Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Samaritan - full transcript

The Reagans weigh the rights and wrongs of vigilantism when a good Samaritan who has a police record takes action against a terrorizing subway criminal.


MAN [OVER PA]: Stand clear
of the closing doors, please.



All right, everybody listen up.

Everybody knows what time it is.

All your belongings in the bag!


Handsome regulates
the neighborhood.

If you wanna ride my train,
you pay my toll.

Turn around! Turn around!
Let me get your watch!

Turn around! Turn around!



Don't force it.

I'm not forcing it.

It says a 10-year-old
can assemble this thing.

I bet your wife could assemble it.

Dad, why don't you
give me a hand here, please?

You need a degree
in mechanical engineering for that.

No kidding.


FRANK: How did it go?
HENRY: My favorite granddaughter.

Your only granddaughter.

Still playing with toys, Danny?
That's cute.

It's for my son's birthday.

If mom were still alive, she'd tell you
that was beyond your skill set.

That's funny. Ha, ha, ha.

Wanna help?

- The whole gang is here.
- Hey, Jamie.

Hey, will you help me out,
college boy?

You're pathetic.

It says it's supposed to lock in this.

Let me see this.

I'm glad you came over.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Fine.
- Boy, that's a relief.

If I were going through a divorce

and my kid went on a long trip
with her father

and I had to say goodbye,

I wouldn't be fine.

I'll have a Scotch.

She's just so happy about it.

- Is it a nice trip?
- Yeah. Taking her to San Francisco.

- He doesn't even like San Francisco.
- Sounds like a nice trip.



Hold that thought.


What, when and where?


Oh, those damn things.

DANNY: Reagan.

JAMlE: This is starting
to hurt my head.

Yeah. Hey, you're gonna have
to finish that on your own.

I've gotta work at midnight. I was
supposed to leave five minutes ago.

I'll see you Sunday, Grandpa.

Yeah. First Platoon.

A rookie's lot.

Yeah, I understand.

I want regular updates,
I want a breakdown of all the injuries,

and I wanna know who's assigned.


Hey, a little help here.


What have we got?

Six perps, box cutters and knives,
one gun and one camera.

- We're still sorting out the specifics.
- What's with the camera?

They were recording everything.

It's a good conversation piece. Break
out the video at your dinner party.

- Who pulled the cord?
- Passengers in the next car.

Heard gunshots,
saw what was happening

through the windows,
did the right thing.

Everybody scrambles
to the platform.

They might've fled down to the tracks.

Yeah, I know. Clerks didn't see them
go out either exit.

Got uniforms covering two stations,
north and south,

ESU and Canine are en route
to sweep the tunnels.

- There's a lot of blood.
AVA: Yeah.

Still don't know why the shooting
started, where the bullets went.

We recovered two casings from a 9

and I got Anti-Crime canvassing
the hospitals.

No passengers were shot
as far as we know.

Hey, where are you going?

I'm gonna go make myself useful.


Oh, Danny--

DANNY: Hey! Little brother.
What are you doing here?

JAMlE: We had a prisoner drop
up at the 6-5.

I thought I'd show the rookie
what a caper looks like.

Bunch of cops rubbernecking
looking to poach a collar, huh?

My partner is gonna be down there
for a while. Mind giving me a ride?

- Where to?
- To the 2 train.

Got an emergency exit,
near the playground.

I'm just gonna make sure
it's not popped.

RENZULLl: Do you think that's how
the guy got out of the tunnel?

All right, come on. Get in.

So sarge, you taking good care
of my brother?

Yep. The first thing I told him
was to imagine what you'd do,

and then do the opposite.

Wow. That's good advice.
Now, if you could just go straight,

- we'll get there quicker.
RENZULLl: College boy,

tell your brother
the first rule in my car.

Jamie, tell you boss I know Brooklyn
better than a Manhattan cop.

This is me keeping my mouth shut.

See, he's already doing the opposite.
Thattaboy, kid.

See, he's learning quick.

Son of a bitch.

DANNY: It looks like they popped
the subway hatch.

Stop the car.

They're already out of the tunnel.

Hey, I've got blood.

It's not footprints either.

- Somebody must be hurt.
RENZULLl: Hey, slow down, kid.

Twelve-Sergeant, need a 10-85
forthwith at Nostrand and Tilden.

Hey, kid, I'm the lead.


Police! Let me see your hands.

Let me see your hands!

Put your hands in front!

Hands up!


This guy is gone. Looks like
he bled out from the stomach.

DANNY: Yeah.
RENZULLl: Buddies left him behind.

They left him to die. It says a lot
about who we're dealing with.


Chief Jeffords from Brooklyn South is
waiting for you in the conference room.

Bronx Homicide made arrests
in last week's club shooting.

- The reports?
- On your desk.

There was another home invasion
in Woodside.

FRANK: Have the precinct commander
here by noon to explain why.

Will do, commissioner.

The train robbery.

Six perps, male,
white, black and Hispanic.

- A multiethnic gang.
- Ages 16 to 20.

The leader had a 9 mm pistol.

Witnesses have conflicting stories.

No one is sure why he opened fire
or at who.

- But you have a dead perp.
- Lee Cranston.

No arrest, no gang affiliations.

We're waiting on ballistics.

Our one theory
is he was being tried out,

did something wrong,
they shot him.

- But you have a better theory, Mike.
- Ha, ha. An accident.

The leader got excited,
popped off a few shots,

did us a favor.

Two witnesses lD'd the leader
as Steven Jackson,

street name, Handsome.
Still at large.

Transit detectives like him
for three other robberies

on the number 2 line
in Flatbush in the last month.

Not just robbery.
Rape, aggravated assault.

JEFFORDS: It isn't just
about the money with this kid.

He gets off on the violence.

I mean, controlling
a trainload of people,

he's got the whole neighborhood

Oh. The camera is a new twist.

And the gun, an escalation.

Why the hell has he had time
to escalate?

We're staked out
on his mom's apartment, his girlfriend.

We even reached out to Newark P.D.
to sit on his cousin's house.

The last four weeks,

- he's been a ghost.
- And the perps?

No lDs yet.

We've arrested 1 2 of his crew
off of the previous complaints.

But we take two off the street,

Handsome recruits two more.

Transit Bureau triples coverage
on every two line station

from Atlantic to Flatbush.

A cop at every train.
Extra patrol coverage in Flatbush.

I want the community to know

- we're there for them.
- Mm-hm.



AVA: Okay, after they started robbing
people, what happened next?

MAN: One of the guys, he had his
knee on my head the whole time.

There was yelling,

then I heard shots.


AVA: When he took his knee
off of your head,

- did you see any faces?
MAN: No, I didn't get up for a while.

And then when I did,
they were gone.

AVA: And when you got up,
did you see anyone hurt?

Anyone running?

Yeah. A few of us were pretty scared.

Excuse me, are you being helped?

They said wait
for Detective Hutchins.


Are you related to Lee Cranston?

He was my cousin.
How did you know?

I know what family looks like.

Come on with me.

Right in here.

It's okay. There. Sit right there.

So you saw the news last night.

You know Lee was robbing people.

People on the train said
Handsome fired some shots.

Do you know Handsome?

Everybody knows who he is.

Well, from what I hear
Lee was a good kid.

- Never got in trouble with the cops.
- Yeah.

So how he ends up
robbing a train last night,

I have no idea. Do you?

Do you know any of the other boys
on the train, Denise?

- No.
- Denise, what I'm getting at

is that it was probably Handsome
who shot Lee.

And even
if Handsome didn't shoot him,

he left him on a park bench
to bleed to death.

Are you okay with that?

Handsome and his boys--

You don't know what it's like.

He owns Flatbush.

People are scared to ride on the train
at night

and nobody knows
where he's gonna show up and--

And everybody knows
you can't catch him.


That's why we need help, Denise.

So here's the thing,

the way I knew
you were here for Lee,

you looked like someone
who was feeling real loss.


Can I go?

Tell you what,

when you think about it,
and you decide

that Lee deserves
what you can do for him,

I'll be on the other end of the phone.


When you said you were
buying breakfast... Thanks.

CLERK: You're welcome.
- Rookie salary.

Plus, I've got grand jury
in 20 minutes.

So how are you liking
the other side?

I didn't realize cops and DAs
were on opposite sides.

Wait until I tell you your collar
won't hold up and decline prosecution.

- You'd do that to me, my own sister.
- Opposite sides.

Any good war stories?

Renzulli says I can't tell war stories
till my second partner.

I saw my first dead body last night.

And Danny had to be the one
to show it to me.

He found it, in fact.

If you were 1 2,
he would have made you kiss it.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Why?

Because everything is not okay.

Problems with Sydney?

It's an adjustment. We're adjusting.

I threw her a big curveball.
Get engaged to a lawyer,

suddenly you're marrying a cop.

Despite of what the priests say,

marriage isn't a contract, it's a...

...ongoing negotiation.

Not that I know anything
about marriage, right?

John had everyone fooled.

Except for maybe dad.

- And Danny.
- And Grandpa.

Okay, so he had me fooled.



ME pulled a.38 out of Lee Cranston.

Handsome was shooting a 9.

- Second gun?
- We're waiting on ballistics.

It was a stomach wound.

Could be that Lee had a gun,
was pulling it out,

accidentally shot himself,
then Handsome reacts to the gunfire.

We recovered two of his 9 mm slugs
from one of the seats.

Lee Cranston shoots himself
and no one sees.

Half the vics are on the ground,
other half getting roughed up, robbed.

It's instinct to try
not to make eye contact.

Or it could be maybe
one of the other perps

had a reason to shoot Lee,
maybe one of the vics had a gun too.

A lot of maybes.

I still have two vics to interview.

Patrol got their information,
but left before we got there.

The other four perps?

No lD's, no known associates?

Six-five picked up every kid
involved in the previous robberies.

I think Handsome just crewed up
with all new mopes.

Explains what a marshmallow
like Lee was doing with him.

Handsome is out there, boss.
I could use more bodies.

You've got Reagan.
He's worth four of us mere mortals.

Three. Three anyway, sarge.


BAKER: lntel came across this during
one of their periodic data mines

at one of the known gang websites.

Mostly it's disses of other gangs
and bad poetry.

You get some special mentions.

I must be doing my job right.
Who put this up, Jennings?

It's an anonymous lnternet tag.

I want you to say hello
to all the folks at home.

MAN: Hi.
HANDSOME: Wait, say hi. Hi.

The kid likes to see himself
on camera.

If they were smarter,
it would take us longer to catch them.

This is how I manage it.

Like my old man says, if they
were smart, we'd never catch them.

Pull some stills from the video
and start canvassing Flatbush.

Put together some photo arrays.

Then the Spanish one
took my purse.

And the one in the red shirt
with a knife,

- he said they should rape me.
- That's what he said?

Yeah. Maybe it was the Spanish one.
I was scared.

But then another one said no
and then one of them grabbed my arm.

That's when the man next to me
shot them.

- You saw the shooting?
- Yeah, he put his hands in his pockets

- and I heard gunshots and saw smoke.
- You tell me what this guy looks like?

I think she should take a look
at this over here.

All right, let's go.

Okay, I'm gonna play this video
at quarter speed,

you tell me if you recognize anyone.

Yeah-- Right there.

- Stop. Stop.
DANNY: This guy?

- Are you sure that's him?
- Yeah.

- Know when he got on?
- Yeah, 42nd, same as me.

Did he say anything to you?
Know the guys who attacked you?

He was as scared as the rest of us.

A Good Samaritan shooter.

Imagine that.

YOLANDA: Yeah. Well,
I wish he had shot all of them.

We've re-interviewed the passengers,

a few remember seeing him,

but none of them know who he is.

FRANK: The squads?
JEFFORDS: Nothing.

Work boots are scuffed.

Gloves in his pants pockets.
Jacket's worn, a couple of years old.

Construction, maybe?

FRANK: Daily News turned
to the sports section.

Wedding ring.

He doesn't look down or away.

He slides forward in his seat.

His instincts are to protect
the woman sitting next to him.

This man has a family and a job.

People know him, people like him.
Give his picture to the press,

- somebody will recognize him.
- Great.

Then we get to lock him up
for stopping a rape.


FRANK: See if you can shut down
this website.

Handsome put himself on the lnternet
to get attention.

Make sure we don't give him
more than we have to.

Reporters are gonna wanna know
where the picture came from.

If we don't tell them,
they're gonna find the video

- sooner or later.
- I'm all right with later.

DANNY: These are the best stills
from the video.

Not much on the other perps.

No. Handsome made sure
the camera was on Handsome.

Meanwhile, 15 people on the train
and only one sees the Samaritan

- shoot Lee Cranston.
- Reagan, Hotchkiss, check this out.

It was a stunning scene

just 20 minutes ago
at the 65th Precinct

as Oliver Young,
known only to the police

as the subway Samaritan,
surrendered himself

to reporter Kelly Davidson.

You'll hear Kelly's account
and an exclusive interview.

KELLY: When did you decide
to pull that trigger?

What kind of guy surrenders
to a TV reporter?

A 2 1 st-century kind.

Get him out of the 6-5

before the whole damn neighborhood
shows up to coronate him.

OLlVER: I was convinced
that somebody was gonna get killed.

I just hope
that everyone understands

that I did what I felt was right.

Well, I can't say
that anyone in your position

would have done that,
but we are very thankful

that Oliver did.

Thank you so much
for sharing this with us.

I'm Kelly Davidson,
Channel 1 0 News.

That was exclusive coverage...



- I just saw you on TV.
- Aww.

So was I squinting?

Because I had to look into the sun.

Your eyes were crystal clear.

I wanna see you.

I can move things around.

Me too.


I was doing drywall work in Queens,
a restaurant,

after hours mostly, off the books.

I've been held up twice
on my way home.

I can't afford to lose the cash
I've been making.

- The gun was for protection.
OLlVER: Yeah.

Where did you get it?

- I'd rather not say.
DANNY: Come on,

you gotta give us something more
than half of New York already heard.

Mr. Young is talking to you voluntarily
and against the advice of counsel.

I'd recommend you not press him.

- I'm not pressing him.
- You were on the train.

I wasn't going to do anything.

That one had a gun and I knew
it was gonna get bad,

but then they started getting mean,
hurting people,

Iaughing about it.

They were serious
about hurting that girl.

- That's when you shot him.
OLlVER: Someone had to stop it.

And then everyone started running
and l--

I've got a robbery arrest
from when I was 1 8.

So I know what it means
that I was carrying that gun.

But I haven't done a wrong thing
since that arrest.

I've got a life,

a family.

And then I heard that boy I shot died

Oliver, I'm going to tell you
one more time, stop.

I wasn't--

I was already thinking
about turning myself in.

Then I saw that picture in the paper,
my wife saw it too.

I didn't want you people
kicking in my door,

dragging me away
in front of my son.

So you called the news.

Kelly Davidson seems good on TV.

I figured that way
I'd get my side of the story out.

Wait. You didn't think we would listen
to your side of the story.

- How did you do?
- Nothing you didn't see on 10.

Well, except for the part
about him not trusting the cops

- to give him a listen.
AVA: Says he tossed the gun,

but between the confession
and the video, we got our case.

Reagan processes the Samaritan.
You get back to the robbery.

- Sure thing, sarge.
DANNY: Ahem.


Let's get this punk Handsome
by the book, huh?

That's Young's wife.

She's been waiting out there
for hours to talk to him.

Poor bastard. He's gonna do time
for doing the right thing

with the wrong gun.

Detective, some kid outside
wants to talk to you.

- Yeah.
- She doesn't wanna come in again.


DENlSE: I saw that guy on the news
talking about shooting Lee.

Yeah, Denise, you know--

No, no. Look,

I don't blame him for what happened.

He was standing up to Handsome
even though he was afraid.

I thought about that
and I thought about what you said.

- Lee didn't even wanna run with them.
- Why did he?

A bunch of Handsome's crew
got locked up

so he started jumping in new blood.

Right. Why Lee, though?

Denise, why did they pick on Lee?

Lee's friend, Dante,
started up with them.

Lee was afraid to say no.

You know, another boy said no,
and they put him in the hospital.

Lee went up to the Bronx to stay
with our aunt, but they found him.

They said he had to join up
since he knew that Dante was in it.

Okay, who's this Dante guy?

Dante Vandos.

I used to go with him
before he got all crazy.

It wasn't right.

They could have taken him
to a hospital.

Denise, do you know
where we can find Dante

and Handsome and his crew?

I know where all those boys stay.





- Get down. Down on the ground.
COP 1: Down on your knees.

COP 2: Hands up. Hands on your head.
- Get up.

Police. Freeze. Hold it, punk.

Freeze right there.

DANNY: Get on your face.
AVA: Turn! Turn around.

- Get on your face.
- Hands.

AVA: Do it or I will-- Don't move.
- Hey, hey, shut up.

Please tell me you got Handsome
down there.

He's not down there.


DANNY: Come on, Dante,
do yourself a favor here.

Even if I knew where he was
I still wouldn't tell you.

AVA: Figure Handsome
is gonna take care of you?

His last crew is sitting in Rikers
thinking the same thing.

You don't rat on a man
with Handsome's stature.


Handsome has profile
with half the gangs in the city.

This is not someone
you want after you.

Matter of fact,
can I have my lawyer now?

I'm just saying that if people
were allowed to carry guns

maybe these animals
would give it a second thought

before they robbed a train.

If everyone on the train had a gun

then maybe more people
would've gotten killed.

I don't mean everyone has a gun.

- You have guns, right, Grandpa?
- I'm a cop.

Hey, sorry I'm late.

- Hi, babe.
- Hi.

DANNY: I had to finish up a collar.
HENRY: My backup.

FRANK: The plate's in the kitchen.
- Thanks.

No shop talk while he eats.

- Erin, hear from Nicky?
- Bad question.

Having the time of her life.

Suddenly, her dad is all pony rides
and presents.

Son of a you-know-what.

- I know what.
- You better not say it.

- [WHlSPERS] Sorry.
- She's not gonna stop loving him.

- Whose side are you on?
- I offered to punch the guy.

If anyone's gonna punch my ex out,
it's gonna be me.

I wouldn't mind being there to see.

The law is coming after this guy

because he's carrying a gun.

Only reason we know he had a gun is
because he used it to stop a robbery.

Can't choose which laws we enforce.
You know that.

So let's concentrate on robbery
and murder and rape

and we'll get
to the good Samaritans

after we're done with the jaywalkers.

Erin, what do you know
about this guy, Blake Phelps?

- Good lawyer.
DANNY: Yeah, is he tough?

- Not as tough as me.
- Who is?

But no pushover, why?

- Did he pick up the Samaritan case?
DANNY: Yeah.

Wondering if he was someone I could
talk to or if it's another notch for him.

Well, it's a press case, Danny.
It's anyone's notch.

Oliver Young has a felony record
and he bought a gun illegally.

Well, he bought it for self-defense.

- I'm not defending him, just saying.
- It sounds like you are.

New York does have a zero tolerance
policy for gun crimes.

- Whose side are you on?
- Yeah, whose side are you on?

I think Oliver's got a big problem

and his situation deserves
a little more careful consideration

and a little less taking sides.

Oh-ho. That sounds like my side.



So hypothetically,
what kind of mistakes

might hurt the prosecution
in the Samaritan case?

I mean, it was very chaotic
the night we brought him in.

Maybe we forgot to Mirandize him
or something.

Are you asking me advice
on dumping a case?

- That's collusion, Danny.
- No, it's mercy.

Okay, it's mercy for a guy who
stood up to those guys on the train.

You have 15 years on the job,

you've seen good guys
get jammed up before.

Yeah, okay, and so maybe this time
I can do something about it.

Come on. I mean, this guy
trusted his story to a hairdo on TV

because he thinks all the cops
wanna do is make another arrest.

I don't work that way.

So who are you proving this to,
him or yourself?

It doesn't matter.

He broke the law, Danny.

Sometimes the law actually works
these things out for the best.

That's what it's there for.

I agree with your sister.

Especially with an unapprehended
perp to worry about.

Yeah. Well, Major Case is on it now,

And I'm back to work as of now.

So how is the new assignment?

You're wondering
how you ended up there?


I mean, with the Campos case

and the lnternal Affairs investigation
after it,

might be better if I got reassigned
to the motor pool, Dad, you know?

Major Case is a bit of a stretch.

- Looks like favoritism.
- Yeah, it does.

You taught us not to care
what anyone thinks.

And I don't care.

You know how this looks, Dad.

I think you're stuck with that, Danny,
and so am l.

But just to clear things up,
I wanted you in motor pool.

But I deferred to my chief of detectives
on those decisions.

Apparently, he thinks
you have something to contribute.

Hey, Kelly Davidson, tell me how it is
you're giving all this time

to this shoot-and-run punk
and you're missing the real story.

is public enemy number one.

And the N. Y.P.D.
can't touch my beautiful ass.

Tomorrow I'm gonna rob
another train.

And this time it ain't going to be one
of my boys that's going to get killed.

And I'm gonna give you
exclusive footage

to some real 6:00 news.

E-mailed to me this morning,

- We'd like a copy of the e-mail.
KELLY: Of course.

Channel 1 0 is proud of our long history
as a friend to the N.Y.P.D.

Except when you're not.

It would be better
if this did not get broadcast.

Well, that would be quite a concession
on our part.

There was a lot of public sympathy
for Oliver's interview.

And there's a lot of interest in seeing
Handsome taken off the street.

I share your interest.

I'd like to be there
when you make the arrest.

You give me that

and I will hold back for 24 hours
or until the robbery happens.

Not much of a deal.

Obviously, I disagree.

It is the policy of this department
not to jeopardize police-officer safety

with the presence of reporters
during an arrest.

- Is that a no?
- That's a no.

Then it's a good thing that I already
taped my exclusive for tonight.

Take a look,
this might change your mind.

Have a good day.

Extend our coverage all the way
into southern Manhattan.

A cop on every number two train
and every platform,

24/7, until further notice.

Do you know how many bodies
that will take?


Let's go.

Supposed to be watching the station.

Yeah, we'll watch it on our feet.

Put your hat on, kid.

You don't learn about the street
behind 2,000 pounds of steel

and a rolled up window.

Look around. Pay attention.

Let people come and talk to you
and tell you what's going on.

What do you see?

Broken glass.
Someone broke into a car.

Street cleaning is Thursday,
it happened over the weekend.

Okay, Harvard,
maybe you are a Reagan.

Hope you're more your old man
than Danny.

No offence, sarge,
what's your problem with my brother?

The problem is making sure you
don't get the wrong stars in your eyes.

Looked like an ace detective
finding that body.

He didn't look like a screwup.

Off the top of my head
he did three things you better never do:

Ieave his partner,
not tell anyone where he was going,

not call in the open subway hatch
or the blood.

Danny's got skills
but he's got a lot of bad habits.

- All right, kid?
- Yeah.

Come on.

The dress code seems to have relaxed
around here.

Actually, I'm going out for drinks
with some people, so...

Drinks with some people.

Work people.
You know, do a little networking.

Better than going home
to an empty apartment, I guess.

I didn't realize how much I was gonna
miss that nightly dose of teen angst.

I was going through some stuff
a while ago.

I was down the street
at a dedication, so...

I found this.

"Dear Mom, you don't understand
what I'm going through."

I was 1 1.
I ran away to Grandpa's house.

It took me two days to come home.

Kept thinking you were gonna come
and get me and you never did.

Mom wouldn't let me.

I always felt she understood you
better than I did

even when you two were fighting.

ERlN: Nicky could have written this
to me last week.

We weathered the storm.

I see no reason to believe
that you won't too.

I think you understand me pretty well,




Oliver Young,
the Subway Samaritan, huh?

You're just in time.
We're about to move him

from general holding to the dorms.

I need to show him a few photo arrays.


Another day in the pen.


COP 1:
Call a bus.

Call a bus. He's been stabbed.

- Oliver.
COP 2: Clear the hall.

COP 3:. He's been stabbed.
AVA: Oliver.


They were moving a bunch of us.

A kid came out of the pack.

I saw him out of the corner of my eye
or else he would have gotten more in.

Do you recognize him
from the neighborhood?

No, man.

I was getting looks.

I know when something is up
so I asked around,

found out Handsome put 5 G's
on my head

because I shot his boy, I guess.

No, no, no,
Handsome put 5 G's on your head

because you stood up to him.

I don't wanna be anyone's hero.

I just want my life back.

We've got a cop outside

and we'll arrange
for protective detention.

Protective detention?

For how many years?

Oliver, look,
we wanna get this kid, okay.

I know we've been over this already,
but is there anything you remember,

anything they said or did
when they got on?

Handsome didn't get on.

- What do you mean?
- Saw him in the last car

at 42nd Street.

He jumped off one car
and got on another,

clocking the platform for cops.

I knew he was trouble so I went up
to the front of the train to avoid him.

- He was alone.
- You know what's messed up?

I played it over in my head,
I think if I just sat tight,

Iet it all happen,

I'd be home right now.

Handsome rides the train alone
into Brooklyn.

He calls up his crew,
tells them what station to wait at.

They meet up, do the robbery
and Handsome fades away.

We've been over Flatbush
because that's where he hits,

that's where his boys
keep getting collared,

- but he could be anywhere in the city.
- Anywhere north of 42nd Street.

He's gotta know we got
the two covered.

No way he's gonna hit there tonight.

Yeah, but there's no way
he's not gonna hit somewhere.

Twenty-six lines,
468 subway stations.

I read it somewhere, it stuck.

Let's attack this
from a different angle.

DANNY: Handsome's also got
a farebeat arrest in April

on West 4th Street

and a Discon summons in June
at 31 st Street and Northern Boulevard.

- Is that all?
- That's it.

Every police contact,
every known associate and relative,

home and work address for Handsome
for the past six months.

Now, we have to find the pattern
to his movements. What have we got?

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn,
he's all over the place.

Looks like someone fired
a 1 2-gauge shotgun at the map.

Yeah, but they missed the Bronx.

Lee Cranston's cousin, Denise,
said that that's where Lee went to hide.

Right on the two line
and Handsome found him there.

That's one place
Handsome has never been in trouble.

- What about Staten lsland?
- There's no subway in Staten lsland.

See if you find anything on the perps.
Hey, Denise, this is Detective Reagan.

Yeah, where did your cousin Lee
hide in the Bronx?

He was at a bar at 147th and Willis.
Thank you.

- Dante Vandos, Lee's friend.
- And Denise's boyfriend.

Yeah, he wasn't as careful.

A farebeat summons from 149th
and 3rd on the number two

and a stop and frisk
from Westchester and Courtlandt.

Looks like we just made the choke
on the shotgun a little bit smaller.

- Doesn't tell where he's gonna hit.
- We don't need to know

if we know where he's getting on.

Call 5-1, have them assign uniforms
to every station, north and south,

and have Anti-Crime
watch 1 49th and 3rd station.

That's where he's getting on.


Haven't I seen you in the movies?

Come here.





Come here. Put your hands up.

Show me your hands.
Show me your hands.


You really are a good-looking kid.

Come on.




Anything I should know about?


- Do you have to go?
- No. You?


So, what are we going to do

about a meeting place
when my girlfriend gets back?

Find some place closer
than New Jersey.

I don't know.

There's something
about the long drive out here.

The anticipation.

- You're mad at me.
- I'm not mad at you.

We've never brought our work with us
when we see each other.

I'm just not sure that didn't change
when you walked into my office.

We can't change who we are,

- I mean, we can turn it off, sure.
- Well,

it's on my mind.

I don't wanna cost you your job.

I have a different theory.

- Do you?
- Uh-huh.

So this morning, sitting
across the table from each other,

the two of us knowing
what no one else knows,

it was dangerous.

Then there's that.


Didn't know if you'd show.

I don't know why I did.

Maybe you wanna find out
how your brother died.

Joe died being a good cop.

Your story about the Blue Templar--

It's not a story.
You heard the recording.

Joe was working with the FBl.

This is his pin.

Joe was a Blue Templar,
but he learned

that some of the Templar's
were doing very illegal things.

We need you to help us catch them.

I'm a rookie.

I'm just figuring out how to be a cop.

You want me to go under
against other cops.

Take out some kind of conspiracy.

I'm asking you to help us
find Joe's real killers.

I can't push you off the fence.

I know we're throwing a lot at you
and it must be overwhelming

but I know what my decision would be
if it were my brother.


ERlN: The sergeant said
I'd find you back here.

What, no six-pack?


I'm trying to make the right impression
on my new partner.

Right impression
or a good impression?


- You caught the bad guys, right?
- Yeah.

It's usually good for a smile.

Somehow it just doesn't feel
like much of a win.

- Because of Oliver Young?
- Yep.

Think about it.

You make one choice,
it could change your whole life forever.

Well, there's some that think
that's true of every decision.

I'm not really the metaphysical brother,
you know?



Okay, anyhow,
the reason why I detoured down here

is because I had a conversation
with Blake Phelps.

Oliver Young is already a local hero
for standing up to Handsome,

getting stabbed is turning him
into a martyr,

so Blake doesn't think
this is a career maker.

Oh, Blake.

And I guess the DA agrees,
so your guy is looking

at probably a long probation
on the gun charge.

Really? Hmm.

Like I told you, the law sometimes
works these things out.


So, what favor do you owe
to who?

Tell me that has nothing to do
with the blouse.

I go out there for you and this is the
crap that comes out of your mouth.

I'm kidding.

Thank you.

How did it feel, hmm,

doing something for that guy?


Good doing something for you.

Let's go have a beer.