Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Model Behavior - full transcript

When Linda's runway model niece and a reporter both collapse at a fashion show, Danny and Jackie immerse themselves in the cut-throat world of fashion to find the culprit who poisoned them.

This is so cool.

Right and left.

Look at that lady's shoes.

Thanks for letting me skip school,

You're just the best.

Yeah, well, it is quite a show
and the show hasn't even started yet.

NlCKY: Where's Aunt Linda?
- I don't know.

Can't we go inside?
I'm dying to see Cousin Sofie.

I can't believe
she's opening Fashion Week.

God, the traffic.

And the parking rates are outrageous.
They hiked them up.

- So look who's bringing sexy back.
LlNDA: Oh, stop it.

- You look beautiful.
- Mom's not kidding.

- You look fierce.
- So do you. Let's go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
There's a tag.

Oh, no, no, no, don't touch it.
I'm returning it tomorrow.

- Linda Reagan.
- I know. I know.

I'm a horrible person.
I've already said a pre-emptive novena.

This smells like a Wendy thing.

You know me and my sister.

You graduated
at the top of your class.

You spent ten years on the floor
at King's General

and you are a world-class mother.

You're sweet.

All she sees is that I still bear
the scarlet letter of New York City,

the dreaded
71 8 Staten lsland area code.

I think it's cool.

- I do too.
- Speaking of which...

LlNDA: Hi.
- Hi.

Look at you.

Is this Bianco Alessi, Linda?

That must have set Daniel back
some change.

Look at you.
If I had those cheekbones...

- How's the commissioner?
- Good. Thank you.

What a scare, huh?

Don't tell me that's Nicky.

You have blossomed overnight.

It's been two years.

I heard that.

I am so excited you guys are here.

This is the day we've been working for
since Sofie started modeling.

You know, backstage is a madhouse.
We can't all go.

You guys find your seats.

You are coming with me.


Oh, God, Harry.
My stomach is doing flip-flops.

Breathe deep, sweetheart.
You're gonna blow their socks off.

- Oh, my God, Auntie Linda. Hi.
- Hi.

Down, girl. This thing's hot.

Harry, this is my Aunt Linda.
This is my friend Harry.

- How are the butterflies, sweetie?
- It's my first big show, Mom. Awful.

Uh-oh. Incoming.

Here's our little catalog girl.

Big day for you, sweetie.

Be careful you don't fall down
out there.

You're still here, Cameron?

What happened
to my mineral water?

Ex-supermodel with a TV show.

I guess Page Six wasn't lying
about Milli Skye.

I mean, talk about toxic.

She was just trying to jinx you, Sofie,
and it won't work if you don't let it.

I just can't wait for this to start.

We are so proud of you, Sof.

Why don't you go on in, Linda.
Let her focus.

This is exactly what I don't wanna see
when I open the paper.

Some pedestrian's photo

of one of my officers
behind the wheel of his RMP texting.

No, I don't wanna see the officer.

I want his boss
to come to the 1 4th floor forthwith.

My day, we used to have
to pull them out of bars.


I worked the breakfast line
at Comforting Community this morning

in the church's basement.

One of our parishioners gave me
some unsettling news.

- This is turkey, right?
- Yeah.

- It's dark meat?
- I said it was for you.

I don't even wanna talk about it
out loud

because it might make it come true.

She heard
that Father McMurray is leaving.

Has he got
some kind of health issue?


Lucy's pretty plugged
into Saint Luke's.

She said they're transferring him
to Bolivia.

Well, that doesn't make any sense.

It's a little late in the day
for that kind of change.

I don't wanna even think
about Saint Luke's without him.

He's meant so much to the family.

Buried my Betty.

Mary and Joe too.

I thought he was gonna bury me.



Oh, Aunt Wendy,
this is beyond incredible.

Erin, you could pull this.

Oh, please.

Sofie, there she is.

Oh, my God.

She's stunning.



WENDY: Oh, my God.
LlNDA: Sofie.

WENDY: Sofie. Sofie, wake up.
- Sofie.

Call 91 1.

Is there a doctor?

- I know CPR.
WENDY: What's happening?

What's going on?

There's a pulse.
She's just unresponsive.

Ahh! Milli.

Stay with her.

WOMAN: Oh, my God. Milli.
MAN: Somebody do something.

- Can you hear me?
WOMAN: She just collapsed.

Oh, my God, she's dead.

I don't know what happened.

She wasn't feeling good.
I pushed her.

You couldn't have stopped her
from going out there.

People think
these models starve themselves

or go on drugs, but not Sofie.

And Milli's dead.

That cannot be a coincidence.

Oh, God, Mrs. Lightner,
I came as soon as I heard.

How is she? What happened?

We don't know.

She's in a coma.

Is she gonna be all right?

Well, they're stabilizing her until
they can figure out what happened.

Um-- This is Atlanta.

She's been a big sister to Sofie
since the beginning.

Atlanta, this is my sister-in-law,
my niece, my little sister.

Mrs. Lightner,
can I talk to you for a moment?

It's fine, they're family.

We just got back the tox screen

of the contents
of your daughter's stomach.

I'm afraid
they found a foreign substance

believed to be a poisonous mushroom
called Amanita phalloides.

- A mushroom?
- The Deathcap.

It's one of the most
poisonous mushrooms in the world.

- Science class.
- Someone poisoned Sofie?

Well, we don't know how she came
to ingest the mushroom.

But the good news is

now we know that we can focus
on restoring her liver function.

we're too late for the other woman

who ingested a larger amount.

Who would do such a thing?

Well, that's what the police
are gonna have to find out.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

It has been two weeks
since my last confession.

These are my sins:

I lost my temper at Sunday dinner

and swore
in front of my grandchildren.

I was angry at my son.



- What did you say?
- The big one.

I see.

The temper, Frank,
we've talked about that.

I know that, Father.

All right,
say two Our Fathers, five Hail Mary's

and a good Act of Contrition.

Thank you, Father.

So it took you two weeks
to stir up one sin?


I hear you're leaving Saint Luke's.

So much
for keeping the transfer quiet.


Is this something you really want?

I've had a good run at Saint Luke's,

Bolivia will be
an invigorating new challenge.


is there anything I can say
that will change your mind?

I'm a parish priest, Frank.

I go where I'm asked.

These mushrooms
that poisoned your friend,

they take 12 to 20 hours
to have this kind of effect

so it's important that we track
the whereabouts of Milli and Sofie

during that time period.

And Sofie's mother told us

that Sofie was at some party last night
at Milli Skye's loft.

We all were.

It was her annual kickoff party
for Fashion Week.

Was there anyone at that party
that would wanna hurt your friend?

Sofie? Absolutely not.

She's the sweetest girl in the world.

She hasn't even been in this business
long enough to make any enemies.

Okay, what about Milli? Is there
anyone who would want to hurt her?

- Everybody.
- Everybody?

- Atlanta. Oh, my God.

- What's going on? Where is she?
- Sofie's on a respirator and dialysis.

It's horrible,
and she's got swelling on her brain.

- Does Dorian know?
- Who's Dorian?

It's Sofie's new boyfriend.

- And who is this?
- Oh, this is Harry.

He's my best friend,
and then Sofie's hairdresser.

- Hi.
ATLANTA: These are the detectives.

They were just wondering if there was
anybody at the party last night

who would wanna see Milli dead.



Yeah, Reagan. I don't know.

I don't know anything about,
you know, fashion models,

and poisonous mushrooms.

I don't either, but I'm doing it
for my wife, for her sister.

Oh, the sister
I don't hear anything nice about.

And you never will, but unfortunately,
her daughter's in a coma

because someone tried to kill her
and they did kill Milli.

All right. Okay.

Thank you for seeing me, Father.

I called you "Father."

Old habits die hard,
Your Excellency.

Well, it's never too soon
to start talking about security

for the Pope's visit next year.

What are you really doing here,

You always could see through me.

Well, it goes with the miter.


I'm not here
as the police commissioner,

I'm here as a parishioner.

You wanna know why
I'm transferring Father McMurray out.

I do.

The Reagan family has a strong bond
with the Father.

These are hard times for the Church,

I've had to close six schools
in our diocese.

Even our own Saint Brendan's.

A sad day.

I got a good education there.

So did my children.

Have you spoken
with Father McMurray?

I have.

He said nothing that would indicate
he had a problem with the move.

- Well?
- Well,

I'm a cop, Your Excellency.

It's really more
about what he didn't say.

Something's wrong.

A woman
has accused Father McMurray

of inappropriate behavior

of a sexual nature.

Does she have any proof?

In the current climate,
proof is not necessary.

you came to me a while back

and reminded me
that the Church can no longer afford

to sweep things under the rug.

The woman is demanding
he be removed from Saint Luke's.

We're facing the issue head on.

This man buried my wife
and my son.

He baptized Jamie.

Father McMurray is a good man.

What this woman is saying

is not possible.

It is just as important
to exonerate an innocent person,

as it is to convict a guilty one.

That's what they teach us
at the Academy

from day one.

I know you share this belief.



in so many ways

I will always be the student
and you the mentor.

So this is not easy for me to say.

But you are not facing this problem
head on.

This is just another way
of sweeping things under the rug.

To ignore this woman's accusation

would bring
tremendous negative attention,

which the Church can ill afford.

Father McMurray leaves
at the end of the month.

Okay, yes. Whatever.

- What's up, Jack?
- Um...

The mushroom samples
have been sent to the DEA lab in D.C.

It seems they can figure out exactly

what country
these Deathcaps came from.

When we find out where, we'll take
a look who went there and when.

Well, our lab is going over everything
they found backstage.

Well, timeline-wise,
Milli's party is the best bet.

Well, that's good news
and bad news.

Bad news first.

Well, the bad news is
the loft was completely cleaned out

and the caterers got rid
of all the old food.

Anybody getting the caterer's story?
How about the good news?

Good news is
while you were downstairs,

this came from Milli Skye's network.

It seemed that she had a camera crew
recording all six-plus hours of the party

for Milli's reality show.

This is every minute
of her every move.

Maybe we'll get lucky.
We'll catch the killer in the act.

Worst case, we see
how the beautiful people party.

There's a young lady here
to see you about the Milli Skye case.

Are you Detective Reagan?

This is my partner, Detective Curatola.

- You are?
- Cameron Swanson.

I was Milli Skye's personal assistant.

Mind taking off your glasses?

- I knew you'd catch me anyways.

I'm here to report a crime.

Kill Milli? Me?

I stole from her, that is all.

And I didn't really steal from her
because that money was mine.

Let's say you were stealing
and that's all.

Why don't you take us back
to the beginning of you and Milli?

That morning,
the morning of the party,

they didn't have any lactose-free
for her latte,

so I used soy milk
and she starts screaming at me.

I told her I was quitting
and wanted my money.

But she didn't give it to me.

So I tried to leave
and she said I couldn't

because she needed me for the party,
and when I tried to go,

she took her cell phone
and smashed it in my face.

- The black eye.
- I just wanted my $1 200.

I knew she would be distracted
during the party so I snuck in.

I knew where she kept the cash.

- I have it here and I can give it back.
- No, no, no, wait, wait, wait.

If you quit, then why were you with
Milli the next day at the fashion show?

She said
she'd tell my parents I'm bulimic.

All right.

Suppose we believe you.

Suppose you're telling the truth.

Is there anything you saw
at the party

that would help us find out
who killed Milli?

Anything you know?
Anybody acting suspicious?

Tampering with the food
in the kitchen? Anything?

Well, Sofie's new boyfriend, Dorian.

Baby rock star, Dorian?
What does he have to do with it?

I saw him--

I saw him shaving something
onto Sofie's risotto.

Sofie's risotto?

Not Milli's?

I don't know. I told you
I was only there for a second.

I didn't see much,

but I saw that.

Sit tight for a second.


I don't know. Maybe
we have been looking at the wrong vic.

I mean, maybe Sofie was the target
and Milli was collateral.

Who would wanna kill Sofie
and why?

I don't know.

The boyfriend
is a good a place as any to start.

What about her?

Well, Milli's not exactly around
to press charges.

Knowing my track record with
a certain someone at the DA's office,

they'd probably cut her loose



Hey, look at this guy.

We got a sector to patrol
and you're playing Facebook?

No, I just, uh--

- Everything all right?
- Oh, yeah, yeah.

So go inventory the RMP.
I'll meet you in the lot.

- You got it, sarge.
- All right.


Hello, Frank.

I didn't mean to disturb you, Father.

Not at all.

Back for another run
at the booth so soon?

I need to talk to you.

Please, sit.

I went to see Bishop Donovan.

The woman
was a member of the parish years ago.

She didn't have an easy life.

She imagined she was in love with me.
We're taught to expect this as priests.

There were letters and gifts.

She finally made a physical advance,
which l, of course, gently deflected.

I thought that was the end of it.

And it was.

But after a failed marriage,

she moved back
into her parents' house

and to the parish.

I think she feels shame in herself
at the sight of me.

Have you told this
to Bishop Donovan?

The bishop
is between a rock and a hard place.

The woman is imbalanced, Frank.

She has a history
of psychiatric illness.

But if we defend ourselves
by revealing this,

it will only bring up
the Church's recent history

of having turned a blind eye
to legitimate claims of abuse.

This isn't right.

And you falling on your sword
isn't the answer.

Oh, I'm not a martyr.

The Church has plenty of real ones.


I'm at peace, Frank.

I wish the Reagan family
could say the same.

DANNY: Look at this. It's like a nest
of vipers. A bunch of phonies.

Amazing, they all hated Milli Skye
and yet they're all at her party.

- Typical.
JACKlE: There's Milli.

DANNY: Okay, this is Sofie right here.
That's my niece.

- She's a pretty girl.
- What's that?

That's her boyfriend, Dorian.

- He's a guy?
- Yeah, that's a guy. He's a musician.

This big famous dude.

- Famous with who?
- With kids.

You know, young girls.
He's this new wave, new punk.

And you know this because...?

Stupid magazines at the hair salon.

Hold on. Pause that.

What is he doing there?

The girl with the black eye,

she said he put something
on top of Sofie's food.

- Well, he's doing it right there.
JACKlE: Right. What is that?

It's like a mushroom or something.
It's not Parmesan cheese.

Look, look.
Look at the frame in the back.

It's Milli's assistant,
with the dark glasses.

DANNY: Well, she said
she saw him put it on there so...

All right, let's keep watching.


JACKlE: Nope. Look at this,
Milli didn't even get any of that stuff.


Keep watching.

Yup, look at that.

Milli took Sofie's plate.

Yeah. Milli got some.

Just maybe it wasn't by design.

JACKlE: It looks like she got a lot more
than she bargained for.

Yeah, like being dead.

- Let's go snatch up this Dorian kid.
- Yeah.


Mind if we crash the party?

- Cops.
- Shut up.

Everybody put your hands
where we can see them.

Kill that music. Right now.

We're looking for Dorian.
What's his last name?

- Dorian.
- The rock star.


Step aside.

Get over there.

Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing with this, huh?

What are you doing? Come on.

Come on, rock star. Come on.

- Look what I found.
- Mushrooms.

Oh, yeah.

"Everybody in here's gonna cry.

Everybody in here's gonna fry, fry.

I'm starting with the beauties,
because they're so bleeping snooty.

Look at all the models,
watch them die, die."

And now a model's dead.

It's just a song.

A song about killing models.

How convenient would it be
if your girlfriend, a model,

happened to die right when your
new video was being released?

That would be number one
with a bullet.

You think this is some kind of joke?

Less than 48 hours after your girlfriend
slipped into a coma and a woman died

because somebody gave them
some kind of poisonous mushroom,

you're having
a drug-fueled party

and flushing what appears to be
the murder weapon down the toilet.

I told you,
they're psychedelic mushrooms.

Oh, I got a video of you
shaving something

that sure does look like a mushroom
on to Sofie's risotto at Milli's party.

What are you talk--?

Oh, you mean my truffle?

A what? I'm talking about
a poisonous mushroom.

No, it's a truffle I bought at Mario's
charity auction to feed the needy.

It gives me good cred.
That thing set me back two grand.

A chocolate truffle?

No, no, man, not chocolate.

It's like a mushroom,
but not a poisonous mushroom.

Like a tuber, I think.

- Two thousand dollars?
- Yeah. They're rare or something.

Anyway, I didn't give any to Milli
and she's the one that's dead.

Okay, then why don't you tell me
what you did

with the rest
of this magical $2000 truffle?

It's gone. I gave it
to a lot of other people at the party.

You gotta ask yourself
why they're not dead too, right?

I don't have to ask myself anything.

But what I do keep wondering about

is why you haven't asked
any questions about your girlfriend.

I mean, she's in a coma.

You haven't even asked
how she's doing.

I know. I'm sorry, I forgot.

Right, girlfriend's dying,
just slipped your mind.

Yeah, well, see that's the thing.

What's the thing?

- She's not really my girlfriend.
- She's not your girlfriend?

No, it was like an arrangement.

It was my manager and her mother.

Wendy thought it would be a good idea
for Sofie's rising star,

for the red carpet, Page Six
and, like, that.

Mm-hm. So this arrangement,
what do you get from it?

I'd rather not say.

Really? Okay.

Well, you don't say.

I'll just charge you with homicide
and get on with my day.


From what?

Protection from what?

- From rumors.
- What type of rumors?

The kind that if a young teenage girl
were to hear,

she would never buy
another Dorian ticket.


Look, the truth is

that I was a lot more interested in
her friend, Harry, than I was in Sofie.

- Talk to you?
- Yeah.

I just discovered
that Sofie was Dorian's beard.

- Really? Huh. Wow.
- Yeah.

Well, one thing
the guy's telling the truth about,

the lab results just came in

on those mushrooms
he was trying to flush down the toilet.

They're psychedelic.

I guess the truffles
weren't poisonous either then.

I don't know. This is very confusing.

Well, what we do know is that
somebody tried to poison someone.

One woman is dead
and a girl is in a coma.

Let's just hold him for possession
of a controlled substance

till we figure this thing out.

- Morning.
- Hey.

Any change?

She's breathing on her own,

and the liver chemistry is better.

Wen, they don't think
it was the musician anymore.

The mushrooms that they confiscated
were a recreational drug.

Dorian had no reason to harm Sofie.

They barely knew each other.

I know.

Daniel told you
about the arrangement?

You must think I'm horrible.


It's just hard for me to understand.


Why I pushed my daughter
to get mixed up

in some creepy, fake relationship

with a drug-addled rock star
in the closet

so she could get her name
in the paper?

Get her face on the cover
of some stupid magazine?

You don't think
I feel bad enough already?

- I didn't say that.
- That's what you were thinking.

Little Miss Staten lsland,
salt of the earth.

- Wendy, please stop.
- You stop.

You blame me
because I wanted a better life.

This is better?

There it is. The contempt.

I was trying to be sympathetic, Wen.

Is that so?

Just leave me
and my daughter alone.

- Wen--
- Get out of here.



Well, the woman
has a history of mental problems.

Why are they kicking him out?

- He's a sacrificial lamb.
- I'm not following you, Dad.

It'll look like
they're latching onto this

to excuse themselves for allegations
ignored in the past.

Oh, well, thanks, Harvard.

- You asked.
- That isn't fair.

No, it isn't, Nicky,
but it isn't simple either.

If it goes public, hurts the Church.

No kidding.

I'm in the middle of a fund drive
for Comforting Community.

If people get turned off,
if they don't ante-up,

what's gonna happen
to all those senior citizens we serve?

So, what do you think, Dad?

I was kind of hoping
to find out what you guys think.

That's a tough one.

- I mean, I can see it from both sides.
- Yeah, me too.

Lawyers, what do you expect?

Well, I'll take a side, it stinks.

I'm not talking about the legality.

It's not a question of due process.

It's an ethical issue.

Yeah, is the Church making
the Father pay for its former sins?

Yeah, on the other hand,
Father McMurray isn't resisting, right?

- Right.
- Of course not, he loves the Church.

He's willing to make the sacrifice.

Are we being selfish
for not wanting to lose him?

Are we putting our wishes
before the needs of the Church?

It's all well and good,
but somebody should take a side.

He's a good priest. It stinks.

Well, I think we should have faith

that Bishop Donovan
will do the right thing.

"Everything has a cost
even the truth.

But the reward for truth is a clear eye
and a clear conscience."

- Who said that?
- Bishop Donovan.

- When he was at Saint Brendan's.

I just hope he remembers it.

I brought you
some of Staten lsland's finest, Jackie,

and some fresh jet fuel.

Ooh. Thank you.

Any results
from the DEA in D.C. yet?

Yeah, the mushrooms that killed Milli
and poisoned Sofie,

they came from Morocco.

And they were purchased fresh

and harvested
no more than a month ago.

We got any airplane manifests
from Morocco?

Passenger lists the last six weeks,
just to be safe,

from Marrakech and Casablanca.

This is from lberia Airlines.

"Rock the Casbah."

So far nothing on American.

But I'm checking Air France now.

"Newark to Marrakech via Paris."

What was that--? That hairstylist?

- Who? Harry, Barry?
- Harry. Harry Bell.

"Harry Bell." Right here.

Seat 30A. Three weeks ago.

that sweet little hairdresser kid?

Why don't we go pay him a visit.

We'll check the rest of the manifest
on the way.


- I hear music.
- Yeah, it's pretty loud.

Maybe he's home.

Harry Bell.

Open the door.

Well, you know,

the neighbors have been complaining
about loud music, so...

Hey, Dorian? Clean park.

New York City thanks you.

Oh, no, no. Thank you.

I got 99 more hours
of community service to do

for something that grows
in God's earth.

It may grow in God's earth
but it's still illegal.

You told us you'd rather hang out
with Harry

than you would with Sofie,
is that right?

Yeah, we had our moment, why?

Well, Harry the hairdresser's dead.

Apparently, he committed suicide.

- Harry's dead?
- Yeah, that's what I said.

Now, the problem for us is Harry
had just become our main suspect.

He was on a plane to Morocco
where the mushrooms came from.

But we don't have a motive or
any reason why he would kill himself.

Maybe you can shed some light
on that for us.

Morocco, yeah, that's actually
where Harry and I had our time.

But he didn't say anything
about mushrooms.

You were in Morocco?

Didn't see your name
on the airplane manifest.

Yeah, well, I don't fly commercial.

- So you had a private jet?
- Yeah, that's why I went to Morocco.

Harry was working on a photo shoot
for Atlanta's Marrakech spread.

Atlanta? Sofie's mentor?

Atlanta was on a private plane
to Morocco with you?

I gave her a lift.

Like I said, perception is everything.

That would explain
why she wasn't on the passenger list.

We're looking for Atlanta.

She just went upstairs for a smoke.
Why? What do you want?


Detective Reagan.

My partner, Detective Curatola.
Remember us from the hospital?

- Don't come any closer.
DANNY: Listen, all right.

- I'll jump. I will.
- All right.

Stepping back.
Nobody's gonna jump.

Just get out of here.

We can't leave you up there, okay?

We're not gonna leave you
unless you're safe.

Why don't you just relax
and we'll talk about this, okay?

You have no idea
what it's like for me.

I'm 25, and my life is over.

I've been working Fashion Week
since I was 13.

I booked a dozen shows a year.

But this year, one show,
and I had to beg for it.

Okay. You don't wanna jump
because of that, okay?

And it's not fair.

I didn't mean to hurt anybody.

Okay, you didn't mean it.

I just thought
it would make Sofie sick.

And that I would get to close
the Lara Fortunato show.

I put it in her risotto
when she wasn't looking.

But I don't know
what happened to Milli,

and now, Harry.

And that's my fault too?

Look, it's not your fault.

Harry killed himself, okay?

I killed him.

We were in this bazaar
in Marrakech.

The shopkeeper
had these mushrooms.

And Harry didn't see me buy them
but he suspected me.


I told him that if he ratted me out,

that I would say
that we did this together.

He's dead because of me.

he's dead because he killed himself.

It was an accident.
It's not your fault.

So why don't you just get down
from there.

Come on down, all right?

Come on. Don't do this to yourself.

Just take my hand. Come on down.

Come on.
There you go. Come on.

Come on down.

There you go.

All right.
Yeah, you just stand right here.

Atlanta, a.k.a. Lisa Jennings,

you are under arrest
for the murder of Milli Skye,

attempted murder
of Sofie Lightner.

- Let's go. Please.
- Let's go.




I'm sorry.

I was awful to you yesterday.

Well, if it was one of my boys,
I don't know what that would do to me.

Oh, don't be nice, Linda.
I can't stand it.


Had a lot of time
to think about things.

Making some changes
if Sofie comes out of this.

Well, don't even think
about moving back to Staten lsland.

You'd go nuts.

I'm just saying.

She was surrounded
by some desperate people.

I should have known.

I just wanted it for her so bad.

I closed my eyes to the truth.

You were doing
what you thought was best.

- Every mother is guilty of that.
- You would have known.

You would've seen
right through them all.


I've always envied that about you.

You envied me? Right.

Oh, I mean it.

You have always known
exactly who you are.

You have never once pretended
to be something you're not.

Not for anybody.

Me, I have spent my whole life trying
to forget where I came from,

trying to be something I'm not.

And look where it got me.

Well, I'm guilty of that too.

I doubt it.


That wasn't my dress the other day.


I bought it that morning
and kept the tags in it.

- I was gonna return it the next day.
- Linda.

I know.
It was stupid of me and it was terrible,

but I just wanted to impress you.

You're a really sweet sister,
you know that?


I miss Staten lsland.



Hey. Hi, baby.

Mommy's right here.


Thank you for seeing me, Francis.

Please sit down, Your Excellency.

I made you some tea.

I see. Thank you.

I won't stay long.

I'm on my way
to deliver a benediction at the UN.

They need it.

I always knew you had
great things in store for you, Francis.

Thank you.

And now look at you,
you're here in the catbird seat.

Hot seat, sometimes.

Tell me about it.

Oh, Francis,

we have such fine schools.

Ninety-five percent of our students
go on to college.

They outperform every state
and city test you could throw at them.

And to lose more schools...

I have thought
about this problem long and hard.

Francis, when we last spoke,

you reminded me of something.

What was that, Your Excellency?

The truth.

Was I sacrificing truth
for expedience

in shipping the problem
to South America?

And the answer was yes.

But now,

we're gonna face this problem
head on.


How did the board meeting go?

There's enough in the coffers
for Comforting Community

to fight for another year.

That's great, Pop.

What's better, Francis,

is that Bishop Donovan
changed his mind.

Father McMurray doesn't have
to go to Bolivia after all.

Always nice to hear good news.