Billions (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Icebreaker - full transcript

Axe makes a bold play to secure capital from a controversial source. Taylor chafes against Axe's recent moves. Chuck recruits the allies he needs to move forward with a new plan. Connerty seeks out a career opportunity.

Previously on Billions...

There are few days such as this.

It's a true day of reckoning.

Your Honor. It pains
me to say this:

We're dismissing the indictment.

Clear the board.

All new positions will
be run through me.

Frag the quant experiment, too.

We're doing a massive cap raise.

And quickly. Twenty
bill within six months.

Something special. It's for you.

This is un-fucking-believable.

You did a lot of good work
under tough conditions.

Like my quant project,
for instance.

I'd really like to
keep them on until...

Broom them, like I told you.

I want my own book.

A billion dollars. To
manage, unencumbered.

There was no way to charge
the kid with murder.

Body of a prison guard
would indicate otherwise.

This guard went beast.

Orbital ridge fracture,
teeth, internal bleeding.

José Lugo is the kind of person

we are here to protect.

José Lugo.

Killed a federal prison guard
when his back was turned.

Are you picking my
cases for me, General?

Giving you continued guidance

on the types of matters
we are interested

in seeing brought to justice
under the current regime.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

♪ Dramatic music ♪





Glad you could make it
down and spend this time.

As am I, General...

Do we really need to do this?

Motherfucker's been
picking off my calves.

Coyote's just doing

what evolution programmed
him to do, sir.

As am I, Chuck.

♪ Look, here comes another one ♪

See him out there?

I do.

♪ That good ol' boy's
waving the stars & bars ♪

♪ It's a red, white,
and blue flag ♪

Come on.

♪ Wave that flag,
Hoss, wave it high ♪

♪ Do you know what it means?
Do you know... ♪

I'll admit to surprise that
you can shoot that well.

My father taught me:
Once you have the animal

in your sights, breathe
easy and let fly.

That training should
serve us both well.

José Lugo trial's starts
in the coming week.

Now see to it he gets
the same treatment

as this predator did.

♪ Wave that flag,
Hoss, wave it high ♪

♪ Do you know what it means?
Do you know why? ♪

♪ Maybe being a Rebel
ain't no big deal ♪

♪ But if somebody owned your
ass, how would you feel? ♪

Once I lived in a palace.

Right in Khamovniki district.

I admire any man who
earns a castle.

But it is harder to keep one.

I should have met you then,

when your words
might have helped.

Instead of fortifying myself,

I swam in my pool...
Olympic sized.

Every day.

I'm not such a good
swimmer no more.

Tell him why.

I used to ship barrels of oil

for Grigor Andolov.

No one shipped faster
or skimmed less.

Then Grigor got out of jail.

He done some reading
in jail, he said.

And now what he wanted was
as old as Marx himself,

seize means of
production and shipping.

He might've misunderstood
that part.

He understood everything.
Believe me.

He offered to buy me out...
For nothing.

You said no.

If I'd said no, I'd be dead.

I said yes. But too slowly.

Also I ran too slowly.

Cost you the wing.

He took my business.

And now, instead
of Olympic pool...

Ah, selling hot dogs is a
classic New York trade.

I have coffee cart.
On a shit corner.

I dream to afford a
hot dog cart one day.

Your dream just came true.

Dream bigger next time.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Grigor Andolov presents
rare problems.

He's a sovereign nation.

Insulated and protected

in a way that makes him
impossible to counter.

Also, ruthless.

Yeah. I got that from the part

about the guy getting
his arm ripped off.

And now you know the risks.

And it's your choice.
As in all things.

But just so you
hear it directly:

If you take his money, I may
not be able to cover you.

♪ Dramatic music ♪



You could have come in.

No, thanks.

This is already too
close for my comfort.

How'd it go?

I'm conflicted.


You know I need to relaunch.

You're looking for an icebreaker...
first money in.

Gets the party started.

Entices other investors, all that.

Grigor Andolov is as
liquid as they come.

Doesn't answer to anyone. Does
what he fucking pleases...

That's the part that has me...

Hiding in the car?


Waiting in the car, Big Kahuna.

What did Hall say?

Oh. That he's got
this, no problem.

Oh, boy...


Let's pass for now.

Set me up with your
guy at Spartan-Ives.

♪ Dramatic music ♪






Sometimes, when I
look at you, Kate,

I feel like I hired my own twin.

Maybe if you shaved the goatee

I'd see the resemblance
more clearly.

Or maybe I'll grow one.

You hate that you have to go

and make this prosecution
against José Lugo.

And yet here you sit,
preparing, for what,

the last forty-eight hours
without even going home?

I showered. Changed.

Sure. Here, in the bathroom.

And yet, I imagine you're
hoping the defense

is putting in as many hours...

Honestly, Chuck, I hope that
they're putting in more

and better man hours than I am.

I'm going to wage a
vigorous argument.

I will use all at
my disposal to win.

This is the first
time in my career

where I will be walking into
a courtroom hoping I lose.

Because whatever I say in
there will not be true:

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Lugo killed that guard
in self-defense.


Got that out of your system?

Good. Now go win.

But use the death
penalty as leverage.

Deliver a soaring,
sobering opening...

and then extract a plea.

Thirty to life?


Twenty years.


Thank you...

What about the General?

I'll think of something

to convince him we're
still under heel.


[motor whirring,
indistinct shouting]

I'll find her a good home.

Keys, title... I think
that's everything.

So, why didn't you like the car?

I loved it.

At some point, smart guns
have to come into use.

Because they'll eliminate
gun grabs against police.

It'll be a ten-bagger
down the road.

Can you still say "idiot"?

Or do they dock your pay
for being insensitive?

Can you still say "troglodyte"?

Or do they fire you for
telling the goddamned truth?

Why don't you take Axe a play

that won't come through
for five years?

I'll take you to the
milliner to get you fitted

for your dunce cap.

"Hat maker" for those of you

who don't get Word Of
The Day email alerts.

I knew it before the email hit.

I literally just saw you look
down, smile, and then speak.

Why you watching me that close?

I watch everything that close.

That's why I don't miss shit.

And why Axe brought me in here.

Once the market
opens for the day,

all my attention will go there

and then you can
rest a little easy.

Where's my fucking lucky dollar?

Unless you want to wheel
through the rest of your lives

like Teddy Fucking Pendergrass,
you will tell me where it is.

Where what is?

New Girl!

♪ Dramatic music ♪

This your idea of making
a name for yourself?

My name is Bonnie...

What the fuck does that have
to do with my lucky dollar.

I've never seen it.

I thought you saw everything.

I can't even lay eyes on his
station from down here.

Oh, you've seen it.
Everyone's seen it.

And everyone knows I won
a huge liar's poker game

with it against Carl Icahn.

It's brought me luck ever since.

Give me your purse.


Hey, you take one
more step towards me,

and I will fuck you up.

- Give me your purse.
- No, I don't want to...

- Give me your purse.
- I don't want to!

Is that a Lisa Ann Fleshlight?

- I don't know...
- Ew!

Yes, they're gag gifts,

I'm going to a bachelor
party tonight.

Whoever took my dollar,
give it the fuck back

because I will find you!

All right, Liam Neeson.


what goods or services
can I and Spartan.

For years, as our prime,
you've touted your connections

and offered capital

And we've accepted
and said thanks,

but really...

We didn't need you to
generate those leads.

And so now is your
moment to shine

like a pasty on the
nipple of Lili St. Cyr

in the bright lights of
the Florentine Gardens.

You want us to
provide cap intro.

Got it. Absolutely.

What range were you thinking?

Twenty billion.

And the timing? How soon
do you want the money?

Oh. The year 2112.

We'll do the raise
as a celebration

of Rush's 2nd best album.

That's why we got
you in here today.

You mean Moving
Pictures is number one.

But I think it goes Hemispheres
then A Farewell To Kings

then 2112 then Pictures.

Well, you would.

But the point is: I want
the fucking money now.

Look, you want an unprecedented
raise in record time.

And first money
post-indictment precludes

institutional investors...

So how are you going to help
me get the first ten stacks?

You do a full rehab tour.

Next idea.

Sell a piece of the fund.

That's for people who believe
they've already top ticked

and are looking to cash in.

I haven't.

Look, you got to give me
a little bit of time.

I mean, I'll generate ideas.
I promise.

How's this? Generate some money.

Then you can pay
someone for an idea.

We need momentum. Lift. We
need the icebreaker now.

We need Grigor Andolov.


Guy is a Siberian brown bear.

He'd as soon rip our faces
off as give us his money.

Don't go full Grizzly Man.

Treadwell was reckless.

Forgot he was dealing
with a wild animal.

Thought they were friends.

I won't...

When I was trading
only my own money

because the government
had me handcuffed,

that was one thing...
It was a necessity.

Still doing it now, when
the cuffs are off...

It's admitting irrelevance.

And I will not do that.

Fucking ever.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Nice hit.

I'm deciding whether or
not to buy this team.

They let me play.
They're good boys.

My skills are not like theirs

but I make up for
it with aggression.

In my experience, that quality
makes all the difference.

In school, in bars,
in the market,

in prison...

I was in. Now I'm out.

I don't think about it.

Unless it's brought up.

Ah. If you say so.

I don't think about my fight
with my government either.

If you say so.

Look at us, couple
of tough guys.

World beaters.

Yet, investors will
have questions.

How will you explain
your troubles?

Victim of class warfare.

I win too much, game
must be rigged.

I have heard it said
that every life is like

a body of water

with the equal amount
of salt added.

The key to enduring it,

is to expand your body,

to make your body
so vast inside...

That you don't even
notice the salt.

I say, who the fuck
has time for that?

I just decided to like the salt.

However you get there, right?

Survival, in this world, is all.

Well, I know that better than
anyone else on Wall Street...


Why don't you cancel all
your other meetings

around town with
these candy-asses...

Maybe I like to hear
their strategies,

to see what I could steal.

Maybe I'm not convinced
you've got your edge back.

Or maybe I am, and
I just want to see

you work a little
bit harder for it.

No one works harder than me.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪


Our lieutenants should meet.

Pick through the
grains of rice...

Strategies, numbers.

How we make ourselves richer.

Thick with power, like
Vasily Alekseyev himself.






Heard you sold the Maserati.

I really hope you're not
having me followed again.

No. I heard from the car guy.

Without the drive to Westport,
it didn't make sense.

You can't ferry the kids in it.

You can't open it
up on Henry Street.

I hope you're not insulted.

No. I don't give a fuck what
you do with your things.

But it was a great car.

I thought you deserved
a great car is all.

Mr. Andolov doesn't test waters,

he parts them.

That's what I wanted to hear.

Because I propose
to use this money

to launch an entirely
new strategy:

Axe Cap's first foray
into impact investing.

Socially conscious ownership.

You mean you would be leaving
so-called vice investments

out of the portfolio.

No alcohol, no tobacco...

That's the version you
read about at Harvard.

But the current wave,
which we would better,

isn't zero negative impact.

It's positive impact.

ESG. Environmental, social,
and government investments.

You pitched enviro to a
fucking oil oligarch?

You told me to take the meeting.

I pitched the strategy
I thought best.

You tanked the meeting.

You pitched an idea you knew
they would find repulsive.

You don't want Grigor
Andolov's money on board.

Yes. You're right.

I think international criminals
are unstable bedrock

for a cap raise.

You don't think taking
his money was at least

worth a discussion?

There was a discussion.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

I see.


The facts will show
that with premeditation

he melted, sharpened, and
stashed a homemade knife,

what prisoners call a 'shiv,
' and in a cowardly...

If you had been
forced to prosecute,

could you have?

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Honestly, I don't know
that I have it in me.






What happened?


Sign this.

We need to withdraw the
charges against José Lugo.

"A death nolle"?

Oh, motherfucker.

What was it...

Died on his way to court.

Guards are saying he tried
to make a run for it,

they tried to subdue him,

and he died from the
injuries in the van.

His hands were chained,

and yet they felt
compelled to subdue him

'til they severed
his spinal cord.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

When that report comes
back, don't read it.

Don't look at the pictures.
I'll take that weight.

No. I want to read it.

I want to know if anybody is
prepared to do the right thing.

Yeah. Sometimes death in
custodies can be complicated.

Sometimes a man is
just fucking executed.





Charges are dropped,

and Lugo received
the death penalty.

Guess everybody got
what they wanted.

You feel like an
unwitting accomplice.

- No. Not quite.

'Cause we're going to get
those fucking guards.

This shit's not supposed to happen.
Not anywhere.

But especially not here.

Not in my jurisdiction.

Isn't it all Jock's
jurisdiction now?

His bloodlust was satisfied...


Now it's time for mine.


What do you do
when Axe is wrong?

He's never wrong.

- But what about when...
- Never wrong.

But what about when he is?

Let's take this
conversation off-campus.

♪ Dramatic music ♪



So, is that some piss
running down your leg?

I know you didn't like the
strategy we pitched your guy.

Pitching potato-powered
cars and all that...

Fucking with my lieutenant.

With me.

Not so.

Then you're scared.

You don't want to do
business with me.

I wouldn't have invited you
here if that were the case.


You don't want to
insult me personally.

So you invite me over
for the 'save meeting'

in the hopes that I will end
the conversation myself.

So. Now. Answer:

Is that some piss
running down your leg?

Fear isn't in this.

In me.

I think you see that.

Why do you say that?

Because you invite
me over to the house

where your children sleep?

And this makes you tall
and tough and proud?

I'm a fucking businessman.

And a real sweetheart.

I'm Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Yeah. So am I.

And if you mention my
kids like that again

you'll find out just
how fucking friendly.

That was fun! And exciting.

You know, I heard a story
about an oligarch...

Maybe you know him,

maybe you can tell
me if it's true.

He liked to hunt.

But his idea of hunting

was to hunker down
in a heated cabin.

He had people do the real work.

They tracked the game,
corralled it, gored it,

and led it to a well lit area.

And our guy, from the
safety of his toasty perch,

slid open the glass, took
aim with his sniper rifle,

and delivered the kill shot.

Now, I know men who would
say that's not sporting,

and others who would say
'however you get there, right?'

♪ suspenseful music ♪

I would say it wasn't me.


Wasn't real Russian either.


Why go through the charade?

If you want to kill the
meat, kill the meat.

If you only want
to eat the meat,

get someone else
to do the killing.

Makes sense to me.

But I do my own.


And I'm not afraid of
the wet work either.

In fact, I'll be your
personal craft butcher.

I respect this.

So, now that you know
I want your money,

are you coming on board or not?

I didn't survive my
cell, and get here,

to catch a hunter's
bullet meant for you.


Well, I guess we know now
whose pants are soaking.

No one's shooting at me anymore.

And as for the government,
I am hooked up on high.

How high?

Oh. You want a show of trust?
I can do that.


I can compel trust.

I want a show of influence.

So I'll do that thing, too.

[mid-tempo music
plays on car radio]


What do you see?

A needlessly large,

uncomfortably garish
Greek Revival.


A monument to how
never wrong Axe is.

This is my house.

I'm still paying for it.
But I do not live in it.

Before I married the
mistress of the manor,

Axe told me not to
go through with it.

Who actually does that?

Who has the foresight,
the confidence,

the sheer loyalty
to say: She sucks.

And you thought he was wrong.

I liked the way she danced.

Not in some club, with a DJ.
But all the time.

Like, in a store,

or in a restaurant,
waiting for a table.

Suddenly, she'd
be bopping along.

I'd sneak out my
phone and film her,

then I'd send it to my
friends, so they could see

just how special she was.

When she'd turn
around and catch me,

she had a flash of rage.


Turned me on in a way
that is hard to describe.


Sometimes, I'd take her
right in the bathroom.

Couldn't even wait.

What I didn't know, but Axe
did, is that the dancing ends.

And the flash of rage turns into
long, endless nights of it.

I see.

You think Axe is wrong

because you don't
understand his moves.

And you don't understand them
because they're emotional.

And he's emotional because
he's fighting for his life.

That's what this raise is.

The fact that you can't
fully understand that

doesn't mean he's wrong.

It just means

you haven't gone

beyond your own limits.



Ketel One and soda.

His next one's on me.

We're not gonna do that.

But I understand
why you need one.

Heard what happened with Lugo.


Please don't do that
holy Connerty thing.

I wouldn't. Not
right now anyway.

Wasn't my idea to charge him.

The fact that I was prosecuting
him when he died...


Hence, the Novocaine. I get it.
Believe me.

So have one with me.

[mid-tempo music
playing on jukebox]

Excuse me.



Her drink's on me.

Where are you going?

Early meeting.

Job interview.

Not corporate or you'd
be blotto by now.

And I would say that I'm
surprised you haven't

already landed another
government job,

but then again, I saw
the beating you took.

I know you did. Looked
like you enjoyed it.

What person with
security clearance

is still returning your calls?

Got it.

Whatever you're looking for,

absolution, an asskicking
or an apology,

I'm not going to give it to you.

Enjoy your drink, Kate.

Bobby baby.


I need a favor.

You know me: Glad as always

to oblige my friends
and neighbors.

Yeah. There's a third
party involved.

Not gonna say his name.

You still there?

I'm just calculating
the appropriate tax...

Ah, I got it.

There's actually
something I need to get,

but I don't quite know how.

Person, place or thing?

Well, it's a present.

But not for me...

It's for my son, Stevie.

You know I wouldn't ask
if it wasn't important.

So, this kid is a
good friend's kid?

You know, to be honest, he's
not that good a friend.

And he's probably not
even a good kid.

But his father wants to support

the Kevin Durant
Charitable Foundation.

To the tune of 50K...

So, if it's worth 50K, it's
gotta be worth a 100, right?

We do some really,
really good things, Axe.

All right. Done.

His name's Stevie.

Stevie, this is KD.

Happy Bar Mitzvah, my man...

Bryan Connerty, meet the
head of the New York office.

Assistant Director
Frances Lynch.

- Hi.
- In case you didn't know,

Agent McCue vouching for
you is the only reason

I'm considering you for
the Special Counsel job.

So don't fuck it up,

sorry, Director.

I'm used to it from you, McCue.

Don't fuck it up.

Your application didn't have
a rec from the US Attorney,

despite your rep for being
a hell of a lawyer.

Must be a story there.

You ever see the movie Pi?

Is that the story of
why Chuck Rhoades

gave you a public flogging?

Figured you knew about that...

No, it's about a mathematician.

A numbers theorist really.

3.14 pi.

- Right.
- Mm-hmm.

This guy programs his
computer all special,

and it spits out a
crazy long number

that might be the
key to everything.

The stock market, religion,
his fucking life.

In trying to understand
it, he passes out,

and when he wakes up...
it's become a part of him.

He can see all the
patterns, all the answers.

Only, he has these
crippling headaches.

The burden of divine revelation.

The knowledge is killing him.

So you know what he does?

Puts a power drill right
into his cerebral cortex?

You've seen the movie.

I have. And at the end of it,

he's sitting on a
park bench, serene,

happy to be freed from
knowing too damned much.

Is that you now?

In a way.

You can interpret that
movie straight up.

But there's a bunch of
little things in there

that suggest something
else is going on.

He never found the perfect
number that explains it all.

He just wanted it so bad

that he drove himself crazy.

So you want me to know that
you know you were wrong.

And that you can
almost admit it.

And you can break down
a dense, twisty movie.

I don't advertise those
as prereqs for the job,

but I do value them.

Terri prepped you well.

She did.

Okay, I'll try you out.

But don't think that the FBI

is gonna be your
peaceful park bench.

I am having a hard time
seeing what you are seeing.

Perhaps there are real forms

behind the shadows
on the cave wall...

But you can't take
that on blind faith.

It's not that I haven't seen you
turn common metals into gold.

But until I understand
the process...

You can't take it
on blind faith.

I am bad with ignoring data...
and with blind faith.

I get it.

If it helps, Dylan said
it first and best:

"He not busy being born"...

"Is busy dying."


So I'm choosing the former.

Are you sure that's
what this is?

I'm not ignoring the downside.

But I can't let it
override my need.

Axe Capital's need.

I've just learned that if
I can see the downside,

I can avoid it.

My eyes are wide open, both
the ones I got in my head

and the ones I'm paying you for.


So prepare to present to
Grigor's guy a strategy

that is not an environmentally
friendly "fuck you."

And keep those eyes open.

[up-tempo music
plays on speakers]

Big pearls.

If I didn't know any better,
I'd think it was Beluga.

How can it be Beluga

when Beluga is illegal
in this country?

Of course.

Next time, I'll fly
in some pangolin.

I've arranged for my own exotic
delicacy tonight, as well.

You do recognize the
Secretary of the Treasury?


We've toasted.

So what?

I've raised glasses with
movie stars, presidents,

nuclear physicists.

Doesn't mean we're all on
our way to the same orgy.

Sometimes, sure. But
how can I know?


A toast does not mean that...

Sorry if you're disappointed

that I wasn't satisfied
with your parlor trick.

Do I look disappointed?

Come on.

♪ Dramatic music ♪




I understand you two were
previously acquainted.

From the party on your boat, in St.

Well, the boat that
follows the first boat.

You should know better than
to go on a Russian's boat.

Grigor showed me where
the cameras were,

and then he turned them off.

But at present,

even though we have enjoyed
that time together,

I've been unable to
reach you still.

Exactly at the moment

where you might
have been able to

provide me with some extremely
useful information.

I could lie to you and tell
you I didn't get the message,

but the truth is:
It's by design.

I can't "interact" now.

I have to fly above
reproach, like one of those

American Gladiator
people on the SkyTrack.

Your so-called gladiators
would be slaughtered

by a third grade
choir back home.

That's probably true.

But I still can't
connect with you.

Yet here you are.

Axe called.

Oh. So he still has your number.

On moy brot.

I would like your number now, Mr.


Don't put him in a position
to have to refuse you

or to give in to you.

He can't talk to you. It
would compromise him.

It's not a great time
to be backchanneling

with the Russians right now.

You'd own him. He'd lose the gig.
You'd have nothing.

So you go through me.
Or don't go at all.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪

So, this is the moment

you lead with your
chest finally?

And in front of another man.

Then fuck you.

No, fuck you.

Like Todd said:
He is my brother.

Were you my brother, I would
protect you in the same way.

If that doesn't work, I don't
want your fucking money.



Draw up the papers.

I will come in tomorrow to sign.



You ever done Math Meet Up?

- Yeah.

It's a chance for
like minded users

of open-source
programming language R

and data analysis tools like
Python, Julia, C++, and Stan,

to get together and
exchange ideas.

It sounds stimulating.

It is.

Look, I was really
glad you called.

Since that interview
I've looked inward

and questioned everything
about who I am.

And what I saw in
there was not pretty.

Listen. The reason I'm here is
that despite your demeanor,

your skills are superior.

And I'd be willing to give you
another chance at that project

if you promise not to backslide.

Well, I promise to try.

But as far as successfully
not being a dick,

I can't absolutely guarantee it,

like I can my coding.

There you go, doing it again.

Damnit. Sorry.

Report to this address.

[telephone ringing,
indistinct conversations]

♪ Dramatic music ♪


Very fucking funny.







Cut the shit with this.

Just give it back.

I'm kind of flattered you think
I might have thieves' blood,

- but...
- No, no.

You didn't do it as a prank.
It's deeper.

I know how your people are.

You just wanted a hit of
that sweet, sweet luck.

That's... no, we're not all...
the same...

It's not Ben Kim.

I remember your story.

Icahn called bullshit
on your six fours.

And you backed 'em up.

- Right.
- To my people, four is bad luck.

It means death.

So you ARE all the same!

Bill, say it again,

we are going to have a problem.

Nicely fucking done, Ben Kim!

It was him.

How did you know?

Yeah. How did you know?

He's having another singularly
unimpressive quarter.

About to finish dead last.

You didn't actually think
you'd get some luck

to rub off on you by
swiping that dollar...

You thought you'd knock
Bill off his game.

Take some of the
heat off yourself.

Isn't that right, son?

I'm sorry.

I was desperate. I love
this place so much.

What could I do?

How big is your tiny carve out?

Twenty million.

Nope. It's ten now.

The other ten just
went to Dollar Bill.

You better get your
head out of your ass

and your returns
out of the shitter

or you will be gone
come next quarter.

Yes. Of course. Thank you.

And I don't wanna look
at this guy for awhile.


Rudy, in this game
of skin the snake,

you've just become the whip.

Move to the end of the desk.

Change spots with Bonnie.

Well, Chuck,

sent your advance
team to soften me up?

That is what I
seem to have done.

She's lovely.

Reminds me of a girl
I grew up with.

We used to play as kids.

In fact, we bagged a
javelina together once.

Such innocent times.

Yes, indeed.

What's the topic
of conversation?


Oh. I hope not for
the javelinas.

Nah. Ms. Sacker here was
sounding out my feelings

on the Code of Hammurabi,
the Old Testament...

Lex talionis.

Wound for wound,
stripe for stripe.

Yeah. All that wonderful stuff.

I take it that is the brand of
justice you support, General.

Well, you saw what
happened to that coyote.

It better be the brand
of justice y'all support

if you want to keep
bearing my standard.

We do, and it is.

And that is why those
guards must be punished.

Thought that might be
where this was leading.

They murdered that young man.
And you said it yourself:

Blood must be answered
for with blood.

It's traditional. It's biblical.
And it's just.

I like the way y'all
are thinking, I do,

but you might want to brush up
on your ancient Babylonian.

Old Hammurabi, he had
different penalties

for killing a property
owner, freeman, slave.

You know why?

'Cause all lives are not equal.

There are those that
do more for society:

Answer the call to serve,

build things with their
minds and their hands.

And as for Lugo...

that dead boy was a drug pusher.

He wasn't doing anything for
society but shredding it.

Which is why you were
prosecuting him.

As far as I can
tell, the only one

that deserves death
is this whole episode

is already facing his maker,

or burning in the other place.

I don't know how swiftly
justice moves in that realm,

but up here in our jurisdiction,

with regards to the guards
on that transfer van,

you will take your time, you
will investigate thoroughly.

And I am sure that
when you're done,

you're gonna find that those
guards are telling the truth:

That they were attacked
by a resisting felon,

a man you yourself
charged with murder.

And in my book, that is a
clear-cut case of self-defense.

And today,

as in the traditions we
have been speaking of,

we don't do diddly about that,

we just turn the parchment page
and ease on down the road.

Now, if you'll excuse me. My
bourbon rental has expired.

Ms. Sacker, you're a delight.

♪ Dramatic music ♪


Did it work?


Sean Ayles told me you
gave him a check for 250K

for the Foundation.

Right on the heels of
selling your Maserati.

So did it work?

Did it make you feel better?
Or less guilty anyway?

Not Maserati better...

I felt guilty once.

About 16, 17 years
back I thought:

I should be understated,

keep a low profile for
my investors' sake.

And what's so bad about
First Class air travel?

So, I'm sitting on the
runway one night,

waiting endlessly to take off.

And an hour later, a blizzard
closes the airport down.

I blend right in with everybody
else as we de-planed,

tried to book motel
rooms for the night.

Bought my first
Gulfstream the next day.

Last time I let guilt win.



And welcome to the new
quant headquarters.

The work will continue here.

The kitchen is stocked and
it's time to get to work

creating an algo that
can crush the market.

If you're in, that is...

I'm in.

Me too.

Sure, why not?

I mean: Hell yeah, I'm in!


Remind me again why...

He kept emailing.

He wants to show you that
you didn't hurt him.

That he's survived.

- Thrived even.
- Yeah,

so instead of endlessly
rescheduling just...

Big Lon...

- Hi.
- Chuck, Wendy.

You remember my wife Sandra...

- Good to see you.
- Nice to see you, too.

Sandra, how are you?

Sandra plays like
a dream, honey.

Grand event coming up:
Concert at Rose Hall.

That's a big deal!

I try not to think
about like that.

Just me and my piano.

If there was one thing
in life I would do over,

it would be not quitting piano
lessons when I was nine.

He doesn't mean that.

I wish I did.

Well, be glad he doesn't.

Because then you would have
to listen to it all day long.


No. It's beautiful.

It's beautiful.

But sometimes you
just want to watch

an old NYPD Blue episode without
a Tchaikovsky soundtrack.

Are you holding up okay, Chuck?

That story in the news is awful.
That boy dying in custody.

A tragedy.

We're investigating thoroughly.

The guards' statements
were very strong.

But it's too early
to say anything.

Really, we're still gathering
physical evidence.

But in the end,
justice will be done.

Something in your
throat, old pal?

Don't make me say it.

I don't want to say it.

Well, it's jumped from
your throat to your eyes.

Fine, since it's bypassed your
guts, I'll say it for you.

You think that I let
the attorney general

stick his hand up my ass and
run me like a sock puppet.

I'm just glad I got out of there

before I had to get
caught up in any of that.

You know, let's... let's
just leave it there.

Not a fucking chance.

Oh, it's amazing how
fast it happens

when you go from being
a starting player

to the sidelines.

I'll tell you something.

If I were still on
the same damn team,

those guards would
be in custody today.

Sure. And you imagine,
what, that I don't care?

Or that I'm not strong enough?

Or that I'm bought and paid for?

I imagine you've made
some calculations

that allow you to live with it.

No matter who's left
swinging in the wind...

This does not have
to become any...

No, no, it does.

Self righteousness is an
indulgence I cannot afford.

Calculation is not something
to be scoffed at.

It's a tool. A tactic.

And I use it proudly and often.

But here. Today.

About this. There was none.

No. There was only a dead man
who should've been left alive.

And I'll tell you
something, Lonnie,

if you were still in the office,

nothing would've been different.

Not one thing.

Oh, I'm really glad to
see you here tonight,

in that Brioni suit,
which is the mark

of the lawyer who is
successful at everything

that doesn't really matter.

No. You are, no
doubt, exactly where

you are supposed to be now.

There's no shame in not
being able to hack it

at the highest levels
of the real game,

but the revisionist history,
that's for your wife at home...

Not for the man who
fucking knows better.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

I'm done with you.



Break a leg at Rose Hall.




I guess I should
have rescheduled.

You displaced your anger...
And a hell of a lot of it...

For someone else onto Lonnie.

I'm aware.

And I think we both know who
the intended target was.

Jock fucking Jeffcoat.


Not that what you said
didn't need saying,

to that pious prick.


If you didn't say
it, I would've.

A little nicer maybe.

Maybe a lot.

You know, you can still tell
Jock to go fuck himself.

If I don't bring charges
against Lugo's killers,

they go free.

If I do bring charges,

I'm fired...

and they go free.

It's not enough to resist

or not resist Jock anymore.

You have to assassinate
this motherfucker.

[Bob Dylan's "It's
Alright, Ma "]

Yeah. I know.


That's why I'm sitting here
in the dark like an assassin.


♪ Darkness at the
break of noon ♪

♪ Shadows even the
silver spoon ♪

♪ The handmade blade,
the child's balloon ♪

♪ Eclipses both the
sun and moon ♪

♪ To understand you
know too soon ♪

♪ There is no sense in trying ♪



♪ Pointed threats, they
bluff with scorn ♪

♪ Suicide remarks are torn ♪

♪ From the fool's
gold mouthpiece ♪

♪ The hollow horn
plays wasted words ♪

♪ Proves to warn that he
not busy being born ♪

♪ Is busy dying ♪



No conference room, no lawyers?
I could get used to this.

I had lawyer read, I don't
have lawyer enforce.

One rule before we go forward:

You can't lose my money.

No. Of course not.

My every move is geared to
make and not lose money...

Mnh. No.

You can't lose my money...

If you do, we have problem.


And so our adventure begins.

True, very true...

Happy occasion like this

reminds me of funny story.

Many years ago,

I was walking along the
Moskva Christmas market.

You ever seen Moskva
Christmas market?

Always a sense of good cheer,

even during the lean years.

I think it was the wine.

They serve warm wine
with the spices in it.

Cinnamon and...

I was waiting on the line...

Everyone was always
waiting on the line.

And finally I got my cup,

I turn, and there was
this little boy.

Runny nose.

He... he's looking at me
so desirous of my cup

of this warm, warm wine

that I give him a sip.

He stares at me with
such a gratitude.

And then I notice his mother.

Plump breasts...

She must have known someone.

So I give him my cup of wine.

And I take his mother
away from the square.

Behind the soldiers.

And after, I leave her
for the soldiers.

And I walked back,

and this little boy
is staring at me

with his greedy drunken eyes.

Do you know what
happened to him?


[Bob Dylan's "It's
Alright, Ma "]

I always ask.

No one ever knows.

♪ Although the masters
make the rules ♪

♪ For the wise men
and the fools ♪