Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Inside Jobs - full transcript

The commissioner reluctantly does his duty: providing due police protection for nationally reputed white supremacist Curtis Swint, who comes to exercise his right of free speech in a New York hotel. It proves no coincidence that rats turns up inconveniently at two nearby places: on the street, in the trousers of a battered nobody, too scared to file an abuse complaint from hospital, and at a fund-raising gala dinner organized by socialite Sophia Lanza, who just asked Erin to join some of her charities. Still, Danny has a hard time finding and proving the link.

I'm not kidding here, folks.

Mayor Cess Poole of
New York City

and his tribe
of Rainbow Warriors

are charging a white kid
with a hate crime.

And you know
what that hate crime is?

This white kid unwrapped
a ham sandwich

in his cafeteria at school,
and a black Muslim kid

was sitting at the table.

Ladies and gentlemen,
that's what it's come to:

a ham sandwich in the hands
of a white person

is a weapon in a hate crime.

So, you know
what we're going to do?

We're going to take this show
to New York City,

and we're going to take back
New York for white Americans.

Turn it off.

Say it with me: I want my U.S.A.

Guy makes this stuff up.

He takes a silly ACLU test case
from one of the charter schools

and spins it
into a racist conspiracy.

When's the circus come to town?

Monday. The Strand Theatre
on 44th Street.

Are all his permits in order?

Yes. Granted to a holding
company called American Way.

Which is why we had
no heads-up on this

until a watchdog group
called it into my office

first thing this morning.

And, of course,
the watchdog group

will want the word out
on our streets.

Traffic, Bomb Squad and Patrol

are all being
brought up to speed.

He did a show from
Chicago last year,

which resulted in a couple
of dozen arrests for assault

and a fair amount
of property damage.

Once upon a time, his
stink would've been

contained by the reach
of his radio station.

Not anymore.

Damn Internet's a
blessing and a curse.

Can I quote you on that?

Senior Living is hounding me
for a sound bite.

What's the good news?

Who said there was good news?

If I ask for a jelly doughnut,
would you say,

"Who said there's
a jelly doughnut?" No...

I'll go find some.

Thank you.

What I know is she just
got moved down here

from riding a
desk in Vice.

There's lots of eyes
on her from higher up.

Mm. Not bad.


I don't mean because
of her looks though.

Oh, she's a lot easier
on the eyes

than, say, you or me.

Especially you.

So, what we got is
a newly-minted detective

with very little street-time
under her belt.

Yeah, well, you know
what they say, Sarge:

a detective shield
does not a detective make.

Takes a village.
That's right.

Which... is where you come in.

So, go say hi
to your new partner.

Oh, come on, Sarge.

Why do I always get stuck
babysitting the new girls?

Well, it's either her or me.



I'm Detective Reagan.

Candice McElroy.
Good to me you, Detective.

You, too.

So, people call you Candy?

Yeah, they do... once.


You got a brother
in the military?


No, no, I'm an only child.


Husband? Boyfriend?

86th Airborne,
three tours in Afghanistan.


Well, thank you
for your service, soldier.

You're welcome.

Two tours in Fallujah.

And thank you for yours.

Sarge says we're going to
be riding together, so...

People call me Mac.

Nice to meet you, Mac.

Welcome aboard.

Now, I know we've promised
you all a performance

by the incomparable Alicia Keys,

but I just got
a message from her,

and she ain't singing
for her supper

unless all of our pledge goals
are met first.

So, on the back
of your place cards,

there's a handy little box,
in which you can write

your pledge amount.

And I beg you--

and you know me,
I ain't too proud to beg--

to please, please give.

Give till it hurts,
so that so many...

in need... can stop hurting.

Thank you so much,
for all that you do,

for being here tonight.

Thank you.

Hi. Hi. You're here again.

Get your pens. Get your pens.

Swap seats with
me for dessert?

Yes, Goddess.

Thank you.


Yeah, sarcastic nickname
from my childhood.

The more I complained,
the more I got it, so...

finally I gave up.

Anyway, are you
having fun yet?

It's lovely.
Thank you for inviting me.

Not at all.

And do you know that Stephen
is not only that good-looking,

but he's a top heart specialist
at Columbia Presbyterian.

And single.
And single.

And, and, and not gay.

All right, what do I owe you?

Your presence is my present.

You're so full of it.

Okay, but you asked.

I would like you to join

the City of Courage
board of directors

and the board for the Harlem
Youth Outreach Program.

Sophia, y-you know
I don't have anything like

the deep pockets you need for...

Oh, no, no, no.
You have a wide network.

You would make
a fantastic fundraiser,

and you'd be a tremendous asset
at any given table.

As an extra woman?

As an essential woman.

Now, I have watched you all
the way through law school.

I would say you remind me of me,
but those things

tend to backfire on people.

I would be flattered to be
compared to you.

All right, then you are me.

You're just Irish,
a little bit taller,

and, uh, not so nudgy.

Okay, why don't you just go.

No, no, no, I'm fine.

Now we just ask, what would
Jackie O do in this situation?

Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
please, please!

They are more scared of us
than we are of them!

Go out to the lobby,
I'll meet you there.

But, please, bring your
name cards to the lobby

and we will meet there!

Sir? Sir, can you understand me?

Look, do you have any idea
who did this to you?


All right, go on.

Get him out of here.
Yes, sir.

Reagan, we got a witness.

This is Mr. Sands.
Mr. Sands.

Did you see what happened?

Well, I saw a car pull up and
just throw that poor man out,

and then I called 911.

Okay, uh, what kind of car?

Did you get
a license plate number?

It was the kind of car
that airport rental people

call mid-size.

Beige or taupe.

I was a little

too freaked to memorize
the license plate.

Okay, understandable.


We found this when we cut away

the victim's pants.
Oh, my God.

You found that
in his pants?


Some kind of mob message?

Or a union beef.

Oh, that's disgusting.
How do you think he feels?

He was in some guy's pants.

Uh, the deceased here,

did he have
any identification on him?


Any last words?

Oh, man.

I'm just saying.

You people
are terrible.

No, Mr. Sands,

it's a coping mechanism.

It's how we cope
with loss around here.

Um, we should probably get
a picture of the deceased.



Say "cheese."


♪ Blue Bloods 3x13 ♪
Inside Jobs
Original Air Date on February 1, 2013

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Okay, let's try
to keep this civil.

Okay, boys, one at a time.


The newspaper Dia Noticias

is out this morning
with transcripts

of this Curtis Swint's
vicious attacks

against the Latino population.

Including the
time and address

of his New York

Of course.

Providing free
publicity and playing

right into his hands.

I'd call it
more like alerting them

to this monster
coming to town.

Then get the word out for
your people to ignore him.

To what end? Apathy?

No, to avoid a

Which is bound to play

like the worst aspects of
the Puerto Rican Day parade.

This is leadership?
Frank, please.

No, it's common sense.
No, it's caving in.

Oh, and how is that?

Did Reverend King affect change
by staying home? No.

He took the people
to the streets.

Reverend Potter,
you are not Dr. King.

And Swint doesn't
represent any force of law.

He's a talk show host.

And Hitler was a bureaucrat.

Oh, for God's sakes,
we're talking about

free speech here.

Gentlemen, let's just try
to stay on track.

He calls you Mayor Cess Poole,
New York's Lawn Jockey.

Rafael, I'm quite aware
of what Swint calls me.

We found something.

Thank you.

Okay, there may be an option.

The boiler inspection
at The Strand Theatre

is overdue,
rendering the permits invalid.

No harm, no foul.

It wasn't meant to be.

It is 8:30 Friday morning.

Swint doesn't broadcast
until Monday.

There is plenty of time
to get the boiler inspected.

That is not the responsibility
of the mayor's office,

or mine, or yours.

All right, fellas,
I got real work to do.

And what do you
think this is?

Turn back the clock.

Say it was Malcolm X
coming to town.

Are we really the kind of men
who want to try

and muzzle this guy
on a stupid technicality?

Count me out.

So, a man walks out of
a bar in Washington Heights.

An hour later, he ends up
in the East Fifties

with four broken bones
and a rat in his pants.

Any idea how you got there?


Any idea who
put you there?


Okay, well, how about
you make the complaint

so we can find out
who did it for you.

I don't want any trouble.

Jimmy, you've got
three broken ribs,

a shattered kneecap and rat
bites on your stick and stones.

What the hell
is your definition of trouble?

Being a rat.

Ah, the oath of silence.

I didn't say I took
an oath of silence.

Well, of course you didn't
take an oath.

You're in beverage distribution,

you're not in
La Cosa Nostra.

Look, I really am sorry,
I got nothing to say.

I talk to you, things will
only get worse for me.

Excuse me.

Jimmy, here's my number.

And I'm going to find out
who did this to you,

whether you like it or not.

But I would
appreciate some help.

Thanks for that. Bye.

What'd you get?

His record's clean,

but the owner of the booze
distributor where he works

lives on the block
where they dumped him.

So it was a delivery
or a message.

Yeah. He's the little guy
in something.

Hate it when they stick it
to the little guy.

Who's "they"?

That's what we're
going to find out.

Come in.



Hey. I was just
down with the mayor.

Were your ears burning?

Oh, cut it out.

And thank you for the totally
unnecessary flowers.

Oh, everyone at
the dinner got them.

It, uh, was my attempt
at damage control.


Well, did you ever hear
about what happened?

The police said
that a pipe

in the basement of the building
next door burst

and it sent all the rats
looking for new digs.

Look, these are some

financial disclosure forms.

Just routine vetting
when you come on board,

to make sure there's not
a conflict of interest.

Okay. So this is
how it's done.

How what's done?

Giving me the paperwork

before I've even said yes.

Do you know how else
you remind me of me?

Uh-oh. This isn't
gonna backfire?

You know, I shortened my name
to Franza from Franzarotta.

Of the restaurant Franzarotta's.

My grandfather said that was
like a second home to him.

My-my dad had
his bachelor party there.

New York institution
for 75 years.

I had Cardinal Spellman,
Joe Namath,

and Frank Sinatra
at my first Holy Communion.


Okay, so how else
do I remind you of you?

You grew up like me.

You're an only girl

in an alpha-male
family business,

so you were probably wondering
how the hell

you were going to survive
without a penis.

And then you were wondering
how you were going to

strike out and invent yourself.

Ring any bells?


Now, look,
raising money,

even for worthy causes,
is a bitch.

But I'll let you in
on a little secret.

It is one of
the few areas

where men will leave
women alone,

because they know women
are superior at it.

They do?

Have you ever heard of
a Father Teresa?


I will leave you
with the forms.

If you sign them,
I know I have a partner.

Well, you kind of had me at
"What would Jackie O do?"

That works every time.


What do you want
me to say, Detective?

Oh, I don't know.
The truth, maybe?

Okay, truly, you're wasting
your time, and mine.

We'll be the
judge of that.

Come and look at
the citations on that wall.

NYPD thank-yous up the wazoo.

You think I mean disrespect?

I got nothing but respect.

Look, I got no idea why someone
would give Jimmy a beat-down.

And I sure as hell
don't know

why they dumped him
on my block.

Okay, well, who has
a beef with you?

Look, Reagan...

Please. Call me
by my first name.

Which is?


Look, Jimmy heads up
my delivery team.

Now, you know and I know
that nothing moves in this city

without the rails
getting greased.

Sounds like he got
himself into a jam,

but the who or the what,
I have no idea.

Come on, end of story.

We buying this?

We're not
buying it.

It's all I got to sell.


I think Jimmy's
the little fish

in something bigger.

Well, you'd have
to ask him about that.

Your men, they always
fuel your trucks

from two-gallon cans?



What are
you doing?


Hold it!

Hold it! Police!


Open the door!

Hold it!

Stop the car!

Stop the car
and open the door!



You okay?

Yeah. Did you
get the plates?

Yeah. I should
call a bus.

No, I'm fine.

But my raincoat's not.

You can get
another raincoat.

Oh, my wife
bought me that

for my tenth
wedding anniversary.

It's English;
I love that coat.

Did you get the
make of the car?


Taurus, like
the kind of car

an airport rental guy
would call "mid-size"?

Like the dog
walker said?

Yeah. Yeah.

You know what?

Call it in, run the
plates. Hey, you.

All right.
Hey, you all right?

Yeah, I'm
all right.

And don't you dare tell
me you have no idea

who you got a beef with.
All right, all right, look.

I, uh...

I got union
problems, okay?

Oh. So it takes me almost
getting dragged to death

for you to cooperate?

Hey, I sic the cops
on a New York Local,

next thing I got bottles
broken in every case

and I can't get
my trash hauled.

What's your
union problem?

All right.

We've always been
a non-union shop, right?

Federated Hospitality.

Every time
they elect a new head,

they try to strong-arm us
into joining, okay?

It's been going on since
my grandfather was here.

Oh. Great.

I smell it.

Terrific, terrific.

I'm gonna have to replace
the tanks at least.

You think it was union?

Look, I don't
know, okay?

And-and I'll deny
that I sent you.

Look, I got a guy
in the hospital,

I got two trucks out,
so if you'll excuse me,

I got to salvage
my business.

Yeah. You have
a good day.

I got a name
and address on the plates.

Let's go.


As you were.


Before we dive in,

the event we are coordinating
this joint effort around

is bound to give us

some fluid situations
right up through

Monday afternoon,
due to

the incendiary nature of
Mr. Swint's rhetoric,

the audience for it,
and the protestors

which will inevitably gather
against it.

I know some of you

have mixed feelings
about your roles in this,

and I can
appreciate that.

But it is our job.

Personal feelings,
leave them at home.

We'll start

with Transportation.

Chief Sinclair.

Thank you for that, sir.

Because the event is happening
on a Monday afternoon,

the adjacent Broadway theaters
are dark.

So we can take
the two blocks

east and west of the theater
with barricades.

There'll be five units
on horseback, 12 on foot,

stationed on
each block.

Where's the mobile command
set up?


Well, let's move it
farther up the avenue.

We may require
additional vehicles.

Let's keep that space open.

Yes, sir.

a word?

Excuse me.

Please. Sit.

Swint's been calling,
asking for a meeting.

I'm busy.
And I've been blowing him off,

but now he's


To thank you, personally.

I don't want his thanks.

I just wanted
to check.

Can't promise he won't
wait outside.

You can use the garage exit.

I'm not sneaking
around my own building.

Got it.

Wait a minute.

Have him come back at 6:00.


Maybe Mr. Swint can
save me some time

by providing a threat assessment
on himself.

That's actually a good idea.

Every month or so,
I try to have one.

Because if history
teaches us anything,

something's up when you ask me
for cupcakes middle of the day,

out of the blue.

You know, there is such a thing

as being too smart.

I have been asked
to join the board

of a couple charities.


It would mean that I would
have even less free time

than the little free time
I already have,

but... they're
really good causes.


I'm torn.

You know, in a few years,
you're gonna be off in college,

and I'll have every night
of the week to fill.

So I'm not sure that
now is the right time.

But the opportunity is now.


What's in it for you?

To do some good for my city.

You already do that.

Good that is not
just measured by

the number of convictions
or length of sentences.

But by...?

Another definition for myself.

I mean, I-I love

being your mom,
but that tour is almost over.

I'm nobody's wife.


The woman who's asked me
on board is

someone I've always admired.


kind of like the seal
of approval coming from her.

You should go for it, Mom.


This Richie Tomlin
registered his car at a bar?

Yeah, well, believe it or
not, it's not that unusual.

It's kind of like the old-school
way of staying off the grid.

Well, we've got a name
but not a face.

How do you want to handle this?

Think we should handle it
the way he would handle it:


A vodka cranberry.

Pit Stop.

Uh, h-hold on, hold on.

Hey, Richie?

You here?

Say who it is.

Mr. Burberry.


No, he's not here.

All right.

It's that big guy.

Wipe you out, Vinnie.

Richie Tomlinson,

Why don't you put
the stick down,

- get your hands on the table.
- Hey.

Come on, I'm
shooting pool here!

Get your hands
on the table!

You know,
you got this wrong.

I got nothing wrong.
You're under arrest.

What the hell you
arresting me for?

That was his favorite raincoat.

She's a cop?


She's cute.

Mr. Swint, Commissioner Reagan,
Deputy Commissioner Moore.



I just wanted
the opportunity

to thank you for showing us the
hospitality here in your city.

It's not hospitality, sir.

I'm just doing my job.

it's my understanding

that you personally saw to it
that the boiler

in the theater basement
was duly inspected,

so that our little show
could go on.

That's not exactly accurate.

Let's see where
that came from.

Excuse me.

Mr. Swint...

Please, Curtis.

Mr. Swint, please don't
mistake my regard

for your First Amendment rights
as any kind

of endorsement
of your positions.


I brought you a gift, sir.

I'm afraid I can't accept it.

Although, I have been

known to bend the rules
if it's something I like.

I heard you like good scotch.

I do like scotch.

You can take it with you
when you leave.

As you wish.

I agreed to see you to find out
if you could help us

with threat assessment.

Well, we get the occasional
bomb threat in the studio.

Always a hoax.

Death threats, mostly lynchings,
but I'm still here.

The vilest imaginable
hate mail,

but "sticks and stones"
as the saying goes.

But that's out there in America.

I really don't know
what to expect here in New York.

You can expect safe passage,
courtesy of

the finest police department
in the world.

One question.


Which is the act?

The Midwestern gentleman bid
in here

or that horror show
on the radio?


I'm just
an old-fashioned American

trying to call attention
to the fact that this country

we call home
is being stolen from us.

Speaking of acts,

yours must be a tough one.

Not really-- what you see
is what you get.

I see a white American
whose boss is a Negro radical,

who tries to keep the streets
safe from a vicious rainbow

of aliens
and homegrown half-breeds.

All under the thumb
of a handful of Jews,

whose true allegiance is
to Israel and their own wallets.

And when they boast about
this great melting pot,

you have to grin and salute.

And that is one hell of an act.

There's a part of you that
can't speak up for yourself.

You don't have
to say it, Commissioner,

but I know
you thank me, too.

Good night.

I got it.

Your lawyer's on his
way down, Richie.

In the meantime, uh, we're
searching your car for evidence

in the assault on
one Jimmy DeLeo.

You find any change under
the seat, you can keep it.

It's on me.


We both been
here before, Richie,

so how about we don't waste
each other's time, okay?

Yeah, we've both been here, so
you know I wait for my lawyer.

Look, I don't want you
for pouring kerosene

in Greenwald's trucks.

Good, 'cause I didn't do that.

Maybe you didn't,
but you did drive.

You also drove away with a
New York city detective snagged

in the passenger door
of your car.

Hey, I didn't notice
that you were a cop,

and that you were snagged.

What's your current
employment situation, Richie?

I'm an independent consultant
serving as a liaison between

the hospitality
service unions,

the consumers and the vendors.

Nice job memorizing that.

Who pays your fees?


Eddie Krumfeldt.
Long time no see.



What do we got?

Well, what we got here
is a magic moment

for you and
your client.

How is that?

Well, we got a guy
I think Richie put

in the hospital who won't swear
a complaint out against him.

We also got a guy, Richie
vandalized his trucks,

who wants no part of the police
in any of this, so again,

no complaints filed.

Last but not
least, we got me,

who could charge Richie
with assaulting an officer,

but hasn't done that yet.

Do you understand
what I'm getting at?

Yes, I do.

What you got is

between now and Monday, when
Richie goes before the judge,

to decide exactly how
it is that you're gonna

play out your
magic moment.

Unless, of course,
you'd like to wet my beak now.

I dropped your raincoat off
at my dry cleaners,

and they're gonna
fix it by Thursday.

That's very
kind of you.

Not what I
meant though.

All I got is the nickname.

Whose nickname?
The nickname

of the alleged person
that allegedly pays my fee.

Okay, this
alleged person,

do you know them?

No, just the nickname.

Have you ever witnessed
them committing a crime?

Just a nickname for now.



Goddess? A woman?

Yeah, Goddess.

Goddess-- I got it.


Thank you.

And the First Amendment

that you have the right
to speak your mind

in the place and manner
you see fit.

Sort of.

Well, it's more
than sort of, Grandpa.

So, if I'm bored in math,
I can just say,

"Hey, Teach,
I'm dying over here"?

Yeah, you have that right.

And then Teach has the right
to give you a week's worth

of detention for being
such a knucklehead.

I don't get it.

Well, Sean, the First
Amendment doesn't cover

the consequences,
just your right to speak up

in the first place.

You still have
to use your head.

It's called exercising
good judgment.

You see the difference, Sean?

I still might try it.

I'll tell you what,

you try it, and I'm gonna
use some good judgment

and exercise
my First Amendment right

to crack you on your butt,
how's that?

Wait, so this Swint
guy, he can just say

all these horrible
things about everybody,

and you have to just, like,
make sure the show goes on?

In a nutshell, yes.

Sure, 'cause
the nutcases also have rights.

That's what makes
this country so great.

And so incredibly confusing.

I strongly disagree with
what you say, but I will defend

to the death
your right to say it.

French guy named
Voltaire said that, boys.

Hear about the rats, Dad?

What about the rats?
Ah, somebody set free

a bunch of rats in
a fancy charity dinner

on Thursday night.
Wait, I was there.

You were there?

Tell me about it.

What do you mean
they set them free?

We were told they came from
a flooded basement next door.

Hmm, not what I heard.

The detectives on the case said
it looked like sabotage.

Somebody brought them in,
set them loose.

What detectives?

Jensen and his partner--
what's his name?

Yeah, anyway,

word is it looks like
one of those charities

that makes enemies by, you know,

giving more to themselves.

No, they're barking
up the wrong tree.

Setting loose rats

sounds like a union beef.
Yeah, maybe that's it.

Was the dinner for
one of those charities

you were asked to join?
Yeah, City of Courage.

Any history of problems?

Not that I know of.

Want to help me clear?


I got a case--

a casualty in a war that
I don't really understand yet.

Guy was found beaten up and
dumped with a rat in his pants.

Late Thursday night,

the same night the rats
crashed your party.


So, somebody told you
that the rats came

from the basement next door.

But the cops think that
the rats were orchestrated.

So, she had the
wrong information.

Who is she?

The woman who
invited me.


And... nothing.

Her name is Sophia Franza;
you can look her up.

She's kind of famous in the
New York charity circles.

I've known her on
and off for 20 years.

All right. Maybe I'm reaching.

I'm just trying
to make a connection here

with the rats, that's all.

Well, I can ask
her who told her

about the rats coming
from next door.

Thank you.



One more thing.

There was a nickname
popped up

from a guy who I like
for a part in this.

Um, Goddess.

Does that ring
a bell at all?

Not that I can think of.


You coming?


Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.

What the hell?

Evening, Jimmy.

We just came by to let you know
we have a surveillance tape

of you with two crates
covered in table cloths,

sneaking your little
petting zoo into that party,

right through the back.

It wasn't me.

No, it was
definitely you, Jimmy.

We just watched it.

But... the investigating

don't know who you are.


So you're gonna
do us a favor.

Who put you up to it?

Get... get the damn light
out of my face.

Look, Jimmy,
it's Sunday night, okay?

And quite frankly,
I should be at home

spending quality time
harassing my family

instead of wasting it here
harassing you.

So why don't you
start talking, okay?

You'll protect me?

Well, I think that depends
on what you tell us right now.

We had a good thing going.

My guys at the Port of Newark
would... load me up

with palettes of wine and booze
they lifted from off-load.

I'd take care of them,
sell the booze to the charities,

they'd take care of me.

Whoa, what-what charities
are you talking about?

Uh... ones the Goddess

has her finger in.

That's what
they call her.

I-I don't know her real name;
I never met her.

She's real connected
on account her family's

got a restaurant, what I heard.
All right.

Word came down they're
cutting my end in half.

So you tried to renegotiate
with a room full of rats?

Something like that..

Somebody tipped them off.

I ended up here.

What about, uh, Greenwald?

Why sabotage his trucks?

He in on it?

They must've thought he was,
but it was my deal.

That's the story.

Mother Teresa's

given name, five letters,
ending in...


A-G-N-E-S. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Those who cannot
remember the past

are condemned
to repeat it?

George Santayana.

No, no, no, no, he's
not in the puzzle.

I just see that you're hitting
your New York history.

I got to protect this guy.

Yeah, you do.

Nowhere does it say

I get to pick and choose
who gets First Amendment rights.

I've checked.

Could've told you that.

But I also have
to represent

the office I hold
and what it stands for.

And what part of all this is
getting you so riled up?

The part where I had him
up to my office.

I felt like I had to take
a shower afterwards.

When Teddy Roosevelt headed up
the Police Commission,

an anti-Semitic
German academic booked

a downtown hall
for one of his rants.

You had a significant
Jewish population in this city,

but also an immigrant German
faction that would come out

in droves to hear the old ugly
songs from the Fatherland.

Did Roosevelt stop him?

No, he did not.

He saw to it that the lecture
went off without a hitch

and not a drop of blood spilled.

How'd he do that?

He must've found another way
to skin that particular cat.

Look, I'm not saying
I got all my ducks lined up

in a row here, sis,

but both guys gave me
the same name: Goddess.

Yeah, two lowlifes with
who-knows-what agenda,

aimed at a woman with
really good weight on her side

who's never had a single entry
on a rap sheet.

Okay, that's all true.

But I'm not paid
to drink the Kool-Aid here, sis.

I am not drinking the Kool-Aid.

Yes, you are. And I hope
for your sake you're right.

But we're not gonna know
for sure until

we drill down on this.
And how do we do that?

Look, the guy who handed out
the beat-down, this Tomlinson,

he's freelance muscle.

He says he can I.D. Goddess.
He says.

Yeah, he says!

We're only gonna know if
he's telling the truth one way!

- How?
- Okay, I'll be out in a minute.

- I got to go.
- Wait a minute!


Hi! It's a great party.

Yeah, well, except
for the entree.

I couldn't tell if it
was varmint or critter.

Well, at least it wasn't running
around the room this time.

There is that.

Everything okay?


Having second thoughts?

Not about coming aboard.

But something.

It can wait.

Richie Tomlinson told me
that he dropped off a suitcase

full of kickback cash

to Goddess and her driver
sometime back,

and that he got a good enough
look at her to I.D. her.

Mm-hmm, and maybe they just
have another agenda here.

Throw her under the bus
to throw you off case.

No, no. Look, neither
DeLeo or Tomlinson

can even spell "agenda,"
much less carry one out.

Stupidity does not make
for a very good informant.

Tomlinson confessed
to giving DeLeo the beat-down

on orders of Goddess
and her crew,

because DeLeo brought
all the rats to her party

in an effort to renegotiate
his side deal.

Look, I would show Tomlinson
a lineup of mug shots,

but the Goddess doesn't have
a mug shot.

So you want to do

a live lineup?

If Ms. Franza is
all you think she is,

Tomlinson won't be able
to I.D. her,

and she can go on her merry way.

Or I may have been played
for a fool.

Maybe she was a good person.

Maybe she just got away
with so many little things

for so long, now she thinks
she can get away with anything.

And maybe you just got caught up
in her orbit at the wrong time.

I got to get back to work.

You'll let me know
the when and the where?

All right.

Thank you.


No, that ain't her.


Hey. Hey.

So sorry I'm late.
That's all right.

She just played

with the tall brunette
over there.

You sure that's her?

Yeah, that's Goddess.

Okay, well.

Excuse me.

Everything okay?

Yes, Goddess.

Oh, no, no, no,
not you, too, please.

Stay put.

When they say
charity starts at home,

I guess you must have
misunderstood what that meant.

Erin, I don't know
what you're talking about.

I mean, how well can you eat?

What do you really need
at this kind of price?

Hey, what game is this?

I guess when you squeeze people
a little too tight,

they eventually pop.

Hey, hey, hey,
I don't know

what you think you've got,
but you think again.

The good work

that I do for
this city far outweighs

any slander or innuendo that you
might've trumped up, Ms. Reagan.

Son of a...

Do I know you?

No, but I know you.

Who the hell are you?
Detective Reagan.

Ms. Franza, you're under arrest
for extortion,

accepting a bribe
and accessory to

felony assault--
and that's just for appetizers.

Please put your hands
behind your back, ma'am.

You're framing me?

Have you any idea
how much money

I've raised for this city?!

There are charities
in this city that wouldn't

exist without my work!
Let's go.

No, no! You are gonna be sorry!

Let's go, come on.
You don't want to do this.

Get her out of here.
Come on.

I already am.

One, two, three, check.

One, two, three, check.

What the...?

Mr. Swint.

This some kind of joke?

On the contrary.

This is a full complement
of my finest officers

in service to your right
to peaceful assembly

and free speech
in our fair city.

I don't want them
or need them. Get out.

Well, I'm afraid
I can't do that, sir.

See, the particulars
of your contract

with the management
of this theater

require an NYPD
security presence

up to and during your broadcast.

You're welcome.

Proceed to your assigned posts.


You dug up every mutt, mongrel

and half-breed
to do it.

This is Sergeant Spinner.

Just by coincidence,
Sergeant Spinner was

a blind-side tackle on your own
Kansas State Wildcats.

Good for him!

At your service, sir.

Proceed to your post,

This is harassment,
plain and simple.

No, sir,
it's just our New York way

of saying, "Howdy, stranger."

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