Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Chinatown - full transcript

After Jamie secretly meets FBI agent Anderson in Chinatown, after hours, to decline succeeding late brother Joe as spy in the search for the Blue Templars, he sees triad goons attack a ...

Iwas glad to get your call,
Officer Reagan.

- I assume you're ready to get to work.
- I'm out.

You need
to find yourself another guy.

I understand you have reservations.

The Templar investigation
is a high-risk assignment.

But I can offer you the full support
of the FBl.

A lot of good that did my brother Joe.

Thanks, but no thanks.


I gotta say I'm surprised at you.

You got a lot invested in us
finding out the truth here.

- Yeah.
ANDERSON: Your brother's death,

- your father's honor--
- That's why I'm turning you down.

Don't tell me you plan
on getting into this on your own.

Like you said, it's family business.


Police! Police, don't move! Drop it.

Drop the gun!

Drop the gun!

This is Officer Reagan,
shield number 60528.

I'm off duty and have one under
at the intersection of Market Street

and East Broadway.
A guy has been hit by a car.

He's got no pulse.
Need a bus forthwith. Right now.


Oh, no. I didn't expect this
to happen. He ran right out into traffic.

Now the guy's dead,
it's a total scene out here.

Every cop from Lower Manhattan
came out.

Were you hurt?

JAMlE: I'm fine, Dad.
Don't worry about me.

I just wanted to let you know. I don't
want this to jam you up in any way.

You just tell the truth,
you'll do fine, son.


- I gotta go. I'm sorry.
JAMlE: Yeah.

Okay. All right, bye.

- Jackie, give me a second.
- Yeah.

- Hey. Are you okay, kid?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Did you give a statement to anybody?
- Yeah, I talked to, uh, this guy.

Jack, he says he gave a statement
to this guy over here.

- Do you know him?
- Which one?

Uh, Detective Tuan.
Yeah, I do know him.

It's okay, I'll take care of it.

What happened?

Danny, you know the, uh--
You deal with the Asian triad.

They kidnap illegal immigrants

to try to squeeze money
out of their families in China.

It's one of their many
upstanding activities. Why?

I think that's what I saw.

The two suspects had guns.
When I searched he didn't have it.

- Are you sure they had guns?
- Yeah, he must have tossed it.

A gun's not gonna last long on the
streets of Chinatown, kid. What else?

Was one other woman, a Chinese
woman, she saw the whole thing.

Perp pushed her up against the wall,
she had lacerations on her forehead.

I gotta find Asian women
in Chinatown?

What were you doing?
You're off duty.

Just walking around,
blowing off steam.

Internal Affairs
are gonna be all over you.

They're gonna speak to witnesses,
wanna know what you were doing.

- I got it.
- Get your story straight.

All right.

I'm glad you're all right.

Chief Flores,
is it the policy of lnternal Affairs

to call the police commissioner every
time you open up an investigation

into the conduct
of a New York City police officer?

This conversation
shouldn't be taking place, John.

If it ends here, it didn't.

I'll be right there.
I just wanna say hi to someone.

Commissioner, Kelly Davidson,
Channel 10 News.

You worked the Sebastian Calso case.

It was a great job, by the way.

And of course, the mayor
took all the credit for it, but...

How are you, Frank?

How are you?

I've been working too hard.

Hazard of both our jobs, I think.

I miss you.

And I know I screwed things up.

Frank Reagan.

Councilman Welsh.

Good to see you. I didn't know
they let you out of Brooklyn.

Yeah, well, unlike the Dodgers,
I'll be back.

This is Kelly Davidson,
Channel 10 News.

Nice to meet you.
I've seen you on TV.

Well, excuse me, I have to get back.

Nice talking to you, Miss Davidson.

Are you working
on something here?


DOA is Grant Lee.

He's a foot soldier
in one of the triads down here.

Any sign of the driver?

Well, we're looking for a blue Subaru
lmpreza WRX with New York plates.

I.A. is gonna be all over my brother.

It would really help
if we can find the bad guy here.

- He said something about two girls?
- Two Chinese women

in their early to mid 20s
with shoulder-length black hair.

He's described 30 people
just at my wedding.

- Yeah. No talkers in the crowd, huh?
- See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil.

- I've tried three languages, no luck.
- My brother said one of the girls

had a scratch on her forehead.
Does that girl have a scratch?

Yes, she does.

Excuse me, miss.

I'd like to ask you
a few questions, okay? Come on.

- It's okay.
- I just wanna ask you a few questions.


This way. It's okay.

How did you get the scrape
on your head?

- I fell down.
- Hmm.

Do you mind if I look at your hands?

No scrapes.

Most people when they fall down,

they put their hands in front of them
to break their fall.

So I'm thinking you might have got that
scrape on your head a different way.

Maybe somebody might have
pushed you up against a wall

while they were trying
to kidnap your friend.

So our dead guy, Grant Lee, has been
arrested for assault and bribery.

Typical gang stuff.

Printed out some photos
of his known associates.

You recognize these guys?

- No.
- I don't really believe you.

Listen, I know these gangsters
are scary, okay?

But your friend is in danger.

And she can only hide so long
before she's gonna have to come out.

Now, wouldn't it be better
if we found her before they do?

We don't care
about your immigration status, okay?

We just need to know
where your friend is.

Ming-Tai not my friend.

I just met her.

Ming-Tai is her name?

Can you tell us her last name?

Where does she live?


- What is that?
- I show you.

We live in the same gong si fong
and then she move.

- Why? Why did she move?
- Trouble.

- What kind of trouble?
- Chinatown trouble.

Jamie, I know you wanted to do
the right thing, but you were off duty.

You should have called 91 1.

There wasn't time.

You didn't have any backup.

You know, it was you
against two gangsters with guns.

Syd, I didn't get hurt.

I'm okay.

Yes. And thank God for that, but...

Just a couple of weeks ago,
a cop got killed

because she walked
into the middle of a crime.

- And tonight, that could've been you.
- Sydney, I'm standing right here,

with you in the kitchen,
safe and sound.

- This time.
- Yes, this time and the next time

- and the next.
- What, you think you're invincible?

Front page headlines
in the Daily News, sir.

"Top Cop Son Chases Gangster
lnto Fatal Crash,"

cover of Newsday, the Post.

Item in the "Metro" section of the
Times with a longer piece in their blog.

Baker, I have 36,000 police officers
in my command

and 8 million people in this city
to look after.

What else you got?

We apprehended a suspect
in the Forest Hills taxicab robberies.

Press conference on the downtown
security initiative at 1 400 hours.

But with all due respect, sir,
the press is going to ask

about this incident
involving your son.

I wouldn't minimize its importance
on your agenda.

I know that. But thank you.



- Commissioner.
FRANK: Hey, I hear Jack

- caught a touchdown pass yesterday.
- Yeah, he did.

Are you calling about that or
information about Jamie's missing girl?

Well, if I were calling you
as the police commissioner,

it would be to the lead detective
in a politically sensitive case.

Whatever you say, Dad.

- Guess where I am?
FRANK: Surprise me.

I'm in a one-bedroom apartment
shared by 30 women

who take shifts
sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

You know, it's kind of like Aunt Sally's
at Thanksgiving, only times ten.

It's called gong si fong.

And who would you be looking
to find there?

I'm looking to find
Jamie's kidnapped vic.

It's my only lead, but there's 1 00
gong si fongs all over Chinatown

- so it's not going too good.
- Anything on the car?

You know what? Actually, I may have
something now. I'll get back to you.

I can't get anything on Ming-T ai.
No last name,

no idea where she worked,
no idea where she moved to.

The girl told me she lived here
for over a year.

- Somebody's gotta know something.
- These women are fresh off the boat.

- They're afraid of cops.
- But they trust the gangsters

- who brought them over here?
- No. They fear them even more.


These 500 new MTA cameras
will give us another tool

in protecting our 5 million
daily transit riders.

- Questions?
- How can the city afford this

when we're already
laying off transit workers?

We can't afford not to.

KELLY: Commissioner,
we hear no one's come forward

to corroborate your son's account of
the attempted abduction in Chinatown.

- That's not a question, Miss Davidson.
KELLY: Is this case

getting special consideration
because your son is involved?

No. Next question.

The time is 1415 hours.

I am Lieutenant Alex Bello
of lnternal Affairs,

present with Probationary Officer
Jameson Reagan

and PBA Attorney, Kenneth Weber.

Officer Reagan,
did you know the deceased?


BELLO: Did you ever talk to him
before last night?

- No, never.
- What made you stop and talk to him?

I didn't talk to him.

I saw him and another man
assaulting two women.

Both men had guns.

They were attempting
to kidnap one of the women.

I identified myself
and told them not to move.

You were off duty.

Why didn't you just call 91 1?

Any officer worth their salt would've
done what I did in that situation.

Hmm. It sure sounds good.

But the thing is,
we can't find a single witness

to corroborate your side of the story.

Alley where the crime took place was
deserted. That's why they picked it.

What were you doing in that
neighborhood, Officer Reagan?

My apartment is not far
from that location.

I was out taking a walk.

- Having dinner with someone?
- No.

- Meeting a friend?
- No.


Because we have witnesses
that say they saw you earlier

talking with a woman with red hair.

- You care to tell me who that is?
- You kidding?

- Look like I'm kidding?
MAN: I wanna remind you

that Officer Reagan
only has to answer questions

specifically directed
to his official duties.

It's okay. I just find it ironic that you
can't find someone to identify the vic

but you find someone to say they saw
me talking to a woman with red hair.

Redheads stick out
in that neighborhood.

She was a tourist.

She was looking
to buy some designer knockoff stuff.

I pointed her toward Canal Street.

I'm gonna need her name
and her contact information.

Well, I don't have it. Like I said,
she's a tourist I met for two seconds.

If you don't have
any more questions,

Officer Reagan needs to get back
to his command.

Officer Reagan, you should know
the commissioner has directed us

to be extra rigorous
in our investigation.

We're gonna leave
no stone unturned.

I expect nothing less.

Okay, I just got these pictures
of the red light camera

on the corner of Houston
and Avenue C at 2045 last night.

It's a Subaru lmpreza WRX.

It's the same car
that your brother described.

Different neighborhood.
It's close, though. Timeline works.

Did you get a shot of the license plate?
"Nancy union queen 1 724."

- Great. You run this?
- I ran it.

Where do you think I was,
ordering pizza? It's a Nelson Chiu.

Last known address
was 447 Mott Street.

Let's take a ride.
Hey, Jamie, it's Danny.

Look, you got time to meet us
over in Chinatown?

All right, great. We'll see you then.



Nelson Chiu, Detective Reagan.
This is my partner, Detective Curatola.

We need to speak to you outside.

- I'm eating.
- No. Actually you're smoking.

You can't do that in a restaurant,
my friend.

Put the bottle down.


That better mean "try the fried rice"
or you're coming too. Now sit down.

Come on. Hands up against the car.

- Give him a toss.
- Yeah. Let's go.

Lady, I get a lap dance after this?

- Yeah, here's your lap dance.
- Aah!

- He's clean.
- Hey.

Is that him?

Yeah, he was the driver.

DANNY: Sure he had a gun on him?
- Positive.

- All right, good.
- Can we get back to work, detective?

- Go write some tickets.
- All right.

- Cuff him.
- What?

- You're under arrest.
- For what?

For what? For making me ruin
a perfectly good lobster.

Let's go.


I don't know no Ming-Tai.
Where's my lawyer?

He called. He's stuck in traffic.

His office is six blocks from here.

Yeah. Makes it all the more stupid
that he chose to drive.

Why were you trying
to kidnap Ming-Tai?

No speaky English.

- What did you say?
- I said, no speaky English.

Well, I see you can writey English.

I found your website.

"Asian Comfort Escort Services,
$250 an hour

with a two-hour minimum.
Outcalls only."

- This is classy stuff.
- That's a legitimate site, man.

Those are escorts, not hookers.

Is Ming-Tai one of your escorts?

- What did she do? Steal money?
- You know what you gotta do?

You gotta get yourself a dog
and name it Ming-Tai.

So that every time you say Ming-Tai,

someone knows what you're
talking about, because I don't.

- Now go get my lawyer.
- You think you're tough, wise guy?

Because personally,
I think you're scum.

I think you're lower than the sticky stuff
on the bottom of my shoe. Yes?

- Somebody to see you.
- Who?

Someone who knows you cried
at E. T.

You're giving away all my
childhood secrets to my partner.

What brings you here?

- You gotta cut Nelson Chiu loose.
- I don't have to cut anybody loose.

Look, I wanna help Jamie
as much as you do

but you brought a guy in
on a gun charge without a gun.

Jamie gave a positive lD
and he said the guy had a gun.

And in Jamie's own admission,
it was dark.

He could have been waving
around a water pistol.

A cop says a guy has a gun
then the guy has a gun.

You talk to my boss.
We are not prosecuting this case.

Your boss--
Your boss is covering his own ass.

Now, this guy
is gonna walk on bail tomorrow.

You gotta give me something.

Misdemeanor assault.

It's the best I can do.


- I didn't mean to wake you, Pop.
HENRY: No, you didn't.

I couldn't sleep.

I just keep thinking about this cop
in Narcotics

who almost got himself in a jam

back in the day
when I was commissioner.

Somebody dropped a dime on him.

They kept saying
that he was skimming money

from his drug collars.

So the chief of l.A. calls me up
to tell me about it.

Says I might like to talk to the cop
and give him a heads up.

I told him not only was I not going
to talk to the cop in question

but I wanted the l.A. to put
their best investigator on the case.

So then they set up a couple
of decoy busts on you

and you came up smelling like roses,

You never told me.

I had to sit back
and watch you be investigated.

It pained me.

Every instinct a father has
is to step in and protect his kid.

Is that ham?

Because I could eat.

How come you didn't become a cop?

Well, your uncles always wanted
to be policemen.

They were always playing detective
around the house

and I never felt the call.

- But you did to be a lawyer?
- Yeah.

Yeah, to serve the law
in a different way.

Which means that sometimes
I'm not on the side of the cops.

- Cops aren't perfect.
- You mean like the time Uncle Danny

- stuck a man's head in a toilet?
- Yeah.

Your Uncle Danny is a really good cop
but sometimes he gets carried away,

which at your age
came in very handy at times.

- What do you mean?
- Meaning, your Uncle Danny

would always protect me.

If I was ever in trouble, he would
suddenly come out of the woodwork.

He was like my personal bodyguard.

Like what kind of trouble?

No, you're not gonna get that
out of me. Hold on.


Hi. We were just talking about you.

I hope you were saying,
"Should've listened to my brother

- and kept Nelson Chiu locked up."
ERlN: Why?

Because he's dead.

ERlN: What?
- Yeah. Thank your boss for me.

Found him in the Lower East Side

with a bullet hole in his head,
shot execution style.

- It's a signature of his triad.
- His gang got to him?

So you have no victim
to press charges

- and both of your suspects are dead.
DANNY: I can't drop it now.

Jamie might've stumbled upon
something big if they're killing their own.

ERlN: It would be a lot easier
on Jamie if you figure this out.

- The girl is out there.
DANNY: Really?

Well, thanks for telling me.

Did you find anything?

Nope. No cell phone, no wallet.

Hold on.

How about this?
"Mott Street Munificent Society."

- You ever heard of that?
- Yeah.

It's kind of like
a community service center.

They teach English classes,
offer free legal advice,

even have a medical clinic.

- Tied into Nelson Chiu's triad?
- Not that I know of.

I just got off the phone with the ME.

She's doing the autopsy now
on Grant Lee,

Chiu's partner
in the attempted kidnapping.

He had some fresh blood on him
that wasn't his.

Says it's that of a woman,
it's probably Ming-Tai.

Get this, she's pregnant.

When we spoke to Wai-Chee
she didn't say Ming-Tai was pregnant.

- No.
- They say how far along?

Yeah, third trimester.

If it is Ming-Tai
and if she is pregnant,

she's probably not an escort

So, what do the triads
want with her?

You know, I never knew
what a munificent society was till now.

Dennis Eng, proprietor.

Nelson Chiu. Doesn't sound familiar.

But we help a lot of people here.

Maybe he was one of them.

Well, can you check your records?

- It's Chiu, C-H-l-U.
DENNlS: Of course.

TUAN: Chiu didn't seem like the kind
of guy who would need your help.

- Any chance he worked here?
- No, that I would know.

Chiu is a very popular name.

You may have heard of Jimmy Choo.


But there is no one in our database
named Nelson C-H-l-U.

You do any work with gangs, triads?

We sponsor
a midnight basketball program

to deter teenagers
from joining gangs.

What about, uh, Ming-Tai,
that sound familiar?

I can search.

Do you know her last name?

Unfortunately, no.

- This your, uh, clinic over here?
DENNlS: Yes.

- I'm gonna just take a little peek.
- Oh, this is not a good time.


Excuse me.

I'm looking for a pregnant woman,

Maybe you can help me?


We provide free medical services
to people who can't afford them.

- Can we look around?
- Not at this time.

DANNY: Why not?
- Many clients are illegal immigrants.

You are frightening them.
Please leave.

- Please.
JACKlE: Okay.


It's an advertisement
for an adoption agency.

What does it say?

It says, "lf you're single and pregnant
or married and can't afford it,

you can put it up for adoption
and be rewarded."

Rewarded, like in money?

It's cagey the way it's phrased,
but that's what it sounds like to me.

All right, so let's say Ming-Tai's
working as an escort,

she gets pregnant by a John,
she comes to the Munificent Society--

Yeah, they tell her to give her baby up
for adoption and they'll give her money.

Maybe enough
to start a whole new life.

we know Ming-Tai was pregnant.

Was she gonna give up her baby?

For money?

- Yes.
- How much?

Five thousand dollar.

They say she will get
after she have baby.

- Who said?
- She call phone number.

They say go to clinic
for doctor appointment.

Is this the phone number?

Do you know who she saw there?

American doctor.

He only there on Thursdays.


I'm a fertility doctor,
I help women get pregnant.

I don't really see how I can help you
find this girl you're looking for.

Do you work at the Munificent
Society Clinic in Chinatown?

Uh, I do pro bono work for them

- Right, every Thursday.
- Okay.

You ever see one of these?

- Um, no, never have.
- Well, it says they offer money

to pregnant Chinese women
for their babies.

- Really?
JACKlE: Mm-hm.

Why would I be involved
with something like that?

I have a thriving fertility practice.

- All right. Okay.
- Excuse me.

about that thriving fertility practice.

What's a cycle of lVF run you?

Anywhere between 1 2 and $1 5,000
a cycle.

Is that right? But a healthy
Chinese baby will get you, what?

Forty-five, 50 grand,
cash off the books?

That's like a years worth of lVF
right there, isn't it?

- Maybe.
- People like to adopt Chinese babies.

They're smart, they grow up
to be future doctors like yourself.

You know what? I find this entire
conversation offensive. Excuse me.

- He's sensitive.
- He's very sensitive.

Just some mustard and sauerkraut,

- You want a dog?
JAMlE: No.


I had a nice little visit
with the good folks at l.A. this morning.

Yeah, what did they ask you?

You know I'm not supposed to talk
about that, right?

Strict confidentiality.

They take that very seriously.

I understand.

They wanted to know
if you did anything unusual on tour

the day the guy died.

Unusual, like what?

Like, did you stop
to make any phone calls

arranging to meet anyone,

did you stop to make any calls
at a pay phone,

were you wearing woman's clothing
on that day.

What did you say?

I said you wore women's clothing
every day.

If you don't wanna talk about it,
that's okay.

I'll tell you this, kid,

I think they're focused
on some woman.

Yeah, I told them I have no idea
who she was.

And that's gonna keep them curious.

You know I goof around a lot, right?

But you'd be smart
to take my advice on this.

Tell them who she is.

If you have to deal
with the fallout at home so be it.

Your girlfriend can forgive you.

But your name, your job,

if you lose that,
you'll never get it back.


Look who came to dinner?

Dr. Warren Wakefield
and his lovely wife, Nancy Wakefield.

Pillars of society, no doubt.

Background check turned up nothing
on either one of them.

Wanna make a little wager

on what Nancy Wakefield's
maiden name might be?

- Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
DANNY: Okay.

- I put, uh, $10 down on Chiu.
- Really?

You're thinking
it's Nelson Chiu's sister?

JACKlE: Keep business in the family.
- All right.

- I'm gonna go with Eng.
JACKlE: Really?

Our friend, Dennis Eng
from the Munificent Society, huh?

DANNY: Yeah. Press the button.
- Okay.

Oh. Eng it is.

- Give me back my 10.
- No.


Kind of late.

I'm starting to wonder
if I did the right thing.

It goes with the territory.

A woman was screaming.

I knew something bad
was going down.

It was instinct.

Any one of us would have done
the same thing, Jamie.

Reagan's don't punch out
at end of tour.

That's why we became cops, isn't it?

The academy teaches you skills,

the street gives you experience,
but it all comes down to your instinct.

This lnternal Affairs thing is...

I'm starting to feel like I'm the perp.

You know I won't talk about that.

I'm not asking you to.

I'm your father,
but I'm also your boss.

I'm your son,
but I'm also an N.Y.P.D. police officer.

I think we're stuck with that.

Joe and Danny dealt with this when
they came on and I was on the force.

But if they got jammed up,

it wasn't front-page news.

You got the jackpot, Jamie,
your dad's the police commissioner.

It goes with the territory.


I know Lieutenant Bello.

He's tough as they get,

but he's fair.

He investigated the guys
in Joe's squad when he was killed.

You had anything to eat?

Pop made a meatloaf.

No, I ought to--

I should get home.


something else on your mind?

Thanks, Dad.


What are you doing up?
It's 3:.00 in the morning.


A Lieutenant Bello from l.A.
came to see me today.

He, uh, asked me
if we had a fight yesterday

and if everything was all right
between us.

And I told him everything was fine.

But the truth is, Jamie,

I really don't know.

Even when you're here,

you're not here.

That's not true, Syd.

Jamie, my boss offered me
a really great opportunity

to work on a big case for the firm

in London, for six months.



- look, I can't--
- I know you can't,


but I can.

And I want to.

Syd, I was meant to do this job.

I know that.

And, uh, I love you too much
to stand in your way.

Your Dr. Wakefield is up to his neck
in mortgages.

- Really?
- Yeah.

He's hemorrhaging money
from houses here, the Hamptons.

He's got a yacht, flying privately.

He's shelling out a lot more money
than he's taking in from his practice.

How's he coming up
with payments?

Well, I saw they transferred ownership
of the yacht to a company in Gibraltar.

The company's receiving
regular wire transfers,

60, $70,000,
four or five times a month.

- Sixty, $75,000 a baby.
- Yeah.

The last transfer was five days ago.

A couple paid by check.

I gotta run. I'm late for court.

- Good work, sis.
ERlN: Their address is in the file.

Keep me updated.

After we went through four cycles
of lVF,

Dr. Wakefield suggested
we consider adoption.

This Dr. Wakefield, did he suggest
anything more than that to you?

Well, he recommended we adopt
a Chinese baby.

He said the babies are healthy.

The mother's don't smoke
or do drugs.

Uh, that they're smart
and they excel in American society.

Why are you asking us
about Dr. Wakefield?

Uh, where did he say that baby
was coming from?

China, of course.

Did he tell you
how you'd get the baby?

He said that someone would bring her
to us.

His wife is Chinese
and has political connections.

We wouldn't have to fly to China
to get our baby.

Yeah, that's not the reason
you're not going to China.

We believe your baby is coming to you
from a place much closer to home.

There are women in Chinatown
who are being paid

to give up their babies for adoption.

Your baby is coming from one
of those women.

Oh, dear God.

They tell you when
you could expect a baby?

Any day now.

Dr. Wakefield said that the mother
is due this week,

and we would have our baby
soon after that.

My God,
are we gonna lose this baby too?

Dr. Wakefield is a piece of work.

That couple had no idea
what they were getting into.

Ming-Tai didn't know
what she was getting herself into.

Yeah, but, you know,
a lot changes in nine months.

She bonded with the baby.
Decided not to give it up.

Triads don't wanna hear
about maternal instinct.

They want that baby,
they're gonna get it.

This is a waste of my time.

I am not going to say a word
until our lawyer gets here.

You wanna save your ass?
You wanna save both of your asses?

Then tell us where Ming-Tai is
before those triad goons find her.

You're looking
at accessory to murder.

- Okay.
- Murder?

Ming-Tai changed her mind.
She doesn't wanna give up her baby.

What do you think is gonna happen?

- Warren.
- Honey, please, we are gonna wait

- until the lawyer gets here.
DANNY: Good idea.

That way by the time he tells you
to spill your guts,

Ming-Tai will be dead.

When is she due, by the way?

- Soon.
- Honey, please, just shut up.


Excuse me.

You know, don't worry about it.

I mean,
the baby is good to go, anyway.

Who needs the mother, right?

They'll just take the baby out,
kill Ming-Tai, dispose of her body.

Okay, the precinct squad
is over at the Munificent Society now

and two officers are bringing in
Dennis Eng.

All right. Time for us to go

and arrest your brother.

- Sure you don't wanna say anything?
- No.


- No, she's not there. She's not there.
- Nancy, I said shut up!

- No, I said shut up.
- No, you shut up.

I said shut up.

Now, let her speak.


Go ahead.

This all started with Dennis,
my brother.

He'd see these girls come
into the center, pregnant, no husband,

not a dime to their names.

He came to us, said:

"You know, all these rich white people
who can't have babies,

they could give a good life
to these unwanted ones."

But you do realize that selling babies
is illegal for a reason.

It was supposed to benefit the girls
and us.

But then Dennis got the triad

and now we pay them a cut
to keep their eyes on the girls.

Make sure that they keep up their end
of the deal.

Is this what's happening
to Ming-Tai?

Yes, she's due today.

Where are they?

We need you to tell us
where they are.

The triad has their own doctor.
Dr. Yi.

His office
is at Bayard and Mott Street.


Turn around, punk. Police.
Back up! Turn around!

- Get against the wall! Stay down!
- Get down! Get down! Get down!

JACKlE: Stay down!
DANNY: Don't move! Stay right there.

It's okay. It's okay.
I'm a police officer.


- Are you Ming-Tai? Are you Ming-Tai?
- My baby?

- Are you Ming-Tai.
- My baby?

It's all right. Your baby is gonna be
okay. Your baby is gonna be all right.

- My baby?
- Nobody is gonna take your baby now.

Manhattan detective,
we need a bus to this location.

It's okay. You're gonna be okay.
She's all right.

You're gonna be all right now.


So the woman you were seen
talking to in Chinatown

on the night in question
has come forward.

She has?

Let's see what she has to say.

Kathleen Ryan.

I'm Lieutenant Bello,

this is Officer Jamison Reagan.

Can you tell me if Officer Reagan
is the man you saw on Tuesday night?

Well, he wasn't wearing his uniform
but, yes, that's him.

And you had a conversation
with Officer Reagan, is that correct?

Well, not exactly a conversation.

I asked him for directions.

Directions where?

To Canal Street.

I came to New York from Pittsburgh
to go shopping.

I wanted to get a Gucci bag
for my sister and me.

Honestly, they're not real Gucci,
but you can't tell the difference.

I hope that's not illegal.

We don't have to worry about that
right now.

What did you do after Officer Reagan
gave you directions.

I started walking to Canal Street.

What did Officer Reagan do?

I don't know.

Okay, thank you very much,
Miss Ryan.

Officer Reagan helped me,

and when I saw the article
in the paper, I just--

I wanted to return the favor.

Thank you.

Well, I guess that wraps things up,

Through Christ, our Lord, amen.


- Good job.
- And pass the ammunition.

Just one for me. Thank you.


HENRY: Bless you.
- Thanks.

- Have some more peas.
- Everybody, I have an announcement.

I've decided that I wanna be the first
female Reagan to become a cop.


No kidding, huh?

- Is that what that's about?
- What what was about?

Nicky was grilling me about why
I became a lawyer instead of a cop.

- I appreciate your honesty.
- Yeah, what did you tell her?

It's because all of us cops are stupid
and you're such a genius?

- Yeah, basically.
- She said she didn't feel the call.

- Kind of like being a priest in that way.
- But only in that way.

And while I think it would be fun
to be a lawyer--

Yeah, a barrel of laughs
being a lawyer.

I want to carry on the tradition
that Great-grandpa Henry started,

and grandpa passed on
to Uncle Danny,

- Uncle Joe, and now to Uncle Jamie.
- I wanna be a cop too.

- God help me.
- Come on, am I that bad?

Mom, was it because it was so sad
when Uncle Joe got killed?

- That's a big part of it, honey.
- Okay.

Hey, Jamie,
we've got your favorite, pot roast.

- Sorry I'm late.
FRANK: Okay.

No Sydney?


FRANK: Hey, Jamie, your niece
just said that she wants to be a cop

and carry on the family tradition.

What do you think, Uncle Jamie?

It's complicated. It's a commitment.

It's not just a job. It's your whole life.

And you're not just a cop,
you're a Reagan.

In a lot of ways,
I didn't know what I was getting into.

But I wouldn't trade it.

None of us would, kid.

Damn straight.

Well said, son.

I didn't get any peas.