Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 3 - Behind the Smile - full transcript

Frank's esteem for an old friend proves to be a mistake; Jamie asks Erin for help apprehending a perp who shot at him after learning she chose not to send him to prison six months ago; Eddie clashes with her new boss.

What time is it?


So, in one minute,
we're off duty,

and yet Central
gives us this job.

Really? There was
no one else available?

Just admit it. You want to see
Jamie at change of tour.

Well, we are newlyweds,

we still like each other.

Maybe our new boss will
show us some sympathy

and cut us loose.

Morning, boss.
What do we got?

Neighborhood pool turned
into a watery grave overnight.

Female Hispanic,

early 20s,
looks like

blunt force trauma to the head.
Keep the crowd back.

You really need us?

Did I stutter?

No. I just mean...

girls need
their beauty rest, right?

Our tour was
almost over.

So was mine.
Now it's not.


All right, folks,
let's get back.Keep it back.

Let's get back here.

Your vic died
of a myocardial infarction.

Neck bruises were from lividity,
not strangulation.

So, no foul play.
Natural causes.


Got to be kidding me.

Well, I guess I'll cut
his brother loose then.

Tell him I accept tips.

Will do.

You okay?

Actually, uh...

That-that couple.Mm-hmm.

When I was here the other day,
they were sitting right there.

They come in every couple
of days, asking about Jane Does.

I show 'em photos of
who I got, they say none

are a match and they leave.

And that doesn't strike you
as strange,

that they're looking
for Jane Does every couple days?

It's the morgue.
Strange is what we do.

Scuse me.

Hey. How you doing?

I was wondering

how you're doing.

Um, Detective Reagan.

Do you mind if I ask
you a question or two?

Sorry. No English.

That's funny. The doc said

you speak English.We go now.

Look, I just wanted
to ask you a question or two.

Must go! Sorry.

Matt will start the
welcoming remarks,

with Misty and
Mindy following,

and then the three of you will
introduce Commissioner Reagan.

Uh, are we supposed
to write what we say?

Well, yeah.

I'm happy to help.

Or, shoot, I can.

I mean, your mom kept me awake

at I don't know how many
rubber-chicken charity dinners

with great stories.

I'd be happy to share some.

That would be great.

We're kind of more public
figures than public speakers.

Commissioner Reagan
is a public figure.

You guys post selfies
with people you don't know

and product endorsements
for stuff you don't use.

Could you just...Oh, I'm sorry,

Mindy, does the truth hurt?

Or you're just jealous.

Let's just keep our eyes
on the prize here.

What prize?
What this is all about, honoring

the great New York legacy
of a great

New Yorker.More BS.

Okay, I think we've gone
over everything...

Hold on a second.

Matt, seems like you have
something to share here.

I've tried for months
to get a meeting with you.

That's news to me.

Well, schedules
never gelled.

This is all a fraud.

While my mother was telling you
funny stories at dinner,

there were people
all over this city

trying to pull her knife out
of their backs.

Please don't listen
to him. He's just...

No, you might want
to protect yourself here.

Because when the real stories
come out about my mother,

you're gonna look pretty silly
polishing her statue.

I think I knew your mother
pretty well.

A lot of people thought
they did.

They didn't.

I'm done here.

I am so sorry.

Under the circumstances,

I need to see you two out
as well.


Oh, boy.

Didn't expect to walk my first
foot post with a sergeant.

Did I screw up already?

Nah, your training
officer banged in sick.

I figured I'd help out.

So, graduated first in your
class at the academy, huh?

I guess so.

Modest, too. You
keep that attitude,

you'll go far in
this department.

What's up with this?

You thinking
what I'm thinking?

Yeah, or, uh, maybe
he's the owner.

Uh, follow my lead.


Excuse me, sir.

Can you step away from
the vehicle, please?

Hey, it's not what
it looks like.

See, my keys are all screwed up.

Keep your hands where
I can see 'em. Hey!


Roland! Roland.

Hey, Roland.

Hey, hey, Roland.
What happened?

Hey, you hit?

10-13. Officer down.

Corner of Harlem River Drive
and 135th Street. I repeat,

I got an officer down.

Pool's closed today.But my kids need to cool off.

There's another pool
on 126th Street.

And a Y over
on Amsterdam.

Hey, Rachel,

your ten o'clock,
that guy in the back,

is he smiling at me?


Now he's
smiling at me.

What, is he
mocking us?

Or he killed that girl.

Oh. Where you going,

I'm just going to tell Detective
Kotcheff there's a guy.

He's throwing a weird
grin our direction.

So that's how that works now?

You just tack on the name Reagan

and, suddenly, you're running
the crime scene?

What? No.

Boss, she's just
trying to help.

Yeah, and I still go by
Janko when I'm on the job.

And I go by chain of command.

So if you have any information

that you need to convey
to the detective,

your patrol supervisor does it.


Just right over there.
You can see yourself...


He's not there anymore.

So there's nothing
to tell anybody?

If there ever really was.


How you doing, Roland?

Can't believe I
fell on my ass.

Yeah. Well, it happens
to the best of us.

I thought the guy shot me.

Well, let's get you a ride home,
where you can relax.

And we'll start again as soon
as you're back to full duty.

Start again?


Get back on the horse.

But this is only my third
day out of the academy.

What happens next time?
Or the time after that?

We start slow.

And I got your back
every step of the way.

But you were made for this job.
I can see that in you.

You've also seen rookies die,

That's not the point...That's exactly the point.

It'll be my wife
getting the flag,

not yours.

Mr. Morales,
you've been very helpful.

Exit's the same way
you came in. Thank you.

Hey. Solid lead
in our furniture store murder.

Mm-hmm. Great.

Guess you I.D.'d
the Chinese couple?

Not yet.

Well, then enough already.

Come on.Enough already, you.

I mean, aren't you even
the least bit curious

about the Jane Doe
they're looking for?

Or why the two of
them blew me off?

Well, that I understand.

Very funny.

You know, you're
really hilarious, Baez.

You're chasing your tail.

I'm not chasing my tail.

Something's going on,
and I know it.

Okay, well, here we go.

The credit card used
in the taxicab belonged

to one Jun Xi Chen.

Hmm. Okay, well, run
it through BADS then.

I'm already doing it.

Jun Xi Chen
was collared last year

when he clipped a pedestrian
with the food truck

he owns.
What do you know?

He has a wife.

Wei-Feng Chen.

She was also collared when
she interfered with the arrest.

They collared her
for obstruction.

That's it?

No, that's not it.

There's another Jun Xi Chen.

Appears to be his son.

And what was he collared for?

He wasn't collared for anything.

Because he's...

Officer Jun Xi Chen.

Curious now?

Don't worry, Frank.

I'll get you out of it.

I'm not gonna do that.

If I missed something,
that's on me.

You turn down requests
like this all the time.

What's the big deal?

Mary Jane.

She was funny.
She was beautiful.

She had great legs.

And that's all
you're gonna get out of me.

So she'd do that thing

where she'd touch your hand and
lean in close with the punchline

or the piece of gossip,
and whatever that perfume was

would just go straight
to your head?

Gone too soon.

Coming through.

Long and short of it,

she made a lot of enemies.

Had or made?There a diff?

Well, she inherited the business
from her husband.

Maybe she inherited his enemies.

Boss, I report, you decide.

47 civil suits for
late or nonpayments

to vendors and

Most of them

settled out of court.

A lot of complaints

of workplace abuse and
hostile environment-type stuff.

Again, settled off the record.

But all with Ms. Kaye
being the defendant.

And it turns out

she also cut Matt out
of the will.


And the good?

Not a single welching on
the charitable pledges she made.

And there were tons of 'em.

What's your take on the sisters?

You mean as a woman?

Hey, you said it, not me.

The way they flounced in here,

throwing shade at my shoes and
demanding the Wi-Fi password,

definitely gave me
a mean girl vibe.

Wouldn't be a stretch
that they learned it from Mom.

And the son?

Getting cut out of the will
explains a lot.

But does it mean he's lying
about the way she really was?

"The evil that men do
lives after them;

the good they do is oft interred
with their bones."

Jamie. Shouldn't you be out
policing or something?

I am policing. Even
after me and a rookie

almost got our heads
blown off yesterday.What?

Even worse, prints at the
scene I.D.'d the shooter

as a guy that youchose
not to send to prison.Wait.

Slow down.So you can have time to
come up with an excuse?

No, so I can understand what
the hell you're talking about.

Manny Langston.

Thief, addict,
all-around skel.

Got collared six months ago
on drugs and a handgun.

And yet instead
of doing any time,

he cops a diversion
plea, wound up enrolled

in some dumb-ass community-based
vocational crap.


like you usually support
programs like that.

For first-time offenders.Look...

I didn't make Manny's deal.

Well, now I got a
rookie who's so scared,

he's ready to tank
a promising career.

So we make it right.


I actually might know
how to flush him out.

You sure this is a good idea?

No. But the Chens' address
and phone number was useless,

so what else are we gonna do?

Officer Chen?

Jun Xi Chen?
Detective Reagan.

My partner, Detective
Baez, from the 5-4 squad.

Hey. Uh, and actually,
I go by Andy.

My partner, Wendy Chu.Nice to meet you.

Andy, we need your help.

We're trying to
locate your parents.

What's wrong?

Just a few questions
about their food truck.

Then you've got
the wrong guy.

They disowned me
three years ago.


Moment I got this shield.

There's a saying in China,

and a lot of parents
brought it here with them.

"No good son become a cop."

My parents came in '85,

and they love this country,

but the old ways make them
suspicious of authority.

I tried convincing them
that police here are different,

but they just cut me off.

Made my sister
stop talking to me, too.

You have a sister?

Jill. Used to be
really close growing up

until they put a wedge
between us.

Hell, I wasn't even invited to
Jill's wedding six months ago.

I see.

What? Did something
happen to her?

No. Uh, actually,

we really should talk
to your parents first.

Neither them or Jill
take my calls anymore.

Do you need me to
sit in on this one?

I would like you to, but don't.

Not my sisters?

Well, unless I misunderstood,

you were trying to get
a meeting with me,

so here we are. Sit down.

So, go.

It's not like I
want to do this.

Somebody holding a gun
to your head?

My conscience is.

A fully funded charity

that gives good food
and basics

to the poor, homeless
and the elderly.

That pains your conscience?

It does when it's also
designed to rewrite a legacy

with an utterly
false narrative.

That being
that your mother is anything

but a caring,
nurturing person?


The charity
is 80% bankrolled by her.

Her name is on it.

Do you think
the people who benefit

care that she was mean
to her son?

I don't know.

I do. They don't.

I thought this was a
meeting, not a lecture.

This is a meeting.

This is my half of the agenda.

And the bullet point is
get over yourself.

Says yet another guy
she had under her spell.


And I think
you're smarter than that.

But prove me wrong.

I'm a special-needs
schoolteacher in the Bronx.

A tiny fraction of her estate

would have made
all the difference in my life.

Would have supported
the good work I try to do

with kids who really need it.

Well, we did some homework.

Her will was unchanged
from when your father wrote it.

Except to fund her charity work

at the expense
of his alma mater.

What are you saying?I'm saying she didn't
cut you out of the will.

You were never in it

as per your father's wish.

See, it turns out that,
uh, he saw an ambition

and a work ethic in you
he didn't see in your sisters,

and he thought that a windfall
might cripple that.

You were their firstborn, right?


Hmm. Me, too.

Which means we were
early experiments for two people

who couldn't possibly know
what they were doing.

If your experiment fails,

you analyze your mistakes,

and you make corrections
in your methods.

She never did that once.


Tell me something.

Did you love your mom?

Are you gonna tell me that's
not a complicated question?


Yes and no.

I'm not so sure
about this, bro.

Me, neither.

But Erin says jump,
I say how high.

And how hard does the
building shake when you do?


Leo, thank you for coming in.

This is my brother Jamie
and Officer Hurley.

How's it going, guys?

Better now.

Erin says you used to run
with Freddy Fallaci's old gang,

same as Manny Langston.Yeah.

Guy's a grade A wackaloon.

Well, he tried to kill
these two the other day.

Can we get to the plan already?

Simple. We figure
Manny may actually answer

the phone if he sees
it's Leo calling.

Leo, you say
you want back in the game,

need to buy a gun.

Manny shows up for the meet,
we grab him.

I don't know.

He's always snorting something.

Paranoid up the wazoo.


I thought you told me I
was done with this life.

I told them, too.

We really need your help, Leo.

And don't worry.

We'll be close.
Both of us, right?

If you say so, Sarge.

And I get a gun, too?

No, I'm sorry.
Not with your record.

Then I'm out. Leo,

I thought I could trust you.

'Cause you keep telling me

to keep my nose clean,

not so much as think about
anyone I used to know.

And you're doing great.
You really are.

Till you get in a jam here.

Then you want to throw me
back in with those animals.

Dangle me like bait.

Maybe there's a different plan.Yeah, maybe there's

a different brother
you can sucker into this,

'cause it ain't gonna be me.

Janko, Witten.

Someone to see you.

Oh, you got
to be kidding me.

Why'd he come and find us?

Hopefully to confess.

Hi, my name's Eli Harris.
What's yours?

I'm Eddie.
This is Rachel.

But Eddie's a boy's
name, and you're a girl.

And you have a ring, so
you're married. But, Rachel,

you don't,
so you want to go on a date?

Uh, I'm good. Okay. Well,

I want to hug both of you,
but that's inappropriate,

so I'm gonna
shake your hands.

You probably think I'm weird,

but I'm not.
I have Williams syndrome.

It's not contagious.

I just talk too much.

My doctor says
I have a cocktail personality.

Why were you smiling
at us yesterday?

I know it's wrong to smile
when someone's dead,

but I wanted to talk to you.

Because you did a bad thing?No, but I saw who did.

I take a lot of walks,
and I saw the man

who hurt the girl,
then threw her in the pool.

Do you know his name?

No, but I can describe him.

I'm good at describing things.

Like...Let's hear about that later.

Right now you got to talk
to the police officer

who's trying to find
the man that you saw.


Is he nice? I like nice people

but not mean people.
That's why

I left the other day,
because I saw you were pretty,

but I didn't know you were nice.
Don't worry.

He's very nice.
Detective, this is...Hi.

I'm Eli Harris.

I have Williams syndrome.

I'd like to hug you,
but that's inappropriate,

so I'm gonna shake your hand.

Wow, you're tall.
I'm a little taller.

You're bald.
I have hair. The end.

Eli here may have critical
information on your pool murder.

It's okay, Eli. We'll be nearby.

He's not gonna hurt me, is he?
Don't let him hurt me!This way. No, no...

Maybe one of us
should go with him.

Not unless you want a rip.
What the hell is going on?

That's the guy
from the pool.

And once again,

somehow you forgot
to run it through me.

You can't be mad we may have
found a witness to a murder.

It would be nice
if you had our backs.

Because we're all cops. Listen,

Janko, I know how you
operated with your husband.

Above and beyond
and all that.

But you work midnights now,
and I am your squad sergeant,

and we play by my rules.
Same for you, Witten.

Yes, Sarge.

Then get out there
and do your jobs...

while you still got them.

Mr. and Mrs. Chen, thanks
for getting here so quickly.

Your message said
a young woman

was brought in.

Can we see her?

Actually, that was a lie.

We asked her to call.

We knew you wouldn't
talk to cops,

since you hate them so much,
so we did what we had to do.

No... speak English.
We know

you speak English,
just like we know you lived here

for over 30 years.

Just like we know

it's your daughter Jill

whose body you're looking for.

Our daughter is dead.

Do you hate cops so much that
you didn't even want to call us

for help to at least find out
who might've killed her?

We already know.


we killed her.

Please just tell us
what happened.

I told you.

We killed Jill.Okay,

from the beginning, please,

step by step.

We wanted Jill to get married.

We found her a husband.Let me guess.

Jill didn't want to marry
a perfect stranger,

so she told you both
to go to hell.


Jill was fine with it.

No, she was not.

She just said that

to make us happy.

She was a good daughter.

But he was a bad man.

He yelled at her
all the time.

Said she was
"too American."

And he hit her.

When I told him to stop,

he hit me.

He hit you, too?

Okay. Back it up, now.

How exactly did Jill die?

A month ago,

we came back from work,
and they were gone.

They took all
of their stuff.

There was blood everywhere.

Now we
just want to find her

to give her a proper burial.

Okay, not for nothin',

but it sounds
like it was Jill's husband

who killed her, not you.

We did.

By forcing her

to abide by our ways.

Our stupidity got her killed.

And you
hate the cops

so much that you didn't want
to come to us?

I told him to.

But he said no.Because it is

our duty to take
care of her.

She is our daughter.

Well, for whatever it's worth,
you're here now.

Okay? And we're
on the case now.

I give you my word
we'll find him...

and we'll find out
what happened to Jill.

Hey, Meyers, drive 'em home,
help 'em get what we need.

Will do.
Right this way, folks.

How could you do this?!

Huh? How could you do this?!Hey, whoa.

Hey! Not this way.
Not this way.Huh? Hey, what do you know?

Did your parents toss you aside
like a piece of garbage?

Did they get your
sister killed?

What I know is, your parents
did not get your sister killed.

All right? Now,
you're gonna tone it down

in our squad room,
or you're gonna get

the hell out.

You want to talk to your
parents, you talk civilly.

Son, please...


don't call me that.

You said

I wasn't good enough
to be your son.

We made so many mistakes.

We can never make up for
the things that we have done.

But you...

are our son.

You will always be.

Just like Jill
will always be our daughter.



There does seem to be
an opening.

Although we're still eating,

if it's gonna be one
of your Molotov cocktails.

It's not.

It's more like...

a preannouncement.


Like a save-the-date?

Not really.
More like a...

this might happen.

Okay, out with it.

I am flying to San Francisco
tomorrow for a job interview.

Long way to go

for a job interview.

Yeah, they got a lot of jobs
right here in New York.

Not this one.

I mean, they're flying me there,
paying for my hotel...

What's the job?

Helping to identify
and back candidates

for localized SRIs

in economically challenged
urban areas.


What are SRIs again?Again?

Socially responsible

Right.So, green initiatives,
minority start-ups...


Talk about right
up your alley. Right?

Good for you.

Who's the company?

It's privately funded
by a tech billionaire.

Of course.

Named?I can't say.

I'm not even supposed to be
telling you guys at this point.

So it's a Bond villain?


And if you're offered the job?

Then she will be moving
across the country.

Come on.
First Jack, now you?

What is it with these kids?

Hey. Congratulations, Nicky.


I don't have it yet.

Well, if you do get it, which...

I'm sure you will,

do us all a favor and,
uh, download this.

I mean, all of this.

Keep it close to you.

And don't stay away too long.

I won't.

Well, in fact...

you may have to,
the way the world is today,

but... Danny's right.

Keep this...

close to you.


In fact...

...take this with you.

And when you come
to a fork in the road...

and you're stuck... take that out,
and you think hard

about what the advice would be,

where the sympathies would lie

if you were talking it out
with us at this table.

How's that for corny?

Want card and Finest Message
issued on Jill's husband.

Port Authority and Border Patrol
are on the lookout, too.

All right,
and here's the list

of his possible contacts
from the Chens.

Let's run 'em down.

Need some help?

Not from you.

I'm sorry
about the other day.

And yet you're back.

Please. He killed my sister.

You've done enough already.

What if it was Erin?


That's your sister, right?

From the
D.A.'s office?

What if her body was
out there somewhere?

Mm, the family card. Ouch.

We're also gonna
guess half the people

on that list don't
speak English,

or they'll suddenly forget how.

I know I forgot to take
Mandarin in high school.

Okay, fine.

But you're not

You follow our lead every step
of the way, you got it?

Let's go.

Ms. Reagan,
what are you doing here?


You know, I ask a
lot of my family,

and it's not fair that I
do it to other people's.

Anthony was pretty pissed
I walked out the other day.

And he's moping
around the office.

Hearing you say you don't
trust him really stung.

It's just...

trust wasn't a part
of my DNA for a long time.

I mean, he's helping me

get some back.

And then he walks me
into that...

On my orders.

So, again, that's my bad.

It's not that I don't want
to help you guys.

But Anthony's busted his ass
straightening me out.


what if I dip my toe
back into my old life,

and I like it?

I just don't want
to disappoint him.

He said the same thing
about you, Leo.

How could hedisappoint me?

By taking my side
instead of yours.

He actually told you that?No.

But I've gotten really good

at deciphering all the clicks
and grunts that brothers make.

I still don't get
what we're doing here.

The opening's not
for another two days.

This, like,
a rehearsal or something?

Or something.

This way.


What's this?

When's the last time
you two and your brother

had a meal together?

At the reception
after our mother's funeral.

When's the last time
you had dinner together

as a family?

You mean just us and Matt?

Just both of you and Matt.


I had hoped your brother
was going to join you,

but apparently he can't.

Or won't.


you're orphans now.

All you got
for family is each other.

So, if you want a real Christmas

or a birthday card

or just someone
to call on a Sunday night,

it's just you and the other two.

I know you got other people
in your life.

But only Mindy

and Matt are family.

And... if the only time

you get together is
at weddings and funerals,

it's gonna haunt you.

I promise.


talk amongst yourselves.

Yeah, I booked his travel

from China and met him
when he landed at JFK.

He was so excited,
said he was getting married.

Have you heard from him since,
like to book a flight back?

No. Why would he?

You don't want to know. Thanks.

That was the last
name on our list.

At least it
doesn't sound like

he's hightailed it
back to Beijing.

Yeah, except now
we have to search

the entire continental U.S.

It's Andy's partner.

Maybe they have
better news.

Yeah. What do you got?

A situation.

We found a Realtor who talked

to Jill's husband
the night she disappeared.

Hubby was covered in blood,
wouldn't explain,

paid cash, and said
he needed a safe place to stay.

You got an address?

252 Albion Avenue,

Number 3J, in Queens,
but once we got it,

Andy ran to our car,
jumped in, and drove off

before I could even
open my door.

Son of a bitch.Bad news?

Bad news for everyone. Let's go.

What'd you do with her?!

Tell me!

I know you speak English,
so start talking!

Tell me!Hey! Hey!

Hey! Andy!

Put the gun back in its holster
where it belongs right now.

He killed Jill, and now he's
trying to leave the country.

Would you let that happen?

'Cause I'm not.

Andy, that's enough.

You got one second
before you die,

you miserable son of a bitch.

Andy, use your head
and put the gun away now!

Now step away.


Call him a bus.

Two-Steven to Central.

We need a bus at
252 Albion Avenue,

Number 3J,

He was making two passports

one for him
and one for your sister.

She's still alive?

Jill? Are you here?


Hey, whoa, whoa. Whoa!Where is she?

Where is she?! Huh?Hey! Hey!

Use your head.


Your sister's alive,
we'll find her.

Where are you?


I found her.

She's okay.


Okay, go.Oh, my God, Jill.


Hey, you're okay.

I'm okay.

What do you think?

You think their parents
will still hate cops now?

Not after what you did.Hmm.

Reagan, this is all you.

This some kind of
apology from you?

More like a slip
of the tongue.

Leaving now to get the warrant.

Just sit on his place.

We'll boom the door
when I get there.

Think Eli finally
gave you the right guy?

Described Eddie
Astin to a tee.

A known psycho.

Besides, Eli didn't
give it to me.

He gave it to you and Janko.

So, thanks.

What do you think?
Did I do good?

You did great, Eli.I want to hug you,

but I know it's inappropriate,
so I'm gonna shake your hands.

Actually, I think
this time it'd be okay.


I can hug both of you?

Bring it in, big guy.

Oh, that's nice. Your turn.


Hey, Eli, you know

who could use a hug,
even more than us?

Uh-uh. That lady seems mean.

Please go and hug her, Eli.

I promise she'll love it.




Oh, my God.



You're gonna
get us canned, Eddie.

Or back working days.

Here comes our guy.

Manny. My man.

I was surprised you called, Leo.

Lot of people think
that you went straight.

You know, some even think

that it was, uh, you
who gave up Freddy.

No. I've just been lying low.

But now I'm back,

bigger than life and
twice as handsome.

You bring the piece?

You got my money?

Okay, it's go time.Wait, wait till Leo
gets the gun from him.


you got to swear

you weren't the little bitch

who gave up Freddy.

Well, I-I don't.

I-I... I mean, I-I didn't.

Get the hell
away from him!Police! Drop it!

Put it down! Drop it!

Get his ass, Jamie!

Did you see that?

Went down like
a sack of crap.

You still want to quit the job?

Oh, hell, no.

You cuff him up.

That's your first collar.

Nice work, guys.

You did good, too, Leo.

Sorry about
freezing up.

I guess

I've gotten rusty
being a bad guy.

Music to my ears.

Look, I woke up this morning.
I knew he was coming.

I-I'd say we can push,
but most of the people here need

to be someplace else.Him included.

Look, you did what you can do.

You know, that's
all anyone can do.

You'd better get up there.

Afternoon, everyone.

I knew Mary Jane Kaye.

I worked with Mary Jane Kaye.

And I shouldn't have
to tell this group,

there was only one
Mary Jane Kaye, so...

If there is any cloud

over this wonderful event,

it's that MJ isn't here.

To boss us all around.

I think I was supposed
to go first.

May I cut in?

I would like to
introduce her son Matt.


As a special
needs teacher

in the New York
Public Schools system,

I'm well aware of the
divide between the haves

and the have-nots.

I see it live,
literally every day.

One of the things
I loved about my mother...

...and there were

many things to love

was that she tried
to do something about it... some way,
almost every day.

Along with my sisters
Misty and Mindy,

I want to welcome you
to the opening

of our late mom's last wish

the Mary Jane Kaye Care Network.

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