's this about?

Oh, you don't know?
No, I don't know.

What-what's going on?

Oh, you're good.

I mean, you're really good.

In fact, I spent this whole week
not sleeping a wink,

thinking about
just how good you are.

Good about what?

I mean, wh-what the hell
are you talking about,

You set me up.


It makes sense, doesn't it?

If you didn't ruin my life,

your whole life was gonna
come tumbling down.

Listen, I understand
you're under

a ton of pressure,
but you know what,

you-you really need
to see somebody, pal.

You broke into my home!

My house!

Where my wife and my kids sleep!

All right, you know what?

Where you going?

Open this door!
Where the hell you going?

Is there a problem?

Yeah, there's a problem!

Your partner's lost his mind!

We found what you were
looking for, Captain.

I don't know what that is.

Sure you do.

Well, it's Greer's black book.

I mean, you killed him
trying to find it.


But don't feel bad,

we thought it was
in the safe, too.

It kind of was.

Safe had a false bottom.

Really well done.

Everybody missed it,

until I went
to the manufacturer's Web site

and I looked at the model.

What does all this
have to do with me?

Greer, the bookie,
kept a log

of every bet you ever made,
every dime you ever sunk

into gambling,
and let me tell you,

there are a lot of dimes
in there, Captain.

Which caused you
your financial problems,

which led to your
marital problems,

and then when you realized

he was about to blow
the whole thing open,

caused your
Danny Reagan problem.


You still got
that problem, Captain.

All right, you guys
have both lost your mind.

Is that right?


You want to reach for that gun,
don't you, Captain?

Do it.

Give me an excuse
to rip your head off.

Go to hell.

After you.

I invited a friend
of yours down.

Start you on your journey.

You remember Saul,
your old IAB partner.

And the one you
called to see

if Danny was
getting a warrant

for Alan Greer's book.

When you called, I had no idea
you were gonna do this.

No, there's

nothing to say, Elwood.

It's over.

But I...

I want to see my attorney.

That's the first

smart move you've made
in a week.


My pleasure.



Derek Elwood,

you're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say or do

may be used against you
in a court of law.

Thank you.

Smile, Reagan.

The sun just came out.

And it also

happens to be setting for me.

What are you talking about?

I got word the other day
from Internal Affairs

that they're pulling me back in.


When do you start?

Monday morning.

Well, Kate, I suggest you

do some cleaning up
up there in I.A., okay?

Sure there's a lot more snakes
where Elwood came from.

That's the first thing
on my list.


Nice working with you, kid.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Bless us, O Lord,
for these, Thy gifts,

which we are about to receive
from your bounty,

through Christ, our Lord. Amen.



Something smells good,

and it's not
the sugar snap peas.

That's the dessert.

Mr. Wojcik threw in a batch

of kolaches with the cheesecake.


Well, I don't care
if he threw in a $100 bill.

I'm not eating his stuff.

Come on, kid.

Almost went to prison
over this cheesecake.

You got to eat
some of it.

What do you got
against him?

He lied right to my face
about Danny being there.


I mean, no.

Not right to my face.

He, um, he lied to somebody.


Did you know

I got a bill from
your ex-husband

for legal services rendered?

I don't know anything
about that.

Me, neither.

- Hmm.
- He was supposed

to send that bill to me.

He was, was he?

Yeah, I ran into him
on the street.

What street?

How much is the shyster
gouging me for?

One whole dollar.


You know,
now that I think about it,

there are some things
that I haven't been quite able

to figure out about how this
all came together.

Kate's a hell of a cop.

But you never did
explain how she was able

to connect Elwood
to Saul Ward.

Hey, I stayed
a million miles away.


Garrett'll vouch for that.

I'm sure.

Let me get this straight.

You all said that there was

nothing you could do
to help Danny...

...and nothing was what you did?




You swear on it?

There will be no swearing
at this table.

Could somebody pass the salt?

Thank you.

You're welcome.

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