Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - To Tell the Truth - full transcript

Danny witnesses a murder. He identifies the man and learns that he is the leader of a deadly gang. When the man is arrested he warns Danny the risks of testifying against him, Danny ignores him. But when Linda who's suppose take into protective custody is taken by gang, Danny tries to find her before he has to testify.




What are you still doing up?
It's after midnight.

You're either worried about me
or you need something.


You think you got me all figured out,
don't you, Danny Reagan?

Actually, I just called
to tell you that I love you.

Aw. I love you too, babe.

And I need you
to bring me home some milk.

See, I knew it.

I knew you needed something.
What else?

- An eight-to-four tour would be nice.
- Okay, I'll work on it.



This is crazy, Ray.

You wanna get arrested
for killing a bum like this?

- Hey, Luis.
- Hey.

- How's it going?
- Eh. So-so.

Hey, you got any of those cookies,
you know, the ones your wife makes?

- Polvorones?
- Yeah.

- She made a batch fresh today.
- Oh, yeah?

Didn't make me dinner,
she made cookies.

She made the cookies instead?

- I'll take a pound then.
- You got it.

I won't be disrespected.

We got a dozen guys
that can take care of this for you.

Let's be smart about this, man.

Some things
you have to do yourself.

This is one.

Harlem's crawling with cops at night.

Sure, crawling with cops,
just not at shift change.

Luis, what'd you say
those cookies were called again?


- Polvorones?
LUlS: Yeah, you got it.


Luis, call 91 1.

Police, don't move.


Hold it.

Hey, hey, hey, you okay?

Hang on, kid. Hang on.

Stay with me, now, come on.

This is Detective Reagan.

I got a 10-85, shots fired, one down.

Corner of 135
and Frederick Douglas.

Hurry up. Come on.

Hey, hey, hey.

Stay with me, all right?

Look at me. Stay right here, kid.

Hey, hey.

- Come on, kid.
LUlS: Called 91 1.

Stay back.




You're sure?

You're absolutely certain?

Thanks for letting me know.

Thank God.

DANNY: Check these bodegas
for surveillance videos.

Any surveillance videos you can find,
I want them.

Get a canvass
going to the whole block, all right?

I only got the last three digits
of the license plate,

but I need to know
if anybody got a complete plate

or a look at the guys in the shooter car.
You got me? Good, get on it.

Okay, no sign of the vehicle yet.

Any lD on the vic?

Yeah, David Taylor, 24,
lives in that building over there.

- There's no priors.
- Let's go see if anybody's home.


- Yeah, Dad.
- You're amped up, Danny.

If the EMTs are still around,
have them check your blood pressure.

I'm not amped up, Dad, okay?

A kid died in my arms.
I'm pissed off.

That's my point.

I got no bullet holes in me, okay, Dad?
Just please tell the family I'm fine.

Don't worry, don't call me,
don't check up on me.

- I gotta deal with this, all right?
- I'll take care of it.

All right, thank you.

He's okay.

I know he's okay.
It's you I'm worried about now.

I wasn't the one
dodging bullets tonight.

You know what I mean, Francis.

Danny gets involved in a shooting.
I know where your mind went.

I hit up Saint Mike on a daily basis

to make sure you never have
to go through that again.

Well, tell him thank you
for looking after my oldest tonight.

I was asleep.

I was sleeping
and my baby was lying dead

downstairs in the streets.

Well, we're very sorry
for your loss, ma'am.

Mrs. Taylor,
I know this is very difficult for you,

but do you have any idea if David
had any enemies or problems with--?

I know what you're thinking.
This neighborhood, this time of night.

But David isn't into drugs
or anything like that.

He's a good son.

He teaches children
with learning disabilities and autism.

All we wanna do is find out
who did this to your son, ma'am.

Maybe it was an accident.

Maybe so.

Uh, did you happen to know
where David was going tonight?

I was sleeping.

I have an early shift at the hospital.

I'm a nurse's aid.

- Mom? Mom?
- Sir.


I got here as soon as I could.

That's all right, honey.

MARK: It's all right.
Everything's gonna be okay, I'm here.

These are detectives.

They just wanted
to ask me some questions.

- Mark Taylor, David's brother.
- Detective Reagan.

This is my partner,
Detective Curatola.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Do you have any idea if your brother
had any problems with anyone?

No. No, I don't.

My brother is dead, please.

Look at my poor mother.

She needs some time, okay?

- Of course.
- Okay.

We'll talk another time.
But, uh, look, here's my card.

- If you think of anything.
- Thank you.


- This is David's favorite sweatshirt.
- Mom.

- Can you see to it they put it on him?
MARK: Mom.

I don't want him to get cold.

It's okay.
Of course we'll see to it, ma'am.

It's okay.

It's okay. I'm here, okay?

Everything about this shooter, Jack,

the way he was dressed,
the pricey vehicle,

even the way he shot David,

it's not his first barbecue.

The vic's phone dumps,
they're leading me nowhere.

Yeah, same here.

I got every felony arrest in
the victim's precinct and surrounding

matching the shooter's description,
I'm coming up with squat.

What about the gang unit collars?
Want me to check them?

I already did it. Know what?

Check Summons Tracking
for parking violations on Hummers.

- Not a common vehicle for that area.
- That's a good idea.

These guys
aren't likely to fill the meters

and obey
alternate side street parking rules.

- Bingo.
- What do you got?

Um, last three digits
of the license plate matched.

- Our vehicle. Who's it registered to?
- Uh...

"The Peru Helps Foundation."

Let's see what that is.

- That's the guy, that's the--
- Where?

Right there, that's the shooter.

"Peru Businessman,
Harlem's Savior,

Raymundo Salazar,
a self-described philanthropist,

but with suspected ties
to South American drug cartel,

donated a million dollars
to the Harlem Regeneration Project."

I don't know any saviors
that carry Glocks and shoot kids.

That guy is the shooter.

Raymundo Salazar
is a Peruvian drug lord.

He runs the El Mal crew,

which is the largest cocaine
smuggling pipeline into New York.


The DEA estimates
his take is 400,000 per week.

That's a lot of overtime.

Hi, thank you for coming.

This is Lyle Greene,
Special Narcotics Prosecutor.

This is my brother, Danny.

Lyle is, um, very familiar
with Salazar.

Very familiar and very unsuccessful.

Salazar is still on the street.

And subtlety is not his strong suit.

Must run in the family.

Salazar has been on our radar
since over a year ago

when cheap Peruvian powder
started flooding the city.

We haven't been able
to directly link him to the drug supply.

And we've never found a witness
willing to testify against him.

I guess today's your lucky day, then.

Our Peruvian counterparts tell us
he has a history of torturing

and killing potential witnesses
in his home country.

This was the body of a lieutenant
in his organization

who agreed
to testify against Salazar.

He was killed in broad daylight in Lima
by one of Salazar's men.

Not a single witness
would come forward.

- Until now.
- You sure it was him?

- It was him.
- It was dark, you were under fire.

I just told you, it was him.

That's how Salazar's lawyers
are gonna go after you on the stand

if you find him.

- I'll find him.
LYLE: He's on the move.

He never stays more than one night
in the same place.

He changes his addresses
and vehicles like underwear.

I tell you what, when I lock his ass up,
I'll know exactly where to find him.

Is that the DEA transcripts
and tracking data?

Right, all here.

You know the one thing
I can't figure out?

Is why a kingpin like Salazar

would go to the effort of doing
a hit on a kid like David Taylor?

- Wouldn't he use his gang to do it?
ERlN: There is a connection.

According to the DEA,
Mark Taylor, the victim's brother,

was suspected
of funneling money from El Mal

into money market accounts
on Wall Street.

But we never found proof of that.

Keep me posted.

Thank you.

I know what you're gonna say.
I'll be nicer next time.

No, I like that you don't
sugar-coat anything.

It's refreshing
after a full day of lawyers.

What I wanted to say
was I'm glad you're okay.

Aw, sis.

See, I knew all that playing Superman
as kids would work out.

I'm bulletproof still.

Yeah, well,
Salazar thinks he's bulletproof too.

- Be careful.
DANNY: I will.

Thanks for coming down,
Mr. Taylor.

We've identified the person
who killed your brother.

- Who was it?
- Raymundo Salazar.

We'd like for you to help us find him.

We have been checking out his known
haunts and we're coming up dry.

I'm sorry, I don't, uh--
I don't know who that is.

Yes, you do.
You launder money for him.

- Ha. No, I don't.
- Yeah, you do.

What happened? Your Wall Street
bonuses weren't enough for you?

If you had any proof, the SEC
would already have my license

and I would be in jail--

Come on, Mark,
this guy is a major drug kingpin

who killed your brother, a clean kid.

Why would he do that
if it wasn't personal, hmm?

If it was personal, then it probably
had something to do with you.

What were you doing, Mark?
Stealing money from Salazar?


I watched him kill your brother.

Your brother died in my arms.

Hey, look at me.

You gonna let this guy
get away with that?

You don't wanna
help us find his killer?

Look, I don't know why
Raymundo Salazar killed my brother.

Yes, you do.

Look, then just tell us
where to find him.

If he knew I told you anything,
he would kill me too.

Do the right thing, Mark.

You don't wanna do it for us,
for your dead brother,

do it for your broken-hearted
mother, okay?

Tell us where to find him.


When he comes to New York,

Salazar, sometimes he stays
with a girlfriend in Harlem.

Her name is Sylvia.

Where do we find this Sylvia?

She works at a barbershop
on 1 25th Street.

Sylvia, police. Hey, keep walking.

Need to ask you questions
about your boyfriend Salazar.

- Never heard of him.
- I'll refresh your memory.

Get in the car. Come on, get inside.

Come on, scoot over. All right.

Raymundo Salazar.

I never seen him before.

- You never seen him, okay?
- No.

Maybe you've seen his victims,
like this guy.

He was doused in gasoline
and set on fire.

And then there's this guy,
he was buried alive.

Maybe you've seen his latest victim,
David Taylor.

- Oh, you know him?
- No.

Really? Salazar shot him
in the chest, killed him.

Strange, but when David died
in my arms the other night,

he had the same bracelet on as you.

What a coincidence.

Did he give you that bracelet?

So you and David Taylor
are together?

You tell us about it here

or we're gonna have to take you
to the station, you can tell us there.

- We'll take her down to the station.
SYLVlA: No, no.

- Wait.
- No, no, no, we're going to the station.

I met David
a few months ago at a party.

At his brother's place.

Mark Taylor.

Started talking
and told him I wanna get my GED.

He started tutoring me.

He's really sweet.

So cute, you know?

He's so funny.

You ever meet someone like that?

Someone you just

wanna be with all the time?

Yeah, I married her.
So, what happened?

Salazar find out
about you and David?

Yeah, he started asking questions
about David.

Told him he was just tutoring me,
but told me not to see him anymore.

And did you?



Thought we could
keep it a secret, but...

You can't keep secrets
from a guy like Salazar.

Why don't you tell us
where we could find him?

You know what he would do to me?

- He--
- I know what he did to David Taylor.

What do you think, you're gonna get
a free pass from him?

Please, please.

Listen, I watched him kill David.

I'm gonna testify against Salazar
in a court of law.

I'm gonna put his ass away for life

so you won't have to look over
your shoulder for the rest of yours.


You gotta tell us
where we could find him.

Lupino is his lieutenant.

He called the shop today
to make an appointment for Salazar.

He's scheduled
to come in tomorrow at 10.


You guys finish your homework first,
then come down.

What's for dessert, babe?

You know what I noticed
about you tonight?

That I look, um,
incredibly handsome?

You change the subject every time
I bring up Raymundo Salazar.

- Who?
- Very funny.

You can joke all you want, but no one
has ever testified against him.

And if they try, he has them killed
before they get a chance.

Honey, you gotta stop believing
everything you read

in the newspapers, okay?

And he's on
the FBl's Most Wanted list.

And guess who's
on my most wanted list right now?

- What?
- Forget it, you can't be serious.

Look, all right, I'm sorry, okay?

I just don't want you
to worry about me.

I got enough people
worried about me already.

I'm testifying against him.

I watched this guy
kill an innocent kid in cold blood.

I'm gonna testify.

You know, this is not some
corner drug dealer we're talking about.

Since we're on the subject,
you know if we grab him up,

I'm gonna have to send you
and the boys over

to Dad's for a couple days,
just for safety.

Are you serious?

What do you want me to do?
It's a precaution.


Tomorrow, so you should probably
start packing tonight.

- I don't like this.
- I don't like it either.

Look, what do you want me to do?

Just think of it
as like a nice mid-week vacation

for you and the boys, okay?

- You'll have fun.
- Okay.

- All right.
- I'm gonna have a blast.

- Mm-hm.
- What am I gonna do with you?

I can think of a lot of things
you can do with me right now.

Don't worry.

It's gonna be all right.


Police, let's go.
Put your hands up against the wall.

Let's go.

Raymundo Salazar,
change of plans, buddy.

What are you talking about?

You're under arrest
for the murder of David Taylor.

Good thing you missed me.

Nice haircut, by the way. Let's go.

Hey, babe. Everything
is going according to plan.

There's two detectives
at the boy's school.

After dismissal, they'll pick them up
and bring them to the place I told you.

We're gonna proceed with your pick up
the same way we did in the '06 case.

LlNDA: I got it.
- You got nothing to worry about.

Hey, I love you.

I love you too. I'll check in later.


- Done with this mutt's pedigree?
- Yeah.

It's a shame to waste your time.
I'm not gonna be here long.

- Hmm. Ice in his veins, this one.
- Yeah, and you-know-what for brains.

You're going down
for A-1 felony, bub.

- Take him downtown, Jack.
- Yep.

- We'll see.
DANNY: We'll see?

You might be able
to intimidate your witnesses,

but you won't intimidate me.

- Well, well, well.
- Looks like you made a friend.

I try. What's up?

I wanted you to know
I'm convening the grand jury on Friday

to get an indictment,
I need you to be there.

Two days? I'm impressed.

It'll be the first time
to make charges stick.

Yeah, well,
maybe you're a little bit worried

that Salazar may try
to have me killed.


I don't put anything past that animal.

Well, that animal has never run
into a Reagan before.

Good afternoon, thanks for coming.

The New York City Police Department
is announcing the capture and arrest

of alleged drug kingpin
Raymundo Salazar.

He was taken into custody
without incident this morning

by N.Y.P.D. detectives

and is being held pending indictment
for the murder of David Taylor.

Questions? John.

rumors are the arresting officer

was your son, Daniel Reagan.

He was involved in a gun battle with
the suspect and is your eyewitness.

Will you confirm?


The El Mal crew
has a history of witness intimidation.

Does that concern you?

- No.
- When can we expect an indictment?

I'll take that.

Special Narcotics Prosecutor
Lyle Greene.

I wanna thank
the New York City Police Department

for their excellent work
in apprehending Mr. Salazar.

As to the indictment, we expect
that after Detective Reagan testifies

before the grand jury,
Friday afternoon,

they will vote
to indict swiftly and surely.

- Commissioner--
- That's all for today, thank you.

MAN 1: Sir.
MAN 2: No, one more, one more.

Your grandstanding for a sound bite
just confirmed our witness' name.

I apologize.

I can understand you're sensitive.
It's your son.

I'm always sensitive when my people
are put in harm's way.

The guy from Dia Noticia
has all but announced it.

And where did that come from?
It didn't come from my people.

You got a leak.

- Ready to go?
- Yeah, one sec.

- Here, let me help you.
- Thanks.

What precinct
do you guys normally work out of?

- Midtown, usually.
- Oh, yeah?

North or South?

- North.
- Up on 67th, right?

Yeah, that's it.

You know what?

I think I forgot my wallet.



Oh, thank you.

Oh, ME just released the autopsy.

Ahh, a 9 mm slug
was sent to Ballistics.

Well, my eye-wit or not,
I'd sure like to have that gun.


All right, just bring up Salazar's
right-hand man, Jorge Lupino.

He was arrested in 2008
for assault one.

Oh. Guess what the result was?

Witness recanted.

Surprise, surprise.



What do you mean?

No. No, I'll call her.

Yeah. Yeah, I'll call you back.

- Everything good?
DANNY: Yeah, should be.



- Hello, detective.
- Who's this?

Your worst nightmare.

Come on, put Lin on the phone.

She's not available right now.

And won't be until you decide
not to testify against Salazar

in the grand jury hearing.

Who is this?

Let me speak to my wife right now.

She's kind of pretty.
Keep her that way.

And, amigo, don't try to find her
or we'll know about it.

If you harm one hair on her head,
I promise you--




Nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich
on a chilly night.

What did you tell the kids
when you picked them up?


Hey, where's Sean and Jack?

In doing homework.

Don't worry,
they don't know anything.


- Hey, hey.
JACK: Daddy.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, guys.

Daddy, great-grandpa picked us up
with two men in a cop car.

Yeah? That's great.

Well, I used to have
your grandpa's job, remember?

I just thought it'd be fun for them.

SEAN: Where's Mom?
DANNY: Um...

Mom's gonna stay
at a spa tonight, boys.

It's an early birthday gift.

That way it can be boys' night out.
Just you guys, okay?

Well, when is she coming back?

Jack, I have a feeling you know
where I hide the video games.

I do, Grandpa.

Well, I'm feeling generous tonight.

You got exactly one hour.

- Let's go, come on.
- Let's go.

Come on, Sean, run.


What's wrong?

They got Linda, Dad.


This is Linda.

Leave your name and number

and I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.


This is Detective Daniel Reagan.

I want proof of life.

You're gonna call me back

and put my wife Linda on the phone
and let me speak to her.

Or I promise you,
your boss is going down.

And then I'm gonna come
and I'm gonna find you.

I'm gonna rip your heart
right out of your chest,

do you understand me?

- Hey, Dad, what's going on?
- Thanks for coming.


Erin's gonna join us.

Want something to eat?

- No, I'm good, I gotta get back.
- Here she is.

Something's happened?

They have Linda.

What about the boys?

They're safe. They're with Pop.

What are we gonna do?

Well, it is, um,

my considered opinion

that if this gets out,
if the media gets a hold of it,

she won't have much of a chance.


I don't understand.

I mean,
is there something I'm not getting?

I'm failing to understand
why we're even here.

I need to have a conversation
with the guy, that's all.

About what?

What didn't we cover when we
were speaking to him yesterday?

I need to talk to him alone.

Why do you need to talk to him
at all?

I'll be a minute.

- Where is she?
- Who?

My wife.

You wanna play dumb, huh?

Well, I came to make you a promise.

I will get on that stand tomorrow
and I will testify.

And you will spend
the rest of your life in prison.

When I'm done with you,

I'm gonna round up
the El Mal crew,

and I'm gonna spread the word
that Raymundo Salazar cooperated,

and I think you know
what's gonna happen to you after that.

You're playing
a very dangerous game, detective.

I'm not playing.


You wanna tell me what's going on?

You bring me here,
then you leave me standing outside.

You look like hell.

I don't even know
what we're doing here.

And now you're gonna testify
against this guy tomorrow.

What is happening?


Talk to me.

I'll tell you outside.


Sir, here's the material
you requested.

Did TARU isolate the phone dumps
from the throwaway phones?

Yes, sir.

And this is all calls,
incoming and outgoing,

from the phone we confiscated
from Salazar at his arrest.

This is cross-referenced data
from all known associates.

And this is all pertinent data

from all personnel
involved in the Salazar case.

Thank you.

Rest of the schedule,
Councilman Singer at 1600,

Chiefs' briefing at 1645 and DCPl--

Danny's wife's been taken.

I'll clear the schedule, sir.

Hi, anything?

I spoke to three El Mals,
all doing major time.

They gave me a few addresses,
but none of them panned out.

Although one of them
did confirm our suspicion.

Salazar's definitely getting information
from somebody on the inside.

Doesn't know who it is.

This guy thinks it might be a cop.
He doesn't know.

Oh, I hate to think that.

You got anything?

Well, uh, working on the cell report.

Your first call to Linda pinged off
a tower near the Third Avenue Bridge.

Second call,
the FDR tower in Harlem.

Trouble is, we lost the ping.

Knowing Linda, it's probably
her cell phone battery died.

- We're narrowing it down, Reagan.
- I know.

Hey, what are you guys working on?

You never seem to go home.

You checking up on us?

Easy, I'm just making conversation.

Make it somewhere else.


I know it's a stupid question,
but are you okay?



- We're gonna figure it out, okay?
- I know.


Yeah, Dad.

They found the Hummer
under the 59th Street Bridge.

And Danny,
there's a body in the car.

An unidentified female.

I'm on my way.

They found a body, a female,
under the 59th Street Bridge.

Okay, okay, I'll drive.

Car's ready, sir.



It's not her. It's not Linda.

- Dad, are you sure?
- I'm sure.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

All right.

indicates Sylvia Montoya.


Salazar's girlfriend.

- Yeah.
- She's the one that led us to him.

Thinking it wasn't enough
for him to kill her lover,

he had to see her dead too.

Oh, God.

All these cell phone records.

People waste half their life
on the phone.

We need to ask TARU
to make a subset

of where all these
throwaway phones are sold.

FRANK: Hello?
- In here.

How's Danny?

I sent him back to the station
to try to get some sleep.

As if any of us can.

There's a mountain of stuff here.

They gotta have someone
on the inside.

Erin had a good idea,
but it went right over my head.

Something about
where these phones were purchased.

Hey, I thought you went home.

Thought you went home.

You need to eat.

- Chinese food, huh?
- Yeah.

Good morning, commissioner.

Hey. What's up?

Ahem. Well, you know
how much I like working on cars?

How's mine, by the way?


I got the Fives from last night,

and there was this stuff
about the Hummer, right?

Car was completely tricked out.

Bulletproof armor, hidden drop boxes
and hydraulic trapdoors.

Very high-end stuff.

Where would somebody go
to get that kind of work done?

Most of the small body shops,
they just--

MARY: Here's your coffee.
- Thanks, Mary.

They just build these traps
in the natural cavities of a car,

but this work could cost 50 grand.

Out of all five boroughs,
it came back down to one shop.

They trick out vehicles
for celebrities, rappers,

and my guess:
high-end drug dealers.

- Does Danny know?
JAMlE: Yeah, he does now.

That's detective-level police work,
Officer Reagan.

Thought you were working
a tour today.

I called in sick, commissioner.


I don't know who customized that car.
It wasn't me.

Oh, it was you.

Hummer was tricked out here,
you're the guy who tricked it out.

Now tell me
where you dropped off the Hummer.

Look, I'd give up an address
if I were you.

I got work to do.

- I got work to do.
- What are you doing?

You could blind me.

Tell me or I'll torch you
and this whole damn place.

- What, are you crazy?
- Yes, he is.

- Tell me.
- I didn't drop it off anyplace.

- El Mal, they don't give an address--
- Not good enough!

Tell me where you dropped off
the Hummer.

Look-- Okay, okay.
Stop, man, stop. Look.

Look, I delivered a trapped-out Benz
for those people up in Harlem.

Some grungy squat: 36 West 1 28th.

Come on.

I find out you're lying,
I'm coming back to finish the job.

We got a good address in Harlem.

I'll have ESU and a bus standing by.

If it looks good,

execute the raid.

Three, two, one, go.

Go, go, go.


- Where's my wife?
- Look, she's not here, man.

- Unh!
- I said, where is she?

Against the wall. Go ahead.

2064 Fifth Avenue, all right?

I got an address, Jack.
Somebody cuff him.

Come on.





I got it, I got it.

Come on.

Second floor clear.

- Is anyone else in here?
- Mm-mm.

Okay, okay.


Okay, baby.

- Danny.
- It's all right.


On your stomach. Turn over, turn over.

Hands behind your back.

- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.

- You promise?
- Yeah.

- Did they hurt you?
- No.

I knew you would find me.

I knew you would.

I'm sorry to have inconvenienced
our panel.

It seems our witness is a no-show.

Mr. Salazar, in light of the fact
the State can't produce a weapon

or any physical evidence
linking you to the murder,

we have no choice
but to release you--


My apologies for being late.

Detective Reagan,
witness to the murder of David Taylor.


- You wanted to see me?
- Thanks for coming.

- You know my daughter Erin.
- Hi, Lyle.

Please, sit down.

Erin and I were going out
to dinner to celebrate.

Great thing for the N.Y.P.D.
and the DA's office, this indictment.

Yeah, there'll be many indictments
out of this investigation.

You know, sometimes, Lyle,
I am just so proud of my daughter.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

See, there were phone calls made
with your throwaway phones.

What throwaway phones?

The ones that you bought
at Bleecker Street Electronics

right around the corner
from your apartment.

You were smart and paid cash,
but the owner lD'd you.

He must be mistaken.

We found the store
because we noticed

most of the phone calls to
and from Salazar and his crew

were from throwaway phones sold
at one location.

Then we noticed
the proximity to you.

And then
we concentrated on you, Lyle.

You were the mole.

Oh, we'll get an indictment, Lyle.

And then when we go to trial,

we'll produce a key witness
against you: Raymundo Salazar.

Yeah, because once he finds out
you can't help him anymore,

he's gonna trade you in
like a used car.

I'm leaving.

Lyle Greene, you're under arrest

for bribe receiving
and official misconduct.

Would you like to do the honors,


You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used
against you in the court of law.

You have the right
to speak to an attorney

and to have that attorney present
during questioning.

If you cannot afford a lawyer,
one will be appointed to you.

I make a mean coleslaw,

but I can't touch
this concoction by Tilden's.

I can't identify
the mystery ingredient.

- It's probably sugar.
HENRY: Yeah?

ERlN: Yeah.
- Where's Mom and Dad?

Well, I guess they're late.

I miss mom.

You've been a real trooper, Sean.

You too, Jack.

Hey, we're here.

SEAN: Mommy.

- Mommy.
FRANK: There they are.

There they are.

Welcome back.

Hey, Aunt Linda.

I missed you, Mommy.
How was your time at the spa?

My time at the spa was fabulous.

Those mud baths are awesome.

I'm really glad to see you, Mom.

You said it, kid.

Guys, we've only got
a small window for this fish and chips.

Otherwise, it's gonna be cold batter
and soggy fries.

Mommy, Grandpa let us stay up
until midnight and play video games.

- What?
- Hey.

What did I tell you guys?

Whatever happens with Grandpa
has to stay with Grandpa.

I would, uh, like to say something.

Uh, I don't wanna get corny,
but I would just like to say

that, uh, I feel very lucky
to have you all here.

And I know your mother,
your grandmother,

would feel the same way.

I know people don't make time
for this kind of thing nowadays,

but, uh, I'm glad we do.

Family's what makes us strong.


And, Linda?

I'm glad you had a nice time
at the spa.

Why, thank you.

And I thought
you might like to say grace.

Bless us, O Lord,

for these gifts

which we are about to receive...