Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Harvard Law School graduate Jamie Reagan's family, patriarch grandfather Henry's cop dynasty, proudly attends his graduation from the New York police academy, presided over by his father, ...

Boat leaves in ten minutes, Pop.

I've never been late
in my life, Francis.

- I can't find my iPod.
- Kitchen.

And the skirt, really?

- Danny?
- Yeah?

- Honey, the kids are in the car.
- All right, babe.

- You know the Verrazano at this hour.
- Yeah, I'm coming.

FRANK: It is with profound praise
and gratitude

that I welcome you
new police officers,

proud that you have answered
the call to service

and today join the ranks
of New York's finest.

You have earned the distinction
of being the best trained,

best prepared police officers
in the world.

Ready to serve and protect
the most vibrant city in the world,

where every day brings
a responsibility

to keep all New Yorkers safe,

safe from crime
and safe from terrorism.

And though the city is on
the very cutting edge of technology,

nothing replaces your unwavering
sense of right and wrong

and your eyes and ears
on the street.

And we remain safe because
of the hard work and dedication

of the men and women of
the New York City Police Department.

Now, we all wear
the same blue uniform,

carry the same shield.

Now you are a part
of the finest police force in the world.

Congratulations to your families,
your friends,

and congratulations to you,
our new New York City police officers.


FRANK: You okay in all of this, Pop?
HENRY: Not an invalid.

Had a hip replacement.

Mr. Mayor.

- lnspiring words, Frank.
- Hey, Dave.

- We miss you up at the 64.
- I don't miss you guys.




HENRY: How are you supposed
to find anybody in this mess?

- Dad.
- Hey.

Grandpa, over here.

Great speech, Dad.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Hey, Grandpa.
- I'm proud of you, son.

Thanks, Dad.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey. You looked great up there.

Mom's probably spinning in her grave,
you quitting law and becoming a cop.

- Danny.
- I'm just saying.

Golden boy was on the fast track
to Washington.

Now look at him.

Just like the rest of us Reagans,
another boot in a suit.

- Don't bust my chops, Danny.
- Excuse me, all the Reagans?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sis.

I forgot we got an assistant
district attorney in the family.

I'm so proud of you, sis.

We'd have another lawyer
if these two would set a date.

What, and spoil all the fun?

- Hey, Reagan, we made it.
- Yeah.

- Congratulations.
- Dad, this is Officer Romano.

First woman recruit
to win the sharpshooter medal.

- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.

I just wanted to say hello.

- You must be Sydney, right?
- Congratulations.


- I'll see you around, Reagan?
- Okay.

She won the sharpshooter medal.

Your father said.

Well, the gang's all here.

I guess we should be getting over
to the Breslin.

Oh, sorry, but first-year associates
don't get lunch.

I'm lucky they let me out for this.

It was amazing.

- Okay.
- Bye, everybody.

JAMlE: Love you.
LlNDA: Bye.

FRANK: Bye, Sydney.
HENRY: Bye, Sydney.

She seems to be handling this well,
you being a cop.


We're working on it.

It can't be easy
after watching you bury your brother.

Joe died doing what he loved to do.

Little brother, I'm gonna have
to buy you a beer another time.

I got a missing kid. Gotta go.

- You up to catch a case?
DANNY: Yeah, Dad.

Demarcus is on his way.
I'll see you guys later.

Bye. Bye, boys.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Little girl, I don't like the sound of it.

Your glass half empty much?

- She could turn up at a friend's house.
- Yeah, but then why'd they call us?


Smile for the cameras, Danny boy.

All right, all right, all right.

What do we got?

9-year-old female Hispanic,
Teresa Campos,

didn't come home from school,
St. Anita up the block.

The mother there got worried,
went looking for her,

and the building super told her
he saw a couple of young boys

grab a pink backpack
from the gutter here and run off with it.

The backpack hers?

DANNY: You find the kids
who found the backpack?

Not yet. I got Housing
doing verticals in the projects.

And Aviation's en route
to check rooftops.

Anybody see anything else?

This doll was found near
where the backpack was.

One of those ones
you press it and it talks.

Change me. I'm wet.

Anyway, the mother said
she'd never seen it before.

All right, voucher it and get prints
and Serology on it, okay?

Put out an Amber Alert request,
get a canvass going.

Lot of cameras.
Check the surveillance.

Clear out the Dumpsters,
mailboxes, drains, sewers, everything.

- Try not to let the family see, okay?
- Got you.

You know that feeling
you were getting?

- Yeah.
- I'm getting it too.

Mr. And Mrs. Campos,
I'm Detective Reagan.

This is my partner, Detective King.

We understand
your daughter went missing.

I'm gonna have to ask you
a few questions.

She always comes home.
She comes home every day.

She knows her mother worries.

- She's a good girl.
- I'm sure she is.

I know how difficult
this must be for you.

DANNY: Is it possible
she may have run away?

Maybe you had a fight,

maybe an ex-husband
may have taken her.

Rico's her father.
There was no fight.

Where is she?

- You have to find her.
KlNG: The more you can tell us,

the more we can help.

MANNATO: Detective, can I talk to you?
- Excuse me.

Woman there saw a white van

pull away from the curb here
really crazy.

White van in New York City?
That narrows it down.

She didn't get the plates either,
but it had a cracked rear window.

Let's put the van out on the wire,
notify bridge and tunnel security,

- maybe we'll get lucky.
DOLL: Change me. I'm wet.

I'm thinking this isn't a simple
custodial dispute, partner.

Doesn't smell
like a ransom case either.

Yeah, but we got another problem.
Little girl's a diabetic.

She gets insulin shots
every 24 hours.

- So if she doesn't get them--
- My baby.

- Please, you have to find her.
- We'll do all we can.

We'll do all we can.
We'll do all we can, ma'am.

It's all right, it's all right.

- Oh, my baby.
- It's all right.


MAN 1: Commissioner.
WOMAN: Commissioner Reagan.

MAN 2: Commissioner.
MAN 3:. Sir.

All right, before I take questions,

as you all know, the first hours
are crucial in a case like this,

so I'm asking for the media's help
in keeping Teresa's face

before the public.

Our task force will respond
to each and every lead,

and I assure you
the New York City Police Department

will not rest till we find this little girl.

- Mr. Reagan.
- Miguel.

Commissioner Reagan,
what do you say to blog allegations

there's a third fewer police than
on the Allie Dintenfass Amber Alert

on the Upper East Side
last summer?

Miguel, you're
a professional journalist.

Do you really wanna give credence
to any amateur blogger with a laptop?

Then what is your response to polls

that show an endemic lack of faith
in police by the Latino community

and a slow and steady rise
in crime there?

I don't respond to polls,
Miss Davidson.

But since I've been on the job,
crime is down across the board.

KELLY: So you're claiming
that the mayor's budgetary cutbacks

aren't affecting the department's ability
to keep all citizens of this city safe?

FRANK: None of us is concerned
about cost today.

A 9-year-old girl is missing
and the clock is ticking.

We need to find Teresa.

Just make sure you media people
do your job

and keep her face before the public.
Next question.

MAN: Commissioner Reagan.
WOMAN: Commissioner Reagan.


What a world. Sixteen.

Sixteen registered sex offenders within
a five-block radius of this girl's home.

- What have you got?
- Tip on a white van with a little girl

in Astoria,
but it was just an Asian family.

All right, it's gonna be a long night.
Let's get to work.

Hey, caught your news conference
on the kidnap, Frank.

It was a nice job.

Come in.

You know, Frank,
we gotta find this kid. Alive.

We're doing everything we can,
Mr. Mayor.

That better be enough.

I hear your boy is lead detective?

If you're talking about
Detective First Grade Daniel Reagan,

I heard that too.

You think that's wise, Frank?

Could be exposing yourself
to all kinds of scrutiny if it goes south.

You're popular with the public,
but I don't have to tell you,

you don't have a lot of friends
in high places to back you up.

I don't spend a lot of time
worrying about that.

Well, maybe you should.

Oh, yeah, and another thing.

The attitude with the press
and that little sound bite

about how since you've been chief
and the crime stats decreasing.

There is no future
in that kind of grandstanding.

Just ask your old man.


- Reagan.
FRANK: It occurred to me

that with all you've got on your plate,
you might not have time

to drop off the roast
for Sunday dinner.

You calling about the roast
or are you looking for an update, Dad?

Well, speaking as your boss,

I hope you know
you have all the resources you need.

Well, I appreciate that, boss.
I'll keep you posted.


- What's up, Reagan?
- Motivational call from my old man.

- What about you?
- Yeah, it's not great news.

RTCC's data mine
of our girl's neighborhood?

The sketchy-ass uncle's been
locked up on Rikers lsland for DWl.

You know, I had such high hopes
for that man.

I just keep thinking about that girl.

Imagine how afraid she is,
how afraid her family is.

Where's the doll? We need the doll.

Why? The lab didn't pull
anything from it.

- No DNA, no prints.
- Yeah, but that's just it.

I mean, if the doll
belonged to another girl,

then why is it so clean?

I mean, there's no prints,
no DNA, no nothing. Why?

Well, because maybe
they wore gloves.

And they used it as bait
to lure the girl in.

Exactly. All right, there's got to be
a label or a stamp on the doll.

Let's find out who makes it,

where they sell it.
Maybe this talking doll can tell us.

- All right.
- Give me the evidence room.

Had to be China, right?

Trying to find someone
who speaks English.

What is it over there,
tomorrow or yesterday?

Yes. Hello.

Yeah, this is Detective Reagan,
New York Police.

Yeah, your Dolly Change-Me doll,

I need to know where it's sold
in the eastern United States.

You what?

Are you sure?

Okay. All right. No, no, no.

I need you to give me
the names and addresses

of anyone who had access
to one of these dolls.

No, no, no. No call back.

I don't have time for you to call back.
You put me on hold, I'll wait.

- What's going on?
- The doll, it's a prototype.

It's not even for sale.
They made it for test marketing.

Three? Three people.

Only three people have these dolls.

What are their names?

The haystack just got a little smaller.

FRANK: Morning, Lou. Jim, I'll need
to talk to the chief at Manhattan South.

I've got a call in to see if there's
any progress on the kidnapping case.

Nothing solid yet.
They're working on a new lead.


All right. Yeah.

They found
one of the three sample dolls.

Belongs to a UN delegate
who's over in Shanghai.

She's still over there with the doll.

And doll number two
is supposed to be in this dump?

Rats in Staten lsland
live better than this.



MAN: Who's there?
- Police, open the door.

- You Oliver Peele?
- Yeah.

We need to come inside.

- Why? What's going on?
DANNY: Step inside.

- What is this place?
OLlVER: What?

Do you mind
turning down the music?


Man, this is crazy.

Hey, little girl-- Hey.

A little girl went missing
yesterday afternoon. Where were you?

Here probably.

You got anybody to verify that?

Wait a minute. Hey, Reagan.

DOLL: Change me. I'm wet.
KlNG: The sample.

- He has his. It's not him.
- You can't take that.

- I'm not done with it yet.
- Be my guest. Let's go.

Aren't you a little old
to be playing with dolls?

I'm a reviewer
for World of Dolls Magazine?


I know what you're thinking,
but mothers rely on me.


Reagan. We found it?

Hey, doll number three.

Toy salesman
named Donald Banse.

No, that's great.
Put it out there, yeah.

What'd they get?

A Florida driver's license,
we got his prints and picture.

Any local address?

Wife's got a New York driver's license
with an address in our own backyard.

Should I radio in,
let them know we're back in service?

Could you give me a minute
to drink my coffee, kid?

I was also your brother Joe's training
officer when he was a new boot.

No kidding. No, I didn't know that.

Yeah. Terrible thing, he got shot.

- He's a good guy, your brother.
- Yeah, he was.

Good guy.

So I hear you went to Harvard.
What are you doing on the beat?

Trying to see
how the real people live?

- Writing a book?
- It's in the blood, I suppose.

Well, Harvard, that's something
we're gonna have to find out.

Don't think just because
your old man's the boss,

I'm gonna be cutting you any slack.

You're gonna earn it
just like everyone else.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, Joe was a sweetheart.

Now, your brother Danny,
on the other hand--

- Danny's Danny.
- Hey, Harvard, I got the last word.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

WOMAN: Thirty-one George, reports
of a female calling for help, West 4-5.

- That's us.
- Seems to be in distress...

What are you looking at me for?

Get in the car. Go ahead.

I'm not seeing a white van.

Mildred Banse?

- Yeah. Can I help you?
- We need to talk to your husband.

- Is he home?
- No. No, why?

- What's he done?
- We just need to talk to him, that's all.

Do you mind if we look inside?

MlLDRED: I'm telling you,
I haven't seen him in months.

I'm divorcing the bastard.
I just sent him the last box of his stuff.

Oh, yeah? Where?

Inwood. The Lincoln Arms.
But I don't know if he's still there.

How much longer we got with
this diabetes thing? Couple hours?

If that. Teresa's type 1 diabetes.
She could die of insulin shock.

Right up here.
Right ahead on the right.

Lincoln Arms Hotel. Right there.

No white van. Blue van.


Maybe white van, blue paint job.

- There's something inside.
- He fixed the crack in the window.

Gonna have to fix this one too.

She's not here.

What's this?

- A communion dress.
- Votive candles.

The good news is,
he didn't light them yet.

Let's check inside. Close it up.

Police. Open up.

- Donald Banse?
- Yes, I am.

- How can I help you?
- We're coming inside.

- Step aside.
KlNG: He's packing his bags.

You going somewhere?

DANNY: Hey, where's the little girl?
- Don't know what you're talking about.

You do. When you snatched her,
you dropped your doll.

- Now, where is she?
- A doll was stolen from my van.

I was gonna give it to my niece.

The van that you painted blue
and changed the window on?

I don't have to talk, I know my rights.

- Don't talk to us then.
- What are you doing?

- The wall.
- Are you arresting me?

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say
may be used against--

Fine. Fine. Good.
Take me downtown.

My lawyer'll have me out
in an hour.

And then maybe I will see
my little niece.

What did you say?

Hey, hey, hey, come on.

- Come here, come here.
- Get off me.

KlNG: Let's take him downtown.
- Get off me.

- Let's take him downtown.
- Go call it in.

- Let's take him downtown.
- We don't have time.

The girl needs insulin.
Go outside and call it in.

Hey, you gonna tell me
where she is?

All right, get in there. Get in there.

- Where is she?
- Go to hell.

You first.

I'm gonna give you one last chance
to tell me where she is right now.

- I don't know.
- No?

You ready to talk now?

This storage locker we're going to,
the name he rented it under,

Monsignor Nicholas,
patron saint of kids.

- My God, I am heartily sorry...
DANNY: Hey, shut up you.

-...for having offended--
- Hey. Just shut your mouth!

You better hope she's still alive.



Hey, Teresa, wake up. Wake up.

No, it's okay. It's okay.
You're safe now.

I'm a police officer, okay?
I'm gonna get you home, all right?

Put this on you, all right?

Here we go.

I'm gonna take this off
really quick, okay?

It's gonna hurt a little bit,
but hold on.

Okay, all right.
You're gonna come with me now.

Come on.

- You're gonna be okay.
TERESA: Where's my mama?

You're gonna see her real soon.

- Come on.
- Where's my mama?

It's okay.
Listen, these are doctors.

They're gonna take you
to the hospital,

your mama and papa
are gonna be waiting.

She needs insulin right away.

Hey. We won one.

Yeah, we did.
Doesn't get much better than that.

Police brutality!
He tried to drown me.

This officer right here
tried to drown me.

He shoved my head in a toilet.

Mr. Adelman, you have emergency
motions to bring in this case?

Your Honor,
we'll be filing a Henley motion,

that any statement my client made
or any physical evidence obtained

was done so
through the use of excessive force.

Specifically, an officer
waterboarded my client.

- In a toilet.
- That's a serious allegation.

I have photographs taken
at the time of the arrest, Your Honor.

Your Honor, the officer contends
that the accused was resisting arrest.

Looks pretty banged up to me.

Since all of the state's evidence
is inadmissible,

our final motion
is the case be dismissed,

and Mr. Banse be released
from custody immediately.

You make a compelling case,
Mr. Adelman.

No, Your Honor. The accused
confessed to kidnapping the girl,

and led us
to where he had her imprisoned.

Ms. Boyle, as heinous as I find
the accused's actions,

you know the law as well as I do.

Any confession illegally coerced
is inadmissible,

and with no admissible evidence,
we have no basis to hold him.

State pleads for more time,
Your Honor.

- Your Honor--
- We don't want this individual

on the street.

At the same time,
an officer seems to have taken the law

into his own hands,
which we cannot abide.

We are looking at the weekend.

I'm gonna schedule a hearing
on this case for Monday afternoon.

If the state cannot marshal
some admissible evidence

to indict by then, I will have no choice
but to let the accused go.

- Hey, what happened?
- What happened?

- Disaster, that's what happened.
- Stop the dramatics, tell me.

- What did you think you were doing?
- I was saving a little girl's life.

So this pervert
can go prey on some other girl?

He's gonna walk
because you trashed all the evidence.

We didn't trash the evidence.
We got the van in custody.

CSU's all over it for DNA and fibers.

Yeah, you better hope they find
something or you find something.

You have until Monday.

- What do you mean until Monday?
- Monday.

Because that's when they're gonna let
the scumbag go.

- You crossed the line, Danny.
- Hey, get off my case.

I'll be getting off. You're my brother.

I'll have to recuse myself
if this goes to trial.

But that's a really big "if," isn't it?

Anybody home?

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.

I got the meat here
from Eddie's for tomorrow.

You should probably take it out about
two hours before you go to mass.

I guess you heard.

Not the best news.

No. CSU scoured the van.

No fibers, not a single hair.
Guess I screwed up, huh?

Internal Affairs
is gonna have to get into this.

Just so you know,
Demarcus had nothing to do with it.

I told him to call it in.

This whole thing will go down
a lot easier if you nail this guy.

- I know that, Dad, but I got nothing.
- Guy had a ritual.

Yeah, I mean,
he had the candles, the dress,

the communion thing, but that's it.

Well, maybe you should run it
through ViCAP,

see if there's any cold cases
with the same MO?

Just because the guy doesn't have
a record, doesn't mean he didn't do it.


Because you don't just wake up
one day at 50 and become a pervert.

That's a welcome relief.

Thanks, chief.

Danny, you ever see that doctor?

Well, you know, I've been busy, Dad.

There's no shame talking
about what went on in lraq.

I'll get around to it.

Don't forget about the meat.

MAN: I agree.

JARED: Whitney, tell them where
you've been. She's been in Alberta,

working on a takeover
of a Canadian shale oil outfit.

Jamie's the one with the
exciting new gig though, right?

Yeah, how was life on the
mean streets today, Jaimer?

JAMlE: A guy pushed this kid
down a flight of stairs.

Kid's paralyzed.

There's some bad people out there.

I need a cigarette.

Excuse me, guys.


I'm sorry.

I know this isn't easy for you, Syd.

What did your mother call it,
my little bait and switch?

Fall for a Harvard lawyer
and you end up with a cop on the beat.

It isn't about the status
or the money or any of that stuff.

I was cheering my head off for you at
graduation along with everybody else.


Afterwards, I started thinking
about your brother Joe.

The reality finally hit me that you're
gonna be out there every day.

It's where I wanna be.

Really, I always wanted to be a cop.

Hey. Hey, we're gonna be okay.


- We better get back in.
- Yeah.

Most of these kidnaps are custodial.

Hold on. I got something.

Cold case. Tampa, Florida.

Catholic girl right around Teresa's age
went missing. Body never found.

- When Banse was living there?
- What a coincidence.

You keep looking for open cases.
I'm gonna call down to Tampa,

try to get police records,
news coverage.

Gotta be something that
we can find to tie the guy to this crime.

How many times
have we set this table together?

A million.

I remember the first time
we didn't set a place for Grandma.

Yeah, I know. I miss her too.

I wish you had met my Grandma Rose.
She was such a riot.

This is her china, you know.

Where is everybody?
That roast is not gonna wait.

Boys, guys. Dinner.

Better get those rolls
before they're incinerated.

Sit next to me at this end of the table.

JACK: Okay.
FRANK: Hey, I'm good to go.

Something smells awfully good,
and it ain't this pipsqueak.

- Hey.
SEAN: Grandpa, can I sit next to you?

HENRY: Sure, squirt.
LlNDA: Staten lsland

isn't the other side of the world.

Wouldn't kill you
to come to our house one Sunday.

- Hey, all.
- Hey, Jamie.

JAMlE: Hey.
HENRY: Here he is.


FRANK: Where's your girl?
JAMlE: Greenwich with her folks.

More for us then.

- Hey, where's Danny?
- He said he would try to make it.

You all know, right?
I could strangle him.

No strangling on Sunday,
okay, sunshine?

Okay, Pops.

- Danny did what he had to do.
- Well, I knew you would take his side.

- I say what I think.
- Yeah, and look where it got you.


Bless us for these gifts
which we are about to receive

from your bountiful hands
through Christ our Lord, amen.


DANNY: Real food.
- I don't want any beans.

- Yes, you do.
HENRY: I'll tell you where it got me.

I got a clean conscience
and I can sleep at night.

- Where what got you?
- Mom's mad at him

- because he took your side.
-Okay, Nicky, stay out of it.

- Your mom's riding on her high horse.
ERlN: Don't make this about me.

I'm not the one
that slapped some guy around.

What do you know about it?

Dad stuck
somebody's head in a toilet?

I know you're supposed to be
enforcing the law, not making it up.

You have no idea what goes on. You
only know what you think you know.

- The laws are there for a reason.
HENRY: Yeah, to protect the criminals.

No, to protect society
from a police state.

Blah, blah, blah.

- Such a jerk.
- Hey, screw you, Erin.

- Screw you.
- Screw you.

- You don't know what I had to--
- This is Sunday dinner.

Not a free-for-all.

Let's keep it civil.

Dad, if you're allowed
to use force and torture,

then you corrupt
the moral fiber of the culture.

Nobody's in favor of torture.

The issue is the use
of enhanced interrogation,

is it ever justified?

I say no, and so does
John McCain, by the way.

Okay then, you got a ticking bomb.

That guy over planted it.
Lives are at stake.

Are his rights more important
than innocent victims?

Of course not. See?

Jamie, what do you think?
You got a law degree.

And a gun now too.
And it's a lot of power.

You don't govern it, Erin's right.
It's a slippery slope.

You just wait, little brother.

One night you chase some guy
down a dark alley

and that little object in his hand?

Maybe it's a cell phone,
maybe it's not.

It's true, I can say
whatever I want,


but I don't know
what I would've done in his position.

I gotta go, Dad.

Is something up?

The evidence from Tampa came in.

You want a sandwich?
You barely touched your food.

No, thanks.
I'll see you boys later.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Let me ask you one question, Erin.
What if it would've been Nicky?

She had 24 hours left,
what would you want me to do?

- Me?
- That's not fair.

Be honest.

Some guy snatches her,
I got a hold of him and he won't talk?

Give me a break.

Nicky? You don't have to worry.

- They'd throw her back in ten minutes.
- That's not funny.

- Thanks, Grandpa.
SEAN: I'm gonna go watch TV.

Nicky, you were not excused.



Come on, please?

Sean, you need to get back here.

SEAN: Can we eat dessert
in front of the TV?

I got a nice end piece here.

Give it to me.

HENRY: One for the sauce,
one for me after that fracas.

- Jamie?
JAMlE: Don't mind if I do.

That kid.

HENRY: I'll tell pop to put a governor
on the motor.

Teenage girls are sensitive creatures,
if I remember correctly.

I've got 25 cases on my desk,

and divorce papers
that my ex won't sign,

and a brother who thinks
I'm Miss Goody Two-shoes?

I mean, doesn't he know
that I would shoot this guy myself?

- Tough week, huh?
- Yeah.

Sometimes I wish I could just
go upstairs to my old room

and crawl under the covers
like I never left.

LlNDA: The natives
are getting restless out there.

Are you guys drinking
or making dessert?


I'd better go help.

Your fellow grad with
the sharpshooter medal, she's a babe.

Who, Maria? Romano?

- Good friend?
- Friend.

How about you, Dad?

You got any good friends
in your life?

Not a day goes by without me
thinking about your mom

and what she's missing.

Seeing the kids grow up and

grandkids and...


The ship is in, huh?

Yeah. This is everything from Tampa.
Files, tapes, field interviews, photos.

DANNY: Yeah, all that technology,
and what does it come down to?

A couple of cops
and some beat-up old boxes.

Jameson Reagan?

What's going on?

I'm Special Agent Cisco.
This is Agent Anderson.

We'd like to talk to you for a minute.

About what?

You ever see one of these before?

- What is that?
- It's what they give a cop

when initiated
into a group called the Blue Templar.

The Blue Templar?

I thought that was a fairy tale.
My grandfather used to tell me stories

about that when I was a kid.

A secret society inside
the New York Police Department.

They were real.

They took care of their own
and they cleaned up Dodge.

But now we've connected
them with extortion,

stealing drug evidence,
cash, murder for hire.

My father know about this?

You're investigating the department
and you haven't told my father?

We don't know how wide this spreads
or how high it goes.

That's why we need somebody
on the inside.

- I'm out of here.
ANDERSON: Wait a minute.

There's something you should hear.

It's me. I think I'm in.

I'll let you know when I get a location
so I can wire up.


It's me. I think I'm in.

I'll let you know when I get a location
so I can wire up.

That's my brother Joe.

This was his last message to us,
the day before he was killed.

He was working with you?

Your brother wasn't killed
in a bust gone bad.

They made him,
then they killed him.

We thought you might wanna come
work for us and finish what he started.

DANNY: We're only halfway
through the Tampa evidence, guys.

Hey. Manieri.

- Come on, wake up.
- Yeah.

Come on.

We got three hours left
before this creep Banse walks.

All right, all right.

Anybody find anything yet?

Man, I am seeing double, Reagan.

Yeah, me too.

Hey, look who's here.

TERESA: There he is.

- How you doing?
TERESA: We brought you a cake.

You brought me a cake?
Did you bake this all by yourself?

You did, huh? Thank you.

We are so grateful
you saved our baby.

Glad she's home safe
with her family now.

Thank you so much.

Would you like to have a tour
of this big police station?

Yeah? Officer, would you
take them around?

I'll see you soon, okay?

Tell me that doesn't make it
all worth it.

Except I'm gonna be the guy

that puts that creep Banse
back on the street.

Some other little girl's gonna end up
like our cold case here in Florida.

- Demarcus.
- Yeah?

- Come look at this.
- What?

This picture. Girl in Florida.

Look at that.
The cross. The necklace.

Let's take a ride.

I can't believe this is happening.
My husband isn't a monster.

We don't even know yet how many
other children he might've took.

Mrs. Banse, we're gonna have to take
a look at the necklace.

The girl's parents
said her name, Kathy,

was engraved on the back.

My husband said
that's because it's an antique.

We need the cross
for evidence, ma'am.

Could you remove it, please?

Mrs. Banse, please.

The attorney general's office, please.

Hi, Jay. It's Erin Boyle,
Manhattan DA's office.

We want your office
to initiate proceedings

to extradite Donald Banse
to Florida for murder

with special circumstance.

We have the cross
that Kathy MacDonald was wearing

when she disappeared in 2005.

Banse gave it to his wife
around that time.

Tampa police have located what
are believed to be the girl's remains

in a storage container in Orlando
registered in Banse's alias.

Appreciate it. Thank you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


They're not shy about exercising
capital punishment down in Florida.

Yeah. It's a happy outcome,
this time.

- Just give me this one, will you?
- You don't get it, do you?

Say hello to the ACLU for me.

You're the one
that's gonna need a lawyer, Danny.

You wanna talk about that?

- Probably.
- Probably.

Thanks, sis.

See you.


Sorry, train was stalled.

That's okay, coffee's still hot.

Any luck?

No. Damn fish
must be changing shifts.

- Beautiful spot, isn't it?
- Caught a lot of fish here.

- Just not today.
- Just not today.

Jamie, you know when you asked me
if I was seeing anybody?

I was not forthcoming.

- Oh.
- Because I am.

That's great.


I hate keeping secrets.


So, Jamie, what's going on?

- What do you mean?
- Come on, I'm your father.

Are you having second thoughts
about wearing the uniform?



Just everything's new.

- That TO of mine's a piece of work.
- Renzulli.

What, you keeping tabs on me?

I got a vested interest.