Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Brothers - full transcript

When Erin tries to take down a gang leader using his law-abiding brother as bait, the family debates her methods.


We're looking for Louie.

- He don't work here no more.
- Yeah? How about this?

Do you wanna try again?

- Try hard, primo.
- Yeah.


He's in back.


Get him. Move, move.

Ha, ha! Yeah!

- Louie?
- Whoo!

CHAVO: Why did you make me run?
GRUMPY: Nailed him.

CHAVO: Why did you make me run?
- Let's go!

Let me do it, Pablo. Let me do it!

- Look at you, boy!
- You stay away, man!

What's the matter with you? This is
an accident victim, not a fatality.

You've gotta keep your eyes open.

This is a busy intersection, huh?

- I think it's busted.
- Are you in pain?


That's called the pain of life, son.

You keep letting that blanca DA
twist your words around,

you ain't gonna be feeling
that pain again. Ever!

Get it fixed.

Louie Suarez split to Puerto Rico.

Any idea when he's coming back
or how he can be reached?

He didn't run to get reached.

That's the third witness against
Pablo Torres we've lost this year.

As long as people are more afraid
of Pablo than they are of us...

This is New York, not Rio.

We don't hand our neighborhoods
over to criminals.

I'm pushing the button on Plan B.

Pablo's brother.

He might be more afraid of us.

I'm glad you stopped by.

I've been meaning to give you these
since you got assigned to the 12th.

- What is it?
- Hold on, I'm gonna show you.

You can always use an extra pair
of collar brass.

Thanks, Danny.

On the other hand,
you wanna carry something useful?

You ever seen a slapper before?

- Nothing better in close quarters.
- Where did you get a thing like that?

Right there.

It was Grandpa's?

You didn't think
all those dings were mine, did you?

Thanks but no thanks.

Suit yourself.

Just keep in mind, Bambi,
you're not in Cambridge anymore.

Listen, guys, it's simple.
The election is not till next year.

For the next year,
I'm gonna keep my job,

Manhattan district attorney.

And then we'll take it as it comes.

Thanks, okay. Go Jets.


Hey, ADA Reagan.

You're going after Pablo Torres
for money laundering?

What, you've given up on murder,
assault and extortion?

Not given up,
just walking through another door.

Money laundering,
wire fraud, conspiracy.

Based on his brother's operation.

Esteban Torres.

He's the one who beat the odds,

Academic scholarship,
math teacher at PS 389.

Guy opens
a community learning center

to tutor kids
who are getting left behind.

That do-gooder center was bought
with Pablo's dirty money.

Have you nailed down
the money trail?

We've got cash deposits
by Pablo to the learning center.

Checks cut from the learning center

to Pablo's auto detailing shop.
That's money laundering.

And you think Pablo Torres
is gonna roll over

because his brother got jammed up?

We don't go after Pablo first.
We target Esteban.

The local hero.

If he refuses to take the stand
and testify against his brother,

- he goes to jail.
- He's the only one who goes to jail.

Never happen.
He's got too much to lose.

Family, career, reputation.

You're some piece of work, Reagan.

High heels and brass knuckles.

Passionate about my job, sir.

- All right.
- Is that the green light?

But next year is an election year.

That means no stink bombs
this year.

Sir, you had 70 percent of the vote
last time.

Who's gonna challenge you?

Okay. I've got my eyes
on a bigger prize this time around.


The police commissioner
is a civilian position, Frank.

Do you think it's wise
to wear the uniform to ceremonies?

It's important to me that
my people know where I came from.

So the DA wants my job, Frank.

As ambitious
as Charlie Rosselini is,

I wasn't sure he'd settle
for anything less

- than the White House.
- Got his sights set on city hall first.

I mean, he's formed a PAC.

And his first deputy is about to resign
to run his campaign, so-- Right?

He's been a pretty strong DA.


Now, is that code for popular DA?

Because my polls say

there is no more popular public figure
in New York than you, Frank.

I won't be running for mayor.

No, but I hope that you'll be standing
shoulder to shoulder with me.

And my office will coordinate
a series of joint appearances

and I thought
maybe we could kick it off

with a formal announcement
on the steps of city hall.

I have to tell you, no one looks better
in a uniform than you, Frank.

I don't do politics.


Let me be clear.

You see, I don't give a damn

how many true-blue speeches
Rosselini makes

at the PBA dinner dance
with you and your pals.

You work for me.

I serve at your pleasure, Mr. Mayor.

But I work for the people
of New York City.

Mr. Torres, have a seat.
I'm Erin Reagan-Boyle, Assistant DA.

And I am a high school math teacher.
What am I doing here?

It seems you made a deal
with the devil.

I'm afraid your bill has come due.

We started with four students.

Now we have over 1 00

from grades 5 to 1 2,
studying every day.

And how do you pay for the center?

The building, your staff,

the operating expenses?

We got a grant as part of a program
from the board of ed

- and money from several foundations.
- Before the recession.

That money has dried up.

You were desperate
to keep your project going.

- We were just starting to see results.
- So you went to your brother.

It was only a bridge loan
to keep the doors open.

That was two years ago.
He's been bankrolling you ever since.

you wanna arrest him for that?

The most positive, generous thing
he has ever done.

Maybe you need to be reminded
on how gangsters make their money.

Richie Gonzalez, he didn't that cane
before your brother decided

to become his partner.

George Morales, he refused to pay
protection money.

Beaten so badly,
he's lost sight in one eye.

The corpse of Claude Eboue,

he disrespected Pablo

by driving his cab on the same street
that Pablo was relieving himself.

- Stop.
- You understand your brother

does not get a pass
for buying you erasers and pencils?

Do you understand

that I would never testify
against my brother?

We're here.

All right. Whoo!

We got a fresh one.

A high of 97 predicted for today.
Indian summer.

When you say fresh one...

Mrs. Muller, 91.

Died with a can of tuna fish
in her hand.

So listen up, rookie.

You will remain on post
until such time

as the ME gets his lard-assed humps
to do their job.

How long does that usually take?

For the body to decompose?

No, for the MLl to show up.

The over and under
is about five hours.

You're taking the over, right?

3B. Get the lead out.

Come on.

Frank, that daughter of yours,

she's a pistol.

You didn't parachute in here
to tell me that.

Frank, can I be candid?

And brief, I hope.

What our polling shows?

If the election was tomorrow,
I'd kick his butt.

Good luck to you.

You would not necessarily be out
of a job in a Rosselini administration.

I appreciate the vote of confidence.

I don't expect an outright endorsement,

just put distance
between you and that empty suit.

Thanks for stopping by, Charlie.

You know, I had ten years on the job
before I finished law school.

I understand the pressures
on New York's finest

better than some West Side
baby-kisser ever will.

When you were in the bag, you were
already more politician than cop.

Good news?

Erin's got quite a career
ahead of her.

You're too smart to use my daughter
for leverage.

I'm smart enough to know

that your mayor
is gonna have problems next year.

The last thing I want
is for you to be collateral damage.

Esteban, think about it. I need
an answer by the end of the day.

Is that when I get
my 30 pieces of silver?

Mr. Torres, I understand
this is an emotional decision for you.

Maybe there's a way you won't have
to take the stand in open court.


You could testify before the grand jury.
It's a secret proceeding.

Your brother would never
have to know.

I cannot stab Pablo in the back
like that.

If I do this,

- I have to tell him first.
- I don't think that's a good idea.

Pablo got jumped
into the Webster Avenue Boys at 1 1.

They wanted me too,
but Pablo backed them off.

Made sure I got to school.
Made sure I got home safe.

Anything I've been able to accomplish,
I owe to him.

He's a dangerous man.

Have you considered
how he might react?

Do you really think I have more to fear
from my own brother than from you?

MAN [ON TV]: He shoots, he scores!

What a shot. What a pass.


What's wrong?
You lost your appetite?

You look like you've seen
a dead person or something.

You put Renzulli up to it?

Come on, when has Renzulli
ever listened to anything I say?

I had to burn that uniform.

Hey, the rookie gets the short stick
on the job

since before I came on.

Yeah, speaking of sticks, Grandpa,

- Offered Jamie your old Blackjack.
- My old slapper?


- I take that as a compliment.
- He turned it down.

It's not 1959, Pop.

That's 1969, thank you very much,

They're not authorized.

Doesn't mean it can't save your life.

Let him learn the hard way
when he's rolling around in the dirt

- with 300 pounds of prison muscle.
- I never carried one.

Come on, Dad, you're 6'4"
and you've got hands of stone.

I still remember spankings
I got from you with those war clubs.

You gave me plenty of chances.

Justify it any way you want.
Everybody knows

when those things did most of their
damage. After the perp was cuffed.

- What?
- What am I gonna do with you?

Hmm? How am I gonna teach
this kid the ropes?

You got a problem with me when
I'm a dumb rookie and when I'm not.

LlNKNER: We've got both image
and sound inside the church.

What if Pablo goes off?

Four from our squad are in position
to take him down on my command.


I didn't hear you come in.

What can I say, bro?

Sneaking up on folks
is in my bones, huh? Ha, ha.

- It's been a while since we sat here.
- Yeah.

What's the matter, bro,
you can't talk at school?


are you in trouble, man?
Don't tell me.

It's one of these fine young tutors
in short skirts.

- You got in trouble?
- No, no, no.

It's nothing like that.

- What is it?
- It's the money.

You need more? Come on.

No. No, no, no.

The DA. She's onto it.

She wants to shut me down.


this DA is gonna foreclose on the kids
to strike a blow at me?

She wants me to testify against you.

I'm ashamed of myself
for even thinking about it.

All these years,
you've looked out for me.

Kept me alive.


You tell her okay.

Tell her, take her shot.
I'm right here.

Let my abogado work
for his money, huh?

- Ha, ha.
- What?

How about that?

I think maybe I should be
more ashamed of this and you less.

You do what you gotta do, man.

Because you in jail?


I don't see it, man.

I mean, what are you gonna do?
Teach the convicts six times seven?

For me,

I can jail as strong as anybody, man.

I'll do a nickel
like it's a weekend in Rikers.

It's not like she's got a body on me
or nothing, man.

Yeah, but I take the stand, how can
you make this right on the street?

I'm still me.

None of those baby gangsters
wanna throw down with Pablo.

Come on.


I don't know what to say.

Nothing to say, man.

Look, you made a life, bro, right?

And you're doing the same
by those kids.

I'm the last homey
to take that away from you, man.

Be easy, bro.

No, I understand.


I've got something for you.

I hope it's Junior's cheesecake.
I gotta go.

Doesn't look
like Junior's cheesecake to me.

Time is right to walk these open cases
back to Pablo Torres.

You've got your own squad
on Centre Street. Why me?

My guys are good
but they're understaffed by 50 percent,

and burning overtime
to make the case we have.

I'm not interested.

I just had Esteban Torres
in front of the grand jury.

Seeing what it's costing him...

He got to you, didn't he?

The lron Maiden.

Look, I'll do whatever I have to do
to send him upstate.

But if there's another way...

Let me see.

Three strongest cases
against Pablo and his wrecking crew.

Until they blew out my witnesses.

You got something
that's not a waste of my time?

Louie Suarez, my best murder witness
until Pablo got to him.

Louie is in the wind,

but if we can charge Pablo
with money laundering

and witness intimidation,
we can indict him on a class A felony.

Put him away for 15 years,
instead of three.

Uh-huh. A two-Reagan task force?

Why not?

She looks great.

Joe worked two jobs that summer
for the extra money.

He found the engine in Rochester.

Yep. Restored it from the ground up.


I never could figure out
why he loved this car so.

He wasn't even born
when I bought it.

Number one, it's an awesome car.

Number two, it was your car.

None of us wanted to be more like you
than Joe did.

I saw Joe's girl, Angela,
a while back.

- She's moving back to Portland.
- Really?

You missed a spot.

That night.

To me it's like a movie in my head.

But with deleted scenes.

Joe was hitting a location, right?

Brooklyn South.

Just like dozens of other times?


Except this time the perp rabbited.

Joe could run.

Chased this guy down.

Another perp comes out of nowhere
and shoots Joe.

Four times.

- And the two perps?
- What do you think?

Our guys returned fire.
Dead at the scene.

The Warrant Squad is a great unit.

A strong team, early tours,
a lot of overtime.

But every time you hit a door,

you need an angel on your shoulder.

You should have the car.

Take her home.

Since I became
police commissioner,

they drive me everywhere.


Omar Vasquez?

Can we ask you some questions?

- About what?
- About Louie Suarez.

He don't work for me no more.

Well, he's a witness
in a murder investigation.

Yeah? Well, that's bad business
on Webster Avenue.

Maybe he got career counseling.

Yeah, from who? Pablo Torres?

Yo, everybody knows about Pablo.
Why you gotta ask me?

He came to your fruit stand
gunning for Louie Suarez.

No, he don't.

No? Nineteen stitches
on the side of your head

at Montefiore don't lie.

Not Pablo.
It was his little pistolero Grumpy.

He put the cannon upside my head.

- Big gun?
- Chrome.45.

Look even bigger pointed at you.

Thanks for your time.

You're gonna pay for that?


Hi, Angie.

- It's good to see you.
- Hey.

How soon do you leave?


- I have so much left to do.
- I won't stay long.

I used to love this city.

Picking up the Sunday Times
after a night out,

more people on 2nd Avenue
at 3 a.m.

than in Portland during rush hour.

Why are you going?

The same reason
you became a cop.

The night that Joe, um...

The last night.

Before he went out,
did he seem worried?

Did he say anything?

I have no answers for you.

But I did find a box of Joe's things
in the closet while I was packing.

Do you want them?


Good luck to you, Jamie.

Thanks. You too.

So the schoolteacher came through
before the grand jury.

Yep, here's the warrant.

Safety first, okay? I don't care
how Pablo came across to his brother.

He's a gangster with bodies on him.

Our TAC plan is solid.

Go over it again.
Every time you hit a door...

We'll hit the club
like he's Carlos the Jackal.



The night his brother testifies?

Find Esteban
and get him off the street.

Whoever killed Pablo
is probably gunning for him next.

I'm sorry, Esteban.

Who killed him?

We don't know yet.

But we'll find them.

I know.

I killed him.

When I listened to you.

Don't turn this on yourself.

You told me the grand jury
was secret.

It is.

We have no reason to believe
there was a leak.

Pablo knew
we were coming for him.

He needed to put his affairs in order.

He was trying to protect me.

So he told those bastards
he gave me permission.


No forced entry, no signs of struggle.
Thank you.

His people got to him
before we could.

It looks that way.

Wow, two in the back of the head.

AVA: Solitaire hand on the table,
coffee machine is on.

Pablo sits here dealing,

tells one of his punks
to get him a cafecito.

- Catches lead instead.
DANNY: Boom.

Calls all his boys together,
sits on his throne.

Silver crown around his neck.

Yeah. Silver crown around his neck
which is no longer there.

So he tells his crew,
"l gotta go upstate for a pop,

but I'm still the king and Esteban
is still my little brother and...

Anybody so much as breathes
hot sauce on him, I'll snatch your life."

- They see that as weakness.

As if Pablo was a snitch himself.

So then why leave the body here?

In their own spot?

Send a message.

The king is dead.

Did you double-check?

We've had a pole cam up
on that location for nine months.

And it was running last night.

We could already have that shooter
on tape.

I had my techs upload the link
directly from the pole.

This camera covers the club
where Pablo was murdered.

DANNY: There.
- Can you move in on those faces?

Hey, run that back. Run that back.

- You showing off for your kid sister?
- No. What was that?


- What?
- That flick of light, right there.


- There.
AVA: Yeah.

It's on his waistband.


Grumpy's most prized possession.

Hey! Hey!


Police! Don't move!

Get down on the ground, now!

Easy, kid.

A bad day for you
is just a punch line for me.

Hey, Syd. Are we still on for dinner?

Bad news, sweetie.

The partner just called and told me

I have a 500-page deposition
to finish tonight.

Sounds like an all-nighter to me.

If I do get out of there,
can I wake you up when I get in?

You better wake me up
or there will be consequences.


You're the light
at the end of my tunnel.

Love you.

Me too. Bye.

Testing. Testing.

This is Detective Joseph Reagan,

six months into my investigation
of Blue Templar.

Big meet tomorrow.

I think I'm in.

My FBI contact was changed
without explanation.

I don't know if they can be trusted.

I make this record separate
from my recordings for them.

More after tomorrow.

We play by my rules in here, okay?

So no more games
and no street names, lsrael Beltran.

I ask you a question, if you're smart,
you answer it.

Why am I gonna talk to you?
You ain't my lawyer.

I hope you got a good lawyer

because we've got you coming out
of the social club on tape

with your shiny penis extension.

Ballistics just tied the gun
to your BFF Pablo. You're done.

I got 20 bucks says, uh, when
Ballistics runs that gun through lBlS,

old Grumpy here,
he's probably gonna be good

for another unsolved homicide too.
What do you think?

I don't want any part of that bet.

So, uh, the only lawyer
that can help you now

- sits at our table.
DANNY: That's right.

So you can give a statement
to the ADA,

help her understand what
you and your homies are up to.

If you're lucky, maybe you'll see
the streets again by the time you're 50.

- You want my statement?
- That's what I said.

We run Webster Avenue, not you.

And any snitch is a dead snitch.

Whether it's the king of New York
or some teacher in a school.


Just another guest star
on our no-snitching video.

Esteban is our witness.
We need to protect him.

Our witness in what case?
His brother is dead.

The murder suspect is brazen enough
to threaten his life

- in front of two detectives.
- That sounds like trash talk to me.

Look, our limited resources
should be devoted to cases

we can actually prosecute.

How will we ever get anyone
to cooperate

if we turn our back
on Esteban now?

You know, Reagan, I liked you better
as my ninja assassin

than my guilty conscience.

With all due respect, sir,

I would hate to see you
make the wrong call.

Especially in a no stink-bomb year.

You sure
you don't have any Sicilian blood?

Look, if he has any actually
useful information about this gang

and if he's willing to come in
and play with our team

on a permanent basis,
I'll see what we can do.


Think this is the first time
I've been threatened?

- Circumstances have changed.
ESTEBAN: That's right.

Pablo's not here to get my back.

My office can protect you
starting right now.

If I turn full-time snitch,

do you think I can do my work
after that?

There are so many places
that need a dedicated teacher.

But this is my home.

Please, Mr. Torres,
help me bring these men to justice.

Pablo was the avenger.

My way is to endure.

I'm not going to testify
against the gang.

- Hi, Grandpa.
- Hey.

What's that smell?

A trial run for Sunday dinner.

It's duck.

Burnt duck.

I like it crispy. Ahem.

Where is Dad? He's not home yet?

He said he had an important call
to make.

Is there anything
I can help you with?

My witness is refusing to testify.

His life is in danger
and he's refusing protection.

So l-- What do I do?
Just sit back and pretend

that I don't know
what's going to happen?


Back when I was captain of the 65
and your father was a detective,

we had a mob shooting.

And one of the busboys at Patsy's
was a witness.

Now, the mob guys put
so much pressure on this kid

he refused to testify.

He signed the form
declining police protection.

Now, your father took that form,
put it in his pocket,

and then went to live with this guy
for a week.

And when the torpedo showed up,

Francis threw him down
three flights of stairs.

Do you think the busboy refused
to testify after that?

A Reagan tradition, be ready.

- Before the inevitable happens?
- Yep.


- Reagan.
- It's your father.


You're worried about Erin.

Well, concerned.
She put a lot of herself into this one.

Well, she's put me into it too

and I don't work for the DA
last I checked.

I had a thought.

After a kingpin gets knocked off,
there's a power vacuum.

His lieutenants fight for position.

Well, Esteban's scalp is the prize.
With Grumpy off the street,

I'm liking his partner, Chavo.

Well, if Chavo made his move
at the time and place of our choosing...

I think I can make that happen.

You and Jamie okay?

- We're fine, Dad.
FRANK: Good.

All right.

New phone?

It's Grumpy's phone.

You know, Grumpy is...

He's desperate to get a message
to his boys right now.

We happen to have all their numbers
right here.

Yeah, but he's in custody
and his boys know that.

Yeah, that's true.

But then again, he could text them
from a phone like this,

which, you know,
he could've gotten from his lawyer.

Yeah. We patted him down.
His lawyer didn't ha--


It's worth a try, right?

Do you have warrants
for those numbers?

Do we have time for warrants?

Do it.

Let's try, Chavo. Okay.

We'll see what happens.

I got a text from Grumpy. From jail.

Yo, check this out, man.


- Did he buy it?
- Let's see.

My lawyer hooked me up.

We'll send a little more.


protective custody.

Make the call on the go. We're on.

Let's shut this snitch up for good.

- Let's go, let's go.
- Okay.

Let's do this.

All right, all right.

I'm a cop.

- It's showtime.
- Hit them.

Police! Drop your weapons!
Get down on the ground now!

- Hands in the air!
- Down on the ground!

Hands in the air!

MAN 1: Entrance, clear!
MAN 2: Back alley, clear.

- She sent you here?
MAN 1: Back exit, clear!


We're not your babysitters.
Next time you're on your own.

And now she needs you to testify.

MAN 1: Bring him back here!
Bring him back here.

Somebody grab his gun.

I'm starving.

What's this?


Can I have some ketchup, Mom?

- It's black.
- Listen, enough.

- Eat your beans.
- Any other comments?

If all you're gonna do is complain,
we could have meat and potatoes

- for the rest of our lives.
LlNDA: No.

It's fun for me and Erin,
somebody else cooks.

It's actually the first sit-down meal
of my week, so thank you.

I'll second that.

It was a good job taking down
those Webster Avenue boys.

Kind of a Pyrrhic victory, though.

These big words.
What does that mean?

You got the bad guys,

but the learning center has to close.
There's no funding.

Well, it's a bittersweet victory.

- Yes, a bittersweet victory.
DANNY: Yeah.

Well, nothing bittersweet
about my victory.

Thank you for the Blackjack,

Thank you for not using it, brother.
It came in very handy.

I hope it doesn't get you
another lA investigation.

- What did you say?
- You heard me.

LlNDA: Here we go.
- I didn't hear. Say it again.

- Just trying to get a rise out of you.
- Well, he got one.

Listen to your girlfriend, Jamie.
Take it easy.

I will, when you get off my back.

Hey, I'm not on your back.

You've been riding me
since I got out of academy.

When I start riding you,
you'll know about it.

Easy. Kids.

- Where are you going? Sit down.
- Sick of this.

You wanna talk, Danny?
Outside, okay.

DANNY: Sit down.
- Wanna talk?

- Sit down, Harvard.
JAMlE: Come on outside, Danny.


- I'll go talk to him.
- I'll talk to him.


Don't tell your mom.

You pray, don't you?

Don't tell your mom.

I'm sorry,

but rookie this, rookie that.

I mean, I can't do anything right
anymore. He's--

Well, I think he's desperate
to teach you everything he knows.

By tearing me down
every chance that he gets?

That's your brother.

If Danny's tough on you,

it's because he wants
to make you bulletproof.

I give directions to tourists
in Times Square.

It's not exactly Fort Apache
in the 70s.

Every tour you work,

do this job like there's trouble
around every corner

because one day there will be.

Danny couldn't handle losing
another brother.

Sit down, Charlie.

I was surprised to get your call,

You changed your mind?

on your Webster Avenue case.

Thank you. Did you see we indicted
the entire upper echelon of the gang?

Yes, I did.

Erin was a big part of that.

Big talent, your girl.

Just offer her
a bit of guidance every now and then,

the results are first rate.

For the most part.

For the most part?

Class A felonies all around.
Feels like a home run to me.

for the learning center closing.

That is a shame.

But today's economy?

If I were running for mayor, Charlie,

putting that right
and letting the world know about it,

that would be a home run.

CHARLlE: The Webster Avenue
Community Learning Center.


Let's hear it. Come on!

Esteban, huh?

MAN [ON TV]: Funds were provided
by the generosity

of philanthropist James Ferrera

and made possible
by District Attorney Charles Rosselini.

- You have anything to do with this?
- I did not.

Where's my beer?

You had your one before dinner.

I'm cut off.

The game hasn't even started yet.

Do you see the men
who tried to kill you

- here in this courtroom?
- Yes, I do.

Will you point them out to us,

Chavo, at the end.

Julio and T-Bone.

Let the record reflect

that Mr. Torres has pointed
to the three defendants.

Where were you
when these events occurred?

ESTEBAN: At the Webster Avenue
Learning Center.

ERlN: You are the founder of the
Webster Avenue Learning Center,

- is that correct?
ESTEBAN: That is correct.

ERlN: Did there come a time when the
center was in such dire financial shape

that you turned to someone
for help?

Yes, that is true.

Who was that person?

It was Pablo Torres,

my brother.

Isn't it true that Pablo was also
a high-ranking member

of the Webster Avenue Boys?


Pablo did some bad things.

Things that I cannot defend.

But he was my brother.

And between us, that came first.

Anyone who has a brother,

I don't have to explain.